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User Reviews for CaringBridge

4.95 out of 5
16.2K Ratings
1 week ago, #Carterstrong!
Carter Harbon Strong!
This is such a blessing to not only parents, and their loved ones, but for all of us! who can’t be there with Carter. This is the second time I’ve been blessed to be able to send love! prayers! and support! to one of my newest!”Hero’s!” Carter Harbon. My first journey I was able to follow with the blessing of, “Caring Bridge!” was another family of “Forever Friends!” and their “Miracle!” son to this day, who’s story, and his “Heart!” blessed with by another families love, and unimaginable loss! , Jett Skaggs. If it had not been for the updates, pics! and his strong family’s faith every step of the way, we could not have imagined! how we could have gotten though all that precious family went through. I pray if any family is walking a health journey that has turned their lives upside down! they will be led to this amazing! “ Heart Connection!” that has been created. I pray each one! will be blessed! to use it to bring the comfort, and updates even in the midst of each families storms! I thank God! even more tonight, as we are blessed! to follow! our previous! faithful! “Harborn family,” and especially our newest, “ Hero!” with, Carters journey. Thank you all who help families stay connected all over the world. Sincerely, Shelia Stephen’s! Thank you also for your help in editing my profile! 🙏🏻✝️🫶🏼💪🦸🏻‍♂️🕊️
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4 years ago, LHunt6770
Such a saving grace !
This app has made a difficult time so much easier. This app allows me to keep family and friends that are from one coast to the other updated without having to make phone calls and keep track of time zones and try to find time to sit and talk on the phone when there are so many other things that I need to be doing . It also gives them a chance to leave supportive messages for the care giver or the person themselves. You can read messages to your person and let them know how many people are there supporting them even though they can’t visit . This app has also given you privacy instead of your life being posted on other social media forums this allows you to control who you invite to part of this . You have all the control. You can have multiple authors that can post updates so if there are multiple care givers you can share the responsibility. You can also share photos . For me I know I have been trying to keep ours as upbeat as possible so that it is as encouraging possible right now. As our situation changes our posts may change . This is an app that I could not be without right now!!
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1 month ago, lizziebiz08
Very clunky to use
I love the idea of the service this app provides, but actually using it has been very clunky experience and I probably would have used a different platform had I known it would be so cumbersome. There are too many tabs to click through to read people’s comments and see what people are saying. There is a “story section” at the top, a news feed that blends all the activity together, a journal tab, a tribute wall for people who donate to the caring bridge site, a well-wishes wall, and a photo gallery of only the photos you post, not what others post in comments,etc. All that to say, it’s just too many tabs to sort through when you are trying to keep track of who said what or find something. They should just have a journal/blog format and get rid of the daily feed, tribute wall and well wishes wall and let people leave comments in one place only. Also, the app is very glitchy. It doesn’t load the latest posts when you open it and I have to manually refresh the app. It regularly gives me alerts for things I’ve already reviewed. The app doesn’t allow you to click links people post or see videos people post. The website is better and gives more options to respond to comments on both the well wishes and journal posts, whereas the app only allow you to respond to journal posts. I hope they can fix these glitchy issues. Would not recommend this app.
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5 months ago, Liveitupandsmile
Caring Bridge Communication
I have been using Caring Bridge for almost 2 months, since the day my mom was flown via helicopter to the hospital. She has family and friends all over the country and this was the easiest and most convenient way to communicate what was happening and her progress (or lack of). Instead of being on giant group texts or texting individuals all the time I had one place to let everyone know what was going on. They were able to ask questions there and not blow up my phone. It’s better than social media because not everyone who I am friends with needed or wanted to know all the details of my mom’s health, but for those who did this was a way to have it all in one place and just be about her health. I am grateful for technology when there are things like this to keep us connected and know that many people are thinking of us and pulling for her.
