Anonymous Chat / AnonChat

Social Networking
3.9 (2K)
72.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stivisto Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Anonymous Chat / AnonChat

3.88 out of 5
2K Ratings
2 years ago, ChaseAndLeap
Really not bad!!
The best so far has been AntiChat in terms of ease of use and anonymity, but this might beat it out in all categories expect for amount of users to be paired with! It’s been a real fun experience just chatting with random people from around the world! Almost like a modern day pen pal with no expectations! Of course, there’s still the scammers and fake people, but those you really can’t do anything about besides doing our part in reporting them! So good stuff!
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2 years ago, lilo moon
i think it’s ok not bad.
I’ve had this lil app on here for two years now and i wanna say it’s not too bad.. umm imma single person who lives alone and sometimes when feeling lonely and wanna find someone to chat to i just go on here u alwayz find available ppl on here to talk to which iz nice imma person im against bullying and racism and i just b nice and friendly to a stranger I’m cool as long as da person nice we can talk bout anything.. vent.. I highly recommend this app to everyone 18+ up who iz inna situation similar to mine maybe ur a blacksheep or a loner and u wanna find someone nice to keep u atleast virtually give u company maybe someone feeling similar don’t feel bad remember there r millions and millions out here like u dat r going thru same or even worse situation den u and r trying to keep smiling u r neva alone tho plz don’t b sad god first ova everything i believe in god imma Catholic I understand and know life iz not a bed of roses or easy but even if it getz tough just keep trying cause u neva know when u can help someone or a group of ppl In need even with just a smile and a hi or hello helpz because we all need it sometimes and love so yea it’s ok 👍 hope u have a nice day god bless u all and take care….
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2 years ago, name to the nick
Creeps and scammers
This app is overrun with creeps. You can’t go five minutes without seeing some gross bio about “daddy/daughter roleplay” and several times, someone had sent me pictures without my consent. Luckily, I had the feature prohibiting me from fully seeing photos until I clicked on them and I never clicked on them. Still, it’s scary to know there’s always going to be gross people looking to take advantage of others. Also, there’s a TON of underage accounts. Sometimes, kids as young as 15 will be on here OPENLY admitting in their bios they are looking to sext. How is that allowed?!?!?! Regardless of if that’s a troll or not, that should not be allowed, yet I see it over and over. Do better, Anon Chat. Clean up your app, remove people who shouldn’t be here and make it even harder for people to send photos.
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2 years ago, iKurtisAK
It’s a free service with in app purchase options, so even understand that, it’s disappointing. I wait for anywhere around 10 minutes, to hours to be paired with somebody, and I get notified and immediately after get a notification that the other person has left, before I’ve even had a chance to read the first notification. I’ve managed maybe 3 conversations (very brief) in the several days I’ve had the app. There are other apps that operate the same and have their own flaws, but you are matched with somebody within seconds, and may get skipped, but it’s rare that it’s more than a couple seconds before another person pops up. I would be mad if I paid a premium price to go hours in between matches.
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1 year ago, nobody_epic
Good, would like to have the ability to send videos
Would be cool if we could send videos, I made a friend from Asia and I’d like to send them videos of tourist attractions near me, so the addition of a video feature would be really cool! Also, the new update doesn’t have an auto accept feature, if possible I’d like it back! Update: thank you for helping me with the auto accept feature, looking forward to having video capabilities soon! 5 stars now!
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3 years ago, ghejevejdibenebshsk
Everything is good up until now
The dialogues won’t be sent and loading takes forever. When I click the search button it didn’t work it would just fade a little bit but for a long time and then revert back to its normal search bar appearance but not loading at all. Messages would be delayed here and there. Other than that, this app is gold. I hope the teams at AnonChat hear this.
