Christian Mingle: Dating App

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3.6 (22.1K)
118.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Spark Networks, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Christian Mingle: Dating App

3.59 out of 5
22.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Zoë Dunning
Best $35 I’ve ever spent!! But....
The best $35 I’ve ever spent is on a month membership. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have been able to message or respond to messages, and I wouldn’t have been able to talk to my boyfriend of a little over a year now! I will always and forever be grateful to ChristianMingle for connecting us. However, I do think that what you charge for membership is steep. $35 per month is outrageous! I can’t remember what it is for over packages, like 6 months and a year at a time, but I know it’s still high. Whereas other dating apps like Tinder charges something like $20 for a 6-month membership. Much more reasonable. You also should be able to have access to basic features like messaging matches without paying IMO. I also didn’t entirely like HOW I was matched to people in my area. I feel like no one came up in my area that fit into my filters or conditions at all. Of course, I ended up meeting and dating someone from a different state. Overall, though, I give this app 4/5 stars because of the issues I mentioned. Above all, I’m happy that I met my boyfriend!
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1 year ago, TG35971
Worst Dating App
I would give this less than one star if I could. I had deleted (I thought) or at the very least hidden my profile from being viewed months ago and deleted the app because the platform is so terrible, does not work, spins incessantly before sometimes loading. I never heard back from anyone eligible but older, divorced men or people I would otherwise not be interested in dating. But then, months later I get an email out of the blue that someone has sent me a smile, I look at his profile and he’s too good to be true, but since he’s subscribed, I can message for free so I send a smile back. No response. I look again, and he is not subscribed. So I take the chance and pay for one month ($50), and he messages back. Very nice messages, but I’m realizing it does not sound like a real person would talk. Tons of emojis and that he is so happy we’re messaging but does not ask me questions back and repeats phrases on his profile word for word in an unnatural way. I stop asking questions, and he does not message back. I believe this was a fake profile the site made to lure me in, as I never opened my profile back up, if I hadn’t deleted it like I’m sure I had, I’d had no messages since, and now, like before, I’m only getting them from guys I would not be interested in. I will never use this site again. What a shame they do not put the ridiculous fees into improving their site. It is literally showing me the same people on highlights from years ago when I used it.
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4 years ago, Mr.Nuke
Truly Terrible
I almost never write reviews unless something is very great or very terrible and this is just playing with your emotions and money. I thought it was way to expensive to pay for the premium but it was the only way to get anything done so I bought it and oh boy am I disappointed. At first I got only a few matches at all. I widened my search criteria to as far a I would allow and there are still only a few dozen people. All of the people my age haven’t been active in months and the very few who are active don’t respond. Most of the incoming “requests” are from people who are 40-60 years old. I’m 24. When I talked to support about this their response is to be more open. I don’t know what would they live in but last I checked it is not normal to date someone who is as old as my grandparents or even my parents. The app may be fine if your older but there is no one active below 40 likely due to the outrageous prices. If I see real activity, I change my rating. Until then, this rating is a solid 1/5 stars Edit: I found out that my birthday was changed so that my age was 50 but I did not do this. I changed it back to 24. I am still getting requests from people much older than me though. I was able to spark up at least 1 conversation so far so I’ll give it 2 stars for than but most people my age already passed me by as they saw my age was 50 so they ignored me. I feel like the app has the right idea but has problems.
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5 years ago, DManBand10
Want to like it more, but can't.
My first attempt at online dating. It drew me in because I wanted to find someone who followed Biblical beliefs like I do. However, the hype fell down quickly. The site will treat you great as long as you opt-in to automatically renew your subscription when the old expires. Otherwise you will see all the bugs and flaws it has. States in the app that you can move and scale your profile can't. Free accounts can't view the profiles of people who sent you messages. Just hope they showed up in the "Viewed You" section. Using the app? Well then get ready for lag unlike anything else. Sending "likes" and "smiles" will take a minute each to process. Hope your phone doesn't freeze and crash the app. "F-words" are a common site to see on people's profiles. The terms and service doesn't allow them, but the customer service agents that review the profile don't pay enough attention to care. Speaking of customer service: it's just mediocre at best. They can't really help you. One admitted to me that she didn't know the terms of service. She made up the rule on the spot. Had high hopes going in, but they faded quickly. At least I was able to get a couple of dates out of it. That's the only reason for the two stars. One for each date.
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4 years ago, Alesya94
Too expensive for the service provided
Firstly, $50/month is way too expensive to have someone pay when they’re new to the app. And the 6 month subscription although cheaper ($25/month) HAS TO BE PREPAID! And if I'm a new user and don’t know if I will even like the app and pay the $100+ for the 6month subscription cuz I wanted a cheaper monthly rate but ended up hating it, I’d be losing so much money for nothing! Or if I find someone I actually want to date in that one month and then I still have to pay for 5more months of subscription? For what? They should offer a lower per month subscription rate that doesn’t have to be paid ahead otherwise this service isn’t worth the price. That is just unreasonable. If the monthly rate (at least for new users) was cheaper I would consider subscribing, but $50 per month is just ridiculous. Secondly, the app broke. It signed me out after I logged in on my computer and I cannot re-sign in. When I attempt to sign in (using fb because that is how I created my account) it makes me create a whole new account, so now I can’t even use the app which is pretty messed up if I had actually paid the $50 subscription fee. If the service was less expensive for per month rate I can see myself giving it more stars even with the broken app, but at the moment the price does not reflect services rendered.
