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Gartwell LTD
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1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CooMeet

4.05 out of 5
999 Ratings
3 years ago, RocArson
Pay to play
I said it, you meet very nice women from several different countries but remember, they are getting paid to talk to you, so naturally they will be nicer. I have had good experiences overall and it’s worth it to shell out a little, some of these girls really put effort to give their attention and affection. But stay away from my Luisa, she is mine
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7 months ago, Hennessywrld
Waste of money
A lot of models on here just wants you to gift before anything. most won’t even talk or have microphones turned while others don’t even have the respect to look at you while in a call. You can clearly see there more busy on there phone or talking to whoever in the background sometimes there eating other times there waiting for the first minute to pass before showing any attention. I’ve put $100 into this app & I couldn’t believe how many were begging for a cat or flowers it seem to me that they know how much time or coco coins you have available because the more Time I had the more they try to take advantage. Ohh and if you looking for anyone who speaks English you’re out of luck because I haven’t found a single person who does. I speak Spanish and don’t get me wrong I did meet a couple of woman I talked too & actually wasn’t trying to take advantage of me & wanted to have a actual conversation but that is extremely rare. Long story short if you have time available it doesn’t mean anything so there’s no point of putting an money because there models our gold diggers . I remember I had 1 minute left and one of the models told me to refill & mocked me while the chat ended . I’m not spending anymore of my money & I would recommend anyone to this app but hey if you want to try your luck don’t say I warned you
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2 years ago, recon4962
Not bad without paying
For most live chat apps I’ve used this is definitely one of my favorites. You chat with girls only from around the globe. (You might find some attractive foreign women). However you only get a minute maximum for each girl before you have to pay premium. Obviously you can’t read their messenges or call them for longer unless you get premium. So I got the premium to try it out and of course there is a catch…. Apparently not only you have to pay from premium but you also have to pay for minutes which then those minutes spent is also converted to messages so once you run out of messages you have to buy minutes. Not only that but there are women who want to charge for fun. So yeah you’re only chance to chat with these women is through the free version. You actually can get lucky and some women will just show their goods on the spot.
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3 years ago, Sheigh Tang!
Help! I have been visiting the site for 9-10 months. Usually a good time. On Sunday I opened the site to find all my contacts erased and my paid for time gone .. about 4 hours. I tried to reset it but no luck. In desperation, I subscribed again... I tried hard to find all my contact friends, with very little success. Then after about 3 hours, the program stopped again, with no explanation. When I tried to visit it acted as if I had never been there! I hope you can help me here because I have spent a lot of money on this site . I have sent 2 messages already but have received no response. I await your response. Sincerely rsk
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2 years ago, Tylerm1828228
Coomeet has a major lawsuit coming!!!
Hello if your thinking about getting CooMeet, think twice. CooMeet payment support I had asked to return a gift to me they not only opened up about how they read my chats to the girls on this app. They also scolded me telling me what I can and can’t do. I was under the impression are chats were private like it says here! “Protects all chats and guarantees no one can interrupt, record or control your private conversations” WOW payment support is just excluded from their own policy total “invasion of privacy” i feel like I’m in a dream I could make this the biggest lawsuit.
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2 years ago, mr.traphouse
Could be way better
I want to give this app 5 stars because it is a fun app but for one thing the premium services are on the shadier side for example, when purchasing 60 minutes you are promised an extra 10 but I was only given the 60 not the extra 10. Also don’t like how your time gets used as you’re searching for people to talk to .Also the app is poorly optimized
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3 years ago, jaromesmalls
Pay for a good time
It’s a good at and follows the pay to play system but you can definitely have fun on there, only problem I have with it was the filter system. It was really good at first then they took some options away, so if possible Devs could y’all put that back in??
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12 months ago, UrGirlGotDSL
App no longer opens
This app no longer opens on my phone unless I completely restart my phone. And even then sometimes when I’m in a call with someone it will completely lock up my screen so I can’t click on anything. I cant type, cant end the call, cant skip to someone new, cant flip the camera, etc.