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2 years ago, Link12345678910
Easy to use
Once you get your account set up, this thing basically works on autopilot. Start your journal and every time you hit post, all your subscribers get an update. It sure beats having to spend time and energy letting people know what’s going on in your scary life AND worry about letting them know there was an update. Sharing updates to Facebook is very easy as well. The only thing is to be very careful about hitting save so your draft remains behind for you to return to later. I had spent a long time working on a post, forgot to hit save, and it was all lost. If you started a draft in the app, be careful about doing any updates in your online browser instead. Something wonky happens there, and you could end up losing both versions. Overall, I love using CaringBridge, and have found it incredibly helpful in keeping everyone updated on my cancer battle.
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2 years ago, Ms Val O
Functional, simple and so helpful!
This site is a great place to share, communicate, reunite and get the latest on your loved one. The site is easily accessible and manageable for anyone to use. I myself am extremely grateful for the ability to stay in touch with my loved one who’s going through long term rehabilitation now. Also I’m less worried because I get the journal updates immediately when they’re posted by the caring Bridge text notification. This site has allowed for family and friends around the world to be close to our guy during this difficult time when our lives don’t necessarily allow for travel or constant communication. Additionally, it’s been a God send for the family that are there to only have to post one place, the patients Journal, rather than trying to text and call so many people individually.🙏
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2 years ago, Janwith no e
From Jan OBrien
I’ve been a regular on Caringbridge for 11 yrs now! Ever since I had Breast CA and I posted all the time and the outpouring of love and prayers from people I didn’t even know, really makes a difference in your attitude concerning your illness and it make the person more positive! Thanks Caringbridge for being here to help so many through really tough, heartbreaking times! Faith in God is the reason most people post! We Believe God will help us thru this awful time in our Life! Thank you!😍🙏 And now, having breast cancer a second time, it’s made me more aware of the strides that the medical field has made to improve the care and treatment of breast cancer! And I’m very grateful to be able to continue sharing my BC Adventure on Caringbridge again! The love and prayers sent my way thru Your postings give me a real “boost” in myself knowing I will be well again! Thank You……Again!
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1 year ago, Home in WYO
A Very Good Partner!
I became familiar with CaringBridge when a family member was involved in a serious car accident many years ago. The idea is genius & is what I would call a “very good partner” when you need to get out specific information to friends & family quickly. It saves an untold amount of time & keeps everyone up to date in critical situations. It also alleviates the stress of wondering if you failed to notify someone as can easily happen when stress is high & people are not thinking clearly. The site is easy to use & well-managed. We have now used CaringBridge for two situations in our immediate family & have supported the site financially because we see & appreciate what a valuable asset it is. I would heartily encourage others to support it as well—it is money well-invested.
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2 years ago, MLSwendsrud
Story of from the Heart
When my young hubby had to have emergency open heart surgery- all the caring calls and people flooded me with requests. Loving asking me what I needed. But the true was each text, call or request was too much for me to manage. My anxiety spiked as I felt torn between responding and being present to our current family crisis. That’s when I asked a friend for advice and she recommended CaringBridge. When she mentioned it the flood gates of my heart burst- tears flooded freely as I put my head on the table in the hospital cafeteria. Concerned she asked what my tears were about. I said “I can’t believe we need a CaringBridge BUT it’s exactly what I need. “ Each entry has been a gift to me and my family. It’s helped me stay focused on gratitude and the gift of faith. I am forever thankful for an outlet to express our hearts. Michelle
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2 years ago, abcvern
One less burden
When a family member has a health crisis the last thing you need is numerous phone calls, texts and emails asking for updates. The CaringBridge APP allows everyone to get information in a timely fashion and accurate information from a reliable source. I have been able to post when I get information from my daughter (the patient) and her Drs. So many family and friends are concerned for her and they are following her progression through surgery and now recovery. This APP has freed up her husband from overwhelming calls and texts so he can take care of her. As her mother I have been freed up to care for her young children. Typing updates has been easy and helpful. Her family and friends are following her journey and able to help her and the family as needed.
