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E Dating For Free, Inc.
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Conserv Christian Dating CDFF

4.15 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
3 years ago, chrlug
Very simple and user friendly
I want to start off by saying that it’s a very simple app. When you get on. The layout is a very simple design, which can be a good or a ehhh not so good thing. It’s very easy to navigate, and see where to go from the main menu. It asks a decent amount of questions when you first set up the account, to make sure that your account accurately describes who you are and what you want people to know. Within my first few minutes on I had a few “winks” from people. I met a few friends and even joined a Christian chat. It is very interesting to say the least. It’s a very laid back app and great for Christians trying to find friends or partnerships or a listening ear that is religious just as they are. I give the app a 4 start just for the fact it’s still a very simple set up from my opinion. It’s great just wish it was a little more of a elegant design. I also enjoyed the fact I could see people who viewed me. It does however seem there is a few scammers making there way around on the app. As well as it seems to be mostly people in their Middle Ages. Overall I give this app a 4/5! Thank you
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5 years ago, Chief Intecessor
Took my money
No stars......very disappointed because I utilize this device as a premium member.... I paid the appropriate fees ....the first 3 months my status remained at a premium level.... they received my payment for my 2nd 3 months.... however my status changed to the basic (free) level.... I tried to resolve the issue with them by contacting them... they responded saying they were aware that I was a premium member..,, and that I should try logging in and out of my account....the day that issues should be resolved in 24 hours .... well it’s been well over 24 hours ....I’ve used their “contact us” method leaving several messages letting them know it’s still not fixed .... no one has responded.... I’ve emailed them back through the one email they sent telling me to log out then back in.... no one has responded .... and at the moment no one has resolved the issue.... so basically im paying for this premium service and not receiving it....and no attempt to contact me after leaving several messages other than their initial contact of logging out and in, has been made.... so at this point I have to go to my bank file a fraudulent case because I’m not getting what I paid for... go to apple to figure out how to stop their recurring payments and then close my account on this site ....very unacceptable service... this should have been a quick and easy fix, better yet it should have never occurred in the first place!
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6 years ago, thisbemynickname
It’s just not preferable.
Through this app I’ve definitely had some wonderful conversations. It’s nice getting to know vast amounts of people who seem to be coming from a similar worldview. However a few things bother me about the app. For one thing, anyone can message you (except for people outside your country if you set that option) - this means you don’t have to mutually “like” each other to get a message from someone. This also has meant I’ve gotten messages from people from all over the United States. Which is nice for conversation, but the likelihood that I’m going to fly to the other end of the U.S. to meet someone for romantic purposes is very very slim. And in addition, I’ve been messaged by a few actually rude people. Being the way that this app is, it is not unlikely that you will come across a catfish. It seems that the CDFF team does what it can to remove fake profiles but unfortunately I’ve also been messaged by people who have accused me of being a catfish - even though I at least have a profile picture and they are completely imageless. In the end i have ended up blocking more people than I’ve actually talked to. The setup overall is just not preferable to me. It’s not the worst in the world, it’s just not preferable.
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6 years ago, ziggieBlessed
Scammers on here
I got on to the site thinking it’s going to be great since it’s “Christian” but I was blown away when I thought I was chatting with someone who pretended to be very nice and honest but turned out he was a scammer. It was too good to be true but after I asked him where he lives, what he does etc he mumbled and then later asked me what my address was. I insisted that I get his first since I am the one who asked first and he got sort of upset. But you know as a believer, I always prayed for God to reveal to me who this guy was and one evening after I received his very nice and so sweet email, I decided to copy and paste the whole email and eventually it was him scamming others and several ladies had written about his lies. He starts by saying that he is the only child in his family, with a daughter called Eve to which he says that the mother(wife) passed on while giving birth to his second child and that his mother lives in Scotland ad his dad passed away. Please watch for his accent as he sounds so African or Russian and stated that he lives in Florida. He writes very poor English but I know most of what he would send me was copied from somewhere. Please be on the look out. So I uninstalled the app as I couldn’t keep up with such being my first time to try an online dating app, I felt so upset but thanked my God for revealing to me who he was before I was scammed millions or money.
