Black People Meet

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Match Group, LLC
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2 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Black People Meet

4.06 out of 5
16K Ratings
6 years ago, ItsPBsWorld84
Found Love!!!
Yes there are a few areas that could use a little help, but all in all it’s a pretty good site.. I met 3 people on here and all 3 were actually great men. But only 1 stole my heart❤️.. I would say it is a little weird when 50+ yr old men are consistently “flirting” or “interested” but I received the same from 25 yr old as well.. neither which myself at 33 was interested! So that’s an area the needs assistance, you should be allowed to create an age range where your profile will not show just to avoid the embarrassment.. also, I don’t think you should be able to have a profile with no pictures at all, in my opinion! But like I stated I was fortunate enough in 6 months to meet some really nice guys, none in which I would’ve crossed paths with anywhere else. Ending, thanks BPM for allowing me the opportunity to connect with my “future”... xo
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3 years ago, Just_Devs
Cinderella Story for this guy
First off, I’ll admit I’d tried this dating service 3 times. The first two times were no good - just spammers and profile views. Then I decided to give this app a go for a 3rd time, and believe it or not, I didn’t strike out. I was contacted by a woman who liked my profile. And actually said as a comment that I have a nice smile. Mind you, I thought she was a bot when she messaged me, but I’d been single for so long I somehow thought indulging this person would be some kinda entertainment. Turns out she was very real and the craziest thing about it was that she lived in the same city as my sister, who had moved out of our home state 4 years prior. From the 1st day we’d met (September 15, 2019) to now, we’ve been each other’s best friend. And as of July 17, 2021, she is my wife. Online dating is always risky. Heck even I’ll admit I got lucky. How was I supposed to know that one day the perfect woman for me would fall into my lap and show me I actually do have a love life to look forward to? I know this is long-winded but I just had to get the point across that BlackPeopleMeet actually helped me find my soulmate. And I really couldn’t be any happier.
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5 years ago, oohhhdj
Black people meet is filled with some pretty decent people I’m sure. I have conversed with some nice ladies here and there and I am overall satisfied with the rapport I have built there. Outside of that, I am a little disappointed with how things work on the site. For instance whenever my subscription is at an end I get flooded with emails and winks and flirts that I never got when I was paying. The fact that the designers would think I’m stupid enough to believe that 50 women all of a sudden became interested in one day simply insults my intelligence. The next thing that bothers me is that I always get feedback from women that I never flirted with or never saw before which is disturbing to me. This means that when I swipe or interact with the app in any way it is communicating with people behind my back. This puts me in a very awkward position because I’m not a mean person but sometimes I have to just delete interactions with people that I never talked to in order not to get him false hope. I get bludgeoned when people are not interested in me and I take it in stride, but I’m not really the type of person to drop a load of bricks on somebody or lead somebody on so I don’t talk to them at all. I wish that they would just run an honest business and stop trying to scam people.
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2 years ago, MsKRMiller
Not impressed
This is my second time using BPM and I’m sorely disappointed. I think what this boils down to is that I’m overqualified to be on this particular app. I’m an educated professional woman who is cerebral, financially stable and at a good place in my life. I am seeking an equally educated partner with a broad life experience. The vast majority of my recommended matches were uneducated blue collar workers who smoke, or use drugs. There was no way to filter potential matches. My other frustration is the frequency of recycled recommended matches. I would pass on profiles and a few days later, they would be back as a potential match. Also, after setting up my profile, I was unable to change my search distance. This may have decreased the amount of recycled matches. Lastly, this is the most antiquated app I’ve used. The features are challenging and setting up a quality profile took more time than it should have. I’m guessing this is why most of the profiles I saw had the bare minimum usually just location and a picture or two. I appreciate having an app dedicated to Black people, it could and should be so much better.
