Chatrandom - Live Cam Chat App

Social Networking
3.5 (578)
80.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Small World Media LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chatrandom - Live Cam Chat App

3.51 out of 5
578 Ratings
2 years ago, laaaaaaa321
It’s a pretty good app
I keep getting banned for no reason it says nudity but I showed none of my body parts I’ve been banned twice I really think there should be a false report because this is making me very mad but over all it’s a pretty good app I recommend but there’s a lot of nudity I highly recommend though.
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5 years ago, Shay=)
An “okay” app with much needed improvement...
I just want to note that this app is not so user-friendly at all! Allow me to name just a few of its many flaws. First, the ‘accept connection’ button needs to be removed entirely because it is just a nuisance all on its own, having to click on it every time I encounter another app user. Secondly, whenever I try to connect a Bluetooth device with the app, (wireless headphones, i.e. AirPods for example), it just doesn’t pair within the app and there’s no way to fix this that I can tell. Third, there desperately needs to be a ‘block’ button, because female users, like myself, are bombarded with a wanton of harassing behavior from male users who continuously try to vie and gain attention by attacking us with the ‘back’ feature, even though we constantly swipe to get away from them. I can understand the frustration if you’re a male, and the fact that there’s not too many women who use the app, but as a female I notice that we have it worse than our male counterparts as some of the male users who use the app are just awful and have no respect for us female users whatsoever. This review is coming from someone who frequently utilizes the app on a somewhat daily basis. I urge you to please acknowledge this review and to fix these issues as soon as possible. It will be greatly appreciated and admired, because I would hate to have to stop using this app if these problems were to remain unresolved. Thank you!!! 🙌
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5 years ago, Ranger from NY
Money grab
I read a few of the reviews, so I tried an experiment and if I saw a penis I simply said hello for a while. Then I used my flatscreen monitor as a backdrop with a guy exposing himself and when those same exhibitionists came up I simply turned the IPad on to the screen and bamm...I was immediately banned for 2 days. However, I could buy out of the ban for a small sum of $5.99! Remember, these same gentlemen had been exposing themselves for days (most likely recordings), so I checked the revenue for the company and saw they went from 5k to 40k in a little over a month. That seemed very interesting? One other tidbit, Bridgestone international... is a Russian company with fingers in the video dating world, with three other apps like this one. All of those are at 5k and two are listed as top sites to mimic Chatroulette by a few online articles. Hmmmm? I have no problem with people making money, but it seems every time an app comes out of Russia and it has anything to do with dating, the Russian Mob has there fingers in it. The folks at Apple should be a bit more careful!
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5 years ago, megeeeeeee
I got banned and I don’t know why!? I never report anyone for the wrong reason! I also never showed nudity or gave out personal information. I still don’t know why I got banned.
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3 years ago, Rocky cusmano
I h8 this app
This app purposely shows people that you can be a child molester. They don’t even check an id for safe search to be off they just trust the juvenile population to be honest. I mean really guys you are purposely letting these kids be exposed to older pornography material. I mean you know people use this to get off even if it’s not meant for that the reality is that it is meant for that. I suggest you start putting an age checker where you send a picture of your id to you guys like a vape store online. Alright!!! Do something about this or get caught up!!!
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3 years ago, nickname someone doesnt have
Being forced to pay for front camera option seems like a total con for the most basic feature of a “video chat” app. I get making people pay for the other settings, but come on. Who charges someone to use either camera on an interactive video app/website. By the week or month none the less. Ruined the entire idea, honestly.