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2 years ago, ANSandry
Get on a different Christian dating app
I don’t write reviews ever but this was so bad. Considering I grew up listening and seeing commercials for Christian mingle, you would think the app development would be better. I haven’t even been signed in for an hour and I’ve had so many issues just inputting information to fill out my profile. The keyboard would disappear randomly, mid type. No one has showed up on the browse page and it’s been loading since I finished my profile. The app is very under developed, sloppy, and looks and functions like something you would download in the early 2000’s. Not to mention they haven’t had an update for the app in a year. I would suggest any other Christian dating app. Reading the reviews from people who have paid for the premium plan has convinced me even further not to continue using this app. Peoples accounts have been hacked multiple times, no one actually monitors the profiles so there is a multitude of vulgar profiles with language and suggestive photos. And that astounds me considering my profile is STILL pending. Not to mention their subscription is SUPER expensive and if you don’t pay, you get pretty much nothing. You can’t talk to anyone that pays for the premium, you can’t view half the contents of the app. This app is a money pit and a scam if I have ever seen one.
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6 years ago, Hbsfnkjcxcbj
Probably one of the Worst Sites for Dating
I wouldn’t necessarily blame the app/website as much as I would the people on the site. On other websites I had loads of success with men interested in me that I was actually quite attracted to, just didn’t work out because we had different beliefs. So, I tried Christian Mingle since I was looking for someone with the same beliefs as I did. I don’t know if the men on this website are stuck up or they aren’t seeing my profile because I have liked 10+ people, have had the app for over a month, yet have no mutual likes yet. Even the men I matched with at 99% and liked will view me and that’s it. No response or likes from there. Wouldn’t recommend to people looking for something specific because you likely won’t get any responses from any people you’re interested in. Now for the website. The subscription is way over priced, definitely for people who make decent money, not college students. Without the subscription you cannot view messages unless the other person has a subscription. Honestly no point in being on this website unless you are willing to pay a lot of money for it. Have tried to give this website a chance since I am seriously looking for a relationship that is centered around Christ, but will most likely delete because of the lack of success I’ve found with this app.
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4 years ago, Bruce MacFergus
Not A SAFE Site!!!!
This may be something that only happened to me, I don’t know! But, on more than one occasion, in the single month that I subscribed here, my account was hacked, TWICE!!!!!! I had finished all of my settings, and, maybe two weeks later, I not only see some lousy unknown mans photo where mine was, but I’m discovering that all of my inputted settings about everything, from my short bio, to my occupation, about kids, education, you name it, were all changed to someone else’s! And my woman choices were changed from 20-45 years of age, to a bunch of ugly old wrinkled dowagers and battleaxes up into their 80’s!!!!!! After a phone call and finding I had to reset everything myself, plus, one-by-one, delete all of the Viewed Me, and, that I supposedly, Liked or Smiled At, I steadily set out and deleted them all, even tho there were more than 2000 of them altogether! Well, I come back on here now, the day before my single month subscription ends, and find the same theft/robbery is occurring, so, my decision is made, AND I WOULD SUGGEST THAT EVERYONE, TO BE SAFE,AND NOT GET HACKED TOO, DO NOT USE THIS DATING SITE, UNTIL THEY MOST VASTLY IMPROVE THE SECURITY OF THIS DATING SITE!!!!!!!! At least I may have found my Wife on here, tho I won’t know for two weeks yet! But, if not, I don’t know what site I’ll use, anymore!
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1 year ago, SchroederRock
Inescapably bad system, don’t support
CM was once a highly marketed platform for Christian-type dating. It was never awesome but it was not the worst out there. Well, what have they done with the system since its start? Nothing. The community in my region is totally dead. I looked thru 50 profiles after roughly 3 days and found zero people online in the platform in the last 6 months. That’s not a typo - 6 months was the most recent “last online” status. Most were 11-12+ months. Hopefully those women found a great person but I wouldn’t expect so since it’s so freaking difficult to connect. Everything is behind a paywall - $50 a month or you can enjoy basic window shopping. If the community was robust maybe it would be worth some investment but you can get 100x better dating results from platforms for $20-$30 less per month. Sorry that I can’t offer anything positive to say here. There needs to be a quality faith based platform and maybe you can call HOLY that? Or you can use Bumble or Hinge and specify Christians for dating options. But I won’t give a dollar to CM after some terrible experiences with their product. Hopefully someone is able to find me thru social media if they really want to connect lol
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3 years ago, ryanflucas
Highly unsecure service. Avoid.
I had a long dormant account randomly activated in the past few days. Not by me. I requested a password reset. I then changed the password. Someone had hacked into the account. They changed my info, added their own photos and a location in NY. I'm assuming to scam other members. As I changed info back to me, in minutes it changed back to that of the hacker. The hacker was still in my account. Why didn't Christian Mingle log everyone out of the account when I changed the password? Changing the password again did nothing. I have no issues with any other service but they offer two factor authentication. Christian Mingle does not. Support responses were boiler plate canned replies. Then they suspended me due to suspicion of fraud. I replied back re-explaining the situation. Somehow after suspension the account was again reactivated. I received more email notifications regarding name, location, age, bio changes. Support suggested I make a new email address, ignoring the fact a hacker was still in my account. I had to plead with them to delete my account. I hope it's actually done now. I didn't spend any money thankfully. This service is highly unsecure and "Christian" in name only, not operation.
