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User Reviews for Dating, Meet Curvy - WooPlus

4.39 out of 5
30.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Peacefulfall
Vip flaws
The app is great, it works, there’s a decent amount of people, even for where I live! But.... as soon as I got the vip pass, the way you search to see people close by or far away changed completely! Before the pass, I was able to see people from closest to furthest away! I seen tons of people just 1,2 to 10 miles away, but all that changed once my pass was activated. Once my pass was on, my search was almost all random, there was a ton of people who were about an hour away at the top of my list, tried to changed the distance in miles but it’s lowest is 100 for some reason (distance search tool activates when using pass) no matter what I did to my search tools I couldn’t get it to revert to how it was prior to paying for my pass. I reported this in feedback but got no help but some response that essentially said I didn’t know how to use the search features. Though they are the same on all dating apps. Save your money folks and stay away from VIP
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6 years ago, gigilolla
Glitchy app, terrible support
I liked the matching and messaging aspects of this app. I also liked that you could not see when others were last online and that it doesn’t link with Facebook; However, it is SUPER glitchy. I had the app for 6 months and was unable to send or reply to any messages for 2.5 of those months—during which which I was paying for a premium subscription. I would get a notification of a message, but the messaging app wouldn’t work, so I couldn’t see what the message actually said. I uninstalled and re-installed the app several times to no avail. Customer service is beyond slow and makes you feel like you’re the one that caused all the glitches in the design of their app. There is also a good chance they wont even respond to your email (I had to send multiple emails just to get a response). After everything was said and done the only compensation offered was 100 coins (which honestly was so stupid because I was paying for a premium subscription—what did I need coins for?) What should have been offered was two additional months for free. Plus, throughout all of this, never once did they acknowledge the actual problem, only that they would “look into it.” I took off four stars for the glitchy app, and the terrible and unprofessional customer support. An app is no good if it doesn’t work, and after reading others reviews, it doesn’t sound like they’ve fixed a thing.
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5 years ago, Blaz3 B
Just ugh
So here’s the thing, I’ve had this app for a day. In that time, my location was showing Canada even after allowing the app to view my location. So I was seeing people in Canada. The other issue is the cost, understanding the need to charge people but you literally can’t do a thing unless you’re paying for premium. The issue with paying for this app is the lack of effort they require from people when it comes to their profiles. Very limited space to write about yourself. Vague questions, lack of personal questions and this leaves people to not even try, which then lets me know these men are here for a hook up because they think all fat women are easy. If that’s the standard and expectation I can use another app for free to yield the exact same results. So why would a pay for this? Especially at nearly $20 just for a month, even just to try VIP that’s way too expensive for what little is offered. I’m sure there are other features unlocked with premium, however this app is not worth that premium price point. Overall I’m bored with this app, and even more nervous using an app aimed at people with my body type than I am using a mainstream app. This lack of consideration and thought when developing this app could potentially be dangerous and damaging to its patrons. It’s unfortunate because they were on the right track but this is terrible.
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6 years ago, darlyn_angel
Not What I Expected
I wanted to give this app a shot. Sometimes plus size women are not well received on other dating sites and apps so I expected more body positivity here from guys who prefer plus size women. During some of the posts from site admin not to mention the messages you get from people, I learned otherwise. Ladies be prepared to be harassed for pictures no matter how many you have on your profile. Be prepared to be called names if you turn down someone’s advances. Just be prepared. The men on this app think that because you are BBW, plus size, thick, SSBBW (however you so choose to identify) that you are desperate and easy. You’ll have better luck finding a respectful guy on a mainstream site, church, the grocery store, who knows! Anywhere but here unfortunately. Profiles aren’t monitored as there were men who had a pic, but the lower half of their face was cut off and a rare few actually took the time to complete the profile to tell you a little about themselves. Then there are the people from other countries, pretending to be someone else (particularly stating they are in the army, marines, stationed elsewhere etc.) They have stolen pics of someone to create a profile. You figure this out by their perfect English profile, but non perfect, badly translated English conversation with just a heads up before you decide to try it out.
