BLK - Dating for Black singles

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4.6 (433.1K)
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Affinity Apps, LLC
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BLK - Dating for Black singles

4.57 out of 5
433.1K Ratings
3 years ago, kvsandy
I met my life partner on this app
What more can I say, I was able to have interesting conversations with individuals I would likely never have encountered irl. I met the love of my life and ultimately deleted the app. Feedback I got from men though, was that apparently they’ve been having a tough time with discerning if a person was on there to meet people or boost their various online profiles. (You know which kind I’m talking about). My profile was sort of cryptic, to be fair. On occasion this prompted men to aggressively try to attain my socials. I think asking users to answer a few basic compatibility questions in their profile might offset this. The app also regularly reminded me that I had downloaded it which encouraged me to use it and respond to messages and new matches more often. I enjoyed the cute and sometimes cheesy reminders about how I was breaking hearts and to not keep my matches waiting. I don’t have any complaints really, because I met someone that I love deeply so everything feels all rosy now. I am a conventionally attractive, well read, socially conscious, 30 something - so I’ve never had trouble meeting people in real life, I merely wanted to fish from a lake or faster moving river as opposed to a small pond.
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3 years ago, naynae1994
I’ve had this app for a few years now with no issues, and all of a sudden the app decides to disable my account. So I email customer service and there are supposed to get back to you with in 48 hours ( which is a lie I waited almost a week for a response!) they first responded that they would take this to the higher ups and then a few days later one responded that it was a technical error and app should be fixed now, the next rep responded that I violated their terms and was removed because of this. I then proceeded to ask what terms I violated and they responded that they couldn’t tell me due to privacy reasons ( so you cant tell me about my own account great). Horrible customer service I called in and a rep with a really heavy accent said something about having my Snapchat info on the bio and deleting my account to make a new one. ( doing that didn’t help I’m blocked so every account I make keeps being disabled ) their reps are incompetent that rep obviously didn’t know what a hold button was kept me on hold with no music. And kept giving me the run around. Their follow up is horrible and their communication between reps is as well how does one rep tell me technical issues and the other says violation get if together people. If I could give them 0 stars I would! My sc info was in my bio for years now why didn’t you flag a warning and remove the info it’s not that serious. The way this app handles people is ridiculous. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP PEOPLE!
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2 weeks ago, Dasu4537
A rip off
The app presents itself as an app for people of color. It’s easy to use when it come to liking or disliking a match. However, to see you matches and other features embedded in the app you have to pay. I purchased the “elite” for one month thinking that it would give me greater access to features not available in the free version. My credit card was charged but I did not get access to the additional features. I tried restoring my purchase and sent an email through the app contact. I received a confirmation email that my concern had been received and there would be a follow up within 24-48hrs. No follow up and no access to the additional features I paid for. I sent a second email after 48hrs, still no response and trying to troubleshoot the app to get full access alone was unsuccessful. This is unfortunate. 1. There aren’t a lot of apps that are created for people of color to find/date people of color. I thought this was a good idea but it’s coming off as a scam and I’d really don’t want to believe that. 2. The app has the potential of being a great tool for people of color but the lack of response when paying for a service that doesn’t work properly is just poor business, especially because I believe in supporting black owned business. Are the reviews real? Is this app legit? It leaves to question because of this experience and I’m extremely disappointed.
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3 years ago, melaninXpop
I’m only 19 , BLK is the 2nd loml
As you the title says I’m only 19 , summer after freshman year in college my best friend and I got into this app for fun . Just to see who was on there locally , see who we could pull and just to talk to strangers out of boredom. Hers didn’t go so well because of a false report but me ? Let me tell you lol ! Hundreds of matches came flying in ! so many handsome people my age , people that weren’t even my age but it was ok because compliments were given from all lol . Out of so many of them , I only texted back 1. He immediately gave me his # and from there I still did him like others and did not text back . He blew me up and I had no choice but to entertain him. He was literally 6 minutes away and one night he just pulled up . Hate to say it but we chilled , smoked and next thing you know ! Boom ! Every day after that, we hung out . Went on dates , met my family and friends. Started dating and months later I’m 5 weeks pregnant . Yup PREGNANT!! we are still in love and together but I can say all thanks to BLK. Sometimes I blame BLK but I honestly love that I downloaded this app lol !
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4 years ago, Taria95
Mediocre is the Word of the Day
This app is mediocre at best. While the layout of the app is okay, there are some things that would really improve it. For example, one small thing is having the text wrap around when someone writes their education and occupation in, so you can see the full text they’ve written. Another small thing is making the “About Me” section you can write in the same as the one that gets presented to potential matches. The layout of the words isn’t consistent when switching between editing the profile and simply viewing the profile. It’d also be nice to add the feature of the “enter button” or ability to skip a line when writing an “about me”. Within the settings, there needs to be a way to turn off all notifications besides messages. Lastly, you should have the option to set your location to one place. Not everyone is staying where they are in the current moment and sometimes want to meet someone close to where they live instead of where they currently are. A person’s city should be shown, not just the miles because you don’t know which direction the person might live in. If it’s a matter of privacy, maybe hide the person’s name until after they match, or have each person’s distance in relation to major cities instead. As a bonus, you could also consider asking prompt questions.
