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User Reviews for 小红书

4.9 out of 5
134.6K Ratings
1 month ago, LovelyofZ
it like Pinterest and instagram but better
If everyone knew this app existed, Zuckerberg would be crying because this app is like amazing. It has no AI well they have some, but you rarely see it. This app is the best thing. It’s like if Instagram and Pinterest had a baby together but it also like TikTok but with in addition of Twitch. Though some suggestions could please add Vise or Mastercard something through Apple Pay? Because I am will buy some procreate brushes on this site. You guys only have Chinese credit/debit cards it would great if Mastercard was allowed. But seriously with all drama with Instagram, X/Twitter and fact that TikTok is being banned in USA this feels like only site left where I can look at pretty art and not be bothered with the ADs! It also a great place for me as artist it inspired me to get better at art and cooking!
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2 years ago, WNYAsia
Don’t download
In 3 days I posted about a half dozen videos, gained over 300 followers and hundreds of messages. Sounds good? Yeah well, my videos were very “family friendly” but yet my account was blocked! I messaged their “help” center but NO HELP. I’m sure that, from messages I got, that jealous vloggers that were unable to get the results I got mass flagged me to get me blocked. This app collects your device info so you can’t even make a new account. If they made some method of fixing their mistake of blocking me and removing my account then I could except this kind of issue. But because I message them an app, email them, and went to their website to contact them and all I got back were form messages, I recommend this app for no one. Don’t waste your time. They’re not trying to make a true enjoyable experience. They just want to get numbers so they can sell advertisement. Also, though the app is in English, if you need any kind of support or try to get more in depth with the app, it’s all in Chinese. So don’t expect much. Update: I have found out that this app breaks Apples App Store rules by collecting your device’s EMEI number
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Ok first off I saw a review saying that xhs is Japanese which made me so mad. It’s clearly Chinese. Also, y’all saying that xhs is discriminating because it doesn’t have English comments, think for a second. This is literally a popular Chinese app like what 💀. Anyways, I mainly use this for inspiration and scrolling. It’s great so I don’t see a problem. To these people attacking xhs for not having a correct English translation, I don’t see a problem. It’s not going to kill you if an app in a different language doesn’t have the corrrect grammar or something. ISTG if this app was Japanese or Korean everyone would love it. (Not saying many people don’t)
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2 years ago, Man o' Peace
Best option for China but still a horrible app
Pros: None. It’s at best a normal social media app. Cons: (1) The app will edit your own bio without your permission and then prohibit you from editing it; (2) The English version has lots of spelling errors in the UI; (3) Bad UI • Stops your music when you start preparing a post even of just pictures, not video; (4) Every time you comment or send a message the app gives you a prompt to turn on notifications even if you don’t want to, and you can’t disable it; (5) Recommended content is generic and influencers’ content is heavily edited/artificial; (6) LOTS of pirated/fake/stolen content, and lots of fake accounts; (7) You can’t say anything even slightly controversial. I tried to report a Chinese person pretending to be an American soldier at the embassy in Beijing and I couldn’t because my report and post warning others about the fake account were “sensitive” and related to foreign news.
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12 months ago, NaHChannel
Hate the Live Photos mode so much
I’ve been using the app for almost 3 years or even longer, and I like using it until last year the live mode was introduced. I don’t see the point of using Live Photos and displaying the meaningless live contents that only makes you dizzy and nauseated. 99% of Live Photos post I’ve seen is completely useless, displaying seconds of how the camera was moved or zoomed that’s absolutely having nothing to do with the post contents. And I was forced to watch these freaking seconds-long videos every time I scrolled the Live Photos. SO DISGUSTING. And I hate the haptic feedback it provides too. I cannot tell whether a post contains live or not, so every time when I see a post with live I never hesitated to click ‘dislike the content’. I complained and suggested making an improvement several times using the in-app help center, but looks like no once cares.
