Global Chat & Date

Social Networking
3.9 (15.1K)
90.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dmm Solutions Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Global Chat & Date

3.86 out of 5
15.1K Ratings
1 year ago, T. Beloved
Scam Guys
Honestly wanted to just say that I’ve use this app twice once in 2020 and one in 2022 to 2023. I think the first thing I want to say is that I wish that I fully reviewed what is this website is legit or not. Yes, there are members that tend to upload videos into all the special things that you’re not able to do… I think it’s because these are employees that actually work for the site. There are real people on the site… But if they’re members… Stay away from them! I feel like they’re just there to entice you and I get paid every time you spend credit talking to them. I thought I connected with somebody twice that was legit. But eventually we started talking on the email after much reluctance and resistance was given. And then eventually, he wanted me to start going back and talking to him on the website… Which I thought was odd…. The site is expensive! Well… He hasn’t sent me an email in a couple of days and I was curious… Where should I find it? On the website talking to whoever else that was willing to entertain them then. People get paid to pretend to like you… I’m pretty sure that’s the case for this app as well! Be. Very. Careful.
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2 months ago, Darryl Wallace
Not only expensive, but 90% of the accounts either aren’t real or aren’t really single
This app is too expensive. After reaching out to numerous people and voicing how difficult it is to keep using the app with the pay as you go set up, I was told that there would not only be changes, but possibly more free options moving forward once you purchase a subscription. But after re-downloading the app, the pay as you go set up that I and other customers complained about is still there! You still have to keep paying money for credits to talk with the other verified members, and although they’re offering more credits for a bit less, it’s still set up to make customers dish out more money. Number two, there are way too many fake profiles! Alot of the pictures and videos uploaded on these profiles are from Instagram and Tiktok accounts, and unless you are familiar with who the person is, you could potentially be lead a stray. Now some of the verified accounts are real, but the girls after finding their Instagram accounts, are already in relationships with other guys and have been for a while. They however use the site to earn another source of income, and see how many people they can convince to give them virtual gifts that they can convert into money. I won’t be using this site as often as I have been.
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2 years ago, ReaperGrim
LIES! Scammy Vibes
If I could give it no stars (or negative stars) I would, but I can’t so they get the one star. I joined after seeing an ad on TikTok. At first it seems legit. Enough for me to sub for $9.99 for the month which is low for a monthly compared to the other apps. This is where things got weird. I got a good number of chats started. Once I replied to some, they never replied. Members can be verified via email which was kind of strange that it’s not in app. Then there’s “Popular Members,” these members are outside of the norm. You need a lot of coins to talk to them. No matter if they start the conversation. Coins aren’t cheap. One chat got really odd like parts of the chat was missing. Or the person was lying. They have in app chat with members, email with members. You can’t open emails of popular members without coins either. I think the hot members are part of the con to get you to buy coins. I also flagged a few profiles for being fake—the pictures were of not so famous actors. Weirdly a lot of the spam accounts are verified, which means this app is a scam too. Maybe if you try message any real person the app doesn’t even share it to them. They just bombard you with popular members messages trying to get you to pay more money. I do not recommend wasting your time and money on this app.
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2 years ago, MadaFigure27
Pros and cons
I usually don’t do feedbacks, but I’ll definitely point out some pros and cons. I do like this app because it is safe in most standards, and it does have good features to use. The downfall is that it is way to high for purchase of tokens, and most sources provide subscription rate every month. This is not good if this site draws people to use this as a cost of token every single day. Also, this source of app is useful when it comes to preventing fake people because you can hide your profile from someone you don’t trust. This dating source really needs more improvement when it comes to cost of service and features because it doesn’t benefit every customers who use this if people are only here to find a partner who they can trust and not just the play around with. All other sources that are free are not worth it. My advice is to offer better service to improve this app and website without spending too much money on all features.
