Backbone — Next-Level Play

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4.8 (50.9K)
249.3 MB
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Current version
Backbone Labs, Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Backbone — Next-Level Play

4.78 out of 5
50.9K Ratings
3 years ago, roman.elites
Love the Backbone controller and App for iOS
I tried both rayzer Kishi and the backbone for iOS, and for me the backbone came out on top. That being said I would like to see a selection that has controller only games from any seller for direct sales rather than buying a plan for each one and then still have to pay for a game. Also the video size output is kind of small would like it to be the size of a Instagram photo. I want to be able to post my video directly to LinkedIn like I can with Instagram. I would like the start broadcast button to appear on screen window with game not go in and out. Need to Have two separate Instagram share buttons one for highlights and one for stories and or regular post. Make some accessories and updates to this before making a new one so original buyers dont feel jipped, and finally there are two pieces on the rayzer Kishi that make your phone feel snug and safe looks like the same shape as your sides maybe you guys can make those like an add on to purchase to make your phone feel more safe . Also some type of magnifying attachment is needed to attach to the backbone to make your screen look a little bigger I would buy that. Those are my suggestions all in all backbone best Mobile controller on the market razer Kishi a close 2nd.
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9 months ago, Rktmtnman
Not bad
I’m pretty happy that you can play assassin’s creed odyssey, and several other cloud games. What they don’t tell you is that it takes an annual fee of $40 a year to play on Backbone. I’m also pretty frustrated that I bought this less than a week ago and there now coming out with a USB-C type. I really hope Backbone has a solution or an adapter for older phones for those of us going to upgrade. Overall, I really enjoy it but I also wish you could put a tablet in it instead of a phone just so that you could see better. But it plays Diablo, immortal, assassin’s, creed, odyssey, monster, hunter world, and many other cloud games very well. It even sees all my old saves and loads. I’ve been very surprised. The controller is basically the exact same as my Xbox controller the buttons are just a tiny bit smaller and thinner. We have been looking for an alternative to buy a Nintendo switches for Travel . And I think this is it. I’ve been able to hook up my Steam account, Xbox account, Twitch and I’m hoping to eventually be able to hook up Amazons new world. If they ever get to it that would be cool! There are cheaper alternatives that are just as good but for $100 this feels like it’s built well and will last. Time will tell.
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3 years ago, Yeager2113
This controller is absolutely amazing I love everything about it, it’s super high quality the buttons are really good and I love how you can both plug headphones/earbuds into it and also charge up your phone without the cords of both getting in the way and putting marks on your hand. The box it came in is really cool especially now since I’ve put my own personal touch to it. I love playing Minecraft with it ( the creeper is what’s on the box, yes I made sure you could still see the logo) it gave me the opportunity to play it with one thing u can’t do without the controller and that’s the pick item ( Java editions middle click) which I love and then I also like playing CODm and Genshin impact the play style is really good and rn I’m in the process of getting more games just so I can use the controller more than just those 3 games. I’ve already suggested it to one of my friends and he said he’s definitely going to get one. I love the app as well I think it’s so cool how you can basically use it like it’s a console in the app that’s just mind blowing yo me. Everything about the controller is awesome I absolutely love and I highly recommend this to anyone with a iPhone 6 and up cuz that’s all the devices it’s compatible with.
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2 years ago, Presleyoreed3
Best Gaming App and Accessory in the App Store
First off let me say that the backbone controller that they sell is the best attachable controller that you can buy for any mobile device. The best part of getting this controller is that app though as it allows you to basically have a gaming console in your pocket at all times. The ability to have a unified place where all of your controller compatible games live along with the features to find groups, chat with friends, make parties and stream make it a must have for any mobile gamer. I seriously cannot recommend this product enough and would suggest anyone use it. My one piece of feedback would be to work on having native iPad support since a lot of games now work on both mobile and table, and since the controller supports it, having that same interface on a tablet would open up even more possibilities and grow the market for users. Keep up the amazing work backbone team!!!
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2 years ago, Lingivey
The app is actually close to perfect but
The app is all you could ever want from a phone gaming app. It organizes and shows you all sorts of games you may want to try that is supported. You can have a friends list and such and have parties and voice chat. It’s like Xbox live for your iPhone. The only problem is the backbone controller itself. It’s pretty good for most games and it’s responsive and the build quality feels solid however I feel like it fails at first person shooters. I think part of it is that the phone games aren’t really made for phone controllers so they are supported on a basic level.. with that said.. using this controller and an Xbox controller is night and day. The analog sticks on this feel a little flimsy making it easy to overshoot when aiming. This happening to me a lot but when playing with Xbox controller it worked much better… it’s fine for action games and platformer but shooters I won’t bother too much. Also the start button should be above the abxy buttons, i find it unnatural to reach for it there with my thumb. It’s not deal breaking but I feel it’s a few tweaks from being the best iPhone controller. The app though is perfect.