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3 years ago, JessaBx
It could use some improvements
I want to start off with my absolutely love the fact that this app exists. I recently moved to a majority white area and dating hasn’t been the easiest for me. This app is nice but compared to the other dating apps, it’s a little lackluster. Other dating apps give you the choice to be specific with what you’re looking for, but this app doesn’t. The people on this app aren’t really engaged in it, majority of the people do not put anything in their bios. Most of them don’t even bother to fill out all of the personal, appearance, and habits tabs. I think this app should have verification because I’ve seen way too many people on the app not use their own photos. If you don’t pay for elite on the app, you will most likely not have a fun experience. I had previously use this app and at the time I paid for elite membership, and I absolutely loved my experience on the app. Then I re-downloaded it and now I have the standard version and I’ve been on here for almost 2 weeks and I’ve only matched with like 6 people but it says I have +99 likes. They don’t really put the people who have liked you in your swipes. I love the fact that this app exists but I’m growing frustrated with it more and more because why do I have to pay to have a nice experience on your app???
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3 months ago, honestreview08
Worse customer service of all time!!!
They have the worse customer service of all time!! I’ve been going back and forth via email with customer service for over 8 months!! I have never owned an account with BLK account and for some reason, that have banned me from owning an account. I never established… again!!! I have NEVER owned/shared/established an BLK account.. my first time trying was in September of 2023 and before I even got signed in.. my account was closed.. I reached out to customer service via email.. requesting for a live operator, but the fact I’ve been asking to speak to a supervisor.. anyone in that fact for over 8 months is crazy… I guess it was never meant for me to have an account I never created!! They keep sending me the same reply, but it makes me very concerned because if I never owned an account, and they are telling me “my photos and info” has been deleted.. that means someone has falsely used my name to make an account I never established.. you need to make it right by giving me a direct contact or calling my phone number I listed. Horrible horrible customer service!!! Very horrible and I hope they continue to get bad reviews!! Because this is the worse customer service of all time!!!! I’ve had dogs and birds give me better customer service in all my years over BLK… please do not sign up!!
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1 year ago, MiniMo24
Accounts Get Deleted With No Warning
I heard great things about this app, and so I decided to join in and see what it was about. I made my account and updated my profile with no issues. After about an hour, I decided to go back on and start the process of trying to match with people, just to learn my account was disabled. I thought it may have been a technical issue, so I waited a few minutes, but got the same result when I tried again. I decided to email customer service, and the rep said they would have their higher up look into it, who then told me I violated the terms of use and said my account had been terminated. I’m not sure what terms I could have violated within an hour of being on there, but okay. I am frustrated because I know I didn’t do anything to have my account terminated. I tried to follow up with customer service on Monday, but I have not received any response. What’s surprising to me is some reviews have shared that people on the app will report you if you don’t respond to them (which is petty to me) but it doesn’t seem like anything is being done about that, yet people who are joining the app with positive, genuine intentions are the ones having their accounts terminated. The customer service I experienced was horrible, and it makes me just want to find black love somewhere else.
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4 years ago, Reviews (not) from the 6
Great app but...
I initially enjoyed the app but over time I began to see issues with it that made me delete the app.. Issues: 1. Fake profiles. There were either fake profiles with the usual scam bios. 2. Too many women on there seemed to be trying to market their modeling career for attention on Instagram than actually date. I even ran into a girl that was trying to sell her book about dating and not actually there to date. These types ruin the dating pool. 3. There needs to be a feature for those strictly interested in heterosexual relationships not to see anything other than the opposite sex. I don’t wanna be offensive so I’ll leave it at that. 4. Not sure if there is a fix for this but sometimes it would make you swipe left or right with a simple touch of the screen. Might be a glitch. 5. There should be a time limit of sorts for when someone can reply before they’re unmatched. The women I’ve dated often complained their inboxes are overwhelming and they miss messages so it’s hard to get to some. It’s also annoying for someone to swipe right on you and you never hear from them. 6. I would love it if you guys added a “Verify your account” feature with a blue check mark or something. I don’t want to waste my time on people who aren’t serious, will waste your time or are fake. Good stuff! 1. Valentine’s Day concept was perfect. 2. I respect and appreciate this being one of the few apps with mostly US on there. 🙂
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2 years ago, takemetobtheriverbanks
Disabled account after 1 day of being on the app
I gave this app 2 stars based on customer service alone. After having tons of matches I logged in that night and my account was disabled. It didn’t give a reason why. I didn’t have any thing inappropriate on my profile ,any social media information or saying anything inappropriate. I’ve connected with some really nice people but I’d never know them due to my account being disabled. I’ve reached out to customer service 4 times with no response. And the one that did respond stated “ Good morning! Thanks for contacting BLK. I understand that your account has been disabled. I'd be happy to check what happened. I would love to help you with your account and give you an answer to your question, but unfortunately, I'm unable to assist you, so I have sent this matter to the appropriate department and someone should respond to you via email within 48 hours. I appreciate your patience and understanding as this matter is being further investigated, and I apologize for the inconvenience. Warm regards,Customer Care Support” When my account was disabled it said click here to contact customer service . If this is the wrong department why have it on the website to contact. Either why I have not been contacted with the 48 hour time frame if at all .
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2 years ago, Lexiplaysdisgame22
Pretty awful.
I will attempt to update if my experience changes; however, to this point, my experience has been pretty awful. It’s the same thing over and over. Hey, you’re so pretty - immediate red flag, meet me on Google hangouts, send your number, send a picture, all digital ways to steal info, I’m so lonely 800 miles from you or maybe 200, they switch it up. Point being, they are never real. They never use articles in their sentences. Most of them know nothing about basic Black culture. Like I mention things like the Isley Brothers or The Proud Family and they say crazy things like, yes, we have to hang in there proud and strong together. Those are icons and they have never heard of them. It’s Catfish Haven. Pretty disgusting, they really think we’re all desperate, just tell us we’re pretty and we’re supposed to fall all over ourselves for a little male attention. Dis-gusting and stupid. At least they must think we are. It’s super offensive. Both to the beautiful chocolate females they try to deceive and the beautiful chocolate men whose profiles they are stealing. It’s a little entertaining, so I won’t completely give it a one. If they could figure out a way to get rid of the catfish free for all, it would have great potential. Right now, nah.
