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User Reviews for ASHLEY MADISON: Life Is Short.

4 out of 5
58K Ratings
1 year ago, Rrobert123
So many haters here
Yes it’s a bit expensive if you don’t know what your doing. But definitely is not a scam site. First learned about this site from some documentary on TV that actually showed and interviewed people that had used the site. When I send a wink(which is free) it will send them a message that reads “If your interested send me a wink and I will initiate contact”. They will also have specials for credits of 50 or 100 at a very affordable price. They also monitor messages and will credit you back credits if they find that someone you were talking to was fake or deceptive or what not. No matter what dating or hookup site you go on there are always going to be scammers. This is also the only site that uses credits to message that’s actually real. All other pay to message with credits sites are fake. Only gave 4 stars because I don’t always have $60 or $75 to reply to a message recieved. Robert
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4 years ago, timmyvalentin
Dont spend your money on this rip off of a site
$75 for 100 credits and messages are anywhere from 5-8 credits to send or receive so you wont be doing much messagings unless you decide to spend $249 for 1000, a lot of profiles dont have pictures or are completely blurred, so you just have to hope you dont end up spending all those credits wasting your time talking with fake profiles, scammers, or some one you end up not being attractive to. Ahh and also it seems like only men accounts are forced to pay for credits to receive or send messages, while female accounts can do all of that for free so thats another big problem and the reason why there a bunch of fake profile accounts. Honestly it would be cheaper and less of a headache to hire a prostitute than to use to this site to have an affair, so that says alot. Majority of the real women profiles on here arent looking for just simple affairs, a lot of them are looking for more of a full blown committed relationship that’ll feel like a 2nd marriage to them they want to be wined and dined, taken on fancy romantic dates have their hand held and be falling in love. The other womens are that are some single and some married or in a relationship on here are looking for sugar daddies which was something I expected from young women but nope, you got older women on here looking for sugar daddies too lmfaooo. Men dont waste your time and money on this app its a waste
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1 year ago, NAZ THE BOSS
Terrible garbage and waste of money!
Unbelievable how money hungry this app is set up. They want you to spend hundreds of dollars for credits! Just to be able to talk to a women! Then on top of that it’s usually a scammer or fake account that your chatting with. Plus the app won’t let you put your socials on your profile so you can save time or money. You can put your Instagram or snap chat or Facebook but it won’t matter because the app will just delete anything you put that gives out any social profile information. You can’t even put your phone number! Then it cost 9 credits for you to send one message! Plus some more credits to make it a PRIORITY message!??? It’s an actual waste and if you do run into someone they will be like twice your age with like 10 kids. Or they will be young looking for a “sugar daddy”. Waste of time fellas your better off going to the bar buying all the girls drinks and you’ll still have more money than if you’d have wasted it on this app! Also the girls can send unlimited messages for FREE which makes no sense and I feel like it be better to charge a monthly subscription for everyone rather than pay hundreds of dollars. So be careful kings this app is full of fraudulent profiles and most Likely won’t get you laid unless you put money into it so I hope my message gets out there to warn y’all!
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3 years ago, Victor110C
This app is flooded with scammers running the same plays over and over again. There usually giveaway is they connect with off the app and start sending you pet pictures. They have words misspelled. They want to meet you right away with no vetting. Then they ask you to download a 3rd party app or ask you to sign up for some kind of dating credentials on a website to ensure their safety when you meet. The apps were “lovehottie” and another asked me to get a “chups pass”. After this review the names of those will likely change quickly to something else. Both apps are full of bogus reviews. And the crazy part is it’s not just the really pretty ones that are trying to scam. It’s the ugly ones too. Other things I don’t like. The app is designed to make you spend your credits. The initial cost of communication is high. I’m sure whoever owns this app is making bank. In 4 days I found more fraud then I have in my last 10 years of life. This app May have been legitimate at one time but now it’s just trying to rip people off. The developer has obviously taken zero measures to deter scammers from using their app. It’s so flagrant I honestly believe they’re in on it. Move on to any other dating app. This one is complete garbage. Really wish I could rate 0 stars.
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5 months ago, DavidB5612
I don’t know how this is legal
This site is like a carrot, and the longer you chase it the more money you’re gonna waste really really. Any blogger that promotes this website should be ashamed of themselves because they’re getting paid and they’re misleading the people. This is a complet scam. After seeing how misleading they are, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold all those accounts a couple years back, . you’re lucky if one out of five accounts is real, Literally more that half the accounts are fake and they all try to hack you and get you off the platform and share personal information. Once you sign up you pretty much have to sign up for $300 a month if you’re a guy followed by three more upsell that once you spend the 300 you’re going to spend another 60 and another 30 and another 30 otherwise you’re gonna feel like you’re not gonna get the whole spiel. So you’re out of $400 plus and you can run out of all your credits in one or two days. If you want to spend $400 plus clicking on fake accounts for a couple days before having to buy more credits you found the website for you. If I could give it -5 stars, I I would. There should be a class action suit against this company, Hard to believe this is actually what’s happening!
