Addchat - Random Chat

Social Networking
4.4 (94.4K)
99.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Addchat Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Addchat - Random Chat

4.37 out of 5
94.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Aaron 🔥🔥
Some of the users are fake, some of the bots on there are selling and continue to sell and some females are selling on there too and get to continue to sell and it makes the app cluttered and obnoxious to use. You shouldn’t have to wait hours to post “another time” and it shouldn’t have a snap type function. It should let you add a user you like back on Snapchat. But only if that person likes you after you’ve liked them.
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1 year ago, Bulldog792
Used to be good but desperately needs improvement
This app is really cool in theory however the mods will remove your post for no reason and ban you for 3 hours, when you haven’t broken any guidelines but will then some how still allow bots and sellers and girls showing nudity to stay up. When I first got this app it was great now the mods are way to strict. Also another improvement they could make is make the post time 30 minutes instead of 1 hour. Most people only respond to your post within 5-10 min then you have to wait another 50 to post/ repost again. (Edited) This above is still true and bios being back is nice however there’s basically no really girls on here. It’s all guys catfishing and if they are real girls they are just looking to sell their “content” and if you put anything in your bio about how you don’t agree with catfishing and don’t want catfish to message you addchat will remove you bio. So not only do they support catfishing and selling it seems like but then they censor so much that they basically break the first amendment. All their doing is pushing away real people bc in trying to “make the app safe” they just say everything you say is “inappropriate”. Very very sad. I only use it bc it’s easier to gage if a random is a catfish then omegle chat for example.
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2 years ago, Weirdos live longer
Terribly terrible
To be honest I didn’t even wanna give this app one star this app has really gave me fear of the true world. I logged in and posted one picture and everybody started saying “cutie.” “What would it take to get into you?” Inappropriate things have boiled in this app and I’m to afraid to even question what’s happened on this app, there might be a secure thing but it’s not working people think it’s ok to send nudes or pics of their sticks.🙁 I’m not really ok with any of it and I think this app should be taken down I almost started crying when I realized what was happening. Please take it down, yes there might be lots and lots of users but every single one of them are middle aged men looking to get into it and some old guys too. And when I was crying I was trying to figure out how to take my post off and I did figure it out but it wasn’t working so a bunch of people were constantly texting me so I had to tell them that they need to stop texting me. And did I mention all of their usernames are like inappropriate, or horny, looking for something tonight. It really scared me and I’m not looking forward to the future. Do not download unless your one of those looking for one tonight and to scare human beings.
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3 years ago, JR_Yuh
Cool idea, but failing.
I really like the idea of this app. I understand the concept of the keys for the app is to make money, and spending them to message people is a good idea. The free keys every 24 hours are more than enough for the average user which makes it fun. They even have an option for users to take pictures of themselves doing different hand signals provided by the app to prove they are indeed who they say they are. The app has new rules that prohibit girls from selling their personal Only Fans or Snapchat premium. The problem is they don’t enforce it... there’s a multitude of people marketing themselves on here and it becomes a waste of keys and a waste of time for people who spend their free keys to message people just to find out they want you to pay. I’m not sure how they will end up enforcing this or if they really even care about it. Hopefully they fix this in the future but for now it’s a 3 Star from me because it’s a cool idea but flooded with “sellers”.
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2 years ago, bageleaterkkjji
used to be good
every app is annoying because people selling onlyfans and premium snapchat . So it’s literally impossible to text anyone because you only get 10 texts per day 5 turn out to be selling 4 don’t reply and lucky if 1 replies. inbox needs changes , if you scroll 5 minutes in inbox to retext people from months ago(cause they didn’t reply the first time) then after you chat once the scrolling reloads and you have to scroll / keep loading again. where theres a guy section and girls section there needs to be more sections because there are too many posts(or don’t let people post once and hour it takes literally 10 minutes to scroll one hour of posts . make it impossible to post unless you’re verified real and put a section where you can make people invisible that are selling. they’re gonna do it anyway so just make them choose an option that they’re selling something. so other people can uncheck the feed of those annoying people
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2 years ago, just a concerened client
Nobody is verified
First I will state that the app is cool and a lot of fun. Sorry if this has already been brought to you guys’ attention a billion times, However the reason for the low rating is that virtually nobody is verified. This adds a lot of uncertainty when it comes to knowing who you’re really talking to. The profile and picture may indicate that you’re talking to a 27 female from Spain, but you could really be talking to a 15 year old male from Australia, and you have very little way of knowing aside from asking for live photos. This also allows for a bunch of scammers and other types of people you don’t want to come across. I’d say the best way to fix this is by making so you can’t upload pictures from your camera roll, and only be able to do live pictures. For your profile. Or maybe just force everyone to get verified when signing up (if that’s even possible). It’s a cool app but this is a MAJOR flaw in the design. Can you guys please address this (if you are not already)?
