Coverstar - Positive Social

Social Networking
4.7 (23.9K)
259.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Norae Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Coverstar - Positive Social

4.74 out of 5
23.9K Ratings
1 month ago, notjk£
I would like this to be added to Coverstar
Coverstar, I know the people have been asking for extra minutes for non-verified people so that’s why I am also asking because we really need that in our next update. People that are non-verified have to do part one part two part three part four into one, but people that are verified get to do it only like ones because they have like 20 minutes so like I don’t really think that’s fair so maybe the North verify people would have, five minutes four minutes three minutes two minutes I don’t care just more than one minute second I want everyone to be able to text their followers and the people there following. I don’t think that’s necessary but all social media apps have that and like I’m just asking for that too, stay in touch and we don’t need to have to go to talk to each other and I also want Coverstar to have games like a mini games so like people don’t get too bored of it like me I almost deleted Coverstar but I just said I’m not gonna quit so I just recommend that they could be like a mini games just like we play video chat each other and just wish they can play mini games they can even like and also please change the lights because just sounds like like this, but I just have a really long review. There are a lot of things I want to add to Coverstar
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5 days ago, Anna wrote a review
Coverstar is such an amazing app for kids. I loved it and I’m still on it. It’s just amazing with all the features but one of the features I think you could add is like making it so people could go live and there is like no limit of how much fans or star power you have to go live, that’s a good idea. I think you guys should work on doing that cause I think it would make your community even happier but also also for hosting the dances and all that stuff I’ve been trying to do that for about now 10 days and is there a certain fans and you have to host because there is people that have lower fans and star power than me and they have hosted and I’ve actually never hostedand I’m higher, but I’m not verified what number of fans and followers have to have to be verified overall just some suggestions and check the car start videos and everything. Make sure no one’s being rude or spamming because some people will spam me and yeah I don’t like it but for like challenges, people would say like for like I or that’s not part of it you can’t do that you’ll get banned you know but they will be like you’re so pretty and you’re so cute and then onto sentence and say I like yours can you like mine and that’s basically spamming like for like so maybe you guys should work on doing that
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7 days ago, I’m so mad😡
Love the app but a few suggestions
❤️Lillie❤️😊 I love the app but you only have 1 minute to record when you’re not verified like when you’re verified you get 20 minutes, when I’m making a get ready with me I have to make a part 2,sometimes 3 or 4 once I had to make a part 10 and when they have challenges the people who are not verified almost never win And maybe there could be a liked area to see people’s vids that you’ve liked or a search bar where you could search for videos like for example I’ve been trying to find certain videos and I couldn’t because I would just have to be scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and not finding it and if you want to find like a certain type of videos, so I think it would be a good idea to put a search bar and besides that, its a great app everyone is so nice,positive and polite.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️but theirs this scary glitch that has happened to me twice now where it says you have no posts or followers or likes or notifications when yesterday I posted something plus I had like 19 vids and I just got a notification and I had 145 followers and 500 likes and it’s so annoying and scary because it’s like all of you’re progress is gone and ya it’s really annoying and scary fix this
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2 months ago, unicorn unicorn ding dong
Amazing just a couple things
Hands down one of my favorite apps. I’ll scroll and I’ll make videos and I’ll watch my other friends videos just a couple things I want changed and fixed. 1. The recording time. We only get 1 minute to those non verified people. I think 2 or 3 minutes would be best. 2. I wish I could put notifications to specific people and would like to know when they post instead of taking 2 minutes to go through all my friends profiles. 3. It’s really really glitchy. See, I go on it a LOT and it’s like oops and error has occurred or there’s no posts or start following someone. It says that stuff all the time. 4. Just a small thing is I’d like to know how many videos people have posted. Like on the side where it’s says recent and popular put the number of videos people have made. 5. I don’t know if people would like this but I would if certain people could see your drafts. As in I would like to give permissions to my friends to see my drafts. Or put certain people can only see certain drafts. That’s really all I have to say but coverstar this is a great app and I totally recommend it to everyone over the age of 8.
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2 months ago, Pickles and potatoes
AMAZING!!! But…………
Ok I gotta say this app is amazing!! This app is amazing because it’s just for kids! And to add on to that I never get bullied when I make videos on Coverstar and no one else does either. Coverstar makes sure no one gets bullied and you can only say nice things and you can’t dislike any videos! The only problem is that I feel like Coverstar isn’t very fair. First of all Coverstar immediately verifies famous people from other social media platforms while the rest of us have to work for it. The second thing is whenever I scroll through the videos all it shows is people who have a lot of likes and are verified, but how do the other people get verified or get a lot of likes if they never get showed on Coverstar except for maybe a few times? And another thing is verified people on Coverstar get to make vlogs and longer videos but the people who are not verified only get 1 minute but it feel like ten seconds. I personally think we should get 3-5 minutes. Also, it’s very glitchy. Whenever I try to post something it says, “sorry an error has occurred please try again later.” And sometimes when I post something it’s says it posts but it doesn’t. There a many things I wish Coverstar could fix but I don’t think they will but overall I love the app and recommend getting it!