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4 years ago, ooiiiuuuyyyyyqyquququq
Totally disappointed
I have been happily using this app for quite some time now. I wanted to start fresh so I recently deleted my profile and that's when things got a little weird when, I reopened to start new. For starters I was getting profiles from people who are more than 100 miles away from me. Almost 2 Hours away. I had this new profile for maybe 2 months and then out of nowhere I was booted from the app for some kind of violation. I did not have any kind of provocative photos. I was not harassing anyone for money or anything like that, so I can imagine what I was booted for. The only thing that really came to mind was that somebody was upset And reported my profile. Fine... I decided to reopen My profile. I don't know what I did in less than 4 hours, but my account was booted again. Now my issue with this is,what could I have done in less than 4 hours to get my account rejected again? There is zero warning. No review of my profile seemed to have been done. And there's no way for me to get in contact with customer service to fix this. I'm really upset about this because I genuinely enjoy the woo plus app out of all that dating apps that I have tried This has been a great app to me as far as body positivity goes. I wish to have my profile that can be able to continue and meet a potentially great person.
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6 years ago, Giffylou
Horrible customer service
This is a horrible site and not very user-friendly. Your ability to set search parameters to look for potential people of interest within your area is extremely limited unless you pay to become a “VIP” member. I feel like everything on this site is rigged to get you to pay for a membership rather than exploring it to see if other people are using this site that live relatively close to you, particularly if you live in a smaller city. I would be happy to pay for a membership if I could see some value in it but as I mentioned before, the search parameters are so limiting (without paying) that it’s almost impossible if you live in a smaller metropolitan area. Additionally, it’s full of old profiles from people no longer using the service (I have a friend very surprised and upset to know her profile was still on there)and the customer service is absolutely horrendous; they’re impossible to reach. They have never once responded to more than a half a dozen email requests I’ve made about how to terminate and delete my account from their site. Absolutely zero response other than an automatically generated message that says the same thing every time! Stay away from this site!!!
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2 years ago, wkj1118
Hard Subscription to Cancel
This is one of the hardest subscriptions to cancel. I joined with VIP status, decided this wasn’t the app for me. I went back into cancel on the app and could not. There is a place in settings that says contact us and when you click it, nothing comes up. I actually had to call my bank for Assistance! The poor young lady on the other line had to Google how to cancel this app which she told me was through iTunes the same way you purchased it. It doesn’t say that at all in this app. I just kept saying $5.87 coming out of my account every week from Apple and had no idea where it was coming from. Now, I have to figure out how to cancel this pitiful app! On the hunt I go. Beware! Not happy!
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1 year ago, Kas6689
As of right now this is my rating
So everything was great with the app. I’ve been on a few dates, one in particular has been very suspicious in the way he has interacted with me(pretty sure he is either married or has a live in girlfriend but says it’s his aunt). When I turned him down a few months ago he told me that he was moving out of the country for 3+ years. Just this past weekend he messaged me from a new profile because I’ve blocked his others saying his is back for good. I told him no thank you and blocked him again but now my profile is locked and I need to do a video verification to prove who I am, possibly because HE reported ME as the scammer! I don’t like taking videos and I have posted enough photos of me on the app to prove I’m an actual person. Plus I pay for VIP!!! Is this how you treat your customers??? I’m very close to cancelling my subscription, it is inconceivable that just because one person reports another as being a scammer because they can’t handle rejection that you put the other persons profile on hold! Especially a paying VIP
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1 year ago, sbajsksbabba
Decent but buggy
This app is decent but buggy. I have meet some really nice women on this app which is great. But lately it’s been showing me people in specific small towns in random parts of the country that I’ve never been to, thousands of miles away. I updated the app today, and it wiped out all of my matches from less than 24 hours ago. I don’t get many matches, and I got several last night, so this is disappointing. All in all though, good app, worth using. update: actually paid for the app and now all my matches are 6+ hours away, and I live in california so that’s really all there is to say. Also what is with the dumb notifications that just make me feel bad that I have no matches in the entire massive city I live in? further update: I moved to NYC and it only shows me women in PA, CT, DE and VA. 20-30 million people in the NY metro area and you’re matching me with people that it would cost $150 in tolls and gas to meet them while in the meantime I live next to all the public transit in the world.
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5 years ago, pink lady _*
Try it because it will be worth it !