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1 year ago, Army.Pilot
Greedy app. Would not recommend.
I’ve been on AM for years and had some limited luck years ago. However I will be deleting this app today and have not been able to recommend this app for years. At least 50% of the women are fake. Additionally, AM has always been expensive. Due to the lack of a subscription service and instead paying for credit packages. And everything cost credits. Want to send a message? It cost credits. Want to read a message that was sent to you? It cost credits. That person sent you three messages? It cost you 3x the credits. And now AM has gotten greedier. Exchanging photo albums used to be a free way to determine if their was physical attraction and interest before coughing up credits to send a message. Now AM is charging for that service. You could easily blow through $100 or more a day if you aren’t careful. And then you figure out you’ve been talking to a fake. Complain to customer service? Ha! They don’t care. Because the real relationship you’ve found is that you’re Ashley Madison’s pay pig. The app is archaic and glitchy, most of the women are fake, and the app charges for everything. Would not recommend. Download this app if you have $100 a day to waste talking to men posing as women.
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3 years ago, Saagcc
Police scam
The police have been using this app to catch and prosecute prostitution and the people seeking prostitution. This app also makes purchases without your knowledge to you credit card if you are a man because they don’t charge women to use the site. This site is designed to take your money and that is it. The people here are wanting perfect and if you are not then good luck. Is it worth it? No.. Not at all. Most of the profiles, if they are not your local police, are fake and computer generated to keep AM “pool of people” looking large when it actually isn’t. This is why you can see the same profile, after years, never change. You can also see the profiles with one picture but the name changes constantly. This is the fake accounts that get caught and AM have to make a new profile with a different name. AM says that they kick off the fake profiles but they don’t. They just rewrite them, with minimal content, and then repost them. The only reason they don’t charge women to use the site is because they don’t have the number of female users as they claim to have and FREE looks good to anyone. There are other apps that do the same thing without all of the scams or arrests.
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4 years ago, NotAnotherName!
Truly the worst
As a new user to this service, and a long time user of many others, I have been truly astounded by the bombardment from scammers. From Dating Safety/Registration scams, to nearly endless attempts to poach customers from your platform (ga-ga-hi must be paying a fortune in their efforts), to the usual money seekers, I was shocked by what seems zero proactive effort on AM’s part, no warnings of common attacks, and few options for users to filter incoming messages. When I found no compatibility indicator, like age range for potentials or other requirement, it occurred to me that the token/credit based model encourages a lot of this. When competitors are providing the same type of service so much better, yet none of the common protective measure for customers of AM, there’s a business reason and the bottom line. I certainly will not be purchasing additional credits, as I’ll never use what I have, so perhaps that’s also part of the model. Extremely disappointing, and quite amazingly is rated highly. Must be good PR and advertising, plus manipulation of the Apple App Store’s numerical rating system, as the written reviews are consistently scathing. Should be removed.
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4 years ago, not impressed at all ss766
Fake profiles
Women on here are not really looking for an affair, there is even singles which I would say there are much better apps that are less expensive. I have been approached by three girls that want me to download some Chinese app that you have to pay to use. I have had one real conversation. I’m a good looking guy who has no problem getting girls the problem is they want to marry me and I’m already married and don’t want to give up time with my children. I joined this app look for like mind women in similar situations and got nada and my profile picture keeps going back to default.......very lame better grabbing tender and being honest about your situation.
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1 year ago, bmvara
Disappointed, deserves NO STARS.
I joined 2 days ago and received several hits. I started chatting with 3 guys, one I was starting to feel pretty comfortable with, and then my account got suspended! I sent a message to customer service and no reply, not even a canned message saying they’ll be in contact within so many days. I created a new account hoping to find that one guy and it suspended me AGAIN. I don’t understand why. I read somewhere that this happens if you share too much information, and it seems to happen quite a bit. However all I shared was my first name and only because the guy shared first. How are we supposed to meet anyone if accounts get suspended with no reason or support? Now I’m sure he thinks I was just playing games when in fact, I was really interested. So many guys complained about women ghosting them, but I’m thinking AM is the be reason for their sudden disappearance. I’m hoping to at least get my account back just so I can at least explain what happened! Very disappointed with how my account, and apparently others, are handled.
