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User Reviews for 知乎-高质量问答社区,精彩原创视频

4.51 out of 5
23.3K Ratings
5 years ago, CrimsonZephyr1
Lose 2 stars for dark mode
Zhihu is a good for sure to share thoughts and knowledge in a most effective way. But I find hard to convince myself on praise its dark mode which always makes me frustrated to use this app. Dark mode, in my humble opinion, is NOT about shadowing all characters with dark grey color which hurts users eyes and even makes text hard to read. I’ve been a loyal fan of Zhihu app for long time either in China or U.S.. Please improve the contract rate in dark mode between characters and other elements to make this app better. Thanks!
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7 years ago, Lucy3630
there are more ads showing after the new update
After I updated in the morning, I find that there are even ads showing in the comment area, the ‘close’ button is so small, it redirect you to the ads page easily when you try to get rid of it, I understand that, app needs ads to make money, so I did not say anything when ads begin showing in the topics page, but this time, I could not help wondering, where would it add ads next time? Would you please focus more on how to improve the content of your app? There are fewer and fewer useful information in your app. I have been using it for a long time, this is really something that I don’t want to see. I know maybe one day I might not use it at all, but I do hope that day does not come too soon. 4 stars for the joy and knowledge it brings me and -1 star for the update in December
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4 years ago, shih-zhihu
Zhihu has reduced to a biased platform
I’ve been using zhihu for many years, and today, I’ve finally decided to uninstall it. Back then, the popular answers were evidence-based, but this is no longer the case. Recently, there has been a ongoing problem with how zhihu is not fair and open. Only one type of opinion is allowed in zhihu, other opinions are either deleted or the users get their accounts get banned. It seems that spreading the hate about other countries, races, religions, and even chinese villages are the “correct answers” and will get promoted by zhihu. Multiple times it has been found that zhihu administrators made alternate accounts to post these kinds of controversial questions and promoted them to get views. I will not support zhihu’s attempt to take advantage of people’s curiosity and spread hateful ideas to get views.
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4 years ago, wonderlessage
A go-to place for knowledge
I visit the app everyday. Even a random look will give me good leads to useful information. The recommendations are usually good match with my interests. A must for anyone who wants to keep abreast with the latest news and developments in all walks of life!
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4 years ago, dinoburster
Don’t buy it’s membership
Zhihu has the most horrible customer service for a n online community app. You can be banned/ timed-out for no reason, and if you asks for an explanation, the service team cannot even respond you with sentence which make sense and they will just ignore you as they cannot reasoning with you for their decisions. There is a customer service number, and no one answers it for 24X7. I asked for a refund by the-build-in message system and they told me it is not allowed by their rules. You can use this app for free as a non-paid member, just don’t waste your money to buy the membership since there is no customer service at all.
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3 years ago, Zrdcrs
The worst customer service I have ever seen
If they do not like your comments, whatever your comment is about, they will just delete it and tell you that it goes against laws and rules in their vague minds. If you ask them what law you is that, they will either show you tons of irrelevant links to make you shut up finally (because you may be tired of this process), or they just keep saying that your words are not suitable and if you dare say that again, your comment will be deleted or you will be banned. What a ridiculous company that uses the law as a cover for all these ridiculous things?! Does your country really know that you are playing this dirty trick under the cover of the divine laws? As a window app for users in USA know more about China, what you did simply told people here that “Hey, this is China. We do not give a shoot about your rights of speech. Get used to it or go folk yourself”. Disgusting. PS: If you intend to pay for their membership, it is not worthy it. You still have to deal with these terrible customer service.
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3 years ago, Tony7768123
Privacy issue, Contents are misleading and contents lure user for purchase
This App advertised as a knowledge platform, but the information provided are made up and biased. Each time this app pop up, I was led to an advertising site with click bates containing span contents that lure you for purchase. It is a wasted of time to read those contents and it is a waste of money to purchase each of those contents. The knowledge base is biased which completely destroyed the purpose of this app. This app even track your location and ask for access of your external devices. It is useless and extremely unsafe for your data. Delete, unsubscribe, one star, and report.
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6 years ago, 温迪亚
Are you gonna hurt me?
I have been keeping install and delete this App couple time, because I am concerning my privacy. In the app recent update, there is privacy contract requires me to agree for continue using this app. It said clearly they gonna investing and record my personal private information which includes my personal info.( name, age, gender, phone number, current address) my citizenship ID( same function as SSN), and every comments and images I have ever post online and etc. I refused to agree... I am really afraid that they gonna use that to against me in future.
