Dingtone: Phone Calls + Texts

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4.6 (30.5K)
205.3 MB
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Sixapps Limited
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3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dingtone: Phone Calls + Texts

4.58 out of 5
30.5K Ratings
2 years ago, J0HNjayRambo
Great Resource if you’re using older Operating Systems!
So there I was, in a huge bind... My cell phone was stolen and I needed to make some calls so I could arrange getting a replacement immediately so I thought “easy peasy, I have TextN0w on my cellphone as a second line, I’ll just download it on my iPad and at least already have quick access to all my contacts etc.” Yeah, think again! I immediately found out there was no way to even download that application or any of the other apps I was familiar with because my trusty Old iPad is stuck operating on software version 12.5.6. Luckily Dingtone offered a solution, literally one of the only apps that I could find capable of offering the same functionality of those other apps no matter what operating system your device uses. If you have an older device, don’t waste anymore time looking for an app that will work with your operating system, just download this one, seriously A life saver today!
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5 years ago, Pec22383
Pros & Cons
I think this app works great for the casual user who has home WiFi. I don’t like talking longtime on phone unless it is immediate family. My biggest concern is that the sound quality and connection when chatting has been horrible lately. Not sure what has been up, but the app needs an upgrade desperately. If you take 2 seconds each day to check in (I even exit out of ads before they pop up) to get the 4 to 5 credits a day, it should be plenty for others. If you use phone for work this app not for you. You enjoy chatting a lot daily cough up a few bucks for the credits. Still beats paying a major carrier. If you NEED to use the phone in the road find another app or carrier. Emergencies this app seems pretty good but to be honest, never had one in last couple years needing to call on the road without WiFi. If traveling with friend, you can always ask to sync on there phones hot spot while on road or other instances where WiFi not available. Having a partner with hotspot feature makes this app a great choice too. My only real complaint is, as I said before, the sound quality, has been very poor last couple months. Hope they fix it soon. I may choose something different very soon.
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6 years ago, davidfunforever
Amazing , a truly a life saver in a time of emergency
Ding tone has been a Fun way to earn a really great resource . Definitely helped me out in a bind . Not to mention , the developers have gone out of their way it seems to make this app extremely user friendly . If your like me and you can’t always afford to shell out real cash for credit , ding tone truly does it’s best at guiding you through a multitude of ways to earn free credits that amount to the same as if you were to buy the credits flat out with cash . It could be as small as .5 of a credit for watching a 5 second video , or something a bit more challenging or fun like get to level 30 on a specific new game for 300 credits . Don’t be fooled some of the higher offers do take time/ work. If your willing to put in the effort as well as have a little fun this is a near perfect app that allows a vital resource to be accessed by anyone , regardless of financial status. Thank you ding tone !
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5 years ago, Ben Kandalaft
I couldn’t believe how much it can do!!!
Whenever I’ve needed it, Dingtone has been there! When I needed to make international calls, I was able to make those calls for an awesomely cheap rate! When I’ve not had a phone carrier, dingtone gave me a phone number, and I still keep it as a secondary (3 years by now). When my friend was stuck in jail with his family in another country, dingtone made it possible for them to keep in touch internationally without getting charged long distance calling (for those of you who know about Securus tech inmate telephone system). Would definitely recommend! I’m highly satisfied and I don’t usually write a review unless it’s a bad one, but these guys deserve my appreciation. Thanks dingtone team!!!
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5 years ago, Kampcache
Too many annoying pop-up ads
I actually like this app and it really does save money. My problem with it is that there are so many ads. So many. I have collected and paid for a total 1000 credits, and I still see these ads. I can’t even collect lottery credits I paid for an won without installing third party apps that are total crud and a scam. It’s a shame I can’t do just about anything with this app because there are so many ads. The pop ups are the worst. Claiming my daily credits, pop up. After a call, pop up. Buying lottery tickets, pop up. If I close them it opens with webpage for the ad. It’s so annoying and I hate it. Now I rated this as two stars because I do like the app, especially the feature in which I can use the system ringtone. I still use it and will continue to use it, although I will never submit another lottery ticket. I spent 150 credits, won 50, and can’t claim them because I need to download scam apps I don’t want on my phone. Even though I could delete them I have gotten viruses because of them before, yes a virus on an iPhone.