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2 months ago, Tinytiffy2k
Permanent suspension
UPDATE: Ignore their comment below mine! I reached out 3x and received the same robotic response that I violated their terms and conditions and they don’t specify which one because I didn’t violate any! I just created a profile last Friday. They suspended me without reason before my profile was even approved, then said it’s a random audit they do. I didn’t have any pics yet except profile pic of my face only. They reinstated it. I got to BARLEY add more to my account. I hardly even talked to anyone on there, I REPORTED scammers…my pics all followed their rules, and now I got permanently suspended and they refuse to give a reason! I’ve reviewed their terms and conditions multiple times and not one did I violate. Don’t waste your time. Very unprofessional! They don’t even respond to the contact us when I asked if they could tell me what I violated. Guys literally have di*k pics ON their private photos folder, yet I’m the one who got permanently suspended and I didn’t even get to finish making a profile! Profile wasn’t up except for 12 hours!
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2 years ago, HDmovie30
Scams are everywhere
This app is full of scams, some appear to be generated by the app itself and others are from outside sources. Beware of users that send you messages that you have to use credit to open. The other rampant scam is where you find a potential date but they want to go to either what’sap or Skype for no apparent reason. They won’t facetime and they won’t talk over the phone. They will text, but you slowly come to realize the conversation is disconnected. They don’t answer simple questions, make comments contrary to your profile and then get upset about a revelation to something discussed that was clearly in your profile. The messaging quickly moves to sex, becomes very graphic and seems out of place. You are simply discussing travel and they won’t answer direct questions. They hurry the conversation to sex. Then they try to push you to what’sap and Skype before they will meet you in person. If you go to either of these platforms the video gets sexually explicit and can become a source for extortion.
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2 years ago, SablesGuardian
Money Trap Filled With Bots
There are too many Bots and automatic messages that make you think real people are looking at you. It’s all to entice you to buy credits. Bots will even message you or give you access to their private gallery. When buying credits, they are extremely expensive. They are more expensive to buy through the app then it is on their website. Even then, they have hidden deals that are impossible to find and pop up very inconsistently. 100 credits on the app is $85 plus Apples fee. I somehow got 100 credits online for $65 from the buy credits option. Then I see an advertisement that gets you 50 credits for $10. That would’ve been nice… I can’t even find the original 100 credit option for $65 and this is all in the same day! I feel horribly ripped off and disgusted. These apps need to do better. Real people are trying to find love or some form of connection and these people are taking advantage of that and robbing them blind. Be very cautious and careful when using this.
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2 years ago, espy1369
1.A lot of messages from people way far away. 2.Messages from girls far away I have to pay to open. 3. Some girls demand a personal introduction which I have to pay for, despite that they have no pictures, or much to work with. I'm glad to pay to message girls but I would rather wink first and let them look at my pictures so I'm not wasting my time. I know it's business on AM point of veiw but it's kinda blatant, I'd much rather pay more for a real chance to meet someone. I just want to start off with someone who at least knows what I look like. I don't even know if these girls are getting my wink and seeing my pictures. It seems like there's a lot more people out there who would be paying for this if they were confident they would meet someone. I have met someone here I think but it's one in a hundred tries. Anyway the messages from people outside of my area is pointless.
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6 months ago, PRflowe
Not worth it
This site isn’t worth the price. Overcharging for credits. You don’t get enough for the price you’re paying. Also, too many credits are required to send messages, keys, winks etc. if you’re not having any luck meeting people here you are basically forced to buy more credits in hopes that you will actually meet someone. Also it’s a biased site, females don’t need to pay to send messages or anything but males have , yet we all want equality? There should also be a disclaimer that states that this is a site for affairs not a dating site. Some females are looking for something serious here thinking this is a regular dating site. I guess if they were being charge like men are, they would understand this site was founded on the principles of having affairs. If it were a regular dating site men wouldn’t pay for it that’s why you have plenty of other free dating sites. Hence, the blurred pictures and privacy ladies!!!! Read. Anyway done with this site.