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2 years ago, MnMskier
Wonderful outlet
This is the best app to utilize when you need to share news without excessive noise. In most situations the information being shared are extremely emotional and difficult, but necessary to keep others informed and prayers heading your way for healing. Telling the story to friends & family of what you or a loved one is going thru over and over again is intense. It can produce a lot of anxiety and lack of rest, which in many cases is much needed. CaringBridge is a wonderful place to come and share without having to retell a story a hundred times. It’s also therapeutic to type out your journey as if in a journal and even more exciting to read back your history when you’re on the other side of the situation. Thank you for all CB does to keep us connected in our time of need. ❤️
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3 years ago, sherryrnbw
I am so thankful for the ability to stay updated on the medical condition of our sweet friends. I remember how stressful it was keeping family and friends informed when caring for my father for 8 months before he passed away through phone calls, texts, and social media. However, not everyone may see the posts or texts did not always go through. Many missed phone calls and having to call back at other times. With CaringBridge you are able to make a post and those that are interested can visit the site, make comments, etc. The reason for postings are already taking a toll on you, not to mention the concern and care you are giving. CaringBridge gives you the opportunity to share and not feel guilty for not contacting others individually.
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3 years ago, MBCLAKEGENEVA
Stay connected
When my husband was first hospitalized after his stroke, I received too many text messages from concerned family members and friends to he able to reply. I tried creating text groups but I was overwhelmed. Creating a Caring Bridge was a one stop solution for communicating. But it became more. The process of journaling the journey was therapeutic for me. And the support he and I received through Caring Bridge carried our hearts and souls through the devastating events that took months to unfold. The many prayers that were offered, the hearts and comments all built a community of support that helped light up the darkness. When my husband died after 9 months of fighting I wrote our final post. I still look back at his site to remind me of his struggle and journey. But I’m also reminded each time that we were never alone.
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3 years ago, copybob
The perfect app you never want to use
This app is perfect for a care giver devulging news about a cancer patient who has a large network of loved ones, when you need a single portal place for everyone to access. In other words, you never want to be there, but it’s a blessing when you are. In this situation, trying to remember who needs texted, called, etc, is just one thing that can become overwhelming. The ability to share the app link and gather everyone to one place is a real blessing in that circumstance. As the husband of a woman who had quite an ordeal and later went into remission, I found the journal invaluable in ways I did not expect at the time. Obviously it helps provide immediate updates. It’s a place to make immediate needs known. Probably most valuable, the journal serves as a record of what you’ve been through when doctors and insurance are asking questions about what happened when, and the details of the ordeal are understandably blurry. The journal sorts each entry by chronological date, making it an invaluable reference to consult after the fact. Caring Bridge is an amazingly useful app for people in a situation no one should be in. But if you are, download it and use it today. It’s a blessing in a difficult time.
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6 months ago, sej1947
Great Site!!
Caring Bridge has been a Godsend since our oldest son had a major heart attack late September and has been in the ICU for 32 days. This site has made it possible to get information out to all of our family and friends as well as his co-workers and friends. We have had well over 11,000 hits since we started the site after a nurse at the hospital told us about Caring Bridge. This has saved us worrying about how to get the word as well as updates out to everyone that he knows and loves. Thank you Caring Bridge you truly have helped us through this storm that is almost over as our son will probably go home next week. I encourage anyone that has a loved one under extreme care or you just need to get updates about a loved one, try this site!! Steve Johnson
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2 years ago, #heartmom
Best Communication Sharing App
When you have a sick family member, ours being our daughter, it is exhausting to remember and find time to update those you love. There are many people that want to keep up, pray, support, lend a hand, and encourage you when you are going thru medical challenges. CaringBridge allows for the author or authorized people to share updates. There are multiple ways to allow followers. However you chose who can view, sharing updates are easy and quick. For the follower they can subscribe to your CaringBridge page and get email notifications that a new update was posted. They can choose to read or not! Either way information is shared and available. Lastly when you are ready, you can download all of the journal updates and follower comments to print off into a book covering all the details, stories and adventures of the medical journey. CaringBridge has been essential for our family and friends for over 5 years. We have posted over 300 journals and I continue to use the site anytime we are inpatient, need prayers or have news to share regarding our daughter. We are printing off a book of her first 5 years of her Special Heart Journey.