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1 year ago, xXxScottixXx
Great concept, but ya still need every system
The good; amazing concept. The control is beautifully designed, doesn't feel alien in my hands, and ACTUALLY lets you play games in the App Store. It also charges your phone while charging itself if you have it plugged up. This ACTUALLY DOES WORK. I loved this idea. Now, the bad; I had to sell my PS5, my Xbox Series X and my custom PC to pay for my move back home. As a parting gift, my roommate bought me this to make me happy after seeing how upset I was. After getting it started, I find out that it still requires me to have all 3 systems in order to play. Now my roommate is upset, I’m about to cry because I got so excited, now this good bye present she got me has turned into something sad. Ik this sounds extreme and childish, but she was really excited to see me open it and play it. I wish your device was able to just access my accounts when I log in and let me stream play like all the systems give the option for now. You’re device should be a cheap option for those who don’t have and/or can’t afford these newer systems instead of requiring us to literally spend over $1,000 for the 3 different systems.
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2 years ago, jdisjfjeisix8xx
Could work better
i like using my backbone to play games on Xbox game pass. however, there are some persistent bugs that decrease the quality of my experience. sometimes when i click a game, it brings me to the game page but at the bottom, so i have to scroll all the way back up to see the game. also when i click into an xbox game that doesn't exist on game pass, it will bring me to xbox home without any error message so it's pretty confusing and a waste of time to keep trying to figure out why a game isn't loading. there are also games that show up on the backbone homepage xbox section that are not actually in the xbox section or playable. i have also wanted to pin a game to my recently played by pressing the backbone button but there is no notification or indication that the game has been added. all these little issues add up to worsen my overall experience. if the backbone team spent time to really polish it up, i would give this 5 stars. as of now, i like it and it works ~80% of the time but it's a bit frustrating to use
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2 years ago, deuce2ya
Family fun
Wow, I’m not going to lie I didn’t have hope for the backbone it seemed like every other knock off sponsored controller. Until I actually got two for family fun night, and it really did take on the number one lead of a controller specially as a portable. We actually raided it 10/10 to be honest off that scale an let me say kids na a day are very picky about their devices. All I seen were smiles and let’s play some more the only thing we didn’t like was you had to remove your phone case in order to play. Now the company needs to get on it to allow your phone case not to get in the way of playing an it would be the greatest to play topping #1 for the next five years until we get hit with something better that is. I really do enjoy this product this is definitely going to be Christmas gifts 👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾!!
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1 year ago, LT.Cunningham
The hardware is awesome, software not so much. Still a good purchase.
The Backbone device works well, using it with your iPhone AND iPad is a plus and when it works right it’s amazing. But that’s when it works right, lately the thing freaks out when I plug it into the iPad, so I don’t use that anymore, and every game that has ever been opened on my backbone is now always there, every game my daughter ever tapped or a game that I tapped on is auto added and you can’t delete it or clear it or remove it from the app. There are instructions on how to do this but they don’t work, so be sure you always want whatever game to be on the app cause it’s gonna be there for a while, oh and your get to pay for it, the app that is. $100 for the controller and then a sub? At least Polish it up, allow us to remove a game from the app from within the app! Not go through the App Store, with app open, then remove app and tap again then maybe it goes away, cmon. And fix the iPad issue where the joy sticks freak out like they are stuck spamming all around.
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1 year ago, TheRealTagzz
Controller works good when it doesn’t disconnect
I had the Razer Kishi controller for my phone that was given to me as a gift. I have always wanted a Backbone for my iPhone 13 Max Pro because I’ve heard good things. Unfortunately after biting the bullet and getting one I have had connectivity issues. Backbone suggests to make sure the phones software is up to date as well as the Backbone app… Both have ALWAYS been up to date, Yet here I am trying to stream COD Mobile and I finally gave up streaming. The Backbone keeps disconnecting and I have to completely remove my phone from the controller and put it back in to the connection. I would have gave it a 2.5 ⭐️ rating if I could… Unfortunately we are going to have to wait for somebody else to push the limits and get the gamers something reliable. Nobody likes to see there character freeze in the middle of a gun fight just to get humiliated and angry at the same time. Hopefully this helps people like me who relieves stress from there life by escaping into a good game, whatever that game may be!!
