Airchat: Just Talk

Social Networking
4.1 (184)
58.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Woosh, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Airchat: Just Talk

4.1 out of 5
184 Ratings
4 weeks ago, Romeoblue19
My Experience with this one
"I was really excited to try out this app and signed up to create a new account, but unfortunately I kept running into issues with the sign-up process. Every time I tried to complete the registration, the app would display an error message and prevent me from successfully creating my account. This was incredibly frustrating, as I was eager to start using the app. I double checked that I was entering all the required information correctly, but the error persisted no matter what I tried. Despite this major usability problem with the sign-up, the app does seem to have a lot of potential. The user interface is modern and sleek, and from the limited access I was able to get, the range of tools and functionality appears to be quite robust. If the developers are able to fix the persistent error messages and account creation issues, I think this could be a truly excellent app. For now, I'm giving it 3 stars because the core functionality seems promising, but the inability to even create an account is a major flaw that severely limits the user experience. I'm hopeful that with some updates to address these sign-up problems, this app could earn a full 5-star rating from me in the future. But as it stands currently, the repeated error messages during the registration process hold it back from reaching its full potential."
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2 months ago, djmexi
What if you have a speech impediment?
The app is a great idea. But being its main input source being speech kind of hurts it. What about people with speech impediments? This could potentially exclude those people because people wouldn’t want to use this. I’m just curious what this company’s approach to that is.
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4 days ago, sarathesurfer
I open this app throughout the day
This is the exact app that I needed and wanted in my life. It allows you to deeply connect with people that you might know in a surface level, maybe acquaintances or people that you know online and then you get to know them better. The business not working I’m getting education about events, especially relating to technology and finance really can’t be beat. It’s got excellent experience and I actually made some friends which I thought I would just lurk, but it’s great.
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2 months ago, cafreels
Incredibly Humanizing 🐸
I’ve had so many wonderful little conversations with people all around the world on this app. The voice interface makes it so easy and fluid to jump in and out of any conversation or topic. You can goof around with AI transcriptions, make silly sounds, sing a song, have a heart to heart, learn new languages, or you can get into deep deep conversations about any topic. Actually hearing the voice of other PEOPLE on this app is extremely humanizing. They are just posters. They are real humans that you can actually connect with. You can hear the sarcastic tone of a joke and no one gets mad about it like they might on a text based platform. This is really special, and it’s so early. AirChat is going to grow into something incredible. Come yap with us.
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2 months ago, colabottles
Not accessible.
I can tell accessibility was not thought of before the process of design started, ideally at conception level. Having done an high-level walkthrough the app using accessibility tools, the most I could give the app is 1-star. Anyone using a screen reader will be so confused and disoriented when VoiceOver or TalkBack read through “image” and generated AI alt text is a huge failure. AI will never be the answer for accessibility in any way, shape, or form. So the usual pushing live an inaccessible app is highly disappointing but expected in the eyes of the accessibility and disabled community. Now the devs aren’t to blame. This lies at the top. So the developers at some point will need to go back and take the time to make it accessible, if the company chooses to do so. Which costs money, time, and resources. This is why accessibility should be thought of from the very beginning before design. This app could be a game changer, yet instead falls into the category of just another mediocre app with great potential.
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2 months ago, FZPhoenix
A social network that makes you feel good
I’ve been using this app since it launched and quickly, it’s become the most used app on my phone. I’m creating new friendships, having deep and fun conversations, learning, and growing. I always leave feeling good. I highly recommend you try it out and connect with people on here.
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2 months ago, Joseph
Delightfully human. Voice brings posts to life.
Consuming and creating posts on Airchat is refreshingly engaging and stimulating like an in-person conversation. It’s actively being build as we use it, but it’s stable and complete enough to have interactions with others. Looking forward to features, new connections, and inviting friends in the weeks ahead. I’d expect for some accessibility improvements to the design (low contrast text and icons), and to input (all folks may not have voice as a possible input, so an AI or Personal Voice could help connect all users one day), text transcriptions already enable consumption of content for all.
