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User Reviews for Analytics Reports+

3.77 out of 5
19.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Justin_Wallace_631_631
Currently the best instagram tracking app
So the app I used to use for tracking sucked (followers+). I was ripped off by them when I bought the pro version of the app for $3 and then they turned it into a subscription service taking away the features I payed for. Now about this app. I set out to find a new tracking app and after testing and comparing all of them this one stood out. It had all the features other apps had but what made it different was the price. While I'm not a fan of subscription services I have to say that $10 for a year is a good deal. It's nice to see that at least one app is fair to their users and not just focused on money. All the other reviews are true this app is great I recommend it. Cons: if I had to say one con I came across another app that gave you almost like an instagram report card grading things such as follower ratio, engagement, comment engagement, how often do you post, how often do you use locations. I though that was pretty cool and it could be a place of improvement for this app. One more thing is that I also like when it analyzes the best time to post that would also be a cool feature to see
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6 years ago, D86Singleton
One of the only apps that actually work
I’ve gone through a lot of instagram follower apps and majority of them don’t do what you want or straight up don’t work. This one worked the best and recommend this one to anyone looking to manage there followers and unfollowers. Isn’t as visually appealing as some, shoots you with an ad everyone once in awhile, takes a bit to load, and crashed and didn’t work but nearly every app I tried did this and is easy to fix by deleting and redownloading. These drawbacks are really minor though.
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1 year ago, IcyDay37
Temperamental, a bit skeptical
I’ve been using this app on and off for the past few years because I was hoping the “secret admirers” data would be accurate. I don’t understand why it’s considered a privacy issue for any platform/app to show you who’s viewed your profile. MySpace used to have this feature! LOL Anyway, I’m not sold on this app’s data being 100% accurate because it said that one of my followers viewed my page yesterday, which was impossible. The “follower” is actually the account I made for my dog who died in 2018 and I hadn’t logged into it since 2020. No one else has access to that account, so there’s no way it could’ve “viewed” my current page. I didn’t view myself, lol. So while that’s disappointing, the other data appears to be accurate, but it’s just not 100%. My experience has a be en with the lite version, I never used the paid subscription. Maybe that’s more accurate, but I don’t think there’s any app out there that can give viewer info.
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11 months ago, mia4401
Do not download this app.
I have cried for hours over my Instagram account, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence about how I logged in and then Instagram servers went down, but I had this app for probably years and just recently used it again then went into my Instagram account and it kicked me out and will not let me log back in, I didn’t have any problems with this app and now I’m terrified and have the worst anxiety because I love my account so much. I don’t know how to help my account or if Instagram servers aren’t working after I logged into it and it’s just now affecting it??? I don’t know and I’m devastated. There’s nothing I can do but wait and this is the worst thing to do. I’m just terrified and worried about this whole situation, why would it work and then just now take my information and not let it work? I do not know. I don’t know this app and I don’t know if it’s a real thing but just don’t use it.