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1 year ago, Onnabelle
So lost
I earn credits anAccidentally bought some 20 bucks worth an the phone number it let me pick was fine For an hour then I started getting calls from people I didn’t know I hadn’t even give it to anyone so I was being bugged byRandom strangers constantly so I had to delete the number and now I have no number and I’ve paid to use this and earned credits that I can’t use now it want give me a new number unless I pay more money! But it wasn’t my fault I was getting all those calls from stranger I hadn’t gave it out I didn’t even have the number long enough to give it out so many calls from people I didn’t know was so frustrating no number money I paid and I don’t know what to do with this app I got moneyOccurred on for something I can’t use cause I couldn’t keep that number there was way to many calls coming in the only way to get it to stop that I could think of was deleting that number which I guessMessed me up unless I want to pay more money for another number! Stupid
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1 year ago, Vergil Vurge
The absolute worst!
Choosing this app over “textme” is one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my adult life! First I don’t understand why you have to buy a phone number and purchase credit as well to text and call. If you don’t have credits, the number is useless! Ok then y’all talked about how you can use the app without having to spend any money by checking in and watching videos- sometimes you watch the videos and the credits don’t come up, you invite a friend, the credits don’t come up! Even after making a complaint. This app is absolutely useless, if you see this in the review section, please don’t download it. There’s tons of other apps doing waaaaayyyy better. This one don’t even deserve a one star but i had no other choice. Edit: oh I forgot to add how you have to pay for the messages you receive too! Hey dingtone developers, try downloading textme or textnow, use it for two days and I promise you’ll withdraw your app from the app store and google play store!
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3 years ago, JackHole028
Fraud Cases and possible Class Action
These guys are ripping off customers- Along with a related company, TalkU. I had no problem with the app itself, but when trying to port a phone number- I had to pay $100. According to my screen shots as evidence, I now owned the number. In waiting for a new cell phone order to arrive- my porting failed when the phone finally showed up. Their Customer Service is Awful and would not help. And then in looking for a new number on the other app, what do I see? Yes - my phone number for sale - the one I paid $100 to own. I was advised to purchase a month or so use of the number to save both parties a problem if it were purchased by another customer- so I did. I have several top LA lawyers that are dying to take the case, calling it a “slam dunk” and a “possible criminal enterprise” to “textbook Fraud” and form a class action. I received a text last week from Ding CSR Saying, “Don’t worry, we fix” and have not heard a word since. I liked the apps of both TalkU and Dingtone and had been a long time customer of both related Companies - until this fraud occurred. PS- new development adding to fraud and bait and switch now also. I kept trying to port my number and a pop up would say low credits buy 1000credits here. After buying 3000 credits, I gave up. And now, they removed ALL OPTIONS TO PORT ANY OF MY NUMBERS ON BOTH APPS: TALKU & Dingtone! Cases are being filed this week- Unbelievable...
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6 years ago, NatedoggDiggleR
So far so good
I downloaded probably 6 other apps before this trying to make a call in a time of need. All of the other either weren’t free or took 20 minutes to fill out all of the info and still couldn’t place a call. This app on the other hand is awesome. Not only can you place a quality call almost immediately, but I already have 107 free credits by simply downloading an app I already wanted. Also when I make a call I can use either the new number I was able to pick from a long list of available numbers or the person I am calling can see my number that I have had for years so they know who is calling! Love this app, download for sure. Thanks guys. Your app has is legit.
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5 years ago, Philip Hamilton!!!!!