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3 years ago, Armauni Daejon
Amazing App In General; Some Minor Issues
The app is amazing in general. Great way to meet new friends, crack jokes with strangers, and explore things. Very simplistic and organized. The only issues I have are, the design and layout are outdated. The design looks like the first public version of Snapchat. The chats are similar to Snapchat but doesn’t offer a lot of features as Snapchat does. The idea isn’t to be like Snapchat but the name “Addchat”, the yellow color scheme, the red and blue chat colors, and multiple other similarities make this app inconsistent yet so similar to Snapchat. I feel like the age limits what you look for which is amazing but young teenagers still find a way to get on there and talk to +18. The idea of a modern internalized reporting system is creative but biased and interpreted to manipulation. You also get a lot of scammers and older women/men targeting the younger audience looking to sell or scam. Other than that, the app is overall great. These issues just need to be dealt with to ensure the safety, satisfaction, success of consumers, the company, and the upkeep of the app.
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4 weeks ago, coujoporch
Phishing scammers and CP sellers
This app is about 90% phishing scammers just looking for your info but that’s not even the worst part. About 5% of the profiles are either underage or a fake profile selling child pornography. But wait, that’s still not the worst part, this has been brought to the attention of Addchat and they’ve done nothing about it. For example, I recently reported a profile try to sell child pornography numerous times and Addchat did nothing. So I emailed the support with screenshots of said profile and the response I got was “they were immediately permanently banned”. However I went to go look to see if that profile is still there and sure enough it was still active. It has been days now and that profile is still up and active. It seriously wouldn’t surprise me if Addchat or people connected to Addchat are behind a number of the profiles. If you download this app proceed with high caution. I’ve brought this to the attention of Apple but they weren’t much help so my next step is taking to the proper government agencies.
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3 years ago, StefanChang
Really bad updates and chat design
Although I like about the app in general and the idea of it, I have to admit the chat design is really annoying and it doesn’t make sense. Every time you scroll down to just check the chats you had with someone before, when you exit the chat without sending that person a message, the app takes you all the back to the top. And if you want to check the chat that’s next to the one you just checked, you have to scroll all the way back down to find it and repeat the process if you have more chats you need to check. There isn’t a search feature for the chat history either. So the only way for you to find someone you talked to before is to scroll back and forth. And now there is this new update after which you cannot even see the last picture the people posted in your chats. How am I supposed to know who I am talking to or will be talking to when I click the profile, all it show are texts. Please get this fixed if this is a bug, or get the feature back if this was intentional.
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2 years ago, Koron the god
Great App
I’ve used it for a while now and it’s always been okay but with the direction of the most recent updates, this app is really coming together. The only major issue so far is that a lot of people turn away from this app because of the need to use Tokens. But in order to keep the app running and improving I understand the need for money. Some minor issues are bots/catfishes and the swiping feature is basically tinder and it’s not at full power yet because most people don’t seem to be using it. However there isn’t another app out there that lets you talk to people as easily as this one. ItsMe was maybe the only app that held a candle but it’s user base was mostly teenagers so you rarely found anyone interesting on there that wasn’t lying about their age.