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4 years ago, Rakiyah Nealand
Love it
I love how we get to play games and show pictures while we are on video call I never wanna have to complain about this app
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2 years ago, legumey
Bad customer service
I wasn’t able to report a minor so I sent an email to them telling them about the situation on why they should be banned a few days ago but I never heard a response back I sent my 3 email out today hopefully they will respond to me
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4 years ago, IN2525
I have subscribed for premium one month but after one week it’s asking me to subscribe again
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1 year ago, Thom08203112
Needs review button
Not a bad app, but I keep getting banned when I don’t show nothing. Needs to have a review button when someone reports you
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2 years ago, isaiiiiah
Don’t pay the filters don’t work no matter what. In the female filters there’s a ton of Indian guys and Chatrandom bans you for no reason if your actually paying for a subscription. But won’t ban people using wrong gender filter.
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3 years ago, '?,.
Terrible app
Got banned for nudity yet all i did was show my forehead and i wasn’t even connected to anyone it was just showing myself where it says to pick a gender and to check the box for understanding the policy.
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5 years ago, calvin marshall watson
People keep showing their dicks
This is gayyyyy
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7 months ago, adlv305
Cant stay logged in
With new updates and interface i cant access any thing
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3 years ago, bitlife player3647
Change it back
I don’t like how you now how to pay just to flip the camera around on mobile phones please change it back to free(it just a flip button way does that need premium)
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5 years ago, JOHN10180
Great app
10/10 if you want to show
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5 years ago, 😡😡😡197819781978
Don’t waste your money
I paid for the month subscription and it doesn’t let me gender select. I select females and it still shows males. Don’t waste your money. And there is no one to contact about it.
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4 years ago, Dezmond Klement
I love this app. It helped me find new friends
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2 years ago, Chase Mavrick
Complete crap. Everyone is gone and banned! No reason to use
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4 years ago, Tjwoods2332
Paid 5.99 to use the filters and they don’t even work. Got banned for showing my HEAD?! Lol just a quick money grab.
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4 years ago, Ramsi Ruskin
It is used to in my experience and environmental. It is nice
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4 years ago, User647900
Keeps skipping by itself !! I lost so many new friends to this app skipping by itself
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3 years ago, DasStew
Never connected to a single person once. Completely fake app
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4 years ago, Cristie Foulis
I loved this
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4 years ago, Dakingyoshi
Consistent Banning
Even though follow guidelines you get banned.... fix that issue it’s extremely obnoxious
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3 years ago, ahahhw
very good
i like the app alot great people
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4 years ago, lil kaks
Because you banned me for no reason you deserve zero stars
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5 years ago, joji poyo
Don’t pay for anything
It’s full of men even if you pay to talk to girls you will still get nothing but men, DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS!
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3 years ago, mcnugget chinese v
seriously I don’t want ppl to just show me there dc
I mean Y
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4 years ago, Shawn199517
Money Hungry
I shouldn’t have to pay just to talk to only women and I won’t!!
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2 years ago, ybremmons
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4 years ago, masod wardonnny
Don’t buy anything you got band for nothing
I got band for nothing
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5 years ago, Doctor4213
Why can’t I use Bluetooth headphones?
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1 month ago, dubi808
Not Worth It
So Many Haters
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5 years ago, pyrothegoat
mute mic button?
How do i mute my mic? on the website, u can mute but the app? strange
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4 years ago, Olivelils
banned for no reason
i was banned for showing my bed and not my face
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4 years ago, c2california
Read the negative reviews. 0 stars
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2 years ago, hnvblllligfyj
Dont get
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4 years ago, detottu
Child pornography
This app is gross guys asking for girls ages 11-15 disgusting !!!!
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5 years ago, GilCo.
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2 years ago, NocMane
i keep getting banned for no reason
i like the app but i get banned like every week 😂😂😂
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3 months ago, RobertoLand1992
Cantidad de niños en esta app
Realmente estaba es horrible yo no sé ni siquiera cómo está App Store es increíble la cantidad de niños que aún así tú los reportes siguen saliendo!!!
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3 years ago, DWT66
Don’t waist your money
I thought it would be good but it’s a mess of people that are constantly scanning to see who’s on there.Kids is about all..I’ll save you the trouble of checking it out 🥵
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