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10 months ago, NobodyUnoe
My Backbone controller (that I live on) recently died out of the blue, and was incessantly blitzing me with pop ups to install this app in the middle of battle and launching the App Store without permission, as well as the in-game chat interface. Meanwhile two of the buttons died (one I never even used- it was discovered when I tried to install this app in a failed attempt to shut up the pop ups). I contacted their customer support to see if we could troubleshoot what was happening, and they’ve incredibly offered to replace my controller even though it’s out of warranty! I’m deeply grateful. I still won’t use this app though, there’s no reason for it for me. I only play Genshin Impact, and I don’t livestream. The stars are actually for the controller, not the app. 😅 (one star off for the buttons being a bit stiff and the plastic is somewhat brittle and prone to cracking and shattering, but I definitely got my money’s worth and serious mileage from it!)
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3 years ago, msantiago1256
Extremely cool purchase
This is already one of my favorite iPhone accessory purchases of all time. The app is what seals the deal. The only thing that keeps me from giving this a 5 star rating is some of the missing features that probably should’ve shipped with the product. Such as a better way to view all games pulled into the app for launching. Right now I have to scroll across a surprisingly long list on a single horizontal row. A simple “expand list” button or function would allow me to see more at once and choose my next game. Even a menu option for a list view page would work. Adding games is a bit cumbersome as well but maybe that’s due to apple API limitations. Overall a great first version and I’m more than ok with my early adopter purchase.
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3 years ago, GooieGreen
Decent software, poor hardware
Having gone through two Backbone One controllers, I am extremely disappointed with this product as a whole. The software is limited by Apple and all of its stubbornness, but the parts that really matter (the gameplay integration and responsiveness) are there and work well. The main failing of this product is the build quality. Springs that sounds loud and fragile, triggers that make popping and grinding noises while dropping inputs; inconsistent yet persistent issues that plague the physical hardware resulting in an unsatisfactory gameplay experience. Customer support has been really good by getting back to me and making return/exchanges painless but I frankly do not want to try a third controller so I can hope this one will be problem-free. Once manufacturing issues are resolved and Apple opens up a bit, I could see this being the real deal. But at $100, no option for a carry case, software limitations and a ton of physical issues, I can’t recommend the product in its current state.
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2 years ago, KingResilient
Great besides one thing
I would give it 5 stars the product is actually better then I imagined it would be. I never played mobile games often but now I find myself playing more often then not. It works very well with a lot of games. My only issue is when I try to play racing games such as Forza and when trying to race and turn right or left the sticks doesn’t fully go left like a genuine controller. It barely makes a left or right and I find myself crashing pretty often. So I stick with shooter games it works great. Also when playing PS remote play and I try to play CyperPunk there isn’t a button to bring up the map to fast travel or ping areas I want to go. It’s just the start button that brings up the start menu. Those are really my only issues that can be fixed with relative speed but overall it’s a great product that I don’t regret buying AT ALL. I love it
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3 years ago, JP Adams
Great device
I recommend it to anybody who love streaming and gaming on the go the only thing that I was state about this device is the lack of connection either with Wi-Fi or not with Wi-Fi this controller should be compatible to whatever data you’re trying to use one of the flaws that I really have a problem with if the connection is bad it states that on your Wi-Fi connection on the screen while you’re playing the game and it comes on randomly I will say that is one of the flaws that I do not like other than that if they can fix that problem to make the controller stronger with ever you’re using you can use this to stream while on vacation in the long car ride whatever you decide this will change the world of gaming and streaming
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2 years ago, jkeitz
Um… Why?
I downloaded this app and followed it through the setup, only to find that it doesn’t actually add anything to the experience. Don’t get me wrong, the BackBone controller is five stars easily, but the app is redundant. It shows you which games you can use the controller with, but that’s easy enough to find out anyway. If you select an XBOX game, it takes you to “set up services” where the instructions tell you to create a shortcut to XBOX Streaming and then to…USE THAT APP TO LAUNCH THE GAME?!? So, what exactly did you do for me there other than add another step? If you find an Apple Arcade game that you already have downloaded, and you select that game in the app, the only option offered is to download the app?!? I already did that! If I want to play the game, I have to leave the app and launch the game. So, again, what exactly did you do for me? So, it looks like I have a subscription to cancel next month. But I still love the controller!