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1 year ago, CEOofSimp
Account Breach
This app used to work so swiftly and perfectly, even the free version. It would load all the proper analytics it promised too smoothly and accurately. Now it doesn’t allow me to connect my account to the app without it Instagram themselves notifying me of account breach. I think this has to do with Instagram privacy and security more than it does with this app. I believe Instagram created some kind of security wall to not allow this app to pull information (info. that Instagram won’t even show us) from my account, hence creating an automatic lockdown for my account. Even so other apps are able to do it more swiftly, but probably not as accurate for all the data points, that this app provides. Also they won’t force me to change my password every time I wanna log in and check my analytics. For that reason I’m out. 👋🏼
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2 years ago, scariest experience
Do not downloa
This is one of the scariest apps I’ve ever downloaded. So I downloaded this app 2 months ago and it was great with no problems. I was on Instagram and seen a post saying this app stills youre information and account so I went to the recent reviews and seen soooooo many bad comments about how they try and take you’re account and stuff. So I got a little scared and went on the app to delete my information from it so I went to settings and I couldn’t find anywhere that let me sign out. I then went on Ig and right when I open the Instagram app it kicked me out and said you account has been locked because of suspicious activity and I was locked out my account. Lucky they weren’t able to change any of my information and I was able to log back in and put a 2 step verification to log in. Very scary experience cause I love my account and got a lot of stuff on it
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7 years ago, melizanarv
To make it short don’t buy it cuz all it does is crash. Now for the long version So about 3 weeks ago I bought the app for a month to test it out the price was really reasonable compared to the rest of the other apps like this so I said why not. First of all when I tried to buy the subscription it didn’t let me for about a week I just thought it was a glitch with buying it noooo finally when I was able to buy it the first time I tried it it crash and then again it crash again I gave it the benefit of the doubt and decided to give it a try the next day. Again with no luck it kept crashing on me almost a month later and I was only able to get it to not crash once or twice and even in those times it wouldn’t let me uses all of the features without it crashing once again. They’re is literally no point of this app if it doesn’t even let me do what a free app lets me do
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6 years ago, Richard_Guevara
Great for monitoring the followers on Instgram
This App has been amazing at tracking followers in on followers. The reason why I end up using this is because really I don’t need fake followers my page is to inspire those who have yet to be inspired to do something that they’ve never done before and whether they feel if they look silly doing so they can look at my page and realize that even someone that was just like them at some point looks silly doing what they were doing but now they look great or they are more confident while doing what they like. So this is actually help me monitor fake people on my page that follow just to get a follow
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5 years ago, nikkve2
To be honest 🤷‍♀️🤏
Im gonna be honest, its better than you would expect after scrolling through the critical reviews and they all say you have to pay or watch ads, which dont get me wrong i still hate and like everybody hates it but you cant do nothing the developers that are making this app need money to make it better so only thing get money from is either advertising ads on their app or getting money from the trials and stuff but like come on at least dont say its free.. you say that everything is free on this app but actually when you go on it, it makes you watch 5 25second ads everytime to unlock the one person that stalks you and you dont get to see nomore people til you buy the trial.
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6 years ago, buy tacos not this app
I got this app to see who was viewing my profile the most and how often. Many apps market themselves as showing you who you “stalkers” are meaning they show you who has like the most posts and how often. This feature is totally unnecessary because Instagram now does that for you. I was attracted to this app because they seemed to set themselves apart by marketing themselves as an app who shows profile view, not find your “stalkers” through like or comments. I got a subscription and the app did just that. Not only did they categories people as stalkers based on like or comments they didn’t rank them for you so you had to search and comb through the data yourself. If that’s all your looking for is an app that ranks people based on most likes and comments you can find free apps that do that well.
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2 years ago, bbeetthhrroocccccc
Instagram’s fault
I’m so sad because this app has been my go to for years, it’s always worked seamlessly for me! Recently, everytime I use it Instagram logs me out of my account & I have to get a passcode from my email to recover my page. I don’t think it’s this app because I’ve been using it for years. I think it’s Instagram getting tighter security. I stopped using all followers apps because I’m too fearful of something happening to my account. Im hoping apps & Instagram can figure something out to safely allow this again. I definitely miss it
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5 years ago, why is every name tsken
Simple & easy to use
Paid customer Changing my review: was 5* I asked a couple of questions Dec 2, now Dec 14 - no response. AND, I can’t believe in the data. I have a business IG pg & I NEVER look at my personal pg through my business pg but my business pg shows up as a stalker to my personal pg. I can’t believe in the data + all stalkers are always followers, strange. There should be at least some showing up that are not followers. BREAKING UP WITH THIS APP AS A PAID SUBSCRIBER. PREVIOUS REVIEW ⬇️ So far I am really enjoying this app. I do have a couple of questions. Secret admires: 1) what is the criteria for a Secret Admirer? Day-to-day mine usually change but for the last 3 days they’ve remained the same & in the same order. 2) Also someone I have blocked is showing up as an admirer. Why would that be? 3) is there any meaning to the order of secret admirers? Thank you.