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3 years ago, Hassan Altenwerth
OK so here’s my review. First I want to say that usually I don’t enjoy online dating. Few times I tried I soon got bored and didn’t like it. I tried match and tinder and also pof. Never got on with anyone of them and even lost interest completely. I generally like being single and don’t like the hassle. So anyways I decided to the app as I heard about it having streaming which is a bit different. I have to say this app is pretty basic and doesn’t have the streaming. That's on the website. But anyways Ive been using the app for a few weeks and the best thing about it is all the members around the world. I’m not bothered about meeting anyone and prefer just to chat. That's the reason its good because there isn't any pressure. You can just meet someone miles away and then talk to them and you don’t have to stay in touch. So it really does seems better for me. That's the reason I think its ok otherwise id say its like all the other dating apps that I don't like
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5 months ago, Anon from WV
Review from Northern West Virginia
I realize that the participant fills out their own profile BUT, when they type in that they are from “small town” but fail to say what state that small town is in, I might as well look for someone who will be forthcoming. Somebody just typed that he is from Arlington, USA. Well I grew up in Arlington, Virginia and I know people who live in Arlington, Texas. So only saying the name of the town means nothing without including the State in the USA. Another example, I now live in the northern panhandle of West Va. which is a half mile from the border of Pennsylvania and five miles from the Ohio River so when you cross the river. You are then in Ohio. Now, Ohio has a town called Toronto but if you don’t say Ohio, you might think I mean Ontario in Canada. So. Please, specify to add the state after the city where you live. I have been trying to meet people who live near where I live. I have yet to meet one person who lives near me. So, I am thinking of leaving town, and leaving the state. Sorry. I came here married and he died in 2021 from uncontrolled Diabetes. I think I would be better off just going back to Arlington, Virginia.
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2 months ago, Neverfollow
Am fake profiles and a global scam
A couple of us setup some profiles to test this site out. It's a total scam. Yjey are brilliant scammers. The theso called credits is great business model to distract from the "dollar" values. All the profiles are fake. Cardullwy pay attention to the patitos. Yheee is NO continuity. The scammers are silting around f in shifts - and as soon as we came o line you hate a barage of messages from all the "fake" profiles. They charge more you for photos and videos. The angle is "to get to know you" forever. Then they send photos and videos and emails. These have higher pricing / cost than a text message. The idea is to keep chatting for ever. They have this gift giving scam so that you can send a gift and apparently send your contact y information. That is another scam - it takes 10 days - they take your money and. Otho g happens. Be very careful. I am not sure why Apple does not take this app down. With all the evidence we have from messages emails photos etc. we are put together a report to submit to the FBI through our lawyers. Please don't strayed scam. get caught it's actually a well designed and orchestrated scam.
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1 year ago, Boothang26
Love does cost
After bring on this app, I realized that 95 percent of the individuals on this platform are not really “looking for love.” Everyone on here seems to be gaslighting and does not genuinely have any interest in building any form of a relationship. Most of the questions are almost so elaborate and similar that you have yo believe they are using the same document and many have the same story-line. Clearly these individuals are receiving some form of compensation to lead people on and reel them into having long drawn out pointless conversations to manipulate you into purchasing more credits. This is how the site makes its money. Most dating apps will have you pay for the subscription in hopes you find friendship or a relationship. This app charges a low subscription fee and then has their “employees” bait you into spending more and more. You’ll end up spending $100 just to have a somewhat decent conversation. Basically, I would like to be hired here. Seems like a perfect job… all you have to be is attractive and manipulate someone to keep purchasing credits to have a conversation with you.
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2 years ago, Big Al's 23
It’s way too expensive I spent probably $50,000 in the past five years on your site you would think I would get some freebies at some point but no money money money and I had to leave serious relationship because I couldn’t afford to stay on her her site. I also believe the girls on your site that are favorites are paid in some form to keep us guys paying out money I know for a factThat they are doing everything they can to keep Joe’s pain either by getting gifts or by buying more time so what they get in return remains to be seen. Feel free to look at my past over the past six years and see how much I have spent when you come through dollar amount please let me know thank you
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1 year ago, Hiimalivingmybest
Please don’t use this App!!!!!
This app stole my info uploaded pic that weren’t saved in my photos I was select they don’t have a feature to delete your pic you can only make them private which doesn’t matter because anyone can pay to see private pic. I sent email and selected the delete account feature and they never deleted it I hit got tech support live no one ever answered you pay for everything I mean everything to text if use a emoji in your text you pay for it emails cost you you pay higher for emails whether you reply or not if you open it you pay none of this is told when you sign up also your charge per month for certain coin packages By the way the packages range from various prices This site is ran by hackers they have no empathy and my account has not been deleted I can’t believe the App Store approved this being that apple is not an open marketplace for apps that’s one of their key selling points when you purchase an iPhone this app is tarnishing apples image. Heed my warning.!!!!
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3 years ago, goldscorpion266
It’s a fraud and scam ! Be careful people!