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3 years ago, DJ-Keebz
First good iOS controller—but App steals the show too
The controller is top notch. My only complaint is that I would have preferred softer ABXY buttons like on the Switch Lite. They’re very clicky which makes it hard to game in bed with the spouse. BUT it’s seriously so much better than any other controller, and the app is fantastic. That brings the whole experience together and makes you feel like you’re playing on an actual console. There are a few games missing from it like Titan Quest HD and it shows some games incorrectly like Skyforce Reloaded, which doesn’t have controller support. But overall it’s the best way to see what games have controller support. Apple should just buy these guys and make it official because they provide a much better experience than the App Store.
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2 years ago, stellllla7800
I’m no have the best experience.
The reason I’m not having the best experience, is this I am not able to find or redeem the free game pass that’s supposed to have been given with the purchase of this backbone. It’s not in the package as far as I’m concerned I have seen it. So now I went ahead and purchase my own game pass and activated it on the website at Xbox, not that ive that the game pass don’t seem to work on this Iphone 8.I’m not able to get to speak to anyone at backbone to explain because there isn’t a number available to call. Yup so I need some assistance some how, how do I go about getting this thing to work so I could have a better experience with this thing here.
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2 years ago, hike1970
Great, but……
I’ve had my Backbone for quite a while now. I really enjoy playing on it. There is one issue that I am having at the moment though. I have the app on two different IPhones. One is the iPhone Xs Max that I only use on Wi-Fi (app and controller work flawlessly on it) that phone isn’t running the latest version of IOS or the app. My everyday phone, the iPhone 12 max pro is fully up to date along with the Backbone app, but the app will not open on this phone. Not by clicking the app or the button on the Backbone. It will not open with the phone in the controller or out of the controller. I am Backbone support is currently working with me to try to resolve this issue. I hope they can correct this. I don’t won’t to have to use this phone’s mobile hotspot just to play the Backbone on my other phone.
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7 months ago, Dubb Sac
Very aggravating
I would totally give this product a 5 star rating, I absolutely love the backbone... However, about 11 month into owning one, which was given to me from my girlfriend for Xmas, it started making random screenshots.. multiple times.. did some research, turned out it was somewhat of a common issue.. The company honored my warranty, sent a shipping label and I sent it off same day... it took a week to get there (from Chicago), a week to process my warranty claim, and another week to receive my replacement.. Everything worked swell up until last week, the backbone stopped working... right during gameplay.. it's some sort of connection issue... both my iPhone 14 Pro Max and the backbone app are updated.. Notified backbone again via their website and they gotten back to me via email... Demian, confirmed my name, account, shipping address, etc.. I sent the pictures of the backbone as requested... haven't heard from them since.. it's been almost 2 weeks now and still no resolution.. I suffer from PTSD and using the backbone actually helps me mentally.. If this gets resolved asap, I will remove my 1 star rating and give them a 5.. I understand that there's defects in products sometimes, but as long as the company can honor and stand by their product along with great customer service, I'm willing to be patient.. But it's almost 2 weeks and still nothing..
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2 years ago, scooley84
Bait and switch
The app can’t be used after trial. Developer claims Backbone+ is optional HOWEVER it was NOT advertised that all the features in the app like screen recordings, multiplayer community and having a nice UI was going to back locked behind a paywall. You don’t find out about this paywall until you setup your account. New users are given a 1yr free trial (like that is suppose to make up for it). Truth is you can use the controller without the app but lose out on all extra features you thought you were paying $99 for with the expensive controller. Now you have to pay $50 A YEAR to keep that stuff. This is classic bait and switch. I’m hear to warn you to avoid the app and subscription. Update: My complaint is that Backbone+ is not advertised and is misleading. I deleted the app and will not pay $50 a year for your service. I recommend you start advertising that all the extra features are only included with Backbone + instead of blindsiding your customers.
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2 years ago, ItsThisGuyAgain
They’re asking for way too much info for a controller.
I plug the controller into my phone and it basically downloaded the app for it right away. Then the setup needs a boatload of info from you, including your phone number and email address. Why? Then to finish the setup, you have to agree to a free year trial of something called Backbone Plus. If you cancel or back out, you have to start all over. Also they’ll spam you with text messages and emails to remind you that you need to claim your free trial. I don’t like this vulture marketing for something I don’t even want because im still not sure what it even is. You can play without the app, but I wanted to see if there was a way to tweak some of the settings on the controller such as the stick sensitivity with the app. Controller seems fine from what I’ve used so far, but the data collection from the app is incredibly unnecessary and I already regret trying to go through the setup process.
