Adult Emoji for Lovers

Social Networking
4.7 (36K)
90.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Keep Calm
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adult Emoji for Lovers

4.72 out of 5
36K Ratings
5 years ago, babigurl92
New iPhone
I got a new iPhone upgraded from 6plus to 7plus. On my old phone I downloaded two apps like this one. I paid 3.99 I believe each. One was exactly like this on same pic but it shows no record of me buying it or even that I had it in my apps? Is it cause it a different iPhone? All my other apps pop up as well as picture I took with my old iPhone so I know have the right Apple ID. I used a iTunes card to buy but that shouldnt matter. Should give more proof that I bought them. Would love my app back!
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4 years ago, ALHWizard
Wonderful app ... until I recommended it to my wife
I have used many adult emoji apps and felt this one was the best I’d seen. My wife asked about getting it, but she didn’t because the description in the App Store describes in many places that “in app purchases” are one time for unlimited access; but when she tried to purchase the galleries, it only presented her with a monthly fee. She felt like the App Store presentation was a “bait and switch”. I didn’t like recommending an App she felt was not honest in what she would pay. I wrote the producers of the app and there was no response about the discrepancy in the description. I’ve tried over the last 6 months to find how “unlimited access” is achieved; which is what I have (as stated in the description), but no luck. You don’t find out about the “monthly purchase” of galleries until you dig down into the FAQ for the app. My only recourse is a review (the first negative I’ve ever written). It is a shame. On the other hand, you’re cool with the monthly fee, you should be fine.
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7 years ago, Xplaguesxwarx
This would be a cool app except that the developer makes you give them complete access to EVERYTHING that is sent and received within your text messages. All personal information; credit card & bank info, social security number - essentially anything you type or receive that is of sensitive nature....the developer has unlimited access too. Complete CRAP! Take your app and shove it. I would have easily paid the few dollars to unlock everything too if only we were allowed to keep what we text as private. SO, everyone sending naughty images and texts to their spouses / loved ones, etc .... the DEVELOPER IS KEEPING ALL THOSE TEXTS/FILES. why would anyone give some random person that they don't know complete access to what's stored on their phone.
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3 years ago, Kozar Kozar
Initial purchase
Having initially purchased the premium I should be grandfathered in and not have to purchase monthly plan I already paid for it at the time and the deal was the deal changing it is not ethically right. If you choose to change it to a monthly plan that’s for new subscription not all the prior perilous that paid for the premium status. Let’s hope they honor it.
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3 years ago, TonyMontana357
Great app
This app is awesome. Works perfectly on my phone. First review... Second review... I rated this app years ago when I first got it and have them 5 stars. But now I'm giving them one for two reasons, 1. Now it's subscription based, which o normally wouldn't care but since I purchased the pro version with access to all the emojis. 2. Now I can longer access emojis that I had paid for access too. Not even the emojis that I had as favorites! It's total B.S. They can make the sub based but people who has the pro version should be grandfathered in or make new emojis instead of taking old ones and repurposing older ones (emojis) and re selling them! Disappointing!!!
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2 years ago, bb03
Nothing shows up
Am I doing something wrong?? I downloaded the app and gave permissions but when I try to select the keyboard all I see is a error message saying “no emoji to show here yet” verbatim. As soon as I select the keyboard it is open in the “frequently used” category but it doesn’t allow me to change the category. When I try to adjust the settings the only option it gives me is to change the size of the emoji from small to large and the only other option is the share option. Btw I am on a brand new iPhone 11 with the most current version. I’m really disappointed
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9 months ago, underpaid-nonRoyalty
Disappointing over time . . .
I purchased this app a few years ago and very little has changed over that time. They’ll be the occasional holiday pack and then right back to the original offerings. There may have been bug updates concerning new cell phone software etc. but as for the program being updated with new and updated emoji‘s, not happening. Same old, same old…. And currently it’s used with my iPhone 14 promax is buggy at best. The emojis never enlarge. If you attempt it, they stay small and tiny.