It’s not legit website or App ! The profiles are FAKE! I recognized and Identified models that I know personally who are not on this app ! The administration steals pictures of god looking people from their Instagram and Facebook and post it here they even put hem in different locations away from their home countries! They play you all along with the texting back and forth so that you keep paying money to be able to reply! They have their employees behind the screens answering your texts and telling you sweet words to hook you up and lure you to pay more and more ! What a dirty trick ! Don’t buy credits just to answer messages ! It’s a fraud! Pay attention to the replies that you get , you will notice that it doesn’t make sense what they say ! Specially that all the ones who texts you lives abroad! I a different country and you can’t meet them in person ! They just want you to keep in texting and developing a fake online relationship so you can spend and spend on credits !!!! How Evil !!
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2 years ago, Pumpkin20122013
I have been on here for only one day and I already feel done. The only people who seem to be active are the “popular” people you need to pay to talk to on top of your subscription. Lots of men messaged me, surprise: none of them live near me, were all “popular” and they alllll talked like scammers: overly sweet wanting a commitment within a few sentences, opening lines that NO real man would ever say lol. Bad English, a gibberish of weird love talk. The BEST part is that you have to pay out your nose to talk to these fakes. They send you emails fully knowing how much it costs to open these stupid “secure” messages. After talking to 3 men who initiated conversation, I went through my allowed coins and then stupidly bought $20 more coins (which covered opening about 2 of these STUPID emails). It also costs coins to send photos and other things that should just be free. I’m a pretty attractive woman and have online dated before so I can spot a scammer pretty easily and am by no means desperate-I have already asked to cancel my subscription.
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2 years ago, leslina78
I’ve been on a couple of dating apps and this one was the worst. First of all it’s not clear about payment. I joined just thinking I would browse a little bit and got hit with charges monthly immediately. It said I would have a free month trial Unbeknownst to me and my laziness to check my account, I had forgotten about the app and was charged for four months. I was interested in it because I have been chatting with several people in the last two weeks before I actually canceled it, legitimately. After one email was exchanged or text or what have you, the app was charging me more money after $59 a month just to chat with the individual. Tokens or points or change. Apps make things easier when it comes to dating. I am an attractive attractive female- I got a bunch of cheesy cheesy responses from sketchy people. Some that actually seemed real until I would read their letter to me. Poorly written, lying about where they were from and probably lying about their photos as well. To summarize I don’t believe this site is monitored and is likely cat fishing. One guy said he was from LA and when I started bringing up places he had no idea and kept misspelling words and sounded like he was from another country… In the future I will go to an actual company that does background checks and manages / matches people (hopefully people that don’t try to contact me through sneaky channels) I would not recommend this app.
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3 years ago, In search of a partner
Enjoying the dating app
I would like to congratulate the people who came up with the idea to create a dating site for the single ones. However there has to be a way for the matching couple to come in contact with each other. I’ve found my match, but we are still struggeling to find a way to share each others contact info so we can have a proper date. Especially if it’s someone from China, where there’s no contact through Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp. I hope that the dating site can create a kind of a way to help these kind of people.
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1 year ago, 27474832
Full scam
Don’t fall for it. 99% of my connections had a strange conversational cadence, pushing for you to make as many paid interactions as possible. I’m talking like $8 to open a long form message unless you buy hundreds of credits to get a lower rate. The “men” don’t seem aware of what’s on their own profile if you ask a question about them. All models with PHDs? Sure. Right. The “economist” I chatted with didn’t know what economics was. None of these “professionals” speak like their profession and I’m not talking about language barriers. The UI is so confusing that you won’t even realize at first how you’re spending ~$0.50 for every single message you send, or open (depending, is complicated). With this, you’d expect real people to be dying to switch to text or other social media but they actively resist, sending baiting questions or trying to argue just so you hit that profitable send button again. This business is straight up fraudulent.
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1 year ago, Letberrpin
Too many liers and scammers and they charge for everything
This app is to expensive, they charge for everything to read an email to chat and I heard I don’t know if is true maybe not. But someone told me that all these men are hired from the company and their job is to make you fall in love with them, sometimes they used someone else pictures. That’s why everyone is perfect in that app. They have such a good jobs, professional of course you’re gonna like them. The weird thing is that they only can talk to you in the app. They can’t give you their phone number. I don’t know if someone is interested in you or course He would give you his phone number in this app they give you excuses. So that makes think that maybe is true that this guys are fake and work for the company and their job is to make you fall in love with them. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong. But too expensive and to many scammers too.