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3 years ago, the ditsyone
Pretty underwhelming
Many scammers and hookers roam this app. Also I feel like I found a bug where if I try to post any new photos it will not let me get any keys so I’m stuck with using my older post. Tho I don’t like the service it is still better than most which is saying something on this app I met some good people and some real bad people. So take your pick the review for post is bad most of the time as it typically catches stuff that is not at all bad then on the flip side allows people to post so much sexual stuff it is unheard of in my own opinion the developers need to take a look at this and optimize this setting. One of an annoying thing that happens is when you click on a post to chat with you can’t see if you had a prior conversation so it feels awkward if you did. I recommend not coming to this app however you can meet some people if you want friends or a spouse with.
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4 years ago, bipbuttons
The app does as advertised, But.....
There is a large amount of scammers who will pretend to be users and try to get personal info from you, like your bank information and phone number. Don’t give those out ever of course. The app also is not well moderated as nudity in the selfies is commonplace even though it’s against the rules, as well as TONS of minors running around. I fear that predators will hurt them, I’ve seen a scary amount of both kids and people asking for kids. Other than the large amount of bots, there IS real people on here, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to chat with all sorts of lovely😏 people. You just have to sift through garbage a while and eventually you’ll find gold. I hate the key mechanic, but honestly you get more keys every time you upload a new selfie and answer a survey so even though your keys don’t normally restore for 24 hours, you’ll likely get more every hour if you’re active. This app works. Better than kik, better than Omegle IMO, but it’s subject to the same weaknesses as those two, and for that I must deduct 2 stars, due to poor moderation and maintenance
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4 years ago, vuktbgmnu
Okay overall all this app is pretty good if your looking for a new friends or even a spouse it’s a really cool app if u just bored and wanna start a random conversation with people and it’s also really cute people on here the only thing that I really didn’t like is that you have keys and you use the keys to unlock the person and if you use all of them then u can’t unlock the person and see how they look or talk to them so I’ll advise you use the keys wisely if u wanna talk to new people and if you still don’t but you don’t have any keys then you have to pay for them or watch a add for five keys but overall it’s pretty good and fun if you’re bored and you get to meet new people and i just got the app 5/5🤩 I recommend you get it 👏
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8 months ago, simp4.shelby
Kept getting banned for no reason
I loved this app and met a lot of people on it, but you have the weirdos who report you for not sending them what they want then you get banned for no reason. The first few times, support unbanned my account when I reached out but the last time i got banned no one ever answered my email. I got banned a long time ago, maybe like a year or 2 ago but never contacted support because i was getting banned often and just decided to give up. But, i recently contacted support because I have been bored and needed new friends but like i said no one ever replied. It’s a very great app to meet new people. Not sure if anything has been updated but when i last used it the only thing that could use improvement is the banning part. Shouldn’t just get banned because people report you. They need people to actually look into it.
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4 years ago, Seth-H
Honestly could be better
It’s pretty fun here and there. The app itself is a great idea and I actually have met a few nice people who I talk to regularly now. But you have to go through being harassed by several inappropriate messages, bots, and a pay wall with keys. And if you watch ads to get 5 more keys, they occasionally are taken away by your first click to view a picture. Once you start a chat or receive a chat you can not delete it. You can only block the other person. And half the time if you try to block someone it doesn’t work and they remain there. Turning off notifications doesn’t work on the app either. So if you don’t wanna hear about new posts, too bad you’ll get them anyways. The app just needs A LOT of polishing. And they need to do something about so many underaged people. People as young as 11 are using this app inappropriately. My suggestions, don’t bother really. Especially for females, a lot of gross dudes are going to try to send you their junk. And if you’re a guy other males will send you their junk anyways. Notifications don’t work correctly if try to turn them off. Not being able to delete a chat or remove one is stupid. Underaged people shouldn’t be using this. Signing in or signing up doesn’t do anything. Ultimately this app just isn’t what it could’ve been.
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2 weeks ago, AUSTINREVIEWS23
Could Be Great…Too Many Scams
This app has the potential to be great because it has a large user base (the UI could use some upgrades but nonetheless) the idea and execution isn’t bad at all. What makes this app borderline unusable is as a guy 90% of the women you talk to will be catfish, selling content, or just scammers. Almost every time I thought I was dealing with a real woman I found out they weren’t who they said they were. I very rarely find real people. There are also girls on this app under 18 who will lie and that’s just dangerous for everyone involved. And this is coming from someone who just wants to have a conversation. A lot of the content on here is strictly NSFW. We need a real verification system (current one is useless) and we need to require every account to post one live photo to be shown on the app. Otherwise you’re opening the door for catfish, sellers and scammers.
