BOSS Revolution: Calling App

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4.6 (175.7K)
141.7 MB
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Boss Revolution
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10 months ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for BOSS Revolution: Calling App

4.63 out of 5
175.7K Ratings
3 years ago, varya2005
The free app I downloaded quite a long time ago - almost one year ago. I went to study in the UK to get a good education. In my homeland, it is quite problematic to do this for free, since students are quickly disassembling our budget places. That’s why I learned a foreign language and moved abroad to live with my aunt. To hear the voice of my relatives and friends, I installed the application. The connection here is quite inexpensive. Companies of this profile charge much more for services! At the same time, the quality of their services is not very good. The noise in the calls, than any other problems. In fact, there were no such incidents in the BOSS Revolution application. Now a little bit about the application itself and its functionality. The application does not take up much space. This is a very important plus for me since I have a limited amount of memory on my phone. It loads quite quickly- 1-2 minutes. There was a period when I had crashes. I contacted support, after which my problem was quickly solved. I am very glad that the company employs prompt and hardworking employees who solve issues in a short time. Here I can pay for communication, write and call close people, made a translation, and much more. Even if my Internet is turned off, I can make calls, since the connection is free. There are quite a lot of advantages and other features. Therefore, I only use this application.
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3 years ago, MrPaketek
Very convenient
Downloaded I the app three months ago. I needed a connection with my family, so I was looking for companies that provide the service I need. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the quality and cost of services, so I started testing any applications that would give me the desired result. Just such was the BOSS Revolution application. Here you can not only call but also write messages to any numbers. You can also send money to other bank cards and receive money in the application. That is, the application resembles an online bank, only with slightly limited functions. But I am personally satisfied with everything since I get services at an average price. By the way, you can get minutes of communication for free, however, only when you invite friends to the app or win certain promotions. I even managed to win several times. Thanks to this, I got additional minutes of communication. I advise everyone to use the BOSS Revolution app for international calls, as the service provides high-quality services.
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3 years ago, CyprusB
Poor Support
How do you even suspend a customer account without sending/ texting a notification! Especially one who’s been loyal for over 3yrs! I did a mobile top up for two foreign recipients located in the same place, but the money wasn’t delivered to their phones. I had a notification to wait for at least 2hrs, which turned out into a week without the recipient receiving the top up amount. When they called their local carrier, they were informed there was nothing like a recharge or top up to their accounts. Note that the amount has been charged on my card and shows as pending on available balance. I decided to test this with a minimum amount that wouldn’t hurt if lost, but same 2hr notification showed on my boss revolution app. I called Boss customer care and they recommended for me to call next time whenever I want to do a mobile top up. After about 2weeks thinking I would make a call, the app requires me to verify my phone number and it won’t even accept it. Called the customer care who informed me it’s been suspended because my bank pulled back the charge after I disputed it. I would definitely recommend the support service received with Apps like Keku and Amantel. This is not just how you respond to a disappointed customer. I made sure my household is not using that application.
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3 years ago, try 05050558
Relatives often go abroad, so international calls are an urgent need for me. In order not to look for organizations that provide these services, not to buy a new number to keep in touch, and in order not to waste my precious time, I decided to look on the Internet for services, sites or applications that provide international calls. I have read the full description of the BOSS Revolution app and user reviews. The download took less than one minute. The application is very interesting: here you can communicate with people via international communication, correspond with interlocutors, participate in promotions, transfer funds to other wallets. The application can be used even if the Internet is not connected to the phone. The application loaded quickly, registration takes very little time. I used the services I needed at a very low cost. I also invited friends per whom I was given extra money. Now I communicate with family and friends through the app, but only when they are abroad. Services, functions and promotions - I like all this in this application.
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3 years ago, staas.
