Atmosfy: Discover New Places

Social Networking
4.8 (16.5K)
82.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
MassFire Media LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Atmosfy: Discover New Places

4.83 out of 5
16.5K Ratings
11 months ago, Nolan_92_
Love the app!
My rating - 4.5/5, rounded up since I can’t give half a star. I just recently started using the Atmosfy app and I love it. The app is still fairly young but what it sets out to do makes me very excited for its future. Having an app like this to pull up in a city to quickly see short videos of what great restaurants, nightclubs, and other experiences are in the area is a great idea and will help out many small businesses like the apps mission intends too. It’s not perfect though, I have experienced slowdowns and glitches while using it that I don’t experience in other apps. However like I said the app is still young and this is to be expected. I can see the team behind the app are working hard to update and fine tune the app so hopefully they keep it up and make this app better and smoother with each new update. Overall though like I said, I am happy with the app and am excited for its future. - Nolan
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1 year ago, NS_4Ever
Realistic & Immersive App!
Based on my experience, Atmosfy is a fantastic app for anyone. Atmosfy seems like a useful platform for people who are searching for information about dining, nightlife, experiences, hotels, and more. The use of videos is a great way to provide a more realistic and immersive look into the places being featured. Users can see what the place looks like and even have a sense of the quality of service through the videos. Additionally, Atmosfy covers various categories makes it a convenient hub for travelers and locals alike who want to explore their surroundings, find new places to try or just satisfy their curiosity. Overall, Atmosfy seems to be a helpful tool giving users a better sense of what it's like to be in the places being featured, making it easier for them to make informed decisions. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
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1 month ago, T SuperFli
A Dream Come True!!
Atmosfy is the social media app that meets the needs of every creator especially those in the travel, nightlife or restaurant industry! The app is easy to use and offers the unique feature of adding the location of a venue. This is the best thing about the app because businesses are able to connect with their environment and have patrons post content and recommendations without having to fight the hassle of their location not being found on google. With the right amount of influencers and users on the app in all the popular cities, it would be a matter of time until it is the preferred application over Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Did I also mention you earn points that can earn lost of giveaways!!
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1 year ago, Lana4U
The new Yelp
When I first got introduced to Atmosfy I was very skeptical about it. I wasn’t sure what the difference between this and Yelp. I just thought a Google would be just as good. Turns out I was wrong. The concept of the Atmosfy app is not only are you connecting with people in the community but a sense of togetherness all over the world. You can eat, travel, explore together thru the eyes of another in the video clips posted on Atmosfy. Now as an official onboard member of the Atmosfy community needless to say not only connecting people thru people but giving and helping back the community as well. I for one really recommend this app if you are a vlogger, food addict, world traveler, or an adventurer because not only do you get to share your passion to the world, you encourage others explore what they haven’t and record the memories keeping it for a lifetime.
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5 months ago, Ohmaylahnie
Don’t worry, I know a place
If the world were a menu, Atmosfy would be the tantalizing appetizer that leaves you craving more. This fun app doesn’t just take you on a culinary journey; it teleports you straight to the heart of global dining scenes without the need for a passport or the hassle of tipping. What’s the difference between all the other foodie apps, you ask?? Atmosfy caters to the local businesses … places you want to explore specially when you’re on vacation and you want the ultimate local spots. But beware, diving into Atmosfy might result in spontaneous trips to restaurants you can’t pronounce and a sudden urge to photograph your food from every angle or try dishes that you would rather leave for Andrew Zimmern to indulge. Trust me, I’ve done it!! In a world where deciding where to eat can lead to existential crises, Atmosfy is the witty friend who says, ‘Don’t worry, I know a place.’
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2 years ago, Smruthi (eattravelandrepeat)
Cool app for foodies!
Just started using this app a couple days ago, and it’s such a cool concept! As an avid foodie, I’m always looking for the next spot to try and this is a good way to get recommendations for the next place to try whether it’s in your neighborhood or a new city you are visiting/traveling to! It seems to be a great community and love that we can get slight compensation for the work we put into making these videos in a video first environment! Definitely feels like a mix of tiktok and Instagram reels but seems a bit limited on the offerings now. Hopefully we will be able to have better in app editing including the ability to add music as the app continues to grow/update!
