banana - Gay Male Video Chat

Social Networking
2.9 (278)
36.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vocato SL
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for banana - Gay Male Video Chat

2.88 out of 5
278 Ratings
3 years ago, Mcfly the Reviewer
I like this app but it stopped working
This app was an app I really enjoyed. Lots of cute guys on here. Sadly it stopped working
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4 years ago, Kaptcha
Fun App - Veeeeeey Buggy
This app has legit potential. However it’s really buggy. If you get a notification or something it will cause you to lose the person you’re talking to and start back cycling through. I’ve missed cool people like that. If they could stop it from freezing or cycling when you get alerts or notifications it would be awesome.
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3 years ago, aryan khan 1122
Not working
I have downloaded this app but it’s not working I have use it before it’s best app but I don’t know now it not works on my phone
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4 years ago, dawnr513
My new dating app
I uesd to like Monkey video chat and omegle until I download this private video chat app
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2 years ago, austin244890
iPhone 7
My iPhone 7 lets it load but it comes to a black screen after accepting the terms&conditions and enabled the camera but it used to work fine a year or so ago… don’t know why it stopped
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3 years ago, kozzzmico
no longer working with iOS 14.8
front facing camera no longer loading or anything, reinstalled, rebooted phone and still with the same issue. iPhone XS Max on iOS 14.8
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3 years ago, rahtory
The app is working just fine for a while. So then one day I decided to get on it and it wasn’t opening it was just a black screen, So I just uninstalled it. If you guys could figure out what was wrong that’d be great
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1 year ago, sfomike
It’s back up and running
I am so pleased. I love this app
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12 months ago, Bigdick1992
I like because I can play with my self
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10 months ago, DrJona79
Please fix will not start up
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1 year ago, johnhamm22
Is it working?
Is the app working anymore? I loved this app
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4 years ago, texascock
You get to see maybe 34 guys and then nothing nothing nothing so you log off when you log back in it just gets the swirling sign not worth the time
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3 years ago, GuestOnex
App shows black screen
App no longer works. Bought a new iPhone because I figured my iPhone wasn’t compatible. But this is an every IPhone issue
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3 years ago, AnimeGeek213
Not working
App doesn’t open at all, won’t even load the screen. Y’all need to fix these never ending problems or just delete the app period!!!
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3 years ago, this is no good app
Not a good app
Please take this down its no good this is not a dating site it’s really inappropriate they are weird people on it too let you guys know that I am not giving stars for that I well give a bad review
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2 weeks ago, james…____
we need mor people in this app
i love this app i can video live w different people but it would be great if more people would join specially from america
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3 years ago, The most truthful reviews
All about matching
Need to match with more people in your country, a lot of the matches are overseas!
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2 years ago, BiggyDMAL
App not working
Stays on a blank screen when you open the app. Haven’t been able to use the app for months!
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3 years ago, not happy 104
Was free but not now!
It was free for a few years but now I can’t get on unless I pay! Disappointed in the change!
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3 years ago, love to see thick
I love big bannas
I love to see big thick hard bannas
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5 years ago, Alanmck1
Where is all the picture no one wants to talk
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2 years ago, Aroe00d
iOS 15.3 Not loading
It just loads a dark blue screen and stays there and will not load developers please fix
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5 years ago, a-lo.grey
You’re not gonna meet the faces that you want to meet. Men will just demand you to jerk off with them and nobody wants to have a conversation or anything like that. Fail.
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5 years ago, eddyveeee
Where is everyone
THERES NO ONE ON THERE!! Great concept though
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5 years ago, himchal
Won't work with the new iPhone update. 😂
Won't work with the new iPhone update. 😂
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3 years ago, Hawaiian1953
Not Opening
It’s hard to try it out or rate and review your app if it doesn’t work. 😡
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4 years ago, NCTJohnny'sleftasscheek
Horrible people
Barely anyone on there was looking to be friendly. Everyone was showing their naked bodies for sexual pleasure and no one was interested in chatting
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10 months ago, icha ang
Not working
Not working
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1 year ago, Mattmurrayontuesday
No footage
Won’t load or anything just a blue screen
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2 years ago, fatcock35
Doesnt work
don’t waste your time to download the app it don’t work
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3 years ago, Digmedeep69
Not Working
Has Not Been Up & Running For A Few Days
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2 years ago, Avery_Bennett
I cannot even get the app to loaded
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3 years ago, xavier0818
App not working
I can’t use the app at all it’s not working
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3 years ago, Sxmvel We$T
Disturbing and disgusting
There’s a lot of creepy guys and a lot of dicks, and a guy showing child pornography. Don’t get this app
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6 years ago, TomsDiner99
Super easy to navigate and fun
Great way to flirt and talk to guys. Easy to operate, can lose hours just messaging and flirting.
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11 months ago, RICCARDO RIVERA
All that is shown in the screen is a DARK BLUE SCREEN
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4 years ago, livornian
There were only penises and it was gross
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4 years ago, feetv
Tickle feet
Tickle feet
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1 year ago, Nickchimeti
Show more
2 years ago, mozzylo
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5 years ago, ross.94
Security concerns
1. Not many users - seems to cycle through the same people over and over again. When you do connect with someone, it’s often an older man in India who just glares at you from a tiled room or a faceless dude masturbating in silence. Not sure what I expected from an app offering gay video chats with strangers but def not a place for genuine connections. this app would be more aptly marketed as interactive armature porn. 2. Deleting your account just logs you out- your account is still stored and accessible. You can log back in as if nothing happened. I emailed support about the issue above and have been ignored so far. 3. Banana promises they don’t store your videos but, as far as I can tell, there anything to prevent or warn when the other user is screenshotting or screen recording. Netflix has blocked this capability and Snapchat at least tells you when it happens- does Banana do the same? If not, this is a massive security risk for those who want to be more discreet about online dating. 4. The app often freezes on the swipe screen. 5. Profile pictures are absolutely not moderated. Cool concept but it’s half-baked, underpopulated, and full of security holes. If the support team will respond to my email and delete my account, I’ll consider a better review.
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7 years ago, Kitten-factory
This is great
I really love the app/ concept/ simplicity. I just wish there were more people using it!
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7 years ago, Lolman321123
Great app!
Banana is the best for male adults at least 18 years old. Instantly meet millions of others men from all over the world. So relax and have fun!
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7 years ago, Xaznjohnx
Only complaint are the Indian people with wives who just boss you around
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7 years ago, Roplt
The best
I love this app, super easy to use and great to meet new people in your are! I totally recommend it 😀😀
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7 years ago, Carl_1337
Best gay app in a long time
This app is super. I'm meeting new people and I'm actually even traveling to NYC for a date this weekend. Awesome.
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7 years ago, Unison8788
Banana gay male video chat is one of best, help me so much, I love it, will recommended to all my friends, Five star for this work ❤️❤️❤️
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7 years ago, Sergey Levchuk
Good app
Easy to use and find friends.
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7 years ago, snappyTertle
So much fun!
Most fun I've had meeting people 🍌🍌🍌 The app is very pretty too!
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7 years ago, golmansax
Neat app
Fun! A great way to kill time when you're bored.
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