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User Reviews for - Dating

2.35 out of 5
31 Ratings
11 years ago, KatherineLn
I love the Cafe service for the most part. This app, however, needs a serious overhaul. It hasn't been updated since 2010 so it appears the developers have abandoned it. It has bugs as other reviewers mentioned and has limited features. I basically use it as a new mail notifier, but will probably remove it entirely since I can have notices emailed to me. C'mon CC! Updating this app could do wonders for your business!
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2 months ago, Disgusted w/ CC
Had high hopes
The quality of the women that I am meeting here seems far better than any previous app especially as a Christian but the app is so dis functional it is hard to believe they are still in business. I have had a number of women that seemed genuinely interested in me and I in them and after a message or two they go silent. One time we were able to actually get a few messages back and forth but my messages were all out of order and it made communication almost impossible. Most of the time when I send a message it is just gone. I have no record that it was ever sent or received. I foolishly paid for an entire year, and I deeply regret that. I did so because of the apparent quality of women on here but making and keeping a connection has been impossible so far. I tried to contact support about my problems and they simply took my money to the bank and ignored me as a customer. If I were to guess what is going on here, I would not be surprised that they have researched what qualities Christians are looking for in a date and then they planted many false profiles themselves to hook and keep people paying for there disservice.
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5 years ago, LatinSatin
Quality vs. Quantity
I have read all the negative reviews posted here about this app and I can only say that I have NOT experienced any of those issues stated by others. Obviously the latest app updates fixed those bugs, but no smart phone app will ever beat your laptop or desktop computer experience! I would also like to say that I have been on most of all the other popular dating sites out there and I find Christian Cafe to be, by far, the most civilized and the most manageable singles dating venue in cyber space. I am a very busy professional with no time to waste on the more popular dating sites, reviewing never ending lists of THOUSANDS of “Online Now” profiles of women whom I would NEVER bring home to meet my family. In contrast, when I log on at Christian Cafe, I find hundreds of quality online “Females In My Region” profiles and many more if I extend that search to “Females Online”. The best part is that I actually get responses from most of the women I contact on Christian Cafe. It must be a Christian thing because that was never the case for me on other popular dating sites. As far as I’m concerned, I will choose QUALITY over quantity every time. After all, I’m just looking for ONE compatible woman!
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9 months ago, D.Cooley
Great app!!
This has been the best priced, and easy to use, and understand Christian dating app. One of the things I also appreciate is they do not harass you like other apps by showing peoples blurred photos and sending messages often to manipulate you into anything that makes them more money. Thank you ChristianCafe for being a godly Christ honoring company. May you continue to be blessed and prosper as you provide this opportunity for us to meet our future spouse. Blessings, Debra Cooley
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6 years ago, FrancisLuna
Great site, great Christian people, great stuff!
Great Christian site, I really like the fast response from the staff when in need to update my pictures, report bugs and scammers, and all type of concerns. I have made really good friends from all around the globe, I can’t compare with other dating sites since it’s the only one I have used so far, but I rather stay here instead of trying secular dating sites. I think is a very decent place to meet people and make good connections.
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4 years ago, ohana2014
It has potential but you can't reply to anyone. In the beginning you can send about 10 messages on your free 7 day trial. Then, every time you try to message it always says the person can't accept messages. Then someone messages and you can't reply! You get the error that they can't accept messages. It's so frustrating and a waste of time. I've contacted tech support with no answer. It's sad because they have a lot of people to connect with. So disappointed that this is what I could have had. And they are hella expensive for an app that's so dysfunctional. It shouldn't even be in the App Store.
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3 weeks ago, Iphonereviews2021
Dont download this. Spy app full of fakes
First off they have no details on what information they collect, so assume they have access to everything on your phone. Another thing is this app is overloaded with fake accounts, spammers, etc. The owners are basically letting this go on besides going after this and cleaning it up. Don’t bother reporting the fake accounts because they will shut off your membership because you annoy them by doing their job or they don’t want it exposed.
