Daddyhunt: Fun Gay Dating

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4.1 (3.4K)
40.3 MB
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Daddyhunt: Fun Gay Dating

4.11 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
5 years ago, AlexF_20xx
A much deserved upgrade
Before the update, the app was a bit “clunky”. Typed messages were duplicated two to four times, notifications were sometimes not sent at the time, as well as you could not scroll down to see all your favorites without the app “blanking out” all the thumbnail pics - and to fix it you needed to restart the app. It had caused me to delete the app several times in the past. It’s still not perfect, but the major flaws had been fixed. My only concern now lies in the inbox. I need to scroll through lots of profiles just to get to the messages I’ve received currently. All in all, pretty content so far
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5 years ago, Ditmartian
Mixed bag
Reading some of the other reviews I’m not having as bad an experience as some. I’ve now noticed that there is zero point in the global photo feed - that’s a way to advertise yourself to guys 1000s of miles away which is a TOTAL waste of my time. I’m always amazed at all these apps where it doesn’t seem to occur to the developers that HEIGHT is a critical factor in determining compatibility. I’m a 5’-6” top. I have ZERO interest in guys 6’-5”. Yet there’s no way to search for shorter guys. And guess what - lots of taller guys have no interest in me when they find out how little I am. I’m perfectly proportioned so in my pics you’d never know that in fact I’m petite. My manhood is average size so in comparison to my little body size it looks like I’m super hung. I am not. Making HEIGHT a critical factor in search and profile is necessary to compete with your biggest competition - Scruff. Scruff’s superior search features is what continue to make it THE best app. The gents who’ve complained about your photo features are right on. RIDICULOUS cropping. No ability to order them in any particular way. ☹️ I see you’re about ready to upgrade your features. I’ll look forward to improvements. Thus far I have found a young man nearby I’m interested in. If I can lure him into a date I’ll come back and revise to 4 stars. 🤞
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6 years ago, Fred Squared
Great Alternative
A fresh approach for another dating app. As with most apps in the sea of swipes, Daddyhunt excels when you take the time to market yourself with strong photos, other visuals that emphasize what’s in your hear to the core of what sets you apart from this years model. Words and verbiage can illustrate anything, it’s how you present their dance to fuel the total illustration of yourself. It’s not the fault of the app if you don’t take the time to utilize the technology properly, it’s your loss. The user shouldn’t expect a plug n play scenario without some sort of focused effort from the user. You know yourself, so sell yourself. It’s that simple. Great App, seriously worthy if you feed it a balanced meal of who you are and whom you’re targeting in your life at this moment.
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6 years ago, No_Neck
Annoying interface
This is one of those apps that baits you into thinking it’s new and different, only to annoy the heck out of you by constantly trying to get you to “UPGRADE TO PREMIUM” by blocking search parameters, limiting the number of people you can see and randomly throwing up banners. In addition, the scrolling capabilities of the interface is very jarring and not smooth at all. The pre-defined search filters of “ Most Viewed”, “Most Followed” and “Most Shouts” is also a joke since it stands to reason that the most followed would also receive the most views and shouts - the result is you see pretty much the same profiles in all three searches. I get that you want to generate revenue for your app - but beating people over the head with constant reminders to upgrade without allowing the user to see what the app can truly do isn’t the way to do it. Some users may pay to eliminate the limitations but, for me, I’ll just delete the app.
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4 months ago, MidnightApollo
I love this app!!!
An app geared for daddies to meet twinks and thinks to meet daddies, that celebrates age gap relationships and brings older and younger men together in way none of the other gay dating apps can, is soooo refreshing. I have met so many gorgeous boys across the world and have had so many wonderful conversations, and I’ve only been on here for 2 weeks! I only have one problem and one wish… My problem, and I hope the developers will address, on the iPhone at least, it’s rather buggy. Specifically, profiles freeze up and you can’t scroll through it to see their information, sometimes even the photos freeze up. It usually fixes itself when I close and reopen the app, but I’ve also had instances where I reopen the app, it works one or two profiles, and goes right back to freezing up. My wish, I wish there were more local profiles… I’m not sure what kind of marketing could be done, or if anything can be done… and I have met some somewhat local boys, but more local in the community would be nice. I’m having fun all the same!
