BAND - App for all groups

Social Networking
3.8 (6.9K)
266.4 MB
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Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BAND - App for all groups

3.83 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Flipper57647
The Newest Update
The newest update on band has recently been bugging myself and a lot of other friends of mine. Everything about the new update is fine, but the only issue is the auto-correct was terminated off the chat rooms. As well as the red dots under a word to indicate the word was spelled incorrectly. The deleting messages for everyone now is a good update (like, really really good) but, no one would really want to delete a whole message and then type it out again. Even with copy and paste, it’s an annoyance to look through the whole paragraph to find the misspelled words that were not underlined with red dots. It saves time for people to just type a quick message and it could be easily auto-corrected if one or two letters are spelled wrong. It is really a nuisance to type slowly if you’re a fast type to make sure you don’t make any word mistakes within your sentences or paragraphs. Even right now as I type this review, I’m using auto-correct which is correcting my words since I type fast and don't have the time to look over every word to find error. A good number of band users have the app on their phones, which is why auto-correct comes in handy along with the red doting under a misspelled word. To end this, all I am recommending is that you would reconsider adding back auto-correct and the red dotings back into chat rooms.
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2 years ago, generic._.user.
Anything video related is AWFUL
This app is great, my job uses it for all of our communication including our staff meetings. One big problem that I would like the developers to really pay attention and fix is anything that deal with videos. Video uploads take forever and the buffering for videos even longer! Video calls have delayed glitchy sound and terrible quality. No matter what internet connection you are on or how great your service is. This is now 2022 with matured technology, not 1990’s and early 2000’s when this was all brand new. I believe this could be easily fixed if the developers just gave it some attention. We all love this platform and it holds great value for many communities of people and workers. Everything is all in one place and makes communication between a mass of people very easy, until it comes to anything video related, which is important these days. I hope the developers see this and fix it eventually. Thank you for all you do.
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6 years ago, Nic01006
Still My Fave App!
I've been using Band for over two years now for my MMO Guild and it just keeps getting better!! It makes organizing raids and keeping updated outside the game so easy! Band offers almost anything you could ask for groups and better than most social networks since it actually allows for more privacy. It's also a lot more organizational and tidy than other chat group apps. You can even have large group calls while gaming so there's no need for separate apps, Band offers almost everything! The new "online" feature is awesome, but I would like to suggest that admins can still be able to view who is online, regardless if a person hides it from the rest of the group. I also agree with one of the other reviews that asks for a feature that allows people to see who reads comments in the chat room, which would make my previous suggestion unnecessary. The only thing missing that would be perfect for gaming groups is the ability to add synchronized timers, but I'm not sure how complicated it would be .. but it's just a suggestion. Other than that, I wish there was a way to turn off Suggestions, but Band is awesome either way and I wouldn't use any other app for my community of gamers :)
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4 years ago, DaDestroyer2002
Beware Band Will Delete Your Group!
I just wanted to let anyone that downloads this app to create a social group that Band can and will delete your group at anytime without a reason, which is what they did with ours groups!!! They will freeze your account for 7 days so you don’t know what’s going on and they delete your band group without a reason! All your members that try to access the group will see a message saying you are restricted by admin which is you and shows a icon asking members to leave the group and you will lose all your member contacts as you can only talk to members in groups that you belong to. Our band group consisted two local airsoft community groups called “Norcal Airsoft Classifieds” & “Norcal Airsofters” we had accumulated 1000 members between the two groups all from Northern California which took a lot of time to build up the group. We used it to communicate about future games, chat, trade/sell gear, and to help grow the airsoft community. We heavily moderated both groups to make sure everyone one was treated with respect. We have been using this app for a few years without any trouble and then all of a sudden our groups are gone. This greatly saddens me that the group me a my fellow airsoft player spent 1000’s of hours putting together is all gone. Band should be ashamed at the way they treat their users. They have greatly damaged our airsoft community. Please don’t let this happen to you!!!!!