Easy and reliable
I have been using the service for quite a long time – about 27 months. I noticed that the BOSS Revolution application always changes only for the better. Thanks to regular updates, the service never lags or freezes. Updates make the service convenient, popular, and useful. I often call people who live abroad, because the services of this application are a necessity for me. Other applications offer similar services. However, the quality of their communication is so-so, that is, it is not worth the money spent. Another plus of the BOSS Revolution app is that you can communicate anywhere in the world. That is, it doesn't matter where you live. After all, if you have a connection, you can contact anyone. Also, as many other users have written, promotions are held here, which are primarily beneficial for users of the service. I also take part in them to win and get a gift from the organizers of the BOSS Revolution app.
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3 years ago, ЕвгенРоманович
Outstanding service
I've been using the app for fourteen months now and I don't regret anything! The money I spend is not wasted. I always keep in touch with people close to me thanks to the international connection in the BOSS Revolution app. I have never encountered any problems since downloading the application. Everything works stably. The functionality is small but useful. There is nothing complicated in the interface. It is quite convenient to navigate by tabs. If necessary, you can always write to the support service. Specialists are always online. I contacted them several times, as I had some questions. There are also shares here. The organizers give free minutes of conversation for inviting friends. They must confirm that they came at your invitation so that they can receive a gift. I think it's so great that the organizers make such generous gifts for their users. Therefore, whenever possible, I participate in promotions to receive gifts.
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3 years ago, PE4ENKA_
Like it!
I really like the BOSS Revolution app. With its help, it is convenient to send messages to relatives who are abroad. It is also very convenient to top up your personal account and pay for the tariff, since this business takes no more than 1 minute. The money is instantly credited to the account. One of the advantages of the application is that it loads quickly and updates quickly. There are regular promotions where can get free minutes for calls. The monthly rate is only 5$. For me, this is a low and pleasant price. This application was downloaded by all my friends and acquaintances. We are actively texting here and call each other if necessary. I transferred and replenished the personal accounts of my relatives several times, and the money came instantly. I like the work of the service and the high quality of the services provided. I also noticed that the service works much faster when connected to the Internet than without it.
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3 years ago, Lesli401
Everything is very convenient in the BOSS Revolution application: can top up the balance of a phone number in a minute or quickly pay for an international call service. Also here hold interesting promotions that I often use. The BOSS Revolution app is convenient for texting and chatting with people loved ones. Messages are delivered to the interlocutor instantly! Mobile communication is very good and stable here, as there is no interference in the handset during a conversation. This is the best app I downloaded. Other developed applications had many flaws, such as noise in the phone or persistent with communication problems. There is no such thing here, which I am very happy about. I want to note that real professionals in their field work here. The consultants from the support department in a short time solve the problems that have arisen. This is the first time I've come across an application that solves client problems so quickly.
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5 months ago, Soulgiver2024
I am impressed & I recommend Boss wholeheartedly.
Having been a loyal user for over five years, I’ve noticed a significant shift in my usage patterns, particularly with the Boss App. The app’s user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness have made connecting with family and friends both easy and affordable. One aspect that stands out for me is Boss’s exceptional customer service. Resolving any issues encountered with the app or its services has been remarkably straightforward, thanks to the team’s prompt and efficient assistance. In light of my positive experiences, I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to give Boss a try. The combination of its user-friendly app, cost-effectiveness, and excellent customer service makes it a standout choice.
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4 years ago, Konicia
THEY’RE A SCAM! Worst calling app ever!
It doesn’t work most of the times...Worst app ever! I purchased a $9 worth of calling minutes to call the Caribbean and never once gotten through with my call yet my minútese as now went down to $8.33. One of the most annoying thing about this app is when you dialed the number you wanted to get in contact with the welcome message came on then your minutes starts running while they advertise deals at Walmart and other 3rd party company, all this while your minutes are being used up. You would think your minutes starts running when the number you’re trying to reach starts ringing but no, they start your minutes while they advertise stuff which you had to listen to know what option/number key you should press to skip and move along. Other times your call just keeps dropping, disconnects or you kept experiencing somewhat of a bad signal frequency, it doesn’t matter how good of a signal you have on your end. This my friends are just a few of the ways they con us and take our hard earned money. RUN, DO NOT USE THEM THEY ARE SCAMMERS!