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2 years ago, WeLiveToServe
The Next Step
The warmth and intimacy of voice combined with the breadth and detail of Twitter. Start, join, enjoy, or be a fly on the wall to fabulous cocktail party-esqu conversations anytime and anywhere. My new go-to in connecting with new friends and old, birds of a feather and birds of fancy, super cool app and community. A salon/coffeehouse for the modern world, as big or as small as you want it.
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1 month ago, D748983
Super fun cute addictive intentional
Definitely a new thing. Transcription better than any other product I’ve used. Social network as novel and intriguing of a concept. Nice work team, you are in the vicinity of greatness. Play your cards well, and this could even be a platform for everyone :-)
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2 years ago, @MichaelHawaii
Great chats and awesome medium
I am loving this app as it combines and balances the mediums and features from peoples favorite social and comms apps including voice, video, text, private vs public groups, ephemerality and more. Looking forward to continuing to use it and highly recommend you getting into the chat :-)
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2 months ago, An absolute work of art
My community
Airchat feels more authentic because we talk or chat about life, things, and interest we share. I love listening to conversations as well as participating in the conversations. That’s what I love about this app hearing people voice makes it much more real and genuine.
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10 months ago, sanmateobuc
High quality dialogue
Great platform for those who seek diverse perspectives in a more respectful and engaging dialogue format. A very engaging way to learn from experts in different fields while getting your questions answered, sharing ideas and helping one another consider different approaches to learn and grow.
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1 year ago, Bingjie Qiu
Engaging & exciting
The different conversations on the app are so incredibly engaging & fun! The mix media options & being able to join any conversation at any time are some of my favorite features! Absolutely one of a kind! Highly recommend! 🔥
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1 year ago, Hanks37
Beautifully designed
Combines everything great about podcasts with the conversational aspect of twitter. Visually sleek and easy to use design. The voice to text is even more accurate than on iMessage. Crazy.
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1 year ago, Saientropy
This ends podcasts
This brings a person directly to another. Not through another person hosting a podcast. Beautiful, needed this:)
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5 months ago, Onix 1
Bugs with post and no customer support available
Updated my profile picture a week ago but my posts are still using the old one. There is no contact page or support page in the app for help.
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2 months ago, Olearypd
Great connecting
The element of voice adds the human element that has been missing from social media. I’m really enjoying these connections and thought exchanges.
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2 years ago, Kyanov1
The social audio app of the future
Stream of consciousness, sharing ideas, collaborative conversations or be a fly on the wall for knowledge transfer. Airchat checks all the boxes. Love the 24hr vanish feature.
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2 months ago, Levon377
A revolution in social messaging is here
Airchat is absolutely stunning new experience. Voice only posting with super accurate auto transcriptions. Try it out!
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11 months ago, Pairi.App
10/10 closed captions change the game
Audio content is so much easier for me to digest with auto generated captions. Love to see this!
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1 year ago, Saul Bretto
Mindblowing App! Awesome work
The efficiency of having a great conversation and learning at the same time.. without the need to type anything is revolutionary.
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1 year ago, TechEntrepreneurMovez
My Favorite App
Airchat is nailing curating conversations in front of our eyes. You can tell their team truly cares about the product.
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6 months ago, iponecollection
my new favorite teacher
Profound ideas served up as bite sized audio clips from Naval, David Deutch and other modem humble gurus and philosophers. What is not to love.
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2 months ago, Ceobro
Continue with apple
Continue with apple login option immediately proceeds to ask your number. Kind of defeats the whole purpose no? The whole invite only thing is cool until its not.
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2 months ago, itskeebz
No guardrails whatsoever
The app is smooth, fun, and easy to use. But there are zero moderation tools and no ability to report threatening behavior or flag inappropriate content. It’s just wild west wide open and begging to be an abusive landscape. That’s disappointing.
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2 months ago, __shenderson__
Was great until the last update
This was a great app until the last update. At the last update, it signed me out and now wants me to get an invite from a friend to rejoin when using the phone number that I previously used.