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2 years ago, Baseball2714
Not able to purchase minutes on iOS devices through the app
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2 years ago, Xusrblckd
This all deserves 10 stars
Although you have to pay for time the women on here will fulfill your desire. Tons of foreign women down to get nasty for you. The best experience I’ve had on a cam2cam private chat I recommend it. MICHOU is worth every penny.
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1 month ago, JohnnyD395
Can’t login
Been trying to login all day even updated my phone and even deleted the app and reinstalled it but I’m not able too. Is the app down for maintenance?
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7 days ago, AsXJaCkaL
Get ready to shell out more cooCoins
1. They get you to subscribe for monthly subscription 2. You only get 10 coins to use for chat and finding a match. 3. Get ready to shell out more $ for cooCoins to send messages even if you already have a monthly subscription. This app is a racket. Plus all the women want you to stay on the app so you shell out more out of pocket for cooCoins. Horrible model. Don’t install or try this garbage.
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3 years ago, hunter2quick
A lot of the girls On here are scammers.
Not a fan. I’ve tried coomeets a couple of times now and seems to be filled with money hungry models who only ask for gifts, even though you are already paying for minutes to talk to them in The first place. Also a lot of of girls on here seem to have attitudes for some reason idk Don’t get me wrong you can find your occasional model that will do what you ask without begging for more money but those are rare on here.
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8 months ago, abdisbdibsn
I have been using this app for awhile and slowly everything is breaking! I can no longer see other users stories. Sometime later, it does not allow me to send picture messages to other users. And now I can’t even buy coins! Rendering the app completely useless! I have tried to contact support multiple times, but no replies. Was a good app while it lasted.
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3 years ago, uriellanda1256
Video call
This would be better if you could call two girls at the same time and everyone can see each other
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3 years ago, christenzavala
Good app but for some reason I’m having trouble with the translation when they send me messages I can’t understand them it’s in a different language please fix
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3 years ago, saekev877
Not really worth it
There are quite a few girls here while will make it worth your while. However there are some that are here just for the money. I actually got scammed 3 times. Sent gifts to three girls and then they just left afterwards. Careful and caution if you use this app.
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12 months ago, EyeGeeEn
Stories gone
Decent app if you instead pay via their site instead of inflated IOS prices. However they removed viewing stories in the latest update
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2 years ago, Jeremy Matthew Isiah
It’s good
The prices aren’t terrible, the women are pretty hot some times but remember they’re there to tell you want you want that’s there job. And there all from Ukraine or Colombia.
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2 years ago, armandobaby
Apple please look into this scamming app
I was charged twice for minutes and app says to look agian as I was cheated once. I literally looked at my account before buying the minutes, and then proceeded to buy the minutes, when I look back at my bank account I was charged twice and it was tooken out of my bank.
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12 months ago, Wonkeyboy34
Please update this app
Every time I use the app, it freezes and stops working. I have encountered these bugs on my iPhone. Please address and fix these issues to improve users' experiences..
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3 years ago, Justus Hardy
So far so good
I came to this app because I wanted to meet someone close to me and I found someone very close to me
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3 years ago, Doofy7117
Worth it
You have to pay for minutes to talk to girls or men around you depending on gender it goes opposite, there are some quite nice girls on there that seem willing to do almost anything for you. Especially Luisa, Luisa is the best
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10 months ago, YoMamaonmybick
App never works. When it does you’re constantly being asked my girls for gifts (they’re already making money by talking to you) also look at he 5 star rating reviews. They’re all bots. App needs a bug fix update and maybe cheaper coins then I’ll maybe consider it
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7 months ago, ElToro714
I want to get premium but want to know if I can cancel anytime. I’ve heard some apps make it hard for subscription cancellation so I wanted to know if this app is one of those.