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2 years ago, AshT01
Great but room for improvement
I’m praying that another controller will be released with a flexible connector that allows phone cases because having to take the case off every time is almost a complete dealbreaker. I’d love to see a customizable feed on the app so I could get rid of all the news about games I have absolutely zero interest in, as well as a way to view more backbone players that play the same games because I don’t know anyone else with a backbone currently. Also a way in the app settings to be able to have the app automatically close when you exit it if possible so that after playing multiple games I don’t have a bunch of apps open at once. Other than that the controller and app are amazing and by far my favorite.
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1 year ago, AppleeBaee
App works controller doesn’t
Was fine two days ago now my phone doesn’t pick up on the controller . Could be the app could be the phone update or computer idk I didn’t design it, but either way the light blinks on one time and shuts off for good when initially in the phone . Then it does nothing. No buttons work . Nothing . Hasn’t been 5 months yet and I’m having issues . I have a two year warranty so I might get it replaced which seems to be a waste of time for a controller that was literally working maybe 2 hours prior to it stop working ? …I was playing my game perfectly fine up until last night . This morning it was also fine until I took a game break . when I went to play it was acting crazy I assumed the button didn’t work but I kno that isn’t it. I took it off a few times and then it worked . This time it just isn’t working. I’d love for the issue to be resolved I love having my controller.
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2 years ago, Dyleon Crafatos
Stupid app, great controller
The controller is great if you want one. But I don’t understand why I have to pay 29 dollars a year in order to see all of my games in one place. That’s literally all the subscription does, along with letting you shop for games on different platforms on one app. Why does that cost anything? They say the backbone subscription comes with 25+ features and I have yet to see what those other 20 are. Without paying 29 dollars a year, the backbone button (home button) on the controller is completely useless. You literally get no free games with the subscription, no extra privileges what so ever other than being able to shop on the app. What shopping app makes you pay 30 dollars a year to use it? Doesn’t make any sense. I’m just going to stick to cloud gaming because I actually get free games with my subscription, and they keep my games in one place as well. F you guys for even thinking that makes sense
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3 years ago, thaQuiet1z
Wants to take pictures upon attaching to phone
I would have given this a 5 star rating easily a few weeks ago. Every good thing said about the Backbone controller I agree with however recently when attaching the controller the app launches the screen grab/record feature constantly! It’s so annoying that once I finally get it to stop I’m reluctant to disconnect because it takes so much time to get to work again! I’ve deleted the app but it then just constantly tells me that the app isn’t installed. This is incredibly annoying and aggravating when it kills time I could be playing. When it’s working it’s a phenomenal piece of hardware and easily worth the price but having to keep it attached to my phone in order to quickly play is inconvenient to say the least. Please help
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4 months ago, neklomancer
You should know
There’s a bug that makes the play anywhere feature disappear from the settings. Make sure your app and os are updated. Try restarting your phone before progressing to measures such as reinstalling the app. There’s no reason for this app to exist as it serves no purpose for the consumer other than providing a semi-organized menu of supported games and some moot features/settings. Evidently this app is a money grab and nothing more. It’s the easiest way for Backbones manufacturers to keep leeching money from our wallets with this new age trend of “subscription” models. I stopped using this app within weeks because it’s much simpler to add a safari shortcut of Xbox’s cloud play webpage as an app in your iPhone’s Home Screen. Apparently just making a living off the sales of a product isn’t good enough for businesses anymore, they MUST stay latched onto our wallets like a leech and keep that sweet residual income for a half-***** app that nobody really has a justification for paying $50/annually. My advice to backbone is get rid of the phony subscription based model and just be happy people have bought your niche mobile gaming controller that can’t even house our expensive smart phones if they are in a protective case thicker than 2mm.
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3 years ago, JosetheCurvo
Great job!
I’ve had this controller for a little over a week and I’m THROUGHLY impressed! The price point is a bit high, but somewhat worth it. MILES ahead of any mobile gaming controller competitors. My only request is that somewhere in the foreseeable future I ask, BEG and PLEAD!!! That a parallel analog stick version be produced. All of us gamers are not accustomed to the “XBOX; Ninetendo Switch” analog style controls and it’s a bit uncomfortable for us larger handed fellows. Overall a great experience. Love the ability to really be able enjoy remote play and also be competitive at the same time. Again, though, the parallel analog stick or “remixed” version would be GREATLY appreciated!
