Azar - Video Chat

Social Networking
4.3 (103.7K)
226.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hyperconnect LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Azar - Video Chat

4.35 out of 5
103.7K Ratings
2 years ago, wirkid
Good overall
The app is good over all just some things I dislike it’s kinda hard to be able to message people you follow, the app doesn’t allow you to join or go LIVE on certain Wi-Fi’s kinda a bummer, and lots of negative vibes on the app, other than that it’s a fun app to make friends and chill with
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5 years ago, z0bal239
Don’t USE this App (total RIP-OFF)
So basically this app is created to rip-off people. That’s it. You select a specific country or region and if they can’t find a match they quickly find you a match in a different place and before you have a chance to react the other user hits “skip” and you just got charged $0.10 (USD). It might not seem much, but they charge you $10 to choose a specific country and now on top of it you are paying $0.10 (USD). But it’s not actually for a match. If someone skips you in 3 seconds, you’ll still get charged. Oh and there are soooo MANY bots. You think you are getting matched with a person, but it’s actually a bot and you get charged. TOTAL ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF. So in one hour you can easily go through $10 and not even talk to anyone. On top of that I was sitting in my shorts and they suspended my account for “nudity,” pretty much a few minutes after I had paid $10 to be able to pick a specific region. This is the worst SCAM app there is. DO NOT WASTE YOYR MONEY HERE.
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2 years ago, Danielm7691
Used to be good, now it’s useless.
I used to love this app. But since the most recent update it went downhill. Before I used to go match in a selected country (usually India) and within seconds I would be connected with someone. Now when I go match, it takes forever! Sometimes more than 5 minutes before I’m connected with someone. Most times I’m not connected with anyone at all. I’m paying the monthly subscription fee, but for the past week it’s been for nothing. I’m about to cancel my subscription and delete this app for good. Waste of money now
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2 years ago, hassanhrh
Stop the suspension’s for no reason
So unprofessional app I have this app ever since and I spent a lot of money on it they are so unprofessional to contact with users this month i got 3 suspension’s for no reason the last time it was because my phone turned off and I contacted them through the help center its so unprofessional they told me (Thank you for contacting Azar support center. Sorry for the inconvenience. There are some reasons for being suspended from Azar, such as nudity and sexual behavior, violent behavior and self-harm, defamation and excessive swearing, illegal activity, and other inappropriate behaviors. In addition, age restrictions may apply that may cause suspension of the account.) What is that at least let some human try to help I was explaining that I didn’t do anything from the reasons they mentioned and look how they respond so unprofessional
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5 years ago, Snak302
The developers are super greedy
Please don’t reply with sorry for your inconvenience. The people running this app charge you just to skip people. You pay extra to unlock regions such as Latin America or other countries but they still match you with people that don’t belong to that region and if you want to skip them they will charge you.i only manage to connect with 5 people that I wanted to talk to because they charge 13 gems for a match, if you decide to back out on a match, that’s another 13 gems, you want to skip? Another 13 gems.. They are not improving nothing on the matching. I haven’t seen improvement on this app for the past 1-2 years. If I pick United States only and I’m getting match with the Philippines that’s the unwanted experience I’m paying for with no warning.
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5 years ago, jaybird24
Total Ripoff
I find it troubling how even though you pay for a VIP membership and buy tokens, you get charged 9 tokens even if you skip the match. Like seriously the tokens are ridiculously overpriced and if I get matched with a person in a region I don’t like I still get charged. To make matters worse, I will get matched with the same person that I already swiped before yet I get charged. Why would you match me with someone I already skipped. You don’t have a option to permanently skip/block someone either. I think this app is pretty cool but unless they improve their pricing, I won’t be surprised with another app takes over. Price gouging your users might work in the beginning but isn’t sustainable.