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3 months ago, Mary3377
Keep mistakenly marking my posts as spam
This app was good for some time before I posted on it. It keeps marking my posts as spams and threats me to delete my account if I keep posting. All my posts were about the benefits of using ClearPlus to save time going through an airport and the benefits of my Amex credit card that I liked. And the system just mark my posts as violation of their rules (the reason they gave was because my posts are high risks of investing?) Are you crazy? Even if I explained that there is no financial investments or anything related in my posts they just keep doing it. There are already literally thousands of posts about the benefits of using ClearPlus or Amex credit cards already in the app, but none of those are marked as violation?? I am suspecting it is because I am using a US phone number when I registered my account and they are like super sensitive about it. So disgusting app.
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It brilliant! Hear me out
I srsly don’t get Y y’all is so over this app when it’s amazing. To start with it is NOT A JAPANESE APP its a pure Chinese app and everything u frking see on it is not JAPANESE it’s CHINESE alright. The fk . Also, if somebody that does not understand Chinese and is using xhs, it will obviously be hard because the majority amount of ppl on there is frking from china. So stop complaining Y no non-Chinese ppl is commenting or Y there’s no one posting in English because most users use their frking NATIVE LANGUAGE ppl like wat the fk. Honestly xhs is a very ideal app to spend time on.
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3 months ago, 好好用的說92
“我为王子耀发声!!!年龄不是免死金牌,法律应该保护受害者而不是施暴者!没有先例就开创先例!支持死刑!”邯郸是这段时间的社会热门议题,全中国人都在关注的事件。在网络世界也不例外,然而小红书一次次禁言网民发帖,发评论。一次次覆盖加害者以及其背后的势力,为了就是自保。 小红书审核系统的操纵下,目前的大部分内容已经没办法代表当下的议题,而本该频繁出现的内容则被一次次限制。 This app has become political, anti-humanity. From the beginning when its goal was to create a modern, trendy social media for the Chinese community, to now when its daily KPI is to delete, block, limit contents. It apparently goes the opposite direction against the purpose of a social media, but it cannot stop due to pressure from the above. The recent case of murder in Handan made one of the biggest waves in the Chinese society. While most people who use this app decide to support and stand for justice for the victim. A 13 year-old boy who got bullied, brutally murdered by three other boys in Handan on March 10th, 2024; this app continuously delete, limit, block contents regarding this case. And that means majority of the contents on this app got deleted and erased, which leads to a weird situation where now the app’s recommended contents are repetitive gibberish. I am not saying this app is worse than many other apps, but its “guidelines” never show in public, and its agenda towards the authorities is too obvious to be avoided at this point.
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2 years ago, Kpop.AnimeWeeb
Amazing app, but I need help
This app is so good! Like I’m enjoying it. There are really awesome ideas. It kinda reminds me of Pinterest and SHEIN together. Many of the reviews are not good, but I don’t understand why. The only problem I have is that I don’t understand Japanese. 🥲(My fault btw) I really want to buy something, but I just don’t understand what anything says. I have it on English, but it’s still in Japanese. Please help me with this problem.
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4 years ago, dlkjfhg
A very bad app with wrong value
If I can give 0 stars I can. It stops you from talking often and never tells you which statement you make is wrong. I never used any impolite words or spread unhealthy info and insist in a disciplined lifestyle with every content to be genuine. But I got caught as saying “violating the rules” and other copy contents still remain. I am not going to do research and report every single copied post, no matter the huge amount of them, along with occurring ads, which is disgusting. People are all showing off and consumption is what is valued by the app. They don’t’ want real people share their lives. They just want block your account and leave volume to ads and controversial discussion to attract imps and clicks. Very disappointing app and should stay away to have a better life.
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2 years ago, Mia_XXX123
Account blocked for no reason
DON’T USE THIS APP! they will just block your account for fun. I posted a comment saying no one should discriminate other ethnic groups, and I posted a note asking if I should buy this keyboard or not. Then my account is blocked. How funny. They don’t even tell you why they block your account/ which post is against the rule. They just block your account for fun. All my collected notes are gone! You can’t even see your own postings anymore. Appeal doesn’t help at all! Don’t waste your time here. Anything related to politics will likely be seen as violation. You can’t even cancel the account. And your device will also be blocked. That means any account registered with this phone will get immediately blocked.