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4 weeks ago, Cdotqueen13
Coverstar hates me!
I had a account called Callie_B I had this account at the beginning or end of march I LOVED making videos it was just so fun until one day I left my phone at my house completely lock and then when I came back I when on Coverstar and it said to login so I did I did the right password and email and phone number but it said it was wrong so I did it again it eventually worked after like an hour and then it made my take a AI (artificial intelligence) test so clearly it thought that I was some scammer/robot and I past the survey all it wanted me to do was mach the word to the picture so I did it said past but than it sat there and loading for SIX HOURS I was so upset because I loved making videos I cry and cry and I even tried contacting Coverstar twice and both times they said '' We will look in to in and try to help'' and than about 30 minutes to a hour they said '' Sorry we can not help you something went wrong'' so I responded with can you tell me why I lost my account and they said '' No we are sure why that happened to you but we can't help you '' so if you don't even know why I lost my account I'm assuming you just took my account away it really all makes no sense and I'm still very upset about it. Coverstar is a great thing to watch does it is very appropriate, but the whole account thing really made me look at Coverstar differently. - CallieQueen
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6 months ago, Sky❤️🌞👍
It’s good, but You only have one minute when you’re not verified
I love this app so much it is like the best app for kids if you guys do not have TikTok, but the one thing is if you are not verified you only have one minute and if you are verified you get too many that is not fair for the people that are not verified for the people that are not verified. They should at least get 10 to 5 minutes when you’re verified you can get 20 minutes but that’s just not fair and sometimes it is glitchy and you have to set up an account which I like but not also I really think this app should be, just a tiny bit more safer because there are a bunch of people that are saying mean things to other people which they should at least get banded because that is not OK. You said that this game this app was perfectly fine no hating no sending any bad stuff but now there are people that are going out and sending bad stuff to people which I think they should be banded but all I was saying to you guys that this game is I mean this app is so much fun but I really think the people that are not verified. Should at least have 10 to 5 minutes, so yeah that’s all I wanted to say bye
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4 weeks ago, joss900
Review about coverstar : joss900
Coverstar is really fun it is fun because it has challenges we’re people can perticipat in and it also has no bullying and that’s really good because people have feelings and when you right mean comments on other peoples videos it will hurt them and coverstar doesn’t allow that that is probably my number one reason why I love coverstar, in coverstar you can even join groups that you are interested in like if you are a Christian you can join a group where there Christian’s and it’s the best. And you can host challenges too which I really want to but I gotta be good at it but sometimes it doesn’t matter. You can also invite your friends which I did the second day that I had coverstar because it was really really fun .now people always talk about the good things and leave out the bad things but not me one thing I don’t like about coverstar is that it has premeam I mean I get your trying to make money but someone peoples parents don’t like spending money on things like that just like my parents so it’s not fair for other kids .But Thanks too the people who created coverstar because it’s really fun
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2 weeks ago, ov number 1
My rate in and why it is not a five
OK, don’t get me wrong. Coverstar is a great app! I love it and it’s great because it’s just like a kids TikTok. but not all apps have just amazing things. for example why do some people just get verified when they only have about like two videos and I know why they are popular on other social media platforms. But that doesn’t matter why did they get verified in over two seconds and we have to work for it? I also don’t like that Coverstar lets people like for like and follow for follow cause it’s annoying and yes, I sometimes do it but once I was on one of those challenges and I was looking for the videos that said like for like every single video I saw at least one comment and every single time it was this one girl. I think Coverstar should not let people spam this much but moving back onto why do we have to work? Why can’t we just get verified or there doesn’t even have to be verified stuff I wish that also when you scrolled through videos it wouldn’t just be super popular people. How about some videos only have a couple of likes so that we can like them up think that it’s a bit unfair but overall this app is pretty good. I think you should get it.
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2 weeks ago, Soccer ⚽️⚽️⚽️
Love the app! Just a few ideas on it.
This is my favorite app. I spend like all my time on it. I just have a few ideas on it. First, I think people who are not verified should have at least 2-5 minutes for the most. Everyone who is not verified have to do part 1, 2, 3 whatever, and it people are getting tired of it. Second, I think there is a little too many adds. I'm not saying you have to take it away, just don't put adds everytime someone is posting something. Third, I know you are doing this but there could be more like 1k under or 2k under so that more people can get a badge. I really like how I don't need to worry about inappropriate language or things everytime I scroll and everytime someone gets verified you feel really happy and you get a lot of followers quick 🩷🩷. People who don't have many likes should be put on the featured more because they only get noticed in a challenge. So I'm thinking people who got only 25 likes should be put there too. But overall I really recommend this for kids and it's a lot of fun. I hope you see these pointers Coverstar and use them!!! ✨⭐️✨⭐️
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1 month ago, klily55
Issues Let me start with I wish I could rate this half a star. I’ve been on this app since December 2023 and my at first my experience was ok. Then I noticed the “Nono toxic” community is a joke. People are so rude and mean and are still verified. I deleted this app at the end of December and re download it in march 2024. Since then I’ve had multiple issues come up. First of all you either need to pay to not watch adds and have longer videos or you have to get verified (5000 followers or more). That is the most annoying thing. The next problem is the challenge. I’ll start with saying that they are basically popularity competitions. Basically if someone who has 100 or under followers join a challenge they will most likely not even get top 50 while if a person who is verified and has let’s say 1,000,000 followers join it they are garnered to get at least top 3. How the challenges work is that who ever gets the most likes either get a badge on their account page or a Sephora gift card (we know who much trouble the gift card might cause). Lastly people make edit competitions that is basically somebody makes a competition with an hashtag and a bunch of people make edits of them just to get a shoutout on the creators page. Overall I just suggest letting you kid get TikTok instead because your kid might have struggles on this app.