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1 year ago, zckmed
For humanity
Excellent product thank you Airchat team for bringing this to life.
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2 months ago, !Anng
This app fail, without even started
Oddly action like that, means this app will never respect or value it's users. Let's users waste their time and gather their information and then said sorry you need invite. Good lock with that!!
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2 months ago, f205
Tells you, you need an invite after asking for your phone number.
The app asks for your phone number, after you verify it tells you you need an invite.
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6 months ago, timeless cookies
Smartest conversation in real-time
Phenomenal app filled with the smartest, most innovative people on earth.
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2 months ago, CoolDoge
Why do you waste your time
Typical founders who live in their own little bubble and create meaningless services. Another trash app and I’m wondering how much time will it take till they shut down 😂
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2 months ago, Seb129727293
Love it
The first social media app that feels human!
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2 months ago, mProgano
You don’t need an invite or to use it
This app is clearly ran in a way that lets people say some terrible things and directly attack people. It’s not cool. It’s not moderated or ready. Save yourself the headache. Stay away.
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2 months ago, Real human2
Unethical data collection
They collect your phone number only to not allow you to use the service. Avoid this application.
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2 months ago, 116293041
Lets you install and give your number but you can’t use it…?
The app lets you install and give your number but you can’t use it.
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6 months ago, hbs209
Don't waste your time.
Another useless, waste of time app. I can't seem to delete it either. Someone get back to me on how to successfully delete my account. Thanks.
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2 months ago, Champion.#2
You collect my phone number. Then tell me I can’t use the app. I fell for it. Brilliant. So now I have to find out how to delete my data from your servers.
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1 month ago, realfunnyeric
Utterly insane terms of service
It states that they own your voice and any derivative of it, including the right to sell it - *FOREVER* Out of control.
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2 months ago, JasonJoyride
I love this app
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2 months ago, dkobro
Why it’s better than Twitter & prev. Clubhouse
I think I finally understand why Airchat is the best social platform I’ve seen. It has the highest quality interactions relative to the effort required to facilitate those interactions. Let’s look at Twitter in comparison. Twitter might have a low effort to participate and interact, but it also has a very low ceiling for the best case interaction that can happen there. Nobody has ever said: “Wow I just had a magical interaction with someone else on Twitter. Maybe you read a great post, and maybe some meme made you feel seen, but you it’s no where near the magic or “depth of connection” that can happen here because of the voice experience. Looking at Clubhouse, magical moments do and can happen. You see your biggest idol on some clubhouse room that you clicked into and then have a real interaction with them. However, nobody has ever said: “Wow I just coordinated a conversation between Elon and someone else famous on clubhouse, people felt like they could participate, and it was really easy to make happen. No, you probably needed to coordinate with 7 executive assistants and 4 calendar invites to make anything great happen on clubhouse. The key point here is the intended interaction on twitter, which is a tweet, has a low ceiling for the meaning or connection it can create, even though it’s easy to facilitate those interactions. The intended interaction on clubhouse has a much higher ceiling for the interactions meaning they can be incredible, but this comes at the cost high friction for the chance of a wow interaction to occur. Airchat has a much higher ceiling for the magnitude of wow that can happen compared to twitter and a much lower amount of friction for a wow interaction to occur compared to a clubhouse.
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2 months ago, SteveNiemeyer
Can’t use it
Apparently this app is amazing but I can’t use it. Kind of makes it hard to like.
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2 months ago, arthurmccan
Don’t understand anything
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2 months ago, mr_weid
Not that good
For a new app, I don’t know why my username has to be 8 letters long and you can’t create channels.
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2 months ago, Universe Traveller
Dishonest approach!
Upon launching the app for the first time, I was presented with the choice of either signing with Apple or with my phone number. I chose signing with Apple. After providing my email, I was asked to provide my phone number! I did. Now I was asked to provide an invitation code!! Why not state this from the beginning?! Very deceptive and dishonest.
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2 months ago, I001962
Requires invite code
Requires invite after you provided phone number 🤦
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