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4 months ago, RoseJ21
Frustration, Frustration 0 stars
I added money to my account, it was debited from my bank but never made it to my account. I called customer service, was told my information needed to be confirmed. I confirmed my information and was told my account will be good in 24-48hrs, the money will be refunded and I will be able to add it again. None of that happened! I called again after 48hrs, was placed on hold and call got disconnected. I called again, I was told my account is blocked, I can’t add money to my account. I will need to go to a store like Walmart to buy a calling card to makes calls. Agent acted as if the whole point of having the app is NOT for the convenience of not having to go to a store and be able to add money remotely and make calls. Agent could not tell me the reason why my account is blocked and wouldn’t transfer me a department that would be able to assist. Suggestion was for me to go to a store and buy a calling card. It’s been a week and NO RESOLUTION! Update: They were able to unblocked my account. I’m now all set.
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2 years ago, Ad Fagbola
App not working for international calls to Nigeria, emailed and called no solution
I am trying to make international calls to Nigeria and I keep getting a busy dial tone. I emailed support, got no response, called support and was told to uninstall then reinstall the app and it still gave the same error. I was told to use the in call system to dial the international number and it gave an error that the number I am calling is inactive. I called customer support back to explain the situation and customer support said the problem is understood gave me an email to send my complaints to (I like to think I am not one to whine but in this time and age, support should escalate to who ever is necessary and not tell me to do the escalation myself) and wait 24 hours for response. I tell support I emailed over 24 hours ago and twice about 5 hours ago and support said I am supposed to just keep waiting. I AM TRYING TO MAKE A CALL NOW, correct? You just made me go try your competition and lost an old customer because of a very poor customer support representative. This person showed no empathy and did not try to reassure or resolve the problem. I leave the 3 stars in fairness to the fact that I have been using the service for a bit. But this has cost Boss Revolution a few old businesses. It was good while it lasted. ✌️👋🏾
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6 years ago, BabeofGod
I have been using boss revolution app for buying calling card and sending money since 2014 with little delays here and there but not a big deal. Now fast forward to 2018, since Tuesday March 13th, I’ve been trying to send money less than $200 and every time I clicked on submit, it would say “unable to complete transaction “ . I’ve done this for 7 times within 10 days and not successful. I’ve called the customer service number listed, emailed them and even chatted live with one of the agents who came up 5 minutes later, NO LUCK, they told me to call money transfer department, I called them, NO LUCK, they told me to call verification department. I did, no answer , then Claribel called me back , and left me a message to call her back, I called her back twice they picked up and hung up the phone. Up till now, I don’t know what is wrong with my account that I’ve been using for 4 years with minimal delays. Nobody could explain to me. They are not giving me a definitive answer. By the way my email was never replied....SO FRUSTRATING
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3 years ago, slashfmk
Very bad customer service and stupid policy
I got hacked somehow, someone was topping up a number through my account ($15 every 20 minutes), I contacted them with the transaction number they said we don’t know that, talk to your bank while i was losing money, so I went to my bank and they refunded all the money ($800 = overdraft + money stolen from boss revolution) and gave me a different debit card because the previous one was compromised. After some days, I was suddenly unable to activate or access my boss revolution account, I ended up calling them. They said if I want to reactivate my account I have to pay back the money that my bank refunded me because that was a loss for boss revolution, I was shocked that they couldn’t even help me with the issue and now my bank solved the problem they want me to pay them $45 that I didn’t use while I was a victim. What kind of company is this? While I have been loyal to them for almost 2 - 3years. I used to use holla since 2014, but unfortunately the company no longer exists. I just told boss revolution that I’m not gonna pay them anything that I have never used, so I switched to Viber or something different, I took my wife and friends out of this company that doesn’t know how to treat customers when something bad happens. I could have rated them below 0 stars if I could because this is the worst company that I have ever used in term of international airtime.