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1 year ago, Vesper's iphone
Great concept bad content
I just dl the app and checked it against my home city and the initial thought was ok I can get down with this, I scrolled and saw some great videos all across the board of restaurants. I then decided to search individual categories and that’s when I found the content was pretty weak. I search pizza and although a few good places came up the BEST place, literally named one of the top five places in the country didn’t. I also saw some just alright ones. I then searched another three categories and same same, missed the top ones in the city. I live in a top 1-5 culinary city too. I’m currently traveling and was thinking this would be great to see what would be the best where I’m at but now knowing it’s just random places that could be hit or miss, not worth the gamble. I’m sticking to the local culinary write-ups and James Beard nominee lists.
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2 years ago, Carvanova1203
A Great Way To Discover What’s Happening!
Atmosfy is a great app to have if you’re looking for places to eat and things to do in real time. It’s a super fun way to discover new things around you. And if you’re traveling, this is the app you need to find hot spots and hidden gems in new places! Fun both to scroll and to post. I love this because I’m not huge on video editing and spending hours working on my posts. Atmosfy actually encourages you to take a quick video where you’re at and post it, no pressure to edit or make it fancy! I highly recommend downloading Atmosfy, this is definitely going to be the next up-and-coming app to discover food, drinks, and night life!
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2 years ago, stayhungrywithmaybeline
Foodies dream app
Love this app and the ppl that work for this app! The customer service is on point and way better than most social media apps. I love that this is food and travel related so all you see is that and you get mingle with other foodies. It’s literally a foodies dream app, all the cities you can imagine with all the great eateries that you can visit ranging from your mom and pop shops to high end dining. The simple setup of this app makes it very fun to use and the map features is so cool because you can see where these eateries are without having to be a detective scrolling through the comments for most other apps. Overall this one is a win for a foodie like me!
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2 years ago, kvb21
Check out this app! Def Atmosfy
Love how the app lets you see the full picture through videos! It is the perfect app that’s in between yelp & tiktok with viewing the reviews people had regarding their experiences as well as video to feel as if you are living it too!! All the food review videos make me hungry and give me many new spots and restaurants I bookmarked! I can’t wait to experience it all for myself and all the delicious food! Thank you atmosfy for creating this app! In the future, it’d be nice if the app lets us play music in the background! But for now, I really do hear ppl saying oooh and ahhh while they are recording cuz they can’t wait to bite n devour their foods!
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2 years ago, leahgk450
Amazing Foodie App!
Love this app! If you love food or need help picking where to get your next meal, this is for you. It’s incredibly easy to use and super engaging. It allows you to find new places in your area and also shows real content from people visiting, not just promotional videos! Videos are also a huge help because a photo might not be able to show the true vibe of any given location. I love that the app allows you to follow people who post content in your area too. I’m extremely indecisive when it comes to picking a place to eat, so this app has been incredibly helpful. Love it!
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2 months ago, wormnorman
Concierge love the App
I love this App for Atmosfy but the only thing they don't say before you upload the app is that you have to be referred by someone to become a concierge, I have applied several times it has been over a month I have more then 10 videos and also I am over 18 I have referred alot of people to this app....but also says you had to be referred I don't know anyone on here to refer me so what would be my next step... If I haven't heard anything back I will just close my account, I would really hate to but what fun is it when you see everyone else in here with a blue check mark and only have one video our 2 not fair at all. Please tell me my next step Thank you.
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2 years ago, YuRhee
Fantastic Foodie App!
This app really provides a new, engaging way to discover and explore restaurants! The map makes it very easy to find places that are in neighborhoods you’re interested in and being able to see videos instead of just still pictures really gives you an authentic sense of the food and the vibe of the restaurant. I also appreciate that the reviews are helpfully concise and to the point! I’m pretty familiar with the New York restaurant scene but I’ve already used Atmosfy to discover new places to add to my “must-try” list and I can’t wait to use it for my next visit to a different city!
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2 years ago, mama_d_thefoodie
Great App!!!