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2 years ago, CaseyJones221
Good but need improvement bad
This app is cool, but the swarms of fake accounts and unwanted Solicitation of Cashapp Scams is absolutely ridiculous. I could work for addchat 12 an hour and moderate accounts who are acting suspiciously. I have seen thousands of guys who have been posted to Twitter because of addchat. Type “addchat baits” into Twitter and you’ll see. It’s not a safe space. Especially for guys. Thanks. I will be looking to help this app improve and look forward to hearing any discourse or recommendations going forward. I really believe addchat is a great way to meet new people and have a cool conversation with anyone in the world. But catfishes are a real problem and threat to peoples security and privacy. Thanks. P
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4 years ago, LILFIL27
I have been using the app for a while now and I noticed after the latest update . Being able to post with pictures with your camera roll makes a lot of the real people on this app leave and all the sellers of nudes and other stuff post whatever they want . I suggest going back to being able to post with only taking live pictures. That makes people trust if a person is real or not . I barely know who I am actually talking to. Please listen and see if you could make the change back . Yes this update brought more people but more people in the wrong way . Can we only post with live pictures . Thank you for your time and hopefully you think about it .
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9 months ago, TrumpMcRouy
Do I know if they are real?
So apparently most of the girls or guys here are either real or fake. They post their pictures and I’m thinking are they real? If they are, have like an id on them. But not, then they are fake and underage likely. Like one girl she had the age of 20 on her thing. When I texted this girl, she claimed to be 15 and be like all defensive and stuff. Then she had her “brothers” call me but they were calling on the NO CALLER ID. I was getting so mad I wanted to just turn off everything until my phone calls and it gets so annoying as you know what. Honestly this app is just unusual for people who fake their age, fake their pictures, etc. And in all honesty, I’m trying to make friends and don’t get scammed by people.
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3 years ago, TPOsuperguy
Decent app, but problems.
Now, I’ve app this app for a long time and I have to say, it was and still is a good app. With how it’s set up, it’s really easy to find people. However with this app, it’s very confusing with what is and isn’t considered ‘inappropriate’. Of course, nudity is the huge thing. I see all the time though, people’s posts being up for the entire time when they have their posts up for the entire time the post lasts, while with other posts, for example I posted a picture of my face, and it got flagged, and taken down for nudity. It’s very inconsistent.
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4 years ago, aveuxor
Great helped me find new friends
Love it soooo great keeps getting better y so fun can’t complain I really do enjoy the best entertaining I just absolutely love it really can’t stop saying that really easy to meet others and really connect around the world keep up the good work really do y’all should def get it I highly suggest swag it’s so fun I love it I also just enjoy so much the new update makes it look so much better keep up the good work keep it up keeps things cool and fun to play slime no cap continue
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2 years ago, sssnipersnake
Offensive and annoying
Well for starters I have had the app on my phone for about 10 mins and I already have over 100 dms In my chats. Second the verification system is really really offensive. I have makeup on in my picture I used but I had just gotten out of bed and started my day, mind you I don’t wear makeup that often and when I do it’s very light. The system keeps telling me I’m fake, and that I’m 37 years old…. I am an 18 year old fit female and that was like being told I was a catfish. And I know well that I look like my pictures and am not fake. You need a better verification system and maybe not tell users that they look double their age. It’s offensive.
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2 years ago, malisha k
Addchat rate
I loved this app at first until my device got banned for delete my account for incorrect information and trying to make a new one. I reached out to addchat support and one lady obviously didn’t understand where i was coming from because all she told me was if i was banned i couldn’t make a new account(this was a few months ago). Yesterday, i reached out again to try to find someone to actually answer my question of why i was banned and what happened. Nobody has responded to me. Great app when you aren’t banned for no reason.
