BlackPlanet - Meet New People

Social Networking
3.3 (571)
127 MB
Age rating
Current version
Urban One, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BlackPlanet - Meet New People

3.33 out of 5
571 Ratings
4 years ago, PHANTOM 7
This app is outdated That’s is manageable but upgrades are appreciated. What is not cool is the number of indecent proposals. From messages from Bp you have won money , to sex sites get my nudes here , to ppl seeking your email or to call you on emails ? , to all the dead ppl in Africa who need your assistance to get a large some of money who need ur personal info. It’s getting to be way too much. I think it’s fine to share business ideas on here and help each other and grow as a community, heck it’s needed. But all the stealing Instagram pics and porn pics to scam ppl is a poor representation of the community and what it could and should be. How can this be fixed
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3 years ago, Cindyshaky
Still not great :(
The recent upgrade was years over due but it’s still not up to par to other sites like Facebook, Instagram, Plenty of Fish, etc. I still don’t know why you can’t click on a user profile pic & view it in a larger dimension. You can’t see a pic in that little circle. On my actual profile, it says I need to verify my email & has a non-working link so you can’t even do it. So ridiculous. The browse filters are ridiculous. We should be able to atleast browse by specific city, state or country. The Home page is not even a home page! All I see are peoples posts. What kind of home page is that? A home page should have various content including maybe links to navigate/view other things. Like who designed this? Its crap. Please do better.
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5 years ago, Tuesday's child 12
I wish I could give it zero starts right about now!
I use to think the site was great. you can connect with people in your area that share the same interest as you. and actually build a friendship. now the site is so full of ads you can’t even read people post. the profile in the app version doesn’t show what I wrote or why I am on the site. it just shows my pictures and then guys send you crazy messages cause they can’t read about you first. seriously what is the point of allowing me to create a profile if you aren’t going to all people to read it. But my BIGGEST ISSUE IS all the ads. they just don’t go away no matter how much you scroll down 🤦‍♀️. I really wish they would update the app like YESTERDAY! I also wish there was a way to restrict certain messages.
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4 years ago, tajgti
iPad App Version Desired / Bots still dominate my inbox.
The iPhone app works nicely, especially now that they have fixed the dark mode thing. Still, an iPad version would be nice too. The phone app shows on an tablet but it’s just a large version of the phone app. Could there be a greater security against the creation of bots on BP? It gets rather annoying to receive so many notes, invites, etc. from bots which only try to send you to external sites. When reporting such instances, it would be nice to be able to attach a screen shot of the incident.
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4 years ago, BiancaEstrella
Needs an overhaul
The entire structure of Blackplanet could use a facelift - both on mobile and the desktop. Make user pages worth visiting. Incorporate job boards, discussion boards, and dating. Integrate BP radio more into the site. Regulate accounts, make them use/confirm valid email addresses. Delete ALL accounts made with phony email addresses and inactive pages, and start fresh. This place has tons of potential it could begin actualizing. The Solange momentum from last year is flat now.
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4 years ago, FunSizeMag
Can’t see what I write while making a post
My only issue is when I write a post, I can’t see anything that’s written on the screen. It doesn’t show up until it’s been posted. Like it’s literally invisible while I’m writing anything. The only thing that shows up are emojis. Makes it really hard to post anything. If that can be fixed, that’d be amazing. I hate Facebook & want to support a black owned platform. Please advise on how to fix this issue. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Ms Copeace
Ms Copeace
I loved BP back in the early 2000’s but now it’s disappointing. I miss the groups and real people. BP is now full of people impersonating other people’s identities. Entire profiles are not even the real person behind the pictures. Some kind of way, it would be better if BP could verify each person who creates a profile is really that person. Also BP is now becoming “the rainbow coalition”, it’s no longer a safe place for “Black” planet users. I love my people, if I wanna mix with people other than my own, I’ve got Facebook and Instagram for that. ***just my opinion though
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5 years ago, Amazing Grace 31
Let me Upgrade ya!