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5 years ago, 无畏的用户
The best with the worst
Zhihu was a good app for communication, however recently the administration became extremely bad——No matter how neutron or objective the idea is, zhihu start to devote itself into Chinese Speech-Of-Right-Control, which means context can be deleted for not <100%> support the government. They can also ban you if they THINK you anything anti-communist. In contrast, the real anti-society hate speech and cyber bullying and Chinese-style personal insult and racism can hardly lead to punished. WHY? Since the app is no more friendly and more than greedy, I already uninstalled this and would ration learn the language by reading Chinese answer in Quora. 非常多的 五毛 和 坏帮派,管理员 三观不正, 效率很不好。
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3 years ago, Eric Yan Z
Zhihu should really need to check content offered in the app
Today, I deleted this all after years of using it as the content recommended and what I browsed has been filled with garbage videos and ads. I understand the company needs to satisfy the investors with the numbers but it will not last if you keep doing this way. Fake titles, trash ads included in the articles and I’d need to pay for the things that look valuable to me. This company is turning itself as the second Baidu and content on there is not trust worthy anymore.
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4 years ago, AZURE HZE
Great app lack keyboard shortcut support
I really like this app which is my daily news drives now. But I mostly browser the content on my iPad Pro attached to magic keyboard. I would really appreciate if your team consider adding some simplest shortcut support. Current version is not optimized for any keyboard experience. Further more, if you can integrate the two-finger swipe for back to last page would be really wonderful.
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3 years ago, 黑框眼镜蛤
Finally uninstalled because of garbage video
Zhihu itself is still fair, if you ignore strict political censorship. Wise people share their opinions while ‘liars’ make up funny little stories. Pretty good for restroom reading. But recently they start to force me watching low-quality videos, most just movie clips mixed with poor bgm, which cannot be blocked. Not to mention tons of silly articles admonishing abstinence or spreading rumors about celebrities. It could be really annoying if you can see 1 each 10 post. Finally I decided to install it to save me some time.
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4 years ago, mhw1111
I was charged for no reason 莫名其妙被扣款
Today I was charged twice for no reason, I didn’t purchase anything in this app, wasn’t asked for authorization or password or anything, but I was charged almost 700 RMB . I tried to find their contact information but it does not exist. So the only thing I can do is file a complaint with Apple iTunes and delete the app. My experience is the same as many other people who have suffered with unauthorized charges by them. 我只是下了知乎app,绑了手机号,偶尔打开看一下,但是今天突然被苹果商店扣了两笔款,查看后得知是用于购买知乎币。我既没购买任何产品或会员,也没有收到过任何授权或输入密码之类的请求。想联系知乎客服,但是无论如何找不到联系办法,在知乎上搜索,发现很多人说根本不可能联系到知乎的人工客服。只好向苹果投诉,要求他们拒绝支付,然后删掉知乎。
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5 years ago, frontal.lobe
Keep crashing in iOS 13
This app KEEPS CRASHING RANDOMLY and HEATING the phone in various types of iPhone that are UPDATED TO iOS 13, including XS and 11 Pro based on my experience. Despite there are many people reporting such crashes in their platform, the developers seem to neglect all these feedbacks and never respond. I am very disappointed that they fail to adapt iOS 13 properly for the reason that they never mention it in the update history, instead all those boring changes that have little help to improve customer’s’ satisfaction, or even worse.
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4 years ago, 荧光健美裤
If you have something to say just swallow it
You are not allowed to leave any comment or answer any question unless you have legally registered a Chinese mobile phone number and link it to your account even if you are not in China. Without the phone number the only thing you can do with this app is “upvote” and “devote”. But I won’t blame Zhihu. They just “comply the relevant law and policy”.
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4 years ago, Zyanyaz
Annoying behavior during content loading
Screen freezes between the text loading complete and image loading complete. There is a significant gap as the image loading is super slow. You cannot scroll at that time, but your clicks will be counted. So if you click twice during the time, even if these two clicks are more than several seconds apart, they will be considered as double clicks, and used as upvotes. There are so many times I have to cancel my unintentional upvotes manually. Annoying
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5 years ago, 金忆童年
Violating law of both China and US
Not to mention the free of speech in US, this app even ignore the requirment of China on the free of speech. By chinese law, people are allowed to talk about politics and event in a way that not harmful to society stability. However this app simply banned every commend involving the "Sensitive word" in their data base, and ban the speaker for days. I have never exp this thing ever in other chinese app. This is ridiculous. The app owner are just too lazy to view your commend and make a fair judgement, and they simply use chinese law as excuse everytime, which is even not true.
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5 years ago, otterishere
知乎 Zhihu is violating US constitution
I live in US and I am a US citizen, I’ve downloaded Zhihu from US App Store. However obviously Zhihu doesn’t care about US constitution of protecting freedom of speech. I only said sth moderately political, my thread was quickly deleted and my account was banned from speaking for 1 day. I understand in China there are strict law on controlling speech, however Zhihu is doing business on US App Store, needs to respect US law not Chinese law. It’s a violation of constitution to restrict our freedom of speech in such an extreme way. Zhihu might as well just totally resign from US market.