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1 year ago, FaRoss232
Terrible App
After having used this app for 2 years, I’ve amassed a pretty substantial amount of criticism. The app is very underdeveloped compared to the other apps. I understand that the funding might not be there compared to the likes of apps from The Match Group but I feel someone on the team should know how to advance the app forward. While this isn’t the app owner’s fault, the selection on the app is horrible. There is no proper moderation of the quality of the picture or how many required to be posted. The “likes” received are from members far outside my parameters. Some 10 years older than what the limit in my preference states. Some of my likes are from over a hundred miles away. This is to entice you to purchase the paid subscription so you can see these likes, BLK gets its money and you remain looking dumb after you swipe left on LITERALLY 90+ profiles on your likes because they’re completely not what you have filtered. Lastly, the most annoying apps when it comes to promotion and app sent notifications trying to get you to open the app. “Bored 🥱? Come SWIPE with us!” Shows up like every other day along with some sometimes TWICE-A-DAY cringey push notifications to get you to open the app. I would not recommend, this is a money grab from them
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2 years ago, Deescwagg
Terrible app and trash customer service
My account constantly gets deleted for zero reason they never give me any form of explanation other than we reviewed your account and it was terminated. I do nothing to violate any terms no provocative pictures and I don’t give a ported because I don’t see any off-the-wall things to any of my matches yet they allow obviously fake accounts with literal nudes as their profile pictures and every time I was able to make a new account those same accounts will still remain up there yet. Mine is deleted and I no longer can sign up again. The app is a joke. Also, they always tell you the same as that thing someone will be in contact with you in 24 to 48 hours. You might as well get comfortable because they definitely mean 2-6 days and by then you’ve done probably forgot that you even emailed them because I always get a response to my email weird times like six in the morning after days of waiting the app has no integrity and it’s clear they literally do not care about their own creation if that’s the case, you need to delete the entire thing or make it right with the people who were suspended for no valid reason other than violating your terms and not giving a reason as to how
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2 years ago, janethebabi
Don’t download this unless u wanna deal with this
I used this app to meet people near me. Considering I live in a huge state I put my location to view people only 40 miles away but they have this weird feature that just adds people from a even farther distances (I’m talking 125 miles away ???)and you don't have a choice to stay in the location you want to stay in so that scale they have from20miles to max is not even real cause they can just randomly switch the scale you. And no there’s no way to reverse this but to delete the app and re download it. And if you keep swiping in a lower mile range they will just start showing u people that are 125 miles again. “ These next profiles are just outside your set distance, but they may be a great match!” This is the message they show you. This is so weird to me and I feel like we should have the option to choose how far out we would like to date. This app isn’t it try another one until this is fixed cause how can u date someone whose even 50 miles away ?. I tried to work with this app and put 40 miles to be fair but they still show me people that are far away. So I would avoid it personally it’s annoying but I’m a write an article about it look it up.
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3 years ago, C0nfused?????????
Terrible customer service and account terminated with no explanation.
My account was terminated 3weeks after me joining. I did not do anything inappropriate nor did I violate any terms or conditions. I reached out to customer service for an explanation of the alleged accusations and their response was they can’t tell me anything about my account due to privacy reasons which is absurd and makes no sense, not feasible at all. Also took about a month to get a response or email back. I requested a supervisor I did not get one and my dilemma is still unresolved. I know for a fact I didn’t do anything out of line but if u are terminating a account you owe the user an explanation and reason of action. Terrible customer service. Can’t even recommend this site. I can recommend POF Update Developer responded and told me to email them at appreviewsblk and acted like they wanted to help so I emailed the A MONTH AGO with screenshots from blk terrible customer service and responses AND THE DEVELOPER DIDNT EVEN REPLY OR HELP. Not one email from them. Their reply to my review to help was a front. My account was deleted for absolutely no reason possibly a glitch idk and blk won’t tell me why my account was deleted or not accessible. (tinder bumble pof and hinge is better than this crap. )
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2 years ago, arriasm
Blk is a ok app. There are a ton of fake profiles with just a single picture and nothing else (mostly white women... go figure, idk and when I click to try and get a response to see if they’re a real person, I get no reply. But they like your profile just to try to come off as an actual person), much like their affiliates/sister apps Tinder OkCupid Match (all the same company) etc. I don’t know what happened but in the middle of my subscription out of the blue with no mention of why my account gets terminated. No email, no message in the app nothing as to why. I do the grownup business thing and email them instead to see why. The person emails me back saying they will send for a review and get back to me in 48hrs. Fast forward to today and they just send me an email with a link to their Terms of Service. No answer, no reason just their ToS. They will find a reason to just take your money and ban you, I’ve spoken with a couple of coworkers that’ve said the same thing, they paid for their subscription and then they were banned a few weeks later. I would not recommend this app or anything affiliated to it’s owner MatchGroup apps or services. These people are not black and will just take your money.
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1 year ago, Ito60s
Money hungry
I made a new account recently and got about 35 likes in less than a day. However, I’ve only made 2 matches. Instead of showing you the people who have swiped on you so you can make some matches they purposely hide your likes from you in hopes that you pay to actually see them. It’s a really money hungry and cheap thing to do. Even if you were to pay it seems like you’re likes go stagnant after a while. As I said, I got around 35 likes the first day I made my new account. After that, your likes suddenly stop increasing which just doesn’t make any sense unless it’s being interfered with. This app has great potential for the black community but they follow in the footsteps of every other dating app. And even the best dating apps aren’t that good and have the same issues so I don’t understand why they would want to hop on the money hungry train. People would be far more willing to spend money on this app if it wasn’t designed and modeled after every other app, in that you have to pay for the best result. And even if you were to pay it genuinely seems like the amount of people you’re exposed to gets reduced after a while. So it’s a slap in the face to spend money on this app.