I HATE IT! a little bit
I really like this app it gives me the opportunity to text my friends with a real phone number for once! I thought me and my mom found the perfect app until I sent 30 messages and then ran out of credits. I hate that you have to use credits for all of this even when I have credits it is still never enough so this app is practically useless all it does is take up storage! I have been looking for an app like this for a long time and I thought this was it but like I said after not even and hour it became useless! I hate this and I think it’s stupid! This app would be amazing if you didn’t need credits for EVERYTHING so please because I know for a fact I’m not the only one with this problem fix this and make it easier for me to text my friend especially since school is about to end and I won’t be able to talk to my best friends!!!!
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6 years ago, Jordan Lee Thomas
The greatest app known to mankind
Take every app on your pathetic brand new thousand dollar phone and scrap them. Shove them straight up your bung hole. They mean absolutely nothing in comparison with Dingtone. Dingtone provides me hours of easy free entertainment right at my finger tips. Who the heck pays a phone bill anymore? And who still watches Netflix? Just download Dingtone and the lonely Netflix days are over. As soon as you download Dingtone you are rewarded real money that you can go spend. Plus, if you’re lonely in life, they will help you find sexy women to poke. Thank goodness I found Dingtone. Now my life is through the ducking roof with excitement. My name is Jordan Thomas and I am from High Point NC. And if you don’t install Dingtone I will come find you.
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6 years ago, coxarmy
For the most part & short time sevice
I bought this service between trying to switch to a permanent carrier. I’m extremely dissatisfied that service is tied to a WiFi carrier meaning to have no service when I’m in the car or outside of my home. I don’t think I knew this. I’d never therefore choose Ding Tones for a long time service plan. My main problem though is that I receive all these calls & messages from random callers - for example I had searching online for a short loan. Now everyday I receive at least two or three random calls for loans everyday. I do not have Ding tones to search my Google searches & send me places to get a loan. It’s a violation of my personal search history & definitely unrequested by me. Also this causes me to incur charges from services initiated by Ding Tones,
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3 years ago, Techno805
The way I see it🤷🏽‍♂️
Google voice was free, their are so many different types of cellular networks now a days , a PTSL should be so achievable based on a per consumer request, it’s too easy nowadays : to host free calls, be in groups of 5 or more, and be monitored/surveilled. I think if the service didn’t have a paywall, like every other single service that consumers use, not only will traffic increase, it will also bring in money through Google Ad sense 🤷🏽‍♂️ If you promote to be better, and serve clients that actually make a social impact, I guess that’s different. Anyways, maybe I’m just mad because I’m broke🤷🏽‍♂️
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Product feedback and credit concerns
Dingtone was ok at first, cuz where I live we have no cell towers close by. So I here about this app, download it, then learn I have to earn “free” credits or buy credits. It costs . 90 credits per minute, seems very cheap, but if u want to talk for more than five minutes to ur mom or daughter, etc. u use em up quickly. I like Dingtone cuz I don’t have to drive down the street to get service and I receive call inside the house. But what I don’t like is ur supposed to get free credits every time u open the app, I don’t. And to get “FREE” credits u go to other apps and always have to pay for memberships that I don’t want, so we’re pretty much paying for all credits. It’s ridiculous. They should have games to earn real fre credits and the harder the game, the more credits u get.... easy!
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5 years ago, tatacoam
They don’t let me give them one star 🤬
I used Dingtone to make phone calls to Colombia. The calls dropped constantly, the quality of the communication was very poor on both sides. It sounded like breaking up almost all the times. We have the fastes internet you can have through X-finitely which is 2000 mbps and we have Verizon phones. There shouldn’t be an issue but there were way too many. The worst part is that I’ve tried to end my relationship with them but it has been impossible! Since I can’t find a customer Service phone number, I emailed them. After they acknowledged the receipt of my email, I still get annoying notifications telling me that they deducted points so I don’t lose my #. All I want is to lose my number and for them to let me go! Oh! And I guess that because my review is 1 star no matter what weird nickname I choose it says that it was already taken!!! This is TERRIBLE!!!