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9 months ago, IAMCM
Wish you didn’t need it, but so glad it’s available
As a friend wanting to show support and also receive information, it’s a one-stop tool to get the latest update without asking for one, which feels like a burden towards the ones who need no more burdens.. As a person undergoing care - how nice it must be to see all of the responses and interest, but being relieved from having to respond to each and everyone, multiple times. As a person providing care - it is a godsend to be able to write one update and not have to ensure you reached one person’s text preferences, another’s email preference, another’s “call me” preference — just funnel it all in one place and also have a place to ask for the help you or the cared-for person might need.
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3 years ago, Txprincess14
Perfect for updating family & friends
I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and found myself quickly overwhelmed with trying to keep all my friends and family up to date on what was going on. Not only does this platform allow me to selectively share my story with those I choose, but it has also made it easier to bring others alongside me to help. From co-authors to a meal train, CaringBridge puts everything and everyone in a single location for updates and to sign up for ways to help. I have used both the website and the app to post updates and find both easy to use. I highly recommend this free platform to anyone walking through a challenging time. It has definitely made the communication and organizing support aspect of my journey easier.
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3 years ago, Gurevich RN
Overall good app, but needs improvements
The app is very helpful in keeping family and friends updated on my infant sons leukemia journey . However , the app is very buggy and freezes up randomly . It does not notify you when someone has posted a comment or when you have replied a comment to someone. The tribute wording is very misleading and there is something to be said about that approach. The app is behind in terms of current tech and you don’t have to have a lot of experience to know that . It is not user friendly . The user experience and app could be improved a lot . I would literally pay a monthly fee for the app to be optimized and to not ask donors to pay tributes, when really they are misled into thinking they are donating towards us (the families). This website has way more than enough traffic that a solid app is absolutely expected. The interface needs major improvement , it’s 2021.
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4 years ago, addhammrix d
CaringBridge is a Fantastic, Hassle-Free Communication Tool
I appreciate this tool so very much. My family and I are able to utilize it to keep our loved ones updated without overwhelming our personal messages. CaringBridge’s options like “tributes” and “well wishes” are a very thoughtful option for loved ones to leave special messages. CaringBridge has helped our family to streamline all communication and manage it in our own time while not being overwhelmed. It can feel overwhelming to update loved ones, even if their intentions are good, it’s hard to keep track of all the messages you get when a family member is going through something. So the reason I recommend this app and website is because it’s been the solution to that very issue. Thanks CaringBridge!
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2 years ago, Toddb789789789
This is a must have when someone is sick!
It lets you or someone you allow to communicate a journal or message to 20-30 people or more to keep everyone up to date on surgery or issues you are going thru ( like cancer or chemo), so you do not have to call, text or email 30 people to be sure everyone know what is happening. It takes so much stress off of the person and their family trying to call everyone and answer questions about what is happening that can be so stressful during difficult times. This is idea is a huge benefit and so easy to set-up and then send text or email invite and it is set-up and it helps you keep family and friends up to date on everything!!
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4 years ago, PacoValdes
Great app for difficult times
Our daughter is in the fight for her life and a lot of people continuously ask us for updates on her condition, this makes it so much easier. Also the well wishes section is a great feature where people can post messages that she will be able to read later to help her on her recovery. The only thing that I think could be improved is the amount of donate buttons that are in the page and that sometimes get people confused into thinking that the donation is for the patient. I do not know if this is a non for profit or a regular company looking to maximize profits but I think that through fees and donation buttons that are not subject to interpretation the site could generate its revenue. Just a suggestion, but great app. Thank you.