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2 years ago, Shaneemkh
Needs to go into detail on dating preference/sexual orientation
I’ve only used the app all of two weeks. Not very many quality selections on here from my opinion. App can be seen as the black tinder. Plenty of people leave the profile section or complain about dating. What’s really annoying is I have a preference I am looking for. The app was sending men my way which is fine, but these men were also looking for men. I went into my settings just to make sure they were correct. There’s an option to change this but it’s only available if you update your gender which is crazy. So there’s women and man. And then another button that takes you to a whole list for selection you may identify with. Man or women is also in this list and once you make your selection you can select to decide what who your profile will be shown to. This selection disappears once you select man or women from the man list. It’s too complicated. Plenty of other dating apps have been able to successfully set these options without the complexity. Also the app is hyper sensitive. Many times I’ve accidentally swiped right when trying to just look at the pictures or profile. Just not a good app at all.
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2 months ago, TKO_1834
Has Potential
I was glad to see an app exclusively for us but I have acknowledge that the app doesn’t come without its faults. Can’t blame the users that are using the app but they do add to the overall experience. My rating of two stars is because there flaws within the app itself. For starters, this is a location based app and of course you’ll come across out-of-towners. The app doesn’t give you an input to indicate your home location nor designate an entry to indicate that you’re in travel mode. There have been way too many glitches where messages couldn’t be sent. Push notifications do not vibrate when received on my iPhone or watch. You cannot send video or picture messages in the chat nor can you hit enter to create a new paragraph. To text multiple thoughts, you have to break up the message or create one long paragraph. This might be a nitpick but listening to music then trying to browse the app will cause your music player to stop as if you opened up another media player. It’s really annoying. A design overhaul, fixing its flaws and giving users more features would enhance the user experience.
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10 months ago, p5216
This app is a joke
I got my account taken away for no reason at all. I even reported it and asked about it and they would not and could not tell me why they took my account away. These dating apps are failing and becoming a scam. How do yall comment and ask me to email about my concern but I’ve been doing that for past 6 months and all i get is ignored or y’all would flat out and accuse and assume that i violated yall rules? For one, just look at the reviews we all are saying and reporting the same exact problem and yall still continue to assume and accuse of violating rules. There was no violation. Yall cant and wouldnt tell me what I violated and still cant and wont. Yall dont do no investigating. I reported so many racism on the app and i never got my problems solved. Yall randomly took my account down without any reasoning. Yall only response to me and everyone else who reported this app is oir account got banned cause of violating the rules. All the other apps if you violate they have the reason and proof of the violation and they will have options to appeal and investigate more before they make a final decision. This app does not care to investigate nor give reasoning why they taking people apps without notice.
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4 years ago, lordbris
Where’s the support team?
Recently I made an account cuz I thought the app seemed pretty cool and off rip it started lagging very badly and loading really slow I had to make the account like 4 times then when I finally got to make it they messed up my age so it was up a yea and I see that’s a common mistake because there was a lot of people saying their actual age in their bios so I see they had this little super like package and I bought that it was only like 2 dollars and some change. But literally moment later my account gets disabled. I received no email back from the support team or any explanation to why my account has been disabled and that was two days ago and I’ve still haven’t heard any type of response or reason to why my account was disabled. And I’ve asked to have my account in multiple emails and still haven’t gotten a response so it’s like just give me my money back at this point.
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4 years ago, 3421pnES
Would Not Recommend
Let me first start by saying , I’ve never paid for a dating app subscription. I joined BLK because I thought it would be different, so I chose to bite the billet and pay $20 for a ONE MONTH subscription. Within 24 hours I was regretful. The only benefits you get with a paid subscription is the ability to see who “liked” your profile. That’s it. 99% of the likes I got were all people with free accounts so now I feel really dumb. It’s really the same people you can find on tinder , POF, or hinge. There’s nothing special about this app. Nothing sets it apart from the rest besides the name. There are a handful of non black members on the app. There’s a lot of couples on the app looking for threesomes. A lot of men with no substance. I can say within 14hrs I did have over 400 likes on my profile but the selection of men is minimal. Most don’t complete their profiles, or have old pictures. I set my age limit to 29-35 and I still get 21 years olds in my mix. There’s no customization for the profiles to make them interesting either. The whole app is a flop, and I’m honestly just mad I can’t get a refund. Would not recommend, and if you do join , stick with the free version.
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4 years ago, Prefence Individual
Not what it’s cut out to be
I was on this app and subscribed to be an Elite member. It has some good perks but when it comes to the distance there is an issue where you cannot select a distance preference. They have one out there. But isn’t working. Which isn’t helpful and it makes it not enjoyable when you know you don’t want to be chatting with someone that is more then 800 miles. They said that feature will be fixed sometime this year. But nothing concrete. So I mention I should get a refund fo that reason. No response on that matter. But responded less then five minutes concerning the distance feature. The app developer responded to my first initial complaint. They responded that it starts off with the members closer to you and goes up to 1200 miles. Which is true! However with that being said. You still can’t set your distance nor can you go back to an area you would like to be. Which makes the app not excited when you run out of choices for that day, which are now set. The app isn’t very useful for personal preference. Which should be available as I have seen and used on other sites.