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3 years ago, Cakester Frank
Good but clunky and overprotective
I’m happy that an app like this exists but there are definitely problems with it that prevents it from being good, mainly the layout of the app and how it runs can only be described as clunky, like driving a car with a bad steering column. It takes forever to learn were things are in the app, some things are accessed by buttons in places you wouldn’t expect. and everything seems to take a long time to load, while anything else on my phone takes almost no time at all And this would all be forgiven if the price for the services where reasonably priced, but the free parts can barely go anywhere and FIFTY DOLLARS FOR ONE MONTH?!?! I have tried the premium version and it was not worth it for me! Also last thing, I live near the US/ Canada border and the fact there is no way to have matches not in the same country as you show up is a real annoying thing. It’s not a serious issue but a small annoyance, but also most dating sites I’ve been on don’t have this function either but still
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3 years ago, AssassinCreederJ
Not Satisfactory For The Price
I had tried the premium membership to have the ability to communicate with those who didn’t want to pay the ridiculous price for a premium membership. I’ve always found that the app is really slow to start up and load. Navigating through the different tabs also takes a bit of time. Some of the settings I had were ignored within search results. On an overwhelming amount of profiles the account hadn’t been active for a considerable amount of time. Quite a few that haven’t been active in months. The price for the memberships is quite steep for the quality and content of the app. It makes me sad as I feel a lot of people think “If only I had premium then I could find someone.” I didn’t have that exact mindset but it wasn’t worth even half as much as the top premium membership for a single month. Roughly $50 for a single month on a slow, mostly vacant app. Definitely hoping some serious changes are put into the app and I really won’t purchase anything further until the content is worth it. Prices that are reasonable for what is being offered for starters.
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6 years ago, GracefulExpressions
Disappointed 3 months in. Bad site.
This is a graveyard (DEAD) site and a nightmare to waste money on. The intentions to connect Christians was what drew me in of course. I’d hate to say that but all of the weirdos contact you or harass you, and DO NOT do like I did and make the mistake of paying all of your money so soon just to not meet anyone :( I’ll be honest I’m a very pretty young lady. After being burnt out with reaching out to guys who never logged into the site, I hadn’t logged on in for 2 months because I gave up on this site. When I returned, I got 3 poor candidates who were interested and made the conclusion that this was a poor decision to join. I have had more great conversations with people from the free app (although beware scammers are everywhere in cyber world trying to use others). There is a possibility it could turn around, but I doubt it 3 months later when I’m halfway into my membership which I will not be renewing. Good luck to all who try this but you would be better off paying a bill with the money. I suggest only using for free. Don’t get robbed due to these sites preying on us as Christians desiring true love. Pray before you do things and he will order your steps and give you the desires of your heart. Be patient. God bless.
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2 years ago, (LoneSurvivor)
(Clearly) Needs Improvement
Like everyone else, I believe the prices are far too high for what you get. But you almost literally cannot use the app without paying. Even if you do pay, the majority of the profiles say things like “Last active a month ago.” No one is active because no one will pay because no one is active because no one will pay and so on and so forth. Give incentives to stay active. Something like you get a certain number of messages you can send a day. This encourages people to stay active because it allows them to actually use the app. You can keep everything else pay-for, just let us message at least a bit without spending $50+. And do it quick — meaning within a week or two — because I found a wonderful woman who matched with and liked me, but isn’t active because of the above reasons. I paid $50 to message this woman specifically, so you better earn it.
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1 year ago, esmyjim
Try before you don’t buy!!!!
Wow this app is bad!!! Fair warning, unless the app drastically changes when you pay, it is NOT worth paying to use it. I absolutely love the idea of filtering the type of Christian you’re looking for, as many have polar opposite interpretations of God’s word. But wow does this app need help. For one, you can choose filters all you want but you’re still gonna get a jumbled selection of what seems to be everyone who’s every tried the app. Maybe that’s their way of making us feel like we’ve got plenty of options. Secondly, you’re unable to delete, remove, swipe left or whatever, to get rid of ppl you’re not interested in. The list is always the same! And some haven’t been on for months or even a year. Worst of all, the app itself is sooooooo slow! Loading feels like an eternity. When you can’t get rid of profiles and you’re trying to see who else is down the list, it makes me throw in the towel after 5mins or so of scrolling…. Again, unless the app drastically improves when you pay for a membership, I would NOT recommend paying a cent for this app. Such a shame…. the idea was great, execution TERRIBLE :(
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2 years ago, jlgoose
One of the worst apps
I’m sure this will be much more helpful as a review for those who want to try this app! It’s filled with scammers! If they are asking for your email telephone number or some form of identity they’re scamming you! The developers on this app should be making profiles to do Quality Control just to see how many people are trying to scam. Also the profiles that are on the app…some of them are so old you don’t even know why I the people are an option when they haven’t viewed their profile for seven months and up to three years. I made a careful record of so many people contacting me I would probably say over 95% are scammers because this app allows for so much of this to take place if there was a minus star I would read it below the stars that are available. Another thing is poor technology to upload and download time has a lag or check out any of the other dating apps and you’ll see this app is super slow. Lastly this app crashes for example when the user removes himself and leaves comments and you try to click on it the App will crash. Whatever the app Is boasting about everything else it feels in.
