Chispa: Dating App for Latinos

Social Networking
4.5 (296.2K)
326.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Affinity Apps, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chispa: Dating App for Latinos

4.53 out of 5
296.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Luis905
MAJOR FLAW!!!!!!!!!
So I noticed on your “matches” the one you have to pay to view. Those are either always abandoned accounts or actual people who you might of swiped left but yet remain on the matches I know because me and a friend I found use this app. She matched me and texted me and as a joke I swiped left yet the card remain behind the blurry tab. The number didn’t go down it stayed there, after a few weeks I noticed her pop up again so I did the same thing and same thing happened she came back. I get to some extent this is good but it’s kinda annoying I only noticed this because I know her. This made me believe this app is very basic and dull. I’m sure we all have different experience for the most part it’s ok it’s free I don’t expect a game changer. It’s just dumb I have to pay to view matches that would never reply or I’ve simply swiped left yet remain there. Most of these accounts are just on here to promote there ig or snap it’s not cool to download an app to only talk to others on a whole other app. Sure you can say it’s a safety thing or what ever it’s a back and fourth thing but still bottom line is this is a flawed system it does it’s job and you might get a few matches out of it regardless it’s just annoying they do that.
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4 years ago, KRZ89
Awesome concept! Needs work
I was expecting a little more with using this app but I know it's still in the early stages. I wish I could undo some of the right swipes on this app since I accidentally swipe right instead of being able to scroll through the pictures. I also wish there was a picture minimum instead of having just one picture posted with no bio since that makes it incredibly difficult to want to swipe on those profiles. I would love to see that a bio is required before posting your profile for the world to see since I'm only seeing just profiles with one picture and no content. I also wish that with upgrading, the likes that I saw didn't disappear unless I upgraded to the "Elite". I totally understand paying a little extra to gain access to more features, but honestly it doesn't make me want to continue the app if I can't see at least one of the profiles of those who like me at a time. I do like that they have a "Keeping Safe" article which I think is super helpful! Also can we link our Instagram and not just our Facebook? I would also love to have a feature where we can choose our preference and the distance as well. I also have Hinge and I guess I'm pretty used to their features, but I want to support my Raza and continue to use this dating app. I like how it has us choose our background which is a cool concept! The bugs also need fixing with notifications, showing that I have "likes" but they disappeared completely. Overall, it's a great start!
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4 years ago, Taria95
Mediocre is the Word of the Day
This app is mediocre at best. While the layout of the app is okay, there are some things that would really improve it. For example, one small thing is having the text wrap around when someone writes their education and occupation in, so you can see the full text they’ve written. Another small thing is making the “About Me” section you can write in the same as the one that gets presented to potential matches. The layout of the words isn’t consistent when switching between editing the profile and simply viewing the profile. It’d also be nice to add the feature of the “enter button” or ability to skip a line when writing an “about me”. Within the settings, there needs to be a way to turn off all notifications besides messages. Lastly, you should have the option to set your location to one place and select the maximum distance of which you would like to meet people. Not everyone is staying where they are in the current moment and sometimes want to meet someone close to where they live instead of where they currently are. A person’s city should be shown, not just the miles because you don’t know which direction the person might live in. If it’s a matter of privacy, maybe hide the person’s name until after they match, or have each person’s distance in relation to major cities instead. As a bonus, you could also consider asking prompt questions.
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4 years ago, Ivelisses61284
***Update***Happy with this App
***My Review Before***/ Update Below** I signed up for this app because I finally wanted to put myself out there and meet someone latino. I created my profile and browsed through some potentials. I was even starting to chat. The images that I posted were recent pictures of myself that were very decent and not lewd at all, I’m a mother and try to keep myself classy. Within maybe 2 hours after creating the account, I decide to sign up for a 1 month trial. Chispas then disabled my account out of nowhere. I sent them an email and after what seemed like a week, they replied back saying my account will be terminated without really explaining why, only to view “terms of use”. Now I’m out 20 bucks and didn’t get a chance to meet anyone in the app. Maybe it is a good app but I will never get that experience to find out. I signed up just because finally i was feeling brave and wanted to meet someone. I don’t do dating apps and Chispas just shattered that experience. ***Update*** After I wrote this review, I rep wrote back to me and finally help me resolve the issue. I’ve met someone from the App and so far we are doing great. I’m happy and definitely recommend the app!!
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5 years ago, tirofijoj
Good concept, terrible execution
The idea is great, and as a latino i prefer this app over tinder because i prefer latin women. Its got so many bugs that i just can’t see this being useful. Fake accounts, prostitutes, and scammers don’t bother me because you find the same on other dating apps, although they should def monitor this more closely and do something about it even though i know its easier said then done. My biggest gripe is that i’m getting matches from 50-80 miles away for no reason, like 80% of profiles that i’m seeing are from two states away, which makes no sense to me because i live 10 mins from NYC and i’m surrounded by hispanic neighborhoods in every direction. This could just be some weird coincidence that no one around me is using chispa but i find it hard to believe. Especially since i was using it a few months ago and it was fine, idk if maybe they screwed it up with some update but its pointless for me to match with people an hour away from me. Again concept is great, execution very poor.