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3 years ago, cefffxva
An excellent app for a secure way to keep in touch with others during trying times.
I’ve only been a follower of other friends on the app previously, but I’ve been on it for over 5 years, and for multiple people. Now that I’m using it for myself, I really appreciate that it’s secure, so I can share info with friends and family all over the world, from different parts of my life, and can keep them informed but also keep it private at the same time. I’m not one to post this type of stuff on FB, and the fact that I can share the link easily but set up privacy levels to approve each individual gives me peace of mind. If you or a loved one is in a similar situation, and you don’t want to rely on a telephone grapevine and concerns about someone being left out of the information loop, this is the way to go!
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2 years ago, Solmans
A mere human being
This site is a syringe of faith, hope, love, and sheer ammunition for all whom fight each day to continue forward and through the storm. It’s a precise go-to for family and friends that facilitates an accurate account of updates that help everyone navigate this unknown. It’s a powerful tool to help cheer on anyone up against unimaginable challenges. It’s also a singular route of information disbursement helping those closest to the center to update all in a quick private process. It maintains the reserves of precious energy of the ‘inner circle’ preserving mental health and overall exhaustion. It’s not what any of us want to have to use but it most certainly conveys where we need our troops to stand strong. Thank you.
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3 years ago, mcevoyds
Caring Bridge
I love this app. It was made it so easy for me to share and update my personal journey with my family and friends near and far. I have followed and still follow others who are sharing their journeys. I find inspiration, encouragement, and Hope when others are so candid in their journal posts. I know it’s ok to be afraid, angry, hurt and discouraged. But you can’t live there. In order to move ahead you need to find the strength to move ahead in your own time. It keeps me updated on those I care about and their families. In these uncertain times and all the ugliness and hatred and in our world today I see love being shared and people truly caring for others. That’s what I want to focus on and be apart of. Caring Bridge has provided that for me and I am so grateful!!!
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5 months ago, DIL UPDATING
This app makes the communication part of a hard time easier!
The app is so easy to use! Love that you can post pictures with journal entries. I also love that you are able to share your journey with people that want to follow it; and with the option to share your journal entry to other platforms if you want. I feel Facebook and other social media platforms are not a place I like to share certain things of our journey, sometimes I feel that don’t really know who is seeing you posts sometimes. This app helps to update many people at once rather than a ton of individual updates to people, which gives us more time to focus on the situation at hand.
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2 years ago, rbmackey
Excellent site
I have used the Caring Bridge site many times ( 5 so far). When my loved ones or friends have had cancer. We update loved ones on the progress or hiccups for each day. It can be overwhelming to keep everyone updated. So even if someone does not have a diagnoses that will lead to an early death at this time. This site helps me keep others informed. Let’s them ask questions, read how the patient feels and my ability to provide the technical interpretation from the information we are given. The process with your loved one or family is stressful enough, having one place to share information and answers takes a good load off my shoulders. Roxy
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3 years ago, Chrissyyaya
Blessed by Caring Bridge ✝️
A huge and heartfelt “Thank you” for the peace of mind that your “Caring Bridge” site provides, as it updates me on friends and loved ones. For those who may be suffering during the end 😥of a loved ones journey here on earth, it’s comforting to know so many care and to not have the need to individually update all who mourn and are grieving with them. For those able to push through towards recovery and healing ✨with a chance for living again, the progress updates bring them much needed support, cheering them on with love and often much needed help, plus the most important thing of all, prayers. “Caring Bridge”reaches so many and I certainly appreciate it immensely. Thank you, Caring Bridge ! ✝️💝🙏🏼
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4 years ago, praise1970
Keeping in touch
My husband was diagnosed with Acute leukemia and instantly hospitalized. We were in shock, and exhausted just trying to get settled in the new normal. We are now almost 3 months in with 4 months to go. At a time when so many caring friends want to know and support us, this has been a life saver. We don’t have to keep repeating information, rehashing news that is hard to talk about. Our friends can quickly get updates without waiting for return calls. It has saved me tons of time that can then be spent being with and helping my husband. It’s also been great to reread early journal posts and helped us keep record of events and treatments. You’re mind is in a fog and this helps you clear the fog as you write it out.