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3 years ago, sarahhen123456789
Many fake profiles
I haven’t paid for the services because I wanted to see if there was actually any attractive men on a dating site. I been to many dating sites and know that there are never any attractive men. Many of these profiles use pictures of models and I can tell every person that has contacted me is a fake profile. You shouldn’t be charging for services when almost every profile is fake. I don’t get why they aren’t verifying to make sure the people aren’t fake/profile picture. Even how the message, it seems like the creators of this app made a bunch of fake profiles just to get money out of people. I would suggest to everyone to not use dating apps and just meet people at places because this has been about the 15 dating app that is a failure. Almost all apps charge for services when there aren’t people that I find attractive on there and when I do, it’s a catfish or fake profile.
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8 months ago, Anyone83
Too expensive, Not Worth it, Fake Profiles
First you have to pay $9.99 for a subscription to read your messages and reply. This gets you a very limited amount of replies. Then you have to purchase additional credits to keep messaging. Stupid and ridiculous! I understand most apps you have to pay to see your likes and messages, but usually that’s the subscription and then you have unlimited messaging. I REFUSE to keep paying additional money to keep buying credits to keep messaging or pay $100 to buy their biggest package of credits. What a ridiculously expensive waste of my hard earned money. Plus I think most of the profiles were fake and were romance scammers because most of the messages I received asked me to contact them on WhatsApp. I understand communicating off the app asap because it’s expensive but asking to go to WhatsApp is a red flag for me from any and all dating sites.
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2 years ago, esound612
Something isn’t right
I’ve used every dating app there is . This one is buyer beware. It’s set up to make money period . Not help you find anyone . The red flags here is they charge you monthly . Ok that’s normal . But every conversation with anyone on here . After 5 or 6 messages you have to pay $1 for ever message beyond that. Or buy tokens for $100 which runs out fast. Everyone you message responded instantly . That’s the second red flag. Everyone that responded is really nice . A little to nice. The main red flag is you can’t exchange any outside the app means to continue talking to someone . Just to test this . We spent a few hundred in a few days to not be able to talk off the app. Hats off to the developers of this app. It’s a money making gold mine that thrives off the theory that the people you are chatting with are real. In my opinion . Run fast and far from this app. The only reason I’m giving it two stars is . If you have the money and time . It’s very entertaining. It’s set up to respond . They all say they live close by but they all speak like they have never seen an American anything . Don’t waste your money if a partner or date is what you’re actually looking for . If you seek high priced entertainment with no payoff . Yes this is the app for you.
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11 months ago, scammed by this app, yes
Ladies do not use this app. It is a total scam they say things to you to make you think that they want a relationship but it’s all a lie. They just try to get you to keep spending more and more money. I also believe that this app is ran by probably two or three people that created a bunch of fake profiles. They are clearly also using AI to communicate stay away from any profile that says popular member especially those are the main fake ones. If you’re not careful and you don’t cut it off, you will be spending money on this app for months. and then no point would that member say let’s meet and get to know each other I learned the hard way and I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anybody else I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription but they wouldn’t let me take a look at the prices no other app for Dating charges you that much to talk online. . . . . . . .
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2 years ago, farzam.f
Brutal scam
This service is clearly designed to abuse and defraud and secure the financial interests of investors and against users and in complete contradiction with the logic of finding a match. They cheated on me. I am ready to testify in court against this service I emailed them many times and asked them to return my money but they just play. They know I'm right. They have free users who have to text dozens of people every day and encourage them to chat. Chatting is free for members but expensive for the other party. Not amazing !!! A site that works to find pairs encourages members to play with dozens of people daily !!! The site's response service is cowardly because it traps complainants in unfinished emails. They are trained to deceive customers .Dirt your surveillance system. We are not stupid...I lost hundreds of dollars in your game and wasted months of my time. The only thing left is a huge profit for you and a disappointment for me.
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11 months ago, 81 yo Momacita
Very expensive
Every one I did establish a relationship with would not leave the app to communicate via any other social network. I believe that all three of the men I had formed a bond with were working for the site. I have not figured out how to cancel my membership. The three men could not live without me. I gave each of them my email and phone number and I’ve never heard from one of them m. Besides money I invested a great deal emotionally which I believe was their goal so I would continue to spend money to stay connected. One extremely handsome man ended up actually being a 30 year old man who lived in Africa and told me he really loved me and he was afraid if I knew who he really was I would never talk with him. He had sent many pictures of a man who turned out to be a gay man that produced the soap opera Days of our lives. I would not recommend this website to anyone.