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7 months ago, Liv❤️😊
Love it but a few suggestions
I love Coverstar so much but there are few things I would want to be added/changed. The number one thing I wished we had was longer recording time. You have to be verified to record longer. (They get 20 minutes) However, if you aren’t verified you only get 1 minute. I hate it when I’m watching a get ready with me and I have to hunt for part two. I get that the recording time can’t be too long but if they could make it like 3 minutes that would be great 😊 I also think that once you hit a certain amount of star power (likes) you should get five minutes. This would honestly be amazing. I would also love it if you could turn on notifications for some accounts so that you could know when your favorite people post. I hate having to go through all of the accounts I like when only a few of them posted. If you could get notifications when they post, you wouldn’t have to do any of that. But honestly, I love this app and I think you should try it out. I love it and I think you would too. 💕
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4 days ago, ✌️N✌️
what 100% recommend but read this review before getting for your kid
this is a super great app and 100% recommend for mainly tweens. and ask if you’re 13 years or older and basically just hold you are and will give you recommendations based on how old you are. Basically I feel like this app is more directed towards people from the ages 10 to 15. my parents are usually hesitant to get me apps, especially social media apps but this is a very good one that they feel safe for me. it’s a great replacement for all social media apps especially TikTok have a lot of freedom to record videos and unlike some other kids social media apps it doesn’t just randomly not let you post a video. I’ve never really seen anything inappropriate on there. I’m being completely honest ages 10 and under one recommend but anywhere 10 and over I feel like yeah that’s fine. You only get a record one minute videos but it’s usually not that bad at all. Would recommend for you kid is safe and you don’t need to be hesitant about getting your kid this app.
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Needs some work.
Alright so theres this community growth challenge and right know im in 11th place, i was just in 4th due to inviting 3 friends, and i invited like 3 more so i should be in 1st! But now im in 11th? And its still saying i only invited 3 it ends in 6 days. And i’d like it if it wasn’t so slow in putting in your place, im either mean’t to be in atleast 1st or 2rd, even 3rd or 4th would be nice. But nah i got pushed to 11th? Even though i had even more friends join. And ya’ll need to add more songs and filters, besides that! The app is great, the community is full of kindness super rare to see any hate... Um there is a grown man coverstar should be aware of, his acting trans and he looks like his in his 40’s. See if this app was for kids and it was safe, (also teens) then Coverstar. You wouldn’t allow grown ups on the app. Its creepy alright? Please reply to this review and fit the mug with the community growth cuz that needs worm. And fast. THANK YOU! I DO 100% APROVE OF THIS APP! IT IS THE BEST!! YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT. 4 STARS
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3 months ago, Gdgddgvf
My review
I think coverstar is a great app but I have some tweaks. For example only verified people can really host or make a sound, it’s hard to get a lot of likes, and only people who get a lot of likes on like all all their videos get to host, it’s having some glitches kinda often, which is kind of annoying, what’s hard is once you put your user name in when you first get the app and get an account, you can’t change it, which is really annoying. Also, I think you should post a tutorial on how to make sounds and how to host and like how to make Vlogs and stuff when you’re verified so it’s easier for some people they don’t have to go the Internet for hours, trying to find how to. I also think you should get verified a little sooner than like 6,000 7,000 fans, you guys should show how to make sounds. But otherwise I love this app is so much fun and it’s so safe. I also don’t really like how if you’re not verified you only have one minute to make a video. It’s a little too short. This is an amazing and so safe kids, TikTok
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10 months ago, Ilovemangoessss
Great app but some bugs
This is a fun safe app for kids if they can’t get TikTok I have not seen one inappropriate thing on there and I’ve had it for about 5 months but there are lots of bugs. One is whenever I want to add a sound to make a video it says error and a bunch of numbers. Two is that whenever I scroll through the videos it takes forever to load if I scroll to fast. And sometimes the quality is bad like it’s glitching or just blurry. Three if I want to download a video to my camera roll/library I click it and it loads so it can download but it takes forever and the words that say downloading to library disappear and it doesn’t download. So I do it again and sometimes it have to click it a few times to work but sometimes it never downloads. Fourth is I think the views on my videos are wrong. Ty Coverstar for adding the number of views on your videos i love that feature. But I checked my videos and it said 1 view so I looked at it and it had three likes. It is weird but overall it is a great positive app and I recommend it it’s just these glitches
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3 months ago, Rylan ❤️🥎
Overall I think it’s pretty good!