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9 months ago, Shescountry00
I have had the WORST experience with this app and the support. THEY READ ALL OF YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES. As soon as I gave the person I was talking to a different way to contact me, they suspended my account. I thought it was weird that I couldn’t get back on my profile. After a month I decided to make another profile since I was blocked somehow from my last one. Put my pictures and all my information on my new profile, liked a couple of guys…….suspended! I wasn't able to talk to anyone before they suspended me and now I’m permanently banned. They claimed that I gave my kik name to someone too soon. Told me that I needed to talk with him longer before I gave it out. What?? Who are they to say what I am allowed to talk about in my personal messages with somebody? I truly believe they block all the women and use their profiles to pull money out of men’s pockets. They don’t charge the women. Please don’t download this app. It’s horrible and the people that run it are horrible as well
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12 months ago, Jcarthus
Scam rip off app
If you’re a male using this app you need credits to read and send messages. 100 credits is $92 after tax. Sending one message is 9 credits, reading one message is 5-9 credits. If you talk to people for more than 2 messages back and forth you’re already in the hole about 30-40 credits depending on the replies of the person. Sometimes you get charged for “reading” auto reply messages. Also this is touted as a “classier” hookup app but honestly most of the women on here are looking to be wined & dined and have actual relationships which defeats the purpose of this app… Honestly this app wouldn’t be so bad if not for the predatory credit system. Women get to send unlimited free messages and if they sent you 3 minimal messages like “hey what’s up, or hi I’m good how are you?” You’ll be spending about 30 credits just for small talk. I bought the 100 credit package that came with a bonus 100 credits and I used about 70 credits within 1 hour. This app is garbage
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1 year ago, FamousAttractionAZ
Suspended 3min into making account
Like the title I was suspended right after creating an account 3 minutes in. I got to the part where it asked for me to upload a picture for my profile then immediately it logged me out without even allowing me to choose. When contacting support they said at first I lied about my location saying Our records show a discrepancy regarding your geolocation and the location of your profile. I advised them the location I put on my profile is correct and they responded saying Our records show that your profile was suspended for failure to comply with our Terms and Conditions. Doesn’t make any sense. So they banned me to never use the site when I haven’t even technically used the site at all….very odd! Sense then I have created accounts on other apps and have no issue. AM you just messed with a famous model,content creator and entertainer who will share this horrible experience with thousands of followers. :)
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4 years ago, Samskiz
Review of app and service
App is ok, stealth mode is good conceptually. However, it’s pointless if it flashes “Ashley Madison” in huge letters before it checks for Face ID or pin! Defeats the purpose. Service is scammish at best. Won’t let you set a default preference to send messages only as non-priority, unless you want it to be priority. All messages default to priority so they can charge you extra credits. As other reviewers have said, ongoing conversations are not free and require you to continually pay with credits. Search function is ok. Daily emails have the same 10 profiles repeated every other day. Some profiles also feel like they are AM generated and they email you these ones everyday to try to bait you. Update: read another review and the message “appreciate the wink, but send me a personal message and photos ...” is definitely a bit! I’ve gotten it 5 times from different profiles since yesterday. Will probably quit the app now.
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3 years ago, VictorM77
Don’t do it
I am going to write about my experience, I entered this application out of curiosity and also like most of us who enter here, I wanted to have the experience of a affair with someone. The first thing is that the profiles of the supposed girls you don’t known if they are real, the second is that each girl who supposedly writes to you in some way or another you have to pay money and the third when finally a girl writes to me we start talking and Within the whole conversation she tells me to have a Skype chat to have fun, I agreed and after a few seconds that we have been naked, she tells me that she is recording me and that if I do not pay her the amount of money that she asks me, she will spread my video on the internet. This situation has been horrible, you know how I must feel. Boys do not support this social network it is not true as men we have our fantasies but do not fall for this. I warn you that you will regret it
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4 years ago, reed2424
Wish I read all the reviews before purchasing
All these other reviews where people are saying this app is a scam are 100% right. 100 dollars gone in the blink of an eye before having a single real conversation. If you are a robot this app is for you . 85 % or more of the replies that you get are “bots”. Their answers are always full of misspelled words and sentences that don’t fit together correctly at all. You absolutely just get a ton of fake auto reply messages when you like or wink at people telling you to send a message ( aka spend as much money as possible) only to get 0 real replies after that . Totally a scam. I honestly thought that this would be the best of the sites for this but I cannot imagine there being a worse one. It’s honestly genius , Make an app that everyone who uses it wants to keep it a secret from everyone they know so that they can’t complain or talk to anyone else about how absolutely awful it is . Wish I thought of it .
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4 years ago, chr1979
Pure Scam stay away
So I got this app yesterday and purchased 200 credits. I read a review that you only were charged credits when you sent new messages to new people but continuing conversations were free. Well this is not true you are charged for every single message you send regardless of whether it is a new person or not. This makes it impossible to have sustained conversations and leads to an endless money pit. Within 2 hours I was shocked to see a message come up saying I needed to purchases more credits to view and continue my existing conversations. I could not even look at my old messages or keep chatting with people that I was right in the middle of a conversation with. I spent $110 dollars and got 2 hours worth of time. I probably only sent messages to 10 people and had two sustained conversations going when I got cut off. I want my money back, but I seriously doubt they will do that. Complete scam in my opinion.