I have tried every dating app and have been on a dating app for multiple years . I was fed up and about to throw in the towel because every app I used I couldn’t find someone who wanted the same things I wanted or a guy who wanted a legit relationship. I was about to throw in the towel with dating when I saw this app I thought why not give it a try I have nothing else to lose and I’ve tried every other dating app so why not try this one ? Worse case I don’t like it and I can delete it and take a break from dating apps and dating . So I tried using wu looo plus and I have found a great guy who I couldn’t believe was real because he literally had so many qualities I was looking for I am so grateful to this app my life has changed for the better because I met a special someone I didn’t know existed so please give it a try I hope you find what your looking for like I did
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6 years ago, 6$NNewGirlJude
Super nice customer service :)
Held much doubt and hesitation when first downloading and signing up, cuz I read a few bad reviews about this app, someone don’t wanna pay for such a “trash app”, scam their money that sorts of thing. But as a chubby girl, I tried other dating apps then got hurt, many ads and fake on it. My bestie recommended me WooPlus, she said I could easily meet hot guys near me without ads or fake, and we were already on the same page since he wouldn’t be expecting a size 8 and judge. The app needs my location information, a bit bothering at first, I was worried about privacy as the Facebook leak and all that. So I asked help from their customer service in the feedback function on the app, they were super nice and promptly address my concerns. And they told me I could even check people by more filter options if upgraded to VIP. Well, I am just new here, but I might consider lifting the limits later.
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6 years ago, annoyed with crappy support
Horrible App Support
For such a “popular” app it has the most atrocious customer support. I subscribed as a VIP user for additional features. They gladly took my $ through Apple Pay but when I try to use the bonus features I keep getting asked to subscribe. I tried to contact support (which is only available through a feedback button which “may or may not receive a reply”—I actually did get a reply but the instructions made no sense!: “to restore your purchase, please following the following steps: 1. Click the button on the bottom right, and choose “Settings;” 2. Click “Restore Purchase.” Before you click “Restore Purchase,” please make sure to use the same Google Play ID as you paid for the VIP and make sure your payment is still valid.” First of all, the “button on the bottom right” of where? I’ve been through every option within the app and can’t find a place where I can follow these instructions. Second, I am on an iPhone and didn’t make the purchase through Google Play and third, my subscription in iTunes says it is active until November of 2018 so what am I supposed to do to “restore my purchase?”
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4 years ago, Booboobearjenkins
Less than desirable
To be fair, I appreciate that the developers have voiced that they are aware there is a substantial ways to go before this app is on par with some of the other dating apps that are on offer. I appreciate the effort and thought behind WooPlus so much that I found it worthwhile to pay the fee for the first month to give it a go...what I don’t understand is, how that now that I’m paying, have i stopped getting likes and messages? It makes me feel like I wasted my money. The search features and search filters leave much to be desired as well. I’m a woman, and while I have no issues with being complimented by women, I am not seeking a lesbian relationship...and yet all of my most recent messages and likes are from lesbian or bisexual women (some even married.) I’m only interested in men, only interested in viewing men–I think that should then not show me as an option to these women. It wastes their time as well as mine! I’m ready to just delete the app altogether even though I still have most of the month left of what I paid for.
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2 years ago, JEN from FLORIDA
Not user friendly
I only give this one because if I could give it a -2, I would . I did not subscribe and decided I wanted to delete my photo. I went ahead and deleted the app but not after searching it top to bottom to figure out how to delete my photo. Since I did not subscribe it seems I’m unable to delete my photo. How many other people are out there with no real profile or person behind their account because they decided not to subscribe but they’ve got their picture stuck out here like me, inflating app users. What a waste of time. This thing forces me to put location in GPS tracker on. No thanks ! which is why I was trying to delete my account to begin with and wanted to delete my picture but without subscribing seem to have no way to delete it. If you could delete it as an admin that would be preferred. I read your FAQ on how to delete photos but those options do not appear for me as a user that did not subscribe apparently. FAQ was not helpful. Making it so hard to delete a photo is ridiculous.
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6 years ago, OmniApollo4yB
Great dating sites
This app is so so so great! It is very valuable to me in that I thought I would never meet someone for me. One of my friends told me about this app a few days ago, I just thought why not just give it a try, to my surprise, it turns out to work perfectly!! Here I can connect with great, fun people who are generally interesting and respectable. Most importantly is that I feel super extra comfortable as a big girl here. I was not discriminated against or anything like that. I enjoy posting pictures and sharing with others. I like what this app is advocating: everyone deserves love! Thats indeed what I want to tell everyone. I felt secure using the service as far as the people that I was matched up with and the terms of the service. The mobile user experience is great as well. HHH its so long, all in all, its worth a try.
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3 years ago, BLACKHAWKS GIRL
Like the fact that’s it’s aimed for us curvy women but it has many flaws. I do like that other apps let you write more of a bio about yourself before you are able to show off your profile fully. I also wished it would make you verify yourself like many other dating Apps do. It’s hard to even get through many of the fake profiles or catfish profiles because that is not a option this app makes you do. For example some apps make you scan your face so it shows it’s you in the pictures. I also wished I could Just say I want to be matched with people only in my state and yes I have let it mark my gps area. I’m getting people all over the place and I’d prefer someone in my actual area let alone state. I thought I’d be able to do more with paying for the app but it isn’t much of a difference besides being able to see more matches at a time and seeing more people who liked you at a time . This app has potential just needs some of these things fixed.