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6 years ago, killafncam
This app is completely fake.
Now I have seen a few people that I’ve hooked up with on this app so I know it’s not 100% fake. But there are actual people waiting for newcomers to download the app and create their profile and then they will continue a conversation with you till you either a)begin to text them, or b) begin a Kik conversation. I have tested my theory multiple times and found out it’s true. The “daddy” will ask you to delete your profile and try to sweet talk you into giving out personal information. And they will legitimately send you money to try to launder it to another account, and then proceed by shutting what ever account you have whether it be PayPal a bank account or whatever process they use. This app is not safe whatsoever and I have been a victim to it. I have talked to multiple people who have tried playing out the same procedure. Please be EXTREMELY cautious when using this app.
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5 years ago, DJvoodoodevil
Redesign is a disaster.
The previous app wasn’t flashy but it was user friendly and worked, mostly...except for one serious bug to fix.. Messages were duplicating like crazy. I was a subscriber for years, and I couldn’t take that bug anymore so I canceled my support until it was fixed. Instead, they rolled out a complete redesign of the app and site. IT’S TERRIBLE. No more usernames in the profiles grid (People give important info in their names to help you decide if you should bother looking at their profile at all.) Offline profiles are mixed with people online. And they’re not even listed in numerical order of miles away! The interface and navigation are oversimplified. I understand it’s difficult to make everyone happy especially when you’re dealing with older AND younger generations, but the whole app was needlessly changed and things were lost.. including me. I barely sign on anymore.
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3 years ago, Yariel0313
Change the Chat History restriction
It will soon be my first year in this app. In recent months I stopped paying membership because I was not going to use the app much, when I decide to pay for it again I see that it went up in price. I didn't see any additional improvement other than the computer-like version that I thought was great. I decide to delete the application, and when I download it again, I see that you now have to be a member to see your chat history. Seriously? That is a basic function where one shares data, images or simply wants to remember a certain aspect that one had in the conversation. I feel like the app is looking like other dating apps where they want to force you to pay for everything and they forgot the original purpose of the app. Help people meet others
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5 years ago, Fhnsdhedvrfg
Owner has become lazy
I have been a loyal paying member for years. When I first found this app I was ecstatically happy that someone had finally taken the time to make an app for Older men. It’s seems however that the owner of the app has become more interested in making money then keeping a quality product. I wrote the company 2 times over the last 6 months informing them that the travel feature was no longer working. Both times I received a form letter informing me there would be a new app out soon and would I like to Berta test it. In the mean time the old app is becoming more and more unstable. The last week every time I send or receive a message it sends 4 to 10 times. I have not renewed my membership and will not in the future. If the app will not work as advertised then it should be free or apple should remove it from their products.
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5 years ago, Thalon
Double standard ap
Ok so I liked try to post a pic from waist up no bulge no sexual content what so ever. Yet it’s clipped it shows two nipples and my belly button. Must be 1965 (I dream of Jennie) cause it gets censored mmm apparently public pics can’t be shirtless I get it. But seriously why when I sign off all I see is Speedo clad boys on the beach with bulge as their primary pics maybe it’s a age limit or .... it’s just more BS to lure you back in to see one more fake profile they set up. This ap is pure bait and switch I feel like most of not all the shout outs to me where fake as profiles when checked had no location mmmm again I call BS. When can a gay ap be just that gay men chatting and connecting not screwing you for your dime. Also I was sick of ad shout outs. Fake fake fake I don’t mind ads but all here it what u get but I’m so glad I did not waste my money to pay for prem.
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5 years ago, DaveInChicsgo
Hard to conduct chats
A few months ago, messaging on this app became a nightmare. I will see messages i send get repeated multiple times but separated by a brief time. If i typed more than one message, several may get repeated. What makes this worse is the same happens with the guy i am chatting with. New messages are lost in a string of repeated messages. Confusion abounds. It is challenging to have the app identify men who are local. That includes men 20 or 30 miles away. Sort of local but too far. They also need height as a way to filter. A new version of the website and app were announced last October. Still waiting 6 or 7 months later. I hope it is released soon. For now, it’s not worth the download. Wait for the new version. No bug fixes seem in the works for this version.