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5 years ago, Baronerm
Better luck at a dive bar
The fact that you have to pay to make ANY contact at all with anyone renders this app absolutely worthless. If I could have given ZERO stars I would. Not to mention the pricing is outrageous. I have a better chance at finding someone pretty much anywhere else than on this app. It’s just a scam to get you to pay for bot profiles. They’ll say they’re “monitored by some company”, and that they’re “tirelessly working to make it better for their customers” but in the end it’s a money grab from desperate dudes. Don’t be one of those dudes. There are hundreds of other apps and sites. DONT USE THIS ONE. UPDATE: they sent me their canned response about who monitors their site and their fake profile policy. Never mentioned the fact that they’re discrimination against males offering women free services and making men pay for the same. So yep. Still not changing my one star review. Because meeting people shouldn’t empty my bank account.
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4 years ago, 7Atlas7
I think I am going to start pouring through reviews on all platforms. I’m going to reach out to people who believe they have been scammed by this company. I would ask that all the evidence and data people have as proof of being scammed, be willingly and confidentially handed over so I can put together a file on this company. Specifically I am looking for incidents where a person messages you back saying that “they appreciate the wink but to please send a full message and picture to get started”. To be clear I am going to put together a case to file a lawsuit against Ashley Madison, not false accounts or independent scammers. It is my belief that the company itself has many fake accounts. These fake accounts are designed to draw you in and con as many people as possible into sending messages and photos to fake profiles, in order to use up credits and require real customers to spend more money. If you are thinking about using this app for the first time, I could not tell you to stay away more fervently. If you already have an account and feel that you have been scammed in the manner I describe above. Or if you feel that you have been scammed by Ashley Madison directly in any other way. Please contact me. You privacy and discretion is of the upmost importance...obviously. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Alidomda
I met my Husband on Here
I know this app has a bad reputation but there are people on this app that are not married and are looking for a long term serious relationship with another person. I got lucky and I found my soulmate, YUP! I met my husband on here and now we have our first baby and are building a house together. I thought I’d never meet my soulmate but this app proved me wrong. I downloaded it just because I had downloaded just about every dating app and thought why not. I’m glad I downloaded it. I wouldn’t have my amazing husband and we wouldn’t have had our beautiful baby boy. Give it a try, because why not, right?
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11 months ago, chef t 111
Not worth the price.
Hi, I have made a profile on AM long ago but I never took it seriously or really put in any effort and thus I’ve never found a match using this app. Most comparison review video list AM as the number one option so I recently gave it another chance committing $300 to this app. I did not spend that all at one time but I was seriously attempting to find a connection or at least a hookup and kept gullibly I kept buying more credits. I would message locals as well as distant potentials as well as respond to messages and “real” people who messaged me but it always turned out to be a computer just keeping me in gaged with the app. Just kept me spending, well I am very confident to say this app does not work and I would not even use it if it was free. I highly do not recommend this app you’ll have better luck with the yellow pages lol.
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7 months ago, DuckyMoMo🐤🐣🐥
If I could give it zero stars I would!
This app is soooo phony! They suspended my account because they said my profile had solicitation in my profile and that’s a rule I violated. My profile never had solicitation in it! My profile just stated what I look for in my future man. I got straight to the point because I don’t like when my time is wasted and I don’t want to waste anyone else’s. If I know exactly what I want why can’t I let others know too? So I can’t say what I want in a man but men on the app in their profile can state how they want sex or friends with benefits ? That is solicitation! And yet, I’ve seen plenty of profiles back to back say that in their profile and their profile never got suspended. So the men on there can state what they look for in a women but it’s a problem when I do it ?? This app is the weirdest app ever and it’s not fair
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5 years ago, Pilotman46
I’ve had success but app needs an update
Everyone keeps saying just go to Tinder. It’s pretty much a long term dating app now. I’ve had great experiences with meeting women on AM. We’re all there for the same reason and there’s no judgement. I’ve legit had success on here. The app does need a kick in the pants. Slow, you have to refresh a few times to show a message has been sent or received. 10 credits for a message, really...? You look at one profile and go back to keep browsing and you have to start at the top again. Anyways, gotta rest up. Hanging out with one tomorrow. She gives me a good work out. ;)
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1 year ago, MizzMei
Poor app. Don’t get it.
Wish I could give it no stars. I downloaded this app in hopes to connect with someone and I eventually started talking to a guy on here. I deactivated my account NOT deleted but DEACTIVATED the account and when the guy stopped talking to me and blocked me; I went to reactive my account and they told me that my account was suspended due to solicitation? When provided screenshots to them of me deactivating my account- I also asked for proof of where I had apparently “not followed” their terms and conditions and they have not provided anything to me. I actually very carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up and I know that I had not violated anything. The whole app is an honest joke. Most of the men on there are scammers along with a lot of the women and those who are on there that are real have no clue on anything. It’s sad.
