Biker Planet Dating App

Social Networking
2.5 (36)
88.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Beat Media Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Biker Planet Dating App

2.47 out of 5
36 Ratings
2 months ago, alisa smith
Why can I not get answers?
I have repeatedly tried to contact over not being able to use my subscription. I even had paid twice once for three month paid in full and could not use it. Plus a monthly trying to see if that would fix it. I even dealt with apple. They tried several times to help me and told me I had to go to the developer to get help. Well needless to say after trying over and over by email and to find someone to talk to, which u can not. I given up. I lost around 70 bucks and couldn’t use it after a few days. So just recently I cancelled so I will not be billed again. Be careful because Apple has went thur it for me and the problem is on the developers side but you cannot get help to fix it. I really like it and it is a shame I will never be able to trust it or use it .
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3 years ago, Monkeyhelpme
Logging in. Paid nothing
I purchased a three month subscription and paid through my half I signed up with my Apple account downloaded the app it worked for three days then kicked me out then I have not been able to log back in I tried to contact them they have not responded I have tried to reset my password for Apple ID to get back in it says credentials are not valid this does not work well do not waste your money
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1 year ago, hammer2-7
App doesn’t work
Paid for a subscription and after the first week it wouldn’t load, they apparently fixed that because it started to work again. Until tonight when all I get is “Unexpected error”. I was thinking about continuing with my subscription but if it keeps acting up I’ll pass. Please fix your app!
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9 months ago, NancyBotwin74
I signed up but haven’t been able to sign in for almost 2 weeks. I’m getting spammed in my email by people that want a response but the app won’t let me in. Ridiculous . I can’t even click one star on the review…
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8 months ago, RTooley
Deplorable app!!
Keeps sending me back to sign up and enter my info- although my credit card shows purchase. So very aggravating! I have messages that I can’t read. Cannot sign on.
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8 months ago, Steno-Nicole Harrison
Cancel my membership
I’ve asked four times to remove me from your database!!! I have deleted the app. The reply said you have changed my preferences and still getting women emails. DELETE MY PROFILE COMPLETELY. THIS IS A BREECH OF CONFIDENTIALITY.
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3 months ago, Justme521$$
Not getting messages
Deleted and reloaded app 3 times. Nothing. In messages all I see are mine that I sent. Waste of money
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2 years ago, triplebr
Ever since a update, it won’t let me sign in
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5 months ago, RealRedRider
Sign up
Couldn’t even get signed up through the app!
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8 months ago, Stingray man
This site is a joke. I really don’t think any of these women are looking for anyone.
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2 months ago, Crisco63
Took my money
Can't get into site, I confirmed my email. Nobody responded
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4 months ago, ultiva31
Nobody answer
No contact . No answer
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4 years ago, mr nice 101
Bad programming
Seems to be problems with the apps ability to fetch information from the database. I can pull up about a dozen women near me, and it shows them all with the same first name. It’s an unusual name. I might have thought they were all fake accounts, except I did meet the one real person who actually has that name. Another woman sent me a message. The first time I saw the message, it said she’s in Idaho. Minutes later, I looked again and it changed to Arkansas. I tried to contact support in the app, and got a totally irrelevant reply. Update: two different women have the same telephone number encoded in their details. Maybe they are fake accounts. Maybe it’s bad programming. This app is completely untrustworthy and a waste of time.
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2 years ago, Chasser0000012838474
Don’t do it
This app is so poorly done it must’ve been written by third graders that were in an unpaid Third World country. It locks up consistently takes forever to load and a half of it doesn’t work most of the time. Most of the people on the app no longer exist in the app anymore and cannot see anything you send them. When you do try to send a message most of the time the app fails to send a message. Apple needs to remove this off of the store as it is simply a rip off to everybody that has tried it.
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5 years ago, bikergofast
Doesn’t work on iPhone SE
I’ll print is jumbled and on top of each other loaded and unloaded it several times always the same. If access through email notification it would be OK still everything is an additional charge. Personally I don’t think it was worth it.
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3 years ago, A rascal
The app worked well until yesterday. Support is useless because they simply don’t understand that the app has a bug. Of course the web version works but it is cumbersome. Trying to launch the app gets you a red screen with an endless spinning wheel. I left it try for 5 minutes without any success. At least my month is over soon and then it won’t matter because I’ll delete my profile.