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2 years ago, Toki2k5
Terrible App
After months of no matches I responded to a pop-up survey asking me if I was happy with the app. I said no and went on to explain why. Within an hour or so after responding, my account was disabled. Customer service claimed I violated their terms of service without providing any proof. They also said due to privacy reasons they couldn’t give me any information on my account. This app gets to a point where you’ll swipe 5 times and you’ll be out of swiped for the day. It’s also full of overweight women, transgender, bots, and scammers. Avoid this app at all costs! ***Update due to developer response*** You shouldn’t be able to disable anyone’s account without a reason. If someone violated your terms of service and you determine it’s necessary to disable the account… you have every right to do so. But it’s a terrible business practice to simply tell the member that they did something bad and you won’t tell them what it was. How do you expect the “bad” behavior to change? It’s the equivalent of a cop pulling you over and handing you a ticket and then walking away without an explanation. Nobody in their right mind would be okay with this.
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1 year ago, jeffcaj
Your card is people hundreds of miles away
This app is mediocre could use improvement. The very first thing I would change is the stack of people you see. This will show you maybe 5-10 people close to you then the rest will be people hundreds of miles away and then in a few hours will show you another 5-10 different people from the the first time in you area and then goes back to hundreds of miles even if you set you mile radius. I’ve been doing an experiment in this very topic for weeks now my conclusion is that BLK is purposely not showing you everyone in your area. To the developers either show me people in the mile radius I told you to show me or completely get rid of the mile radius selection because you clearly don’t use the metrics I’m saying. And please do not reply to this review telling me to email you what you should work on you just read it
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5 years ago, Quicy McCall
Shutdown my account for unknown reasons
Signed up and seen the app looked nice even signed up for the 14 day trial which I paid for and After 4 days my account was closed and couldn’t use the app. I didn’t message anyone. ,Didn’t report anyone page or anything for that matter. Now I did take my photo down within those 4 days. Just wanted to browse through the app for minute. Reached out to customer service and they got back to me after 2-3 days. But the representative through the email couldn’t tell me why it was closed or why I couldn’t log in. And The money which I paid for the 14 day trial wasn’t refunded. So I can’t use the app and my hard earned money was never refunded. Now the app has a lot of potential but just the fact that they can shut your account down without any warning or give any reason why a quick pass. What would have happened if I signed up for 6 months ....and my account was shut down. I would have been out of $100 dollars or whatever it is for 6 months. If u got money to burn or like Russian roulette or wanna roll the dice ...go right ahead. Make it quick ...I only lasted about 4 days👌🏾
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5 months ago, Jbby143
Terminated account
I’ve been in this app before and deleted it. I just recently download it back and not even 30 minutes into setting up my account.. my account was terminated. I had no idea why, I didn’t even have a chance to converse with it match with anyone, I have absolutely no idea why my account was terminated so I sent an email. And just like other complaints, I can’t know the reason why my account was terminated due to terms and regulations. So here I am, I haven’t broken not one rule and not even 30 minutes u to recreating my account that I once had before I was locked out and banned from making any other accounts. Even now I don’t know why I could have gotten terminated from BLK and it’s very frustrating because I literally did nothing wrong and now I’m being punished for something and I don’t even know the reason why. I feel like the least they can do is tell me whether or not it was because I was reported and if it was then it was because of a bitter ex that saw me on there. Nonetheless, I didn’t break any rules, yet, I cannot access my account on the app. My experience with this app is 0/10
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5 months ago, KariahG5
Met my life partner on this app!
I downloaded this app in 2019. Never really took it serious just swiping looking for options. October of 2020 comes around and I get a notification of a super like. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve been super liked plenty of times before but something about this one was different. Looked into who it was ending up living in the same area. Didn’t take long for us to meet up and go on our first date! Flash forward to now never would of thought in 2020 I would of met my now Fiancé and father of our beautiful baby boy off a dating app. I always recommend people to come to BLK. Definitely great with connecting people along with the option to show off a few pictures and a profile to describe your personality. I’m sure the app has come a long way. We’re getting married September 2024! #BlackLoveWins
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2 years ago, Boilinghotwater
Ridiculous Customer Service
Immediately after PROPERLY setting this up, I started getting hundreds of men way outside the age ranges I set (20+ years outside of the range I requested). I immediately requested a refund VIA CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL and never received a robotic response as if the email wasn’t read by a human. I sent another email, again requesting a full refund. I should have followed up on it but months later I noticed the charges were still happening and immediately tried to resolve the issue with Apple but they told me it was “too late” for them to help me (despite me having the email proof that I requested a refund with BLK customer service)many months prior. They told me to contact the “developer” and that has proven to be of no help as well. I am now left to try to dispute the charges with my bank. What a hassle! Someone from the developer needs to issue my refund for all charges. On a side note, I should have also educated myself because I could have initially just requested the refund through Apple. This should not have prevented me from getting my refund through customer service though.
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3 years ago, candidexpressions
Strategy Proves It’s a Waste Of Time
So I’ve had this app on many different occasions over the years and I have very limited experiences actually connecting with someone. I’ve tried to reduce the app down to a formula just to see if it was my poor decision making on swiping or if it was the app just being over populated with profiles. I deleted my profile and made a new one, I restarted and created a bio, uploaded the max amount of photos and I waited. Because I didn’t feel like it was worth my money to buy the premium version it was my goal to see if I could swipe right on the women that found interest in me by liking me, just by looking at the blurry profile pic that was shown. In my findings, I saw my number of likes increase and the number of possible matches decreased. In fact, 3 days in a row, I swiped right on every single person that came my way(regardless of lack of bio, or profile substance) and I never got a single match & I was relieved. I thought my dating life had hit rock bottom but in reality the app hit rock bottom for me & that’s when I deleted it. It was highly discouraging having 30+ people that like you but you can’t even encounter them.