I’ve just discovered this platform and am already obsessed. As a foodie, it really helps to have a tool that is so easy to navigate and up to date with all of the local eats to discover. The accuracy is impeccable - I’ve discovered many places that are not even listed on the “Maps” search on my phone, which shows how quickly updated the listed locations are. I love that the reviews consist of short videos - We get a good glimpse of the experience rather than a potential photoshopped capture. This app will become so useful in my future travel adventures!
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3 years ago, Cynful.foodie
Great way to look explore different restaurants!
Love how this app is so easy to use especially when I’m lost on what to eat! I’m really really indecisive when it comes to food and I never know what I crave! This app allows you to see videos of different places in your area so I get to actually SEE what they have and get a feel of whether or not I want to try the restaurant out! The quality of the videos are TOP NOTCH so whenever I’m looking through a video, I’m basically drooling through it all! This app really helps me choose what place I want to try out and also gives me places that I should hit up next time!
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3 years ago, Gmoksenfjaakgdgokvfsazvj
Fun foodie App!
Love the concept of this app! If you’re a foodie or just someone who wants to venture out and try new places to eat - this app is it! It’s like Tik Tok and Yelp mixed into one app. You see real videos of the food from the customer’s orders and their reviews, which gives us a real feel to what the food will be like. It feels more authentic than getting “perfect” pictures from the restaurant’s food gallery. I can’t wait to use this when I travel because it adjusts to the closest places reviewed based on your location. Also super easy to navigate and make your own posts!
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8 months ago, Ksnshali626
Almost perfect!
This is such a great app to find new places to eat at, experiences and so on. I love being a part of this and definitely love the organization of each restaurant location based by city. I travel a lot and don’t like that in other platforms my videos can get lost in the mix. Atmosfy keeps everything together so if a person is looking for a specific city everything will appear on there. The only thing I don’t like is how my cover photos end up with a different brightness making it look a bit weird. Other than that everything about this app has been great so far!
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1 year ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne69
Just Found This App and I Am In Love with it!
I stumbled upon this app through another social media platform and can’t wait to get more use out of it! This is such a great way to explore my city that I’ve lived in for the last 29 years. I’m finding new places to eat every day that I never new existed here. I can’t wait to use this while I travel as well. I also love that Atmosfy is helping businesses advertise their products with the help of brand ambassadors and users. If you haven’t already downloaded this app I suggest you do so now; you won’t regret it!
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2 years ago, _KSaechao
Fun foodie app
The Atmosfy app is a fun and really creative way to connect people with local restaurants and great places to eat! It’s like a mix of Instagram reels and TikTok, you can view videos of food, like and follow accounts to help you build a collection of places to eat at when you travel to other cities you like! It’s a great way to actually see what the food looks like before you order, I’m guilty of looking up restaurants on Instagram or Yelp so this way, instead of hoping the food will look appetizing, you can actually see that it is!!
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2 years ago, Minimoopie
TikTok + Yelp + Opentable all in one app
I recently joined to be a part of the foodie/concierge community and have been using the app for discovering and uploading content. I think the concept is pretty good and brings a good solution to streamlining the process of deciding and securing what to do and what to eat all in one app instead of multiple platforms. I’m sure there’ll be more updates to app performance and the design but for now I think it’s just a bit slow and they need to figure out their own unique design instead of just copying TikTok’s layout. I’m excited to see this grow and more breakthrough in their concept!
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5 months ago, crobsc
Slow, Confusing, Pointless
I became aware of this app after seeing a job listing. I decided to give it a try but gave up after a few hours. To begin, there are essentially no videos or users in my area. The handful of videos I did see were a few seconds of someone’s wine flight or someone eating a green dessert. Pretty boring. I saw these videos over and over and over because I apparently live in an Atmosfy dead zone. Fine, I said, I’ll be an early adopter and upload videos of my own. I have tons. However, assigning a video to the right location was difficult, the upload process took way long, some of my videos never appeared, and the app kept insisting I was in a county I am not. I began looking up other cities or areas, though the search function was not intuitive. It appears that unless you live in one of a few major cities, there are no videos. The videos that do exist are just a few-second recordings of plates or drinks. Who cares? Frankly, I may as well search for or share content on Instagram, TikTok, or any other well-established platform.