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3 years ago, Jco2017
Horrible customer support
I was talking to a couple people on my account. I had set it up with my most recent pictures and all my actual information. Out of no where one day the app is logged out & I’m notified that my account has been disabled. I have no idea why so I send in an inquiry to their customer support. I get a response back from someone who says he is unable to assist and has passed along my inquiry to the “correct department.” He also states someone should be with me in 48 hours. Not sure if that was a joke because i didn’t hear back for a month! One month. Well the next rep responds that she would love to help me but also my account has been terminated & if i try to make another account it will be immediately terminated. Very aggressive and not helpful but ok. She links me to their privacy policy & terms of use which has wide array of issues. I can’t exactly pinpoint what terms of use i’ve violated so i ask her for the factors used to determine i needed to be “terminated” and banned. This time she responds quickly to let me know she can’t tell me anything about any account not even my own??? And copy and pastes the generic paragraph about checking out the privacy policy & terms of conditions. Right. So I received no real help, have no idea what got me terminated and just have a snarky email from their rep. Great.
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1 year ago, Jay.Lo81
Lol oh chispa you lure me back in every few months
With promises of change, I get likes with different account names and the same pictures with the same email in the bio, I report them and see them the next go round. My preferences aren’t respected, as they would be if I were a female. I see women from thousands of miles away even though I have it set for 20 miles tops… guys stop giving them your money, go out talk to actual women, trial and error, you will have a better outcome and although you’ll be paying for drinks here and there it isn’t a money pit like most of these dating apps. I see women who are well into their 50s even though the max is set to my age 42…. most of the females are "looking for a sugar daddy" im good Update My account was now disabled (even though I haven’t used it in months) because I uploaded something inappropriate which basically translates into some sour chick got mad that I stated my preferences. Oh well I found someone outside of chispa lol stop paying for dating apps guys unless you’re a ten percenter you’re always going to lose. Ps chispa and all those other dating apps are owned by the same company literally you sign up to different apps and you’re paying the same people who are showing you the same women across multiple platforms.
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2 years ago, DDDHHH333
Don’t waste your time, preference options are a joke
I loved the idea of being in a Latino dating app. I’ve only had this for a week and I’m very disappointed. It gives you an option to submit your preference. Of course one of them is big for me which is the distance. I wouldn’t want to waste my time with someone that’s over 40 miles away as selected on my preferences in the setting. Lately I get nothing but men that are more than 200 miles away,I keep swiping left hoping to find someone that’s close but instead now I’m running across men that are more than 300+ miles away. I think if we give a preference option it should be respected,If I don’t have any more matches available to me I’m okay with just sitting around till someone close pops up, opposed to just showing me people that are not and will probably never meet. I choose my preferences the way I do because it is something that I have made my mind up about and not willing to reconsider. I’m also having a lot of issues with running a cross women when I’m actually looking for men and if someone misgenders themselves I think Chispa should be able to catch it! (also a lot of non Latinos are on here) Please do better for the Hispanic dating community!
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3 years ago, Nore G.
Best Dating App I’ve Found!
As an extremely proud Latina, I’m happy to say I finally found a dating app that met my needs! After moving to NJ from Miami, I figured that my dating life would be totally dull, because even though there are a lot of Latinos in the area (if you know where to find them), communicating with someone and approaching someone in real life is way more nerve wracking and can be a lot more intimidating than getting to know them if you already know they’re interested and you can ask what they’re looking for. Plus, having an app where you can find other Latin singles really facilitates everything for us, especially considering how neat and organized this app is! I just wish this app asked more questions like OKCupid does to see if you and your match are on the same page and aligned when it comes to your interests, thoughts, and beliefs, which is why I didn’t give them 5 stars, but everything else is wonderful! And I enjoy the Tragos questions. Like I said, I just wish they went a little deeper! I love this app! Just what I needed!
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3 years ago, GeeAweNee
Glitches on glitches
So I’m signed up for a month membership, and everyday you get 5 “super likes”. I don’t use them all the time, but they’re cool to have in case someone catches your eye. The thing is that this thing resets your swipe list. For example: let’s say I swiped on 15 people and exit the app. I’ll come back on later, and see the same 15 people I swiped on, which includes the person I super liked. However, the super like you used is gone, which is lame because you only get a limited amount. Whatever, out of the sake hoping to match with one person in particular, I bit the bullet a got a set of 5 extra likes for a couple bucks. Use it and think the problem is solves. Nope. Reset my likes again and lost out of the super likes I paid for. I reached out to customer support when this first happened a few months back and they replied with a generic response explaining the process of liking, without even mentioning my specific issue. I’ve met a couple people on here, and it’s cool because yo amo a mis latinas, but this app is so glitchy that I’m out as soon as my membership expires. It’s just annoying that you pay for something only for it to be shotty, and not have help from the company.