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2 years ago, KristinaLombardo
entertaining, clean design, similar to instagram/pinterest
once you follow a few topics/people, it’s a relaxing time. no negativity like instagram or tiktok which is probably my favorite, just a bunch of pretty pictures and short vlogs. i’m learning chinese so it’s good with helping me familiarize myself with the language, i do wish there was more english translation features as i’m not fluent but since it’s a chinese app, that’s expected i guess lol. also takes up a bit of storage but if you clear the cache every now and then it stays just under 1GB.
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6 months ago, Alice8053
The little red book(English name from the website)
It’s a shame that the only place to get this in English is on the internet via translation option. The app in the App Store says it has English. Yet. I didn’t see anywhere in the app English was an option. I saw great potential for using it to market things. Some things I truly wanted to buy. But ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY ANYTHING IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT THE 🔥🔥🔥🔥IS BEING SAID FROM THE OTHER PERSON!!! AND some watch face artists are on the app but can’t find or follow them without first going to the webpage to translate and download the app first😐🙄😑. Put in a translation option and get a better rating. Stop stealing emei numbers and stop spying on AMERICAN 🇺🇸 and you’ll get a full 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Vivi109890
Good app but there’s discrimination against America-posted comments
It’s still a app made in China, so if your comments are anti-China (even when it’s not) it’ll be deleted. Otherwise it’ll be deleted by the OP who post their contents. I can’t tell how many times I received “OP deleted your comment” for no reason LOL. Literally I just typed small harmless comments about their posts and it gets deleted out of nowhere, and I’ve noticed those posts tend to have comments from China only. It’s just annoying and doesn’t feel friendly. I’ve reduced to just using it for casual scrolling now….
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3 years ago, tsujia
I enjoyed using this app, until it consistently can’t load any contents
method i have tried which is reinstalling this app will help just for few hours then it came back, or restarted the phone, note my phone is the latest iphone which should not be the reason cause this issue, after restarted my phone , those contents/notes can read as normal but same issue back again after few times!!!! this is the ONLY APP have this problem! please look into this seriously. i cant find any useful tips online to permanently fix this.
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3 months ago, Ellenxiongjy
This app bans you from seeking justice for kids died from bullying!
Here’s what happened in China March 10th, 2024: a 13 year old boy Ziyao Wang, was brutally killed by three other 12-14 year-olds schoolmates. Wang suffered from long-term bullying from the criminals and was beaten to death by shovels. He was buried in the cold ground by the three criminals. **People are trying to stand up for Wang on THIS APP and it just tries so hard to ban us from speaking up about justice and advocating the deserved punishment for the criminals. If your post contains any key word about the case, the post will be taken into review and most likely being deleted. Hey Red, you can ban us, delete us, whatever. But you need to remember: you can’t stop the will for justice!
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5 months ago, this.is.dia
Please give option to translate text like Instagram & Facebook
Recently this app has become more popular in the west and I believe it would help if it had the option to translate text in a similar way to how Instagram & Facebook handle it. I understand that it is made with the Chinese citizens in mind, however the translation option build in the app would be much more convenient to use than having to screenshot everything and using google translate. Such a feature could aid those who aim to learn the language as well!