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3 years ago, Mlowery3
Very Money Driven
I’ve tried a few dating apps over the years. This is by far the worst. Unless you are willing to pay for premium which is $50 a month or pay for several months ($100+), the app is basically useless. You can look at profiles and send likes or winks but that’s it. No messages, no even seeing any pictures but the first one they have. Other apps I’ve tried have upgrades to elite or premium but they’re far more affordable and the app is still pretty functional even without paying, you just generally can’t see who likes you. This app feels very money driven with no interest in actually helping you meet someone. The fact that pictures and the About Me section has to be approved before it can be viewed feels unnecessary and very overprotective. Additionally the layout of it is clunky and not particularly user friendly or easy to navigate. And did I mention it’s slow? I’ve had it take several minutes to load which is just not worth it. I would recommend checking out other dating apps and steer clear of this one. There are more affordable, more interactive, and more easily used ones out there.
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2 years ago, scotty321
Beware of this app!
Beware of this app! It is primarily a scam which is ripping people off. I bought a 7-day spotlight in this app for $7, which means that my profile gets highlighted for 7 days after I turn on the “spotlight” option. However, after I made the purchase and spent my money, I tried to turn on the “spotlight” option, and the app wouldn’t let me turn it on! Instead, the app prompted me to PAY AGAIN for what I had JUST PAID FOR a few minutes prior! I then tapped on the “Restore Purchases” button, but the app told me that there were no purchases to restore. I then waited several hours because I thought that maybe it takes some time for my purchase to go through. I waited several hours until I received the receipt from Apple, and then I tried again. Same exact problem. I was unable to turn on the spotlight option, and I was unable to “restore purchases” because it told me that there were no purchases to be restored. I tried to send an email to the support team via the app, but their email support function doesn’t work. I also tried the in-app chat which didn’t work either.
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4 years ago, MrLegoElite
Yes but also no
Well designed, God focused set up is definitely a plus, beats out any of the other dating apps especially Tinder. The biggest caveat is the expensive price tag. $50 a month is a lot, the free version leaves little to no opportunity to do anything more than look at potential matches. Making text communication a premium only feature makes it where you have to pay for it to do any actual good for finding a relationship. My experience in my area probably isn’t the same across the board, but almost all my top matches were not active in the past 1-2 months. I couldn’t find anyone in my area that were a high percentage of comparability that were online in the last month. Dead user base due to expensive price? No one viewed my profile, maybe I’m boring idk, but I at least expected one, maybe two, hopefully 3, Gotta have options right? Not knowing how long the search could take, I don’t want to commit to buying it monthly just to get a chance. $5-$15 would be more fair. I’m recently divorced at 21 and looking to move forward with my life. Looks like I will be doing it the old fashioned way. Carrier pigeons...
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7 years ago, Ans2714
Please do not waste your money on this horrible app!! I'd give zero stars if I could. I tried the app for a few days, received a bunch of messages, so figured I'd give it a try and pay for a months subscription so I could communicate with people. The second I signed up to pay for the subscription, I was immediately logged out of my account and couldn't get back in. After going back and forth for 2 WEEKS with their AWFUL customer service team, I was finally able to log back in. HOWEVER, I still couldn't see any of the messages I had because it didn't recognize that I paid for a membership. I sent in my receipt, confirmation of the paid subscription, and their customer service dept still refuses to do anything because they say they can't see my purchase on their end. I have PROOF of the purchase and they won't do anything about it. They won't even entertain the idea that there is possibly a glitch in their system. I have never encountered such awful customer service before. Until they can figure out their app and make some MAJOR upgrades, please do yourself a favor and save your money.
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7 months ago, lemus6917389
Disappointing Experience with Christian Mingle
I wanted to express my deep disappointment with my experience on your dating app. Having tried other dating apps in the past, I must say that yours has been the worst by far. It is incredibly frustrating that I cannot do anything without purchasing a premium membership. Additionally, the limitation of only being able to see one picture of someone I am interested in is highly inconvenient. To make matters worse, my sister and I both downloaded the app simultaneously and received the same like from someone named Dom/Don, which seems suspicious and sketchy. Furthermore, it is disheartening to realize that your app appears to prioritize monetary gain over providing a quality user experience. As a Christian, I was particularly disappointed to find that your app does not align with Christian values. Based on my experience, I cannot recommend your app to anyone seeking a genuine and Christian-based dating platform. I kindly request that you take my feedback into consideration and make the necessary improvements to enhance the user experience on your app
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4 years ago, crucifide2013
Love the site; App not so much.
I don’t know what you have done with the app in the last several months, but I am having issues (I’m not the only one). First of all, I was chatting with someone when the app began to freeze. She noticed it, too. We both had to close the app and restart it several times during the course of our chat. Also, what is the deal with the profiles on the app and their About Me section being cut off? Mine is cut off, too. I can’t even see the complete bio on my preview page. There is nowhere to click on the About Me field to see more of what people wrote. You can on the website, but not the app. I know as a modern day person that folks prefer apps to mobile websites. That being said, if I find that I cannot learn more about a person I’m interested in (and believe me, it’s especially hard when they cut out mid-sentence and I cannot read the rest) when using the app, then I’m going to move onto the next profile. Since all profiles have the same format, then I know that I may be less able to meet that special someone. I noticed recently updated your app. Updates to your app should IMPROVE the experience, not make it WORSE! If I’m going to spend between $105-$150 of my hard-earned money on a 3-6 month subscription, I should have a great app experience. This needs fixing immediately if you want to continue receiving my business.