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8 months ago, GreenPuppet
Beware of Fake Profiles
This site is full of fake profiles, so beware. You’re smart enough to figure out who’s real or not just by asking a few questions. Unfortunately not being able to fashion a short sentence, paragraph, etc…missing words, almost computer-generated except a computer app, AI, would do a better job communicating. One example is one profile showed a nicer-looking photo, almost a model headshot and said he was from Seattle. When I asked him how long he’d been in Washington (as I used to live in Seattle) he replied that he had been in DC for awhile. After a bit more texting I realized he was not aware there was a Washington state and confused Washington, D.C. as the only Washington in America. And then he called me an idiot for calling him out on it. It’s almost like there’s an offshore call center somewhere that’s generating (fake) interest to certain profiles but not really doing their research on local (American) geographies where they claim to be living. It’s sad, really. So DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this site.
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2 years ago, rntlcstat
They changed the app
I have used this app On and off for several Years now. But this time I restarted and in a months time they changed it. They used to offer a daily pick of people that liked you, it would unlock one person who liked you. Sometimes it would show you the same person but that only happened a hand full of times. But still a nice option. But now not even one daily. They should at least offer this. I'm thankful they at least still allow chatting for free when you match. I hope you never get rid of that option. If you do I will never come back. And I imagine I am not the only one that feels that way. Time will tell what happens. I hope someone actually reads these messages. This has always been the original app for curvy woman and it's a good app but it could be great if they brought back this perk. Remember not everyone can afford to pay the monthly fee.
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6 years ago, Nick4itunes
Love the idea and new update
I heard the promotion on IG. The influencer said, no body shaming, only appreciation. Then I tried it. At first i didn’t upload my real photo but a celebrity’s, yes, it got deleted by you guys, lol. Then, i upload my selfie, only my face, no figure, cuz i was cautious due to some bad feelings on other dating sites. One day, i looked through the feeds, found so many girls posting their pics with full body. They are smiling, beautiful and confident. And, got dozens of likes and praise. Somehow, i tried post one of my pics like them, yes, i got a few likes and comments and finally, chats. Those guys sent friendly messages, gifts. I think i have unloaded certain self defense. Maybe some day i can be totally free to embrace myself and love. Thank you guys, you are really doing a great job.
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6 years ago, 777summer7"<
Work better than ever
I am a paid member of WooPlus, I dont like the limit of 24h of my matches, although it can promote the connection between each other. At first Im a little worried for some reviews said "pay for trash app", but finally I decided to have a try for one month. So I paid for this app, to my surprise, its not bad! It is worth a try. I can not only have filter option on location, distance but also on ethnicity. I only wanna meet people near me so I check users who are less than 10 miles away from me. It really works for me! lol, btw, Id like to say their customer service is nice, I had a location problem some time ago, so i reported it through their feedback function, they dealt with it rapidly, now its work better! Thx!
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1 year ago, Rhe21
A step in the right direction
Didn’t have any luck with this app, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. I like that it’s not an endless swiping app. Each day, they present approximately 20 ppl that fit in the filter you’ve set. There’s a wall where all the people in the app can chat with each other, so it’s possible to see other people (but it’s not filtered by location). Each photo uploaded is reviewed by an actual person, so you’re not going to see any weird profiles of cartoon characters or blank photos like on other apps. I rated it low because came into my inbox without me matching with them. This led to many scam profiles contacting me. They all used the same lines 😂. I’ll give them a credit for swiftly banning those profiles. There are a lot of glitches that happen within the app too. I’m sure they will clean that up in the future.
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7 months ago, Always_Serpico
A Waste of Time and Money
Don’t even waste your time downloading this app, if you have no intention of paying. You can’t do anything but look and wave your arms around, hoping you can finesse communication with someone. And definitely don’t spend your money on this crap. The profiles you have to pay to see that liked yours, are bots and scammers 99.9% of the time. Your location settings constantly reset, so you’re being shown people nowhere near where you want. And you’re paying to either talk to yourself or, interact with people that end up having less personality than a sponge. When they first launched and didn’t hide everything behind a paywall, it was solid. I met some nice people. Went on a few dates. Had a couple of hookups. Now it’s just a waste of money and a Rolodex of people just wanting to feel sought after. You’re better off using Doublelist or something similar to that.