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2 years ago, kendrick41
This app is a scam
There is nothing legit about this app. Also don’t spend money here. The people behind this app has either allow scammer to dominate the site/app or they are behind the scam themselves. In fact I know someone who worked for them and they use fake profile to lure users in and bait them into tossing their money into the wind. It’s like Vegas but worse because you can spend an infinite amount of lonely here and you’ll find no one but a pretty propel whispering sweet nothings into your ear with no substance in their response in fact it seems like they don’t even read your responses. There are so many other dating apps out there that are way better and no as scam oriented as this one. I’m not sure why anyone has given this dating app any positive feedback because it is absolutely the worst. I would rather match with no one than deal with a bunch of scammers and frauds!
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10 months ago, Fultyn
Basically a gam girl app
I logged in and was immediately invited to a video chat with a woman. I am not the worse looking man in the world but it's odd when a woman messages first let alone would be interested in video calling right away. I accepted the request regardless and enjoyed talking to her. I even spent $100 to continue chatting with her but what felt like not even 15 minutes later I was losing my credits already. That's when I realized that I was just a sucker and spending money on an empty "promise". The video call ended and even though it was a fake encounter with an attractive woman. It still felt good, I paid another $20 to at least admit that it felt good to talk to a woman that even pretended to actually care. It's a completely fake website though if you are actually looking for a relationship. Basically they are just gam girls but you don't see them naked or anything.
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11 months ago, fallingfjrj
I don’t get why you guys have every single user who has the app having to pay so much money for a subscription over 9.99 a month and then not only that but having to pay so much money to have credits and talk to the verified users so we can have benefits etc to do more things honestly this is such a waste of time for me it really is because every single user I see on the App I see it in other apps that you guys have so please do better with the app because this is ridiculous :) and also fix it if you guys take seriously FAKE PROFILES in there like you guys ALWAYS say :) thank you!!!! And also stop making people pay so much money to chat with whoever in there and make it FREE so every person goes there and has a chance and talking to who ever they want! I DEMAND CHANGE AND I WANT IT TO HAPPEN! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Mexican Artist
It might be a scam
Ok I got the app and the idea is good, it’s not about matching but more like a catalog and you can interact with any person and receive messages from any user. But you can’t talk, you might able to say hello but then when they answer you aren’t able to respond or keeping interacting if you want to do so you need to pay the premium membership, so I did pay the premium membership. But after that although you have paid the membership you credit expires and if you want to keep talking you need to keep paying which I find like a scam or something taking advantage of the situation. I already paid for a month 🤦🏽‍♀️ so I guess I will have my profile there for a month and after that I’m not paying again. If you are ready to spend money and keep paying until your find your better half then this might be for you.
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12 months ago, Gummster
Can’t continue my conversation because I don’t want to continuously pay $50-$100 for coins
The coins cost too much just to keep your conversation going no matter what there’s no free texting only with emails, but that’s like you’re not even having an actual conversation so you came and get to know your soon to be partners there should be a way to have a proper conversation, even through calling, or texting without having to pay for it especially if you got the subscription if you have a subscription to the app shouldn’t be no fee PS I don’t have a lot of people I’m talking to either just one and still this is cost me an arm and a leg. I’m almost up to 200 bucks only having a conversation with someone that ain’t right.
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2 years ago, Isalex😘
The worst! Nightmare!! Fraud is a fraud!!
This app is one the worse experience ! I have canceled it many times and they continue send me emails over and over of guys interested in me! But I even deleted all my pictures and information from the app they still saying a gorgeous i look and they can’t stop thinking about me ? Please is not truth is no picture or anything in the page that they don’t letting me to delete! Is all about a big scam ! BE CAREFUL!!! Is no good and they have some many other apps they also they Send me email from other ones with my pictures ! That I have no idea why they sale your information! I’m so frustrated and upset about it!! Please remove your self from this dating app, Another thing they want you to pay for everything even just to read or send messages !!