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3 years ago, ChiTownReviews best. Your preferences don't matter.
I was attracted to this app because of its focus on Black singles - great! I set up my account which was easy. I set my preferences, which as also easy, although I do wish there were more options. I quickly gained several match requests (easily 100+ daily), but they were all SCRUBS. I prefer a man who is educated, has gainful employment and can hold a conversation (all attributes I have). Easily 98 of the 100 matches I had on any day I denied. I set my preferences to a certain age range and still received match requests from people far older and younger than my range - including a former student, which is what led me to cancel my subscription. Had my metrics been honored, this would not have happened. The app doesn't require you to share much about yourself, so it's hard to set preferences to see/be seen by who you want. I'm swiping through the end of the month to get what I paid for, but will be deactivating after. This app is NOT for educated folk looking for other educated folk nor is it one that will let you look for and find what you probably downloaded or for.
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4 years ago, Dark Romance
It’s Ok but Could Def Be Better
I like the app dynamic I do there are some Kinks tho, I wonder could u guys come up with like a check mark to verify authenticity of it being the person in the pictures like on Badoo. Second bro or sis whoever is behind this brilliant apps creation I’ve been waiting for this as a dating black man searching for his own people having said that there is a lot of white people and Hispanic ppl on there. I mean it doesn’t even ask u ur race cuz it assumes everyone on there is black but listen THEY ARENT. Profiles is like “I’m not black but I love black men” I’m like “yea, WE KNOW”, I suppose u can’t do anything about that but is there a way like or can we be premium members and have a search for “strictly black” option that would help a lot? It kinda kills the vibe for the whole dynamic of the app for it to be geared to Blacks looking for blacks and it a lot more than blacks on there. Finally the distance it says u can filter ur distance and when u do in my case 20 miles it’ll still show me ppl 40miles away, can we work on this please? Love the app tho
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3 years ago, Thad Perkins
Still needs work. Specifically for user profiles.
I’m glad they updated the app recently. Profiles are a little better. I just wish it wouldn’t default to showing someone 250 miles away. I’d rather the app just say “you’re out of matches in your range”. There are also a lot of repeating profiles. If i say no then I shouldn’t keep seeing the same profile cycle back every few days. I have to outright block people to keep them from showing up again. Not only that but there are a lot of no picture profiles. People using memes or something that’s not them. Verification process needs to be overhauled. I wouldn’t mind paying for a month or so to see all my matches but I can’t justify seeing anything else if the other person has no real picture of themselves. That’s a waste to me and not worth the risk. Also the notification setting need to be worked over. I only want to be pinged when I have a match. Not everything else. It’s better but still a ways to go.
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4 years ago, Justmina1
Decent app- not worth paying for though
I love the idea of getting to see a great pool of black man and supporting this business but it needs some serious upgrades. As a user who paid for elite access I feel there show be more “elite” or even “premium” features. I paid for 3 months and only get 1 boost a month? Plus, the app must not recognize the men I’ve swiped left on because they keep returning to my feed or in my liked profile section. Also, if you put limitations such as distance and age on your settings others outside of those settings should not be able to see your page! It’s literally a waste of time trying to filter through. You think there would be an algorithm or potential update but no. In addition, it seems like no effort is being made to fix the glitches or bugs or make the app more user friendly. With that being said, premium/elite is starting to sound more scammish to me, convenient to know who likes you already but that’s it. Decent app but not worth your money.
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3 years ago, ffsananajejdkkcic
Worst app ever!
Don’t try this app if you know what’s good for you. I deleted this app months ago and now that I want it back, it’s a problem. I tried to make a new account and it kept on saying, “Oops, that didn’t go as planned. Please try again later.” I did that countless of times to only just receive that same message. I had to email and call the company (mind you, it takes a whole day or two just for them to get back to you) only just for them to say they terminated my account. I have no idea as to why they did that. One said I went against their privacy policy guidelines but I did nothing wrong. My pictures were appropriate and I stated in my bio that all I’m looking for is a vibe, friend, or even a relationship and don’t try to talk to me if you’re a catfish. That is it. You know how some dating apps would warn you that you can’t say certain things? This app won’t warn you in any kind of something like that. You wouldn’t know if you did anything wrong unless you actually read their guidelines beforehand. This app should be deleted. It’s a waste of time, a big joke.
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2 years ago, Natalysia
My baby father and boyfriend of 6 years who is 23 years old went on this app and started talking to a 17 year old girl. He told her nothing about his family or anything really. He would pick her up in my car that was late on registration in the middle of the night when he was supposed to be on “grave shift”. They proceeded to have sexual inter coarse on a regular basis in my car while I was at home with our baby. He let her drive my car with no license and they were pulled over and he was taken to jail. He gave her his money and his phone and had her wait in my car for his mom to pick it up. His mom picked her up and dropped her off at home and didn’t say a word to me about it until I found out on my own. Now he is facing up to 3 years in county for charges I won’t say. Not to mention she gave him and then he gave me an STD that is incurable. He also gave her a $100 Nike gift card that I got him for his birthday. He would ask me for money for gas to drive 40 minutes out every night to go have inter coarse with a child. There is more to the story but I’ll end it there. Horrible
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4 years ago, Bee_Bae509
Bamboozlement at its best! lol.