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4 months ago, Suave919
5 Stars even tho I got banned 😂
But all jokes aside I’ve met tons of amazing people on here. Met some not so nice people as well (btw my ex was on here and she told me that her and her friends reported me so I’m 100% sure that’s why I got banned out of no where lol). Hopefully chispa unbanneds me cause I do miss using this app. This app is way better than those other big apps like Tinder and Bumble, especially for Latinos. Chispa is the real deal, obviously be cautious of who you talk to and always be precautious when meeting people online. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with some females that catfished me and got mad at me for not wanting to take things to the next level. Like I was kool about it and still went with the date, even paid for the date and I still got cussed out at the end for not making a move lol. This app is amazing and worth it. I’ll be honest I never paid for the membership and still got a good amount of matches. Obviously, for my Kings out there, you need to have a strong profile, nice pics, and a good bio. I do think it’s unfair that i got banned simply because my ex and her friends reported me just cause my ex wanted to get under my skin. But ima still rate this app 5 stars simply for the fact that it works, people are close by and not miles away like other apps, and I’ve had an amazing experience with it. Shout out to the Chispa team! 👏🏽 or whoever made this app lol
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3 years ago, #1 latin app reccomended
Found my perfect match !
Always make sure if you’re going into the dating apps to always make it known what you’re looking for. If you’re not looking for something serious don’t lead people on ! I went in not making much of it. Never thought I’d meet anyone . I went on 3 dates . 1st date (Guy was suuuuch a jerk) Blocked for sure lol 2nd date ( Sweet genuine guy but had a little secret . Becoming a dad in April 2021!) A no for me. Now for my 3rd date . (Met halfway he is 3hrs away and we met at a city 1hr and 25mins away from each other took me to an amazing and fancy steak house ! I instantly new he was different . He stole my heart and he’s my boyfriend !) like i said hope is there ladies and gentlemen. You just gotta be honest and simply make it known that you’re not here to play games ! I deleted my profile and have zero regrets . Going on to 3 months of talking and 1 month of making it official .🥂❤️
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4 years ago, liza_tita
Meet my amor!
I’m kind of a hood hippie girl so I didn’t find a lot of men I liked on this app. After a few months I tried to deleted it but the app wouldn’t let me until my monthly subscription was up and that’s the week I matched with my now man. We met up in person the last day of my subscription! Lol We hit it off instantly, now going on 5 months together. We live literally 10 mins away, share so much in common and our families are both from Jalisco, Mexico. I do live in LA so didn't have the problem of being matched with people far away unless I swiped way to much. It’s worth it to pay for the monthly subscription because you can see who likes you and also swipe back if you swipe to fast. It can use a little work and you will run into weirdos but I met a keeper so I’m happy 🥰 gracias chispa!
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3 years ago, 2cadenaz
Wasted Potential
I’ve been doing dating apps for some time now and although Chispa may not be the worst one out there it’s still leaves A LOT to be desired. The most significant and frustrating part of the app is the distance of the people shown are. I believe just about 10% of the people shown are within 10 miles. Normally on other apps I do no more than 7 or 8 miles and a broad range of other users are shown. 20 is the minimum on this app and even then it is very regular for it to show people 75, 100, and even 200 miles away. I live in Queens, NY and I regularly get users in NJ and PA. I have no desire to meet someone who lives that far and neither do they. Not even signing up for a subscription makes it any better. The algorithm needs a serious overhaul. I would encourage people to download other dating apps. As a Dominican I love the concept of a Latino dating app, in fact when other dating apps give me the option to look just for other Latinos I turn the preferences on to that. So it’s disappointing and feels like potential is wasted in what otherwise is a great concept.
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1 year ago, That1AwesomeGamer
Bad and inconsistent and I can’t login now… very disappointed
I log in using my phone number and now whenever I try signing in It says “Oops that did not go as planned. please try again” and I already have like 8 times and I even uninstalled it and re installed it and it still says the same thing. I’ve been very disappointed with using this app overall because all the females I match with are either fake, frauds, don’t reply at all, or straight up unmatch me. Every time I super like someone (which has been like 6 different occasions the other 5 more than likely said no, and now I actually got someone that liked me back, but now i can’t login) am I being suspected for being a fake person? I’m very much real man, you guys need to make it harder for people that wanna make a fraud account because I see wayyyy too many fake accounts. I don’t know if the developers will see this because I’ve seen them reply in the past but I doubt they’ll help me here. If you do it’ll much appreciated, but for now I’m really disappointed & aggravated.
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2 months ago, Dianne Q
Giving Up
I was having a decent experience until I was suddenly signed out and unable to log in. After almost 3 weeks of going back and forth with the support team via email, will just have to call it quits. The last message I received my issue was being reported to the technical team for “thorough investigation “ and have yet to get any additional updates since. 👋🏻 adios *UPDATE: if I could lower this from one star to zero I would! Not only did I get the most unhelpful response to my initial review, “contact us through our Help Center”, had you bothered to read my review you would know I had already done that and gotten nowhere for weeks. Now I just received a notification that the reason I can’t access my account is that I was banned?! No notification or explanation as to why, I know for a fact I haven’t done anything against the guidelines, so apparently they just ban people left and right for no legitimate reason?! What a colossal waste of time. Save yourselves the time and don’t download this app.