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6 years ago, Vanessa Salomon
Poor Customer Service & Quality
This app is terrible! It’s poor in quality. When I set preferences in who can contact me in my account settings, it was ignored. I’m in my thirties and men over 50 flooded my account. They also, deleted my profile greeting stating that I used an inappropriate word. I didn’t use any offensive language in my profile and I’m very respectful. When asked why they deleted my profile greeting I got very vague answers. The customer service I received was intolerable, so therefore I cancelled my membership. When asked for a refund I was denied and I only subscribed for a total of 7 days out of a 3 month subscription. What a joke! Don’t waste your time or money! You will regret it. The features on here are useless. They don’t ask you any match-making questions, so how is this a dating app??? I have been on other dating sites/apps and this was my least favorite. Oh, and by the way during my subscription I was locked out of my account for 1 day without any explanation. The next morning my account was up and running. Stay away! There are other dating sites/apps way better then this nonsense.
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2 years ago, muareina
Poor Quality
I tried to upload pictures and it took forever to do so. I ended up refreshing the app to see it only posted 1 out of 3 pictures and it made my pictures pixelated. I tried multiple times to post multiple pictures and over and over again it wouldn’t let me upload my pictures. I had to keep exiting/refreshing the app. I then went to look at people to much with and their pictures was extremely pixilated as well. So exhausted and disappointed in this app I tried to delete my profile. It only had “log out”. I found a help option then it said visit the website…. No. Why would I go out my way like that just for a question about the app that I’m on. I just logged out and hope for the best (my account to disappear if I log out) I never write reviews but this was ridiculous and a waist of time. This app is cheaply made and I hope the bugs and quality get fixed. I hate seeing poor quality attached to black people when we deserve top tier apps just like any other dating app.
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5 years ago, BarbluvsGod
I did find a good man....
After about 6 months in we were in love; but because I didn’t marry him 3 days after the first 3 weeks of meeting; he never got over it; he had proposed within 3 weeks of meeting; tried to marry me 3 days later; I said yes to being engaged because we did actually Fall in love🥰💯😇😇 But I said No to getting married 3 days after such a quick proposal; he was crazy upset with me; I said let’s give it 6 months and if you still feel the same and I do too; we’ll get married, he was so disappointed, and we never got married; stayed together for 4 years, and now I have a Great Christian Friend for life. ( and we still are in love) who knows, we might just end up getting married one day🥰 Thank you
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4 weeks ago, Random Guy 24/7
Total waste of money.
So you get on here and you can’t see anybody that looks at your profile, sends you messages, or likes you until you pay for the subscription. They trapped me with sending one person that liked me just so I would buy the subscription to see what they looked like and see if the would respond my my message. I still haven’t heard back till this day. I don’t even know if the girl was real. There’s no point in liking someone’s profile if they don’t have a subscription because they can’t see you. I’ve played with the settings like I was advised to do but keep on getting women in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. The women that I did like with a subscription don’t even respond back. Do I need to look like I got money, or look like Shamar Moore with my shirt off or something? Women on here talking about they would prefer a night at home then going out but they’re pics show them out in street clothes. I’m done. I don’t recommend.
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6 years ago, DSquared7
Absolutely Trash
This app is horrible! Straight trash!!! I would never expect an app that required a paid subscription to be so poorly constructed. There are free dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble that far exceed Black People Meet when it comes to quality, functionality, and search criteria. This app seems like something a beginning app developer just threw together and slapped a fee on as a way to make quick easy cash. The developer clearly had no integrity. The preview I saw that made me decide to try this app in the beginning was definitely deceiving. Search criteria and preference means absolutely nothing. The app will still show you babies and old men. The flirt and favorites option are pointless, the app allows user to create profiles without a profile picture or profile information (creepers), and there is no matching based on the preferences you selected. One is better off finding a more legitimate dating site because this one is not it. Save your money and look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, sorhial
Makes me wonder
I was using the free version for about 2 weeks and decided to purchase a one month subscription just to see what’s different. For starters, nothing is different. I didn’t have any issues while under the free options. And this is definitely not worth paying for. On the main screen there are people from everywhere of all ages. You have to use the search option to find locals and then filter. After x Ing people showing not interested, they appear right back up in your search. So o cancelled and now I keep getting booted out of my account, error messages and non stop problems. The options are trash anyway. It’s like I’m back in the 80s or something. Just go out and be in somebody’s presence, these apps have all the losers on it and the app developers are their bittch. Too many hood guys, smokers, drinkers and people with no ambition. It’s like the bottom of the barrel. Guys all over the world instead of the location I stated I seek. Disrespectful when told not interested. The same matches pop up no matter how many times you x them out. Nothing of substance was really found. The people who were close to decent only had 1 or 2 photos with bare minimum words on the profile. I tried to show more personality on my profile but the wouldn’t save. I go out and come back in to a different profile from how I left it.