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3 years ago, A Star Wars geek
Total scam, full of fake profiles and credit drainers
Start a profile, even with minimal info, and you’ll be flooded by messages and emails from very good looking people who are quite forward and poetic about their eagerness to connect with you. If you fall for the trap and buy the $20 intro deal for 160 credits, it will be gone in less than an hour as you reply to all of these gorgeous people. They claim to have “anti scam” security and “verified” members to justify such a high premium. I was able to successfully reverse image search a few of the members while recognizing models and porn stars. I subsequently reported them along with a few of the women who were interacting with me. If they’re real, they’re in on it to make money by draining your credits. Because if they were also paying for 1 credit per minute message and 10 credits per emails, they wouldn’t just send them to random strangers. I got 5-6 messages from at least 5 profiles with random questions since the night before when I wasn’t responding. I also requested a refund through WhatsApp and haven’t gotten a response…however my message was read within minutes. Stay away, absolute scam.
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2 years ago, Kiyuko arenas
This app is a scam within a scam. Fake profiles galore!!! I paid for a membership not knowing it didn’t matter because you still have to pay to chat. Even if you open up the message box and not text anything it will still charge you credits. One guy asked for my number and acted like I had to send a special way (which would make you pay for further communication) emails through the app and whatnot, even told me to recharge!! So obviously the creators of this app have people texting you just to make you pay for more credits and spend money. I honesty rate zero stars. Negative 10 and 100%scam. I was straight ripped off. Do not get this app and waste your time or money. And especially do not pay for jack. I don’t know how Apple allows this app to be up and running
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2 years ago, BiancaD78
Um ok
Literally just installed this app and though no messages found already what looks like a fake account. Literally saw a South Korean actor “account” in my scrolling. It was a bit strange to see to say the least. Based on these comments/reviews people were not lying about all the seriously gorgeous people with the flame symbol on their pages and all of them are from like Italy or Belgium (which I’d be alright with if they were actually real). Good Lord if I met a man like that in person and they were attracted to me I’d probably fall over in my chair or fall whilst walking. I think this may be another application deletion for me because I’ve been scammed enough yet still wanted to give it another go and only tried because my sister was lucky enough to find her husband thru a dating app, but yep it’s just not for me.
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4 years ago, k.g.108
Don’t even bother with this one. It’s a scam. The presentation is designed to draw you in. A lot of unbelievably beautiful women from everywhere but my country was my first red flag, unfortunately. None of them remotely close to where I live. In fact, when I put my city into the preferences the results said there was nobody! Another red flag was that I started getting these messages from incredibly beautiful women from Latin American & Middle Eastern countries that made no sense and seemed very forward. Basically saying they would like to take trips with me and show me what love means, or something. Obviously fake bots. When I responded they respond almost immediately but in order to read their response you have to start paying for it. I didn’t pay and immediately deleted the account. Don’t get sucked into paying on a dating site like this.
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2 years ago, ambriley08
Chat Restrictions and Hidden Fees
I downloaded the app to try something new - haven’t had much luck with the traditional Bumble, Tinder and Hinge. I signed up for a premium membership, which gave me the impression I wouldn’t have to deal with restrictions on how many messages I could send or how many matches I could explore. I was wrong. Within an hour of downloading the app and starting conversations with a few people, I was printed to purchase “chat credits” in order to respond to ANY of my ongoing chats, essentially preventing me from responding to anyone. By not being able to respond to any of my chats, I appear flaky and disinterested, which is 100% not the case. I will be canceling my membership subscription and deleting the app very quickly. Unless you plan to shell out $$$, don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, Emily Jackes
The worst app ever!
This app suggests you a lot of handsome and lovely girls or boys. You becom happy, BUT suddenly you undestand you should always keep paying money to the app to keep in touch with the ones you have chatted with. It is totally bad and disrespectful. purchasing credits will never finish until you decide to not using the app anymore. Then, the ones you have chatted with start to send you message that they are waiting for you, where are you, and... You are there but you can't answer them. you even can't open their letters because of money again! messages from the handsome and popular members become more and more (OMG, sometimes I think they are robots) and they unintentionally prompt you to purchase credit. The app is not dating app. It is givememoney app. 😅🤚🏽
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2 years ago, ketia-ketia
Big disappointment
Almost all the popular members are liars, none of them I met who had the country set correctly. Of the three members, two were referred to the US, one to Spain. All three live in Brazil. I am almost certain that those who speak Portuguese live in all of Brazil. I highly doubt they are your own hired employees, real people to spend more money on your site. One was 10 years older than indicated. One had two children and had indicated that had not. Two people wrote to me who had identical pictures, with verified profiles and different names. All eventually turned out to be either actors or famous people in their country. I spent $ 3000 on this site and could not find a decent one. All turned out to be fake eventually. Who will compensate for the loss ?!