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6 years ago, zoromeMo
Charging your debit card without your authorization!
I bought credit for calls and they charge me two times the price I wanted without crediting my boss revolution account! I called them for a refund a Friday night ant they told me it’s taking 2 Business day to see the money appears in my bank statement; I waited and by Wednesday, nothing was posted. I called a second time on that Wednesday and another representative told me it takes normally five business days for the transaction to be posted in my bank account and I have to wait 2 more days! I said ok I will wait! This is a full week I have been waiting and still nothing! My concern is why did they charge me twice at the first place? Moreover, when you are making a called, before they correspond you to the person you calling, the seconds counts and this can’t go up to 1 or 2 minutes and we still paying for this time! I personally think we should pay the time between when the correspondant answer the phone and the when the call ends!
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2 years ago, The Pastry maker
Boss revolution
I have been customer for years with boss revolution, no problem at all it’s really convenient and reliable, so important for people like me to be connected with the love ones! The rate is really fair even they can do much with the fare from Cuba government so high if you look other’s app, this is the best one, you can find cheaper but no clear call and really unpleasant noise on the background, Boss revolution does a really good jog with your needs, Thank you Boss revolution for all the hard work and keep families closer! Special note; Also one of the best parte is to know they donate for natural disasters, this is so important to me.
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4 years ago, BKLLC
Good enough for what they do
I can see why so many users have bitter taste of Boss Revolution verification process. I have had my share of that and felt the same way. However once you step back and see things from security perspective then you will understand and appreciate that they have a safeguard in place to prevent potential fraud from messing things up for everyone else. I wish Boss Revolution will streamline the “verification” by implementing in-app (or web) system to eliminate human factor. This will in turn improve the turnaround time and also provide security plus increase a sense of confidentiality. Many people are not comfortable sending out their Identification and other PII documents across the web thru unsecured channels such as email. That is one of my biggest issues with current method. Second, it will be nice if Boss Revolution can stop pestering users with more Verification prompts at next transaction after having gone through the said “ID verification” just months ago. Overall I like their services, from hassle free calling credit recharge to prompt fund deposits into foreign accounts.
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6 years ago, t-w4s-3
Poor reception
If you’re using boss to make international call most of the time you’ll not get hold of the person you’re trying to reach directly. The calls if they lasts >25 seconds boss will charge you 8 cts even though the phone never rung at the other end. Making many attempts as you must before you get eventually connected you’ll have to keep paying that “toll” of 8cts every attempt you make. When the call finally get connected the receiving person will tell you your phone number was different (appears as if you were calling locally). This is not a problem except when that local # disconnects you abruptly for some reasons. Then again you try make several trials because u you were not finished meanwhile you’ll be paying 8cts for every attempted call that last >25 second. If anyone out there want to donate money to boss revolution then you’ve chosen the right app.
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2 years ago, Bon217
Great alternative
I’ve used the app well over a year and have had no issues thus far. You get the full use of whatever cash you put in as the balance always remains even after months of no usage. I also recently tried the $2 monthly package which they have for different countries and it’s been great. You can access your phone contacts straight from the app which makes it easier to use. I will encourage anyone who loves to stay in touch with love ones living abroad more than via texting to try the app, you won’t be disappointed.
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5 years ago, cudi655526
Good international calling app but needs to stop asking me to turn on notifications
I should have rated the app a 5 but sometimes calls don’t go through and when they do, the quality is poor and more often then not, my US caller ID is not shown. Also, I cannot seem to be able to transfer money internationally unless logging in through my computer. Whenever I try to log in from my phone (especially now my computer is broken) to send money, it doesn’t work. Lastly, the new update is difficult to use. It sometimes feels like I’m using an entirely new app. Please fix. Apart from these few aforementioned problems, Boss Revolution is an amazing app to download and use for your international calls and money transfer. Thank you.