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5 years ago, Adrianmiguel
This app offers so much less than BC (Bugger City) it's ridiculous !!
Imagine not being able to see who is viewing your profile and to have to pay a premium to be able to view the users who are !! This is ridiculous ! It reminds me of people getting stalked and not being able to identify the stalker !! On BC this feature is a standard feature. They allow you to view the individuals who looked at your profile. BC far exceeds you on its features. Another thing is that the pictures are oversized and lopped off when trying to view them. Also, now, in this new version, you actually have to tap on the picture to find out the name of the individual you are looking at. I am suggesting that you take this viewers' feature off of premium and make it a standard feature. You know it is unfair !
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3 years ago, bri55555444222445
The app has improved
It’s nice to send a message without having to be matched up first. Yes I’m always looking for a hook up/ and hopefully with a relationship. Sometimes I see. A person that might just need a compliment. Words of encouragement. An honest opinion. ETC. Here I can do all this and be respected ( I think ) since as far as I know. No one has ever blocked me here. ( except maybe my X I have never found a profile for him here and that’s just weird to me)
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1 year ago, Disappointed DH user
Great idea. Average to mediocre experience. 1)While using the app my location gets switched to Ecuador. I checked other apps while using DH and my location is correct with them. Not sure whats up with DH. 2)My messages randomly appear and disappear without reason. 3)Lots of spam/trolls. About a 10 to 1 ratio with my experience so far. Wish this app were better. Location off and messages disappearing are bad enough. The huge amount of spam/trolls are a major turn off. Scruff is still the best chat app for this genre. DH is not the worst. But it could be so much better.
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5 years ago, PaulChapple
Terrible for pics
This app is basic and at its core does just what all other pickup apps do. It’s strength is in its function to browse in many different ways, which shows you more than just the local guys. Downside? The developers have no clue how to handle pics. Their photo selector crops your photos in weird and unpredictable ways. The in chat photo sender (the most frequently used function) is even worse, it presents a “box” that you aim your photos into, and then crops them in completely different ways. I mean HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? You line up photos to show what you want to show (face, body, etc) and this app send a cropped image of completely the wrong area... how can THAT be right? If the app can’t do the basic functions, why even bother!
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6 years ago, xdtjmgwe
Bogus garbage
Yes, Daddyhunt does have real local men on it; I see many men I know there. But this is one of those websites that I believe sends you completely fake messages supposedly from men all over the world. I just joined a week ago and I’ve already received a number of messages from very young men, none of whom are local or even close, even though I’m in my sixties and my profile says I’m interested only in guys over 50. It’s the same totally bogus crap - “How are you today, Sir?”, etc. It’s unbelievably pathetic. But I should have known by the slightly inflated subscription price and especially by the automatic subscription renewal; you have to go in and cancel or they will keep hitting your credit card for more money. Don’t be fooled by this garbage app.
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3 years ago, TMP866
Daddy Hunt
The app Daddy Hunt is great, obviously for its purpose if it suits you. It is also helpful in showing you how to navigate through it as you get comfortable using it. Nevertheless it does have limitations depending on your membership in what you are unable to access. With that being said some improvements could be made, for example; less restrictions for non-premier users but all in all its a good app and serves it purpose. Therefore I recommend Daddy Hunt as a great app to find what you’re looking for.
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Art - Looking for who I was talking to again.
Deleted my account, didn’t give me a reason. I KNOW I did not violate a single rule for this. Now I’m just looking to get back in contact with the sweetest person I was talking to. If you’re seeing this, please put my name in your 5 star review and any safe way I can contact you. Loved this interaction and I can’t let them go. Only gave 5 stars so it’ll be seen, would normally give it 1 star.
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6 years ago, *Jay Bro*
Very stable, less ads
I like this app because it doesn’t crash and it doesn’t have those annoying popup ads the others do. The guys are fairly friendly and there are enough. So far only one person has acted shady that I have encountered. The best feature is probably that you can pull up someone’s picture and when you do it has a view profile icon as well, so you don’t have to switch back and forth like other apps.