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6 years ago, Nef89
No customer support on this app
I was enjoying the app for free, until some random dude was cursing at me for no reason (a lot of the users do that for fun) and then he reported me. My account is unfairly blocked for one month. I wrote my complaint in a review because the stupid Azaar team does not view emails sent to their customer support address. I sent my complaint and I received a bot message informing me I violated rules. I did not violate anything. Did you even read my email? No!
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3 years ago, Ebtisam12
Plz don't keep updating
Please don't keep updating cuz I am really going crazy every week whenever I use it it really changed and cry plz leave it like now I can't even add people's 🥴why azar why 🙄 I really miss the old azar but now azar is completely different. I really love this app but whenever ya update I go crazy please let our lovely old azar back please 🥰 Thanks azar
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5 years ago, CCTV pros
Rip off
Stupidest app and the worst app I’ve ever seen, all they care about is taking your money, The interface is awful they set you up to see guys if you are a men and if you are women they set it up to see women and men. If you change it to women they charge you for it if you change your name because your email name was wrong they charge you $10 pathetic. And let me tell you every time there is a new profile they charge you money even if the other person hits skip. I hate how you can skip and hit next within 2 seconds which is pointless
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4 years ago, CheyHorizon
“Age Too Young For Azar”
I never leave reviews on apps, so if an app has infuriated me so much for me to leave one, then you know it isn’t good. I initially used this app with a friend of mine who is 27 and I liked it so I downloaded it for myself. Sounds simple right? Anyhow, I am 18 years of age. I look young so it could be mistaken that I am a minor, which is understandable. However, I am not given an appeals process to verify my age. It just bans me and says I am “too young” even though I am a legal adult. Its unfortunate considering I enjoyed this app, however, I dont think I will be using it in the future.
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5 years ago, Kathylewis182
I love it
I’ve deleted and then reinstalled this app many times because I can’t stay away from it, I find it really fun and it makes the time go by fast. I’ve met a lot of interesting people on here that I ended up friending on other social media platforms so I could talk to them more. All around fun and enjoyable app :)
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5 years ago, Shoandtell
Who knows
It’s basically a bunch of foreigners’ trying te be in Americans and talking trash about Americans’.. It’s a battery burner , for random foreigners’ te show shade and such .. The video chat app is a great idea, just not for random companies’ .. This App has no quality of necessities’.. It’s a bunch of rude foreign ugly cowards’ finding their way and reasons’ te throw dirty shade at Americans bi violating the Americans and being the black eyed children..
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2 weeks ago, Udhxiwh
This is the best video chat app ever
In this app you can make friends and best friends! You can talk to people for how ever long you want. I have had this app for a long time now and I have met some great people! And that’s why you should get this app now a give it 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Abudi..
Thank you azar
Thank you for letting me meet my other half on here, we met 3+ months ago we live in 2 different countries but we finally met and im so grateful to meet that kind of person from the internet. Im so attached and hopefully we’ll take it to another level
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6 years ago, emzinha
Actually, I’ve been using this app since my sister showed it to me in 2014. I actually meet great people. I meet the love of my life thorough this app. Sometime our parents will say do not meet anyone on the internet because it could be very dangerous but actually, it worked out perfectly. Risk it.
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3 years ago, ceetah899
Stupid new update
The new update makes me want to use a new app it is the stupidest and most terrible update Azar could have done bring back the old version, the fact you have to face the screen to be able to see the other person is the most inconvenient feature yet, It made the app extremely boring to use, still as boring as ever no one wants to use it anymore even my friends deleted it please remove the new update it is so bad.
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4 years ago, " الحلوووووو "
I’m going to have to go to the gym today to go to work I have to go to work A-yourself
Do you want me to pick up your phone phone today or did your family work today if you’re going on a phone phone today
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6 years ago, Nyzhot1
Gem rip off
I purchased some gems and the app would deduct even without connecting to anyone most of the time. They want 300 gems if you want to add someone you connected with which I feel is stupid. They just care about robbing your money. Don’t download or use. It would be a good app if they made some changes. Ok. You guys have fake bots on there. Videos get disconnected on their own when using gems. If one is spending money on your app They should get their money’s worth. Not ripped off.