O.k. Listen, So, I downloaded this app out of curiosity... my home girl told me she was having “immense” success on the app. So, me trusting my girl.. #DOWNLOADED. The excitement was real 80likes in 20min. So I’m all pumped up #Yasss until i realized i can’t see who they are. The elite membership package pops up i ignored. Next day 100likes, at this point i can’t take it anymore besides, it’s just 20$ right? #WRONG. When my eyes finally saw the matches smh... lol. #FixitJesus, Brah... how sway?! Lol. Either these dudes aren’t real, or it’s #Bamboozlement at it’s best! The dudes were 100+ miles away, they weren’t in my age specifications, and the few i did manage to swipe right on never engaged in conversation or they couldn’t formulate a sentence to save their life. A waste. As a young black professional i was hoping for a better experience, other professionals, completed bio sections, people who i can actually meet. Honey, this app needs some help! Lastly i can’t cancel my subscription... apparently in my excitement i paid for 3months! Sis/brah don’t waste your time. Lol. They out here pulling stunts and shows, selling pipe dreams with no pipe... smh! God ain’t pleased 🤣
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4 years ago, DFame
Has Potential
I subscribed to the Premium account for three months thinking that was the top tier service that will give me the ability to see Likes. I then realized that it was not...because I couldn't see my Likes. I saw an ad for an Elite membership and tried to subscribe (willing to pay the up-charge) and couldn’t. I contacted support about the issue and was advised that I couldn’t upgrade my subscription until my current one expires. So now I have to wait for months before I can see who Likes me or send messages (before matching). I feel cheated a bit and it’s already tough since it’s a newer app and there aren’t a lot of people using it near me. Also, I hate that I have to click their info section just to see how close they are. Other than that, I like the swiping layout.
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4 years ago, STATK1975
Lacks specificity and seems cheap
I’ve been both a premium and basic account holder with this app. It seriously lacks filters. If you’re looking for something serious or someone who meets a certain criteria, you won’t be able to filter your matches by any means to make it easier on you and the people you attract. I’ve had 100s of likes in one day and 90% are people not interested in the type of relationship I’m interested in, they have children (I personally want my first child and my partner’s first child to be with one another), they live entirely too far, and I’ve also had a real issue with finding educated men. And by that, I don’t mean a formal education is necessary, but I’ve run into some real ignorance (as to be expected with any dating app I guess). It’s just frustrating to swipe left over and over again when it could’ve been mitigated by simply adding an algorithm that allowed filters or suggested matches based off of your previous swipes. I just wish there was a better way to filter men who I’d ACTUALLY potentially be interested in.
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3 years ago, markhjunior
Not a bad app, i dont regret downloading it but changes could be made to make it better.
I’ve been using this app for a little over a year now & downloading this app definitely wasnt a bad idea, i’ve dated a few women off here, & even had a relationship, what i will say is theres alot of bugs in this app the need to be fixed as well as other things to make this app better, for example if i put the distance metter to 50 meaning i can only see women in a 50mi radius from me i shouldnt be seeing women 250mi to 400mi away. Another problem is ill swipe left on a person to not match with that person & go to the next & later i’ll discover i matched with that person anyway even though i didn’t intend to. The app also glitches alot and switches pictures in the message section. Another thing that could be added is the bio’s could ask for more info such as religion, hobbies, is the person a smoker or drinker ect.
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3 years ago, AsndidkckcdosJfcijxhd333
App is made for black folx but...
don't get me wrong, I enjoy blk for the most part. What attracted me the most to this dating app was the fact that it was created as a space for black singles to meet and connect with other black singles. unfortunately, that particular aspect of the app has not been enforced hard enough. I seem to find more and more non-black folks on the app because "they like what they like" (mind you, there is a large black presence on other apps such as tinder, bumble, and POF, but many of us are ignored in those spaces. Hence why blk is created for us specifically.) trust me, I am not against interracial dating at all. I simply just want a space that is made for us, and is kept specifically for us. I think the addition of verification could help in the long run, but seeing how they just updated their distance filters, that may be too far-fetched to think about right now. Overall, a good app. But definitely not an all black space.
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2 months ago, Ouhhgh
Terrible Money Grab
This app is so bad compared to others. not nearly as money users as others the people on her are mostly terrible options. As a handsome guy i racked up 99+ likes in the first day, instead of potentially matching with these people they would rather show me repeats of the people I already swiped no on. And it just so happens that the people in my likes are always good looking options but the people i'm constantly swiping no on are all terrible. The only way to find the decent matches is to pay for the premium subscription. If you try to wait for the app to naturally put you in front of good matches odds are by the time you actually match with somebody decent they're not even using the app anymore because it's so bad. Long story short this app wants you to pay premium subscription for a bad product. It's an obvious cash grab and instead of convincing me to pay for the subscription it just makes me want to delete the app because they're so OBVIOUSLY gatekeeping the good matches until you pay them. Very cheaply done.
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2 months ago, MrEliPorter
Dating apps are overpriced for no reason
I refuse to believe you guys are actually monitoring what’s going on in your app, just like other apps. Our potential matches are mostly stuck behind a paywall, but even if you pay, at least 50% of them will be bots/catfishes/scammers, you name it. You guys are giving away a verified badge like candy, because there are still tons of fake profiles with that badge, so what are you guys actually doing with our money?? Another thing is that this app searches 200+ miles for matches when I already have a filter of 60 miles… You guys have some nerve to charge a minimum of $20 to possibly find a real person. Don’t know how many times I “tried” to be set up because you guys are unable to control your platform. This is pitiful and don’t tell me to contact help center because this is a transparent issue to everyone who uses this app P.S. I’m a laid-back black college student (24yo.) who doesn’t post anything flashy, but get matched with the worst type of people (fake profiles and guys posing as women)
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7 months ago, TH33R0S3
Hear me out..