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2 years ago, BEAR🎨
🍟Super duper amazing App!!!✨
Hello! I really wanna give little red book a shout out, it’s just so amazing and I don’t know how to describe it in human language! There’s so many videos and profiles for WeChat and TikTok, and I love it!!! Idk why so many people gave it an bad rate, I mean it’s not the app’s fault that you’re not respectful to others on red book, I don’t think you should complain it on a wonderful app…🍕🌷
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2 years ago, Pro88Log
Scam app and AI provide fake info to remove your hard work
Posting for my work with regular work photos and some random user add you and pretend to be someone working with the app. Ignore these people and account get suspended for rule violation. 11-11 add on System refuse to provide actual feedback and ban account while people are adding like on post. Spreading my own photo for more ad/bait click to other user. Request for auditing of only four post that I put and funny the system claim none of the post violate any rules. Their judgment are contradicting. If no response we will continue to report this app for violating copyright of my own photo
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3 months ago, chuchu-8818
Concerning Acceptance of Bullying and Violence on Red Book
I could give this app a 0 if I can. I recently encountered a concerning situation on Red Book where a user was advocating for bullied girls to retaliate with violence and bribery. This perpetuates a cycle of harm and goes against the values of promoting peace and understanding. When I voiced my concerns about the potential consequences of such actions, I became the target of further bullying. I reported the user to the app, but unfortunately, it was deemed acceptable. So i tried to defend myself but i was blocked. I urge the app administrators to reconsider their stance on promoting violence and bullying, as it goes against creating a safe and inclusive online community.
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9 months ago, lilsssquirt
Great App! But…
This app is honestly so good and I like how it’s easy to use and get the hang of for new users. However I wish there was a translate button for the comments. I know it’s a chinese app but it could be useful for foreigners. And I wish the page didn’t refresh so much. I would keave the app snd open it to the page refreshing itself.
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2 years ago, worse app than ever
Bad recommendation
Even after I clicked at least ten times I don’t like the author, I am not interested in the post and other choices, after I refresh, they are still on my top list. They even filter out what I love to know and instead show me things I have no interest at all!
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4 years ago, qiqiqiqi1111322333
我原本是个小红书的忠实用户,但是前几天我被人恶意举报,申诉很多次小红书都拒绝受理,同时也拒绝提供我评论违规的证据,而且也没有找不到任何工作人员二次投诉。 客服这么不负责,app这么没诚信,今天是不经过调查就受理恶意举报,明天就是卖东西昧钱,再过几天就是卖假货了吧?这种app我是不敢用了 I used to be a loyal user of this app, until somebody reported me for spreading hateful comments which is out of nowhere, and the app decided to punish me for something I didn’t do. I have tried to contact the costumer service but no one was willing to tell me what’s going on. They couldn’t even provide the proof of me sending hateful comment. So there I was, so shocked by this app’s incompetence and ignorance, I decided to delete this app. If you can’t even guarantee your costumers’ right why even bother on the app? Wouldn’t recommend this app to anybody.
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1 year ago, Seungmin in da building
I wish they could ship to america
The app is great and as a Chinese-American, It’s nice to hear people talking in Chinese sometimes. The only problem is when I tried to buy something, the only places that could be sent to are the places in China. And I live in America but I’m still very fond of things that were made in China. I hope in a couple months they could find a way to ship to America.
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2 years ago, REVIEW WRITER X
App stopped working
This app stopped loading all media a few months ago. I noticed the app stopped updating even though I have automatic updates. Updating did nothing. I had to delete the app and reinstall it and now I get thumbnail images but no full size images and no videos loading. I honestly thought they shut down operations here because it just stopped working one day but my experience is the same. Gf loves this app but I don’t know what to say, this app is unusable for me.
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2 years ago, marvinbai123
The rating is clearly a click farm work
The app tracks every comments you posted. By saying that I mean when you post comments, they have a review mechanism which monitors the content of your post. Even a slightly different opinion will be clarified as “disqualified”, and they send you warning about that. After a few times, they will ban you from commenting for weeks. The rating is clearly a fake one and they have hired fake people to give 5 star ratings. Just go through the most popular reviews and you will find out the truth.
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3 years ago, YMin314
Stop asking for permission to access all my photos
This app let you post photos. But that does not mean it need to have access to all my photos. The newest version remove the option to select which photos I grant access permission within the app. Now every time I want to post, I have to exit the app and change the permission in the system settings. I view this as a move to make me uncomfortable giving it partial access in order to let me give this app full access to all my photos. This is a Nono and deserves one star.