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3 years ago, Byronem
Clunky App
By far the worst designed app of all the dating sites , and I have used most of them. You cannot filter by distance, just US geographical region. All dating apps have that, except this one. Which means I have to search manually for ladies who live in my state. Very time consuming. Plus the filters don’t work and give me ladies outside of my age range and ladies who live on the other end of the country. They need to totally redesign this app with one that actually works.
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4 years ago, fgfreiner
Probably the worst....
This app is so dated and weird to use. A TON of scammers too. The community boards are depressing as it’s all a bunch of single people asking everyone else why no one ever asks them out on an actual date. I’m convinced after years of online dating that it only works if you’re a stunner looking for another stunner or you have zero standards. I’ve tried all the apps and it’s the same sad story every time. This one takes the depressing taco though, don’t even bother.
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7 months ago, iLuviPad
Outdated & Hard
This app is terrible to use. Very outdated, and there are very few girls for the age group I’m in (young adults) locally. Messaging is difficult, and it’s really hard to keep track as to what you’re talking about. Dating is already hard, and this platform makes it harder. Look for alternatives. I won’t be renewing my subscription.
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1 year ago, Elenia83
Filter is awful
You check options but it doesn’t really work. There should be a way to filter out profiles without pictures.
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5 years ago, amw213
Not worth it
Very disappointed with this site , false advertising, all the matches I had were from other states . I can’t see how the matching of people that are three states away is considered a local match. I put specific requests on the profile and was matched with people that had None of those requests. Would like my money refunded!
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5 years ago, Moriah4design
Excellent 💪👑
It’s really nice! More convenient than the website of course. I’m enjoying it
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5 years ago, bald and sad
What a waste of money
If I could give this company a negative star rating, I would. 3 days...already a catfish!!! If you cannot take the time to verify people are who they say, then go out of business!!! You are just as bad as POF, MATCH, CHRISTIAN MINGLE.... The nice thing is...I was granted the gift of spending $100 for this!😡😡😡😡
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9 years ago, CaaBEL
No one uses this site
Now I remember why I never pay to use Christian Cafe. Their business model isn't very good. They continually offer free 7-day trials to get you hooked, but when I use the site during my trial, most women haven't used the site in weeks or months. That's bc they were on the free trial as well. That's the biggest problem with this site...not many people use it. So you don't have many options to choose from. Why pay to use the site if no one new or active is on it?? You'll just see the same people in your feed every time you log in. The app itself is weak. Hasn't been updated since 2010. I look at someone's profile and it doesn't show me any of their info except for short answers. On this app, you want to KNOW the last time a person logged on before you get your hopes up. Chances are that they wouldn't get a message from you until CC offers them another free trial. By that time, YOUR free trial will have expired. Probably better to use eHarmony or ChristianMingle.
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8 years ago, beckthenurse
Why are Christian things so poorly designed?
This is a much needed app for all the Christians out there who want to filter the filth. The thought is fantastic. The design is the most poorly executed dating app out there. I've tried eHarmony (no matches in 200 miles), match (matched with handicapped people because I'm a nurse), PoF (most communication but never goes anywhere), Christian Mingle (booty call), Tinder (booty call). I was optimistic about this one- trying to find a Christian professional who loves the Lord (impossible task). Very disappointed. The app is non-functional and looks like it was designed for the iPhone3. Needs completely redesigned and updated. Not trying to be rude, just being honest.
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14 years ago, Fyybdt
Good app but
This is a good app and works well except in one area. When I click on my received mail the app boots me back to the regular website via Safari. All the other features work fine. Just needs an update or maybe it is not working right with iphone 4 software version. Hope they get it corrected.
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8 years ago, TEEISOXLSLSP11338
Great Concept, Awful Community
One, it costs money which is ridiculous. Most of the Christian Cafe community uses the free trials so most of the members haven't been on for months because their trial ran out. Secondly, it's so hard to navigate, the app is totally lacking and often crashes. Lastly, the community is full of people who just want to give you a history lesson. I joined Christian Cafe because I was interested in pursuing a relationship not because I needed a lecture about God. I'm a Christian who is respectful non-judge mental but very strongly rooted in my views. These people will go out of their way to tell you if they don't agree with something in your bio. It really turned me off, I'm not looking for drama, I'm looking for a relationship. I deleted at app and my account. This site and its' all seriously need work, and the members need a history lesson of their own.