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11 months ago, Equality01
Horrible customer supports, wasted potential in this app
Just created an account no even finished set it up when I was logged out. So trying long in back I get the error message. Account it’s been disabled. If you think it was a mistake contact support! And I contacted supports asking for an explanation cause I couldn’t understand the reason. But I believe they don’t understand the reason either because there no reason and base in their response back to me which was you had been violating the term of user. Your account has been terminated. Or they no doing their job if not so. Ok what was the factor that take you to make that decision NO EXPLANATION I didn’t want to say this I’m going to do it. After spending my money on it, after emailed them about explanation and refund my money because my account was terminated after couple hours that I created it. They didn’t refund me back and the only things they said was what I wrote above definitely so upsetting specially when you invest time and money so frustrating.
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7 months ago, Cheetahwithstripes1348436
Met my match!
Met my match in 2019. I’m from a small town and had a hard time finding people outside my area as an introvert and already knowing everyone in town that was just not for me. It was important I find someone of my culture and similar background. he was from the city and over 180 miles away. We clicked so fast we got married within 6 months, bought a house and now by 2023 have two children together. Gained a sweet teen stepson and living now in the city. We happened to be both from Jalisco Mexico and surprisingly our family hometowns are so close leas than two hours where it’s enjoyable to be able to travel to see our families and continue to show our little ones our Mexican culture. I wouldn’t have found him in other apps and chispa helped find exactly who I needed as my life long partner!
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4 years ago, ICE702
**Poor Customers Service**
Loved this App- it’s a great way to meet and interact with people. I actually had ok dates with people I met, conversation ended if we didn’t have chemistry or vibes where not there. Although all of a sudden my app got disabled without any email or reason or anything! I have tried over a month to contact or see what’s their reason for this and every time it’s the same reply !!! NONE!!! Only time I thought they actually cared or would have some sort of resolution, was a reply saying that it was sent to someone else since that wasn’t their Department! If you ever have this issue, just try a different Dating app.. at least they interact and reply to you ! I was extremely disappointed the way this has ended!
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4 years ago, Girlygirl2222222222
Untrustworthy and Lack of Transparency
I created an account, paid for a subscription, had 1 appropriate picture on there, and was getting matches. Then Chispa disabled my account within a few days. When I emailed them about why, they told me to see the terms of use. I read the entire terms of use and then asked why my account had been disabled because I had followed their community guidelines. They informed me that they cannot tell me why my account was disabled, but if I create another it will be immediately terminated. I was excited to try their app, but their lack of transparency and unwillingness to explain why my account was deleted is a RED FLAG. I have never been disabled from their competitors like Bumble, Hinge, or Tinder. When I had questions on Bumble, their team was ready and able to help unlike the team at Chispa has been so far. I have reached out to Chispa again to seek answers, so perhaps they will be transparent moving forward. But at this moment, their app seems untrustworthy and their lack of transparency is alarming.
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2 years ago, cimoneb
Terrible Customer Support!
Everything was good, I was using the app for about a year on and off, then out of the blue I’m logged out of my account, then when I log back in my account is disabled! Absolutely no contact from them on when and why it got disabled. I email customer support and they take 2-3 to respond to tell me that they need to escalate it. 4 days later no email so I email back, then 2-3 weeks goes by and no email!! I had to send multiple emails for them to get back to me the next day to tell me that my account was terminated because I violated terms of use (which I didn’t and still not saying specifically what I violated) & told that I can’t make another account or else it will be immediately terminated! It’s so ridiculous!! Very very unprofessional. I would not recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Swiggityswoogty
Banned my account.
What started off as a really good and fun app for me soon turned sour. I had zero problems with this app, had some matches talked to some girls, everything was fine, then out of nowhere I get an email saying that I’ve been warned because of some thing inappropriate on my account. I replied back and asked them what was inappropriate because I didn’t know what was going on. No response at all. So I continue going about my day for another week or two and still nothing wrong on my account. Then I get another email saying that my account has been disabled because I continue posting inappropriate material. I replied back again asking them what was inappropriate my account and they told me that they’d het back to me. After countless emails and replies back to them they have still yet to contact me or reply back to me. I’ve been trying to get a hold of somebody for weeks to reinstate my account but nothing. Somebody needs to get back to me now!
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1 month ago, DanCRYO
Banned For No Reason
I’ve been on and off with chispa for a while now and it’s a pretty good app. I’ve recommended to friends. It’s a pretty legit app more so than tinder, but I recently got banned with no explanation. I’ve emailed about 5 times to Chispa’s support and I have yet to been responded to. I literally was just scrolling on the app one moment and then the next banned. I can change my review once the admins unban me. I did read online that people get banned for no reason either so it might just be a glitch. Still haven’t been unbanned. I’ve already emailed chispa and haven’t been responded to. It’s been days. And it states that they would of reached back in 48 hrs. Created a new account using a different phone number and got banned again. Second report. I’ve emailed support and so far they have not communicated with me at all and they have yet to unban me. It’s been well over a month. Still don’t know why I’m banned and all I wanna do is meet pretty Latina chicks.