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3 years ago, Real female
This site is a total scam
This site is totally full of scammers. No real people. It’s disappointing. And it’s absolutely impossible to delete your profile. Even on the actual website. To stop the auto renew, you have to go to your financial institution directly to get them to stop taking payment. Their phone number has an automatic message that says the call center is down. This message has been there for the 3 months I attempted the site. They don’t answer e-mails, and their messaging system just asks for your phone number and won’t talk to you at after, and they never call you. Once I joined this site, my junk email box exploded with junk. I went from getting about 10 junk emails a day to several hundred immediately upon joining. I got tired of fake people that immediately wanted my phone number and email or they wouldn’t talk to me. About 50 people contacted me during 2 1/2 months, and with one exception, they were all scammers. The one real person was an absolute weirdo. Please save yourself a headache and don’t join this site.
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4 months ago, k.yra
Unable to log in after redownloading
I never use dating apps and prefer to meet people in person, but I decided to give it a try but when I redownload and set my password things were great! And then I tried logging in after it logged me out and I uploaded a few more pictures for updates and saw some people sent me some smiles. I was getting ready to pay for the premium but I was checking out other apps before I did that. And I returned back to the app where it logged me out, it’s keeps telling me I failed the authentication process that I tried more than 5 times. I literally just updated my profile put more of my information and added more pictures it’s just weird how it’s not working anymore. I guess the app isn’t for me and maybe be guided elsewhere but other than that easy to use, pretty cool except that minor issue
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6 years ago, Seekingbelievablecharacters
Wish i would have seen all these poor reviews BEFORE I paid for 6 months!
Ive been a paying (female) member for two months now and have spent more time dealing with glitches,billing problems , site crashing, scammers, and had my account hacked than actually meeting anyone! Getting hacked Has been a nightmare. They had to shut my account down and i was forced to get a new email I didn’t need or want in order to get my account back up. But to get it back up has been a nightmare too. Now the app won’t recognize me no matter what i do but i can get on the desktop site. Unfortunately when i was hacked the hacker sent out mail to hundreds of female clients so now my site is still choked with women responding to me as though I’m a lesbian!!! Which, i am NOT! My profile clearly states I am looking for men yet i keep getting women as choices to pick from! What I would say at this point is DON’T BOTHER with Christian Mingle until they use some of that money they are getting from us to provide a quality product, an app that works and a better, customer service department!
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5 years ago, Corbin_Paddock
Works Great, but subscription
I think the app works great. The only thing that sets it apart from competition is that it is solely dedicated to Christians and is well advertised Problem is, it costs so much. And honestly I'm looking for a Christian woman but I'm not that desperate. Like I questioned even using the app because it feels like rushing God's plans for me. But my mind was made up when it costs so much just for the chance to talk to someone. Besides advertising, I don't how else you'd make money. But honestly I think you'd make a good profit by advertising and letting users send messages or see who likes their profile for free. You can still keep all those other benefits exclusive but your charging a lot just for a conversation. A resourceful person would just avoid your app and use Facebook's new dating system to find someone for free
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5 years ago, Jejeeeeeeej
Small features for non premium users and internal tech problems
If someone does not have a premium account and sent me a smile I cannot even check their profile. Premium package is way too expensive! I’m sure that 80% of users don’t pay that. Also for some reason when I click on my profile sometimes my picture just disappears. Also if I click at “home” and I try to scroll down to see more users it just came back to the beginning without my permission so I get stuck with the people that I liked or visited. I would like to see more people but the app get stuck if you try to scroll down more than 2 times. They should honestly work on some IT because these are huge concerns for an app in 2020. I like that the app is worldwide but they (Christians mingle app) chose my matches everyday based on the percentage of accuracy and I honestly don’t like any of them. I would love to have a section for best friends because sometimes people might prefer meet their potentially lovers as friends before considering this is a “Christian” app.
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7 years ago, Michael David Co
The Devil is in The Details
Let me say I'm going to stick directly to the app itself... for the most part! People want a seamless experience. This app has very little to me. Side note half the time I can't even log in on the iPhone version as it continues to not recognize my password most of the time when my desktop will! I have run out of password resets! Just has a unpolished feel, content controls clumsy, not to mention the content itself is poor. Not at all close to performing like other dating apps! Match app is much better as far as design and performance, content is a better too! Seems cheap to me in comparison to other dating apps! I would avoid, using the safe word "Christian" in the title is suppose to engender a sense safety I think! There are a number of Christian's on the site but the app itself leaves little doubt that its more Christian in name only! Maybe a marketing strategy! Ironically, if I had to guess, I think Jesus himself would probably use the match app instead of this one. "You mean even though His name is in the title?" Better believe it!
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7 years ago, bnf0716
Save your money
The way this new update is set up doesn’t make the app any better. It’s really frustrating how your “matches” are nothing what I had put for my preference. It will have maybe one or two things in common and possibly one preference and say that it’s a 91% match. Super inaccurate. Also, with this new update I try to go to the app but it just pops up saying update the app in the App Store and takes me to the App Store (even though I did the update) just to open the app. Also, I enjoyed reading one’s profile and the way it is set up now, as someone mentioned before, it’s like a knock off version of tinder, and I don’t like that. I definitely wish I would have saved my money and not purchased it. There are other dating sites that are more affordable and functional. I haven’t been on many (meaning I haven’t paid for them but looked into it) and chose CM because I was hoping to find some like minded people in their faith. If you’re considering CM it’s better to wait when they have a promotional going on rather than wasting your money.