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3 years ago, Listening and Loving It!!!
Awesome App! Best app out there for emoji!
Love this app-beautiful, clear images that are often animated. Best of all, they add a new collection for holidays randomly. I love these collections and wish you would allow some of those to be saved in favorites. Some of the Valentines ones would be appropriate all year. Just an idea! Thank you for updating the selection and choosing such pristine and clear, colorful images!
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7 years ago, joelpete01
So fun, and a responsive developer!
I love being able to send some of these crazy emojis, and wait for the responses I get! Great fun for flirting with your significant other, or your new fling (whichever you may have)! The permissions needed are the same as any other emoji app, as controlled by Apple. And this developer actually wants YOU to help improve his app by suggesting new emojis/features!
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4 years ago, Pffjunior
This app has been a lot of fun for me over the years an I upgraded from the free version years ago. Today I went to use it and it and was pushed to pay a monthly fee for any emojis that aren’t the free ones. The funny thing is that I have used just about every emoji they had to offer prior to this inappropriate cash grab. As far as I’m concerned, I have access to all the emojis which I have paid for and used in the past. I am going to keep using them as I see fit, but the app is being deleted from my phone and will no longer be recommended. Good job alienating your loyal customers...
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7 years ago, Niko185
Invasion of Privacy
I work in IT over 12 years. The only reason I can see why people install this app is for lack of intelligence. Why would you allow anyone to access everything you type on your keyboard. The majority of security breaches are because users provide too much information. Imagine you type your bank info to a loved one. They have it. Imagine you type your vacation itinerary. They have it. Imagine someone (not you) withdraws 50k from your bank. True story. Some people. I don't get it. Don't complain later when your laundry is out on the wire.
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6 years ago, l3ryan77
Cool idea but poor UI
love the idea of the app but a few things made me delete after 5 minutes 1- need to post $1.99 per month?! That is crazy for any app like this, but even more so for reason#2 2- almost no animated options so you are paying for mostly static emojis. And there is a lot more apps that don't charge a subscription that do it better. #3 when attempting to scroll the animated section it continuously jumps to the top. So you can actually only see a few and choose even less.
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5 years ago, CVS NEWBURGH
Great App been using for years
This is a great app and no problems with this developer!! I’ve had it for years. Yes he is explaining it correctly you do have to give the full keyboard access just like other keyboards that where terrible. This one is awesome and can have slot of fun with your husband or loved ones or jokes. Don’t miss out
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6 years ago, Rapozababy
So I downloaded this app a few years ago and then purchased the full access so that I could use them all. Cool emojis and I liked the app till today. I haven’t used it in awhile and went to open it today and it’s making me buy it all over again in order to use them all. I’m not spending the money again...and I’m confused as to why I would have to when I already purchased them all once before. Not cool...
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6 years ago, Ascencio707
Love the app!!
I got this app because I was bored of the normal Emojis that my phone brought. With this one my wife and I sent these ones to each other and we have fun. I really recommend this app to everyone and the price is very minimal. It’s less then a cup of coffee. Please check it out and I bet you and your love one will have fun.
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1 year ago, DarkenWrath
Fun but I’ve already paid for it
I purchased this app a long time ago. Now all of the sudden they have decided that me buying this no longer matters because they would like monthly installments to use what I’ve already paid for. Forget you and your app, you can keep it. If you want to add new stuff and give the people that already paid a chance to open those up as well, fine. But to lock us out of the app (minus the already free section) is just another money grab.
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6 years ago, Diana_taurus
The app
It is one of the most amazing apps I’ve ever came across! The only thing that upsets me is that because I innocently saved some iMojis not to go into app each time, they blocked me and no matter how many emails I wrote apologizing and deleting them from my pics they still didn’t let me use it regularly!
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5 years ago, Albie Berta
Two Versions
I have been using this app for many many years. It’s been fun and flirty as advertised. Recently the app no longer opens on my iPhone X. I have an open version and a PRO version and neither have been working for weeks. At the moment, I must refrain from recommending this app until it gets fixed.