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6 years ago, Leapsquad
Multiple Phone #’s I Purchased Are Being Used By Bots To Harrass Real Individuals
The phone numbers that I have purchased are clearly not exclusive to me. The very moment any of my Dingtone phone numbers (I’ve paid for multiple lines at this point) are active, I receive phone calls from real individuals ALL DAY (at least 5 real calls within one hour) who claim they received missed calls from MY Dingtone phone number (thus ‘calling me back’ to see who the missed call is from). I paid for the exclusive use of these phone numbers and it is not right that my numbers are also being used elsewhere. (And seemingly being allowed to be used by bots, what the hell?) This is extremely unsettling. UPDATE: the phones numbers I paid for in this app are still being used by bots, causing real people to call me allll day long saying they received a call from the phone numbers I paid for.
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7 years ago, Loupgirl329
Very upset with this app!
I've always loved Dingtone never any problems whatsoever until here these last few months!!! To earn some free credits you must download certain apps they recommend & follow the instructions then normally you receive the credits within 10-15mins has always been my experience with them...well not here lately! I've not received 3,180 credits I was suppose to had received all the way back to June 2017!!! If anyone can tell me what to do besides click missing credits and then have to fill out info on each one over n over like I've done multiple times!!! Thanks in advance
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4 years ago, spacesuit Steve
Great app
I have used different apps like Dingtone and by far Dingtone is the best app. Cheaper than most other apps and has the option to be able to farm your own credits using their built in ad system. Call quality is good with places with full bars but does drop quality occasionally when bars are low. I recommend this app to all my friends who may need a few weeks before the next phone bill or would like to be able to screen unwanted calls. Texting is also really good but at times can give some problems with sending. Overall it is a great app and you get exactly what you would expect and no weird gimmicks or fine print. Thank you Dingtone team
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5 years ago, Is whiz
Don’t use this app!!!
I made the mistake of using Dingtone to create a phone line for my small business and it has become a nightmare. I often times can’t answer calls because the app is not functioning properly. When I do, cal quality is often bad and drops way too often. Just now I was trying to dial out and I can’t even get it to ring. I even tried to just letting it go to voicemail so potential clients could just leave messages and that often doesn’t work either. Either the clients don’t hear the message or the voicemail I get is way too quiet to even make anything out. I tried reaching out to customer support and have not gotten any kind of response. It’s best to just steer clear of this app entirely. I’m not stuck with a phone number that doesn’t work for my quickly growing s business and this issue is taking up large quantities of my time.
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3 years ago, Blahnjbellavita
A rip off
I never ever leave reviews. But my experience with Dingtone was so terrible it prompted me to leave this one. I purchased a monthly calling plan but was still being asked by the app to play games and take quizzes to get more “credits”. When I ran out of my initial credits I couldn’t make anymore calls even though I had purchased the monthly unlimited calling plan. When I tried to make a call the app would inform me to purchase more credits. I tried multiple times to reach out to customer service. Who kept asking me for the day and time I tried to make the call. I send them many examples and they couldn’t get the issue fixed. They basically told me to keep trying. Then they added 20 credits to my account “free of charge”. What help is 20 credits free of charge when I already paid for unlimited? A waste of money, time and energy. Stay away!
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5 months ago, Smallz0147@
Great source if you are using other operation
Super cool and good I have been using this for over 3 years now and this is my second account, I lost my first account cos I didn't backed it up with an email address but now I have done that you just need to keep it up love you guys ❤️ One thing I also want to take about is to keep allowing the free credit more cos most times I do run out of credit and don't have cash on me I have to try the free credit but most times it is nit available you have to add more to it and secondly all the tasks are a bit super complex
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6 years ago, imagine4
Best Calling and Text App.
Really impressed with the sound quality! Works every time.. When my At&t service went down, I called their tech support on Ding Tone. I paid for a dedicated phone number for $1.99 for one year! Would like to know if I can keep that same number next year? I will be buying minutes, though the daily check in gives me enough minutes for my random use. I also use the local number so I can make calls away from wifi, on data. This is my first review ever... This app is a stand out. Thanks for developing it...