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3 years ago, ehhhhhhhhnooooo
I just want band
Hi there! So I haven’t used the app yet, but my sisters have. They say it’s great and they love it, and they like using it for the friend groups since some of their friends have different type phones. Now I wanted it for the same reason, so I got the app and tried setting it up, I put in my birthday and once I did everything it said get the kids band! Even tho I’m 12, and there’s no way to say no thanks. All I wanted was to be able to use this app with my friends EDIT I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE band! I set my account up today and have literally not stopped using it! I love the calendar feature especially, it’s really nice, and I especially love how you can see when people are online. One suggestion would be that you should make it on the chat so that there’s typing bubbles, it kinda bugs me that I can’t see when people are typing. But that would be it. This is probably my favorite app and deserves way more than 5 stars, although still, I don’t like the whole kids band thing, it’s nice that you made that for people but I wish you could get normal band even if your under 13. Just a simple no thanks option would be great.
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5 years ago, Lilraeraee
Pretty awesome overall
I recently made the switch to Band from Team App for my teams and love quite a few features about it. It looks professional and is fairly easy to use (a little tricky for my parents who don’t understand phone apps though) and allows me to post videos of more than 1:00 to my teams so they can practice their choreography/routines. Inputting events into the calendar is quite simple and I am able to change the color of certain events so that they show whether it’s a class or an event. I LOVE how easy the albums are to create and add multiple photos vs team app where you could only add a couple at a time, as well as letting parents and students contribute their own. My only tip and question for developers would be to let admins see parent/student emails that were used to sign up for the app. Some of my participants have not changed their name to display both their first and last names (despite my reminders), so those with duplicate names are difficult for me to differentiate. Would it be possible to add something like this?
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1 year ago, Bobette134
App Fine, Notifications Annoying!
The app works fine if your band director knows how to use it and takes advantage of all the features, plus takes the time to set everyone up correctly. But the notices to refer a friend, new features… they are only relevant for the band director. What is the point of annoying students and parents with them? I’m a parent. I don’t need stickers to communicate with my kids director. I definitely don’t need to be notified there are new ones. It’s so much advertising that is just annoying, since it doesn’t apply to me. You can’t turn off push notifications about these, but it’s still everywhere in the app. And you can’t customize your notifications enough. If you want to be notified about posts, you have to get every comment as well. So if your band director has birthdays turned on, you’ll not only get a notification for every person’s birthday, but also for every person who replies happy birthday to it. I got 78 notifications in one day, then the band director turned off the birthdays completely. I liked knowing when it was a kids birthday, I do not want every comment.
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6 years ago, MatriarchWebb
Great app/Falls slightly short
I love ALMOST everything about this app. It does have some setting that get close to what I need but not all the way there yet. I like that you can select who can comment or post. But I WISH there was a way for me to select who can view or receive comment. Like most Group Texts. The most aggravating part is the constant replies. Some people leave groups for that very reason. I would LOVE this app if there were a way for me to select that anyone could comment... but i would be the only one to get the comments. Not everyone needs to get notifications when members ask ridiculous questions or reply and unheard of hours. I would like to sensor that as a leader, but still have a way for the team to reply to me. BONUS, of this app could also have a time restriction setting for notifications allowing some of us to sleep. DOUBLE BONUS... Allow team members to receive messages and reply... even if they don’t have the app.
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1 year ago, Mamy12
Good, but still needs a little more…
I recently switched my sons sports teams to Band from Team Snap and although I do love so many more feature in Band there are a few major lacking features. These features wil be for any sport I’m sure, but since I just added our baseball team I’ll use baseball as an example. 1. The need to be able to enter and save a location while also naming it is a must for calendar entry. It was so annoying having to enter the field address for every game instead of just selecting from a list of saved fields. Further there needs to be the option to name the address to easily select the correct field location from the saved list. 2. There needs to be a field for opponent and playing field # on the calendar entry side. A lot of these sports complexes have multiple fields/courts. 3. An arrival time would be great because our coach likes the players there 45 minutes before the game, but we don’t want to alter the game time. 4. Final outcome for the game entered in the calendar to track our record would be great. I know these options aren’t for everyone that utilizes Band, but are necessary for sports teams in my opinion. Maybe they could become original fields that different organizations could select which appear in their band so you could add scholastic titles, corporate titles, etc.