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2 years ago, hsgagskf
That’s not weird.
So multiple times have I blocked someone and they keep reappearing. Why? Also, I paid for 3 months of “elite” and I had hardly any matches. (Almost as if you withheld my account from being seen). Deleted subscription, mad amount of matches. Isn’t that odd? 🙄 Y’all never even showed me people actually around me, in my area, after I paid. Y’all still showed me people 400+ sometimes even 750+ miles away. Completely absurd when having the “desired distance to 20 miles”.( after the account was deleted and remade, I was shown different people locally that I’ve seen through other accounts I’ve made that didn’t pop up on the paid for one. Don’t play that whole well we wanted you to see if you would maybe match with them. Or that there isn’t that many people in my area. If I wanted to see people that far away I’d set my “desired distance” to that distance. Please elaborate, indulge me on how it is that an elite account isn’t shown people in their area but you think it’s ok to show them people hundreds of miles away. *Where you failed, helping me acknowledge. “this is a popular profile/user ‘do you wanna send a super like’” “This is a popular user” Y’all view your data. See what accounts get more likes than others. Trifling type app owners. Rateros. If you don’t want to post my review, it’s ok. It’s all S.R. ☺️☺️☺️
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2 months ago, Tinak15
Account deleted with no explanation
PLEASE READ: At first I wasn’t going to leave a review but when I saw the amount of people that are dealing with the same issue, I had to say something. Basically, I created an account a little over a month ago. I had heard about this app through word of mouth and was super excited to meet people that were within my community. A week in, I wasn’t getting any hits, so I decided to limit my activity on the app. I come back a week later to find my account disabled. I reached out to Customer Care and they informed me that my account has been disabled because I violated their terms and conditions. I went through and read all of their terms and conditions, and I didn’t violate anything. When I asked what I did wrong, they informed me that due to their privacy policy they could not tell me. I saw the most recent reviews and I am not the only one having this problem. I hope this gets resolved soon.
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4 years ago, Nando1998.
This game disables your acc for no reason. It’s a scam
First off I wanted to clarify that I got on this app to look for a special girl to be into my life. I bought a 3 month membership and the first two days were great until the third and fourth day where my account got disabled for no reason. I looked through your rules and everything and I did nothing wrong at all. I just wanted to tell everyone that this app basically took my own money and disabled my account for no reason because I didn’t do anything wrong whatsoever. I tried emailing them multiple times but do to the fact that they have too much emails they won’t be replying to me anytime soon. I don’t suggest on getting membership for this app whatsoever and they will do the same thing to me to some of you. I looked the tough all their rules and I never broke any of them and I’m here still wasting membership of my disabled acc. If I could rate it zero stars I would and I can’t even get a refund with this app for disabled acc.
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3 years ago, LKelly00
Account disabled?!?!
**UPDATE: SCAM ALERT! REPORTED TO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU** -As I stated in my previous statement, my PAID subscription was suddenly disabled with no explanation! When you try to login, a message appears saying you can send them an email if you think it was done by mistake. Obviously I sent them an email asking for an answer but instead was told, they cannot tell me and to just contact Apple in regards to any refund. This kind of business practice/customer service is on another level of lunacy...which is happening a lot lately in regards to censorship online! I just want other potential customers to know that you are also at risk of this and to beware. I encourage other users that this has happened to, to report to Apple as well as the BBB! What a waste of time! First part of review below: What is going on with this app?!? I have been a paid and active subscriber for some time now and suddenly when I tried to login this morning, it said my account was disabled! I called the customer service number and was connected to a “People Media” company where I waited 40 min to talk to a person. I was then told to write an email to Chispa and it would be responded to within 24-48 hours...but no explanation was given to why! How is this acceptable?!? Chispa had no problem taking my money but now I am unable to sign on?!? What kind of business practice is this?? Please advise immediately!
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4 years ago, Incredibly Great App!!!!
WARNING They Will Terminate Your Account Without Warning
I was using the chispa app, decided to delete my account because I thought I had something serious with someone. However that connection did not work out, so I wanted to go back into Chispa and find a new connection. When I logged in again from a previous profile, it was working until Chispa disabled my account. After, I decided to make another profile, and they disabled that one as well. Why penalize someone for making an account when you disable the first one? They will also take your money if you subscribe. This form of business in the long run will loose many subscribers and users. After I had contacted support multiple times they had replied back: “Any new accounts created will be subject to review and terminated immediately.” Look elsewhere for dating. Now my profiles and face are on some data cloud no where to be reached on my end. This is wrong.
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2 years ago, Tru elvito
It’s ok
All dating apps are pretty bad but this app at least has women more of my type. Unfortunately like all dating apps I almost never get a match and I am not willing to pay just to increase it by a little. I at least feel the algorithm is better than tinder since tinder purposely does not let you see certain groups of people depending on what they view as your “attractiveness” or popularity on the app. These apps, like in the old days, are supposed to be completely random but they all feel pay to win. What doesn’t help is the huge amount of fake profiles and I feel that now a days it’s much harder to control the amount of fake profiles that get thru. Dating apps aren’t what they used to be. Good luck to those who try it and I hope everyone finds someone!
