Cruising gay hangouts dates

Social Networking
3.4 (532)
58.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
CruisingApp. LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cruising gay hangouts dates

3.45 out of 5
532 Ratings
1 year ago, DanPanamaCityBFL
Profile Pic
Hey I didn’t read the rules for profile pic and now I can’t see it after changing it multiple times. Anyone with an answer as to why?
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2 years ago, namenottakenmsmsmsm
The app is generally broken. The member locator map feature just disappeared. The venue map feature still functions. People join groups but dont chat. Messages are delayed by several days. There are only a dozen people near me, but near me means 5000 miles away. The app used to list guys a quarter mile away, and there were always tons of guys within 100 miles. No more. I wrote this review a year ago but I never sent it. Nothing has improved on the app. In fact it actually got worse. It’s too bad because it’s a great concept and it used to work well. The app keeps wanting me to spend money on it, but why would I spend money on something that has glitches in every single aspect of it? This is a terrible app and it is a waste of time.
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5 years ago, TumbleweedATL
Could Be Awesome
Digital version of good ol’fashioned park cruising. Problem is not enough guys use it and the app shows dudes online that aren’t, and haven’t been for sometime. I had this app a year or so ago and then just downloaded on my new phone. Didn’t remember by sign in info so I had to make a new old profile still shows active...same with my we can see ourselves as being “online/active” even though we don’t have access to those profiles anymore. Also won’t save my info so I have to enter in new stats and pic each time I open the app. Again, great potential but needs investment both from the tech side and from guys to use it.
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7 months ago, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws
Profile randomly deleted
Let me start this off by saying the app was okay at best. The selection of people isn’t very large, but that’s whatever. I changed my profile picture to one of myself shirtless with pajama pants on and my profile was deleted within the hour. Can this be remedied? I didn’t break any of the rules that I know of, and support isn’t responding to me.
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3 years ago, Southern_Dude67
Very Poorly Executed App
There is a high propensity of fake profiles on this app & no way to really report them. There is no verification method like other apps use to make a valid profile. While there aren’t too many people in my area, I find that being able to engage is difficult. Apparently the GPS is erratic because one day it shows me where I am but the next has me in Africa. I’m also not sure why people so far away appear. So many issues with this app. I haven’t met up with anyone but actually afraid to because of the fake profiles
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4 years ago, NorthShore Mikey
Unstable app
Worked fine first day. Profile pic loaded. Nearby feature worked. Now no profile pic despite trying to reload multiple times. App can’t figure out where I am. And I keep receiving error message that my location services are turned off, when in fact after checking a few times they are on for this app. Today it will not even load anything. I deleted app and reinstalled but I can’t even get the app to load. 🤷🏽‍♂️other apps out there. Maybe will check back at a later date.
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3 years ago, brgallag
Scam app
Beware! This app requests your location and shows your location on their map for months after logging off without any option to remove yourself. They are clearly trying to collect user data to appear to have way more users than they actually have. The app also appears to be in clear violation of the App Store rules with the posting of adult content and an emphasis on sex. The app is buggy, poorly designed, and nobody ever responds because the users aren’t real or haven’t logged in for months after being originally scammed into logging in in the first place. It’s sad an app like this ever made it into the app store. If that weren’t enough, it’s clearly being operated out of a foreign if you care about your data and privacy, you’ll steer clear of this one.
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2 years ago, JammerDNA
Ad after ad after ad
I understand it’s a mainly free app but there too many ads. Many that can’t be skipped and many further that can’t be closed. You have to exit and close the app to make the ad disappear. Uninstalled almost immediately. Would give 0 stars if I could. I don’t understand how it has the rating it has. Probably fake ratings to boost its appeal.
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4 months ago, Jperkins26
Overall Ok App
I think there should be more options/profiles to view even if you don’t have premium! I love the app despite that!
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4 years ago, Helito77
Not many users in my area. Messages glitch. Receive notification but no message shows up. I guess it’s a work in progress. Could be better
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6 months ago, Cosmic_Heel
This app is trap don’t install it!
I installed this app to try it, but there is no at to delete your account. I tried to search it but no guide I found online worked. I think it’s a cheep strategy from the app designers to keep a ton of users even after they didn’t like the app.
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2 years ago, buddywinston
Garbage App
Where to start? 1. Click on help/faq- Nothing shows up, so no guide to use the app. 2.Ads for bingo games pop up and no way to close. 3.”Nearby” guys can be Over 1000 miles away. 4. An upgrade is listed at $1.99. Is that per month, or the total upgrade charge for continuous access? DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!
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2 years ago, nervoursbrat
Not that bad
No users in my immediate area (closes person over 500 miles away) but I did like how it worked
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3 years ago, NekoKills
Drenched in Ads
One of those apps that makes you watch an unskippable 15 second AD after you do anything. The cherry on top is after the 15sec AD is over, you still have to wait 5secs. for the 'close' button to appear
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2 years ago, 2458bottom
Horrible App
As of October 2022, this app is virtually useless. I am in Los Angeles and it is constantly feeding me guys that are thousands of miles away. Every week or so, it asks me to enter my basic profile info AGAIN! Many features don’t work as labeled or don’t work at all. Useless.