I’m happy to see BP back up but we have to get this app up to the 2019’s! It’s way to outdated but I will say, I like that old school feel. It just needs a better look and over ease of use. Y’all know how we are, very fickle...we just wanna feel comfortable. Right now it feels like we in a new version of an old club that we all used to go to and there are new staff members. Let’s fix that. Please and thank you. Signed, concerned app junkie.
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5 years ago, Loyal User 4+ Years
Updates are needed... i can’t change my birthday, my name, or see my other pictures. On the app and website. Glitches in the chat not sending messages. Solange basically brought everyone back so let’s get up to speed i rated 5 stars because it’s a black owned app and black business. Keep us Here now we’re back ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
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4 years ago, 432187900000000000
Black Planet keeps getting worse and worse. The updates ARE NOT fixing how the application runs. It's like I can't make more than two posts after that if I push any letters they aren't visible. It's two many ads now. I also don't feel people should be able to put nude profile pictures of themselves nor send nude pictures to our inboxes our use vulgar language. People can't do it on Facebook. I mean be more professional and give us a quality product. The development of Black Planet should be ashamed. These updates are 100 percent crap.
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4 years ago, iMilly Millz
Update needs updated
My app updated just last night, but the features in the app are not adjusted right. This needs fixed. Before the updated I could click the search bar, message bar etc. Now it’s so far at the bottom of the screen I can’t click it. Please adjust! Thanks!
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5 years ago, Amedaus.
This App needs work. Developers REFUSE to answer ANY inquiries, reports, feedback, etc. Many times when Updating Status, it doesn’t Post. Nearby was disabled with NO reason or explanation given by developers. Ads by Google block three-quarters of the Update Status area on Mobile devices. Too many ads in ALL sections: Home, Popular, All. Wonder why Apple App Store hasn’t gotten on Developers of this App about the NUMEROUS complaints concerning BP.
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4 years ago, JacobTryon33
There are issues with the interface and ease of use but with time I’m sure there will be plenty of updates . If you want change you have to support it from the ground level , user feedback is crucial for any company . End of the day IG , Twitter and Facebook sell your data to third parties .... No thank you !!
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5 years ago, lmnop924
Out of date
This app needs improvement. There are to many scammers and spam sites. There are to many glitches. You can not use chat rooms from your phone. You can not change your name. If you block people they can still send you invites. It should be user friendly. When you request help they take forever to respond of not at all.
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5 years ago, OleSoul57
Love the traffic needs a few more updates
Works great on the browser but the app crashes. There was an influx of new traffic so I know they’ll make the proper adjustments but overall really loving the all of the unity and BLACK LOVE. I look forward to making many more positive connections with good people on this site!
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5 years ago, asmo420
Our space
None of us touched this site in awhile and it’s necessary that we give it love! However, I don’t mind if it stayed the way it is, it brought us out!! All the photos of gorgeous Black folx are so refreshing to see without white gaze and jealousy!! I can’t wait to see how high the potential of this site gets!
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5 years ago, 🤬🤬🤬1977
Ridiculously Frustrated
I logged out of my app...the password that I thought I had set was not the correct password. Now I can’t get back on. I did the forgot password option and put in my email for the reset password link to be sent to me. The email has yet to come. I have done this several times and have been waiting 2 days for the reset password link email. But yet I have received two Black Planet advertisement emails, but no reset password email. Ridiculously frustrated
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5 years ago, Kaybellanova
All my pictures are gone!!!!
I don’t know what’s going but all of my followers are saying my pictures are gone!!! I double checked and they are! I tried logging in from my iPhone using the classic site and it takes me right back to the login screen! I cleared the browser tried another one does the same thing!!! Can y’all fix this because I like the app but I have a profile up that is useless because I can’t get into it or figure out what’s going on with my pictures
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4 years ago, turt1987
Too easy to troll
All this app is missing is a Mute option, private pages and we should be able to hide our profile pics from certain people (friend only) and fix that block button Y’all make it too easy for folks to harass us, can’t even enjoy the app. Not enough privacy
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5 years ago, Ty-Rizzle
This app is okay, I still get on here but it could use an update. Let’s not do what Facebook, Twitter, an Instagram do. One person owns that let’s do our own thing. I love my culture but the app isn’t up to speed. I still use it bc i will support my people.