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4 years ago, Jayewitthelocs
My Experience
I joined BPM in Late September I met 2 really decent guys on thus site. I only went on 2 dates the first one had good conversation but when we went out the chemistry and vibe wasn’t there on my end. I still believe that he was a very decent/nice guy just not for me. The second date was surprising he wasn’t very talkative over the phone and his text were pretty dry. However I must say on the first date I really liked him and was very attracted to him. We are still very much connected, the chemistry and vibe is still flowing. He is definitely holding my attention and I hope that we continue to move forward to bigger and better things in the future. No Regrets !!!
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7 years ago, Soli-Great!!
Great Way To Meet New People
Easy app!! Hate the flirting option! Dumb and meaningless! Needs to require a profile pic cuz someone flirting or messenger you like that is scary! Otherwise ok app. I gave 2 stars because if you pay through Apple the payment isn’t posted until 48 hours and your account will expire and you will not be able to respond to any messages! I think this is some major BS as if you have paid then BPM and Apple need to be better synced to register your payment. Only way to contact Apple is email and BPM seems to not give a F@&k!! A you can do is wait and hope it gets resolved.
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6 years ago, PuraKvida
Don’t let the commercial Fool you
Not sure what I paid for, if you join for free you see all these messages you can’t read. You pay to read messages only to find out it’s the same person that liked all your 10 photos, or who swiped right or flirted and created a generic message saying “I like what you said in your profile “. It’s true the older men over 50 hit us in our 30s often, they are the only ones to write a real message too. The last draw and me canceling my profile 15 days in was when Black people meet deleted my profile summary because I mentioned I pay. My words “ I decided to join a site that isn’t free in hopes to meet someone who isn’t looking to just get in my bed, save the for POF” so just that edit they defeated everything and said rewrite my profile, well just like that they have lost a customer earlier than I had planned. I didn’t think I’d ever say tinder is better but it actually is... smh
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3 years ago, lifegrad
Please revamp!
Please revamp this app to attract more people and give it a more attractive look. It’s very outdated especially compared to other popular apps on the market. There should be more black people on here than there currently is at this time. I’m seeing way too many guys in my city going for white women or non-black. That’s alright but make this app more appealing for those who want to find black love. I want to see this company do a lot better and this app is basically the face of the company, since most people use their cellphones. Give us something better because a lot of love connection opportunities are getting missed. Isn’t that your mission, to help people find love? Also, the colors and logo are a bit hideous and further the outdated feel to the app.
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2 weeks ago, Dan Met
The free version is not giving much hope.
I was looking forward to using the app but then realized the best features are for the subscription. This isn’t so problematic. It’s the fact that you can’t really experience much of anything unless you are subscribed. Based on the free version, I’m terrified to just subscribe bc even the free features aren’t working like they should. I’ve been getting mutual matches and unable to message them. I’m sure just paying would solve it which is cool but it hasn’t shown enough promise to make me desire the subscription. Also I’m reading the reviews and most people are posting 1-2-3 star reviews. How is it that their average is over 4 stars. This app developer is playing and it seems like greed is the goal, not love. Deleting soon.