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1 year ago, Daya Grace
Full Review of Ashley Madison, 2023
March 9th- Ashley Madison, or “AM” I hopped on this app not because affairs and/or NSA relationships are my thing, but because I had heard the stories, and I needed to see it for myself. First thing I noticed is that you’re apple to disguise the app from it’s settings- a nifty feature for an affair app. In the next few minutes, as I explored AM, I realised that they were desperately trying to keep up with the image of secrets and grandiose that they try to portray. Most men using AM are just middle class white men looking for a cheap one-time. I matched with a few, and was astonished by how unimpressive each of them was. On my second day, I grew bored of it, and decided to see if there was a hustle there. I was swiftly reported by a married man who couldn’t afford my requests, and my account was suspended. That is all for now.
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2 years ago, bob touch cash
Mysterious suspension
I set the Ashley Madison profile up in the beginning of June. After about 3 weeks of getting messages I couldn’t respond to I finally decided to purchase some credits although I was very hesitant. I got the 50 for $10 special they have. Immediately after purchase they took the $10 off my account but the credits never appeared. So I write a trouble ticket email about that. I take a nap wake back up it’s says my account is temporary suspended!!!! I’m clueless to why my account is suspended. Then you can only send emails when you have a issues. Ashley Madison is very expensive and in my opinion they should have somebody to answer phones at least from 8-5 when consumers have issues. Ashley Madison has potential with the right leadership it could be better. Elon musk should buy it
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2 weeks ago, Genuinely want to meet
Different rules for women
I was on AM for 7-10 days before my profile was flagged suspicious. I was a bit shocked when that happened and thought well probably someone was not happy when I wouldn’t engage. My profile was very straight forward. I was looking to meet men to have an on going relationship with. Everyone wants to use WhatsApp or instagram which i don’t like. So if i thought we could have a good match i would give my number to use via text or signal. I would say I gave my number 7 men. Met 2. 2 were not a match and 3 were fakes. So back to being flagged suspicious. I go through the process of verifying that I’m real which took about 7 days. I’m back on for a couple hours and talking to a guy that wants to meet. So we exchange contact information and u sign off. Next morning I discover I’m flagged again and permanently suspended from AM. For not following the rules. I asked what specifically I did wrong and why is it the man I was talking with wasn’t suspended as well? No response! Apparently there are different rules for men then women.
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2 years ago, Farid@Pars2011
Totally scam
I wanted to try this platform to see how it works and the cheapest credit was$85 , you can not chat with anyone there unless you buy the minimum $85 credit , once you purchase the credit it alows you start chatting and you will notice there are plenty of fake accounts or scammers that they start messaging you , and Ashley charges you for per message you open or you send .. it mean each message you send to the girl you like Ashley charges about $8 and if you open it charges $6 … and at the end the girl is not real person or same person as her profile. It’s look like Ashly created a lot of accounts by itself which they are not real people that looking for date , and they start charging you base on each conversation.. big time scam, do not try this app
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5 days ago, OnlineInsite
100% fake female profiles
If you just flip through the female profiles you’ll see that nearly all just say “hi” or “hello” in the title and nothing in the “about me” area. Or the content will have been obviously posted there and it makes no sense. So you’ll end up with lots of profiles with obvious flaws - like a photo (not blurred) of an overweight woman who says she’s married and needs total discretion and also weighs 100 pounds. On top of that she says she’s a teacher and yet her profile has major spelling and punctuation errors. If this were just a few accounts here or there that would be one thing. Instead, it’s quite literally the entire site. AM should be sued bc under this model, they know men are signing up and spending 100s of dollars each only to interact with scammers/bots. Disgusting!
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3 years ago, HwistlinWhiley
First review I’ve ever left
Never have I ever been so baffled by an app that I felt the need to leave a review. Ashley Madison is iron clad about not letting you do a single thing without spending money. And I’m not cheap, so that’s not too big of a deal. Except for the fact that the cheapest option is 80 bucks, without so much as a one day trial to see if it’s worth the money, to nobody within a 100 mile radius. On top of it all, it’s extremely hard to delete your profile once you get irritated. You have to do it on the site, not app. But if you don’t delete the app, the site will redirect you to it over and over again. Basically ya have a bunch of hustlers putting more time into Nickle and dimming you than they put into giving you value. Shame too cuz it could be great. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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2 years ago, thrwawy2099
No wonder the site is full of fake women.