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3 years ago, nickname 10k
Phone number exposed
After signing up to this app which was my first ever dating app experience within a few weeks I started receiving spam robo text for sex services. I’ve done my best to block the source number in the robo group texts. It’s been six months I still receive these messages. My sub ends next week and I’m sure I’ll be stuck with these annoying robo texts. I should of used a burner email to sign up in retrospect. Also 80% of the time the options I was give were always 100s off miles away I’m not sure why, I would reset my preference and it’ll then show reasonable distant profiles and then boom back to people in other states I even got a profile from 1300 miles away really? My boy had the app and he said he didn’t experience that and I should him mine and he couldn’t figure why either. But any way I’m done with this app for good. Gonna stick to the old fashion way now that we’re in post covid life.
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3 years ago, mique88
Customer service is horrible
***update*** February 2021 Still have not heard from support team and still can not get into my account. Horrible service. ***Update*** December 2020 still have not heard from Chispa support and I also messaged the App review people again and have heard nothing. I still cannot get into my account and that’s been since September. So sad because someone I was messaging probably thinks I ghosted them when I wanted to talk to them. So sad **Update** October 2020 Chispa support has not emailed me back but the app review people answered me back but they said they will forward my issue to support team.... still has not contacted me and still can’t get in my account! Its been almost a month now. Very disappointing especially because I want to love this app. October 1st post September 2020 I have an account and I didn’t have a photo up, was trying to upload one and I tried different photos. I followed the photo guidelines as well as closing the app and uninstalling and reinstalling and still won’t let me upload a picture it’s say they are having a problem uploading the picture and won’t allow me to access anything else until I do, how very frustrating. I emailed chispa support and have not heard back from them and I’ve been trying to upload a photo for 3 days now and nothing. I really want to love this app but only if I could get in to use it.
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2 years ago, CryptoShmallz
Account disabled after 2 hours of creation
My account was disabled for absolutely no reason. I was swiping at the time that my account was disabled and I literally have not sent a single message to anyone on the platform. They claimed that accounts are disabled due to violations of terms & conditions. That’s the same thing every company says and how could I violate that when just swiping looking for matches? Makes absolutely no sense. I emailed support right after the disabling of my account which was late Monday night and now it’s Friday still no response from them but the developer can make time to reply to review on here. Oh by the way my review was deleted which is a direct violation of Consumer Review Fairness Act to protect people's ability to share in any forum their honest opinions about a business' products, services, or conduct. Please do not delete my review again or else I’ll have to contact the proper authority of this. Thank you
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2 years ago, Plum Incident
Watch out for escorts looking for sugar daddies
I’m an older divorced man in the Northeastern US I get a fair share of Hispanic girls in their 20’s looking for someone to “spoil me” usually involving a request for money. I think another name for this is prostitution. I didn’t exactly subscribe to an escort service. Also put in a desired radius and get matches from 1200 miles away, Europe. Venezuela. Colombia, Mexico and everywhere else in the world you can find a Hispanic surname. I’m glad some people like this app. I personally think it’s a ripoff and should be removed from Apple. Mind you, It’s not the only Innocent sounding App where this happens. Seems like the pandemic has created opportunities for working girls. Everything you want at Apples restaurant, excepting Apple which keeps getting richer Probably get better results from on line ‘escort services” That’s Capitalism- make lemonade out of Lemons. At least it’s better than watching the news
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4 years ago, jennnyyy156
Terrible customer support and accounts just get disabled
Loved the app at first BUT then it was disabled which has happened to many other people for no apparent reason have sent more than 4 emails to customer support and have received the same message from all saying it’s been terminated with ZERO explanation and no information on how to fix it. I tried sending emails asking how to fix it and got the same response/ something along the lines that they cant disclose information about my OWN PERSONAL account to me!! Which is ridiculous but whatever i’d just wish that they changed whatever it is that makes accounts lock because so many ppl have complained of the same thing it seems like the only accounts they keep r the fake ones so I wouldn’t recommend wasting ur time just to have it get deleted and not be able to get in touch with the ppl u match with!!
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2 years ago, Yankees0/!
Great Idea, Poor Execution
I really don’t know what to make of this app. The second day after I downloaded it I had a couple matches in a short period of time. Then when I paid for the service it’s like that triggered the algorithm so I wouldn’t match win anyone. I only had 2 matches in a week thereafter. Thankfully I haven’t experienced technical problems like others have complained about but the app itself is far from top notch. Half of the profiles are either fake or inactive. The location feature is frustrating as well. You only see the distance and not the actual city the person is in. All in all I wouldn’t put too much stock in this if you are looking for a serious relationship.