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8 months ago, GodLover10150
Not the Christian way to go
I gave this app a chance a couple years ago maybe? And the first time I used it I got hacked, so they closed my account without even telling me. I was talking with a gentleman through the app and it was actually going somewhere, then they close my account?! I had to beg them to re-open my account so I could change the password because I was actually enjoying talking to the guy I met. When they finally re-opened my account I was pleased. Then, I met another guy that totally used and ghosted me, not very Christian-like to me. That’s just half the story. So now I’m using the app a couple years later and I had to create a new account because they closed my old one for whatever reason again. As I’m using the app today, there is no way possible to interact with anyone unless you pay for these outrageous prices to get the premium plan! This is just ridiculous. They give you no options to message or match with anyone unless you pay. You get nowhere using this app.
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6 years ago, S.TobyWebb
Not impressed.
Seemed like a fit for me. I really only want to date Christian women. The problem is that the women I try to communicate with seem to rarely check in or respond. I think it’s due to the way they go about trying to get members. When I originally signed up I didn’t pay fees. I would get emails saying someone was interested, but in order to view them I would have to pay fees/join up, which I understand, so I eventually joined up. I think the problem is that now the women I message, don’t respond because when they go to view me they have to join (pay fees)and decide against it. I think most everyone on this site is in this category, and I didn’t realize that at first. It appears that their is a decent selection, but it’s all these people that haven’t really joined up your viewing and can’t respond without joining. I understand they need to make money, and when I did join up I paid for the six month deal. I’ve been a paying member for a couple months with very little interaction, and feel like I wasted my money.
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5 months ago, nmagistro1
“Just leave me alone”
I would give this app less than 1 star if I could. It is too expensive for the premium, especially when there are not enough matches on here that are within 100 miles. And afterwards, I tried deleting my profile, but it wouldn’t let me and “oops try again, verification failed” would pop up. Eventually, after like trying this 10 times, I got sick of it and deleted the whole app all together. But now I am still getting emails for the app. I would like to delete my profile, but when I try to log in, I need to verify my account by picking the certain pictures of which ones are related to the picture above. Then it still pops up with verification failed. I tried the “forgot my password” button, just to maybe see if it work. It still pops up that verification failed because I must look at the pictures again. I would honestly just like to be able to login and delete my profile and be left alone from this app.
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3 years ago, Petros777
Worst dating app out there
How CM is still even online and not bankrupt is truly a miracle. This site and app is down at least twice a week. It’s now been down completely for over a week. When it it up, it’s SO slow. Also, very very very very very very few people have paid subscriptions. You can see who is a plus member, but there’s so few out there what’s the point? You can’t talk to anyone else, or even see their full profile. And they want $50/month? HA! They truly need to FIRE every single developer who works for CM (if there even is any), and completely rebuild CM from the ground up. Maybe even get a new name and rebrand itself. CM is awful. I imagine they give a lot of refunds, or at least they should. Also, may sound like a lame point, but Christians are to work as unto the Lord. We’re to be genuine, honest, hard workers. If everyone who worked at CM put their best and worked unto Christ to deliver the best product, they’d have a working app. This app needs to be rebuilt, rebranded, or taken down.
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8 months ago, KReviews91
Not well structured compared to other sites.
I have tried a few different dating sites, and I thought this might help me to narrow my search options more than other sites since it's a Christian based site with specific denomination selections. Unfortunately there is no way to filter based on religious affiliation, and regardless of whether you swipe/"X" on someone in the "look book" section, they will still pop up in the other categories. So there really is no good way to filter out those whose profiles you've already looked at and determined not to be a good match. You will continue seeing them and constantly having to filter through them. Really regretting buying the 3 month subscription and feel I've just wasted my money. I would love to just get my money back. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way. If you're gonna try this one, definitely just start with one month.
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4 years ago, shayshay1111
Not worth it
I wanted to invest in myself and finding someone so I decided to go ahead and pay for this. I feel I was duped into getting premium as I had no idea there was a basic option. Maybe it was bad research on my part, but not being savvy with it it led me to just premium which is very expensive for nothing that special. The app itself doesn’t work great. When I’m on the main page it shows the same person’s picture for multiple profiles when scrolling down. Glitch or something but this happens every time I close and open the app. Also, it will not allow me to send pics in the messages. Most of the time it does nothing when I hit “send picture,” but one time it sent the pic over 20 times because I kept hitting send but the screen was not doing anything. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app many times, it does not help. I have tried to call but they are always closed because we are in way different time zones so I just gave up calling. I also sent in a ticket regarding this issue and have not heard anything back. Also, I haven’t had one guy on there mention God or any type of faith to me so what’s the point of being on a Christian app? I can go elsewhere for these same type of guys and not have to pay. Majority of people on there are in a different state. There are like 10 people or less I have seen in my state of Nevada. Sad. Overall, waste of money and will not pay for it again.
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2 years ago, CatGuy45677
Super glitchy, garbage app
To be clear, there are some great people on the app, but oh boy, this dating app is perhaps the slowest and most glitchy out of the apps I’ve been on. The app takes forever to load. There’s a section that’s supposed to show who’s been online recently. Yeah, all it does is show the same profiles that haven’t been online for months or even years. I know people matching my search criteria have been online more recently than that, because the “new” profile section still has new people showing up almost daily. When I try to send a support ticket on the app explaining these problems, the message always fails to send. Same problems for over a year now, and I don’t think the staff care at all. Only reason I’m giving it two stars instead of one is because I’ve talked to a few decent people on here. But the app itself? Terrible, glitchy, and horrible customer support.