I personally love Coverstar it is so age appropriate and fun for kids my age. However you have to get a certain amount of star power and follows witch is a lot to get verified. When your not verified you have like 1 min to make a video then it just turns off no matter if you are done or not. But if your verified you get about 20 mins to make a video. I really hope the people of Coverstar see this and try to make it a little more fair for those who really want to make better quality videos for their fans. Overall I think Coverstar is a great app to have and if your parents don’t allow you to have social media like Tik Tok and Snapchat I really recommend this for you. Or even if you want to have fun! There is no cussing or violence or Coverstar will band you. There is also private accounts so if you are not allowed to share public you can share private witch means only your followers can see it.
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5 months ago, s my dhdjjd
I love Coverstar but have a few complaints
I love Coverstar so much but I have a few complaints. First when I try to like a video you can’t see your liked videos so for example, if you want to do a dance later and you like the video you can’t see it later. Second of all only verified creators get 20 minutes to do their videos. Unverified creators only get one minute of time which is very frustrating because when you’re watching a get ready with me, you have to search for part two or make a part two, which is very annoying. third of all. it always glitches when I try to download the videos into my library. I have to either tap it a couple of times or it will just sign me out of Coverstar other than that Coverstar is a really great app for a little kids who want to get on there and make videos I haven’t seen one inappropriate thing on there and I love all the dances that they do. This is an amazing app for kids and I definitely recommend it other than these bugs.
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2 weeks ago, #horse girl🐴
Pretty good, but…
I am kinda upset bc one of my videos that I posted just says “Loading” and it won’t play for anyone. PLEASE FIX!!! Also 95% of the time the challenges are just popularity contests and only people with a lot of followers can actually win. It would also be really fun if you had more filters with voice changers and stuff like that. PLEASE let non-premium people have longer videos!! I was trying to do a GRWM and it was so annoying bc I had over 1 minute so I wanted to just speed up some of the clips to make it shorter but I couldn’t because I had to have under one minute to press the little checkmark (which is where you can speed up/slow-mo clips in videos). So I just deleted/shortened a bunch of the clips and sped some of them up, but when I posted it, the actual video clip wasn’t sped up and the sound was so I just deleted the video. It was extremely frustrating and upsetting. Thank you for reading my review and please fix/add anything that I talked about.
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1 month ago, In love with coverstar
In love
I am in love with this app. If you’re looking for safe social media place for your kids I suggest this app Coverstar has a lot of things that TikTok has but it gives you a safe space. There’s a private account that I have that private account your post that you make, they only go to your friends or your fans or followers but even if you are not in a private account, it’s a safe space it’s just everybody on Coverstar. We see it also about the private account the private account has you can still join challenges but it’s just whenever you put something private not a challenge it goes to your friends and fans and followers right now Coverstar is trying out ad but it’s a tester because they’re small business but I really love the app and I don’t think there’ll be anything they could change maybe like make it easier for people to host challenges. I’ll see you on this great safe app.
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3 months ago, a lil banana
I love this! ♡ but...
Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this app literally this is my number 1, and my go to app. I love all the effects and everything but if your new it takes a while to figure them out tho.. If your not verified you get one minute to do anything other than a pre-made audio. I hate that because it takes SO LONG to get verified. I mean like I've been using the app for a year and I'm still not verified. 😥..... And if you're not verified you hardly win the challenges 😢.... But anyway if I could request something new for this app then a would be a search bar. I REALLY need one. Like REALLY! because my sister is currently being fooled by me that it's tik tok so she downloaded it and said it looked weird 🤔but I just said they wanted to change. And she said "well weres da search bar?? 🤔" and I said "wym they don't have one" then she said ok 👌but I still think we need one. But anyway that's all bye pookies 💅
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1 month ago, Kayla and my Chickens💗
great app! but here are a few things..
i seriously love this app and its so fun! but here are a few things to add to make the app better. 1. i dont know if this is happening for anyone else but sometimes all my starpower and my fans reset, and also all my vids that i posted are gone. its so annoying when this happens and i have to restart my app but most of the time it doesnt work, PLEASE fix this!! 2. i really want to make grwms WITHOUT making other parts but i have too, since im not verified. and its not fair because only the people verified or that paid for it can make longer vids and we have to work so hard to get verified. 3. the app can be glitchy sometimes, like for example when i want to post a vid it says “error occurred, try again later” and its really annoying PLEASE also fix this. but other than those things the app is REALLY great!! and i would definitely recommend getting this app, if you dont want to get bullied and just want to have fun!