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2 years ago, my name is authentic
The best app to ever use for international calls keeping in touch with family just like you would if they were around. Just like a regular call. My father is out of the county and he’s 75 years old and it’s hard for him to understand how to use any apps so calling him straight to his phone is great. I tried everyday for weeks to get a hold of him with apps and only got lucky 3-4 times but now me and the old man talk all the time my fathers very important to me so thank you to the makers of boss rev. For making this easy and pretty cheap too
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1 year ago, Djounienadia
Bad experience
In the beginning everything was good, I enjoyed making calls and also sending money with boss revolution. But once I made a transaction and there was a problem to the beneficiary to receive the money, so I canceled the transaction. I never received the money back in my account. When I called boss revolution they said me to call my bank cause they already sent the money, so I did it. My bank made a claim cause it seemed that they didn’t had a transaction like from Boss revolution, but sent the money to me. Because of this my boss revolution account was automatically blocked and once they lost the claim, they ask me to pay 75$ to reactivate my account. This is nonsense for me to pay to reactivate because I tried to retrieve my money. For me this is scam.
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6 years ago, Esther dahn
Horrible & The App Settings DO NOT WORK!
I put money on the app every time like $5 to $40. So I went to settings to select on what options I want to use like data , WiFi or airtime . So because I’m always connected to WiFi I choose that only option. So after I finish with my call I noticed that my money is gone even when it was on WiFi , which it hasn’t done before. And it’s clearly says that if on wifi mode it will not use your airtime or data. Then I called the customer service number to explain to them with the issue with that app and the rep was so RUDE! Acting like I don’t know how to work an app, so I ask to speak to her team lead or supervisor and she disconnected the line. I’m very disappointed in this company and app I have been a customer before they even had an app and it’s just sad. I can’t wait to find a better calling system.
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1 month ago, Dustte
Excellent connected no drop calls excellent service recommend four stars. I would recommend everyone can use both Revolution® by your card go online use your credit card by your cards download it to your phone make it cause anywhere in the world. I recommend to use boots Revolution® when you going overseas you don’t have any service or phone to make calls you could go to BOSS Revolution® and use the boards ops and make a call anywhere in the world. It is very great helpful to me. I know we can helpful to anyone else will make love distant calls. That is my review I am writing towards BOSS Revolution®
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4 months ago, Ekembunga
Expiry of minutes.
Boss revolution always doesn’t disappoint whenever I want to communicate abroad boss always does it successfully,I have only one concern if acted most of your clients will always be happy will you eliminate expiry of minutes? Because in some cases time variation is key some parts of the world they are a head 9 hours so if you purchase and you happen not to finish your minutes in 24 hrs they disappear easily remember we are also busy this side working kindly address the matter otherwise thank you boss revolution.
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4 years ago, Wenchy24
When it’s great, it’s great. When it’s not,...
On the whole, Boss Rev is good IF you make quick (10-15 ‘min) international calls. Longer calls will frustrate you because the call quality is not as good. Not being heard or not hearing the other person as well as call drops are, sadly, common. The most scary issue is when you start hearing your own phone conversation playing back in the middle of your call. If this sounds confusing, it is. I’ve had this experience two or three times. While talking, you’ll suddenly hear the person you’re calling say things they already said at the beginning of the call. It’s as if the call is being recorded and, at some point, the recorder turns on while the call is still going on. Fishy stuff.
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4 years ago, the Togaman
The app is ok!
I have no major problems with the app. But I think they should work on minute documents necessary for regulatory compliance. When I make a call, I get charged for a whole minute even if I just talk for one second . As far as money transfer is concerned, I was asked to present multiple documents necessary for regulatory compliance I did this multiple times, in pdf, yet it was not enough. I gave up and started using a different app for money transfer without any problem. I think Boss revelation is good, but there’s room for improvement, still.
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3 years ago, God Bless Child1
Best App for sending Credit to family and friends
I have been using the App for more than five years and I found it to be the best app to send credit to my friends and family back home. I also use it to call overseas and it’s gives me a better rate than even my cellphone provider. I love my Boss Rev. I would recommend using this app if you need to call overseas, or if you need to top up any overseas cell phone it’s give one of the best rates and I had to call customer service once and the service I received was amazing. Go Boss Rev!!!!