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3 months ago, Gstella02
Very unhelpful customer support
My encounter with the customer support team was beyond disappointing. Despite reaching out multiple times regarding an issue with my account, I received nothing but automated responses and generic apologies. It seemed like they weren't even reading my messages. When I finally managed to speak to a real person, they were unhelpful and dismissive, offering no solutions or explanations. It was a complete waste of time. In addition, throughout the entire ordeal, I couldn't help but feel that there was no valid reason for my account termination. I had diligently followed all the community guidelines and rules, yet I was left in the dark about why my access was abruptly revoked. The lack of transparency and accountability from the customer support team only added to my frustration and disbelief. It was a bewildering and unjust experience that left me questioning the integrity of their processes.
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3 years ago, I didn't need this stress
So this is the third time I’m using this app. Again, I see profile pictures that only feature little girls (daughters). Why are THEY being advertised? I did post a review last time about this, but they deleted it…. Anyways, I gave this app another chance but it’s as creepy as ever. Chispa, just tell its m users to NOT HAVE THEIR MAIN PROFILE PICTURE a photo of their little daughter. It’s so creepy. Also, again, this app constantly sprinkles in people far away from you in between people close to you and gas again, without warning, automatically set my preferences to people 100 miles away. I know of no other real dating app that has you looking for people a minimum of 20 miles away. But seriously, women should assume that pedophiles exist and for them to only feature a little girl on a ADULT dating main profile picture is disgusting and a violation of privacy for the child/baby.
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4 years ago, Mosesgtv
No worth paying for..
I got this app in hopes of finding someone. I then paid for 6 months. Only to later discover that after you go through all your local opinions (about 20 I’m not joking). I live in Arlington too. It’s huge. You then are switched to a much wider search area and it doesn’t switch back even after resetting your preferred distance. I’m getting women from over 400 miles away. I asked for a refund and was given some bs response about how Apple owes me the money not them. As a paid member you almost get nothing. A rewind button that only works for one rewind. Unlimited swipes. Which is worthless because again you don’t get anyone from your area. If you have a like? It doesn’t tell you who it is. It doesn’t even notify you that you have a like. And you get one “boost” a month.. don’t ask me if it works... don’t pay for this app.
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3 years ago, Lt.Bones
Horrible Support
Had someone use my info to access my account and notified the support as instructed. All day there was no response or help. All I could do was watch the person change info and contact other people attempting to steal more information from them as me. Support was no help and the only way I was able to resolve the issue was to keep removing and editing my account while the hacker was still using it and I had to message every person possible to report my account. After several hours of this i had success on getting my account banned. Support finally messaged me the next day saying I need to call the company for help. I told them they should find a new job because they were unable to help and I had to do their job for them as far as getting my account removed. Maybe try to hire people that can actually help and not outsource.
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2 years ago, TacticalIm
Más de 100 millas / Over 100 miles
Baje la aplicación hace unos días atrás (la venció gratuita) rápidamente me llegaron mensajes de que tenía chicas interesadas pero que muchas. Debido a esto compré la versión pagada para así poder ver todas estas chicas. Muchas de ellas eran duplicadas, y el resto estaban a más de 100 millas de lejos. Luego buscando pareja el 90% de las chicas estaban a más de 100 millas y hasta 500 millas. Esto fue aún después de ajustar los parámetros de distancia y edad. Quiero de regreso mi dinero!!!! I downloaded the app a few days ago, after few minutes of having the app I started to get a descent number of hits on my profile (this was with the free version). I took the bait and pay for the extras, once I did that the hits where gone within minutes. Still the day after nothing. The ladies that “like me” 90 % of them are over 100 miles away. When it come to search for a match most of them were way outside my boundaries most of them over 100 + to 500 in other cases. I want my money back !!!!
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4 years ago, bjgsruncdhjk8989
Nigerian scammers on this site—be careful
I was on this app for two days and it matched me (I did not swipe on this persons profile—in fact, when “he” contacted me, it was the first time I had ever seen his picture) with a person going by the name of Joseph and who was using stolen pictures of Marine Sgt. Daniel Dlugolecki!! At first he seemed legit and he lured me off the site to WhatsApp but it didn’t take me long after that to figure it out so I blocked him. I immediately took down all my photos and deleted the app, then the next day that person sent me a text message from a different number!!! These people are dangerous and really sneaky! Be careful! And why the eff doesn’t Chispa catch these profiles before they do damage??? All the photos were stolen and can be easily found on scammer websites. Be careful ladies and if sounds too good to be true... Ladies please learn about the behavioral patterns these people use online and protect yourself!
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3 years ago, castir2
These people are too far
I get people 150 and + miles away for the most part. I thought this lame app needed my location to try and match me with people near me. I adjusted the desired distance to 30miles and it does nothing. Deleted my account, created a new one and adjusted the distance from the beginning and still nothing. I don’t want to look at people hundreds of miles away. I emailed these people to see if they could help, but there’s no response. I was gonna subscribe but I think I’ll do tinder instead. Their match by location is way better. The only reason why I give it two stars is because I matched with two of the few people it gave me near by. I shouldn’t even credit it to the app, but rather my looks 😏lol. But I guess I would have never met these ladies if it wasn’t for chispa. Hah Tinder>Chispa as of now.... change my mind.