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3 years ago, 9GAG race
*Attention* admin/moderator/owner
Number one: Me giving only a three star review stems from two things because Personally I really like your app. 1a. Adding a bit more verification process to prevent or discourage Bots and scammers. 2. If possible a feature on the scroll page so you can see who used a live picture while looking at multiple photos instead of swiping right or left. One star for each fixed. Hope to see good updates Thanks for fixing that camera bug. But let’s lose some security n let people post what ever they want
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3 years ago, MightyHuan
Cool but Moderators are idiots
It’s a cool app to meet quick new people but obviously since it’s snapchat, you’re gonna find people looking for hookups. Even though snapchat is known for this, the mods heavily try to prevent this (for good reason ofc) BUT they will straight up ban you or temporarily suspend your account FOR NO REASON with no way to appeal or even know what you did. I really don’t do anything suspicious on this app but for some reason i’m constantly getting temporarily suspended or given warnings but i constantly see NUDE people getting no consequences even when i report them. The app is incredibly inconsistent and annoying
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3 years ago, onlyfansechobabyxo
Underage kids sending nudes
Parents, keep your teenagers away. Adults, BEWARE it’s just a bunch of literal underage kids trying to get nudes from each other. It’s literally an app for CHILD PORNOGRAPHY and there are obviously not enough moderators because the rules state you have to be 18 (they don’t verify) then it says you can’t post nudity (there were explicit photos of teenage boys and young girls asking for 🍆 pics and adults looking to talk to younger kids) and I had to delete my account and remove the app from my phone because I am an adult and I downloaded the app to contact adults and it was just child porn so you guys should not be running this app if you can’t get some real verification going on, that’s just disgusting.
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8 months ago, UfapgalgwizlfakfKv
Too many black mailers and scammers
Every time that I go onto this app I just wanna have a nice meaningful conversation with the real person. Unfortunately, nine out of 10 times the woman that I’m chatting with is either fake, catfish is me, or tries to get me to give her information to blackmail me with, I like the format that you guys have but it’s starting to get real annoying that everyone requests my Snapchat and Instagram’s when I just want to chat and get to know someone before that. if you could remove that form of communication and just have photos videos on the app, it be amazing.
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9 months ago, Misfit_ World
Something new
We’re all sitting around with nothing better to do what is something that other people can naturally benefit off of in my answer is more communication. The way we allow our self to communicate these days is really poor. I’m finding this out to be more friendly user and has so many attractive mindsworth communicating with I really recommend
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2 months ago, The real feel my flail
Could be better
Too many people on here trying to scam each other. It is so pathetic. Bio keeps getting deleted even when everything is clean. For sure the only good thing about this application is that even though it has a ton of glitches the moments and the experience that you gain with some amazing people is out of this world If you are wondering whether to download this app or not, you should proceed with caution
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6 months ago, ghv en bc gd
IV - Addchat is a great app overall
It’s a cool app it’s free to text all you want. Not like other apps which you have to pay because it only lets you send 5 messages max. And that’s why I like this app. I just delete the other ones since you gotta pay to text more But the bad thing is that there’s a lot of people that are only sellers for no good things and sending money and scammers so be careful
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2 years ago, Goodnight Mr. Owl
Don’t ever download this app
So I got a temporary ban for a shirtless pic. Fine let me delete my account. Won’t let you delete your account until your bann is lifted. Communistic form of control. I kept asking and got this message and the person told me you can’t delete it until the ban is over. Every consumer should have a right if they don’t want an account to be able to remove their account. Don’t ever install this app. More than half the women are half dressed spammers and scammers and this company is wrong for unfair treatment especially to guys. They can tell you all they want their bias but they are. DO NOT download this app
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3 years ago, kjestergirl21
I just realized there’s people asking me for money an it’s so annoying
If you guys are reading this can please stop having people for asking for money aka the sugar dads an sugars moms it’s non stop they are annoying me with the money an needs to stop there needs to be a way you can get rid of them. I have Been on that app since December an it’s already mid January of 2021. Not talk bad about this app just getting annoying with the money pleasers
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6 months ago, youngboyotf
You don’t like people living in Nigeria?
I do not know if it’s because I live in Nigeria that I am being treated this way but anytime I download a dating app there is a high possibility that I am going to be banned or suspended. I just received a message that I had been suspended due to a list of possible reasons that I am not guilty of, I literally just downloaded the app and the photo on my profile is mine, if you guys don’t want people living in Nigeria to download your app, you might as well just say so. I even sent you guys an email of complaint but I didn’t receive any feedback, so much for caring about your customers.