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1 year ago, Flint024
Needs lots of improvement!!!
This product needs multiple updates. I believe this product is way to expensive for what we are getting. For starters, I have to take off my case in order to play. I had updated my backbone last week, it no longer function properly. I contacted tech support. No help at all. Its like im speaking to a bot everytime smh. My left side of my controller no longer works and my buttons on the right work during testing, but not in the same games ive been playing since ive bought it. Im completely done with this product, on to the next one. Im sure with the amount of money this company is making from this controller, you will make a better model in the future. This company is on the right track, unfortunately this particular product is a bust. Better luck next time 🤷🏾
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1 year ago, bx Mel
Had this device for about 2 months and the experience at first was great until the whole year subscription con is pulled on you, i paid because I wanted the total experience of the product only to have mechanical issues later, for that price point plus added subscription charges this product should 1 come with a carrying case of some sort and 2 be a little more durable like cmon the sticks feel like they were ordered from wish at best on top of my sound goes out when i connect my device(iPhone 14 pro max). AT this point I’m ready to just cancel my year subscription and take the loss but I won’t buy from this company again I feel swindled
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1 year ago, fireysteel187
Best thing ever created!!! Take’s phone gaming to a whole new level!!!
Gaming on my phone hasn’t been same sense? I got it & I’d rather play this, then my PlayStation. The graphics on your phone if you have a iPhone 12 or newer with a Backbone are just incredible. Surreal it is a whole new experience and it is definitely worth the price, the only thing they need to do is make accessory’s to protect the Backbone and your. And for people who are elite at certain games should get invited to competition stuff. They should make a whole new tournament for gaming with a Backbone. Give people a chance to win tournaments, maybe prizes or even MONEY.
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7 months ago, Benjamin Pottberg
Exceptional app… Too expensive
With my purchase of the Backbone, I got three months of the service for free. From the reviews I have seen online users used to get one year of the service for free and original Acers of the Backbone got the service for free indefinitely. I’ve only used the Backbone for a few days, but I can already tell it’s a must have accessory. But the developers need to realize that their service provides no new actual content for players, and is just an extra subscription on top of the other subscriptions that players are already paying to get their games. I have to imagine that there is not much of a market for the current price point.
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3 months ago, Charter365
Just another subscription grab
Was very upset to see that I had pay to play games I already own, disappointed and not satisfied with the built in cash grab, I wasn’t even away from home I just wanted a nice relaxing session on the backbone but not if I have to subscribe… wasn’t expecting to pay another 30$( just to get access to my games) right after the initial investment of 100$ plus tax. I hope you do better in the future and stop trying to milk monthly subs for the gimmick of being able to play on your mobile device. If I could rate 0 stars I would
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3 years ago, Player3351
Good controller but...
Hello owners of the backbone controller, I’m here to ask you about the controller. This controller is amazing I can see how the app and the controller work together as a team and how can this app can make you do reunions with friends and such but the only problem is that I bought this controller online because it says that it should work on the iPhone 12 Pro Max but apparently, in the box it says that it only works until iPhone 11, and I figured that it works only for the app but not the games I have such as Call of duty mobile and Genshin impact I Hope you read this message Thank you
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1 year ago, LWsquidward
Absolute trash
It basically forces you to use backbone +, and when you SOMEHOW figure out how to get to the main screen and past the screen forcing you to use backbone +, the controller never does what you want it to do and just spams random buttons, and i wouldn’t be as as mad, but: 1. This controller was $200!!! SCAM 2. This wasn’t a problem before. Once they started getting greedy around late February or early March, they’ve been bombarding you with micro transactions and the CONTROLLER BARELY WORKS 3. It randomly takes screenshots of your screen. This is probably in the same manner as the button spamming, but if you try to report Backbone for this, they DON’T LET YOU! If this thing was, like, $10 or $20, i wouldn’t be as mad, but the greedy executives at Backbone will do anything in their favor to get every last penny out of you. I know i sound pessimistic when i say this, but i’s give 0 stars if possible. And this problem isn’t just happening to me. Many other recent reviews have this same problem, and when Backbone (Or backbone’s ai, because i seriously doubt a real person reads these reviews) reads the reviews, they say that they’ll fix it right away, but either it takes them weeks to fix it, or they NEVER DO!