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2 years ago, gigi3197
Too many fake accounts
All of the fake accounts are very good looking men but they respond like robots. I’m convinced that this dating site purposely makes these accounts and verifies them to make you pay. I’d ask for Snapchat and they’d completely skip the question or they all said they feel more comfortable talking on the site. I found this very odd and their responses were sometimes confusing. It seemed good in the beginning to where I actually paid the $9.99 but then it asked to pay more for coins which will allow you to either continue chatting after a couple messages, and open emails sent from great looking accounts, and to view the profiles video and some pictures. This app is a scam and only wants your money. BE CREFUL AND DONT GET THIS APP
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1 year ago, T-dubz81
I highly recommend this application for entertainment, for finding new friends, your soulmate, and maybe even future love. And I met a lot of attractive friendly people on this site, it's worth it to register here. The site is filled with many options such as streaming, gift exchange, video calls, which makes it possible to communicate in real time. I wish everyone to find their perfect match through this site or just have a good time, communicate with nice people.
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1 year ago, MoneyPit06281988Cris
Updates Please
I was excited to use this app. But to be honest the app is really a rip off. You can get on for free but if want to do interact in the app you have to pay for it. You pay to: Make changes on your profile. To send photos To open emails Send a normal message Listen to voice recordings Video chat It’s not cheap either. You pay $50 just to get on the site then you spend money on credits up to $400 and it doesn’t last long at all. In one day to have a 20 texted message conversation with 1 person cost me over $100 in credits. It would be nice if there was a way for other members to be able to add credits to your account especially since you have to pay for everything. It should be able to alert the other person to let them know you don’t have credits and if they wanted to add some to keep chatting. I honestly don’t want to pay up to $3000 for 1 month to open messages to people I don’t even know if I want to speak with in the first place. They need to update the app so other members can have the option to add credits to another persons account.
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3 years ago, Bjorgy2021
This is a scam!! Don’t do it!!
Dont fall for this app. Its a scam! Free members aren’t real, and paid members get ripped off. You will never get considered to be a free member. Most of the free members message alike and send the same messages they send to other people. You will never get to see them or get their contact. Their excuse for their high prices is to keep people safe from a scam free environment and their customer service team to provide the best support and this isn’t true, there are many fake members in the app. This company rips you off your money and it’s disgusting. Their credit system doesn't make sense I hope this app falls and people realize what’s going on here. Their positive reviews don’t even make sense just read them! Find someplace else guys don’t fall for this!
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1 year ago, Percephonee3
Dating App
I’ve only been on here for a few weeks and have quite a few suitors but the constantly having to buy credits is really annoying. I’d rather pay a monthly subscription, then pay this much to even talk to anyone. You can only buy their packages of credits and they don’t sell them individually. It’s way too much money to have to buy credits every day just to respond to any messages. I’m not sure if I’ll keep this app. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars and still have to get more to keep communicating. I’ve met a few wonderful people but I can’t afford to keep chatting due to credits.
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3 years ago, Mr intenational
Do not fall it.
This app charges more than what their webpage does. You would think that being an iPhone app their female members would be legitimate, but they are not. This sites does not validate the real status of their female members. Many are already in other relationships. I have discovered several of these women being in a serious on other social media. I have mentioned it to the site’s manager and they will not remove the woman’s profile or refund you, even if you show them proof of them the women who you have been talking is on another social media pregnant or in another relationship for amount of time where it shows that it was while she was talking with me. Your chances of finding a real connection are slim to none.
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6 months ago, Cole7074
To costly ..
To costly app. Was not happy about this app. You have a premium membership it says but you only have where u can purchase credits to message some one. This is not even like a dating site more like a scam site . Because at least at other dating sites you have where you can chat with just membership cost . Here you charge for each message. How do we know these ppl are even real . Maybe you are just collecting money and telling people what they want to hear to continue to buy credits . Me my self am not a fan . I hope all reads this because this is definitely a bad review I’m not happy with your stupid app . When my credits run out I will definitely find a way to make your site known .