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6 years ago, MercedezA
I want a refund lol
Lol I thought the reviews were just bitter unattractive people but that’s not the case i’m gorgeous and I must say this was a WASTE of my money. I want a refund. If you want to meet people that’s in Texas, Alabama, FL, New York pretty much everywhere but where you are then this is perfect for you. I barely get messages from actual locals in ATL. Most of the profiles on here are people who thought it was free then realized they couldn’t message folks so they abandoned their profile. Most of the guys on here just send you flirts on here rather then actually stimulating messages. Im 28 I don’t mind older men but if you’re in you’re 20s and want meet singles in their 20s this isn’t the site for you. I can’t login on the app so I can only check it from my computer. The app gives me an error message this was truely a waste of money. I’m canceling my membership after this month is up.
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2 years ago, Chip's fone
Nothing has changed
1) fake profile 2) people don’t speak 3) play the like game 4) false likes from people who never spoke 5) waste of $20 6) app different from desktop 7) same people from three yrs ago 8) poorly run for a black dating app 9) probably get kicked off after this review (10) have had my profile augmented when in “hidden mode” and saw that I was inviting people to Puerto Rico as a date, interested in men which is a lie because I am not a practicing gay black man which is not my lifestyle. I am so livid at this site that I urge people to do life in the present. False profiles to keep interested and they will not admit that it is part of marketing to keep the cash flowing. Social dating is not what it used to be and this is worse than the others. At least this review cannot be changed by management.
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7 years ago, casims2000
Terrible app and website
I have never been able to log in to this app though I'm able to login to the webpage. So I'll give a review of the webpage. It's the most inferior dating site that I've used and I've used many. For me, POF is hands down the best site and app. Very simplistic, they way it should be. The BPM website is the worst. I keep getting the same matches over and over. If I say no to any match, that should be the end of it. Don't show me that person again. The way the website is constructed you accidentally send flirts just by scrolling. Terrible design. Then scrolling through the matches, without going into their profiles, shows that person you've been on their page which is BS. Then trying to go through pics without hitting an ad is a problem. Trying to view pics in general is irritating. This is a horrible site all around. I'm going to remove the option for automatic renewal, but of course I have to go onto my computer to do it because it won't allow me to do it on the website using my phone which makes no sense. I don't know who owns this site, black people or not, but you need to get this crap together. Scrap it and start over. Check out POF to see how it's done.
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4 years ago, rja0015
Needs a Serious Upgrade
Update: not changing the stars because the app is still really bad, but excited to say that I met someone and this might actually work out. I know we never would have met without the app even though we live literally 3 minutes away from one another. So grateful to have met him. I’m happy! The app and the website reminds me of MySpace. It’s just old and outdated and now the app is experiencing a lot of glitches. I have to log on to the site via my computer sometimes because the app won’t load content. I also tried getting on the website from my phone, and it says my credentials were wrong, yet it let me login on the computer using the same information.
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6 years ago, NajShavone
Not worth it
This app was not what I thought it would be. The functionality is trash and the app doesn’t accurately filter your criteria. I was immediately turned off by the fact that you have to log onto the actual website to make changes to your profile/account, and I thought it was stupid that you HAVE to subscribe in order to read messages. I will be deleting my account asap. Speaking of which, you can’t delete your account on the app, you have to log onto the website to do that also. I logged onto the website from my phone to see if I could delete my account that way, but I couldn’t find the remove/delete profile option anywhere! So now I have to log onto the website from a computer to see if I have any luck that way SMH. Too much work for such a crappy app!