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7 months ago, gen he am
Good things about Coverstar
I love Coverstar so much I’ve been using it for a few months now but once you start using it you can’t get off. A few things I would like to change about Coverstar is the fact that you can only do long videos if you get verified only one minute so I would love it to be maybe five or four minutes for the people who weren’t verified. another thing I really want out of which I don’t think they will but I want to talk you can post things on ur story and I really hope Coverstar can add that. A private chat so u can chat with freind’s that don’t have any other way to communicate. overall I love Coverstar they have fun challenges that you can earn prizes do you like Sephora gift cards and also gift cards if you get in first or second or third place on a challenge which is basically like a a dance that a lot of people do and if you get top please you win prizes and I love that, BYE.
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4 weeks ago, Madi_urgirl
This app is great just a few small issues
Hello! First I would like to thank the creator/developer for limiting the adds. This is one great reason I like coverstar. Also, thanks for making coverstar a safe and kid-friendly app. I really appreciate that! While on this app I haven’t experienced any bullying etc. But I do have an issue, I went to my friends house and she couldn’t see any of my videos or my profile, nothing as if I had deleted my account. I have noticed that some people can still see my videos, but majority cannot. Not only my one friend but lots of people have been reaching out to let me know. To add on, I can still post videos. I commented on my friend’s video. I was still at her house and the comment did not show either. But thank you coverstar, this is one of my most used apps. Coverstar will be even better when these bugs are fixed. Thank you!
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12 months ago, genzratet
Very good app but unfair😕
So this app is very good and it’s fun to make videos and stuff but all these people that have been on this app for a long time (me and other people I know) don’t get verified but brand spanking new members get verified the next day that’s just unfair man. They don’t even have as much posts as us and they get verified like come on mannn. Also can you make it to where people who host the challenge can’t win their own challenge cause that’s not fair either. But besides that it’s the best kids TikTok app I ever had cause I used to always look for an app that I could use cause I couldn’t get TikTok cause it’s had inappropriate content and all the other kids TikTok apps was some trash this app was the best one yet.🔥🔥🔥😜😜 But one last recommendation, can you please add snapchat filters or the filters that be on TikTok🙏 that’s would be awesome🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗💗🏀🏀 if you do it I will give this app five stars instead of three. If you see this….. thanks for understanding and pls add the filters. Please and thank you 🙏
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4 weeks ago, TwinBeast
Coverstar is great but these things could be changed
I love coverstar because it is a safe fun app that I use and love. But there are something’s that I think should be in the next update is for people who can’t afford the premium option at is having a hard time gaining enough followers to get the other options like GRWM Hauls and vlogs should just be able to have it or the time limit for regular videos should be increased. Another thing I would like to add is for you to not have to watch a add befor you make a video that’s not a challenge or you accidentally exit out and have to watch an add again, I get that it is just to keep it up and running but sometimes it is just a pain for me and also makes me not want to post more videos because I have to watch an add. But overall this app is good I just think there should be some changes.
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3 weeks ago, his if
Best but one change.
This is my favorite app and the best app on my device. I just really wish I was verified but it’s ok. This app is the best app ever and it is very safe to me. There are just two changes that could possibly be made, when verified people join challenges they always end up winning, and to a lot of the unverified people, this can sometimes make them mad. I also get mad when im in the top 9 and then a verified person takes my place and I get sent back to top 50 or less. So what I think is that if you’re verified you have separate challenges than unverified people. There could be two challenges, one for the verified people and one for the people that arent verified. The next thing is that i wish u could edit your caption because sometimes i make typos and can't change them. That’s all I want to say, bye🩵🦋☺️
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3 weeks ago, 😉😛🙁😛🙁😗😔☹️😔😔😝🤩🤓
my rating of coverstar
i love coverstar so much but for people coverstar may not be as fun for some people because at first you don’t have a account so you can’t like anything or comment or follow or star it or make videos do you have a count myself as the best environment for little kids I think it’s probably the best thing I have created, but for some little kids, it may be a hard time processing and for some people, their parents may not want to do all that stuff and put in my other Google account Apple ID do you have to sign in? That’s what I really hate about TikTok and I don’t have his TikTok butyou have to want to be like your birthday the date you’re born and your name your age just like that and just get but her star is perfect and I think if you have TikTok and you’re allowed to have TikTok because Coverstar is way better
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3 weeks ago, AJplays9876
Things that could be better.
Coverstar is amazing but there are a few things that get annoying. 1. It lags way to much. Like it will say”Error” or “No post yet go follow someone.” Also when anytime I wanna see my drafts it will take forever to get on a draft. I will click it nothing and then again and again. It’s so laggy. 2. People without premium should get more time when filing like at least 3 minutes because on TikTok you get 3 options 15 seconds, 1 minute, or 3 minutes. 3. Anytime I wanna see how many post I made I hate counting and scrolling down to see. So I wish there was a number to show you how many you have posted. Also notifications I would also like to see when someone post something, because I hate having to click on all my friends account and do that like forever. That’s all I have to say but Coverstar is amazing for kids above 8!! I recommend.