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10 months ago, zineast
I do not recommend this site. Beware criminals use this site to scam unsuspecting victims. When reported to support they use every excuse not to investigate. The main one they used with me was I need me to provide the member’s identification number for them to to find him, which is a violation of the person’s privacy policy and the individual account. In addition, how as a member are we going to have access to. When I did my own investigation, the person using this site had nine other identities and even had one on LinkedIn. This site is very expensive, you need to have a huge budget to use this sure, be wealthy. This site can cancel your account at their leisure but can’t find Love Scammers? This site is a scam itself.
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3 years ago, Hardsuit
Too many fake profiles…
Definitely not real profiles and the people that contact you keep spamming with slightly off English sentences. I’d rather go back to tinder and other meeting apps over this, and will be deleting the app today. Attempted to try it out for at least a few days, but every interaction from profiles seem fake, and it costs way too much money to keep interacting with someone. I also can’t delete my profile quickly. It only gives me a notice that my request to delete is being looked at or something. I agree with another reviewer that opening emails and pics sent should be free, especially since it seems that’s it’s mainly fake profiles anyways. Don’t recommend this app at all.
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4 years ago, Porito12
You open the account and a few hours later you get 10 “emails” from people. The setup is weird. You can receive emails - inside the app - chats and “letters” (which are basically an email but with a background). Why not just one place to message? It is confusing. It starts nicely with 1 message. As soon as you reply to one, you get many nice messages, but with a weird vibe. The people come on too strongly always sending you several messages at a time. You start thinking, wow this person is too intense - because they start talking in a very serious tone with very long messages: But then you realize it. You receive 5 messages in a row - and by the time you start having a proper conversation then you get an error message stating your credits are empty, hence, you need to buy more. So, you buy a cheap credit package, and then a few lines later (because you receive like 5 or 6 messages in a row from the other person every time), you’re out of credits again. Do not get this app and do NOT buy credits. Its a waste of time and money.
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11 months ago, Click disappointment
Clicking on email
When I first come to app I felt used because there was no credit price provided to know the cost of each click. The men stretch out conversations with no real value. I felt like they are sent to use up credit asking ridiculous questions or meaningless conversations. The video request are the worst. I can’t delete the request with out clicking to start the video. This use credit. I can’t block profile or messages without opening the message. They think I am interested in them and I’m not. I just have to open messages to delete them and block from there
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2 years ago, itsmywayokay
Premise is nice, but No
The fact that you have to pay to continue talking to someone is just dumb… especially if they are popular, which seems to be everyone that messages you. I feel like there should be a free trial. Because if your asking someone pay for a subscription they should have the option to test it out before actually paying for it. Update: this app is just a big NO! Even if you pay the $10, you have to get credits/pay more to chat with popular users. Idk this is coming off very much like a scam. Because if you’re paying for a subscription why do you have to pay for there “advanced communication”. I’m done. This is definitely NOT WORTH IT
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2 years ago, Ma1lli
I regret spending my money on credits
I think it’s an okay dating app. It actually needs a monthly or yearly membership, instead of buying crazy amount of credits just to communicate. I honestly think it’s not that worth it. It blurs any of my messages from providing my own info if I wanted to. Especially when they limit certain info. I’m not quite happy with this service. Per message sent is a credit loss. It’s more loss than winning. I’m not mad the fact the people you meet is from around the globe, it’s just not having a full membership to contact the person unlimited is a complete deal breaker.
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2 years ago, JOHNNY BIG-EARS
They charge you to chat and you pay and charge you to continue chatting
This is the worst dating app ever! They don't let you chat unless you become a member and pay 9.99 a month and then you subscribe and they don't let you chat because you have to pay more money to get advanced communication and you are stuck! Don't waste your time or money folks this app is never going to work or going to help you find a date because one you have to keep on paying for every chat and all the people both local and international are mixed and hard to know with who to chat with and who is local! Waste of time and money! I decided to delete the app! WORST DATING APP!
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1 year ago, avi$90
They paid for reviews, it’s not legit at all.
Don’t waste your money on this disgusting app. I’m not sure how they got 11k reviews for this app because It is fraudulent. All of the profiles were messages from fake accounts with male models way out of my league, from different countries, somehow all 23 of them worked in real estate. The company puts a fake verification badge on these accounts so you can waste your money to talk to these scammers. Encouraging you to engage in these fake online relationships. It’s sad and this company needs to be sued for false advertising and scamming. Don’t believe the comment they are going to leave after I post this they are just trying to save their butts.
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