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6 years ago, mom198
I can not stand this app
I have used many apps to connect with teams and organizations. This app by FAR is the most annoying and confusing app I have. First of all, I constantly am checking the app because it appears I have a notification. 90% of the time it is an offer from the “sticker” shop or a notification from the “band” guide. I am 43, I don’t need stickers to talk to my daughters coach. My time is to valuable to constantly have to check because this app is advertising. I told the coach to do emails because I refuse to respond on this app anymore. I have every setting possible set to not receive notification except for the one “band” group I am on. On top of it the threads are super confusing. You don’t have the option to delete an old thread off you messages unless I am guessing the administrator of the band or if your the person who started the thread. The threads all look alike. It’s infuriating. Had enough. Told her to get S.I. Or huddle. At least the info huddle offers is useful, not unicorn stickers. I gave it one star only because it actually works and you can receive messages. Other than that, trash.
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6 years ago, vanpelta
Great app but room for improvement
This is an edit from the previous review, which was very professionally resolved by the Band team. It entails suggestions for improving the app’s capabilities. I’ve really enjoyed using this app for my online clan; we can set up events and communicate effectively and clearly. But there are a few things that my team and I would appreciate more than anything. 1. The ability to create notes like in the Line application - Posts which you could access from the chat room directly. An example would be a list of rules easily accessible to anyone. It’d be like the shared photos function. By clicking the 3 bars on the top right of the chat room, you could access a in-app document that’s been created or post that’s been highlighted by an admin. (Also, the ability to edit said document) 2. The ability to edit a message you’ve sent in a group chat room. Sometimes we post events or trainings and then we pin them to the top of the screen. Then the time of that event changes but we have to post an entire new message because we can’t edit the wording of that text. 3. Some more emojis to add as “shouts” such as an OK emoji, or a thumbs down emoji. Thanks for creating such a great app, we’d be euphoric if you could actually implement these suggestions for us.
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6 years ago, Spewdaddy
Most important features are spread throughout the app
I’ve been using the app for a couple months now. The app has great potential but it’s the little things that create the most problems for my parents for usability. For instance you basically have to back all the way out of your team board in order to see the calendar from iOS devices. So the parents of my team are always calling, texting, and messaging within the app in order to figure out when/where a practice or game is. Why in the world would you not have the calendar, posts, and messaging in the lower navigator of every screen your in when using band. In today’s age, apps shouldn’t require me having training sessions with parents who aren’t old to figure out how to use an app. They’re almost always simple enough that anyone can use them. I hope you fix this soon before I find another tool for parents. I of course don’t want to go though that learning curve again so please hurry.
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4 years ago, UCDwriter
So hard to use, even for the simple things
Of all the group chat apps I’ve been forced to use because of my kids’ activities, Band is by far the one I dislike the most. It is hard to make a comment. Text is very small and hard to read. There is no way to edit a comment once it has been made. You have to set up a new profile for every group you use. It isn’t always clear to me where my comment will end up (as a comment on the OP or as a reply to someone else’s comment (probably because the text is so small on the mobile app). Because there are so many messages from Band promoting Band, I sometimes miss messages that I should have seen first. There is no prioritization of group messages vs Band spam, so it is easy to simply dismiss notices as unimportant. Ugh! I know this is a disjointed list of gripes, but honestly, I feel anxious and frustrated every time I have to open this app. I avoid using it as much as I am able, honestly. I wish I’d never heard of it, and can’t understand why my daughter’s gym thought this app would be a good idea. I hope they stop using it soon. It’s awful.
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5 years ago, callasynth
Great app! Except...
So I love this app. I use it for work in the daily with keeping communication between everyone available. New sale? Post to band. Tagging mistake? Post to band. Random pile of clothes? Post to band. I LOVE IT! However, the only issue I have is a recent development and that is the live streaming option in the app has been crashing at random times in the live stream, and when it crashes it deletes the entire video! However, it gets counted as one of your 5 live streams. Please fix this, the live streaming option is what I use for our weekly meetings so we can do it in the comfort of our home, and the desktop option is too confusing since all the streaming services y’all recommended don’t stream to BAND. Please fix ASAP! Also, try to make a way to live stream on the desktop without a third party streaming service.