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6 years ago, Macpack❤️
Worth a Try!
I went on this dating app not knowing what to expect. Dating for Christians has become increasingly difficult in recent years but I was pleased to have a ton of incredible conversations with kind, godly men on this app. I have made great friendships as well! But the one person who stole my heart I found on here as well. We were halfway across the country from each other but we arranged a meet-up and it’s been amazing since. God has carried us through and even brought us closer location wise as part of his plan. We are currently six months into our relationships and have been best friends basically for a whole year and a half. It’s been an incredible journey and I am positive this guy is the person God has sent to spend the rest of my life with! Incredibly thankful I gave it a try. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend if you’re looking for someone in your area because there aren’t as many users, but seriously! I met someone halfway across the country from me and our love for God as well as our desire to find a partner who wanted to wait till marriage to lose their virginity brought us together despite the distance.
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4 years ago, BigDMC
App is fast and stable
I don’t normally write reviews on mobile phone and tablet applications but I’ve been using this service on and off for a couple of years now and I’ve had pretty good luck with it. The most important thing and I’ve seen is CDFF is really on top of keeping the scammers and fake profiles off of here. In almost all cases I’ll get a message from someone and when I go to check it and they’ve already banned them like lightning! Plenty of fish can’t even claim that because that’s the only thing plenty of fish is plenty of scams and bots. The app is fast, stable and much more reliable than when I first started using it so after a couple years CDFF has made tons of improvements to this application. Not only that the interface changes over the months have been great. And lastly the community of women I’ve run across on here seem to be pretty serious, so there’s not a lot of bad people aka scammers in here. This is merely my experience though so read the reviews and see what others say. I’ve also not encountered one single bot on here as well. So whatever CDFF is doing keep up the great work on this platform!!!!
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11 months ago, tmsecomserv
Nathotredhead profile review for one month free upgrade
I received an email saying that if I wrote a review I would get one month free upgrade to the elevated so here is my review I have been on many over the past 20 years different dating apps. I found this one a bit confusing there really wasn’t any instructions, and I also found that your advertisement for free communication and everything did not say that this had to be a paying app which I found a bit dishonest because the description made it sound like this was totally free and it did not mention anything about elevating and although I understand that you mean to have some sort of support and that’s why you put all these ads in here the ads are very annoying and my age. People at my age will not be very tolerant of that, and will probably say forget it and decide to leave the app. Also, when I went on your search feature and I went to refine search I put in all the options that I wanted and when I press search, nobody came up.
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1 year ago, IQDave
CDFF is the best free Christian dating app.
There are very few things wrong with CDFF. It is free to use and other than some of the ads shown, it is worth every penny. ;) keep it up CDFF. And I’d be happy to help test, and provide user experience improvement suggestions. I love the free chat but it’s not as popular as it once was. singles that are committed and real is difficult. CDFF appears to be the best value. You can message free or reasonably Elevate your account. Some sites have quality members but only allow you to see who messaged you after you pay to join. CDFF is different. They may have you watch an ad if on the app, but you don’t have to pay to see and send messages. They also do a great job of banning scammers and fake accounts. Although the app sometimes kicks you out of chat, it seems to be improving and is definitely a good place to chat with other Christian singles. Thanks CDFF for continuing to improve features. As someone on Over 40 mentioned the other day, a one on one chat feature would be a great addition.
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1 year ago, Sophiii823
Wow. The place to meet a God fearing companion
I recently joined CDFF dating app and overall, I have had a positive experience. The app is easy to navigate, and the interface is sleek and modern. I appreciate that the app offers access to profiles internationally and allows me to block things I would not be interested in so that no one’s time gets wasted. I also like that the app offers a variety of ways to connect with potential matches, including the ability to send messages, emojis, and even virtual gifts. I am about to test the matchmaking algorithm to see how well it works. I also like that the app offers a safe and secure platform where I can share personal information without worrying about my data being compromised. One downside is that the app has a lot of ads that can be quite distracting. Overall, I am satisfied so far and would recommend it to others looking for a dating app with a user-friendly interface, diverse match options and a safe and secure platform. sophiii
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1 year ago, Solitaire love ❤️
Brain damage and disabled & dating
I am a disabled divorced woman!! I am a 100 percent brain damaged!! I can’t really go out to meet people!! So I have to basically rely on online dating!! Yes I could meet someone at church ⛪️ But I really didn’t have much luck!! When I came across this site ; I loved it!! We always have to always keep Jesus in the middle and center of our lives!! He is the reason for everything!! The ease of starting this application is wonderful!! I had to learn everything about everything in 2011!! You are a real life saver!! A trustworthy company!! The important information was really easy to find ( questions were answered clearly ) the way the things are set up is really simple and safe!! You don’t have to be worried about online dating!! When you go through this site !! Especially if you just want to find only friendships!! Gives you enough space for all your descriptions of what you want / expect!! About yourself!! I really appreciate that!!