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2 years ago, gameishorrible
Why do I need verification
Do I need to show my passport for verification because I don’t have a Passport? Can I show an ID instead?
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3 years ago, Lewis Hendersonrjm
This is a nice app
great. installed a couple of days back only , but i used this app a lots since then.
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11 months ago, Nick9472
Can’t open app
I have to continuously remove the app and reinstall it just for it to work one time then I try to re-open it, and it closes out on me immediately until I remove it and reinstall it and sometimes that doesn’t even work
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1 month ago, dakotusc
Don’t get this it’s a scam
This app is a waist off time you pay 50$ just to get 10 min of talking big waist don’t get this app SCAM ARTIST DEVELOPER
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3 years ago, Carley Boweng
Good app
Such a simple app to meet someone and I really like how quick and easy it is
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3 years ago, scam whistle
Coomeet has become full of scammers. This used to be awesome with tons of attractive women who would have fun. NOW IT IS FULL OF SCAMMERS THAT WILL ASK FOR TIPS AND THEN SIGNOFF. Customer service used to handle this immediately with refunds. Now they blow you off as they seem to want to just get their cut of that scam money. This app needs to be taken off apple store, otherwise these Russians will just keep stealing money. SCAM ALERT!
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4 years ago, MoiInTheCut
Girls on Deck
Any chick you really looking for on here it’s better then Omegle or Chatroulette or sites like that payment method a little funky but the amount of chicks I done played with worth it lol
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9 months ago, jyjkgtt
App Has Not Worked In Months
I would give a 4-5 star review but I have been completely unable to even open the app in months. Every time I click the app icon it just crashes. This is unacceptable as a paying customer. Fix the app.
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2 months ago, Tman978
Always crashing
Once I close out the app I can never get it opened again. It just always insta-crashes. The only work around I have is to delete it and redownload it.
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5 months ago, uriahg71303
False advertisement
I’d recommend not paying this app any mind. After you purchase a membership you have to continue to add money to use the app. No one speaks English and the match making options are very poor. Save your time and your money
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2 years ago, Avah Randolph
I like this app
I am a big fan of this app, the interface is very simple and cute.
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12 months ago, ivycyvvi
Cicely Gonzales
I’m so glad I was in a hurry because it is a lot easier for us and
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3 years ago, Larissa Lynni
Excellent app
It's a really good app because it's exciting to finally meet the right people
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2 years ago, champchoplol
I been using this then I stop using it and they still charge me when I never got on someone we’ll get your card number and keep on charging you without you logging on
Show more
3 years ago, sharkcity40810
I mostly just jack off every time
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2 years ago, Juanarroyo227
Not important
Chat and not be behind a pay wall we should be allowed to chat for free until this is fixed I will notNo more than one star improve on this app in this app whenever being start again
Show more
4 years ago, Mohamedking
Coomeet rating
The app is nice but just need few enhancement or controlling in the camera and screen size
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9 months ago, ndjfhfjdbd
Overall satisfied
Yeah that’s about it donned to beat around the bush
Show more
2 years ago, Sanaa Daniel
Easy to navigate. Very user friendly.
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3 years ago, T1D37
Pay not expected
I bought premium and I didn’t get the stuff for it
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4 years ago, Marauder5367
Convenient and easy
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3 years ago, kingjudas1111
Okay but no brown woman
Lots of woman haven’t bought premium ,but from what I see there is no colored woman . I would love to see brown woman and there is like only 2/100 . So makes me dislike this app.
Show more
4 years ago, hdjdjfksidk
Broken bug
It doesn’t let me chat with anyone it just loads me in and takes me back to the start chatting screen
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5 months ago, Jayes92
I can’t even buy minutes on the app, it just stays buffering.
I can’t even buy minutes on the app, it just stays buffering.
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2 years ago, Farsah88
We couldn’t buy minutes
We couldn’t buy minutes please fix it.
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