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4 years ago, Dr.Strangelove217
It’s ok, but Beware who you meet
Not everyone is who they say they are and like most chats, they have fakes and underaged people. So keep an eye out and report them if you can. Also, the app is okay, pay attention to your key and try to post regularly to keep some keys in your supply. Because if you want to message someone, that key will be able to do it for you. The app has it’s flaw and it’s buggy somewhat on the interface. But it works and sometimes you might find someone worth keeping but don’t get your hopes up...
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Weird App (Needs to be investigated)
This app has way too many catfishes and fake accounts. Too many weird people, the moment you message people, they send you inappropriate texts and or pictures. I use this app in hopes to get some snapchat friends, which I’ve met a few, but this app mainly consists of men harassing people, and sending them unwanted pictures and or messages. People should not be able to send messages on this app unless you’re verified, i’ve gotten so many unwanted pictures and messages from off this app, that it’s disgusting. If I could, I would give this app zero stars.
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Nothing but scam accounts and catfishes. The moderators don’t do ANYTHING to make the app and better place for the REAL people on the app. The app is congested with fake accounts and the photo verification is a joke. You can literally take a picture of a framed picture on your wall and it will register as a verified photo. You get banned for posting a pic just telling people to hit you up but yet they don’t ban all the fake accounts trying to scam people. Lol girls can post nudes and ask for pictures of penis and they don’t get banned. This app is easily one of the worst when it comes to fake accounts. Just do not download
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4 years ago, Jliber610
Amateur looking app
The app in itself is rlly good ive met hot ppl but oh my god the process to upload pics is awful, unless you are showing a picture of you from really far away you cannot upload it, I had a couple selfies i wanted to post and the app wont let me, and also when i found a pic they would finally accept the button to post would glitch and the image will be loading forever so i would close the app, open it again and the pic would never be posted (not to mention the fact that you can only post 1 pic per hour which is so dumb) The app has very great potential but right now is almost unusable
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2 years ago, Dissssiby
Pathetic excuse for an app DO NOT INSTALL
The Devs are so petty. It’s full with spam accounts and bots. And when i try to delete my account, not to mention after 10 minutes of account creation, the app keeps telling me my account is banned and I cannot delete my account when i am banned. If i am really banned. Why did i get banned and why didn’t i get notified i am banned and also. How long is this ban. Also. Devs. You need to stop with the fake notifications. It comes up so often and there’s nothing shown on the app. Just plain empty notification. Full of lie. I would report the app to the Store
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4 years ago, kolivia2522
The app won’t let me post my picture
Well I don’t know what happened but they stopped me from uploading my pictures and i was banned to post any picture for a month,after the 1 month i was given ,i wanted to post my picture again i was banned again till January,and i never go against the rules,please tell me what to do ,I don’t know what’s wrong ,i really love the app
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3 years ago, user848372662748
Horrible app
I give this app 1 star simple cause it was developed the actually point of this app to make “friends” doesn’t exist. The only profiles to talk to your screen name are female prostitutes, underage catfishes, homosexual advances unwanted and women potentially several zone zones away maybe even foreign countries with no desire to actually meet you. The only conversation had consist of lemme see you naked or give me ur cash app. Their is nothing beautiful real or legitimate about the claims of this app. It is trash and should be looked at by the BBB as well as various other government entities to see the hurtful content being forced upon its user.
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4 years ago, hdnorwyobggbotehohejobrh
I don’t see the point in revoking the use of posting older photos🤷🏻‍♀️ I used to really like the app, I’d meet tons of new people, but then they removed that feature and now you can only post “live” pictures. They’re very delusional if they think they’re stopping people from posting and requesting nudes. Also people are still faking they’re identity and selling inappropriate things. So really removing that feature didn’t benefit anyone, but it did make it to where I will no longer use this app. If an update comes that actually FIXES the app, then I’ll be interested.