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1 year ago, Gwenniepig
Meeting strangers is strange
I’ve met several men on the site however, many people aren’t truthful about a lot of things. I’ve also been told that many women on the site are not truthful and some are even considered crazy. This site is a great way to meet people but, we must conduct ourselves as adults. Love can be found on this site for some and for others maybe not but, being respectful to one another is an adult way to act/respond. Sincerely Gwen J BPM single
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3 years ago, dhhjsdhxssbshz
Only took me about an hour of having the app to realize it is a scam. I didn’t even pay for a subscription (thank god), but I started to realize that the same bios were being recycled in my feed of “You May Like” potentials. You can’t message people that you’ve supposedly matched with, without a pay wall. The commercial lied. I am convinced that even the positive reviews on here have been bots from the app. This is appalling for a number of reasons. But the scariest one is that the photos of people on the app seem real, so that means that the app keeps your photo and name and just completely changes everything in your profile to make you just another bot for their algorithm and it is DISGUSTING. I am so disappointed and offended that this app that is so heavily advertised as the dating app for black people is just one big scam.
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3 years ago, Peaches1492a
Not Impressed…deleted profile after one month
In my opinion BPM is more business focused than connecting people. You must pay for a subscription in order to use 99% of the features in the app/website. As a woman my interactions were with a lot of uneducated older men (50s and 60s). I don’t understand why I kept seeing the same matches after “passing” on them multiple times. I like the idea that it is geared towards people who want to date Black people I just wish the experience was better. The website provides more detailed information about the users/matches when compared to the app. The app feels subpar. None of the profiles are verified. There are several accounts without pictures or have pictures of objects instead of themselves. There are several accounts that appear to be bots they differ in the photos posted but have the same information written exactly in their profiles. I deleted my profile after one month. I would have done it sooner if BPM allowed me to do so. The one plus side to BPM is great customer service.
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5 years ago, LRB825
There’s about 30 men available in your area
I’m paying for this app only to see the same guys over and over... even after saying I’m not interested, they still show up... I even change locations to see if there’s any difference.... there isn’t! One day into using the app, I cancelled my subscription so it wouldn’t renew... you have got to do better... I live in the Midwest, so I’m sure there’s more than 30 guys here, and yet, that’s all I see... no matter how you change your preferences, it’s still the same 30 guys... I can have access to 30 or more guys just going out... online, I SHOUKD have more options.... please fix it... this site is causing me to feel some kind of way because there’s only a few guys available and hardly any of them ACTUALLY want to meet.... what a mess!
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4 years ago, LemmeB.Great
You get the same matches everyday (even though I live in a metro area) and apparently you show up in areas with low singles because I have men who try to match with me that live more than three states over. Unlike other apps it doesn’t let you hide who you don’t want to match with. I also hate how un-user friendly how the app is. For the first week all I met was a 50+ men that wanted a young girl to shake up with. I eventually found the filter that makes it so that only a certain age could search for me. I wanted to support black businesses and was tired of matching with men I wouldn’t date so I joined and paid for 3 months, better believe once my 3 months are over I’m deleting the app. Also, remember to take it off reoccurring payment or you will get a surprise bill.
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6 years ago, Angel0597
Okay so seeing this pop up on my tv had me wanting to try something new. I’m sure you think this app is going to be fully developed like tinder, meetme and all other sites but of course not. You have to actually go online on the internet rather than on the app to fill out information about yourself. What’s the whole point of having an app when it’s supposed to make things easier? Next, you have to pay to actually speak to people. What type of mess is that? This app is not even fully developed but I need to pay ? TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE? No sir. This is why black businesses fail because they want us to pay out of pocket when it’s free else or cheaper elsewhere. If they wanted to make money you could have charged to get the app but not to message people. Absolutely trash.
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7 years ago, Kspinks62
Worst App EVER!
In the three months of which I was a paid member, I received for five views per day on average. Right before my subscription was two and I started getting 50 and 60 views per day! It leads me to believe that 1) Black people meet hold your profile from everyone to see unless you become a repeat spender or 2) they out right lie about how many people are viewing your profile. I think it’s a combination of the two. Also, why do I keep seeing the same people all the time in the are you interested portion? If I say that I am not interested in someone why do I repeatedly see them again and again and again? Also, if I state that my age preference is 47 to 62 why am I getting profiles of 35-year-olds??? IF I COULD GIVE THIS APP NEGATIVE STARS I WOULD!!