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4 years ago, 且听、风吟
Social media control finally came to Zhihu
I will delete it after this review. This platform used to be somewhere you can share idea, knowledge or different opinions with others based on your experience or knowledge. But now, it’s more like a place to argue with other people. The worst is, if you answer any question that exposes disadvantage of current China your answer will be deleted and your account could be muted for from few days to forever. Obey the government and keep people mouth shut.
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5 years ago, 唯物灵飞
Trash app
Just deleted this app 2 days ago. It used to be a great app, but now there are mainly clusters of lower class people pretending they’re from upper class. The administrators are trash. Comments can be deleted for unjustified reasons. 支持中国政府的言论相比于反政府言论更易被删除,知乎屁股就是歪。也不知道背后股东是谁。
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5 years ago, L de superarts.org
Zhihu is biased on Hong Kong issue.
I'm downloading it from the US store and I'm using it in the US, yet whatever voice supports Hong Kong protesters would be taken down immediately, by human content managers. I understand Zhihu has no intention to be not biased at all, which is fine for a private company, but in this case just get this app out of the US app store and do your censorship in China only. Plus the UI is terrible comparing with web app. How can an iOS native app looks worse than web app, seriously??
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4 years ago, muhren_left
No More Censorship please
Zhihu has become a huge basecamp for nationalist in Chinese speaking world and the moderators impose very strong censorship based on the political viewpoint. Being a company registered in mainland China, it is understandable that search queries like “64” always returns nothing but the moderators are also very aggressive and harsh on peaceful and ordinary discussions. It is no longer a community and platform for insightful discussion and Q&A and has become a great example of the bigotry in many Chinese nationalists
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4 years ago, ForrestZBC
So Many Things I can’t say
Too much censorship. I got banned many times. So many sensitive subjects. When I ask customer service for consideration of my ban, all they said is “the subject should not be discussed in here”, however, if you search the keyword I was discussing in Zhihu, tons of relative message. Things like 996(work from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week), Thanksgiving(foreign culture) may get your account banned for a few days.
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7 years ago, Caulime
Not that pure anymore
I came to use Zhihu in 2015, the best ever era of this community. At that time, there are few ads, but lots of useful answers, numbers of famous person sharing their views on their experienced fields. I’m not against ads, but should not only aim at money, the app now only contains tons of useless, but few true helpful things.
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2 years ago, Mr. Watergate
Chinese English translation in Pinyin
Thank you for the opportunity to visit the app as an outsider and observer in Chinese cyber connection to the Silk Road community. My simplified Chinese background knowledge still requires a lifelong commitment in higher learning and better translation for storytelling purposes of mathematical computer science and theories.
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3 years ago, sleepyPandaCU
偷取粘贴板信息! Steals clipboard data
每次打开都会从clipboard获取信息,现在大部分人粘贴长的密码,知乎没事要这些信息有什么好事做? I have been using this app for many years and would stop now because each time it opens it takes the information from your clipboard. Nowadays we all use complex passwords and often use copy and paste for these passwords. I would not trust an app that takes a snapshot of your clipboard every time it runs!!!
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4 years ago, 白-0999
Nice community, bad subscription policy
I have been enjoying the online forum for 3+ years and I do like this app. Recently I tried a so called first 3 days free membership and then unsubscribed it almost 5min later. Guess what, 2 days later I was charged of one full month subscription cost for this. I mean, if you don’t want to give a free trial, why do you make such a commitment? Kinda like cheat
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6 years ago, Sheep121
The App try to prevent us using service online. But the design of App is not good enough. I will unhappy after I joining the activities because I can't get the access to the event to get my bonus.
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4 years ago, ~&;
Totally shocked
Lately Zhihu start to get worse. You cannot express your opinion freely, cause tons of users would attack you with mean and even dirty words(though these would be deleted or folded later). Only one possible opinion is allowed in Zhihu, just the so called “PC” one, and these are often very extreme, nationalism and proofless. And ads are increasing, too. Many questions are obviously to referral traffic.
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7 years ago, SillyPhone
Force me to download your app, I will just give you a 1 star
It's definitely against user experience to force users to download your app to view content. In previous versions, you just need to login for more content and this move is ridiculous because I dont use zhihu a lot it's totally a waste of my space to download your app. And this move shows how stupid their marketing team is to boost their KPI.
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7 years ago, JasonLinnnn
One of the few apps that actually improve people's quality
Thank you for sharing the knowledge so we won't entertain ourselves to dead
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3 years ago, alisaiy98
Poor knowledge, disgusting users
You’d better not download this app. All its content you can find in the books on the market. Managers are busy in handling so many disputes except for improve the quality of the answers all day. They can post the advertisements, they can tell fake stories, they can ruin all of your works, they can’t give you good answers and information back. BTW : 你能相信这是一个连“拉屎的故事”都能拿到几万赞的app吗?