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Great concept but disappointed use
I think it’s great that this app was developed because those who download it know what the general pool of candidates would be. However, this app needs major improvements. I recommend more prompts that open up conversation. And, is it necessary for people to add their salary info? The major downfall for this app is that it has very limited usage UNLESS you pay for their membership. You cannot see ANY of your likes unless you’re a paid member and only have about 10 likes / “say hi’s” before the ad to purchase their membership plan pops up. I think a couple days trial would be nice as people are getting used to the app and can see what they’re possibly getting in to before committing to the membership. I understand funds being necessary to keep the app running but either give more leeway with the features or offer a trial period for the membership.
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5 years ago, KevWinz
I like the app a good bit. The only problem I have so far is that once I start to run out of people that are near me in the first section, I have to go to the second section to look at more people near my location, but I can’t show that I like them without sending a gift using coins or paying money to be able to send messages. I’ve paid money to be able to message and it’s been worth it, so not a big problem there. Honestly, I would like it a lot of the section where we get to like people is able to be set to within a certain distance, or if you had it to where we can earn coins by watching however many ads per day.
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4 years ago, mskd xjdnx
App requests!! Please Read
I have had way more succession on this app than the generic tinder and bumble which are now filled with hookups, but there are a few things on this app I would like to see, there is no preference to set a distance, I’m seeing men in my feed from Montana and Florida all the way across the country, I would also like the ability to delete an unwanted conversation or match, I would also like to see a online status, or a “this person was was online at this day or time” to weed out any unused profiles, or see if a current match is online for chat? Other than these three improvements I see this app as five stars! If these things are major issues for you I wouldn’t use the app!
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5 months ago, Ivan al no handy
Truth of this app
After a decent amount of time on this app I’ve learned it’s no different from any other app as it has tons of female accounts that are dead that should be taken down if they aren’t active. And there’s one to many accounts that create a simp like following as if they were a twitch streamer. There is also the problem of random spam accounts which isn’t the developers fault but it would be nice to have an end to them. I won’t lie this app was the final straw for me when it comes to dating as I have tried to put myself out on the market both in person and online but to no avail but once again this is a societal issue. I have had matches on here but none of them had anything in common with me and seemed to want attention more then a relationship or connection. So to all the Men who read this please be warned of what this app truly is and may god have mercy on your soul.
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9 months ago, gex80
Too many bots and suggestions are all over the place
Almost every other profile is clearly a bot. Default free Radius is WAY too big. It should be 20 miles. I should not have to pay to see someone not a 3 hour drive away. The more popular apps are 20. The daily profile picks are 90% useless. The first profile might be within the 40 mile default radius, which again way too big, and then the next profile is literally on the opposite side of the country and then back within the 40 mile radius, and then again someone like 6 states away. So you end up just hitting X on majority of the profiles because most people aren’t trying to hop on a plane. There is no way to disable the ANNOYING flash chat sound and prompt when you open the app. Seriously I don’t need the app to bing at me every time I open it. The send Hi message feature has precanned messages that are all horrible. Like no one would think any of those procedurally scripted messages are even remotely decent. Don’t pay for a subscription. They are lacking feature wise and have 0 control over the bots that everyone is complaining about within the app.
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2 years ago, ✌️🖖✌️
Paywall with no trial
EVERYTHING is behind a pay wall. A lot of other apps usually keep special things like unlimited likes or super liking behind a pay wall but this is ridiculous. At least give a few day trial is what the VIP subscription looks like before we blow $20 ( at the least) on this all. The app is completely unusable without paying. There is no plus sized dating app that doesn’t work like this and that needs to change because we all deserve the love that we cannot get on more mainstream apps because of our size, regardless of our financial situation. It makes the people who manage the app look like money hungry people praying on the plus sized community who may be giving online dating one last chance. Call me broke or a complainer but at the very least give a trial so that we aren’t going into a purchase blind.
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6 years ago, Teach72pd`
I think found my ONE
Thank you guys! I’ve found my love here. He is super nice and a real gentleman. I know it is not easy to find your man or woman, especially when you are not the right standard to the common people, but do not quit, you can find the one in right time and right place. Of course, Woo is the right dating sites for me, maybe for thousands of you who is like me too. I do not want to control my body very intentionally, and I am so lucky to find the one who likes all of me, from outside to inside. We have much in common, we share the stories of our life, and he cooks for me, aha, just love him so much. Hmmmm, okay, wish all of you find your man or woman soon here.