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3 years ago, kieler moore
great app, but full of bugs
I’ve been using this app for months now. I’ve absolutely loved it and even recommended it to a few friends. Never had any problems with it until a few days ago. When i open the app, it’s normal. Loads up, logs into account etc. The problem occurs when it reaches 75%. It slows down tremendously and says something about “Having a bigger account takes longer to load.” But, it stops at 99% and wont go any further. I’ve sat on the screen for at least 7-10 minutes, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling, nothing works. I’ve tried it on my other account and it worked flawlessly. But it’s just on my main account. It’s unbelievably frustrating and give an arm to get this fixed.
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4 years ago, RHKudos
Are the analytics accurate??
Not a bad app, especially when considering other options out there in the App Store when it comes to this. It does it’s job well and you can get some information through the free version, but they will make you watch a good chunk of adds for a lot of it and will try to get you to pay for their pro version or however it’s called. I respect it because money needs to be made but it could be done a bit better, I’m a little confused on the stalker section and what counts as a “stalker” and how accurate the readings are??? But other than that solid app, it does the job and in terms of like seeing who unfollowed you, so pretty good
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2 months ago, nickijdjskskso
do not download this app on your phone
I used to use this app because it was easy to use and the information it showed me was accurate. today when i was checking to see the people who were not following me back i realized that the app was giving me misinformation because it was showing me people who were clearly following me back on instagram. i deleted the app and then a few minutes later i am not logged out of my instagram. i have been trying to log back in but i keep getting error messages and it is very frustrating to have to change passwords and enable so much security after i trusted an app with my information for almost a year before this occurred.
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4 years ago, AlyCat_1022😹
Not accurate
I downloaded this app hoping to see who were my stalkers, it turns out the app isn’t very accurate with that option. I expected my spam account to be one of the stalkers seeing as though i use that account to view my other account a lot, but it didn’t show up on the stalkers list. What did show up on the list was an old account my friend made that she hasn’t been able to log onto in 2 years. With this being said, it does accurately tell you who unfollowed you, who are your “best followers”, who comments the most, and who your ghost followers are. So idk id give this app a 3 star rating
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6 years ago, Mr_Danielle024
This app does what it should do
The not-so-dirty-secret about Instagram is the follow-unfollow phenomenon. A group/person/business start a campaign of following several other Instagram feeds knowing that those they follow will likely reciprocate. This tactic quickly racks up followers; how days later the group/person/business unfollow everyone they followed. Those that reciprocated have no easy way on Instagram of tracking this. This app, however, solves this problem. It outs all the fakers in a quick and easy fashion; something Instagram does not do.
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3 years ago, Omar5050
Scam & Fraud
This app steals your information and sells it to other companies. It’s really annoying how they track you. My Instagram Account hasn’t been the same since I downloaded this app. All of sudden a whole bunch of scammers are sending me messages and a whole bunch of fake ads pop up on my Instagram. This never happened before. I’m tired of this. I contacted my lawyer and we discuss about this. I’m suing this app if it doesn’t stop using my information. I DON’T want this company to have my information. You have 2 days to get my information out of your system or I’m taking this to court. My lawyer says we have enough evidence and he is 100% that we will win this case.
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3 years ago, Balllin' RoB
Decent App
I paid for the yearly ad-free PRO membership @ $25; and while it has all the features I was looking for, it’s not nearly as detail as previous apps I’ve had. I wish the “Best Followers” “Most Likes to Me” “Most Comments to Me” analytics provided actual numbers of likes, comments, etc next to each followers name like the previous follower app I had. Instead it is simply a list of followers with no real analytics. Improve this feature and I will continue to use.
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4 years ago, BlahBlahAnonymous
Annoying Problems
I’ve been using this app for a while and it worked for me great, then the new version updated, and now this app frustrates me. Every time I try to view my stalkers, it never finishes loading. It goes up to 99% then, it never gets to 100%. I’ve once waited ten minutes just to try if it worked but it never loaded. It frustrates me that even thought this new version is supposed to fix the problems it made everything worse. Version 11 is problematic. I didn’t understand why they changed version 10.9, it worked great. Now I can’t even check who viewed my profile anymore.