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2 years ago, ConceredUser465
Could be a lot better
If it’s an adult app , we should be allowed to show whatever we want if both parties are consenting. Also video chats shouldn’t have the option to turn cameras off, it’s very uncomfortable looking at an off camera while they can look at you. Especially if customers are paying for the diamonds that allow preferences
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5 years ago, 포니안녕
Banned Incorrectly and Bad Support
Got for nudity and tried to ask what could be done when it obviously wasn’t true. The team couldn’t communicate nor answer my questions and kept repeating the same thing despite me phrasing things as simply as possible. Also when I banned actual nudists and perverts I kept seeing them around the site. So much for creating a clean space. With no real adequate customer support and not a real safe space the app isn’t really worth a try.
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6 years ago, moemoney506
First of all you guys did very well with the new update for real .., it’s way different and amazing now .., second , in this app there are nice people 90% of them not everyone.., I have 6 friends right now from this app thank you so much
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6 years ago, Jdbdidnehxhdb
Stealing your money
If you are tooooo rich you will find this app amazing When they steal your money they provide you a nice thing in return With free profile finder... for each profile it take a couple of seconds with skip option But I purchased 300 gems and when i started to find profiles ... i lost around 40 without speaking with anyone Now... i lost around 240 one and i could speak with approximately 12 one only!!!! When you do a skip they CHARGE YOUUUUUUU and when you try to go out of the app, they do not provide you a chance to do so... just putting you in a loop that keeps charging you 9 by 9 without a chance to stop it!!!!!!!!!! So guys..... when purchasing assume that by using the filter ... each profile consumes around 20 gym BAD GUYS!!!
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5 months ago, LeoHerrera_
Upgraded subscription but got charged old one too
I upgraded my subscription to the new Azar Premium, but instead of only charging me that one, you ALSO charged me the old Video Plus days later. If it’s an upgrade I shouldn’t have both subscriptions active at the same time. If you’re gonna implement subscription tiers at least get it right. It doesn’t make any sense and I should get a refund.
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6 years ago, shavzia
Too much fun
This app is really amazing install and use it as it helps find new friends all over the world....I really love this app. Thanks for developing such an awesome app and also love the special video effects as I was bored of the snapchat filters so mch
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5 years ago, Jordan3636
Hi there the only thing I don’t like here you guys charge to much for gems when I use gender and pick only female you guys charge 13 gems for every person open my camera , it should be just 5 gems thx .
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1 year ago, azarkhal
I was paying a lot money on this app about $400 a month and if Azar customer support saw my comment I’m sure they can see who I’m and how much I spind money and just finding out when they told you they charge 22 gram of each match it’s totally a lie they take way more than that 22 gram I’m gonna delete this app and I just want the people know that you guys are a scammers and all the reviews says same thing
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3 days ago, LadyXO
Filtering is horrible
They add a free filter option and yet u have to pay for it to actually work? There is something seriously wrong for someone to think like that and when you do select filtering it doesn’t even work I'm being put with people who can’t even speak my language this app is an overall money grab and isn’t even worth downloading
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3 years ago, ronnie esho
Drastically changed.
This app changed completely. It use be free now you have to pay for everything.
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5 years ago, dr.hehehaha
I can’t trust this app anymore
If you select both you will talk and meet different people 99% boys so you need to buy gems to pick a gender anyway before , for a one person they take 9 gems now the take 17 gems!!!? And for the 33,000 gems you need to pay 199$ so they taking our money in force and charge us more than before, we dont care if u spend your money on AD’s make the gems cheaper or change your policy
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7 months ago, aziz12341
App Error Occurrence
The app has suddenly signed me out of my account without any explanation. I have tried to sign in several times but unfortunately it appears that there’s an error occurred. Also I have tried to contact azar team to resolve this issue but there’s no email address or any contact info.