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8 months ago, oh huh 1238
Highly disappointing
Literally just about everything about this app is disappointing saw an add on Tiktok and even though I usually don’t download apps off ads I see i decided to give it a genuine try and it was lack luster to say the least took 50 years for my gallery to load which was annoying but I was like whatever I’ll look past it then I started swiping and was going on about business as usual then I noticed the people I was swiping on were pretty far away from me so I went to the settings to try to lower my range of swipe preferences and it turns out you cannot go under 40 miles unless you want to pay for premium of course you can’t do a lot of things basic things that other dating apps allow you to do for free unless you buy premium amazing idea horrible execution and the bots are JARING
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6 years ago, Erica RIT
Too many glitches and poor customer service
Have to give this app 2 stars and I feel that’s being generous. It’s super glitchy and the location settings are way off. People show up in my expired match list that I never saw were a match in the first place even when logging in multiple times in a 24 hour period. Messages/matches get re-ordered to the bottom and I get notified of matches only to never see them show up in my message list (perhaps they unmatch me before I’m able to check but I generally lack confidence in the developers at this point) I provided this same feedback to them directly but their response just made me feel incompetent. They denied the glitches I was experiencing and basically said it must be user error. Im not an idiot and it only discouraged me from ever paying to use the site.
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3 years ago, aalicej18
I don’t think this is actually for meeting people.
There are a lot of features on the app like stories, chat and Top Picks. All seem nice for people who are interesting in looking and chatting. It seems perfect if you’re hoping to find a sugar daddy or some online clients. But, the geographic filter is behind the pay wall so you’ll be shown people from all over. I set it to the lowest which is 40 miles (RIDICULOUS) and was still being offered matches in towns 90 miles away. I am NEVER going to travel that far. I live in Chicago, I’m not going more than 7 miles. So, on top of the normal garbage every app has, you get people from incredibly far away. It’s just not set up to match you with local, realistic people you can meet in person. I used it for five days and deleted it.
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4 years ago, ReesahR
I used this app in 2018 in NYC
I used this app in 2018 and the guy I met on here, is my best friend, boyfriend, soon to be husband, and soon to be father of our child that’s on the way. Maybe it’s luck that we met on here and he turned out to be the best person ever or maybe it was meant to happen. I will never know but I would like to thank this app for pairing us. I hope anyone who goes on this app looking for something more serious but really struggles with being social finds what they are looking for. But remember if one doesn’t work try to match again. LOL. For me it happened very quickly on the app. Also be safe ladies and gentlemen.
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5 years ago, BRL5280
Hard to find people in your own area
I've had this app for years now and it works most of the time but the one thing that's hard is when you ask for people in your state or area you live. But instead you your suggestions for people are in different states like New Mexico, Florida, Texas, and Washington etc. I'd would like to find someone close to me that lives in the Denver area without having suggestions out states. Please fix this issue thank you and some of the features in the past that I liked to see back is rewind back if you accidentally swipe left or if you accidentally swipe right.
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2 years ago, DaLionsQueen
Good Idea. - poor execution
This is a scammer and catfish paradise. There needs to be better controls and verifiers put in place. Oh and sex workers use it too. They hit you up offering to send nudes or invite you to their sites, etc. One catfish actually used photos of a friend of mine in another state. I busted him and within minutes he had another profile with a different name but the same pictures. Lots of overseas people even though I am only looking for people less than 150 miles from me. If the developers took the time to fine tune the application so it weeds out the opportunists, it might have a chance. Also fine tuning the advanced search too. I have ideas that would make this a better experience. As it is I am not renewing my VIP because it is a waste of money. Nothing but scammers and catfish.
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5 years ago, Glambitious92
Please don’t waste your time downloading this app. First off, you CANNOT delete your account!! So if you sign up and post your profile pic you’re stuck, you can even delete your pic unless you post a fake pic as a replacement. Secondly, if you take your time to read the reviews you’ll notice that they’re all fake reviews and the usernames are Asian and more than likely written by the creators. However, I didn’t notice that until after I signed up. You also have a limit of how many people you can see in the swipe feature, if you don’t want to wait 24 hrs to see more you have upgrade. But if I were you I wouldn’t trust this app with any of my debit or credit card info. I would say stick to the typical dating apps and just be sure to post pics of your body if you want to be sure that people know you’re plus size.