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9 years ago, SuzannaMcMahan
It always freezes and then closes on you.
Which stinks!!!
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14 years ago, Zipmac22
This isn't a bad app if you just want to do some basic things. But, if you want to type something you aren't given a choice to use landscape mode. It would also be great if there were some way to chat with others on the site.
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13 years ago, Jaycee2011
Good app...needs more people
The site itself is good and the people(woman) are Christian. The only problem is that because it is a pay for service, they don't get a lot of people in your local area. Too bad there wasn't a way to make it free to attract more people.
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9 years ago, landiodo
Really buggy and unusable
It lets you do searches, but crashes before you can read the profiles from the search. It does not let you scroll through profiles so you can only read the first two lines of what someone has read. The pictures are very low quality even though they are very small. I'm going to delete this one from my phone.
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13 years ago, newrev56
So so
Annoying that can't save searches. Also the search parameters don't seem to work anyway. Still got age groupings I didn't select. Easy to scroll through though. Website needs to be updated; seems a little ancient.
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12 years ago, Jobokc
You are in for life
Once you sign up there is no way to delete your profile. Makes you ask how many that are on the site are really there. Nice way to get the head count up.
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8 years ago, Sarah12679
Bad app
The app constantly freezes. And then when it doesn't it reboots! I wouldn't waste your time using this app. I would suggest using the website or just another online dating site if you only want to use an app.
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9 years ago, weaverdreams007
This app is lame
It gets caught up and you can't change anything in your profile or even do a regular search. I'm going to cancel my profile on here and go elsewhere
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12 years ago, HallOfFreedom
Can't even edit your profile. If you're going to have an app, invest the money to make it stand out in a positive way. Until then, it's a waste of phone storage
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9 years ago, Augie Valdez
Awful service
The app consistently crashes, you cannot send emails, basically just a search feature. Don't waste your time. :-(
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9 years ago, Jesusisjoy
Never stops crashing
Doesn't ever work.
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11 years ago, Minifaith
Limited mobile access
The app signed me up under a different user NMR instead of telling me it was unavailable. I also have to log on my PC to uploads pics.
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8 years ago, 上海辣妹
Can't even sign in!
What's the purpose of developing this app when no fixing been done and when members can't even sign in from this app
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9 years ago, Wanman0813
App crashes constantly, freezes up. Literally is unusable. Christian Cafe should pull the app from the App Store until they have the honesty and resources to fix it.
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12 years ago, Bible John
Needs a update badly
This app is very dated.
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9 years ago, Cloroxmartini
App froze and I deleted it and reinstalled, shut off my phone, still frozen. Deleted it and reinstalled and still frozen. Deleted it for good.
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8 years ago, Moguler
App locks up regularly
Can't delete emails and most functions cause app to lock up. Can't even do basic functions. Sad
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10 years ago, chinita123!!
I'm unable to view details on profiles and it keeps crashing. Please fix!!!
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9 years ago, Merobinaa
Awful, Buggy, Crashing.
The app is basically useless on my iPhone now. Desperately needs to be updated.
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12 years ago, MistaVista
The app contains unusual issues
Every time I read an email off it, the app directs me to the site to sign in! Who designed this spit?
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10 years ago, Rwess
App repeatedly freezes; can't access all screens
Show more
8 years ago, Staceyde
App freezes
App freezes upon sign in .. Tried 5 times
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9 years ago, kiri.mae
Keeps freezing
I can't use this app whatsoever. Waste of time
Show more
7 years ago, Dvashah616
Don't waste your time
Worthless app. Can't login. Don't bother.
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11 years ago, Jimijones33
Horrible app
Don't waste your time folks.
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12 years ago, godlylatino4
Works very good!
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11 years ago, ebg007
Good idea BUT still needs a lot of work.