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11 months ago, uwu_weebies
Overall satisfied
I've been using boss revolution since 2016. At this moment I was buying the recharged card. Later during the pandemic, I downloaded the app and it become easier. I use all their options from the top-up bagels to credit my friends and family account also for money transfer It is such a convenient way to keep in touch with your family and friends overseas. It's affordable and never miss a moment to save . I recommend Boss Revolution to everyone.
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4 years ago, Ardita C
Very dissatisfied and disappointed with your customer service
Your customer care resprentatives are very irresponsible and rude to customers. Somebody had my number before me and had a remaining balance of $5 and they keept saying you have to pay it. I told them this is stealing from me, not a legal action, proceed with him because you have all his or her data (nothing to do with me). They didn't let me talk by saying that nobody gonna help me when i asked to talk to a manager. Worst service. Very disappointed. Still i have the same problem and my number is blocked to charge with your cards. I used your service and never had problem till i got this new number three years ago and your company couldn’t give a solution to problem that is easy, but i think you don’t need users of your service.
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6 years ago, King of Spain & Mexico
Please reply
I have been using boss revolution for about 7 years with different phones and enjoyed it for the most part. However, a few months ago a bought a boss rev card at 7-11 for $10 and I can’t use the credit I bought. I have been trying to make calls and a message appears saying “Oops!! Let’s check your phone settings. Go to settings on your phone to confirm you have access to he internet”. Why does that happen when I have close to $10 in credit? I called customer service and they were no help. I was transferred repeatedly to the money transfer when I simply wanted customer service. Eventually a representative told me to uninstall the app and re-install it. I’m afraid to do that cuz i don’t want to lose the credit I have purchased. Please advise.
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1 year ago, Kenny Onwu
Awesome features.
This app is the way to go. When you live abroad and away from your families and friends you’ll understand the usefulness of this app. I use it to call my families and friends back home in Africa and also send phone subscriptions to them. Never had issues. Rates seem moderate but could be cheaper…lol. I enjoy it. Try it and you’ll never regret it. I defaulted my settings to automatic refill and I don’t border when my credit goes low. Calls not interrupted.
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5 years ago, edu_frank
This APP is a TOTAL SCAM, just stealing money from us. My balance was low so I made a subscription for $5 unlimited and received text msg confirming the payment. I was in the middle of a call and it dropped because of low funds, it only used the last balance I had and the $5 never kicked in. I call Customer Services 4 times and they said everything is ok, but I try to call and say “no enough funds” every time. I asked to talk to someone else and they said there’s nothing they can do. I asked my money back and he said I couldn’t have because I had already made a phone call, but I only used the last cents that I had paid before. Total scam, just wants take money from people. Don’t use it. That had already happened before and I gave another try but not anymore.
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6 years ago, Jowineda
Bad customer service
It’s a good and convenient app. But, the some of the workers are not professional. I made the wrong transaction and I called for a refund and the guy I spoke with said “you should get a refund within 5 days”. It’s been 10 days and I called again a lady was helping. I tell exactly what happened and explain that I needed a refund. She acted like she didn’t understand at time and to make matters worse she even said a few things in Spanish. When I asked her if she’s talking to me she said yes and had the audacity to say “what did you need help me it’s again?”. She told me they are doing an investigation to see why I didn’t get the refund. Like how hard it is to issue a refund back. I am really disappointed and annoyed because that’s the worst customer service I’ve encountered.
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5 years ago, catherinenicole123
Doesn’t cut it
Boss revolution is a money eater. You’re call may not go through at all, meaning that the person you’re calling won’t even get it but the company still manages to charge you , even though you didn’t even get a chance to connect to the other person. I was ringing someone for only 6 seconds and got send straight to voicemail (mind you that my cell reception was bad so the call didn’t even go through) and Boss Revolution will still charge you the 15 cents for a minute. C’mon now, I have six second rings to the other caller , and I have to try to call them more than 3 times to make it go through? Not fair how I have to pay a minute worth call. Going to be taking my business somewhere else.