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5 months ago, veesa
Catfish Galore
If you like to go fishing then this is the app for you because the amount of catfish on this app is literally out of control. I rarely ever even go on the app anymore. The only reason I haven’t deleted it is because I’ve blocked so many catfish, I don’t want it to reset if I ever came back. There is one particular guy that has messaged me 8-10 times on different accounts with different profiles and I report and block him every time and WooPlus does NOTHING. Some of my daily matches are people I’ve talked to already, some are people I’ve BLOCKED already, some are people I’ve liked already. How is the well so dry that this happens?! Why am I being matched with people I’ve been matched with before? I’d rather have no matches than to see the same people over and over. And why not automatically hide the profiles of people who haven’t been active in XX amount of time? 30 days? 60 maybe? They probably got tired of the catfish and left too. This app could be so much better but it’s terrible. Terrible! I’m debating creating my own app just to put this one to (more) shame. I mean, it’s a low bar so it shouldn’t be too hard. Skip this app unless you like catfishing.
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6 years ago, Sango Skywalker
Edit: So apparently the profile reset was my fault, because I hadn’t used the Facebook login originally. That doesn’t excuse the fact that the amount of quality matches is basically 0 in my area (southern Arizona). And now there seems to be a bug where the “liked me” matches don’t go away, even when I swipe left on them multiple times because I have no interest in a sugar daddy. The most recent update completely reset my profile, coin bank, viewed users, everything. The only thing that wasn’t reset was my purchase of VIP status (or whatever they call it) but that was because it’s saved through my Apple account. There are already so few quality matches in my area—most of them are old enough to be my father, ewwww—that I’m probably just going to delete the app in a few days. Guess I’ll have to find love elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Quickie38]ib
Nice dating app for big people
Very friendly! I have used this dating app for 3 months, it is great. At first, I think it was kinda boring, because only pay for VIP membership can you chat with others. But, 2 months ago, I want to have a try. Facts proved that it is worthy to pay for that, because I meet the right one at here. Not like the other app, like Tinder, WooPlus community is very friendly, everyone will be appreciated and respected, no body shaming, no judgment here. I have recommended this app to my friends, all of them love that and want to meet their love on WooPlus. Good luck with them! Besides, it is better if the match is closer.
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1 year ago, dieselgypsy
Let me first off tell you that this website used to be really good when it comes to meeting people ever since they added this feature where they can cut you off from talking to somebody and you haven’t even had a conversation with them yet and people can just end a chat is so ridiculous. I used to really like this website and I met a lot of different people on here but it seems like they are a little slow with the times when it comes to finding out if that person has been on recently or they haven’t been on in a while and if that’s the case, they’re showing old profiles that no one has been active on. I would recommend anybody to stay away from this website.
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8 months ago, Apple cinnamon toaster
Great idea, terrible execution.
God where do I even start, I think a space where curvaceous women are able to feel free and desired is amazing. I had to constantly keep changing my preference to women, and still I got NOTHING but pictures of men on my feed. Literally filled with a bunch of dudes and SOME women. The app has soo many problems it’s just not worth it in the end. Despite me trying 5 times to purchase a monthly subscription ultimately it wouldn’t let me. I ran out of likes, and once I did that it just didn’t seem like it was going to renew so I was pretty much stuck in that department. The apps live matching feed for fun questions is a great feature, but there’s hardly anyone that you’ll ever match with. All in all I’d say it has potential but they need to fix a lot of the problems.
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5 years ago, Chief inspector commander
Customer service is no help.
Accidentally purchased a one month subscription (thanks fingerprint) before I even knew how to really work the app! I immediately went in my subscriptions and cancelled but it already processed it for one month. Sent them a message through their feedback option and they told me to go about a refund by going through iTunes..iTunes only refunds if there’s something wrong with the app. Very upset that I now have to pay $20 (which is a ridiculous fee for one month) for something I don’t even know if I’m going to use. If it had been $5 or $10 then it wouldn’t be so bad and maybe I’d give it a chance but $20 is absolutely ridiculous. They should really have some better customer service as well. You should be able to cancel my subscription through your own app.
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4 months ago, a.muze
Cannot Upload Photos
I can’t even properly rate this app because I cannot upload any photos to my profile except one and I can’t even change that. There is no way to contact support besides submitting “feedback” where they actually tell you that there’s a chance they won’t even reply. I tried submitting a short video with my “feedback” message but that wouldn’t work either. Was really excited to try this one out because I would feel much more comfortable and confident being on a platform where the expectation of being a size 4 wasn’t there. It’s a great concept but I hope another developer comes along and creates a better version of what this is trying to be. Worst of all, I’m a paying subscriber. I loved the idea so much that I neglected to do proper research before jumping on the bandwagon. So, that’s my fault. But it’s still extremely annoying that without being able to upload any pictures, this app is utterly useless to me. Who’s going to be interested in a profile with ONE picture when that’s exactly how most scammer/bot accounts look like. Unfortunately, I’ll be requesting a refund and deleting this one asap.