I’m a woman and a made an account to find a sugar daddy. 1 day after making my account, it was temporarily suspended even though I had no provocative photos or bio. I contacted customer service twice, and it took 8 business days to have my account restored. When I was finally able to use the site, I can see why men can’t find any real women that aren’t bots. It’s riddled with gross, cheap, delusional creepy men who are looking to hookup for free. I don’t understand the point of the app or it’s audience. If I wanted a hookup, I’d go on tinder and not hookup with a man double my age and married. That’s exactly why the site is full of bots, because they make real women jump through hoops to have their account restored, only to get an inbox full of broke Johns.
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2 years ago, Agrayjedi
It’s a scam simple as that I regret downloading this
Don’t download this app it’s a waste of time and money if your a guy I wish I read the reviews ahead of time before I downloaded this poor excuse of an app. For starters if your a man don’t even think you’ll be able to talk to any of the girls on this app without paying almost $100 dollars for the cheapest credit option seriously $85 for 100 credits $125 for 200 it just goes higher and if you do decide to do that be ready for those credits to disappear within an hour to a bunch of bots and scammers and the actual girls you do meet are just wanting sugar daddies. Unless you sign up as a girl you won’t be having any luck on this one I hope this gets removed from the AppStore or shut down together.
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3 years ago, Rosie franchina
Very upset
I was a member of Ashley Madison for years then I got off and joined again, they suspended my account. Come on all I was looking for was a good man to date and see where it goes. There was a few I was taking to trying to figure out which one to choose to go on a date with. Then BAM my account is suspended. I really loved this app its better then the one out there and I really thought I had a shot at finding happiness. Please unblock my account so I can meet the man of my dreams. FYI there are a lot of scammers I’m not one of them. I’m a down to earth girl just trying to find someone that’s worthwhile to date and see what happens. I see you have a lot of bad reviews now? In the past I never seen so many negatives reviews like I see now. Please let me join in again
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6 years ago, 7sup
What a joke !
First , I’d like to say that any positive reviews are most likely fake. I’ve signed up on this ap twice, thinking I’d give it a second chance and both times were disappointments. Like moist dating apps, the women can create a profile for free and navigate the site without cost. For this reason, the site is overrun with bogus profiles, single women looking for sugar daddies or straight up prostitutes. For every message sent, it costs 10 credits, by default and is considered a “priority” message, despite numerous attempts and requests to disable the “priority” feature. I’m not a bad looking guy and I’m in great shape. Out of the 50+ messages I sent out, I received one response. And that was a catfish. Save your money, find another ap. The price of this one is ridiculous and it can’t really be taken seriously anymore.
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3 years ago, godsssss
A Scam
It cost credits for every single message you send, even if it’s to the same person. They also force you to send messages as priority messages which cost extra credits. Credits are extremely overpriced $85 for 100 of them. It takes 14 credits for one message so you can only message 7 people for $85. You’ll get spammed with messages from fake accounts using the same generic messages. “If you are really interested send a full message...” or “Sorry but I only have time to respond to a full message...”. It’s all just to trick you into thinking someone is actually interested so you will fork over your cash. One could say you are paying for the privacy and discrete nature of Ashley Madison, but it’s no more private or discrete than Tinder.
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5 years ago, Deadmau5pro
Please beware! Do not download! Extremely devious!!!!
So I have been on this app for 2 weeks and the fee in order to pay for this is not worth anything. What I mean by that is there are more scammers than real people here. 5 times I’ve encountered the same person with 5 different profiles trying to get me to give up my credit card. I’d never fall for that. What kills me is the accents they have trying to sound “Americanized”. It’s pathetic. Also, this one girl decided to take explicit photos of me and is extorting me and threatening to share it with my friends and family. Even better, she started naming people I knew. Little does she know that I don’t care who see them. This app is completely useless and bottom line...DO NOT TRY IT, DONT ATTEMPT TO DOWNLOAD IT!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP! IT ONLY BRINGS MISFORTUNE AND TROUBLE!!! I promise you! Kid you NOT!
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4 years ago, MSMOTU
Another site tricking you for money!
So I get on their site. All of a sudden I think I must be really something cause I’m getting all these emails asking me to message these ladies. All very flattering and they are ready for me. So I spend a lot of money because with Ashley Madison every message cost money and I have all these emails to answer like 30. So I message these women and they are like who are you? On top of this A.M. decided for me that I wanted these messages to be high priority which is an extra charge. When I emailed their website asking them about this (twice) they never answered. SO, BUYER BEWARE. Maybe they are better than some but I’ve had better and more honest dealings with other companies. Shame on you Ashely Madison another rip off specialist.