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6 months ago, LuLu_4172
An app which can save a life
It’s an app, which, literally , can share every true information around the world. It just saves a life of my old doggy .the doctor even suggests to do euthanasia. But, following the suggestions of some blogs, My old doggy spends four days to stand up again. This is amazing. This app is amazing.
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2 years ago, free speech defender
Xiaohongshu suppresses freedom of speech as much as authoritarian China
In the name of overseas software, Xiaohongshu is launched in major civilized countries in Europe and the United States. Basically,。 the violation of freedom of speech on the platform continues the violation of human rights and freedom of speech by the Chinese dictatorial government. It is a helper of the dictatorial Chinese government because you Every word they say will be deleted by them, and they will be banned from speaking. Any content they post will be subject to so-called censorship. Freedom of speech is violated to the extreme. It is recommended that Apple remove its overseas authority and let them censor speech in China!
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4 years ago, Cecilialin27
Can’t log in! Not working
I’ve tried multiple phones, but this app is acting wired recently. Won’t let me follow people, doesn’t refresh, can’t comment, shows no info on people’s pages. So when I tried to log out and log in. It won’t let me log in anymore....
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2 years ago, Jerry9520
A horrible app with invisible censorship
I only post regular contents that other users would also post, and never post anything political, etc. And this app blocks all my posts (I can post, but no one can see), and I have to complain for every single post, and wait for a couple of days to get the post released, which then never gets enough impressions as usual. This app is definitely conducting some kind of invisible censorship and never make this transparent. This app could have against us law and should be delisted!
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3 years ago, eeexxxxlllsss
The new design is so bad…
Really HATE the new design of 1 tab of Explore vs. 3 tabs of Follow/Explore/Nearby. The new design not only loses the critical feature like Timeline of Follow posts, but also cannebalize the content inside explore.. not to even mention the nearby feature which is imperative for small business branding. This redesign costs lost of engineering work and in my opinion it totally not worth it. Please focus on the true business metrics and improve the user experience towards that. Otherwise, user will just abandon your app.
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4 months ago, Candice Pianova
Very convenient and user friendly app
I have been using this app every day since last year, you can always find a best answer and solution from this app ! there are lots of useful videos !!
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6 years ago, Carrie123445
Love it
The red book really provides a bigger world for me to explore. Got a lot of info from there and all of it was quite useful. One suggestion though for the providers: I have noticed some untruthful info on the app just for the purposes of sales promotion. Maybe can start a feature where readers can rate the reliability of the info just to provide more perspectives for other readers
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6 months ago, ChunPeipei
Hateful words and comments are allowed
For some reason starting couple years ago, the hateful comments and posts are allowed in XHS. Even after reporting the problem, the customer service choose to ignore these behaviors. Unfortunately it is very sad that this APP allows these without knowledge the problem. Used to be a peaceful community but it all changed….
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1 year ago, Howdy Meng
Deleting your comments for no reason
Your comments will be deleted for no reason sometimes. Even though it is not related to politics not against any narrative of Chinese government, your comments sometimes still got deleted. It is also eye opening from this platform to see populism in China, conspiracy theory, anti American and western. Not sure it’s what the normal people in China really thinks or it is paid comments. A lot of irrelevant posts like iPhone new releases and Tesla cars can lead to arguments of pro-China and anti-America.
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7 months ago, redhimmel
Permanently block my account without any notification 永久封禁我账号没有任何提示
I just sent a private message to a blogger who installed wood flooring, what type of wood flooring he used and how much it cost. Three seconds later, my account was permanently suspended for no apparent reason. I appealed, the system shows that the result of appeal will send me the system message. May I ask my account has been permanently banned, what do I think how can I check system messages! 我只是私信一个装了木地板的博主,他家用的是什么型号的木地板,多少钱。三秒之后,我的账号就被莫名其妙的永久被封了。我上诉了,但是上诉结果站内私信我。请问我的账户都被永久禁封了,我怎么看我的私信!莫名其妙,垃圾。
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2 years ago, MagWu5
Unable to load images
Been loving this app, however, for the past few days all the contents won’t load and the only way to fix is to reinstall for it to work on the initial open. After you close app and go back it happens again. Tried using data and Wi-Fi to load, nothing works. Someone please fix this issue/bug
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1 year ago, 0livers
they added the watermark to live photos, annoying. obviously you have to know a bit of Chinese/have a few braincells to understand and use the app since everything is not translated to English. otherwise good app for inspiration, in my opinion its a mix of instagram and pinterest.