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9 months ago, mkcollective
Terrible registration experience
This is a terrible app for creating your account the first time. You go through the steps and land on a message that you have to verify your email address. Great, no problem except the email never comes. You check your spam and nothing there either. And there’s no option to resend. It’s like you have to start all over again. Developers - please add a resend option for the verification email. Seems ridiculous not to have one. My friend tried to create an account today and also never got the verification email, and the app won’t let you move forward without it.
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4 years ago, foguetey
They messed up the password. I am pretty tech savvy and I have tremendous difficulty log in. Seems like who had an old password no longer can login on the initial screen , i have to click on old password and let it deny me and then it give me some options And I have to choose one, I always click on the wrong option and the I get denied again and then I login on the right one and woof I am in. Daddies doesn’t have that patience
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7 years ago, 4lw4ys M4ving
Just wow!
I git to say this was the best app that happened to my life. I been on other apps and most men only use it for hookups and nothing else. I met many interesting men here and then i got shot in the chest with an arrow. We just hit it off and i just want to say. Thanks Daddy Hunt. U offered quality and delivered it! The app is clean and has many good gentlemen. Heads up it also has people only looking for hookups. Get a umbrella and weed out the storm of D pic's. you'll find a decent one here.
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4 years ago, Domn8or
This app puts the hottest daddies right there in your hands. If you are a Daddy looking for a fan or two. Just put up a profile and a good photo and the fans will come to you with respect. They might use words like Hello Sir to address you instead of Hey There. This is a gay site that welcomes the curious, the bi-sexual and even the straight guys who would like to see what it’s about. Browse the pages or open a chat, you will never be made to feel unwelcome. Quite to the contrary,
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3 months ago, Razr7
Works with issues
There are legit profiles around so it’s not a fully fake app but I suspect there are a lot of filler and bots/scammers. The interface needs work in the areas others have discussed in reviews but the main thing that is infuriating is it logs you out constantly. Basically if you aren’t in the app every 15-30minutes, you have to log back in. I’ve seen others told to contact support on that but this is not something that should require reaching out. Not having to constantly log in is a base function of any social app and should be fixed.
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4 years ago, ConDeuce
Better than Grindr is Many Ways....
I just started using Daddyhunt recently. The name of the app isn’t very appealing but I guess it’s ok. I like a lot of the functionality of the app. The main interface is a lot like Grindr’s and so is the messaging. It feels a bit less sleazy than Grindr for some reason which I like. To be honest, a lot of it operates a lot like Grindr but just differently so don’t expect a completely different experience. But generally speaking, I am pleased with the app.
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3 years ago, jmoz55
Best dating app for older/younger gays!
Over the years, I have tried many dating apps with little success meeting quality guys that were looking for more than a hook up. Daddy Hunt has been the best of all the apps! I actually met my partner through Daddy Hunt and we plan on marrying this year! Daddy Hunt gives you a lot more features for non-subscribed members. But I have been a subscriber for a few years now.
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5 years ago, Sleepie Pete
Not bad. Not great.
There are many apps that help people find friends/relationships. Most are quite random, so one advantage of Daddyhunt is that by its name and very nature, everyone using it knows they are, or are attracted to “Daddies,” or mature men. And that’s good. But the app’s location algorithm is wonky and so while set on “near me” the only people I see are more than 7,000 miles away— hardly a realistic way to meet someone! No other app that I own has this drawback.
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3 years ago, Wyrenth
Can’t view viewers
Seems like a pretty average dating app. The main issue I have is that you can’t view the profiles of those who have viewed you, which makes browsing those who took a passing interest in your profile impossible. Limited to 9 profiles for new, global, etc. Filters limited to age and distance. You can squeeze out a few more locals by tightening the age range on search, but not so great if you are rural. I can get the same or more features in other apps.
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3 years ago, For rhe love of God!