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2 years ago, SemperVic
App is stable and user friendly
So far, the functionality is acceptable. The HTML is a bit old school. Developers, you need to upgrade to HTML5. Not a big deal but your not very optimized for mobile devices off WiFi. Functionality does not seem buggy but the site has some JavaScript issues with CORS policy and making library calls from secure to unsecured google api CDN. Likewise the app has serval null pointer exceptions and a few 404 not found on JavaScript libraries. It’s not terribly disconcerting and they are easily fixed. I did not give 5 stars because of the ad experience. Not all ads are disruptive except one. It is an Asian math nerd ad, it takes over your app and won’t release itself back to the app and is super annoying. It has squeaky voices, is to loud and in a language I don’t speak. It is like the energizer bunny and keeps going and going, No “X” button to close. I have to kill the app to engage the site again. I get this app now every 3 ads.
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6 years ago, smileydawn
Recent app experience very good
I recently started talking with someone by using the website and decided to download the app. The app is much easier to use and faster as far as getting messages and responding. The major downfall that I see is that even if you turn on notifications your phone still will not give you notifications that you have received messages Unless you open the app. I believe this feature is only engaged if you have the elevate subscription. Otherwise it’s an easy to use app and best of all it’s free! The only downfall, which probably applies to any dating website, is that there are scammers out there. Just be aware of the language used and things that are said and use your best judgment. However, CDFF is pretty well on top of things in this department and once reported, they are quick to look into it and ban them! Just be wise! Sincerely CDFF user- smileydawn
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3 years ago, Stephan_07
Experience in Christian Dating App
I have been on several dating apps and have found no success. All to many times you find scammers, cat fisher and people unfortunately with the wrong motives makes and females. But what I like about this site is that it is genuine and sincere a d if there is any inappropriate behavior or conduct staff immediately addressed the issues and will block people who are conducting themselves not in the right manner. I have met some real nice ladies in her and remind that this is a Christian dating site and that we all should be like minded and equally yoked in the word and in Christ respecting our brothers and sister I Christ searching for true love 1st Corinthians chapter 13 than you CDFF and staff your awesome and so far my experiences have been great. God Bless Merry- Christmas and I found someone I’m actually and truly interested I. Taki g I e day at a time putting God first. Sincerely Stephan.
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11 months ago, Creature_1978
Great app, even voiceover useable!
Let me start by saying, I'm only getting started with the app, however these are the things I know for certain. The questions they ask are designed in such a way as to strongly limit the possibility of fake profiles and scam artists. As anyone knows apps like this are often filled with those types of profiles. Secondly, the sign up process is thorough, but painless and doesn't take an inordinate amount of time. The app has a simple layout that makes sense and is easy to follow, and as a bonus, it's reasonably useable with VoiceOver, which is quite important to me as a totally blind user. As with all apps, there are a few items which require contextual clues to figure out what edit fields are where, etc, but this one is very useable without assistance. It's definitely one I'd recommend! An honest review from Broadminded78
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3 years ago, nessiecoo69
Safe dating app that gives you control in account settings
I feel safe on this app because there are a lot of easy-to-adjust account settings that helped me limit who viewed my profile or sent me winks/messages. It also seems like the users are genuine, and the administrators are always looking out for fake accounts. Sometimes, I’d see a message from an iffy profile come through and then 15 minutes later, that user had a “banned” tag next to their name. So the administrators are very quick to spot those accounts. One thing I think could be improved: the sign up screens. Some of the blanks wouldn’t allow me to fill anything in so I had to start over a couple of times. This was very frustrating. I assume this is an easy fix and will be adjusted in an upcoming update.