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4 years ago, Teton Trekker
Great app for a community band
I give the app 5 stars because it works so well for our group of volunteer musicians. Pros: It links with our google calendar saving me time. It has a variety of tools to fit most situations, And overall it is the best solution for our group’s needs that I can find. And I looked for a vey long time. Cons: I consistently get 2 complaints from the musicians. One is that the email notification does not send the entire mess and they need to click a link. The other is that the app defaults to too many notifications, so they turn them all of instead of the ones they don’t want, then complain they don’t get important info 🙇🏼‍♀️. I would like to see the admins and moderators see the default notifications the app has now, but the group subscribers just get the basics. I think that would get them to use it more often. As the admin, I’m having a tech issue and can’t find help. The tech button brings me to a Korean language that I can not change. My problem is with the link to the Google calendar. We canceled several rehearsals and events due to the COVID. the app updated the calendar but is still popping up notifications. Since the event no longer exists I can’t seem to turn it off.
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6 years ago, Chenojl
Awesome App!
I use the hell out of this app EVERY day! As an active duty service member, it is hard to keep leaders up to date in an ever changing environment. With band I am able to keep communications up, pass events, and well as changes to those events. What’s even better is the ability to add or drop members of the band. As people come and go (as they do in the service) I can get their replacements in and they now have access to all of the content of their predecessor. Ive been using it for about 2 years and it’s been an amazing tool. So much so, it has been catching on in other areas of the units I’m in and every seems to be into it. Great job to the developers. Please let me know if you guys want some new insights. I am telling you, I’m sure I could find ways to continue to improve you amazing app.
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3 years ago, Jamaica me crazy mon
Terrible UI
You get a notification, you open the app and see that same, one notification, in 3 different places and sub menus. I have to open the message 3 different ways just to clear it. And it doesn't help that the things that I don't care about mask themselves as notifications as well, such as new stickers and news. You start with one notification and immediately become overwhelmed when you open the app when you see red, unread, dots in 3 different places. The problem only gets worse when you're having multiple conversations at once. The conversation layout is unintuitive and confusing. Even after disabling everything, I still get notifications for stickers and news. I have never met anyone that uses the app because they like it. It’s always due to a work requirement. How sad when your business model predicates on people being forced to use you service. Not a sustainable business model in the long run.
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3 years ago, VRC admin
Can’t view who have read chat messages
I’m the tech admin of our church and just started trying Band as our church has a need to switch from FB Messenger. So far we think Band is very good and pretty useful for what we need, except 1 feature we really need that Band doesn’t have: We can’t view who has read messages in chat rooms. We can see how many have read, but not who. You can see this in posts, but only in original posts. Once people reply/comment on a post, others in the group can’t see who have read the comments. The read status is a really important feature for us that we’ve been enjoying on FB Messenger. Would’ve given 5 stars if this feature were there.
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5 years ago, lisaclaw
Not very user friendly
This app has potential but it’s not there yet. The layout is really set up for someone who plans on creating groups. Should be more designed for participants of groups. Example - if you are in multiple groups and want to see a combined calendar, you have to click “more”, then click “my page”, then “upcoming events”. There should be a combined calendar icon from the home page. Instead their are 9 icons to create a new page. Creating new pages should be in the “more” section. Also don’t accidentally log into one group with your Facebook login and another group with your email address. You can’t merge the profiles. I deleted one but had to get the help section to allow my phone number to be used on the remaining log in. They helped but with a snarky comment “FYI, If the same case happens again, please understand that we won't be able to help you. So, please be careful when signing up BAND.”
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5 years ago, Friedboy
Notification bubbles
The app itself is great, you can easily join a community and make posts, even let others know if you’re going to be there or not. However, the developers of the app seem to think that not having an account linked with your band account is worth a recurring red one in a circle. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just quite annoying. Developers, let me put it this way for you: Imagine that you had a coffee shop you went to on a semi regular basis when you were hanging out with a group of friends, but only then! Now imagine that same coffee shop is nearby to the one that you go to on a regular basis, and every day they put up a sign that says “today’s deal:____” however when you go in to see what the deal is, the shop owners are asking you to fill out about 3 forms before you’re even considered to be on the receiving end of the deals. Wouldn’t you want to stop going to that coffee shop, even if it meant not hanging out with that group of friends? Yeah, well your app is about 10,000x more annoying than that coffee shop with your stupid “link Facebook or google, otherwise we are going to put up a new red bubble every 1-3 hours.” And I’m honestly considering deleting it just because of that one annoying thing. Otherwise it’s an alright app.