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5 years ago, Gui Lian Du Du
Do not Download it!
I would really wanna give it negative. I am from China but live in the US and never know about this application until my friend introduced to me. It wasn't a pleasure experience of using it. They can delete and block what you say but can let people comment on what they truly want to say. No body take care of claim and when you file claim might get another day of quiet day.
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6 years ago, yaotao2018
I don’t like the new interaction
After I updated the app, the interaction totally changed. I usually swipe left or right to read answers, but I have to click the button of “next answer” or swipe down to the bottom. It is a stupid design and lower the reading efficiency. Do you think the user will read each answer totally? Please told your designer to do user research! Please
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4 years ago, Baptiste Xin
I use 知乎 to read interesting stories and search for answers. The app is beautifully designed and user friendly.
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6 years ago, JaaaaaaayH
Was good
It was good until the mobile website forced you to download the app if you wanna check answers except the first one and/or u wanna see the comments. I’d like to accept the ads since it’s really common and yet it’s totally not acceptable to be forced to use app and it just doesn’t make any sense, so I’d just rate two stars
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3 years ago, Serenahdt
Worst app ever! Unable to unsubscribe the membership!
I tried to unsubscribe the monthly membership and THERE IS NO WAY! All the other app has the option of “cancel the subscription “ but this one does not! It just shows all the options that you can pay them! Really hate the way it tries to get money from you!
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4 years ago, 黑桐·干也
This app brings me to new facts and experiences as well as excellent ideas shared from others, and provide opportunity to contact interesting people.
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6 years ago, SUZMIAUN
Political sensitive
I just don’t understand how my answer is politically sensitive. Tell me how a random and negligible answer can be political sensitive. One can say “Kashmir is a political sensitive area” but not claim “your comment is political sensitive”. Does that mean “ignorance is power”? ZHIHU, what an interesting name for the app. One star for ppl who really spend time and effort to answer questions.
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4 years ago, sadepravda
Censorship ruins a lot of goods
As zhihu introduced erratic censorship on answers, comments, and thoughts, it has degraded user experience and compelled lots of users who contributed to the diversity of this community to leave. But overall this is the best platform in Chinese language so far for some serious discussion of various topics.
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3 years ago, SamCKChen
Article last updated date and time in the bottom!??
Why not put the article’s last updated date and time to the beginning of the article?
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4 years ago, sigh-no hope
Although it is almost like the Chinese Redit , it is no possible to post any words without the review by some “patriot people” However, we can post whatever again and again!
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5 years ago, super fun dean
wiretap of Zhihu
I know that it is common for app to collective customers’ conversation to send the information they care about. However, I think this activity should be based on the agreement of users. Zhihu does not ask me whether it could use my microphone in the phone, and it sends me all the information related to my conversation with my friends in the room! Trash app!
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6 years ago, nuffuncidmcidncjdmckenk
Forced to use the app, which is full of ads
The website now wouldn’t let you browse everything as it used to. A few answers under each question are exhibited for preview only, and if you are want to read more, guess what, download the ads accompanied by a basically useless space-occupying app! Well done.
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1 year ago, ClareKayleeLo
zhihu is the worst app i have been used
that's horrible. i registered account this morning through my u.s phone number, but i can't use almost all the functions except for browsing. i must pass the real-name system of ID card and face recognition to use all functions.
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4 years ago, A Big Dinosaur
If you want to be a good person, stay away from this site!
I was one of the earliest users of Zhihu. I used to read many good articles on this platform. Today the platform is full of anti-intellectual and extreme and biased comments. I strongly advise especially young people to stay away from this site!
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5 years ago, Drunk Whale
I enjoyed reading their content but omg the app is bad
Freezes all the freaking time on my iPhone 7. They also don’t let you read in browser so I had to use the app. I won’t keep paying the membership if this app continues to be so unreliable.
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3 years ago, polar_polar_polar
Bad quality of the answers
There are some good discussions in the app, although as the users increasing, the quality of the answers has gone really bad. Not worth finding one gem in piles of garbages. After seeing a lot of fake news references I’ve canceled my account.
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6 years ago, 夜海沧澜
Forced to download a client
IMO the web version is clean and neat, however, almost all inputs would lead users to download the app(phishing links or hidden contents from web). Worst client ever, flooded with ads, garbage layout. I would highly suggest use some real money to hire someone actually good or remove the hidden contents and phishing links. One star, happy now?
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1 year ago, huangzonghao
The new scrolling method is the most stupid thing ever
I don't know what they did to the answers scrolling feed, but I have to say this new design is the most stupid thing ever. I hope they restore the original design. Now I have more mistouches in one day than I had in years.
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