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2 years ago, AshRenee52388
Horrible app! Asked you to select three questions and provide the answers to the questions. Every time you save them, the app deletes them! I have had this app for less than 8 hours and have rewritten all my answers 6 times just to have them all get deleted after I write the other! Why is this such a big deal? You can’t write a real description of yourself and bio like most dating apps, that’s what the 3 questions are for! So without them your profile is blank! Please fix this because I PAID for a membership and so far I will NOT be renewing it because this is utterly ridiculous!
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4 years ago, mrdet80
Dear black people meet
I was skeptical about a dating site.. but I stepped out of my box and decided to give this a try.. at 1st the process was slow, then suddenly I found my match.. in less than two days.. and we have not let go of each other yet.. I have found my special someone and I just want to say thank you black peoples meet.. 5 star site.
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5 years ago, Elle Mercedes7
Terrible interface.
As a paid subscription me never, I have to say the interface of this app is horrible. I remember being a member in 2008 when everything was driven from a desktop experience rather than a mobile app. And in 11 years there have been no updates compared to other dating apps. Each morning I go through my daily matches and within 2hrs I am presented with THE EXACT SAME matches again. Also the low response rating is based on me not responding to people I am not interested in who don’t meet the requirement of at least being local. As a woman navigating this site, you’re doing a terrible job. I rejoined hoping for a better experience than Tinder or Bumble but alas, it is no different.
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4 years ago, Canesheewa
My best friend convinced me to create a profile, because she knew a friend that had success some years back on this site. Now, the site is clearly saturated with people that are creeps, can't spell, look slow, strange, weird, and bats out of hell. No one I would ever give a second of my time to and would probably run away from if I saw them in person. I came across a few profiles that had the exact same bio and info too, clearly fake accounts. I deleted my profile entirely 2 hours after scrolling through nonsense. Better off on Tinder. Then they got the nerve to be asking for $75 dollars. It’s a no from me dawg. It’s disappointing honestly. I thought this website would be legit and promising. Smdh
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2 years ago, burrell studios
Pay to win - my fellow black ppl stay away
This app is all about paying to meet people. You can’t read messages unless you’re paying to read them and you can’t send messages unless your paying for them, and if your paying then the person who you’ve sent a message to can’t see it unless they are paying as well. This dating app structure is solely for making money off black folk. Why would I pay to message if the person might not be paying? I’ve never seen a business paywall structure as awful as this. Which is why it’s such a cash grab at black ppls wallets. Match owns this too, so it’s Fs exploitation of our black excellence
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3 years ago, DScott517
Worst dating app
I don’t know who they paid to leave reviews but I’m going to be real. First of all in order for you to see the likes and messages, you have to pay up front. That right there is a turn off. Then the selection of guys - I know they can’t control. However, if I pass on a guy, I do not want to continuously see his profile. Or see that he liked mine, I passed on him. Make it make sense. I was hesitant about this app in the first place and after only being on it for a few hours, I want my money back. Oh also, to delete your profile it’s a whole another situation. I highly do not recommend this app. I’m so furious.
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5 years ago, 07Elle
I’m sure this could possibly be a good app, but it has too many issues for anything above 1 star. The same exact men, in the same exact order, all on the same day are constantly being displayed after I’ve swiped left (the red x) many times. It’s ridiculously annoying. I’ve saved my search criteria many times, yet it does not register any men outside of the age range in which I’m interested are also constantly in the search. Why give you the option to have preferences if it’ll display whatever it wants!?!? I feel that I’ve wasted $21 on this app when it doesn’t follow/display any of your preferences. IM SO SICK OF SEEING THE SAME MEN ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, OUTSIDE OF MY DESIRED AGE RANGE THAT IVE ALREADY SWIPED NO TO.....UGH!!