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5 years ago, astrogotitgreat
customer services
I had a problem a few months back when I wasn’t even logged to the app at the time saying I was doing “sexual things” etc. I tried numerous times to contact them no response just a bit message saying someone will be looking over my “case file”never happened Plus there is these weird people that are obviously a screen play of some pure person
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5 years ago, Fazlalipour
Sorry for developers☹️!
It's quite shameful that user can connect and get to know other people of other countries at a considerably high cost! You taking advantage of location services to put boundaries on people as politicians do using Visa service. You should let users to choose at least one location other than their location then extra location request can come at a reasonable cost.
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5 years ago, xkdoesntwork
Why the web site isn’t opening, it tries to load but nothing happen and then it just kicks me out to my homescreen
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5 years ago, Sam mohadjeri
Application Unavailable: The application you're trying to use is either no longer available or access is restricted.
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7 months ago, julian9282
Add as can I have to get a little while
Fed ty the other thing that I will have a few things for my car fixed
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2 years ago, ayou_b9
Please fix bugs
Bad experience and performance after adding avatar feature , the app exiting by it self and stuck a lot.
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2 years ago, Sammmmisaisamisaosoa
Horrible and lots of discrimination
You will find People Threaten you and keep reporting you because you LGBTQ using this app And Managment will keep sign u off or suspending your account if you LGBTQ If you complain or submit report they will just keep sending you these same exact robot answers that you break thier term and conditions because they are definitely against LGBTQ
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7 months ago, cruz0018
Diff and I have been doing a good
Ponies for a few minutes before you come back here for your first time at my
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7 months ago, keeling982
Add the food to your place in your room
Sacs and the other kids have been in the area and have been
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3 years ago, Billyg1991
Spent over $50 to meet men when I’ve selected women gender preference. You can make this app better by making sure this app functions correctly to users preference. Also should not charge when app disconnects before meeting other users. On the other hand the prices are outrageous compared to other applications on the market. Telebird would be a much better app to use instead of Azar.
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7 months ago, ada299
Affordable for my opinion in my first
Dachshund said the new place would make the first reservation reservation in place of a
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3 years ago, m2360m
High prices
High prices for everything. The app is good but they need to change the prices. The prices is not fair because 24 games each it if you want choose the gender. You can’t choose any country you want unless you have a VIP or you pat each time. They should lower the price or the will lose people because that is scam
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5 years ago, Writingsomerhing
The apps need to change something, when I selected a country for example: if I selected United State why would you show me people form Thailand or Korea and a lot of fake and bots too???! I spent money to talk to who I want not to what you suggest!! Other thing let us see who is online or offline from our friends list, I suggest for you to not download this app until they do some devolvement
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2 years ago, Abdulazizsk
iOS problems
Its lagging every time i try to delete the app and install it again but same problem
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6 months ago, Ibrahim.7778
I always buy gems and subscrip for premium to filter gender and country. But always there are men come, and others don’t stay even seconds and swipe. This unacceptable for me while I’m buying not like them. Also, always I lose gems for nothing. Please fix that and help me to not lose more and more.
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7 months ago, brenda9200
Suggest that we can get the one
Dads house for a few weeks and I don’t have a few weeks to get
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1 year ago, Hdfdvic
How much does a dog need in the car in order a
I am so happy for that man and the family and all of us that
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3 years ago, Mahi.bn1
I can’t access to app because of an error which has letters and numbers
help me please I want to login and the app doesn’t let me
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3 years ago, Nourjun
worst app ever
Got my account suspended after purchasing the membership, I didn’t even got the chance to talk with anyone, i have to buy more gem even when i have the membership to choose the country.. honestly azar was better before now i feel like i have to pay to talk with the country i wanna talk
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7 months ago, ron7277
Only the new update will not work
Injuries are in my new life I don’t think they will get it for
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