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3 years ago, lamatius
Pros and cons after 1 week
So I’ve been playing on my backbone one we’re just under two weeks and these are pros and cons that I’ve noticed in my time using this on my iPhone 11 promax Pro-mostly immediate response, Great visibility and if you’re a COD mobile gamer This controller mixed with using The gyroscope aiming pretty much makes you unstoppable. Con-i’ve only had one button stick a few times, the analog sticks as well or fairly easy to move around; could definitely use more resistance and/or size options such as wider or higher. I would definitely suggest adding some form of a grip being the plastic can cause difficulties if you play for an extended time. Lastly there are zero back button options for those used to using scuff controller‘s or elite controllers on console. Overall, this controller definitely outranks most if not all other cell phone controller attachments that exist in my opinion For those who are used to specific controller styles this one more so represents the Xbox or Nintendo switch type which may take some getting used to.
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8 months ago, YIKESTWITCH
Xbox Backbone!
I was sold this device without knowing it could also run PlayStation and steam games! AWESOME😎😎😎😎 I’d love to see improved stability, reduced menu waits, and maybe not having to pay for nvidia? Other than that this could be a 5 star I just feel like something is missing but can’t place my finger on it. Device has a port for a mic and two iPhone ports, one to insert the phone and play and one to plug another iPhone in. It was my birthday a few days ago and I haven’t had to the chance to play games like crazy but once I fired this up I played for a good 4-5 hours nonstop. Great device with even better performance🤝 i am extremely impressed
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1 year ago, IraL94
It’s great BUT…
So I put off buying this device (PlayStation edition) for a while and I finally made the jump and purchased one. It’s nice being able to play games on my Iphone and worked perfectly well until about 3-4 days ago when this app updated and now my backbone disconnects during my COD matches. It is frustrating to say the least. The backbone button will start blinking when that happens and sometimes I’ll get a pop up saying that the device isn’t supported. I’ve already tried the troubleshooting that’s given through support. With all of this, now I’m debating if I should return the controller now. I hope the company fixes the issue because I really don’t want to return it.
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3 years ago, slatex
Instantly wanted to return the backbone considering they make you create an account and give them your phone number in order to use the product. They then try to force you into sharing your contacts, photo gallery permissions, and other personal data. Set up of the app also wouldn’t allow continuing without first subscribing to their $50/year app. Of course the first year is free, but don’t forget to cancel. The product itself was responsive and worked well, however it doesn’t fit the iphone 13 pro without an adapter. It also just plain feels weird to use, not erganomic. Returning. Moga $10 clip for xbox controllers is much more comfortable and the small latency isnt bad unless you’re seriously gaming, in which case, use your actual console.
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6 months ago, user1747494738
Unreliable and Cumbersome
Had this app downloaded and setup when I first got my controller. I use it very infrequently only when traveling, which can be months between uses. Soon as the plane is in the air, I open the app only to realize it has signed me out and deleted all my setups. The best part is that you can’t use the app without service, so that was a complete waste. Decide to set it up while walking to my connecting flight, and it requires the controller to be connected just to get into the app. It’s ridiculous. This app should be able to be started, setup and perused well before connecting the controller and actually playing. And it’s still impossible to adjust controls in the app for certain games and many games do not recognize the controller for button remapping, despite recognizing inputs.
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1 year ago, galaxyfoxy207
Could be better
I’m kinda mad, the app is good and all but I wish I didn’t have to have a membership to even play the games, I already spent 100 dollars on it, making me broke. I’m not old enough to have a job yet either and I saved money up for a long time to pay for it. If it wasn’t a pain to pay for it I guess I love the app. Edit: Thanks, my phone wasn’t letting me click it for some reason, it fixed when I updated my phone. I wish I could pay for it but I have to wait. Again thanks for responding and sorry for blaming you instead of my phone.
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2 years ago, bcstonemi
Great and great customer support
I bought a Backbone One in November 2021. Paired with this app, it was wonderful. However, less than four months later, I had severe drift down and to the right with the left thumb stick and the d-pad (any direction) triggers a barrage of screenshots. I thought customer support wasn’t responding, but it turned out their messages were going to my Junk mail. However, THEY persisted and made sure to contact me until we were able to arrange a quick exchange for a new replacement controller. Excellent service and the app/controller are fantastic for mobile gaming.
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4 years ago, Mr. TadWick
Is This Real Life?