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4 years ago, Lilyounggram
Useless and a scam site
I have never use a site as useless and thus it’s just a waste of time and a big loss ... I just paid $24 for a month premium and without even trying to chat or text my account was closed by their so called admin and sent a text and the reactivated it after some few hours it got closed again and I haven’t use it for 24hour ... such a useless site i need a refund please
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3 years ago, TinBed6767
Needs work
Tho the concept is great the app itself needs a lot of work. It crashes often or won’t open. I have met a couple people just gets frustrating when you can’t get in for days!!
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3 years ago, biker 4 you
This app is a scam. They bait you for the first couple days then you no longer get views and your messages never go out. I have tried contacting them and it’s a joke. Then they say to turn off auto renewal you have to go through iTunes and that doesn’t work either. Stay clear of this app
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4 years ago, softail sue
Wrong gender notices
I keep getting notices about women in my area I might be interested in. I’m looking for a guy and my search and profile states that. Hmmm?! Not sure how to fix this.
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4 years ago, mshearer6886
I can’t cancel
The app itself is fine but after several months I haven’t found anyone local & am actually dating someone now. I have been trying to cancel but it says I need to do it through my iTunes account. Biker Planet is not in my iTunes account!
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4 years ago, Wilamantic
I joined a while back and after checking it out deactivated my account. Now, after several weeks, trying to log-on to reactivate, but can’t log on. Have tried 25+ times - just get the red screen with a spinning wheel forever.
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3 years ago, CatLady1971*
Once you’re out, you can’t come back.
Tried to re-activate my account and the app won’t accept my password and won’t send me a link to change the password.
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4 years ago, Purell_azz
Don’t sign up!!
After signing up to this fake app it wouldn’t let me unsubscribe. I’ve been receiving emails daily for months, it’s how they’re keeping profiles on there to make it look like people are using the app...
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6 years ago, wvmom03k
The app doesn’t work
It won’t allow you to message back people who messaged you nor will it give you the option to pay for a subscription.
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2 years ago, 1AwesomeMommaOf4
So far it’s pretty glitchy. Also. I stated age range and still got a message from outside preferences AND I can’t delete the message. I definitely do not recommend paying
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3 years ago, Mike 2396528
Won’t open most of the time!
Takes forever to load, and more often than not, it just cycles and doesn’t open!
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3 years ago, anyee fb i on ty
Absolutely terrible app. Doesn’t work once you pay and won’t let me cancel waste of time and money
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3 years ago, jimp11
This site is a joke
I saw a lady on here I knew and she said she didn’t open a profile on here. I believe her because I know her. Such a fraud site
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5 years ago, Marktheprinter
Free for 6 days then useless
Free for 6 days then it’s useless unless you sign up and pay. It’s not worth my time if you can’t even text an interested party
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6 years ago, spiralgirl2
Can’t do anything without paying.
Can’t send or receive messages without paying & not cheap.
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2 years ago, Dksmoke
I have read on a prior review that it is broken and it is. I’m deleting the app now.
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5 years ago, Jay5367
Overpriced Crappy App
Their pricing is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t chat with anyone unless you pay their overpriced fees. Not to mention the app is complete dog crap. Good luck!!!
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6 years ago, Cindyd233
Can't use
This app only teases you with posts that you can't contact unless you pay.
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3 years ago, fastpat44
It won’t let me go to the app. Worst app I’ve ever had
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2 years ago, The Original Historygeek
Biker dude
Nearly all the profiles are fake.
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4 years ago, JimmyDollar
Every female profile I looked at had Respitory Therapist as their job.
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5 years ago, Ross1966K
This app is totally worthless!!!
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2 years ago, will johnsin
Horrible dating app
I bought the 3 month subscription. Trying to optimistic!!!! After 10-15 minutes of using it, I ran out of matches. So in a state of 6 million, I only had 20, maybe 30 matches? The site is vey outdated, hard to use. Confusing, I’m going to get a refund. I’d strongly recommend Hinge,Stir,E-Harmony, There’s a reason why this dating app is rated a 2 out of 5.
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3 years ago, busgirl23
This app for iPhone is the worse!! I paid a month to try out and then got the app on my phone and the username is totally different called support but they are lacking in CSR Dept . Waste of my money again with this site🤬
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5 years ago, Jorge Abbenhaus
After u hit send a message they automatically force payment of $89.99. This app is a scam rather they like it or not a scam is a scam. Lower the prices $15-$20 a month and $100 for the whole year.
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