I hope the developers take a look at some of the features on other sites. It's nice to have a Christian site but it still needs a lot of work. Some of the features seriously lacking are as follows: - Can't search/sort by zip code only by region. - Can't search/sort by active members. There are a lot of people who haven't been on in months. - Can't search by pics vs no pics. Who posts a profile without at least one pic?
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12 years ago, G10¢k$t@r
WAS really good (4) now won't work
I've had it over a year. Has worked seamlessly until recent (aside from a few missing features that are accessible only from the web page directly.) if it WAS working like it used to, 3.5*-4* Now, it keeps saying my my login info is incorrect. What gives? I even deleted and re-installed it - 2x. No luck. Now the only way to access it is through a webpage directly. The problem with accessing it directly from a webpage is this. Since the top has a row of tabbed-menu buttons, they don't function the same way in a smart phone. (because you can't 'hover' a mouse over it). So is what ends up happening it always redirects you to a general link before being allowed to select your sub-tab, unless you pinch&zoom real close and then quick and do it before it loads! ARGH Anyway. To the developers, this bug needs fixing ASAP. I don't have a working laptop, and so only selected another paid subscription recently because I knew I could access it from my phone. Now, I can barely use my subscription :( Developers: check out the REI app! It's WAY better than even the webpage! That should cook some ideas up for you. And if it takes even spending $.99 for this app to be Bom - for a paid subscription to be accessed it's worth it. It reflects the value in the ability to operate a paid subscription. To potential customers of the app: Try it out. Hope it works for you! If it doesn't MAKE A COMMENT! It seems to be the only way to make headway in a fix, sadly :( ><>
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4 years ago, Angie Haylock Curtin
Horrible! Not Christian at all!
I agree with some of the negative reviews. My site and app don’t crash at all and there are very few newer reviews. Here’s my take on it: First off, it’s way too expensive for a site claiming to be a Christian app. For one month alone, it’s $35. The other comparable dating apps are $25 by the month. With this one, the only deals are at times like Labor Day, but you have to purchase a whole year up front. I agree about the trial offer mentioned in other posts. It’s a scam. I can’t find hardly anyone on there. The search criteria options are really good on this site, down to the denomination, but all I get are creepos and rude people e-mailing me in various odd ways. No one writes me back, but there are so few choices compared to Christian Mingle for people, but that site is kind of a booty call actually, so I don’t like that one either. I much prefer Match and, even though they aren’t Christian. You can figure out if Christians in those are legit by the details they actually say about God and such in their profiles. I get a lot more responses on those. They’re not fantastic, but better than this. The staff ignores what your complaints are and make excuses for bad behavior of other members, and it takes them like 2 days to get back to you and they never get banned. You just get told to block them from e-mailing you, but they can still view your profile unless you archive or delete it, but if you do that, it deletes all your mail, which is the only way you can prove someone’s bad behavior! What a crock! I only put one star because their search engine is good. Otherwise, I am going elsewhere. I am sick of them spamming my e-mail about useless free trials and having to pay an arm and a leg for people to sit around not truly caring about your concerns. I am a web designer. Websites like this are not that expensive to do. Yes, they cost money, but not $35 a month for a $100 people. A lot of web design programs now do everything for you, so it does not cost thousands of dollars a month to pay a staff of two people or however few there are. They have no names on their non-automated e-mails. Not worth your time, unless you want an old foagie twice your age and no one nearby and having to resort to African people trying to convince you to make babies with them.
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14 years ago, Gmoney5399
Not Bad
I love the site and the app. I just think they need a few things adjusted so it all works smoothly. One thing that does need to be fixed is: mail - sometimes you can read it from the app and sometimes it goes to the web site via safari. (I an on a iPhone 3G)
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12 years ago, 12345577890
Needs upgrade
I like that but the layout and design is so plain and simple. Would like to see more mobile options to make it more fun and creative customizations.need to he able to edit profile without going to desktop site. Fix this. Need more privacy customizations for users. Also be able to instant message via mobile app. More colors and better layout and off
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