Absolutely PHENOMENAL! Controller feels very high quality in the hand, button are clicky and responsive. I usually hate using any app for a Bluetooth device, but the Backbone app is extremely well executed! Has a Nintendo like feel to it. There is a bit of an adjustment coming from an Xbox controller (for me anyway). Had to make some major adjustments to sensitivity, and my aiming is still sometimes all over the place in CODm. But that’s just a learning curve for me, no fault of the amazing Backbone controller. If you’re even considering this, get on the wait list NOW, and buy is as soon as you can! You won’t regret it!
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3 years ago, Jadosa29
Buyer beware
After going back and forth as whether to purchase the Backbone or Razer Kishi I decided on the backbone. Most reviewers pointed to the software being the main thing that gave Backbone the edge, and that swayed my decision even though I could’ve bought the Kishi for a better price. Much to my surprise/chagrin, that wonderful software has an expiration date and then a $50 a year paywall. That’s half the price of the controller! Absolutely insane to ask that much for some minor conveniences. The app works well enough but be aware of the added cost when you decide to go this route. It’s not advertised or mentioned in any of those glowing reviews. I definitely have buyers remorse but hopefully this helps someone to at least know what they’re buying.
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6 months ago, Pullinthecards
Unable to verify purchase, App not useable.
Since PlayStation Remote play is no longer a working app the only way to play your backbone with your PlayStation is through the backbone app. Unfortunately the app developers didn’t actually finish their jobs, the VERIFY button is NOT selectable. Meaning you can’t even purchase if you want. So PS and backbone get together to drive backbone+ sales by making the PlayStation remote play app not functional and then they forgot to allows their website to allows users to make purchases. Honestly it’s just all way too much headache. I just have a feeling that this product has never worked and they are just pushing the get rid of these during the holidays. Remember kids, if it sounds to good to be true, it is. Just like the idea of playing video PS5 games on the go.
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2 years ago, Musick junkie
Love and hate
Love it when it works! Great device when it works! No latency at all when it works! I play mobile games competitively and for fun. I’ve bought 2 of these. First one, left triggers and left joystick just stopped working. Second one loses it’s connection in mid game. Worst thing when you have someone dead to rights and he smokes you cause your controller stops working. Tried to clean the ports but no help. iPhone doesn’t recognize the backbone. For the price you would think it would work flawlessly. 100 dollars isn’t cheap. I will say backbone has a great team and if they can fix the bugs I’d definitely buy again. For now I’m just gunna go back to triggers or see what kishi has.
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2 years ago, Mr Poetic Justice
Awesome Greatness Awaits
This app is awesome. I have a iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen I end up squeezing my iPad Pro inside of the controller to activate the Backbone controller and it works flawlessly once I connected it I was able to take the controller off and then use the Backbone app with a PS4 wireless controller to play all my games on the go best app ever. Maybe in the future they will make the app universal or able to login with any device and not just have to start it up with the controller… but other than that it’s perfect my phone hasn’t been out the controller since. *Mr*Poetic*Justice* ™
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11 months ago, Tpbpbp
Add touch control mapping feature!!!
Love the controller and have been using it for a couple years now. One major feature request I would like to see is the ability to map touch controls to the hardware controller for games that do not support MFI functionality. I’ve seen this in a few competing products and think that if this were added it would allow one to play an even larger library of games and for those who can’t use touch controls well. this device would unrivaled in the industry if this feature were implemented. Thank you and keep being awesome! 😽
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1 week ago, goatpwner
This company is asking for a lawsuit
Latest update will only show a screen promoting their subscription when I launch the app. And only gives an option to sign up for the subscription or learn more about it. No other buttons on screen or on controller can back out of this. Even uninstalled the app and installed it again, no change. This is despite their website advertising you can use the app to check for firmware updates and calibrate the sticks. Right now that is factually false. And a lawsuit waiting to happen. This app is false advertising in it’s current state. Which is either intentional to drive subscriptions, or a bug from incompetent engineers. I’d like to change my review in the future once this issue has been fixed.
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7 months ago, kianna2170
Just bc it's ps edition don't buy better off buying actual ps products
Bought ps edition your better off just using ps now app and connecting a controller to your phone the joysticks on backbone resemble more of an Xbox controller. When I tried playing a game from my ps5 it just took me to ps now app so really the backbone app is worthless considering you log on and require you to pay for an Xbox subscription just to use the Xbox games, the stream function is new to me as well but when trying to play games using it it just requires you to pay for games I already bought on ps5 thinking of returning and just buying something else I have the ps vita and its honestly a way better alternative for it being older last time I buy something without researching it
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