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2 years ago, Neil4Jrsus
Overload of ads for no credits
I thought this was a pay for the number and then use the internet for calls, or at least texts, all you want. But no, the monthly fee gets you the phone number. You have to buy or earn credits to use the phone number. And the ads are everywhere popping up and it says watch ads and get free credits, but you watch the ads and no credits get added to the balance..I just needed this number so I could get occasional texts while out of the country, to verify logins. Luckily that's all I need it for, so I will pay the monthly fee until I return to the states and then it's gone. I'll try something else next time.
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2 years ago, Vvikkttorr
Misleading “deal”
Pay for a week get 2 minutes. Two minutes for 5$. Not a “deal”. Don’t say it’s a deal for a week. Say it’s a five buck two minutes. I will use a different app which I won’t mention here. The 5$ two minutes I did get was clear and crisp sounding not like in a can. It wasn’t spotty where it would go in and out. The number I called went through easily and very quickly in the middle of the day. I liked the idea of getting more time by watching videos although you basically need about 200 credits to do anything and most videos are .5 credits. Yikes. If they told me the “deal” of 4.99$ was for two minutes, that’s high but at least I would have known what the “deal” actually was. Maybe have a clearer indicator of what the “deals” actually are or consist of.
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5 years ago, slomotime
Garbage app
I purchased a package of credits for $10 that was SUPPOSED to include 3 months of no ads. After I made my first phone call, guess what happened? An ad popped up!! The ads were never removed after I purchased the credit package. I contacted customer service and was assured they would look into the issue and get back to me shortly. A week goes by and still no email back. So, I email again and at that point I’m asked to provide screen shots of the ads that are popping up. I do. Another 5 days goes by and still NO RESPONSE. So, I email AGAIN and I’m told by the same person that it was forwarded to the IT department and they would be investigating the issue. This was a WEEK AGO. I still have not gotten any emails. I haven’t gotten any refunds. Ads are STILL popping up when I use the app. This is GARBAGE! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING CREDITS!
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3 months ago, Reclusive Darvesh
Facility of Survey & International cell number
I am really happy as far the phone call facility of Dingtone is concerned, however I tried several times to do the survey but am getting a response that a survey matching my profile is not available. I hope this feature is reviewed and surveys are offered to me as well. Thanks for considering my request. My second request is that I have around 70 free credits and wish to have an international number, I tried several times but am not getting it. Kindly explain how can I get an International cell number. Thanks and looking forward for a prompt response.
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4 years ago, holybank.
Dingtone is up to pretty.
I started using this app since 2014 and I have loved it, then you could buy phone numbers using Dingtone credit at the rate of 100 to 200 Dingtone credit, but now not anymore. This was lovely back years, you can’t enjoy it anymore. My Dingtone phone number was automatically deleted from my account on March 2020 and Dingtone imposed another phone number on me and barred it and said I started using that number since January 2020 which is a blatant lies, but ever since then I have never received any call from that imposed phone number, families and friends have complained uncountable times. This is sad. I have made several complains but still nothing was done. reason” best known to Dingtone family. They now charge in dollars to buy phone number and at high cost. These days Dingtone is horrible.
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5 years ago, NycYakuza
Crap Service & absolute no customer service or tech support
It was all good for 8-9 months, then by accident I went ad-free in which my first 30 text msgs for the day (that used to be free) are now charged .50 credits, I can’t revert back to getting ads and what’s worse is I’m charged 2-3 credits at a time when I receive texts from other people. You daily check in and watch videos or go after offers and surveys but they won’t let you collect its rewards. It takes forever to earn credits per day and really isn’t worth the time to fight for since they literally have no one to help in customer service nor tech support. Dingtone used to be good, until just this last month when they decided to go after money than the quality of their app. Think twice if you want to use Dingtone.
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3 years ago, walter Beyer
Mighty Me-Wally
I’ve been using Dingtone for about 8 years now. I like the interaction I have with the clever way they offer credits for watching adds and is doable unlike so many other platforms where it feels like It’s being shoved in your. The customer care people are polite even when I’ve not been. Dingtone offers a legit lottery with legit games. I have to admit that I really like DINGTONE. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 9.85 over all approval. The customer service people are by far the leader in customer relations. Cheers to DINGTONE. A complete success.