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2 years ago, bird st
App rating
I am enjoying your app. I am being patient, because I know the Lord will bring me the right woman. I very much like the app. Thank you and may God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you. Your servant in Christ, Steven Brubaker I still mean this praise! I pray that you are blessed! Your fellow servant in Christ Jesus, Steven Brubaker. I am standing by what I had written before. I needed to step away from dating a few times. Because of circumstances. I am still being patient waiting for our Heavenly Father to fulfill His promise to me by bringing to me the woman who is better and far more fantastic than I have asked of Him. I am also standing on His promise of ,” When I ask for anything in the name of Jesus it will be given onto me. I believe I already have it, so I know she is on her way. I already have her. I am waiting on delivery.
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7 years ago, Slothsope
Really good app, just a few issues
This happens to be a really good app. There aren’t too many good Christian dating apps out there so this one is probably the best. I think I’ve only ran into one profile so there isn’t a whole lot of fakes. Practically everything is free. It’s a great app. The problems I have with it though that is preventing a 5 star, is how horribly optimized this is. It can be so laggy and take forever to load. It’s not my phone since I have the iPhone 8, and it also did it on the 6. Also the UI isn’t the most friendly, some things could be better but from recent updates, I see they are working on that. If they optimize it better so it actually runs smooth, this would be 5 out of 5. It is still a fantastic app though putting that aside.
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1 year ago, :$&97!
Great for a free
Just using it within 2 weeks and I’m glad I can see matches and chat with people without being blocked by paying for subscription. However there are 20sec. ads whenever you open to see your matches, messages etc. Atleast it’s free and would prefer that over paying $30 for a month subscription unless one would want to navigate through the app conveniently without ads then one would upgrade which is an option as well. The photo uploading seems glitchy though as you cannot minimize the box to fit your original photo so it gets stretched or blurred by the app due to the lack of minimizing or maximizing your photo editing to fit the apps conditions.
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4 years ago, bluepets 1962
Triple star
I first joined CDFF IN 2009 back then it wasn’t as many good looking ladies let me rephrase they’re really beautiful ladies now and they’re seriously trusting this God to work through CDFF and they’re talking and being stuck up and these are smart ladies that are confessing God really wanting to find respectful men that they can get to know and be friends with first and then have fun dinner dates in a nice place like river walk well lit secured place that can end as nice the great dinner, I’m a deep romantic because I will respect and treat the woman he sends me like he loves the church and that’s what I put in my profile and these women are smart and can spot fraud reason I know is because they say so in their profiles plus CDFF are scanning for scammers that’s another reason I feel comfortable with CDFF WONDERFUL PEOPLE.
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3 years ago, dajaya22
Great dating app
I am new in this app and had use different kind of dating apps for a while, I’m happy that I haven’t received any inappropriate messages and haven’t seen any naked pictures which is great, also it’s easy for me to be connected to the person that has right motives. I love that it’s not just for US so you can connect to other christians around the world, i hope there’s a setting for the location that you would want to receive messages from, like if you just want to connect to people that is near by or people that is in specific country. I would definitely recommend this app to any person that is looking for a serious relationship or a real friend.