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2 years ago, Nai809
I was only able to use it a few days after paying for the first month. The app completely crashed I can’t see matches access messages. I’ve tried to refresh it several times to no avail. There’s no option to shut down your profile the only option is to log off. It feels like they are holding my images hostage. I no longer want to be part of this app. I’ve tried to contact customer service but I always get redirect to create an account. I don’t want to create another account it’s a waste of money and time. Also, the few matches I had showed my profile picture as their profile picture. That’s very creepy. Fix this! Can someone please start over with this app?? I’ve asked for a refund hopefully it gets granted.
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5 years ago, B.ritters
You’ll never be able to delete your profile and they have no way of contacting any customer support! Once you realize this you will try to delete your info and make it a “ghost profile” but they thought ahead and made sure you can’t! So your name, age and location are PERMANENT along with the inability to remove all of your physical details. Any company that pulls tricks like that is desperate and pathetic. Don’t download!! It’s a WASTE of time and A TRAP! I think a lawyer needs to look into this app/site and developers....just scrolling through the reviews I realize I’m not alone! Its funny how they never reply a follow up comment to the reviews talking about how they can’t delete their profile! I will be sending a shout out to several class action sites and contacting the App Store to get this app shut down for once and for all!
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6 months ago, Cheddar73
Wooplus more like Woominus
Had the app for about 3 days and it was trying to be a social media platform and tinder at the same time. It mostly hides everything behind paywalls and aggressively pushing them on you everywhere you navigate. It has this function of “boosting” your pictures and any current user of the platform can comment on the picture, men and women with lots of just strange pics from male users. One lady from the west coast randomly sent me her number an email for a hookup… no thank you I’ll just delete the app. It does have a instant random chat room function which sounded nice but only good chat I had with a date possibly was 6 states east of me instead of just finding locals in my area! All in all it seems more a porn app than anything else. Disturbing
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6 years ago, P[tQhilmk13
Its really match dating
Ive been using this app on and off since its been out and its usually great! Lately, its been having some new features. I receive notifications of matches and messages when I go to check them out, they were nice, good way to Enjoy the taste of life and find a good friend a great girlfriend and a pretty partner for life. Not easy because of people thinking but wooplus makes everything possible, we can filter out the people who arent looking for the same thing were looking for. It would save everyone a lot of time, and make the app way more desirable.
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4 months ago, GardenB0792
3rd time is not the charm
This was my 3rd time downloading this app, and I am still dissapointed. I don’t like that you have to pay for every single thing. It doesn’t make sense that you have to pay to see people who are in your area, instead showing people who live far away from you. How are you supposed to find a meaningful connection with someone when they live so far away!? Make it make sense. Also when you set your one free preference it doesn’t change anything. For example ethnicity, you can say what you’re most interested in, and it still shows you everyone. I get that y’all are trying to make money.. but I wish it was more adaptable to the person’s wants and needs.
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2 months ago, Shantel86
Let’s be honest, this is a kink app
I was on the app for a whole day before I had to get off. It was fun at first but then I realized that as I was updating my profile it was loading into this massive forum where ppl all over the world could like and comment. Looking at the thread it felt like it was a popularity contest and some of the men were aggressive “why did you stop out chat” “you never matched back”. I matched with a handful of fellas, most were from all over the world which was frustrating since I’m looking to date and just want to focus on the local fellas. The app has potential but for now it’s just a kink app. If that’s what you are looking for or as the plus size person who needs an ego boost, go for it.
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3 years ago, Remawolf
Too many fake profiles and fetish seekers
Dating app?! Please. More like a sea of catfish with a few people that just want sex. The app is a great concept and has some great features, but you waste so much time filtering through fake profiles that you just give up! Doesn’t seem to be any real control or moderation. You report on fake profile and they just pop up again (if they were even taken down in the first place!) Other apps when you report a concern you at least get an email saying they’re looking into the situation. Here it’s just silence. The few real people on here are always complaining in the community about all the fake profiles and how nothing is ever done about it. This is my second time using the app because I thought maybe i had judged the app too harshly before. Nope. It’s an unhealthy, unsafe place to be. If you’re not fighting off catfish then you’re fighting off guys that instantly ask for nudes. Doesn’t seem like anyone here is actually here to try and date. Just because I’m a big girl doesn’t mean I’m desperate!!! They really need to work on making this a safe place for users.
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