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4 years ago, .copycat
Fix Please
I keep trying to get ahold of Band in regards to a bug in their system but they won't give me a direct answer or even explain why they do this. It's extremely annoying that band puts a limit on and deadlines and dates for things on the app I can only plan my deadlines for a couple of months ahead (Currently, mid October is the latest I can set one). I can't keep coming back to band EVERY week to add in another sign up deadline whenever the deadline becomes available on the software, I have way too much paperwork to do in my job and it's such a simple thing to fix on the developers end. It makes no sense at all why I can set an event or a poll or a sign up for 10 years in the future, but for some reason I can't set my sign up deadline for whenever I need it as well. Come on guys, this is such a simple fix on your end but it's INCREDIBLY frustrating as I try to plan out the school year for a group of students if I have a limit on when I can set the deadline for something.
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2 years ago, Andi Reese
Thank you Band!
I have had the Band app for a couple of years now. Initially I started using it for my fitness classes to keep my students up to date with last minute cancellations. In 2020 when we were unable to have classes in person I was able to easily livestream classes, and continued for about 6 months even after we got back to the in-person classes for those who were not comfortable coming back right away. We still use the app for class schedules and announcements and it is our primary app for this purpose. I enjoy the different groups and the newsfeed and have recently made a Band group for my family since I am not on any other social media.
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3 years ago, Nicole Bolo
Super annoying self promotion is not ok, app otherwise is.
As far as a platform for groups talk to each other and having a feed set up. The app is fine. What is super obnoxious is how many notifications and how much of your feed is actually cluttered up with things telling you about the app itself. I’m already using the freaking app!! Please stop telling me about it! I don’t need 15 different notifications telling me about how I can incorporate it into my life and work. I just need to know if practice is cancelled this week! Also, changing the notification settings changes the way I actually receive important and relevant information from the groups I’m in. The fact that I can’t see what my group is actually talking is about without filtering through ad-like notifications defeats the whole purpose.
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6 years ago, Nickmeister03
Works Great!
I’m going to disagree completely with mom198. Most of the issues expressed in that 1-star review are a function of not fully understanding how to use the app. She recommends SI, which is used by my son’s rugby team, and I can positively state from experience that BAND is a much more powerful and user-friendly app than SI. Does it have a learning curve? Of course it does, but once you learn to fully utilize it, it’s great. I do agree that some of the pop-ups can be annoying, but it literally takes 5 seconds once every week or 10 days to turn them off for the week. Not really something to complain greatly about. I do have one request from the developers...can you make it possible to “bump” a post back to the top of the feed? As my organization’s leader, my important posts sometimes get pushed down in the feed by other posts. (I already have other equally important stuff pinned to the important notices area.) It would be a nice upgrade if I could easily bump the important stuff back to the top. Overall, great app! Easy to use and a powerful communications tool for my organization.
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2 years ago, NoneoftheNamesIWant
I’ve been looking for something that can do many of the capabilities that BAND has to manage the youth that I serve and just like that, I came across BAND. I have grown to love it so so so much! The only thing I wish it had was forums and maybe groups within each BAND. If you all could do that, you’ve got me forever. Otherwise, considering it is a free app, it gets a solid 5! It’s gets no better than that. They give a lot in exchange for a free download so BAND, know that you are appreciated and that I’d advocate for you ANY DAY! With this new payment option, that gives even more hope and excitement for what else there is to come. Thank you!! Keep being great!
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3 years ago, Youthcheer
Best app ever for coaches
The BAND APP has absolutely everything a coach needs for their team. Scheduling, live streaming events, the ability to post team material and updates, chat and sub group chat for athletes and parents etc.... If you ever wished you could find one app for all of your team communication, it’s here. I’ve been using band for the last 2 years and it’s hands down the best team app out there. If you have a problem with the app, the customer service staff is on it quickly to fix it, and if you have suggestions for improvements, the developers are on that quickly also. Thanks BAND for making my life easier.