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3 years ago, uchennachene
Here goes nothing
Usually, I cringe when asked to leave a review of anything. Especially if it’s a race to 50, but in this case, I am very glad to leave some constructive feedback. Especially with how far this app has come. This is just my opinion, so please take with a grain of salt and try it yourself. In the world of fast right swiping, gorgeous GUIs like Bumble, I will admit that I was strained to use this app at first. It felt a bit archaic. A lot like the not so elite EliteSingles. The premise of meeting a Christian man was the only reason for my persisting, and I’m so glad that I did. I would love to see the GUI improve, and be more slick, but honestly that’s just because I’m a millennial and a sucker for front end cute yumminess. As it is, the app is fast and functional. Some back end security to prevent folks in other countries from claiming to be located in the US, would be awesome. I’ve had a few cat fish from South Africa claiming to be in Pennsylvania. But that’s not an issue specific to the site. The internet is catfish central. Just having some preventatives, or checks would really help improve the experience. PS: My profile is “mslabelle”
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5 years ago, DJ2Real
Honestly, I love the fact that I could send unlimited messages without any cap. The things I do not like is that the app is kind of buggy and slow, not many people you could match with due to the amount of users that are active and in range, there are a lot of foreigners outside of the U.S. that view my profile and send me messages for some odd reason, and I also feel like the app could run a little smoother in the navigation area. I had an issue where I put the wrong gender in my profile, I contacted management, and they got things squared away for me quickly I did appreciate that. Things could use some tweaking within navigation once again, and if there were more users available, it would be great! Not bad for this type of app though I’m glad there’s something out for our crowd!
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5 years ago, time397
What’s the point off this app if you can’t save anything to write up a profile?
Don’t waste your time with this app because your going to waste all your time typing up a long bio about yourself just to discover that the “save” button is not working and the only way out of the screen is to reverse and than everything you typed up just got lost. Another section of setting up my profile, I wasn’t able to save anything because an add was covering most of the “save” button, and every time I tried to hit the part of the button that was visible, it would just keep opening up the add instead. I was first running into all these problems on my phone, so then I downloaded the app on my tablet, and no luck at all. The same problems I had on my phone, I had on my tablet. So long story short, this app is completely useless and your will accomplish nothing by downloading it, except loosing time and energy.
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6 years ago, Justaguynameddan
This is a great site with a great price
I am PapaZoom on this site and have been active for several months now. The app is easy to navigate and contains many features that I like. With the free app you get ads. The ads are a little annoying but easy to work around. It’s a small thing when you’re getting it for free. Yes there are scammers here but they’re easy to spot and dealt with quickly. There are plenty of legitimate people on this site which is more important. I have met several people, a few of which have great potential. I recommend both the app and the website and I’m considering joining in the future when I have more time. The free feature is very good and the overall cost should you join, is more than reasonable.
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4 years ago, JohnnyAT2013
Worthy of Praise I am thankful to have a site that I can visit to be blessed with maybe someone winking, complementing me, or blessing me with a chat. It is best to focus on the good in life, count the little things in life as blessings. It is wonderful to see people working toward having a better witness for God. Seeing people who pray, praise Jesus and serve our loving God. It makes me so very happy to see people strive to be loving, kind, considerate in reaching out to share their walk with our Savior. May our journey not blind us from the efforts it takes for a site like this to be available to people who seek to be a blessing in someone’s life. I try to keep my eyes on God and not on this world’s imperfections. My thanks to this team and their efforts.
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2 years ago, Linda"Beauty"Marks
The fellowship is great. App needs work.
God Bless 🙌🏾. I love the Live Chat rooms and fellowship with my brethren. However, the App has glitches. It isn’t mobile responsive or friendly enough. It doesn’t always log me in. Sending messages can be tricky. The messages I wrote sometimes get sent empty. Do you have a tutorial on the best practices for using your site? That would be soooo helpful! Like having a video introduction of what each part offers. Explain the forums, how to get involved. And why don’t the Bible Study and Prayer Rooms have an active moderator that invites members in for scheduled prayer and verse of the day? That’s a missed opportunity for soul winning and Christian strengthening 🙏🏾🙌🏾 I noticed that I cannot find the forums on my mobile app, just the laptop access. Can that be upgraded? Another idea I have are group activities and opportunities to meet in person. I’m a member on Match and they have that option for their premium members. It would be great to be able to meet my brethren in person at scheduled events. Even if we have to start off virtually 🥰 I have a lot of ideas 💡. Where may I email them to you?
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2 years ago, Singsing Dok
Better Than The Others
CDFF has created a wonderful platform for dating or even just for Christian friendship worldwide. (However, scamming and phishing do happen as will all dating sites—report them, don’t give them personal information like bank accounts, money, and SSN, etc.) The major plus is that you don’t have to subscribe with a crazy amount of money. You have the option to watch some ads—a more reasonable business model. Another plus is they have chat rooms for Bible Study, etc. So awesome! Koinonia! Be careful. Do as Jesus said, “Be shrewd as serpents, yet innocent as doves.” CDFF is the one dating app I keep returning to.