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4 months ago, Qcumber31
A couple flaws
I’m here because I want someone with similar values and not many have these values. I’ve had matches but I couldn’t message them which has driven me to shell out $50 just for the monthly sub. Now I pay $50 and every single match either just didn’t reply or was inactive. Like I had a lot of people say hi but when I said something back, my message was just read so I began to believe these were fake profiles. I’m aware that this site can’t make people like me, but there’s issues that make it harder to find something genuine. Also, I keep seeing profiles I already liked in the mix. But basically everyone is inactive and the most recent people would be on about 3 days ago at the latest. It’s a good concept, but it’s just like every other dating app…. You’d be better off finding someone in real life.
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2 years ago, Saying it as it is
Worst dating app I’ve found
This was the first dating app I downloaded so I had high hopes for it. I even paid for a subscription because at first it seemed great. However, I’ve been nothing but disappointed. On the rare occasion it actually loads and doesn’t completely glitch out, I’ve hardly found anyone who is active on the site, and keep seeing the same profiles over and over (even when I adjust my settings). My friends (who I convinced to download it) have said it’s full of scammers on their end and they can’t get anywhere either. It’s very frustrating and disappointing because like I said, I really wanted to like this app, and other dating apps aren’t like this. Now that I paid for the subscription, I’ve wasted my hard earned money and am stuck with the subscription until it runs out. I am getting ready to delete the app because I’m so done with it but hate that I have paid for the subscription. I really wish it was a better app. So upsetting!
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2 years ago, I am Alex
Clunky malfunctioning forced matches.
This app is really awful. The UI looks simplistic and yet it hangs when transitioning from one page to the next. There seem to be a lot of fake profiles and catfishers but that has gotten better. You can exclude every race except black. I’m sorry I know what I want in a future family. Forcing those matches on me isn’t going to change my mind, it just adds to the unusability overall of this app. When I tried to start a help ticket, that function was broken as well. You’d think for the money they charge, you’d get a little better quality but you’d be wrong. You have to pay for the subscription to read messages or do anything and of course, you are prohibited from posting the pictures you want. That part of the app works perfectly. I’ve never gotten a date out of this app.
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4 years ago, JPOD50
Worst Dating App Ever- Rip off
After reading some of the many other reviews that were like mine, I am convinced that these guys are exploiting Christian people. They are using God’s name to take money from believers who are trying to find a way to connect with other believers. They offer sub-par service with no protection and no recourse when you realize their product is garbage. My original review is below. They should be ashamed of themselves. New to dating apps, but this one never worked. It kept resetting my age to 50 yr old. I’m 37. I would have to regularly re-start the app for it to acknowledge my subscription. Full of bot accounts and scammers looking for personal info. It was slow and links would either not open or open two or three times, so that I had to close out and start over whatever I was trying to do (e.g. message someone). The worst thing is, that I have send 4 messages to tech support asking for help and still haven’t gotten any responses. Not worth my time or money.
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3 years ago, anti ang
Service is HORRIBLE!!! Go to another site!
I was excited to join. I took time filling out a detailed profile. I put nice pics on my profile. I paid $50 for a 1 month recurring membership. I got good responses immediately from those who seemed legitimate. Then I logged out. I could not sign back in. It said “ account not authenticated” . I tried a dozen times. I tried to reset passcode- again “ account not authenticated”. I contact customer support- after 2 days- they reply they cannot find my account- they need more info. I send info immediately. I wait another day. I call customer service #. I hold for 1 hr and 6 minutes. A young girl answers- then says she cannot find my account then- Hangs Up!!! Yes, she hangs up. I was not rude- even though I waited. I wanted to keep her on the phone. She hangs up. I call my bank. Place a stop payment and block on all Christian Mingle charges. I’m sorry future boyfriend I almost met- I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
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1 year ago, Tactical_tunic
Slowest app in existence
The loading screens are reminiscent of AOL. The premium fee is insane, and most users have not been on the app in the past year. The app frequently gives a notification of having several "matches" ready for me to view, but what it means is suggested profiles. Any other dating app uses the word "match" to mean when two profiles like each other and can start messaging. This is super misleading and very likely on purpose to keep people coming back to the app only to be disappointed about the lack of what everyone else calls matches. Also the ability to simply see who liked my profile should not be a paid feature, it should be basic, but it's paid on other apps as well, so of course it would be paid here. The only way to get a match for free users is to happen to both like the other's profile without either one knowing the other did it. That's so massively inefficient!
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11 months ago, Gold9823777
You expect more
I grew up seeing Christian Mingle ads on tv more than 10 years ago. I decided to try this app after having trouble finding a match in terms of beliefs on other apps. Honestly, not only is this app’s interface way worse than any other, I’m not certain half of the accounts are real, much less Christians. After being around longer than any dating app that’s popular today, you’d think that Christian Mingle would’ve had time to develop something great, but they have given up, and what’s worse is that they’re taking money for it. I recommend getting Hinge instead - you can set a preferred religion as a dealbreaker for free. Sure, you’ll have to swipe through some of the lukewarm Christians to get someone committed to Christ, but it’s honestly no worse than Christian Mingle’s users. The interface, the users, and what you get for money are all way better elsewhere
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3 years ago, haymimay
I’m not disappointed because of the dating scene. I do have an issue that the app doesn’t suggest to me, the ethnicity of the people I select in my preferences. I have the ethnicity preferences set and it still shows me exactly what is not in my preference. Same with age, I have my age range set and old men still end up in my messages. I don’t like that it doesn’t just give me results of my preferences, and just wastes my time by suggesting everything but what I specified in my search preferences. Why ask for specifics if they aren’t going to use them to tailor our experience? That’s why I won’t pay for the app, it’s poorly done. Secondly, the app is glitchy and when men send me messages it looks like t$&#%his. Literally looks like that weird. I’ve gotten tons of messages now with super glitchy messages that I can’t read. Lastly, the app is very slow. Like beyond slow. It seems like it’s overloaded or something. I don’t know if it is overloaded but it feels like an update is needed. When I tried to contact them through the app, it said the message couldn’t send, so maybe it was just down. I’ll still use the app for a little while longer but I don’t think I’ll be active after the next few days.