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2 years ago, JeanieO-J
Jeanie & Mack Deck Crash
It wasn’t a car accident and it wasn’t an old lady trip and fall… My husband and I wound up along with five other people in the trauma unit of our local hospital with no previous warning the deck we were sitting on collapsed and dropped like an elevator 20 feet down. I have participated in CaringBridge many times for friends who are hurting. Let me tell you, when you are in trauma you can’t answer phone calls or text messages. It is comforting to have Caring Bridge as one focus place where I can give out my message once a day for my daughter to send in. Of course I love hearing comments from friends. Caring Bridge is our go to site I will donate once I am out of the hospital JeanieJenks
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2 years ago, lmkw17
Best Journal App!
When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, I wondered how we would be able to share information to so many family & friends. We were not going to be able to call or text everyone the information, which turned out to be A LOT, because that would be very time consuming. This application was a wonderful way for my husband (my co-author) & me to communicate the journey to many people. You can also post pictures, which seemed unlikely at the beginning, & we did! There are probably many other features I haven’t even used or know are available, but it has done what we had hoped to accomplish through communication. Highly recommend this app!!
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3 years ago, CammieFree
So important
I know what it’s like to be the communication hub for someone who is going through a recovery, it’s tough. Did I text this person that update? Did I remember to follow up with them? Now being on the receiving end of updates, I understand how difficult it is to just wait for information. It’s so hard in the waiting to not be overly bothersome to the person with the information. Caring Bridge allows a singular private place for updates to be shared along with messages of support to be shared in a community that is centered around the love and support of the amazing person that is recovering. No more random Facebook posts or mega text threads and phone trees. Thank you for caring, Caring Bridge.
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2 years ago, lildragon22
Great site
I love Caring Bridge as it is a wonderful way for people going through a very difficult time to share their journey- either by their own writing or through a trusted soul to share for them- and oftentimes both. I have my own page from when I was on my breast cancer journey. It helped a lot to be able to share what was going on without having to repeat everything to every single person I knew. And I love that I can keep updated on friends and family members or others in the community when they are on their journeys. My reason for not giving 5 stars is only because I still have troubles navigating it. However, they have improved it already in the past few years. Thank you Caring Bridge peeps!!!
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7 days ago, 1963 woman
I am far away from my nieces. It is always difficult to contact a friend or family member suffering from a chronic and debilitating disease. We don’t want to pry, but we are praying hard for comfort and return to health. Afraid to wake them up or call at a bad time. Afraid they will cry. Afraid they are too tired to talk. Afraid of saying the wrong thing. With Caring Bridge, the patient can share as much or as little as they wish, and we can comment, or just send a little icon of prayer, or love, or a little joke to lighten the mood. I love how candid our Kelley is in this journey through cancer. As a cancer survivor, I know people mean well, but can certainly “put their foot in their mouth.” Not knowing what is going on makes for isolating and anxiety-ridden patients, care-givers, and friends who desperately want to help. The Caring Bridge is a wonderful outlet for all of us. Cancer ain’t for Sissies. But it can be beaten. Stay positive. Question. If your Doctors don’t suit you, find another. It is your body. Your life. Your choice. God is still in control and miracles happen every day. I am one. Judy Adams Cuero, Texas
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2 years ago, 1plf
Documenting my cancer journey
I am so glad that I was told about this app. I use it as a journal where I document what it is like to have cancer and have all of the treatments that I am going through. It’s a way to share my journey with family and friends so that I don’t have to tell the same thing over and over again. One of the best parts is my followers can post comments that provide support and inspiration for me. I like the feature where I can allow only the people I want to have access and not open it up to the world to see. I find that putting it all into words is helping me. I highly recommend this to anyone going through a challenging life event.