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3 years ago, Jezzibelle56
Easy to use and fun
I’ve used a handful of dating apps and this one definitely takes away all the guess work. You’re able to put in a lot of information about yourself that cuts down on small talk or the “tell me about yourself” statement that we all dread. It gave me a wide variety of potential matches that I haven’t seen on other apps. Sometimes you get the same people on every app so the variety here is definitely a plus. I am ok with the few ads on the free version, no need to upgrade unless you’re absolutely bothered by a small ad. Give it a try. I say it’s worth it.
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6 years ago, WayJinters
The Way It Should Be
CDFF has a different approach: you don't have to pay just to say "hi" or to encourage someone you feel may need it. And they don't monopolize on you and take you to a payment page and not let you leave like Christian Mingle. Rather, CDFF gives you the option to upgrade and get more for placement or other things. On the negative, users put the age limits of their interest and don't realize they can't get emails. I've seen women out age limits 1 younger and not realize they can't hear from anybody outside that range. Your interest range is your set limit and often users don't know that. Most people are there to make friends, not to land a fish. Which is the way it should be.
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5 years ago, cc0200
Worth A Try
This was the only Christian dating site that I had any kind of success with, free or otherwise. The majority of the profiles out there seem to be men who are not Christian, or are new believers with a less than godly approach to dating, or possibly people trying to get green cards. I was able to get quick responses from the staff whenever I had problems and they were very helpful with all of my requests. The only thing that needs improving upon is the messaging part not being able to handle punctuation and changing it to other characters. At least I didn’t find obviously fake profiles with the same profile information from member to member on this site.
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4 years ago, kif839
A little stressful, but it works
Considering that this is free, you are guaranteed to get more than what you pay for. That being said, there are a lot of drawbacks like basic spelling errors, messaging may show that you have a message when you don’t, issues getting longer messages to send. Also, I found it incredible stressful to constantly be getting messages, and there are almost no ways to filter out or block messages except by out of country or individual user. And just because it’s a Christian app does not mean you won’t get some creepy messages. That being said, I also met some really great people, but felt the need to move those conversations off the app ASAP since it was so overwhelming. Proceed with caution.
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2 years ago, MetzFresh
Hi this is Lorrie58 and I’m returning after actually meeting my late husband in 2018 on this sight. I thought I’d return but disappointed they still haven’t fixed the problems with our preferences. I usually have within 100 miles, not in another state or country. I noticed even if they say that they’re local they tell you oh their profile is incorrect and oh they’re actually working in Mexico, Scotland etc so I continue to report over and over again and block. It’s sad they’re isn’t a better way to communicate with honest God Fearing Individuals. Please try and change your sight to help others. Thank You, Lorrie58
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1 year ago, BummedBill
An honest review.
Every app has scammers. The people that run CDFF do everything they can to limit the reach of scammers. They are quick to respond whether you have issues with other users or app troubleshooting. If you close your account and want it back… you get it back. Theres no drama with the staff. I can only speak for myself as a man who’s intention is longterm\marriage and I must say there’s 1000s of woman looking for the same on the CDFF platform. This isn’t a hook up app. It’s an app to find the one. Equally yoked. I recommend it for any single man who’s serious about finding a biblically oriented woman.
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3 years ago, jasminem0516
Thorough and good format.
So i don’t use dating apps much. I have to say I found this to have pretty thorough questions and a good intake questionnaire developing ones profile. It’s really easy to use in terms of favoriting people, messaging and sending “winks”. I find the interface very easy so good for different ages. The graphics could be improved and modernized a bit. It should also be easier to search in the app store than just under Cdff. Overall a good app if you are a religious person looking for a good thorough dating app or just a place to connect with others.
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2 years ago, Miyla smith
Hello and thank you very much!