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1 year ago, Eloj🌴
There’s a lot of trash and ugly anonymous chat apps out there but this by far is one of the best ones. Others claim to be truly anonymous and whatnot but they charge for quite literally any interaction on there app, this app although it has limitations to the amount of visits it still provides a sensible subscription price and it has such a clean interface. If you haven’t tried it out I highly recommend it, developers keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, Plants kills zombiiiiies
Unlimited pairing
You guys have to add unlimited pairing to the app baseline instead of having it behind a pay wall. There is no reason other to make money and drive people to other anonymous apps like chitter that already have it. I like this app better than chitter, the customization and style is better but the limiter uses for chat is absolutely killing it. Please consider removing it and add something else for the paywall. This would be the best anonymous click one button to instantly chat app on the store if it wasn't for the limited uses. The fact that you can choose genders without it costing is perfect. Plewae remove the limited pairing and this will truly be a 5/5 app.
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4 months ago, Qwi_Qwi
Seems to be a lot of guys on
Most of them looking for fun pic exchanges ect. but some are really decent and you can have a actual conversation with them all in all I would say it’s fun to use in the free time or when bored also I like that you can accept the chats you want to talk to so just skip the kinky guys
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1 year ago, Iamhere.
Hello and thank you
I am really enjoying the app I personally don’t really have any downs about it other than it not having any group chats. I strongly recommend adding group chats because I feel that it would be rather more socially beneficial but it’s just an idea. Thank you for your time and for the app.
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2 years ago, Terry Rees 1956
I love it but The limit cats ate too much I could understand the calls that cost money but I don’t understand why you would need it to wait 33 hours that is my time limit right now and if I can’t go on there for a while how are you going to get more people to go on your app?
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2 years ago, bruh what???
This is a great app however for preface I would suggest adding age preference and a place preference. I stress age because someone who is 13 could end up texting and older person and can lead to legal complications. I would also like to be able to send videos. However this is a great app!!!
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2 months ago, Lunasimmons
Annoying people on here
Most people on here believes every woman on here is a bot and it’s make the app tiring and there should be local people around to meetup or connect with too much Indians on here it’s annoying I think people from Indian should be banned on here
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1 year ago, Cheese nuggets hot dog
Nasty people
Overall pretty decent app to talk to people. BUT there are so many nasty people on there, people wanting to trade nudes,sext… so much more. Like that’s all you see plus the occasional disgusting people who are into child p*** . But other than that there are some cool people. I feel like you guys so have mods on there 24/7 to block those nasty people. Because the app is good! But it will run away normal people from the creeps
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2 years ago, penny_ann
Interesting app!!!!
I have to admit this App is one of the better apps for conversation and also to meet new people around the world extremely interesting people I have to admit very entertaining 24 hours a day ifI wanted to
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2 years ago, GamerForLife5678
Wish faster searches
I’d give this 5 stars if the search for chats was faster, but overall a great anonymous app. No email questions or anything
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9 months ago, Ben vance the moose
Very good just one thing tho
It definitely needs a feature that allows you to send videos but other than that I think it’s perfect
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4 months ago, Mr.T321
This app is GREAT ! I met the love of my life on here but Only problem is that there should be an update where you can send videos. Hopefully there will be an update on that in the near future !
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2 years ago, excape_.777
Loading problems
I don’t know why but as of recently its been taking forever for a message to send and idk why it’s like that and also when I go try to find a match no match is found and it just stops. But besides this it’s a solid app cannot lie.
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2 years ago, botboy101
Not working
The past couple days the app hasn’t been working properly. It shows a chat partner but no way to type a message!
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1 year ago, jengland75
App review
While the base for an anonymous app is there the search aspect and ability to add friends still lags compared to other apps of the same context maybe app builders will continue with feedback and bug testing to make a major competitor to others
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2 years ago, Viddkid29
Too many glitches
This app could be much better. Too often the computer gives a match, but there is no way to communicate with the other person. You have to close the match and hope for another one that actually allows you to select it.
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12 months ago, Cubbyishappy
I am an optimist and this is bad.
This is just a terribly designed system. They should offer a LOT more filters and some restrictions to the limits that people can message. Anonymous FILTERED chatting is a great idea if you want to find a partner but are not wanting to commit to much. This is a horrid way of executing the idea. Everybody says terrible things and precisely inappropriate. Just HORRIBLE.