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4 years ago, Joy Mack
Editing privileges
I’ve been using this app for years and am a member of over 20 bands. I use this for family, friends and church volunteer groups. The bands that I’m a manager of, I would love the option to be able to edit posts of others. I will ask other members to post information and I will look over and double check for miss-spelled words and content. I have to text them to correct the post instead of being able to quickly edit it myself. It would be great if managers of the band had the permission to edit posts from others. Right now, I can only delete the entire post, which is not helpful unless some posted something inappropriate.
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6 years ago, 6374920164830264820
Broken app, silent support staff
With the 6.2 update came all kinds of headaches, most notably messages appearing in some unknown order rather than by recent, and load times that are frankly unbelievable. Using 6.2 it takes 2-3 times as long to load each chatroom, which is frankly unacceptable when when I monitor so many. To top it off, in response to the update I messaged the support team and have yet to hear back. I now have sent three requests for assistance in the approx. 12 months since I started using Band, and I have yet to receive a response for any of them. After the 6.2 update, Band is absolutely unusable. Edit- Chat error resolved promptly, thank you🙂
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6 years ago, bminck
Annoying notifications & navigation
My phone is constantly receiving notifications from this app to the point it freezes all other applications. It's not user friendly for those of us New to Band app. However it is easier to figure out and has a crisp clear voice chat compared to apps such as discord. I'm mostly annoyed by the settings because if you want to change anything in the app you must customize each band individually. If you attempt to change the notification settings for the entire app you only have 3 choices to turn off for 1 hour, 3 hours, or until 8am. I have multiple band groups and would like to shut off all notifications while my app is not open and during certain times while sleeping or busy. I literally have to put my entire phone on do not disturb to stop band notifications from waking me up every 3-5 minutes.
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4 years ago, NHS Cheer Coach
Love the features but...
I love all the features that are offered on Band. This is the reason we switched from GroupMe. Unfortunately, Band seems slow to update. When I open anything- a band, a chat, an album etc., it takes several seconds to load what originally showed up in a notification. Several of our Band members are having a difficult time uploading videos. Lastly, a Band chat that we started 4 weeks ago is already telling us the storage is full. If you can fix the lag and the storage, we will continue using. If not, we will probably move back to GroupMe. Also tried to “contact developer” before writing this review but that was a completely different language and I was not able to change it. 👎🏼
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3 years ago, Lukemrk_24
Needs a Mac app, new Calendar interface, & refined video chat
Please make a Mac app for those of us that use Band as a main form of communication with their teams. It would make a serious competitor to Slack. All the the chat options are stellar and I love the file manager. It’s so great for teams that need to be on the same page with certain files. The chat is amazing I love all the post & cheat features with the ability to manage your teams. Additionally, I understand that video chat is in beta but it would be amazing to refine the experience. I can’t wait to see a stabilized final version :) keep up all the great work!!
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11 months ago, Pure LWalla
Best group app I’ve used!
I am a public school teacher and a mom, so I’ve tried a lot of different group chat apps, and this one by far has been the best one for organizing, and the most fun! Currently, I have 10 groups in my BAND and the organizational elements of this app help keep me sane through all of my groups. I refer to band so often throughout my year so that I don’t have to remember everything! My students love posting pictures and video and participating in the group chats. The calendar feature is perfect for scheduling and sending out reminders and seeing who is coming to events. Thanks for the app!
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3 years ago, johncaveosborne
Not intuitive
I have 3 different kids on two different teams within the same group of lacrosse teams and the organization uses band. There’s a general group that has everyone, then there’s a 14U group. Then a 12U group. And while there’s inherent confusion in that setup to begin with, it’s made way worse by the way the app formats things. Example: you have bands, feeds, notifications, and chats. And when you need to go back and look at a message it’s hard to figure out where to go. For context, I work largely in the digital realm and am pretty tech savvy. And this app simply isn’t intuitive. Though I will admit this: the overall high(ish) rating makes me wonder if it’s maybe the group I’m with that has made band such a cluster. Because it’s not just me. Many of the parents I’ve spoken with are having a hard time with this app.