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7 months ago, pixel man 437
Overall great idea and great app. One thing I am seeing to much of tho is most of the people getting famous of their videos seem to be either 9 or 29. I know this app is supposed to be for kids but right when your signing in it asks if your 13 or up. Y’all need to get better at age verification. Second, the gaming community is really weak here, the whole app seems to be ran by girls. If you encourage a little more things like gaming or some appropriate memes, you may attract more boys, maybe even doubling your current amount of downloads and users. One last thing that’s worth mentioning is film time. One minute for non verified users, and your giving verified users 20 MINUTES. You need to even it out. All your doing is making the famous more famous. I get you can get more time the more followers but at least give the new guys and or girls like 2-5 minutes. Otherwise, great app, 4 stars. 👍
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2 months ago, Addie the queen
I love Coverstar! But they do need to fix a few things. First, only people that are verified can make videos over a minute. Let’s say I’m watching a GRWM and that person makes a part 2 I have to scroll on all there videos to just find part 2. I think Coverstar should make a arrow you press on their account and that will show you the next video. Second, you can’t edit your drafts. Let’s say I’m making a transition I can’t exit out of the video or else it will delete. If you save it to drafts it won’t let you add any more parts. Lastly, some people can get premium but I don’t know how. Premium gives you all the future you get if you’re verified. That means they can make over one minute videos. I’ve searched up how to get premium on Coverstar but it doesn’t say. Overall I really recommend Coverstar. It’s kid appropriate, has all the new trends, and just in general a great app!
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7 months ago, THEY.luvgem
Highly Recommended
I love this app!! It’s like a kid TikTok app but a few things I want you to change if you can I want more recording time because when I’m doing a GRWM I hate having to do part 1 and part 2 so if we could have like 5 minutes that would be great also I want them to get us verified when we have 40 followers 50 fans 120 likes or more, and I also want more sounds because I have used all of them and I can’t seem to find any other ones I also wish that we could share the videos so friends and family can check out some videos and maybe get it! Me and my sisters love this app it is highly recommended I gave this a 5 star so thanks for making Coverstar is so cool that it is 4+ because little kids can learn dances so maybe when they grow up they can be able to be famous on TikTok or something!
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3 months ago, Joining Coverstar
Why to join Coverstar?
First of all my child loves this app she thinks that it’s amazing she’s trying to get more followers. I think that it’s great. One thing that she told me to ask for was so they can make something called live. I’m pretty sure TikTok has it something like that because her older sister has TikTok and live is on it. She was just asking for life so people can like like it and commented just like normal TikTok because she was like kind of sad that they didn’t have Live one thing that I love is a child was bullying my daughter on her thing and they banded her and I think that was so that was so great cause that they don’t allow bullies and I think that it’s just awesome. Awesome and amazing that’s it, so could you please just make live and it makes my life easier so I know my daughter isn’t on TikTok because she’s too young for it
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2 months ago, movie star 98
💗My review💗 channel: Preppy_star29
I think this app is an amazing app where I get to spread positivity and create videos for me and others to love! Coverstar, I think this app is def my fav app to post on. And a few things I love are: 1. If your not ready to post your vid yet u can easily save it to drafts by pressing “save for later” and no one else can see it unless u post it! And u can also private your account if you don’t want others to see ur vids! 2. We do have rules! Which makes this app a great app to express ourselves, by not putting down others down. 3. If someone is causing problems, being rude, etc. u can easily report them, tell them to stop, or block them easily and it’s all kid friendly! 4. You can host challenges! And choose which song to dance to next which is also a great way to connect with others! 5. Once u are verified u are known as “famous” and it also unlocks a great opportunity to do vlogs, make longer vids and get your fans rlly into your life behind the screens! Some other things I love are how it’s kid freindly and a great place to express yourself. I am so very grateful for this free app! And my only down about this app would be if you are not verified ur vids can only be 1:00 long! Tysm for letting me write this bye!! 💗💖💓🌸🌺🎀💐
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4 days ago, acadicorn ♡︎♡︎
Very good, minor issues
Hi! I’d like to first start off with that this app is great! It’s fun making vids and there is not much bullying! (I’ve had 2 negative comments but I know it’s not the app developers fault, and they removed it after a day) I also have run into people making edits with curse words, and middle fingers, which again is not the developers fault. That’s the least of my problems though. $6.99 a month to have more than a minute of recording time!!! (Okay, there’s other things too like faster post times but like) also the amount of ads is aggravating. It feels like I get one every 5 minutes!! I understand they have to make money but when I first downloaded it, there were no ads! And no “premium subscription”. Anyways, overall the whole idea is awesome, but there’s also some things that would make it better. Thanks for your time 😁
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7 months ago, A good game! But some bugs
I love it but maybe a few bug fixes should come to place🤟🏼
I have been using coverstar for about two years now, I really have nothing bad to say about it. It is a completely totally positive community, and it really gives me an opportunity to use something like TikTok to my advantage. Since I’m not allowed to have TikTok, it is a really good replacement and definitely good for kids nine and up, but the issue I have with Coverstar is the fact that my screen keeps freezing and either making the screen really blurry, or just enlarging the person while they are dancing, etc. although I love the app, I kind of wish that there was an update that could fix that, but other than that, I really love Coverstar and the fact that it even gives you an opportunity to get verified! Would suggest, a GREAT app❤️
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3 weeks ago, gdgwufg
It’s really good but…
It’s a really good app and safe for kids under 12, but I wish that there was more things to it. Like I want there to be able for people to go live on coverstar? And for people that are non verified for them to be able to do videos more than a minute! Like maybe 5 mins? Bc it’s not fair that people with premium and people that are verified to be able to do that and people that are non-verified and can’t be able to pay that don’t get to because that’s just not fair like it’s not our fault that we can’t grow our account and it’s not our fault that our parents won’t pay for it we can’t pay for it like that’s not our fault so please all that’s all I’m asking for you to be able to make us go live and have people that are non-verified or don’t have the premium to be able to do more than a minute? Love, Viv☺️🤩
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1 week ago, youtuber fan!