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3 years ago, cajun nunya
Don’t download
You have to recreate a profile every time you login
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3 years ago, trouble.63
Cannot delete profile and pics once you put them in. No password so whenever you try to access your account, you end up creating another one.
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1 year ago, $cjlowryy
Does amazing! I’m able to find hookups easily!
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4 months ago, shfghhv
App is literally broken
The app is not connecting to the internet. I have tried restarting the phone and nothing is available ands in the app connecting to the internet and updating my messages.
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1 year ago, Julian Wenwood
Not enough people
This app has SOOO much potential but there’s not enough people on them.
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2 years ago, DessertFirst2001
The closest “nearby” user on what should have been a busy Saturday night was 189 miles away. Additionally I had to watch a minute of advertising between each profile I looked at.
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3 years ago, Brycelaughlin
Too many scammers
I’m messages more by scammers in nigeria than actual people, my suggestion to fix this would be a verification process that still allowed some users to remain discreet yet prove they are who they say they are
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4 years ago, n64king
What is going on
So bad. Can’t zoom out on map? Nobody is around but I live near West Hollywood??? Also public spots... it kinda seems like cops or security could use this to track places and get yourself into trouble, but then again y’all hoes so...
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2 years ago, prince scooby
Horrible app
This app stinks - within 1 min of signing on I was hit with 4 ads and two messages from “guys” thousands of miles away that were nothing but solicitations-
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4 years ago, mmpapi
10 minutes
Downloaded at 12:31, deleted at 12:41. If an app frustrates you in the 1st 10 minutes, it won’t get any better... just delete it!
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6 years ago, CFS1966
This app is a joke
Maybe it’s new but nobody uses it in my area 1) pay for premium and can’t use it. I keep getting directed to pay for premium and already have paid for it 2) no way to contact anybody for support. Chat? Good luck nobody responds. No way to get in touch with any support. I had to contact Apple to get a refund for what I paid for premium. App deleted from My phone. Don’t waste your time
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4 years ago, Normanb79
Redo my info
What is wrong with this app. Every time I open the app I have to put back in all my info. Which is very annoying.
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2 years ago, 4everChris
Few to none users
Couldn’t get people near by me . Could ha e potential if had more people
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4 years ago, JCupid
Long way to go
There’s potential but this app has a way to go and more people need to use it.
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7 months ago, Scottfrer
Poorly written few participants spread over 100 of miles almost impossible to carry on a coherent chat.
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6 years ago, Jh90277
A good start
This app has a good start. It just need more publicly for more guys to join.
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6 years ago, mims2840
The app gps system is off. I live in the US and the apps says I’m in Italy. Yesterday I was in Mexico and the day before in Michigan (it’s about 10 hrs away). It’s a complete waste of time and place.
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3 years ago, Mr twerk
Needs work majorly
App sends false notifications and never loads then it loads but you are stuck with an ad!!! App is very slow to do anything.
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3 months ago, BlackEagle5197
Stay away!
Beware! This is a very poorly designed app. Almost certainly not worth of your time.
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2 years ago, Yanko Goorall
Don’t download
Horrible app with bugs. And nearest profile was 11,000 kilometers away - and I’m in one of the top five most populated city in the US. Plus, I immediately started receiving spam messages soliciting me for money. ...AND there are tons of ads ... AND they want you to pay for nearby users DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DOWNLOAD THIS APP.
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4 years ago, AcheronXaris
Promising But
A total disappointment which is full of glitches. Don't waste your time with this app.
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6 years ago, newtimenow
No instructions to delete the profile
No one near enough to use it!
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4 years ago, playingyourgames
Nothing happening and they don’t want you to put any kind of photo too revealing on a adult site
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4 months ago, duwizrd
Opening loop
App opens and cycles through the initiation screens and back again. Never enters app.
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4 years ago, vinibjob
Very Very VeRy cool
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2 years ago, Lunaspalo12
Stupid ADD!!!!!
Bother me from ad!! I’m just tired then gave up that’s I’m not come to check up, byeeee
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3 years ago, yentl2344
Total garbage app
Totally unusable. Nothing but ads. Skip it.
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6 years ago, Tokenhate
About 5 old men
That’s all you have to choose from on here; 5 old men.
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4 years ago, Prorock726
App is clunky, no users, and leaves a lot to be desired... don’t use
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5 years ago, israel's electrobox
Message contain
Why do videos and photos disappear not good
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2 years ago, Pastafarious
Full of ads
It’s full of ads 😞
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8 months ago, Hennie2001
Here’s a suggestion: Theirs hackers on here be very carful on here
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9 years ago, RatedCforCasual
Can't even start
It says a picture is required but I can't upload a picture. I tap the upload button but it never goes to my photos.
Show more
9 years ago, Alimilis
Be careful- you cannot log out/offline
Be careful you cannot log out or go offline, always online and always update your location automatically, it's crazy app.
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7 years ago, Mlyiv
Unfortunately, it's not working on my iPhone
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