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9 months ago, piquinina2g
Seeing the same people over and over
Do you have 10 members only? Why do I keep seeing the same tired men? Every time I open it it shows me the same old profiles. Seriously. I’m tired of it. Another lame app with stupid Spanglish. Who told you all Spanglish is or sounds cool? It’s not. Only Americans think it’s cute. Focus on better members. Remove the profiles that want threesomes. You want to be so latin? Recognize the fact that most Latinos want a good morals filled relationship. If you want a threesome go to another app. Developers need to focus on this. It’s not acceptable and im offended by it. Do some quality control, come on! Lastly. Why would I want to match with sk Eine 250 miles away or more. After sending me the same 10 profiles I’ve been saying no to for over a year you decide to send me profiles that live 5 hours away. Is your AI stupid? Shoot me nowww
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UPDATED: This app is one of the worst of the worst for bait and switch. You’ll pay for the monthly ‘premium’ account thinking you have access to all the features. Then you’ll ‘match’ with someone and the only way to see who it is or respond is to ‘upgrade’ to the next membership, which is equal to what you had to pay just to be able to like more than 6 people. SO THE UPDATE: I went ahead like and and gave them the extra money for the ‘upgraded’ membership and was told that the money I spent for the first ‘upgrade’ would be returned. What do you think happened to that promised refund? Of course it never happened. Being on dating apps is hard enough, but then throw in deceitful apps like this and it just makes you want to delete them all. Definitely not renewing
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2 years ago, B840419
Account disabled don’t subscribe
Super annoyed. Downloaded and paid for a 6 month subscription last night. I had a few messages this morning, responded, and now my account is disabled? I followed the rules. I didn’t say anything against this app’s terms. My responses were generic greetings. When I tried to log back in it states my account is disabled and if I find this as an error to send them an email message. I sent 3 emails and a Instagram message and haven’t received a response. I wish I read the reviews first because it looks like this is not the first time this happened to someone and with no response. I tried to support our culture and it seems like they rip off their culture. I want my money back. If I’m not able to use the app for no good reason, I should be able to get my money back. Shameful!
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5 years ago, Geezus_Mike
Good but needs work
I enjoy using the app especially since it is Latino based. What is annoying is the amount of notifications pressuring me to sign into the app and swipe. During the day I’m at work and don’t have time to be swiping through profiles. I don’t like the multiple notifications telling me to open the app and I also don’t like the addition of the red notification banner over the app as if I’ve missed a message or contact from someone but it’s only to get me to open the app and use it. The amount of notifications at inconvenient times is pushing me to just uninstall. I want the liberty of using it when I have time or when I feel like it and not feel so pressured. Also same with radius adjustment. I’m not looking for long distance connections. This does not help neither individual.
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4 months ago, TheSpanishGio
Unmatching Glitch, Live Video Distraction, and Fake Profiles
Chispa, while promising, suffers from several critical issues. Firstly, a glitch plagues the unmatching feature, often resulting in frustrating crashes. This flaw persists across various settings but is notably problematic during unmatching. Moreover, the introduction of a live video feature feels more like a ploy to transform the platform into a profit-driven streaming service, diluting its dating focus. Additionally, the prevalence of fake profiles, some redirecting users to other platforms for increased activity, undermines the authenticity of Chispa’s user base. These combined issues hinder the app’s ability to foster genuine connections and require urgent attention from developers to restore user trust and satisfaction.
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4 years ago, Johnny ordaz
Too many scams
I honestly thought this app could be great, but I have major issues with it. For starters, when you buy the “Elite” version of it what are you actually paying for?? You don’t get anything other than more super chispas because all the people who’ve “liked” you disappear and there’s nothing to see there anymore. It’s like you pay the extra to see all the people who swiped right on you just for them to disappear so you can see anything anymore. So that ultimately feels like a huge scam and a bit demoralizing. Secondly, there’s so many bots on this app and creeps that can just ruin the experience for anyone. This app could be something, but has too many issues/ scams for it to get any better or bigger.
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1 year ago, Jen_cena
Can’t delete account because of ongoing membership
Download chispa to see how it functions and it’s alright, distance wise it’s bad. 150+ miles and it’s annoying. And just the production value is bad when loading up, I can tell from the cheap stock images of the girl and guy smiling. My main point of this review is that I want to deleted my account, but since my membership expires in a few weeks. It won’t let me. I don’t care about the app or membership. The time of this review is late at night, so the rapid email response gave some good tips but are misleading. For example “check account status” and there ain’t any thing that says remotely close to that. I just want to delete the app and the membership can finish up after it’s expired date.
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2 years ago, stardestroyer67
Account disabled within 24 hours
My account was disabled overnight. I was excited to have had conversations start almost immediately to wake up to continue them yet I log in and see that it’s disabled. Being single for almost 2 years and working up the courage to put myself out there again took a lot only for this to happen. If this happens again I’m just going to cancel the $25 membership as it wouldn’t be worth to keep just to not have access to it in the first place. Not sure if this is a common occurrence with other members but I hope someone in customer support is able to help me. 4/5 stars for the first day, -2 from having my account disabled literally within 24 hours of creating one.
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