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3 years ago, Błack₽rince
Hello, So i had this app for a long time and it helped me a lot! Whoever unfollowed me it showed me, this app showed me who stalked my insta ( even though it showed blurry profile pictures of my stalkers, i still could see wjo it was) . But now when i enter this app, it says it takes long to load my insta and stops at 99% and that’s it. I really enjoyed this app and if you can help me figure this problem out... i will be very satisfied. Thank you for your attention ❤️
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6 years ago, liam cramer
Fake,... all fake😔
I got this app thinking it would tell me who all my stalkers are and who actually likes my photos the most but got suspicious if this app actually worked or not because I would often visit my profile from a different profile and it would never pop up in my stalker list so I decided to test the app by having 2 of my friends go to my profile every day for 2 weeks and like, needless to say they never popped up in my stalkers this app is also very delayed in the new followers section and takes 2-3 days before actually updating that section. I’m very disappointed and will find a new app
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2 years ago, jimjay001
The app gets hung up at 1% when pulling your data from IG . Plus, it often triggers security at instagram, who thinks someone is trying to hack into your account, so you need to either have instagram verify your identity or else you’re forced to change your password. This app worked “sufficiently” for the first few months but truly isn’t worth the hassle. It certainly wasn’t worth the year subscription that I paid and just cancelled 5 months before renewal. I didn’t want to take any chances that I’d be stuck with it for another year. With so many other options to chose from, stay away from this one.
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2 years ago, Heyhey 03
App seems to work but
This app seems to work but I found that with the subscription my “secret admirers” usually fall around four new people per day and as someone who doesn’t know many people that seems off to me. Also I have found my own old account I haven’t accessed for years as one of my admirers, leaving me to think that this app may pick random people and followers to satisfy the search of the whole secret admirers thing which is understandable as that’s how to keep people staying.
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2 years ago, Tommy $ilver
10 minutes too load minimum
So I have had this app for about a year. Every time I load in it takes 5 to 10 minutes plus and then says there was an error loading the information. I kept it because after that error I could still see some of the analytics and was hoping they would fix it but it would take so long I stopped looking. Hust tried it today and after 10 minutes it was still at 1% of loading my data. Just deleted it. Ill try another. If you’re looking for fast and effective instagram analytics get another app.
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4 years ago, Tyler-stud
Overall a really solid app
This app is really helpful, and like 90% accurate (we tested it). The only reason I say 90% is because once I saw an old account that I used to run that I lost the password to come up as one of the people who has viewed my profile. I wonder how many others are falsely shown as following me. I really enjoy that it shows me who I follow that doesnt follow back because then I can just go unfollow them and work with my following numbers
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3 years ago, Blackston14
I have been using the app for quite a while now and everything is pretty accurate except for the secret admirers part. This girl I knew died 2 months ago and it said her account creeped on my profile which isn’t possible if she has passed away. The rest of it is good as far as who you don’t follow back and who doesn’t follow you back. Just update the secret admirers part and this will be pretty good for its low monthly price.
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5 years ago, Mèéêëęėēe
Subscription only lasted 3 days
I never go ahead and review apps, but I must say I’m very frustrated. I subscribed to the one month option on November 12th, I guess there was an update on the app and a few days later I get NO benefits of the subscription as if I never payed. I checked my iTunes subscription page and it says I have access till December 12th, yet the app says otherwise. I sent an email regarding this with no response. Customer service is non existent. I will update this review if they come back in the next 3 days and fix this with some sort of compromise to allowing me an extra few months free of charge due to this inconvenience.
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6 years ago, M. Adkison785
This app gives great infos about Stalkers.
This app is honestly great, and safe. Like there are so many similar apps that seem so sketchy, but this one is super reliable. I love how you get updates (if you chose to) and you can immediately see who unfollowed you, or who doesn't follow you back because sometimes people send requests and then unfollow (which is sooo annoying) but this app helps monitor that.
