App Growth Panel

How to boost mobile growth in 2022

We resume our series of online App Growth Panels with a big talk about mobile growth: how to adjust your strategy to the emerging trends and streamline your UA and growth strategy.

June 23, 10:00 AM EDT
60 min
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Talking points

  1. Mobile attribution: the challenges and options
    • iOS 16 and new features of the SKAdNetwork API
  2. How to scale ad revenue
    • Scaling Apple Search Ads - dispelling myths
  3. In-app subscriptions
    • How to measure Apple Search Ads for subscription apps
  4. Retention and effective churn prevention strategies
  5. Custom product pages - relatively new feature
    • How to leverage - use cases
    • How to analyze the performance of custom product pages


Niels Beenen
Niels Beenen
Strategic Partnerships Lead
Matt Tatarinow
Matt Tatarinow
Account Executive
David Barnard
David Barnard
Developer Advocate
Olga Noha
Olga Noha
Chief Marketing Officer