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4 years ago, CHEL$$$$$$$
Thank you!
I’m excited to see this social network flourish, as more people begin to join, let’s please offer a more satisfactory and updated layout to align with 2020 vision! Thank you though! I wish to see this site flourish beautifully.
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4 years ago, Acocodreamnyc
Did u test it b4 launch?
The app is not user-friendly it is full of bugs. The Apple platform is the worst -your notifications don't show, you don't get the push messages, you have to keep refreshing messages for the messages to appear even though the message box will indicate u have messages. Messages get lost in the dark hole, What's on the app never matches what's on your desktop. U can't edit posts, blocking ppl doesn't always work... Try again ...
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4 years ago, Janell84
Please Update
The site has potential but there hasn’t been updates in a while. I haven’t deleted my profile because I’ve been on BP since 2002 and I’ve conversed white great individuals there. I’ve been holding out hope for it to get better but it hasn’t. I think this platform is needed for POC, specifically black people, to uplift each and network in these times of uncertainty. I’m begging for someone to step up and do something to salvage some with so much potential.
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5 years ago, HilSand1955
After taking a hiatus from BP, I return only to find the same disappointing scenarios; old outdated profiles. My only wish is that whomever operates this site will delete those who are not actively involved on a daily basis. To go to someone’s profile and it’s been several months ago since they’ve posted is very disappointing. It could better only if BP makes it better!
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5 years ago, Dollface112
Getting as BLACK as I can
Returned user from the computer days! Thanks Solange for the reminder! Hope to see some updates soon ❤️ share with your friends promote blackness and let’s get it better, everything starts somewhere
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5 years ago, Kresskala
Melanin Popping
It’s about time! I said MANY years ago that we needed to revive BP! Let’s get it! Now the platform needs to be updated. I’m sure with the influx of new members, this will happen soon. That’s the only thing I think will cause people to fall off!
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4 years ago, renay56
It’s not an fun site
I’ve been an BlackPlanet member for a long time I had been off for an wile came back to something totally different you can’t see the friends you had or do Secret admire or anything like the last one I’m totally lost then couldn’t even log on even when I created an new account I’m just going to delete it and not worry about it thanks for letting meet new people
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4 years ago, longtime BP member
Needs major update!!
I have been a member of this site since high school when it was created and I like the app. But it needs an update terribly. I would like it to be easier to operate and do the same things as Facebook with some modifications. Also for some reason, the iPhone does not notify you of messages or alerts. So a major update would be appreciated.
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5 years ago, PayMeHomageBxtch !
something old - something new
Didn’t know this platform still existed until yesterday. Interested to see how it improves with more people joining. Connecting with people from all over is exciting!
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4 years ago, Mella Cays
Good too me
Only thing I don’t like about BlackPlanet it do not alert you when you have a message or someone review your page I’m OK with it I’ve been on BlackPlanet for a long time
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5 years ago, Tjdetwilerftw
And we’re black on our home planet
It feels real nostalgic down to the color text options. But do I have to learn c plus plus over again to navigate this site? Update sooner versus later pls and thx
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3 years ago, Native-Queen
App and Website is Garbaga
After all these years, the app is mediocre at best. Reinstalled the app and now can’t even sign into it. The website on mobile is garbage and won’t stay on notes or profile or updates. Keeps refreshing to the main page. Honestly, there is no excuse for this site to not be functional after alllllllllllll these years. Invest in the app and website development!!!!
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5 years ago, avantgarde222
Love IT!
Love this app. Literally black twitter but BETTER. A few minor things that can be worked on but everything can have improvement. I hope this pops off, since it was the first.