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3 years ago, jespere007
Group call ending
Great app for me so far but it starts getting annoying and troubling us with the group call ending by itself after about an hour. In the middle of important meetings the call will just end; that very bad for such a great app and causes a lot of our meeting to be aborted before the end. And if you relaunch the call it will tell you to wait for another minute to start a new call. This is an unnecessary and most annoying update ever. We have meetings that lasts for hours and sometimes for days for 24hour fellowships so we want it to be ongoing without ending. That would be really appreciated. Other than that great app. Also is there a purchasable version for it that may work more efficiently?
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3 years ago, MichaelLane
Great but it’s the little things
Let me just say that I love Band, all the features are wonderful for my volunteer team that uses it for communication, meetings, and up to date information. However, some of my team members are older and some hard of hearing. All notification sounds included in band (known as Default 1, Default 2, etc) are too quiet, and too short in duration for them to hear. I have asked twice now for either longer louder sounds or the ability to add custom alternate sounds. The response I got was basically “we will see”. I can’t believe this is hard to do given the scope of all these wonderful enhancements in the latest release this seems like a nothing. Please prioritize!
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6 years ago, Firepokemon2089751
Not sure
“I keep trying to sign up but it won’t load. I’m not sure if I have bad reception or WiFi but I can’t seem to get an account. Help!” As my old review stated I had rly bad WiFi and internet connection. I have now had the app for about a month now and it’s great! I am instantly able to receive notifications on when and where events are happening. I also love the feature of when you are in a group you can comment or add to a post they have made. It helps everyone out. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone that is a part of a group or event because it makes planing so much easier.
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7 years ago, westpiper
Exactly what I was looking for
I help organize a small group of teen leaders who are all on different platforms. Facebook seems to be not as popular with young people like it once was, so I started looking some an app that functioned just like a Facebook group, but without all the other stuff. That's when I found Band. I've been using it for over a year now, and have had a great experience. I've even recommended it to other people who have similar needs. The only thing I would change is to allow me to turn off notifications for other groups in the area. Perhaps a premium feature?
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3 years ago, kb66754
This app worked really well for the past year, but recently it has been having some issues. If I go into the “feed” tab, it only shows posts from not that long ago and then a “search not available” thing pops up. This didn’t bother me THAT much at first, but recently if I go into the feed tab the pop up continues to show up even after I click “cancel” to get it off of my screen. It makes it to where the only way to escape it is to completely shut off the app and then click on each individual room so I can read the message. I’m going to try deleting and redownloading the app, but I honestly don’t know if it’ll work.
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3 years ago, Honey8465
Too many annoying notifications
It's a pretty good group messaging app. It doesn't do much that competitors like GroupMe don't also do, but it doesn't fall behind anywhere either. The only major difference is that GroupMe and others don't feel the need to bombard the user with pointless notifications. Every couple days or so Band will send a notification with no real substance, obviously just trying to get the user to open the app. The worst part is that you can't turn notifications off or else you'll risk missing important messages from your groups. Very annoying and would never recommend this app while it still does this.
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2 years ago, MichaelTheGamer
Great app, but needs one fix
This app so far has been be great! I’m glad there’s an app where my directors can post announcements without a problem. Anyways, there’s one problem. Whenever someone sends a video, it doesn’t play, and buffers a lot, or it either takes a very long time to play. Saving the video and watching it used to be the solution, but now that doesn’t work. I don’t really know if this has been an issue for other people, but please try to find a way to fix the bug if that’s the case. Thank you!
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5 years ago, 🌞⭐️☄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
I love this app!
I’ve been using this app for a really long time, and I probably use it more than iMessages or any other social media. One thing, though, I wish the chat rooms would be worked on a bit more, because I’m always finding small glitches here and there. They’re usually fixed with the next update, but with that one there come more. Of course, I’m very nit picky and can’t judge. The number one glitch is when it was trouble loading messages, and just doesn’t tell me. Or when it doesn’t load notifications or feed from a specific Band. Other than that, though, it’s a fantastic app.
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5 years ago, Raulerbauler
Overall really good
Being able to post original sheet music and music files is so awesome! This app has been an overall help. My only issue is an a band director getting constant notifications on various events going on in the Band App world makes me a little crazy. 🤯Remind app is great in that respect. I have email day and night from companies trying to get my band to sign up for their version of team organization technology. I have notification from the parents, band members and NOW the app itself asking to nominate someone for a leadership award. Definitely not helpful in the busyness of the day. I’d love a way to opt out of that permanently!