Just wanted to start off by saying that this site is way better than pof, bumble, tinder, and all the other ones that I’ve tried in the past before. As soon as I logged onto it, added a few details and description about myself, I met my guy! The one that God had picked out just for me after praying and watching Loni Love on how she met her man thru that same exact site. Christian mingle is something everyone should definitely try out! I love this man so much! We’re planning out our entire lives together! Thanks again CDFF🥰🙏 for helping me find “MR. RIGHT”!🤗💕💜
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7 years ago, Faith1809
Dissappointed :(
After reading so many positive reviews I downloaded the app. I was talking to a few people, unfortunately none of them local, they seemed pretty decent, but as it turned out , one by one they were ALL banned. My hats off to the CDFF team for banning scammers and fakes and providing their outstanding customer service... I was very impressed by that... however, the quality of users on here didn't impress me. There were no compatible local people to connect with , Only out of state or in different countries which all turned out to be fake profiles anyways... maybe I'm living in the wrong city? I don't know... but It is a huge challenge to find a sincere Christian in this day and age Who is interested in a genuine and loving relationship. For me personally, This was God's way of closing the door for me on this venue. God bless and I wish everyone the best...
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6 years ago, thewryte1
Great app and site
(From thewryteone) I have been on this app for quite a long time. And even though I have not found my soulmate, I have a greatly enjoyed this site. I found a woman who is quite amazing and we have been friends for quite a while. I have also made other connections with people that fell just short of marriage but we have remained good friends. I had a friend asked me what website I was using since I have met so many great people and I told her :-) maybe I won't meet my soulmate through this site. But judging from the quality of women that I have met, it's likely that I will :-)
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12 months ago, akeener07
Dating App
I genuinely like this app. But what keeps me from giving a higher rating are the following things. 1) There’s no way to communicate with users through the app other than text. A video call feature (not part of elevate) would be helpful for this. I know I’m personally not comfortable providing my personal contact information to others when I barely know them. And 2) I like the ability to favorite users. By I think instagram has this right. I don’t like not being able to remove a user from my favorites who favorited me. What I mean is if I didn’t favorite them back. Please change this. Again not part of the elevate thing.
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6 months ago, Best Dating Site Ever!!!!
Better selection of Men Than Other Sites!!!!!
I find the men on this site are sincere and spiritual. They are looking for a relationship that will possibly lead to marriage. The men are not afraid of commitment and want to listen to you and communicate openly and honestly with you. In this way, this site is totally different from all the other sites where the men just want a one night stand. This site is a breath of fresh air and a sincere women’s dream site with honest open men. I highly recommend you get the upgraded version and you won’t regret it!!! Cisco Bella maui
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7 months ago, Jenniecashmere
Deceptive in calling itself free
Free to download and create a profile. As with most dating apps, as soon as you finish the significant work of creating a profile, it prompts you to upgrade, in order to actually be able to use the app in any kind of productive way. Also, when I wrote my bio, I wrote nothing remotely offensive, and no expletives, but it wouldn’t let me post it, because it kept saying I was using censored words. I couldn’t think what words those might be, since my whole bio was very pg and non offensive, but I kept trimming it and trimming it, and it still wouldn’t let me post it, until I cut most of what I wrote out. So, now nobody who looks at my profile is going to know anything about me.
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8 months ago, DJT318
CDFF Review
So far I have just started with the app but it seems promising! Easy to navigate and thankfully most of the women on here actually mention loving God and Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior which is great! I am a little disappointed that the reputation / word of mouth for this app must not be out there because there are only 30-40 listings for women in my area and I live in a big city, Las Vegas Nevada. I also list an open age range 21-41, so that would see many more profiles than people who do a 3-5 year age range. That being said I am hopeful to possibly find that woman God has created for me on here!! God Bless everyone else in their search too, amen. DJ318
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3 years ago, MIPatriot
An easy to use dating app that truly is FREE!
This dating app is easy to use, and premium only features are clearly indicated. It is fully functional at no charge, but there are premium features like seeing when someone was last online that can be unlocked for purchasing a subscription at a reasonable price. The subscription charges are also much lower than the bug dating sites. I highly recommend this app. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. There are many members too.