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3 years ago, Lunch crew
Best website ever!
This website has been the best thing in the world for my family and I. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and tumors all up and down my spine. I also have a 12 week old baby. So we used caring bridge to set up times for people to drive me to radiation (Monday-Friday for 6 weeks), babysit my baby 5 days a week while I’m at treatment, and sign up to drop us off Dinner 7 days a week. It was such a blessing and literally every single spot filled up in 24 hours. It was so easy to use and a convenient way to organize and let ppl sign up. I have loved getting to reconnect with so many people who signed up to help us. I feel so grateful we decided to use caring bridge. Thank you!!
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2 years ago, LKRIVITZ
Caring Bridge experience for Zane Fleury
I had not heard of this app until this wonderful young man as well as his family’s lives were turned upside down in a matter of hours all due to a stranger (or angle) telling Zane he didn’t look so good and needed to go see a Doctor. Caring Bridge has let my family as well as other people that care about all of them keep up to date on their situation. It also lets us know about the different ways we can help Zane and has the direct access to those options right there which makes things easier for those that truly want to help but have no clue how they should start. I am impressed by what I’ve experienced so far!
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3 years ago, LagomorphLady
Such a great communication tool!
I love CaringBridge! It is so useful for communicating in one fell swoop when one has a loved one in a medical journey. My only complaint has to do with the listing of visitors/followers—which really doesn’t apply to the app version but more to the online webpage version: The entries aren’t fully alphabetized, nor can one do a search specific to them to readily see whether a person’s email address is already listed. Because we have a lot of visitors/followers on our current page, it makes it very tedious to try to scroll through and search the long list when I have questions about entries. All in all, highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, DALGensler
Been A Lifesaver!
I first started a CB journal for my husband shortly after he was diagnosed with ALS in 2008. This was a wonderful way to keep family & friends informed of his progress through the 3.5 years of his disease, especially to keep a 1,000 folks a day from asking, “How’s Phil?” (I work in a church. :) After he died his CB site almost became my diary, a place to work thru my grief as a widow & mother. Folks still read what I write - even 10 years later! Since using CB for my husband, I also authored another site for my brother & his family after a devastating car wreck. And again when my sister was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve also helped others set up their own sites for their family members going thru an illness or accident.
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4 years ago, Straybelle
Jennifer Erickson
I’m so grateful for this site and the good job it does in keeping people connected and providing a venue for those going through difficult periods of life and loss and terminal illnesses to write updates that loved ones and others can access without the affected parties having to rewrite to every single person what is happening. It seems to provide a very therapeutic outlet for all involved and the opportunity to respond in comments readily is also helpful! Even less close acquaintances who are interested can be apprised of things that are often very inspiring and for which to pray and glean from (or even if they don’t know the person). This is an invaluable service to Many!! Thank you Caring Bridge!
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1 year ago, %$@)
Caring Bridge review
I highly recommend this site as it really makes it easy to communicate a loved ones long term illness to many people with one push of a button. Once you build the list of participants you simple report updates and push one button. As a loved one and a care provider the last thing you have time to do is call or text multiple people and have the same conversation over and over again. This site allows you to easily communicate about what is happening and what is needed. The participants can easily respond and it is very encouraging to read the responses especially for the. Person who is sick.
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1 year ago, karzgrace
My sweetheart, of 10 years just had a severe and debilitating stroke. His sister set up the CaringBridge on day two and I can’t tell you how incredibly supportive it’s been. I can’t imagine trying to communicate with all of our family and friends individually. The caring bridge has provided an efficient way for all of Louis‘s loved ones to be informed about his health progress, and has really established a beautiful forum in which we can all support each other, and most importantly our loved one. The little community we set up through this platform has been a lifeline for myself, and for those that love him, but cannot see him in the ICU at this time.