App Works Well
It’s nice to find an app that actually works well, with a good number of eligible men in my local area to connect with. I am using Daddyhunt currently as a nonpaying member, but will probably pay to join soon - I can already see that this site will pay off, unlike so many other ones who’s most qualifying members are in some other country. Lol
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4 years ago, chew_wolf
Not horrible but needs improvement
I enjoy the app for the most part. I dislike how the app shows me people that are too many miles away and it shows more of them than people that are actually in my area. I would like to be given more options of people nearby if possible. Because the way it’s setup presently, makes it seem like another scruff app. All the attractive people that you like to look at but can’t ever meet up with because they live too far away from you.
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3 years ago, IceQueen69
Nice, but a little buggy at the moment.
Had some trouble with messages. Received a few messages, wasn’t able to open them at all even though i tried everything, but other messages opened fine. Had to start a new profile in order to continue chatting, but other than the occasional message problem, this a good app to chat or meet guys.
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4 years ago, send it dambit
My review
Like most hook up sites there is that same contingent of rude guys with an overblown sense of self. Others are nice. Can’t at this time say too much, what with the US in lockdown and every one staying at home and social distancing. Let’s see what happens in the future. I am chatting with a nice guy, but a hook up won’t happen until it safe to do so. Well, that’s if he hangs around, ghosting is very prevalent at all hook up sites, so you never know.
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5 years ago, Tommy5677
Not an improvement
I understand that DaddyHunt wants you to subscribe to their app but this so-called upgrade has left the non paying user with something completely worthless. The gay dating/hookup app world for me at least, has been seriously narrowed. If the makers of DaddyHunt believe the new version is an enticement for me to sign up they’re seriously mistaken. Today, I’m deleting the app entirely and will stick with Scruff. I actually pay for Scruff due to a better interface and usability but it’s even a much better option for nonpaying members. If you’re going to pay for an app it might as well be that one. It’s not perfect for the older guy but it’s much better than this one. I too have received messages from 20 year olds 3,000 miles away. These are either fake or they’re scammers. I don’t have that problem on the above mentioned app. DaddyHunt has taken an already crappy app and made it, well, crappier.
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5 years ago, LegalMoose
Still undercooked
The new upgrade is better in some ways, but a lot worse in others. 1. Why do I have to continually log in? And why can’t the app save my log in information? Major PITA when trying to check the app, especially when it’s using location data all the time. 2. I get the random order thing for profiles so you’re not seeing the same three faces at the top, but there should be some way to change the sort order if you want it strictly by distance from you. (Side tip, go into filters and reduce the distance from Global if you don’t want to see people on the other side of the planet) 3. Finding the profile text is not intuitive. There should be a better way/more obvious way to find the text. 4. It’s definitely prettier than the previous version, but still needs to be polished up for usability.
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2 years ago, Ro 123456
Favorites no longer working
Long time app user here. I use iphone. Favorites (stars) used to work perfectly. Then all of a sudden, I couldn't Favorite anyone anymore. You click on the star and the profile just moves down. I was able to un-Favorite profiles just fine. I mentioned the problem to app developer several months ago. They said they're working on it. STILL not working! And now...I can no longer unFavorite existing favorites! So frustrating
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4 years ago, SDcubsub
A site for everyone
What I love about Daddyhunt is that the men who primarily hang out here tend to be men who are a little rough around the edges. The rest of the guys who come to this site are shopping for that type of man. I’m not feminine (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I’m not super masculine either. And I’m here to connect with those rough around the edges men... the ones who will treat me with the roughness I need.
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3 years ago, Blkfeva
More Filters
I’d like to see more filters in order to narrow searches such as, being able to see only subscribers that are online as opposed to looking for a green dot. Also being able to see visitors who have recently checked out a profile by adding the number of hrs and days sine they checked. As much as I Love Daddyhunt it needs to be tweeked .
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5 years ago, Matt2777
New App Doesn't Sort Newest Messages
-With the new app, the newest messages do not appear first. You have to scroll through many old and obsolete messages before you find the newest. -As an existing member, the new app doesn't accept my original login credentials. I have to sign in with my email address every time. The app doesn't retain the login information so that means I have to retype my email address and password each time. That's a very annoying process.