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6 years ago, all4ne
Disappointed with bpm
The last day as a member I had over 60 flirts . I never had that many in one day. I corresponded to one flirt and the person stated he didn’t send any flirt. This makes me think that bpm sent these flirts. What a waste of time it’s been. Scammers and profiles you have to weed out. No pictures is a bummer. BPM should make sure these men are legitimate we as members should not have to deal with fraudulent folks. This is a dating site for mature people. This kind of nonsense gives BPM a bad experience. I personally would never use this site again. I also requested ages between 65-72 and got responses from men 50-55. Some of the pictures of the men were ridiculously displayed.
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6 years ago, LadyLift83
Jesus take the wheel!
This is simply not the site to meet a high quality black partner. The user interface is awful!!!! It is not worth any of your hard or lazy earned money. The marketing and advertising is strong. Their commercials made me tap into to my inner Erykah Badu...ready and willing to cultivate Black Love. However, you have to deliver the product. The site needs better programmers period end. I did meet a high quality black man on another site so I recommend just trying something else until the site matches with the false advertising. BPM could be a good really could but someone needs to roll up their sleeves and make some tough decisions.
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6 years ago, Treble N Paradise
Don’t Upgrade!!!! Read Reviews!!
Filters don’t work, can’t search Singles within certain mile radius. Whenever you put ANYthing negative about the site in your profile, they delete it and they don’t even want you to disclose if you are an upgraded member, or disgruntled in ANY WAY to give people who haven’t subscribed the impression that everyone is happy and content on the site. But read these reviews. There’s a reason they have in the terms of agreement that they don’t give refunds to anyone. Look at this complaints! They’d go out of business if they gave everyone who complained about the horrible app/site and Cust service their money back! Do not upgrade!!!
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5 years ago, Ms, New York
Still trying it out
I hate the fact that the age & location preferences mean nothing. I do not care to receive messages & flirts from 25 year old in California when I’m 50 in New York. Also stop showing the same profiles. If I swipe no, remove them from my preferences. I swiped 1 guy over 10 times, then he messaged me as to why I keep checking out his profile, really dude???... I met a few people so I won’t totally disregard the whole site. I have 1 month left & based on the reviews, I will probably end my subscription. I will cancel the card as well, to avoid “new charges”.. thanks anyway
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4 years ago, Walking sister
It’s getting better.
I appreciate the platform, however it is very annoying when the pics of others don’t load and there are network issues. I would also like to unfavor a profile and once I’ve said no or hit the X I would like not seeing that profile pic for at least 30 days. And I agree with another user, pics should be required! There are way too many faceless trolls, I suppose trying to control who they interact with. 🤷🏽‍♀️
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5 years ago, Dr. Roxy
Needs sooo much work
Choices aren’t great but that’s not their fault. The inbox is messy every single interaction is a new message when it could all be organized into one thread by person. Hint...take a look at other sites. Not as clunky or messy. All of the flirts, likes, favorites, messages can be overwhelming! It’s just too much since it’s not organized correctly and you get a notification for every single one in a different place. And I swear I set my age preferences and that does NOT prevent men outside that range from contacting me so I have no idea the issue with this app. And now we can’t log into the app because of some network issue? Waste of money.
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4 years ago, Nika_boo
A waste of time and money
I’ve had this app for less than 24 hours and I am already irritated with it. It doesn’t allow you to get familiar with the app before it asks for money. I purchased the 1 month plan just to try it out and here’s where my second problem lies... my filter is on for age range 28-35. Tell me why are all of my messages are from 52-61 year olds. I’m not even interested in becoming a sugar babe. My next problem is, I’m in Georgia. But their suggestion is people in Mississippi and further west. One of the grandpas was in California. How am I supposed to date him and he is all the way in California? I want my money back...
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1 year ago, Cece18!