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2 years ago, devenm113
A Complete Scam, Shady Business Practices
If I could rate 0 stars, trust me, I would. I applied for a Social Media manager position for the company, Atmosfy, on Indeed. They emailed me and responded saying that I needed to fill out their formal application. Their formal application required that I create an Atmosfy account for “tracking purposes.” They never responded and I looked them up on Glassdoor to find out that they do this to all applicants. I promptly deleted my account and uninstalled the app, of course. This company posts fake job postings so that they can email hopeful applicants to tell them to create an account and then they GHOST them! This is just so that they can get more downloads on their app. This is a shady business practice and I will be posting this review wherever I can, on multiple platforms, as I’m sure that Atmosfy likes to delete their negative reviews to hide the truth. This is NOT the way to grow your app. This is unprofessional. If your app isn’t growing, maybe consider the fact that it’s not well thought-out. People can easily look up restaurants on TikTok if they wanted to, and people already do food reviews there. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Do better.
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2 months ago, melanin back beauty
Love love LOVE this app!
As of a travel & foodie content creator I’m so happy that the Amosfy app has come to life! It’s such a fun way to get to know the go to spots in your city or places you’re traveling too. Plus it’s a great place for content creators to connect with one another and build a community. I’ve lived in Atlanta all my life and go to many restaurants often, and I found so many new spots just within a couple of days of signing up. I’ve recommended it to many friends and family and I recommend it to others as well.
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3 years ago, sillycube48
Exploring Foods Near and Far
It is fun to scroll through videos people post featuring restaurants near you, but also ones all around the world. You get to see delicious meals as well as the overall vibe of a place before going, so you have a better idea of what to expect. And for those places you may never get the chance to go, the videos help make it feel like you experiencing at least some of it in real time! I also love that the app brings exposure to smaller restaurants, so more people can discover and try them.
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2 years ago, TheToadSage
great app for foodies!
it’s like tiktok+yelp in one :) you can browse short clips of restaurants+bars nearby or globally and also click into a location to find more posts at a specific place! the video format is a great way to get a better idea of the vibes inside of a place the app can sometimes be buggy and get stuck but the UI is super familiar for anyone who has used tiktok or instagram reels before so it’s pretty easy to use 👍 and it seems like the app is still relatively new and growing/developing quickly
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1 year ago, jhooten90
What started off as a job hunt turned into my favorite new app
I applied for a recruiter role with Atmosfy but decided to dig deeper into the company. I’m so impressed. One of the most stressful parts of traveling for me is finding the hottest places to visit and now I don’t have to worry about it it anymore. So cool. I’ve sent it to all of my friends; can’t wait to visit so many new places in 2023 with this amazing app. It’s real people sharing real places…. Way better than google. Doesn’t get more legit than video footage.
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5 years ago, KEL120986
New City
When you’re new to a city, it can be hard to navigate the city let alone the night life. Gone are the days trying to decipher poorly shot iPhone videos of the place you’re wanting to try. This takes the guess work out and gives you a very good idea of the atmosphere and venue before arriving. No surprises. No disappointments. Most of the time when I get on yelp, I go straight to the photos and videos. Looking forward to skipping that step and using a much more user friendly interface. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this.
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2 years ago, FoodieDateNights
Been looking for an app like this!
Whenever I’m traveling, I’m always looking for unique restaurants to try and this app does the work for me! Instead of me taking through so many reviews, I can see the videos people post of a place to see if I like the atmosphere and the type of food. Cherry on top is that if I like a restaurant, I can make a reservation through this app instead of going onto another page! Can’t wait to use this app more in the future when traveling abroad.
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4 years ago, changtp
Great app for food adventurers
I love how this app has videos of nearby food spots! Because it’s all video from real people, it feels like a more authentic representation of the food and experience than on Yelp or other review platforms. It’s also super convenient that the app can help you order delivery/takeout and make reservations in one spot without moving between a bunch of windows/apps. Hopefully over time the app will make their search functionality better and cleaner, so it’s easier to scan for specific cities or cuisines or restaurants.