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1 year ago, Angry_User2545
Use Balance for top-up or send money.
I feel this app was doing great, when i recharge my boss wallet, everything goes well, but i get declined often when i tried to send top-up, sending money is not even going through. i get declined everytime. so i thought if you can make it possible to send money or top-up using the wallet balance, since i added thr balance using my money from card, why not make it possible to be able to send top-up or send money using my wallet balance, the charges is high but if you could make that possible everything will be fine from this ends.
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5 years ago, Jahgota
Stole my money
I put $20 on my BOSS Revolution® card on the app and then they instantly only put $10 on it I called into them and question them about it they told me that it was my bank holding the rest of the money that I had to wait 3 to 5 business days well I waited to 3 to 5 business days And they never put my money in my account they actually took the initial $10 that they put into my account and now my account is at zero I had to call into them and tell them that I want to get my money back. I wanted my refund, that I was going to call my Bank who is FDIC insured to set out an investigation well they told me that they refunded my money but I’m still calling my bank because they are fraudulent please do not use BOSS Revolution® at they will steal your money from you.
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6 months ago, Basaga smith
Boss review by a regular customer.
I have been using this apps for calls to Africa for almost 6 years and some months now. True it’s a very convenient means of communicating with relatives and friends across the globe. Along with Boss, l have used other pin-less means of communicating but boss have stood the test of time and l think due to their honest business practices. Others l used have fizzled out of business long after l was done with them. Boss, continue with your fair and honest business practices and no competitor will match up with you. Boss thanks. Godson.
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5 years ago, SteelTania
Number change
I have the app and I called yesterday to get the number changed and the man who attended my needs was very helpful and was able to give me the information I needed to get my app back working fine. He also gave me a number I can call to make my calls to Honduras in case my app don’t work. I love the app and have no problems with it!! Now if he would answer the phone when I call him in Honduras so it wouldn’t just eat my money without talking to him, but, his loss not mine!! Thank you Boss Revolution!!
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2 years ago, taste of juice
This app is exceptional
I find it very rewarding to those of us who needs to reach our loved ones from a far sometimes when you recharge using the app in your account. It seems like the minutes run a little bit faster so that you can recharge again that part I don’t like, but when you buy the card and you using the card it’s beautiful to be able to communicate with your family and friends from a far
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2 months ago, pretetete
Dear boss product manager, What exactly is this app? Calling app? Social app? Clickbait? Click bank? Selling app? Chat messenger? Could you please make up your mind and stick to it, so we can know EXACTLY what this app is?🤷🏾‍♂️ Before when I open this app, it takes me directly to contact or recent calls. Then, I used to buy and finish the $25 every month. Now, I hardly finish $5 a month simply because it’s becoming stressful to navigating through all the non-related calling needs just to find and place a call from your call logs. Now, I’ve to do lot of research and navigate through people I don’t know just to get to my recent call logs. Seriously, why is it a priority for me to know the Uber driver I used last year or the guy who delivered my food 5 years ago is using a boss revolution or chat with them?🤷🏾‍♂️ I love your app, and have been for the past 10 years. So I want you to succeed. Please get back to SIMPLICITY. This is a calling app. Not an ad market . Let’s stick to it.
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10 months ago, LAMPUNITSWC
Problematic…… not recommended
Downloaded this to communicate with a loved one in the Caribbean. Installed app and made a few calls, then I started hearing “press 1 to reload your account.” I started with a $25 gift card to fund, and that gave me a $10 balance to start. What happened to the missing $15? Their support staff is very quick to answer the phone. I was told that my account is missing information. Was told over phone that I needed to supply my physical address, and email address. None of that can be filled in on the app - one rep stated “yeah we know it’s a problem.” Download the app, find it, and then need to provide more info to use it? No thanks. Bait/switch. Unable to get a refund of my $10 balance.