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12 months ago, Scott Smith200121
Horrible app
This would be better if you got rid of the entire thing. Like seriously. Delete it off the App Store. I lost count of how many times people just close the chat before I can even get a word in. What’s the point of having this app if all people do is just close the chat and not give someone a chance to talk? Just get rid of it entirely.
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10 months ago, terlee7
This app is so fun to meet and chat with strangers all around the world. It’s set up cool and easy to use. Thank you so much for allowing me to use your service.
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5 months ago, kate Willard
This app very attractive but is block sometimes if you don't us it always
Don't like it much
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2 months ago, Price we pay
Fun easy to use
As a CD some places can be a little rough, but it’s very relaxed here people for the most part are friendly
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2 years ago, lin.xx.whatever 😒
Really nice app but...
Don’t know why it has a Timeout for searching for partners That just makes it boring and tiring to use
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2 months ago, Jmoneyasavage
Love it
Great place to chat with people from all over the world fun conversations and lets you filter by interests
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2 years ago, endangered intellect
Gallery is very glitchy for iPhone
Please fix photos won’t load in half the time! The gallery features don’t work half the time for iPhone please fix the glitch.
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6 months ago, Lonely Diana
Very wonderful and kinda fun and you can use it when you’re bored it helps to cure boredom
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5 months ago, xaninmyblunt
Filled with pedophiles, they'll ask you to send and when you say no you get blocked or they close the chat immediately so you can't even report them. This app is most likely putting children in danger, it should be taken off the App Store.
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1 year ago, pkphd
It’s good but.
A lot of weirdos, major amount of pedos and child groomers, and too much horniness, set certain restrictions on the description too, as well as warnings and Nanninga for use of certain words (sexual, or illegal activity related)
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7 months ago, Does not work122
Idiots all of them
Most of not 99% of these users must be incredibly slow a special kinda slow how do they expect to find people to chat with if they skip automatically or skip after a few messages for no g0d d@mn reason
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3 years ago, pdl255
Very good app
Good app but even if blocking someone it will populate again after a while.
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5 months ago, Idgafcomegetme
Predators paradise
I dedicate my time on the app to make sure I report every single one of you peoples predatory behavior and save pictures of the faces I’ve already seen . If your kid who is 18 and under has this app take their phones now and call someone . Save the children .
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12 months ago, Jaredt:)
After last update flash isn’t working anymore
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1 year ago, la0d0n
Won’t work
I’ve tried downloading the app again and nothing is working Also could you make it where you can create accounts
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2 years ago, rockstsar1828
It’s ok
It’s a good app I just don’t like that they limit how many skips you get then you gotta wait 11 hours or so to skip again otherwise great app
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1 year ago, MelonPieKitten
This app save my social life!
I love this app so much, the developers seems to be really passionate in creating human connections.
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3 years ago, Leleleleleleel!
I’ve currently downloaded the app & i did not get any match until this very moment, i hope people download this app so it gets full so i can atleast make new friends
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8 months ago, Sweetsherry91
I’m enjoying the app well am new there though
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6 months ago, Truth maker555
To many underage
Need to limit the underage kids
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11 months ago, sevant of God
Could be better
There should be sections; Lesbian, gay, straight, Sexting, social conversation, weird. People who chat more because they are chatting with the person you want.
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2 years ago, Freestyledoerman
App is sexist! Tried to create a profile, selected Male wouldn’t work, selected m?f? Worked but then would let me select the sex I wanted to chat with. Makes you choose any. Why give the options if you aren’t going to let people select their sex. Stupid!!
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8 months ago, TigerMale
Almost perfect
Would be perfect if video or video clips could be shared
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2 weeks ago, unworthytr
Some people are weird on it
I do understand the concept of secret but some people some odd people
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2 years ago, dope marley
Best app , everything works so well
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2 years ago, NyanNekoNyan74
Not worth it
This is probably the worst app I’ve ever had. It’s boring and has nothing to do, then you only have a limited amount of refreshes before it makes you wait like 12 hours. It’s not worth it
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10 months ago, Hoss275
Can’t chat
What’s the point of anonymous chat if you can’t even say hi before they close the chat, I think I talk to one person in the span of an hour if that
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