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1 year ago, 104849294
I really love this app and i’ve had it forever but i just wanted to let you guys know about this weird glitch that has been happening. Basically, everytime i login on the app it tells me everything is 0 even tho it’s not. like 0 followers, 0 likes, etc etc. is there anything i could do to fix this?
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6 years ago, Margaret_435
I recommend this App
I was going to download this because i needed to get rid of non-followers. I was already planning on making a few purchases like those other apps provide, but i realized right away that some features were just as useful and easy to use. I'll still be buying any of the offers available just to support this app. Love it!!
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3 years ago, JJSStone
Hacked!! IG Account lock out
As soon as I started using the analytics app weird stuff started happening with my account, where I couldn’t use certain functions because the app continuously grabs data through your login and Instagram flagged it. Last week I was using analytics and was looking at the other features they had and when I was checking things out all of a sudden Instagram locked my account for suspicious activity and then somehow an email that was not mine is connected to my account so now I can’t get my email account back because Instagram isn’t helping me.
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4 years ago, Limahjay
Don’t buy subscription just use the free app
It DOES NOT show who your stalkers are or who “visits your page” the most, secret admirers or whatever they change the name to. I used my finsta to check my normal account, even like some pics and comment on them and the finsta account never showed up on the list. It just generates random followers or accounts you’ve interacted at least once with even if it was just 1 simple like. Hopefully there is a real app that does that because they’ve all been the same! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just use what’s already free it does show who unfollows you though.. save your coins sis!
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4 years ago, Jenna12683
This app is a legit LIE
Didn’t expect much from this, of course you have to pay for everything and they are really stealing people’s money. This app generates a list of people who are “stalkers” multiple times I’ve had people on the list who I don’t even know who they are and neither of us follow eachother and my account is private so there’s no way they are viewing my profile. Not only that but people who I have blocked and they have me blocked are also on that list, and people who aren’t even active on that account “old accounts” were on the list. Please don’t spend ANY money on this app
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3 years ago, B00t$
Was Good But Then Turned Bad
I’ve had this app for numerous months and it’s worked perfectly fine, however, about a week ago it started mixing up lost followers with mutual followed and not showing me who I had lost for followers (all the data under the wrong titles and putting peoples information in the wrong sections)!... Overall, it’s really frustrating and annoying... I uninstalled and installed the app and it is still having the same issues... really inconvenient... unless a fix is coming out for this app, I wouldn’t recommend 😒
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4 years ago, rs2loko
Fix it!
It’s a good app not gonna lie! But when I try to use it again, it takes forever to load I don’t even think it’s loading, all It says “The bigger your instagram account is, the longer data will be loaded” and my account isn’t even big yet I’ve been waiting so long for it to load and it’s been stuck on 99% and hasn’t changed to 100% and I still can’t use the app! So please fix this bug or whatever this may be ASAP! I really want to see who stalks me and unfollowed me, Thank you.
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2 years ago, mellyhoneyusagi
This app erased my Instagram
I got this app to better understand my Instagram analytics. I have two Instagram accounts so I login in and out to use it. One day luckily I logged in to the account that is not my main account only to find out the this app crashed and somehow caused my Instagram to get shutdown because Supposedly I was doing something illegal. I was shocked. Next thing I know my account does not even exist anymore and all content erased. Also I can not recover anything. Do not get this app it will cost you. You have been warned.
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4 years ago, stormrunnerwizard
The data they give you is fake. I just checked the ghost followers list (people who follow you and haven’t liked your pics) and there were MULTIPLE names that have liked just about every picture (yes I checked) also I stupidly paid for the pro version so I could see who “stalked” my profile. My boyfriend nor any of my best friends were on the list when I know they have viewed my profile recently (I asked). Save $2 just don’t do it. I also did some research and 3rd party apps CANNOT access who viewed your profile. They likely generate randomized lists.