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6 years ago, Dakota2000
Adult Apps Removed
I downloaded the Adult Emoji app on My IPhone about six months ago. I enjoyed sending many of the funny unique emojis to my friends to get many funny laughs. After a few app updates I no longer have many of my favorite emojis. The app isn’t the same as when I first downloaded it. It’s just a regular emoji app now.
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7 years ago, mama-nic
A Must Have For Married Couples!!
My husband and I both have this app and we love texting back and forth using only emojis from here. We even have little competitions on who can be the dirtiest, funniest, serious....ive recommended it to all my friends and they love it too! A must have for married couples!!
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11 months ago, troll43
Was great when it worked
I bought all the galleries before it went to subscription and used it for many years. I tried to send one this morning and it said it couldn’t attach to a new message. I tried the restore app to see if that would help and now it says I have to buy the subscription. I have all ready paid for this and now can’t use it. I have now deleted it
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5 years ago, exidement99
What happened?
I’ve had this app for well over a year. Paid for the upgrade to access all of the emojis. Now it’s trying to charge me again after I upgraded my phone. What’s the deal? I’ve tried app support and it keeps taking me to a bunch of ads. What’s up, Keep Calm?!?
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5 years ago, JJW Tazman
Application crash
I just updated the bug fixes and now the app doesn’t open at all I click on it comes up with a white screen that’s it... i’ve had this application for five years now now I can’t even use it what’s going on❓❓❓
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7 years ago, RayC198234
What fun!!!
When the standard emoji just won't do and you really want to get an adult point across, this app is for you! Express whether the woman of your dreams makes your heart and your penis jump or just one or the other. Clear communication in a relationship simply cannot be beat.
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5 years ago, Durry's
Fun app until...
I bought (paid) full access for this app a long time ago, it worked fine up until few updates ago. It doesn’t show any emoticons at all... I already tried everything, so when I click on the “Support” link, it redirects me to another website that has nothing to do with the app developers... Need help please!
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3 years ago, Cybs63
Nice but......
When I first downloaded the app I paid to open up all the emojis. Now it seems almost everything I had, and new are on a monthly subscribe. As cute as they are, I’m not paying more.
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6 years ago, Skimann123
nice while it lasted
I enjoyed the app for over a year now. I purchased the full version and loved it. Now with the new update, I was surprised to find that now it requires an ongoing subscription which is unfair when I already purchased it once. Needless to say, I will not be using it anymore and will delete it.
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4 years ago, Keithflknr's ok
Very very vanilla. Its the same as the rest. I can't understand why none of these so called "Adult" Emoji sites can't get a little more dirty. If it's an ADULT site, get down and dirty. But I say buy it because it's no better and no worse then the rest.
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4 years ago, Adawg1
Purchased years ago
I bought this app a few years back. I paid the few dollars for unlimited access. It was kind of fun, although the bugs drove me crazy at times. I had not used it for a few months, and decided to send my wife a naughty virus message. Well, I found that the app has gone to a monthly subscription, even though I had already purchased it. There’s no way I’m paying a monthly fee to use this buggy piece of hud. Delete! Chau!
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3 years ago, Hank B Moody
This was one of the first apps I got yrs ago & it stands only with a few others that withstood the culture change. Don’t change or go cancel culture…keep being inappropriate, un-woke & inappropriate in every category 👍🏻👍🏿🤙
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4 years ago, Renaissance man.
Not working, locked and frozen.
I would not recommend this app till they figure out their tech issues and they seem to be slow to fix. ZERO STARS
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6 years ago, Lorie Kocias
love my emojis
I love this app!!!! It make people smile and want it!!!! I wish it had stuff like... Have a nice day..,hope your day is happy... Simple stuff.. But I use this daily several times!!! I bought the extra stuff and I'm happy I did. It's worth every penny 😊
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6 years ago, Neeko69
Best App Ever!