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4 years ago, whatsiswhat
Pretty bad
The amount of underage minors and unsolicited dick pics on this app. Makes it a very sketchy place to be for people trying to find real friends. Not only that, the amount of girls trying to sell nudes on this app is almost unbelievable. Every other real girl you talk to is trying to sell nudes. But to me the amount of minors that are on this app is what I find most disturbing. And the idea that there are in fact people who will take advantage of them is sickening. So all and all. It’s a broken app really. There’s not much to do unless there’s a severe overhaul in guidelines and rules.
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4 years ago, sanityplays(er)
First of all, if you’ve posted something and later on decide to delete your account it doesn’t actually delete it, whatever you’ve posted stays up there plus you can’t even delete post and you have to wait like an hour until you can post something else to get ride of the post you wanted to delete. Secondly, the majority of people on this app are only looking for nudes and a large percent of those people are 13-17. Third, this app has become a incubator for people that bait guys to get and post their nudes on twitter.
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3 years ago, ItsYaBoioi
This app is garbage
This app used to be great, I could have real, normal conversations with people, and it was honestly the best chat app out there But then came the spam bots This app does absolutely nothing to prevent it, ruining a once great experience. I am sick and tired of posting my picture, and instead of getting actual people like I used to I just get these spam bot OF girls, directing me to their Snapchat, or obvious catfishes I have literally seen people ask for CP, IN THEIR PICTURE If you want this app to be great again, make it so that everyone has to verify Then we can get rid of these stupid spam bots, that ruin the experience, until then, I’m done with this app
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1 year ago, unpleased by you
Disgusted will never down load again
Not only are there minor children , bots , etc if you get banned , or email the support team they do nothing to fix any problem this app has is basically a child pornography app , this app says they try to keep everyone safe but don’t even check to make sure everyone one of their users are 18+ , they let people Post Half naked pictures but if your a female their moderators are very sexist if your a woman all your post get deleted even if you have a lot Of clothes on but if you post a revealing pic it stays up
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2 years ago, htb196
It's not just this app, It's her and all her friends
This app was fun to play around with, but I realized that it is not safe. There is very VERY little age monitoring, lots of "adult content" that gets sent without consent, there is child grooming, and bullying too. I just wish that the app would be safer and more monitored for this kind of stuff. Looking at other apps, like Yubo, for example, they deactivate your account when they think you're underaged. It is clear that this app is a loophole for young kids to unsafely talk to strangers and share their photos among other things with them. Great idea, bad execution.
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6 months ago, lill_chimchim
Deleted posts a lot
It’s a decent app I’ve had a lot of good conversations though there are a lot of people in there wanting s*x there are still quite a few good people on there. The down side of the app is it constantly deletes my posts even though I’m completely covered up and not showing anything provocative, I’m not spamming, or doing anything against the rules. If that would be fixed I wouldn’t have any issues with the app.
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2 years ago, rednex in the country
This app needs to be reported to authorities and taken down!!!
I can’t think of anything positive to say about this app. Nothing but a playground for scam artists, hookers, pedophiles, sex trafficking, and underaged people. You will not find anyone who just legit wants to chat. It’s all fakes who want your money or looking to steal your identity or girls asking to gift them something with a false promise to hook up or someone wanting you to add them on Snapchat so they can charge you money for something. Not to mention the fake profiles created by sex traffickers. DO NOT use this app. I couldn’t stress this enough.
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3 years ago, Zardizos
Poor moderators
I’ve used the app for almost a year. And I awoke one morning to being banned, I have never broken or abused any of the rules. I was banned most likely a bot due to the time it took to ban my account. The worst part is I cannot use the app ever again due the the banned restrictions, I cannot sign out of my account and remove it from my device and create a new one. I know for a fact that the moderators don’t do a good job due to the content shown on the app being NSFW. I even have contacted the developers and have had no response for well over 6 months.
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1 year ago, Mills Stone
It’s a good concept to keep adding on to but can there PLEASE be some sort of real verification? Because the bots and scammer accounts on the app is outrageous, it’s hard to find real accounts most of the time because even the “verified” ones don’t show the real person, it’s just another pic from gallery tht anybody could do/use and fake like they’re somebody else… If there was real verification the app would get continuous 5 stars, but until then there’s a lot of stuff to fix
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