I don’t like it
I just downloaded the app today and so far I got a few people but someone messaged me but for so odd reason I have to pay to receive messages?!?! That’s definitely not a good thing, it’s actually a turn off for me in the app. If I like someone or if someone likes me how are we supposed to know and communicate. I gotta pay to have a conversation?!?! I’m not wasting money just to talk and then figure out if I want to continue or not. Y’all gotta do better than this. Y’all are the #1 dating app for black people and I’m still trying to figure out how….. I’m disappointed
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11 months ago, Just Tired 365
So deleted my profile after multiple attempts to make contact. Too many fake profiles. And the worst part is someone will message you and you aren’t allowed to view or send messages with upgrading your subscription! This was a waste of time! Other site at least offer free messages and offer freebies to female clientele! This site is a shameful mess, it’s not abou making connections it’s about them making money! Like you literally have to upgrade everything! And it’s grotesquely over priced! I will not recommend this app to a dog!
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5 years ago, EchoSlowXx
I honestly was going to buy a subscription but I don’t think I am anymore the app needs some major work. I can’t even update what kind of person I am like where it says say something about yourself or what you look for in a person. It has another description that I didn’t even write, and I can’t even edit it. It’s giving false hope to men which I do not want. I am a lesbian and the details on my profile would have me look as if I am into a male. Not cool fix your site before I purchase any subscription or don’t and keep losing customers that’s trying to use your app to find someone
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5 years ago, Unhappy Bride2B
I agree with most of the reviews. I am thinking of giving online dating a break but kept seeing the BPM commercials so decided to give this a try. It is the WORST online site of all the ones I’ve tried. I have been on Match, POF, and Bumble and I would recommend all of them over this. I just downloaded the app yesterday and I already cannot log on. I was using the app then it just automatically logged me out and I can’t log back in and have to use the website which isn’t very user friendly especially from a phone. I’m upset I paid for this. Please save your money and use a useful app!
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6 years ago, D,bizzle
The site is trash mannn
This app is garbage, is not good as they advertised in the commercial, what a waste of time they have you wait a hour for your photo to be reviewed and then they'll just delete it because it was half shirtless showing chest and I am a guy and plus they can't least let you read the messages to decide if the women are really serious, without paying for their high subscriptions like come on you should be able to check to see if their not bots before you pay so no thank you, I seen guys get the hottest girl on Fb for free then this
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2 years ago, theCONFUSEDwon
A one-star rating
Too many incomplete profiles. This is a dating site, so why would you all allow people to have incomplete profiles? There are a lot of profiles that have one photo posted. The daily matches that I receive from Black People Meet, are far from what I’m looking for, so I have no clue as to where y’all are coming up with these potential matches for me. People are typically hundreds of miles away. I’ve been a member for quite some time and I haven’t seen too many good changes while I’ve been on Black People Meet. BPM has a lot of work to do
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5 months ago, B86G
Not worth it
You have to pay to message, so I don’t understand what’s the point in liking and matching profiles. If there are “free” messages, you’ll never see them until you pay for a subscription. Weird right? They only show a handful of matches per day, forcing you to expand your preferences if you want more for that day. And now the app has such a glitch (after canceling my subscription so it won’t renew) that I can’t even delete the account. All this work to match with people who mostly aren’t even in my state. So not worth it.
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4 years ago, Peach Blossum
Needs a Little Work
Although I have seen a fair amount of men on BPM, there were none that I connected with. Most of the men here on BPM were catfishing. I do thank BPM for giving us warnings and advice on how to be safe when meeting people you don’t know. However, if you use a specific age group on your profile, BPM should use that information with your profile. So far I haven’t met anyone yet, but I only been on the site for 2 months. I’m gonna continue to look and hopefully find my match.
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2 years ago, Mary McMillin
Why am I seeing the same, the very, very, very same wording and paragraphs on multiple multiple multiple peoples pages for that introductory paragraph??? That makes me think that this site is just complete crap, garbage. Are those all fake accounts or what??? I've seen online that your customer service is terrible so can't wait to see what happens with my question. There's no way that five or six or seven different people can have the same exact introductory paragraph and also information all the way through their post.
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