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2 years ago, CA2828
Interesting Concept
I’ve been posting these kinds of videos on Instagram now, but it’s so convenient to have these videos based on where you’re living. It’s interesting to see how many places I have yet to discover. This also makes it practical for traveling to new places because you could see what’s out there when you’re planning out your meals. As a foodie, that’s the first thing I do when traveling to new locations, plan on where I’m going to eat 🤭
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3 weeks ago, Lidiavtravel
A foodie’s favorite!
I first found out about Atmosfy through LinkedIn and I was immediately interested on checking out the app. I love all things food, travel and experiences and Atmosfy has it all! It’s a great platform to discover local spots and see what’s happening now in real time. As a foodie, this app has become my new favorite in finding hidden gems in my area or abroad! They also do giveaways every so often and you can become an Atmosfy concierge too.
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3 years ago, idodiekdoci
Simple, clean, easy
If you’re new to town or a tourist and don’t know where to go, this Atmosfy app has you covered. Quick 10 second videos from Atmosfy concierges give you a glimpse of where to go to dine out, where to grab some drinks or where to have fun. This app has it all whether you want to search for a place on a map, order or make reservations, it has links for all of those to make it a one stop shop for your dining needs.
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4 months ago, Grant Harrington
Stellar for Date Nights
My wife and I prefer to try out local places when we travel, so an app that lines them up and pitches them to me is right up our alley. As an individual pursuing social media management as a career- this app’s User interface, with its infinite scroll feature, is a dream come true. This app is so good, I literally put in a job application to work for them, because who doesn’t want to work for a company they love? -Grant Harrington
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2 years ago, makealittlegrub
Stay safe & have fun!
Atmosfy is fairly simple to use! The app is easy to navigate, it has built in hashtags for quick and easy use, and it’s a great way to share and support local businesses! This is a great time to support one another and those small or local businesses! Wether you’re dining indoors or bring home take out, you can share it all. Can’t wait to see all the content from all over the world on this app. Stay safe and have fun!
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3 years ago, m_paige
Exciting and Easy to Use!
Atmosfy is a fresh and easy way to explore and review restaurants. If you’re unsure about what you want to eat, you can easily swipe through quick videos and reviews of nearby restaurants before making a decision. I love how the app allows for creativity and connectivity. It’s like a personal food journal that I can share with others while creating my own content. It’s a perfect app for foodies and social media users alike!
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2 years ago, nastassja83
Atmosfy, finally a food app that support the local business
Atmosfy, well what can I say that hasn’t already been said, amazing! Opens up the world of mom and pop restaurants for all the world to explore. Whenever I feel like I want to try something new but local this is the app that I use. I would never leave home without this app and thank god I don’t have to since it will never leave my phone. Ok on to my next food adventure.
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11 months ago,
Great app for food lovers!!
I recently started using Atmosfy to share cool spots I’ve been to and look for suggestions from others in my area. I’ve already found some really cool places on here! The app has many good features, but I especially love the Map tab where you can explore restaurants/bars/experiences by zoning in on a specific area you’d like. Overall, a great, user-friendly app to find unique experiences around the world 😁
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3 years ago, dpfls99
Creative New Way for Foodies!
As a big foodie, I am always on the hunt to find cafes and restaurants to check out. Sometimes, pictures don’t do justice. And this is where Atmosfy comes into play! With video reviews, you can really get a good sense of what the restaurant/cafe/dish is like, and it is also so fun because these are like Instagram reels/tiktok, except they’re all for food recommendations! Love the community as well, to be able to connect with those with similar passions
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2 years ago, Ceeeshop
Great for finding new food places
This app is basically Yelp and TikTok combined where there are short videos of the restaurant/nightlife experience. I got on the app as a part of their Concierge team creating content, and it’s pretty fun and easy to navigate. The only thing I hope they change in the future is the ability to stitch together multiple video clips from my camera roll onto the app, instead of only being able to upload one for each post!