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3 months ago, Mckensm
Very satisfied customer
I have used Boss for many years now and have always had a positive experience. The rates are very economically low compared to the regular carriers. Another service I like is the ability to top up for my families in the Caribbean and also allows me to put credit on my phone that I use there. Using Boss is very easy to use and there is no extra hidden fees taken from my account also the credit is almost immediately available. Great idea and well organized service. Thanks
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9 months ago, NGJoy
Hands down the best
Both the money sending app and the phone call app are extremely fantastic. To top this is the deals and bonuses that come with the signing up for these apps. My experience with Boss Revolution is the best so far. Knowing that you don’t have to pay a money transfer fee is one of the most surprising and unbeatable deals they have going on for a while now. Thank you Boss Revolution, for your fairness and kind gestures. Joy, Houston
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3 years ago, Eltoomer
Calling Issues
This story takes place a month ago. I was bored, so I decided to look at communication apps to use with friends and family. While I was exploring, I found an app called Boss Revolution. According to the discription, it lets you make free calls between app users and make paid calls at very competitive rates. Upon reading this, I decided to download the app and try it out. Once I downloaded the app and asked one of my contacts to install this app, I noticed something that I didn’t expect. When I tapped on the contact to make a free call, the audio wasn’t clear or sounded distorded. It made me angry, so I contacted the support team. It has almost been a week and I haven’t received a response. So basically I cannot use this app. The End
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5 years ago, :) enzini
Worst money transfer experience
I hope the managers or investor or owners in the company read this, there is so much things to improve with the app, and customer service, as a new customer, I was not able to send any transaction, customer service told me because I’m using the wrong device?... I’m was frustrated because I was dealing with this issue for more than 5 hours, customer service could not solve my problem, which was Julio and Omar, and others I sill do not remember their names... bad training they had. The system on the app and computer do not work well, bad engineers to created this system, I’m surprise this business is alive, never doing business with you guys again, unless I have a compensation for the time I wasted.
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3 years ago, kwasi N
Suspended account without notification
Just read a customer review with same experience as mine. After providing a refund reference number for a top-up that was never received by the recipient (second time this has happened with 2 different numbers), you refused to refund the transaction amount and when my credit card returned my funds because I disputed, you suspended my account without notification. I kept trying to long in only to get multiple notifications to verify my number; caught in a loop. Called customer service only to be told my account is suspended because I disputed a transaction after several years of being a customer. Bye bye.
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11 months ago, Lili801
Love it!
I’ve had this app on this phone almost 3 years, I use to have it on my old phone as well! Love it ! Thanks to it, I get to speak to my mom and afford to be with her on the phone for a while in another country. That would usually run up a crazy bill on my phone. Because of it beeing outside the country. Can’t say enough about how well it’s served me and I shared with a bunch of family! They love it as well. Thank you 🙏
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2 years ago, in-marked
I made a credit purchase for $50 for an international call. However, the amount has not been shown on my credit balance. When I reached customer support, the agent (rude, incompetent, and unprofessional) keep asking for more sensitive and personal info rather than dealing with my issue. So I had to keep reorienting the discussion back to my main issue. When I check the service provider info on my creator card statement, their business goal is inconsistent with what has been shown on the App Store. The app service provider is more than a scammer. Therefore, it needs immediate attention to take action to hold them accountable and prevent further damage posed on innocent users.
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6 years ago, Umnqundu
Poor service
I am so frustrated I’ve been using this app for more than 2 years ofcoz it had ups and down but somehow I found my way. Now I am calling my family in South Africa I am in need of a urgent document but I can’t talk to them at all. After I’ve updated the app to the new one it makes things more difficult. I tried to call customer service but they are all impatient no one is willing to help me😡😡 I just need an app that I can be able to make phone calls in the future because this is an end for Boss revolution . I can hear my mom talking but she doesn’t hear me at all and I tried to activate speaker on nothing my speaker is not activated 😡😡😡just when am in need of something urgent
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