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6 years ago, NewDrew666
Used to be good
In an effort to force more people to pay for subscriptions, the developer has been stripping away features from non-subscribers. What we are left with is an app that is pretty much worthless. I’m sure they will force a bunch of older guys into paid accounts, I doubt many younger guys will pony up the $100. For an app with one of the lowest number of users among gay apps, seems like a dangerous move in a business sense. Whatevs. I’m moving on to bigger and better apps.
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3 years ago, edroha
I’m trying to look at profiles in Anchorage Alaska. I start of with a location map. I drag the pointer from Universal City to Anchorage. The map reads Anchorage. I tap on Anchorage and noting happens. I get a prompt to type in the location. I type ANCHORAGE and I’m told the city does not exist. So I go to settings and look for the location prompt but there isn’t one. Bad bad bad all around
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3 years ago, Alanmck1
What I think about this
It seems to be a little more busier for me they seem to text me I have two videos I haven’t figured out how to send them to him so ever I want but it’s OK everything’s cool I would like to go to the library and send a video to whomever is asking me for something but I haven’t found it
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2 years ago, mc4asia
Barely functional
Prepare to get messages from users halfway around the world who think you’re nearby because this app’s mapping doesn’t work (and no, I’m not hiding my location). Unlike other apps you can’t explore other locations unless you want to pay, and given the poor functionality and lack of users to interface with - no value there. There’s better for free available. PS: yes I’ve set my location as useable when the app is in use. Still not worth purchasing the paid version.
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5 years ago, Stormwachr
Glitchy at best
Several glitches still manifesting in this app. Notifications are multiplied annoyingly. One message sent turns into 4-5, and vice versa. Someone thinks you are not and gives you a shout out, congratulations you will get that shout out 7 times. Also keeps saying I have messages but nothing is there. And it’s difficult to get to the messages on your pictures. Overall I’m very disappointed in this app, especially when compared to the two major GPS based social apps.
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5 years ago, JF2020
App not sending messages
This app is not well programmed... it is very selective on when you respond to sexy men ... 70% of the time you can’t send a message ... hey guys before You want to charge for a gay app ... clean up the programming ... I know competition is tough ... but your pricing at $100/year is a bit crazy for an app wit lots of bugs ... I do like your concept of the app
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8 months ago, Max hunter au
Enjoyable experience
Daddyhunt offers an excellent way to connect with older men, distinguishing itself by focusing on connecting people of different age groups. While it shares some similarities with other apps, its unique emphasis on connecting older and younger individuals sets it apart. I found the experience enjoyable.
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5 years ago, Federico Buonocore
Been Here Since Beginning!
Certainly have enjoyed this venue since I think it was 2005. I have made great friends, and a few boyfriends and loved some and been loved. Once upon a time age difference was a taboo and DaddyHunt deserves some credit for breaking this down. Thank you to the founders and to those who carry on the spirit of love is love is ❤️
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4 years ago, I'am.Me
Well it comes a time when we hit our age and feel like you don’t belong anymore. Daddy hunt allows me to be me and meet people that are accepting. I have closed other apps because of this experience, my age is just a number and hope to meet someone to see me, and know me. Thank you
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4 years ago, jayray928
A place of acceptance. And hot guys.
I have been on this app probably for over ten years. Just like any app, you get your share of flakes. On this app, I have actually made buddies all over the world. The percentage of a social, in addition to a sexual world — is very high. I enjoy This app very much.
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5 years ago, Shane8194
New version is terrible
The new version is a huge downgrade from the old one. You can’t search global or local. There’s no more options when you send a ‘shout’ at someone. You can’t view what someone put as their location like before, just how many miles they are away. Also can’t click on a picture and zoom in, or see how long ago a picture was uploaded. Didn’t need to change what wasn’t broken. Taking away features and small details wasn’t necessary or requested at all.
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6 years ago, l'artist537.9
Men Shown Never Change
They are always the same men. In fact, they are often in the exact same positions on the page everyday. They must sign off sometime. Either there are miserably few members in the West Palm Beach area, or they’re not being shown is supposed to be an incentive to get guys to sign up. The same situation with the selection under the “New Members” heading. So, I’d say that all in all, 2 stars is quite generous. No I won’t become a paying member for these reasons.
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