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3 years ago, kelznc
I had this app before but deleted it because they charge for the most minute functionality which most other dating apps give as freebies. For some reason, I’m trying it out again but I’m sure I’ll delete it once I realize that they want money before you can see if it may be worth it. But I point here is that I uploaded pics for my profile yesterday and they are still pending today. Like do they have only one person in charge of screening photos? Odd. But whoever is in charge of the business model for this app doesn’t seem to understand that charging for every single functionality turns away most users. If the makers need money, it would be best to allow limited functionality such as matching/sending message to give the user an idea of possibilities. You have to lose a penny to make a dollar. I mean that’s they way other apps sucker me into paying by the freebies
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6 years ago, j66photography
Christian Mingle... Is a waste of time and money
In my opinion..(male) This site is for old desperate people who would settle for anyone, and has 3 years to wait for someone “maybe” to show up in which time you would have most likely spent over $2,000 just to get noticed. I’ve hade two meaningful connections to people who were soooo far away the relationship could only work with a teleportation device or a nasty case of codependency. On top of that there were fake profiles, and even one case of warnings of fraud on a banned profile all in the small timeframe I’ve been on. The Value was not here for me gentlemen, I would caution you in thinking “oh I’m spending more money the results should be better” Because I never write Reviews and the awful experience coupled with the price tag left me upset and self conscious, unlike any other dating sites which I’ve had much more successful meaningful relationships. Try it for a month and see what I mean
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1 year ago, Unknownazn03
Horrible app and horrible results
So I got the app because the reviews said that this was one of the top listed dating sites. After paying for the premium, because you couldn’t do anything else but view, the website is really slow. The app is even slower. The search function doesn’t really work. You just keep seeing the same people over and over again. It’s full of scammers. Met a girl who had her location in Colorado where I’m from. After talking to her, she had just created her account and was looking for her soul mate. I knew something was off when a Latino looking girl who’s from South Africa who moved to Denver, Colorado a few years ago, who currently lives in California has her profile that she lives in Denver. Nothing made sense. Filled with a lot of fake people. Most of the people who I see on there hasn’t been on in over 6 months or more but there’s no way to filter them out. So now I have to go through there and look for when they last logged in to see if it’s even worth sending a like or message. But if they doesn’t have the subscription, they can even see the messages or likes anyways. Ultimately the worst dating website and apps I’ve been one. Do not pay for the subscription or use the app. You’re better off with other ones.
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6 days ago, Naya Jones
MONEY HUNGRY APP! 🚨 Waste of time.
This is sincerely the worst Christian dating app I have ever used. The customer service is terrible, the rules are strict and seemingly random, and you have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to message anyone you match with. If you don't want to spend a minimum of $50 to connect with someone you only MIGHT end up working out with, this isn't the app for you. There isn't even a free trial option to gauge whether or not it's worth it. Plus, there are multiple other disappointing features such as only being able to view ONE photo of a person unless you pay for premium. It's honestly ridiculous. How are users supposed to genuinely connect and have fun within parameters like these? Christian Mingle seem to care more about money than the user experience. I've never encountered such a money hungry app. Complete waste of time and very disappointing.
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2 weeks ago, CrissyDivine
Dissatisfied, Disappointed, and Explotive
I’ll first start out by saying I was extremely excited to use this app. I find it unchristian like that it’s emotionally manipulative. Examples being there are Christian men who have messaged me and are interested in gettin to know me. I was super excited, but…., Christian mingle will not allow you to communicate with them, unless you subscribe to them and pay a who monthly and yearly fee. I think for a Christian app this is emotionally manipulative and exploitative. I don’t mind there mostly being older men on there looking for wives, what bothers me is that there’s no way of communicating with them without having to pay. Not all of us can afford this right now, and they allow you to see there are potential Christian suitors that want to know you, but won’t allow you to read their messages or give any indication that there interested in getting to know you.
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1 year ago, CurlyMonster5
Glitchy waste of time
Like many of the other reviews I see here, I had high hopes for this app. I’ve been single for a while and I want to get into dating again but it is important to me that I find someone who loves Jesus and wants to have a relationship centered in Him. But this is the worst app I have actually ever downloaded. It’s made very poorly which shocks me, I expected better. Or at least for it to be functional. Things don’t load, it lags, and it freezes. Using the app is just a nightmare. Additionally I set my parameters in terms of age and distance from me and I’ve been liked by people much older than I would like, and that are hundreds of miles away. Even though I stated clearly I wasn’t interested in those things. I feel that my profile shouldn’t even show up for people that don’t match my age and distance parameters. This app is really just a waste of time.
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