AMAZING just a few things!
This is an AMAZING app especially for children above the age of 8 as it is safe. There are many great things about the app, but a few things could be better. Such as it is glitchy a lot and says no posts, no notifications, no fans, and etc. Another thing is that we only get a minute on each video unless you have premium or you’re verified. Most people cannot get verified or afford premium so, the time limit for others should be at least 2 minutes. Other than that, I highly recommend getting this app as it is wonderful in many ways! One of my favorite things about it is that it is unique and not a complete replica of TikTok or anything because you can join challenges and get badges! You can also host if you’re lucky enough!
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2 days ago, LJusus 🪷
Such A Good App!!
I am in LOVE with Coverstar! The app has an amazing community and a great moderation system. I wish there were more challenges!! There is one a day until summer, and the. there’s two. I wish that there was 2-3 EVERYDAY! It would be so much fun and i definetly think that there’s plenty of sounds you could host. Another thing is that you should be able to pin comments. In someone’s videos people thought she quit cheer and hundreds of people were asking, but if you scrolled down enough you would see the answer! SOSOSOSO many people have had this same issue. I’ve seen it! also, i understand the ads and stuff. But there should be a one-time option to remove ads. And i don’t mean premium, i mean a one-time $5 purchase for NO MORE ADS. I hope you’ll take this all into consideration!! 😜💕🎀
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1 week ago, C dawg 2333333
Love but glitches
Hello, I’m a user on coverstar. My cousin got me addicted to this app one day and she was so right about it! It’s amazing! But, sometimes it glitches like says an error occurred if it persists reset COVERSTAR completely. When I restart my entire phone I come back on and it keeps happening. Also, sometimes I’ll just get on COVERSTAR and under following and just in general for any video it says no posts yet when there is and under following it says no posts yet start following someone. I follow a lot of people and it gets on my nerve. Please fix, other than those things I love this app! Thanks! Editing this review now, I still love COVERSTAR but unfortunately had to delete it because my mum found out about it. I’m 13 and now I’m trying to do research in order to be allowed on it again
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7 months ago, Smallft
Amazing!! But There Is One Thing
I absolutely love Coverstar!! I can use it to make fun videos, edits, and pursue my dance passion!! I love seeing other kid’s vids!! Everyone is so sweet and we all support each other! Although it is fun to get lots of fans and get verified that is not the main goal for everyone. Most people just come to Coverstar to make fun videos and support one another and have fun! So it’s not a competition at ALL! Overall I adore the app! But there are some glitches. For example, sometimes when you enter the app music from a video randomly starts playing even when you’re on your own profile page and not even watching a video. And one other thing sometimes when you film a video it doesn’t upload and you have to redo it but that doesn’t happen that much anyway.