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3 years ago, haileynicoleo
Gone are the days of blurry Yelp photos
Atmosfy is the best of Yelp and Tiktok combined for foodies! You can actually SEE awesome food recommendations near you, which helps you find new places to eat, and small businesses thrive. If you’re not in a major city, and can be difficult to find restaurants near you at first, but if you sign up to be a concierge, you can start creating your own content to help other foodies and small businesses near you!
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8 months ago, AnvitSaxena
Love the App
This is an amazing app if you are looking to discover local restaurants as it gives you all the videos fellow creators have uploaded. The best part if its Happening now feature which gives you extra points on video upload. You can easily cash out the points which is a very seamless process. Its a perfect app to connect with fellow creators and find out about new restaurants all over the world!
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2 years ago, Prima Lo
Great app to find places to go!
I recently started using this app ans have been loving it. I spend a lot of time searching for new places to explore and activities to try and this app really helps a lot. I get real reviews from other people and I love the feature that allows for sharing of location and the specific dishes! Would start asking my friends to download it so we can all benefit from this community!
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2 years ago, Pskfneiald
Every update, the app gets worse
Updated review: the app gets worse every update. Version history notes are unhelpful and doesn’t list which features were changed or added. Uploading videos can take up to 15 minutes. Phone always heats up within minutes of using the app. The like button has delayed response time, so it takes multiple clicks to “like” someone’s video. Not sure why this app is a 4.9/5, it really should be a 2.5/5 at most. Original review: App is generally easy to navigate, although it’s a bit glitchy occasionally (pages and videos freezing, glitching navigation). Overall a cool, fun idea for an app.
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3 years ago, Captain America 49
Wonderful App
What a great idea, an app that shows you short videos that can give you a pretty good feel for the atmosphere, food and drinks at thousands of places all around the world. Easy to use and navigate, if you’re a foodie like me that loves to go out, this is the app for you. Not to mention the great concierges who provide insightful info describing the dishes they tried and what makes each place great. Highly recommend using this app as a search tool for finding great places to go.
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2 years ago, sallison1985
New Foodie/Restaurant/Night Out App
I just learned about Atmosfy a few weeks ago. Very neat app, good for scrolling when you have a few minutes but much better to use as a quick way to see restaurants, cool places to eat and drink in your town or more usefully in a city you may visit soon. I’ll be looking up Lake Tahoe soon before my next trip and hopefully will be adding some videos of my fav restaurants and breweries too.
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3 years ago, Aadi123455
Phenomenal app for discovering local restaurants!
This app is wonderful, and ideal for anyone who wants to explore more local restaurants in their respective cities!!! Very easy to navigate and find outstanding local restaurants in your respective city. The videos are excellent and they showcase many delicious food/drink options in local restaurants! I now plan to visit over 10 restaurants in Philly when I go back to campus next semester because of this wonderful app.
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2 years ago, BriannaSharee
Helpful for foodies
I’m really happy that it’s mostly for food. There is traveling and experiences which is great too but I can focus only on food and not be stressed about the other aspects like other apps. This is a great way to learn about places and food too. Although I haven’t tried the features yet, you’re able to make orders and reservations directly from the app. It’s a mix of yelp and tiktok. So far it’s really great!
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2 years ago, josoeung
Atmosfy is one of a kind experience!
Such an amazing experience to be able to see videos of restaurants, hidden gems, bars and lounges finally. I don't think that online images do certain places justice or makes you think somethings going to be better than it is and then you get there and it's a let down. Atmosfy is a fantastic way of getting a glimpse into the experience you can expect.
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2 years ago, WanderedSouls
A great way to find amazing and recommended food options near you
This app is one in all platform that lets you find amazing food options from appetiser's to entrees to desserts near by you. You can also checkout the highly recommended options from different foodies like you and also discover options in different cities before you head there to explore. A must checkout for all foodies out there!
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2 years ago, thestacetaste
great for foodies
I have all the apps a foodie needs but mostly looked at Yelp reading reviews hoping people posted pictures along with it so I have a visual but most don’t include pictures. Atmosphy shows videos with their review getting a better experience and more likely to visit said restaurants. I also love that you can search by city! So helpful for traveling foodies. I can’t wait to explore this app more.
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