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4 years ago, Great sop
BP is like the mall that used to be cool
It’s crazy because I remember when BP started and it was a cool app for black and brown sisters and brothers to express themselves artistically. It was nothing to come on here and rap about poetry, politics, music, etc. all day long with like-minded and conscious brothers and sisters. This is a sad image of the once great site. It has become a vacant and unattended garden of thirsty thots, spammers and garbage. I absolutely abhor what Black planet is now compared to what it used to be.
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5 years ago, Erica Sahrae
Blast From The Past
We need coders to update this site into the cosmically huge platform it could be. We have something beautiful here! Let’s pull together to make it historical.
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5 years ago, hungryforme
So happy!
I’m so happy black planet is back. I had a great experience the first time. Now it’s back new and improved with some of the same features. Site has nice navigation.
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5 years ago, the brettina
i really want this to succeed!
I'm all about us having a space! Can we please get some updates so folks do not get turned off to the app!
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5 years ago, Shataquen
Nice site
Not getting the email to reset my password. I’ve been trying for days. It says sending but I never got it after trying multiple times
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4 years ago, tmarcel007
All you have to do is comment and she will fix it for you. Need more comments and feedback Thanks. Tmarc5
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4 years ago, AuthenticBeast73
After the last update I don’t have access to my notifications on the bottom of my screen so what’s the point of going on when I can’t do anything and there’s more fake profiles every day. I only gave 2 stars because of the inspirational words. Now my messages are blank boxes Fixed screen but messages are still empty boxes sad
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5 years ago, Natural & Free
Log in issues
I can’t log in with my email address as an option?
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5 years ago, Kalee Phillips
Brings back memories but this app is so outdated...It’s platform feels like I’m on a first gen iPhone. There’s also not a lot to do on the app other than the chatrooms, which I do enjoy. I feel like a teenager again, but a lot of messages don’t send in the chat and super buggy. Please bring back Black Planet, for the culture!
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4 years ago, Saejanus
Nothing has changed.
Nothing has changed since Feb 6. The app has not been updated. Scammers are running wild, telling people. They've won 100K, other free ”prizes”. BP has done nothing to fix this.
Show more
5 years ago, Clean Dean71
Bad app
Can’t see statuses of profiles that are near me as I use to. The whole website needs to be updated to allow video. Too many fake profiles and scammers. One person can set up multiple fake profiles with no problem. There is no email or phone confirmation for setting up profiles. Just an all around mess.
Show more
5 years ago, SmileyVa
For the culture!!!
I love it in the beginning stages, I remember it from the CPU days. Once updated I would for it to develop in the actual black twitter. Recommend download
Show more
5 years ago, J'LaMore
Such a Positive place!
It may not have the updates, yet. But this place is a big change from the negativity on Facebook!❤️ Great vibes!🤗
Show more
4 years ago, Bea James
It’s been said.
2 minutes of looking at the website, and I knew this app wouldn’t make it longer than 15 minutes on my iPhone/iPad. It’s just ugly, outdated and ad placements is undignified. Remove this off the App Store until you gather the money to make something aesthetically pleasing and more user friendly. This is a failure on all fronts.
Show more
5 years ago, Zay Marie
This app does not meet the aesthetics of Solange. Fix it. She’s the only reason why I am here. You can’t roll out something that grand and collaborative and the app design looks the first draft from 1999 before we had i apps. Then the day she announces it this app hasn’t been updated in 3 months. Let’s do better it’s Black History Month.
Show more
3 years ago, DJ Love-y2k15
Upgrade & improve..Now! Otherwise, I’m leaving!
The app runs slow at time and sometimes completely freezes up on me. Feels like I'm on Windows 95. There are popup ads across my phone from the app, and no way to deal with the constant spammers here. Improvements are sorely needed here..
Show more
4 years ago, artevolved
Hey I’m trying to promote black planet on fb but I went on the app on my iPhone and I can’t see the words I’m typing in because it’s white on white. The birthday section won’t let me change my bday and I don’t want to sign in with Facebook if we all going back to black planet. Come on we got to do better, we have to do better. Come on.
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