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3 years ago, basketball77777999891
Great app and never will delete and cost no money
Caring Bridge is a great app for people that need it to help stay connect with family and friends especially that is more than important now then ever I am glad that I read daily updates from the people that post to give updates on the person and that you your self can give a comment or and heart though I wish that you did not have to give an email though because when I first downloaded the app I did not have my email because of certain things and then I got my email back and got everything to get caring bridge and not use safari for caring bridge it is one less tab that I have to have in safari Great app
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3 years ago, ColbyJack5000
Wonderful tool to help a weary caregiver.
My husband comes from a large family, and while mine is not as big, it is definitely just a spread out. Just gave me a good place to share the details of my husband‘s treatment without having to notify everyone personally. It also has wonderful links to be able to help you share a fundraising page, and to post what do you want to on Facebook or other social media in order to make sure that all of those family members have access to the information you want to share. The website is very well organized and helps to share details with family and friends.
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7 months ago, mkeys1973
Great app to keep everyone updated
When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, all my friends and family wanted to be updated with details. On the support side it was great that so many people cared, but on the update side from someone dealing with all that comes with treatments, appointments, disappointments and other details, it was a lot. When we found CaringBridge it made that piece a lot easier. Now I update my journal entries (or my wife does) and it gives a singular place where my support group can go and check in. The comments and well wishes mean so much. Glad we found this app, it allows me to concentrate more on the battle at hand.
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1 year ago, Manna girl
Great way to keep friends and family updated
I’ve had both friends and family members use this site to keep us updated during their times of health crisis. It was a blessing to be able to read their thoughts and keep up with their progress! When I was diagnosed with cancer and began chemo, a few friends encouraged me to start my own. Writing out my thoughts has been very cathartic and the comments received have been encouraging and uplifting! I now know that this site is good for both the one going through the tough time and those who love them because I’ve now been on both sides…and they are each a blessing!
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2 years ago, Separated by miles
Feeling connected
CaringBridge is helping us all stay connected and informed. The family of a recently injured loved one couldn’t possibly answer the countless inquiries from family and friends. By posting an update on the site, the information is instantly available to us all and we even get an alert. We have the option of checking the updates at any time of day and posting a comment or encouragement. Updates like visitation restrictions are especially helpful. It’s a win-win situation with us all being informed and the family feeling supported. The app is also very easy to use for an older person.
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4 years ago, torrey squared plus soto
So grateful for this blessing
My husband’s cousin was diagnosed with ALD and used CaringBridge to connect with family while going through that ordeal and continue to use it to connect with family and friends. We are so grateful because at the time we were stationed in Germany. Then years later my husband got diagnosed with a brain tumor/brain cancer and we knew exactly what tool we could use to keep us connected to our family and friends throughout our fight. What a gift and source of strength it was for us on those night that we needed encouragement. Now we have another connection using it to keep us connected and informed while their son fights ALL. Beyond grateful and blessed by this site!!!
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1 year ago, Helper in healing
Gift of connection
My husband has had some major medical issues. Part of his care has required us to be out of town for several months. Caring Bridge has been an incredible gift of connection. It is so easy to post. Our family and friends have been updated regularly without me retelling information over and over. Pictures have helped to tell the story. And our community’s support for us in the way of comments on Caring Bridge and in the way they respond to what they read in our posts has been so encouraging through a difficult, heavy season. We are so thankful for this incredible tool!!
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3 years ago, Butterbach
Just get this app
When a loved one is suffering through disease, acute or chronic, you will (hopefully) have a lot of friends and family asking for updates. If you are the communicator, you WILL have difficulty keeping up with personal communications. You can only do so much. Caring Bridge allows you to communicate your loved one’s status to everyone through one outlet. Your friends and family sign up through a link you send and they get the updates. You put the info in once and everyone gets it. This allows for MUCH more efficient communication and more time spent with your loved ones. Save your time and sanity and get this app.
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