First I have NEVER turned on my notifications but I keep getting notifications without sound. Every time I go into the app the first this I see is something asking me to turn on my notifications and I don’t want to. Second I paid the $17 just to see the difference and there wasn’t any. $17 allowed me to see all the people I skipped smh. Also y’all need to add preferences if this app is going to be used for dating. It should be mandatory to add race (because there’s non-black people on a pro black dating app) weight height and hair so we can filter out what we are not interested in. I’m athletic so I don’t want someone who is not athletic. I’m not into short men and I hate having to ask how tall someone is. I think it’s rude but we all have preferences and yes I will end the conversation if I don’t agree with your measurements. Same thing when it comes to hair. I have long natural hair and I’m not into bald men. This is literally one of the main reasons why I won’t turn on the notifications.
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3 years ago, J4of5
Def needs some work !!
I saw this app on a Facebook ad and decided to take a chance on it. I’ve never really been into online dating (the attention I get from guys in person is annoying enough), but this app did help me meet the man I fell in love with. By the time we met, I was about to just delete the app and forget it, but I was definitely glad I waited. We’ve been inseparable since our first date and are expecting our first child. Thank you BLK for helping us connect. Now it’s time for y’all to take notes. 1. Fix the distance measurements. 2. Create a survey of necessary questions for a dating profile (i.e children, lifestyle, wants/expectations, habits/vices, interests/hobbies, etc). Most people leave the bio section blank. These types of questions will help people get a better idea of someone. More than a picture, name, and age 3. Get a search bar. It was highly annoying to have to scroll through matches to find a person.
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3 years ago, Jojo 🙇
Experience is what I expect from these types of apps
App is cool. Could use some overall performance improvements. It randomly logs me out at times but killing the app and reopening it usually works fine. Fake profiles are definitely an issue - seems like there’s should be a better verification process. Also, no matter what you set your preferred distance to, it still shows people outside of the set parameter. Randomly received a “BLK fact” notification , specifically one disrespecting Nicki Minaj - there was really no reason to notify us that President Obama had more Grammy awards than her (were we supposed to laugh?), especially since she still can out rap a number of artists with Grammies. More useful facts could have been found, especially during black history month - example: Eric Holder (ironically President Obama’s Attorney General) was the first African American told hold the position of US Attorney General. App has a lot bugs to fix before we discuss Nicki Minaj or Grammies.
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9 months ago, Sideshowbeats
The Good & The Bad
I will start with the negative. If you have had your account for a while and pay for additional features BLK will delete your account claiming that your profile contained “inappropriate profile content,” and will use a clause claiming that “Due to our privacy practices, we cannot disclose specifics about your own profile.” For those who use the app appropriately be advised is done to eliminate profiles that pay a lower fee for extra features so when you return you will pay a higher fee ($10 more) for the same additional features. Moreover, from a man’s perspective there are a lot of quality attractive women to possibly meet locally and further away. Just beware of the fake scammer profiles. If there is no bio, a Snapchat mentioned in the bio, or the pictures are screen shots from other social media profiles, or the pictures are blurry and look outdated I strongly advise skipping them.
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1 year ago, Itstbaby_xoxo
A dating app is supposed to be made to be deleted
First I want to say I never leave reviews on anything, but i don’t know if this is a new dating app and they just don’t know how to be successful yet… or if it’s just another way to scam people out they money… Black ppl need love… both men and women. And ofc the only black dating app is absolute trash… The cons- this app prompts you to upgrade to premium membership approx 3-6 times a day while you are using the app. The only people you can match with are the people that YOU like. For All the people that show interest in you, you can’t see them unless you pay for the premium membership… isn’t the point of a dating app to meet people that have Interest in you?? Why would you prevent us from knowing who they are?? I understand not giving access to see everyone who showed interest in you at one time without a membership but AT LEAST load 1 person every 12 hours or something… to give some type of hope, or motive to get out there. And if they like u and you had liked them. They have to message you first in order for you to be aware they are interested …. What if they don’t messsge first?? Now you’ll never know they liked you because you don’t have access to your likes… I’m sorry but this app is so pointless… the success rate hass to be low 60$ a month 😭 who is paying that for a dating app…Come on…. I personally think whoever made this app did not want black ppl finding love…
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5 years ago, BOiSKe
Give it a try!
I don’t usually write reviews but I wanted to share my experience with the app! I joined BLK sometime the beginning of this year after being recommended through a friend that met her GF through BLK. And believe me when I say I couldn’t have been any happier to have joined. I typically would set up 3-4 dates a week if I was consistent on actually signing into the app and answering my chats. No weird bug issues for me and I never ran into any “weirdos” when actually meeting up. If I hadn’t given this app a try I wouldn’t have met the love of my life from here. We tell EVERYONE about BLK and our story of how we met through the service. It’s so hard dating in the LGBTQ Community and I honestly wasn’t expecting to connect with anyone through the platform but I BLK introduced me to the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with Thank you BLK! ❤️
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2 months ago, chrissy062789
Dumb company that works this app
I been using this app off and on for years. I have been off and on it since 2022. A couple days ago my account was banned. I think because I changed my number. I have tried many times and cannot get back on. I also emailed their customer service team many times. They told me my account was disable and terminated. They said it has something to do with a violation of terms and conditions. I didn’t do anything wrong in the app. I had verified my pictures. I think the app thought I was a spam profile. The customer service team just tells me “we will look into it.” Then they send an email saying I was banned. They said they cannot give me a reason due to privacy issues. I am disappointed and disgusted with this app. It has so many glitches and so many deceitful men maybe it is for the best anyways. I will gladly find another app to use. A app that has a customer service team that can actually help and resolve this issue and not people with broken English.
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