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7 years ago, Geekboydave
Server and app unresponsive
This app was good, until the recent update, in which I was looking in my band (which corresponds to a clan in clash of clans) and everyone started saying the server wasn't working. Immediately I saw as well. the server wasn't loading with an error that said something about an invalid certificate. people in the clan who didn't get the update said the app worked just fine. upon uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the app just froze altogether when hitting "already a member? log in" link. should i exit the app, if i try to get back in, it will crash every time. i've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, and i have the same result. thank you for reading.
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2 years ago, Javi2029
Good vision
BAND, I love the vision you have for this app, and it’s effects on bands. My band has never been more united because of y’all, thank you🙏. But I have a very big critique. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, upgrade your servers to support large 4k videos. Everytime someone uploads a video of the band, the video buffers too long cause of the size and resolution, and the quality is affected. The download button rarely works for these videos. So please, in the year 2022, 4k video is now the standard for social media platforms, and we desperately need y’all to work with it🙏.Our internet is super fast. I have 500mp/s internet so it’s not on my end. So yes, I love y’all, but please take this critique to heart.
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4 years ago, SeanBCSO
Last update?
Our group has been using this app for a few years now and it is great. I was glad to see that this app was now going to have video calling. I have updated the app several times and restarted my phone. Don’t believe it is operator error because I have looked everywhere and do not see where this is located in the app. Can you advise? Will be willing to give 5 stars if it works. You get the five stars now. Thanks for the quick response. I will say though the video calling should be easier to access and more prominent. Thanks again.
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10 months ago, sfkw
Needs work—updated
Latest version posted since my previous review (now 12.1) still crashes frequently on my MacBook Pro M1 running latest MacOS. Typing normal text into a chat often causes a cursor-spinning freeze requiring a force quit. UX is clumsy as well—the app needs a refresh to make navigation and functionality clearer. It's nice that it's offered for free, though the latest versions tilt even more toward large ads and using notifications to prompt for upgrades and feature usage. If the developers want to generate revenues through a paid version, that's totally understandable, but Band needs better features and stability before that would appeal to many people.
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4 years ago, Dermit Dad
Notifications don’t go away like they should
This is a great app. My child’s high school marching band uses it and it’s very handy. We used it extensively during our trip to Disney World. My biggest gripe is that when I follow the notifications to read the newest messages, it still shows the red dot on the home screen as if I didn’t read it. I then have to go back into the feed and open it again. Even then, it’s rather slow to make the red dot go away. I practically spend more time going in and out of messages and waiting to make sure the dot disappears than I do actually reading the messages.
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3 years ago, Scapeartist4286
Videos need to stop freezing
I have promoted Band to all of my kids groups because the organization abilities and management aspects of the app are great. I love the separate groups within a main group so I can get info that only pertains to my child but after 2+ years I still can’t watch an entire posted video without it freezing. It isn’t an internet issue. It’s an app issue. Many parents complain because students can’t practice if they can’t view the videos. I try to download them but I never know if a download has started so either end up with no download or multiple of the same. It’s frustrating and I end up not even bothering to try viewing anymore.
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1 year ago, Marley218
Love it! Great for School!!
I use this app with my band students. It allows me to have a safe space for students to talk to me and for them to talk to each other in a monitored environment! It’s very much like a social media app, so the kids get it and they know how to work it. I use it for everything … from making announcements to posting copies of music and even videos of performances. I have parents and students on the platform which allows for quick and efficient communication! 10/10 would recommend!!
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7 years ago, Troop6WV
Too much happening
There are many options that are great(calendar, messaging, photo albums), but their is too much happening. For a majority of users such as myself, we just have one group. There is not an option that I have found to make it default. Constant notifications about ways to create a new group for different kinds of groups are annoying and help turn off users. When you run a group like mine your biggest problem is people getting annoyed and shutting off notifications. Sending pointless push notifications about “new stickers” helps push busy families to that point. I will be switching my group back to groupme until this app is uncluttered and simplified.
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