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1 year ago, 1265741感觉
Caution, this is a SPY app
I must point out that, this app is not security at all, which is vulnerable to eavesdrop. Even though you turn off the microphone permission, it still can monitor you via mic and wifi and get the history of your computer and phone and even keyboard, with some backdoor codes. They have a large number of paid posters. The most notorious one is their horrible customer service, or do nothing, or no bottom lines to do anything. Be careful, it's a villain.
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2 years ago, Shenransngela
Horrible app
I would give it a minus rating if I could. Ok technology but you are not able to freely express yourself even within the boundaries of law. Some weirdos screen your posts and comments and delete whatever she or he dislikes. Yikes!
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8 months ago, AKjkljs
It inspires me to be pretty, cool, and to eat good food! I’m so hungry right now you wouldn’t believe it. Somehow slightly more refined and creative than your generic social medias??? Don’t get me wrong, it’s capable of all the other stuff too, but my feed is so well-tailored!
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1 year ago, springroll16
Status bar missing and cannot leave bug report
Your video status bar is gone. And also when I clicked the customer service to leave feedback, no matter how many times I uploaded the images, it doesn’t show and cannot submit the bug report.
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2 years ago, nuoce
Logs me out a lot
I really enjoy the app but every time I click on a video and finish watching it, I’ll scroll to another and the app will log me out of the account I’m using. When I go to log back in, it works fine for one video but then I’ll get logged out and unable to watch any other content unless I log back in
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1 week ago, cupid in china
1 star is way too much for this app
1 star is way too much for this app. I wish I could rate zero or negative numbers for this if I had chance. This pervert app has so many brainwashing propaganda to help its hometown spread biased info and censor what they don’t like. This should be banned like TikTok. I didn’t post anything on this platform like saying nothing and its system tells me that I break some kinda community guidelines ( what? Communists guidelines?) and they reject any complaints!
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3 months ago, 小喬米線
They allows abusive language
Love my new friends that I met on there but it is a intensive app allows people to use languages attack other and never really deal with any complaints on them unless you are trying to sue those verbally abusive people. Even female users would use sexual assault words to insult another woman just because she thought that’s ok to do to people who have different opinions than her.
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4 years ago, Karen mcfly
comment notification did not work!!!
This comment issue keeps happening from older version till this one!! They only managed to fix it once! Now the problem is back again. I will get push notification when someone replied to me, but when I enter the app and go to the actual section where you can be directed to the specific post. I can’t see the new comments/ replies anywhere. It’s been like this for the longtime!! The developer doesn’t seems to care about how the app actually work. It triggers me. For me, there are just so many bugs: it used to have issue with when using WiFi no picture/videos can be played just the title. Then there is this comment issue. Hopefully they fixed most of the bug so the app is at least usable!!
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5 years ago, alex noid chen
New user of RED
Very complicated for a new user. A lot of functions to promote your own page. Not so self explanatory. Need to spend some time to get familiar with the system. Might even have to google special terms to find out special function.
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3 years ago, zoeyziqichu
You can’t use it horizontal on iPad
I am deleting this app from my iPad, even though I liked using it. The thing is, with iPad keyboard cases, it’s not convenient to use your iPad vertically. And this app doesn’t have the option to use horizontally. I hope they will change this in the future. Good app though.
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2 years ago, KornHill Wong
In the past few days, I use my iPhone to access your little rep book sun do not have the Vicil any longer, however when I use my iPad to access it that’s no problem at all. No matter how I log out and log back in they still have the same problem on my iPhone in which I cannot write a comment to unlock to this problem on the apps itself, what is the problem?
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