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4 years ago, babababa blacksheep
Takes forever to load
Like every other Instagram tracker, it would take some time to load in and load all the analytics. However, when you are agreeing to log in with your account, you will probably get stuck on the loading screen. I was stuck on 99% for quite a while. At this point, I’m going to delete the app for how long I’ve wasted my time trying to load it in. I’m not the impatient type, but if you are, then be warned with the long loading screen. Let’s hope it only happened to me and not anyone else. 🤷🏽‍♀️
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11 months ago, bdyjdhbd
Literally the worst one!
Should be 1 star but need to put this out there. This is possibly the worst instagram monitoring app. Cannot believe any of the top ratings if not paid reviews. This app does not even load the analysis even a single time before resetting and not allowing complete analysis. Complete waste of space. Try Insta Follower. That is much better than this.
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3 years ago, jramos10
Great app
It’s good app if you like being stuck on 99% on a loading screen every time you open the app while everything else on the screen is moving and working but you just can’t do anything with that 99% blocking your screen
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6 years ago, Andrea R. Johnson
Works 100%! Cool!
App is pretty good. I know who follows and unfollows immediately which is important to me because I like to keep my following to a minimum. I also do not like following certain people who aren't following me back, the app definitely allows me to see that as well. The analyse performance can be a little bit faster, I give 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Patricia J. Ramirez
Cool, awesome!
It really helps me get rid of followers I don’t need and allows me to unfollow them back, especially since I never really acknowledged my unfollowers. And I was following too many people to see what the ones I cared about were posting. This is great. Thank you to whoever created this app, it is highly helpful and recommendable as well.
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4 years ago, loeyclub
Worst Instagram analytics app ever!
This app was recommended to me by a friend and I decided to try it out by paying $3 for it. It has been 3 days, and this app is a SCAM. They will show certain people who apparently “don’t follow you back” when they actually do 🤦🏻‍♀️ Everything on the app lies to you, 95% of their information that they show to you about your profile is FALSE. Do not fall for this scam, please go download another app that is WAY BETTER! I sadly fell for this scam. Since it has been 3 days, I do know not if I can get a refund but it would be nice if I could.
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6 years ago, Kenneth S. Spencer
Use it every day
It’s great to see those people who followed you just for you to follow back and then they unfollow you. But they also have like purchases for the things you wouldn’t be able to tell like if someone blocked you or like stalks you. But of course you have to pay for those. Lol
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6 years ago, Margaret D. So
Easy to use
The lists are very organized, correct, and it’s never messed with my IG. This app had never been wrong like for ex: if someone unfollowed me and I think it’s shocking, I’ll check and it hasn’t lied to me. Although you can’t unfollow through the app, I don’t mind too much since I check it almost daily.
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6 years ago, Gary W. Green
Great App for Instagram
I have been using it for several days and have never had a problem. In this version you can see who following you, your ghost followers, people who have liked your posts when they do not follow you and even show who your top supporters are. It is a good app. Give it a try.
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6 years ago, Mrs.Shawanna
Cool to see all stalkers
This app is absolutely reliable for tracking your Instagram account. Very versatile and provides all the infomation about my followers I need. Really impressed by the interface and the features. The loading is not so fast, but i depends how big your instagram account is. Mine is big :-)
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6 years ago, Robert C. Wilburn
Nice App for your Insta-Account
I couldn’t understand why I had so little followers vs who I was following. This app has helped me find out that people actually follow you to get you to follow them, then unfollow you. Like, who has time for that?! Anyway, now I see it as it happens and I just unfollow. Thanks for this app!
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4 years ago, ughdbeufjne
Just wanted to let you guys know that this app is not honest, and for your “stalkers” it just chooses a random selection of your followers and says that they’ve been stalking you. At first I was curious if these people were actually spying on my account. So I had one of my friends actually stalk my Instagram, and yet his name did not appear on the “stalker” list. Please make this app trustworthy so that we can actually see who stalks our Instagram, and don’t choose random people. ;)
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