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2 years ago, Concerned-one
Celebrating pagan days
I give it no stars actually but I couldn’t put in the review without it. I’m disappointed with this app. It claims that it’s a Christian dating site but they celebrate pagan days, (summer solstis). This is a pagan day where they sacrifice people to the devil. It is an evil day to have anything to do with. Christ NEVER agreed with human sacrifice, EVER. They say they’re Christian but now I don’t think they are since they are taking part with a pagan day specifically made to sacrifice people to the devil. I’m leaving this app. To the makers of this app unless you repent and turn from your wicked ways your app will fail and you will reap it seven fold. Maybe you didn’t know, now you do. And unless you repent and turn from your wicked ways your app will fail and you will reap it seven fold.
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4 years ago, lrr2018
The positive: the app is easier to navigate than the website. The negative: default settings. They permit a ton of email notifications and contact from around the world. Once I figured that out, it was easy to change settings. Also negative: the annoying ads. I get that you have to make money somehow and the site is somewhat free, but I think it’s a bit bait-and-switch to call your site and app “for free” and then have subscriptions. Still negative: I’ve been on there less than a day and have had people contacting me with fake profiles. It’s easy to tell by the way they use the English language. I reported them and it says their profiles were removed. However, this morning, a person was rude. I asked him to stop contacting me and he refused. I blocked and reported him. So far this morning I’ve blocked his other two profiles and reported them and have told him repeatedly to stop harassing me. We’ll see if CDFF does something about it or not. Overall not bad, but with very few people in my area there’s no sense in upgrading. If you’re in a more populous area and the ads annoy you really bad, it may be worth it. farmgrl19
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3 years ago, G-Cot
CDFF is a very nice platform. It’s user-friendly and navigation is simple. Registration was smooth. For the basic package, you get to search, wink, and receive/send messages. A short video is required to view messages but not annoying. There are also ad pop-ups but tolerable. The search function allows you to narrow your choices & truly find your match. Overall a great experience. I would recommend for those searching for life partner or looking for a friend to pray with.
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3 years ago, Dragongriff
Old school style dating app that is fun
The app runs a little chunky. I think it was designed from a desktop version and not an iPhone. That said, the actual experience was great. It is set up like old school POF and OK Cupid. You can send winks, and contact people. There is no swiping. I used the free version, which gives you access to everything the paid one does, except you do have to watch some adds when messaging, but only the first time. Setting up the account was very easy, and had lots of options to chose from.
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10 months ago, Mel Flamingo 86
Voiceover accessibility
As a person who happens to be vision, impaired, I have found that this application is really good with the voiceover. There is a little bit of an issue with the viewing profiles on voiceover: the voiceover reads the question one at a time, and then you have to swipe down to view the answers... You have to really be paying attention. Otherwise a person would get confused easy. However, despite this, this is a really good application and simple to use. Tngaflamingo
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3 years ago, UpWorked and UnderPaid
Good Intentions, Frustrating Execution
*Full Disclosure: I was paid for my honest review and general feedback* I began the process of creating my account on my app. However, there were several required fields that would not have a drop down menu. As a result, I could not do anything but start over. I even switched to my computer where I was stuck on the picture upload process. This is where I refused to attempt to create an account for the third time. From what I can tell, the app has a good design. It looks simple. Minimalistic. User-friendly. However, the process of creating an account is an impossibility that it is not worth the effort and frustrations.
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5 years ago, Sean Whosoever
Great free App!
I have used many of the Christian dating apps, and this one is definitely one of the best! Especially considering it is free to use, and you are able to message other users as well for free. Most others charge you, make you subscribe to their service in order to message other people that are interested, and it is extremely expensive usually. You have to deal with some ads along the way but well worth it! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good free Christian dating app. -Sean Whosoever
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5 years ago, jjchillin
Great Christian dating app
I am a relative new member to this app for about a week now. Honestly, this is probably one of the better ones I have come across. The folks hear appear to be genuine Christians, which is what I am looking for. It doesn’t mean I will find love right away but at least here I have a better chance with men that have the same values as me. I am not getting slammed with in appropriate messages which is truly nice. Finally a place to meet like minded people. It would be nice to see more advertising to get the word out. I tried Christian mingles and had a poor and lack of members. - jjchillin
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