I can’t say enough amazing things about this app! Only thing I would say needs improvement is the animated category. It won’t stay open long enough to choose anything. Even so, this is my fav so five stars all the way!
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7 years ago, Cathindr
Generally pretty cool...
This product has some fun stuff included. I wish there were a few more animations and a SEARCH engine so you could type in what you’re looking for, but other than that, it’s a good purchase.
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2 years ago, Godarou
My favorite App
Whether trying to send a not so subtle message eluding carnal pleasure or just looking for something funny to help lighten someone’s mood, this app has a-lot-a-bit of everything.
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12 months ago, valyum93
I enjoy this app, til update
I have been enjoying this app for a couple years until it was just updated yesterday and now I lost everything and can’t restore any purchases. I had paid a one time price to open all. now with the update, I lost everything now you need a monthly subscription. How about refunding my money?
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5 years ago, Opps11
Kissing emojis from time to time..
There are times when some of my purchased emojis just disappear and I get a message saying technical difficulties. For a week sometimes. Otherwise I like the purchase I made just not the hijacking of them for a spell whenever whoever gets the whim. 🤪
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6 years ago, Tashakim1
Love the app, but....
I can’t even view the animated emojis. It will only let me down to the third row before it kicks me back out to the categories again when using the keyboard. If I paid to unlock it all, I feel like I should be able to use it all. I’ll be happy to update my review if this could be fixed.
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4 years ago, this is god
Love this app
Every how and than the updates makes the app don’t work. Can’t send the new emojis to anyone. I’ve had this app for years and twice it doesn’t work and once some of the emojis disappears. Please fix. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Culjoseth
Fun Stuff
Haven’t bought it because with screen record and the ability to grab a screen shot, there isn’t a need to do so. With that said it has a lot a fun stuff in there. As u can imagine there is the dirty stuff but it has quite a bit of non sexual emojis to have fun with.
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6 years ago, DJ Williams III
Better than the majority of emotion apps
I have tried quite a few emoticons/emoji apps. Most, were rubbish. This app works the best of all the ones I have tried. It works seamlessly with my social media and texting apps.
Show more
7 years ago, Fitzyaa
Best of both
I think this app is a bit different than most adult apps because you can get a little nasty and have some fun and you can send pleasant good morning texts as wel which is great. Keep it up (get it)
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5 years ago, Vsgsthdntrjr
The app closes after opening
It started doing this while on iphone 6 after some update Same thing on iPhone 7. Any ideas? Uninstall/reinstall — no effect.
Show more
6 years ago, Col U
Jay I’m another user that was going to delete the app. Instead gave you 5 stars. Thank you for the clarification. I’ll install it fully, trusting your explanation. If apple wants my info, they already have it.
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3 years ago, Light3944
What has happened
I purchased this a while ago and used it with no problem and now it is asking me to open the app to have access. It is asking me to subscribe and I made this purchase it was not a subscription! I should have access to my original purchase I am not asking for access for anything I did not purchase!
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4 years ago, GSpot504
Emoji suggestion
Please fix the freezing problem on this app… Since the update a few days ago it has never worked properly
Show more
6 years ago, n6644q
Adult Emojis
There is a bug that the animations do not open and when they do (rarely) they default to the first page and unable to see or use them.
Show more
4 years ago, AggieAguirre
Mr. D
I just downloaded the upgrade to (hopefully) eliminate the screen freezing I was experiencing. Upgrade did nothing. Still freezing. Please fix this. I love using your app.
Show more
4 years ago, Hickwire530
Used to be good
Why all of a sudden is it a subscription...pretty sure I recall paying awhile back to unlock and now you change it to a subscription to continue to use???
Show more
6 months ago, Crash911-411
Good App, just wish these Emoji where selectable while texting rather than having to access the Emoji App. Why it keeps requiring a purchase is a problem, hence the one star. I’ve paid for this emoji package twice, and it still tries to get me to purchase. When I first bought the emojis and the extended emoji I was able to use them from the keyboard. 2 strikes does not justify further purchases.
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