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3 years ago, Reviewer #531
So I would be giving this app a high star rate, but I I keep having issues and so I just can’t. I liked the app, in a very short time my inbox was poppin, but then after a few responses I get told my account is “pending approval”... I’m not sure what I could of did all the sudden, but it’s like they don’t want new women on the app. I made a second account and I was temporarily banned, Then when you ask why, you say you will correct any mistake, and never continue doing whatever I did, they tell me they decided they will be permanently banning me. Very confusing and doesn’t seem reliable for the women at all.. The men can do and say absolutely anything they want with no issue. I dunno. Oh well, just wanted to vent because this just happened.
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4 years ago, qwergvddx
Fake profiles and no message replies
I checked back in to AM after a two year hiatus, and it is as fake as before. When I signed in, I immediately had a few views of my profile and several message requests. I favorited a few women, and over the next few days messaged women that interested me. Most did not reply, some responded with lame one liners, and now I’m down most of my message points but with no prospects. Granted, women outnumber men on AM, but I’m at the same point I was a couple of years ago. Checking into my messages, there are several fake profile indicators - I see women with essentially the same name and identical profiles, some responses are worded identically, and generally aimed at getting me to message them and deplete my points ($). AM is still a complete waste of time and money. AVOID
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5 months ago, dagorider1887
Old vacant profiles or online bots
Majority of accounts on here are old profiles no one is monitoring or checking anymore. I paid so I could message and the app got boring fast! It has good search filters like ethnicity which I liked. So this has potential they just need to add a feature where you can see last date and time logged in so you k know if the account is still active or not. Finally, it would also be good to get rid of the blurring on photos. We pay to message here a lot of money and if the account is dead and she has a blurry photo but you liked her bio, I the customer basically get robbed. And it feels like the company is dishonest in accepting that.
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3 years ago, KevJC87
Astonished at what a scam it is
This app is a money pit. It averages about $10 per message (thats $10 for every message opened or every message sent). It has deleted my number multiple times in messages so that I am forced to spend another $20 if I want to resend it. It also only sends the first line of my messages which is insane. There are also scam profiles on here (think prince of Nigeria) that try to get your info. You literally can spend hundreds of dollars just by sending 10 one line hello texts. Also, I get emails all the time saying I received messages or pictures, but they are nowhere found on my account. This app would have a lot more negative reviews, but obviously people are scared to go public that they use it. They really take advantage of that fact
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5 years ago, madaco3
Total scam
I’m a single man who tried out this app for free to meet single ladies. Apparently you are only able to view people’s profiles, but to message them, or even read messages you have been sent requires “a token” - money. Like an idiot, I purchased the minimal amount of tokens to try it out. Now I was able to read messages I was sent and send messages to woman who appeared to be interested. Majority of the messages I was sent was from woman all over the world, not near me and I wasn’t even interested in that. I deleted all messages from woman far away and tried to just keep my contact with local ladies. After deleting these messages, they would reappear in my messages as if new. Delete again. Reappear, so on. I would not recommend and found to be a total scam.
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4 years ago, SpikeBBC
Needs better pricing mechanism
This site is well known and respected. My issue is the pricing. I have always been a courteous person and on other sites if I was contacted, I would always reply, even if with a polite “no thank you”. Here, it costs money to send EVERY message. There is no package that gives unlimited messages and I hate the fact it defaults to “priority” messages too. First time I used the app, no explanation of the pricing and the cost of messages. Also, unlike the iPad version of the app, it is hard to find your current credits remaining on the iPhone version, so within 15 minutes, I had blown threw $50!!! I do believe their a genuine people on the site, but you can spend a fortune weeding out the scammers.
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4 years ago, NDallasMan
It’s just too expensive
When you pay $49 just to use it for the first time, you would expect full use of the app including holding conversations and communicating with women via messaging. The priority messaging default is just pure larceny. You won’t stay in business long by taking people’s money for no value. I suppose you’re only pursuing the wealthy and upper crust demographic? You’re turning your back on the largest demographic of the middle class. Do the math, you’ll be much more profitable with a more affordable product. Very disappointed as I’m sure that many of your female customers who may have found a great guy are not happy,- they will never meet them because you’re too expensive. Deleting the app now.....just like so many others have. Nicely done AM.
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3 years ago, Plum Incident
Full of hookers plying their wares. Occasionally you get a nice girl whos wants simple sex but many want trios, bondage and pretty intense S&M stuff. Agree you might as well pay a prostitute with all the money they w at for credits. But you gotta pay money to get verified, or your account gets closed, sometimes you can get into the app but there’s no guaraantee anyone will get your message. You have to be verified by febo or you get labelled a scammer. More money and more hassle. But other sites are like this. The best thing is the pictures. Bur porn is free. Must be that the porn industry invaded all the dating apps. Some ladies in this app actually want to post their videos on private porn sites. Bisexuals, transexuals, everything you see in porn sites. Not worth the money.
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