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3 weeks ago, Fbdgbtrhdh
Omg do not like
it’s OK I said OMG do not like because you guys are starting to charge for premium like what is that? Why do you need to charge for premium? You used to only have to get verified and I know some people only get 15 seconds and why is that have a specific amount of followers? I’ll get a minute and you have to have a specific amount of followers to do more than a minute. It’s stupid, it’s not good and why do you do it for people who aren’t verified and they want to like do it do you wanna do it longer and why do you switched it to get money like a lot of people are gonna stop they’re gonna leave that and go to a different app that doesn’t try to make a video longer than three seconds like why do you do that like you just made me they just asked me to pay 499 a month for premium and I did that times because there’s 12 months and a $59 I don’t know how many cents like why would you do that? Nobody’s gonna be on your app if you keep doing that yeah you might wanna get rid of that premium one star
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2 months ago, Leiagal_2
Love this app
I love the app I can’t say one bad thing about this app cuz well this is a good app and well I was just a regular girl who wasn’t famous and now I’m famous and I love it. I love it when people take my advice and watch my every day routine. Every body is nice and kind on this app there are no bullies there is honestly just girls that are little on this app and right when someone puts something bad like anything they are automatically kicked out or banned from the app. So clearly this is a good app were you can get famous and have fun and YouTubers are on this app and it’s just really fun I can say a couple more things that makes this app even better but I’m gonna let you get to it and allow your kids or you to have this app and enjoy may god be with you god bless
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5 months ago, I couldn’t find any names
It’s good but there’s one suggestion
Coverstar is a great app to post videos and still be in a positive environment. You can ACTUALLY become famous without having hate. Or scroll and not see some weird stuff. (Seriously there’s some WEIRD stuff on these social media platforms) there’s just one minor inconvenience for creators. So sometimes I post videos talking like in GRWM’s or just sharing something exciting. The problem is that I only get one minute to do everything, and it’s really difficult to fit everything in one minute and we ALL hate when a creator says “like for part two!” And it’s annoying myself because I have to post that video then go back then continue. When you get verified you can post vlogs which I think you can film for however long you want. I know it’s supposed to be a special thing for getting verified and I don’t want to make it normalized. So my suggestion is that when you reach a certain amount of fans or starpower you could film for 3 minutes. This would literally make creating videos SO much easier and relaxing for fans AND me. So PLEASE take this into consideration because I bet you that so many unverified creators would be extremely thankful for this. Thanks for reading :D
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4 months ago, majicalyou
This app is amazing but…
Hello. Ok so I had Coverstar for about 2 months now and I already no so much. I’m on it a lot and I love showing the world what i like. I think it’s great for kids and it shows great content. Sometimes I do see things that are inappropriate for some people. Like some dances I see people showing there botem (ofc not with pants/shorts) or when some people make crazy friend videos it’s kinda wired. Also, when you first get Coverstar you have to make a account and I’m fine with that. But you do have to get verified to make Videos up to 20 minutes. Honestly for social media I feel like that’s to long. And you have to have a certain amount of followers to get verified. Up to 3000. I think. But I really like this app and it deserves 5 stars for sure!
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3 months ago, chdncht
So I’ve had Coverstar for I while now and have updated the app countless of times, however lately when I have gone to update it won’t let me. Now I have no idea if this is in control of Coverstar but that’s just my experience. Overall this is a great app for kids that aren’t allowed to have TikTok yet. One thing that may be concerning is the fact that some sounds include bad words. For example, I was scrolling on my feed and noticed an edit of a girl. (No hate). She made an edit from cap cut that had a song filled with bad words. Naturally I reported before young kids could encounter it. Now I know Coverstar can’t go out and delete all of these sounds however every now and then I see a lot of them. Coverstar is a great app filled with fun dances and challenges however you just need to watch out a little.
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10 months ago, 0810abree
This is a great app!!!!
This app is so amazing!!! I had zoomerang at first because I’m not aloud to have TikTok but then I got Coverstar cause it’s a lot like TikTok or maybe safer!?!? I feel so comfortable and secure with my private acc on Coverstar the songs are an easy access no money needed and I’m so happy I have it!!! One thing I think they should add and I bet a lot of people agree is being able to go live!!! I love this idea because people could do blogs of how their day is going and maybe just talk to people in the comments…one thing I will say I think they should have atleast 1k followers to go live! Because there is no point in going live if you have like no one who is following you because then there won’t really be anyone on!!! Well that all I have to say!! Bye.
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6 months ago, Cm.marsh
Love it but a few suggestions to improve
I 100% love cover star. It deffinently has a more positive environment than tik tok or instagram. One thing I would change is getting verified. I think the once you get a certain amount of followers, you should be able to post videos up to 3 minutes. Another thing is when I want to make a transition but I need to find the best drop but o can’t find it, it only gives you seconds, not the actual song so you can listen and make it stop there. The last thing I would change is the notifications. I wish I could put notifications on for my favorite people I follow to know when they post. Overall, I love Coverstar and recommend if your not aloud to get tik tok or any other social media.
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1 year ago, ahahahegskgngv
My opinion
This is a great absolutely great app for kids it is very safe and appropriate for little children however l do have one concern with this app, this app recently just added some new members that are very popular in yt and tik tok and Coverstar decided to be in my opinion very unfair because they decided to verify the new members and leave everyone else in the dust and people who have working for a very long time and have bin working very hard and still nothing and l am sure many people are very excited that these new members have joined but l just really didn’t appreciate the unfairness that happend and l feel like Coverstar isn’t that much a community the way it was before because if new people that are already famous join Coverstar l feel like it might just can possibly just turn into another tik tok no hate on anything or anyone just speaking what l feel hope you understand.
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3 weeks ago, urfavv_Morgan
Love it but things can change :)
I absolutely love Coverstar! It’s just an amazing app for kids! But we need longer videos!!!! I feel it’s not fair for verified people to make long videos and for non-verified people get 1 minute! Even 2 or 4 or 3 or 5 minutes would a lot better! Also I feel like when it comes to hosting you always host verified people. You should definitely try to host more non-verified people so it gets them out there more! Last but not least, challenges. I love the challenges that you guys put out there. But, I think you should do some challenges under like 1k like you have been doing! You should do that a lot more often! Maybe even try to do some only verified people challenges so it’s fair for them! That would be A•M•A•Z•I•N•G!! I know this is long and thank you for reading hope this helps you think of some ideas!
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