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5 years ago, PreVentSCM
Dingtone is up to no good.
I have had this app for over 3 yrs so I can tell you about it well. Whenever it decides to update, (without notifying you) it will log you out. This last time today, April 23 they changed the verification process, so I have lost my number I have had for over three years. Also if you try to report an issue through the app, you won't be able to. That has always been an issue, not to mention their website goes to nowhere an it's very hard to contact Anyone at alleged dingtone. NEVER waste your time trying to earn large amounts of credits by downloading and playing a game. You will never get those credits, and reporting those unrecived will get a no where but blown off. All and all, dingtone is pretty shady, but works as a free phone number to call from.
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4 years ago, Lavender X
No longer works without Registered WiFi connection?
App used to work without a WiFi connection and now it says you need a WiFi connection. I travel for a living and can hardly ever get this app to work anymore long enough to click the one daily check in button. I used to love this app and frequently used it while traveling. I’m not sure the intention of the developer as to what the app could be used for but whatever new feature requiring you to have to find and connect to WiFi significantly devalues the app and renders its functionality significantly lower. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and now neither the login nor signup boxes are processing data. Sadly I guess this great app is no longer functional.
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4 years ago, mfurbu
Super little app!!!
This app is useful for someone who is home or near wifi a lot, it allows me to use a cheaper cell phone plan by letting me use wifi to call and text. You get a decent amount of free call and text time as it is, but if you need/want more you can complete simple surveys and other easy stuff to earn more free text and call credits. It's great for cutting down on the cell bill for me in the winter months when I'm home all the time as I do seasonal work. Calls are crystal clear, better than my normal cell reception is sometimes.
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6 years ago, Topher333
review after 6 months..
I use this this as my only phone number. Once in a while the call quality is eratic, even if im standing within 5 feet of my wifi router. But for the past few weeks its been consistently good quality calls. If you wanna buy credits to talk it comes out to be like 2 pennies a minute or you can check in daily & watch ads to get free credits. I think ive spent $4.00 in the past 6 months. Definitely spent less than $10. texting is free with ads that take up a very small portion of screen.
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4 years ago, EARL131141
I emailed the developers twice about this issue in the past four months and never got a response. I can no longer use the app over 4G LTE; I get error messages telling me Dingtone has failed to connect to the servers. I can connect and make calls and texts only over WiFi, which makes the app useless if I'm not home. None of the updates released have fixed this problem for me. But I guess I'll never get an answer from the developers. Why not, only God knows.
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3 years ago, ThaHumanCat
Faithful User of Dingtone
Peeps of Dingtone, thank you so much. Y’all are the only VOIP I use on a regular basis. I have other numbers with (not sure of active status) other voip’s...shoot...I’m not even sure if my Google Voice is still active. Beside the point. Also, back to it, I’ve been happy with just overall everything, since I started back in 2018. I will continue to be apart of the Dingtone community as long as I exist. Thank you for all the greatness over these few years, truly helped me a lot. I normally just leave ratings or small review. So...it’s a fine time to say a bit more. *****To add// I love cats and I need to care for my Kitten more. To say, mildly, I love that y’all added and have such features. Makes having a voip more fun, just as well all the other features added since I’ve been with Dingtone. Woot woot. ~Unruly Tate a.k.a Unruly ThaHumanCat
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1 year ago, USAR Ch
You lost a star
Customer service took the easy path of taking away a star despite the fact that I didn’t check in because the system wasn’t working and I sent them pictures of the system down notice. The system needs to be fixed because this is not the first time. Otherwise you would have 5 stars. Thank the person who sent the automatic message instead of doing their job and checking my emails and figuring out why I was getting messages to try later form 5am until 8pm
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6 years ago, Timbolious
Dingtone Works!
I’ve been using Dingtone for over 18 months and this is the real deal. If you have WiFi, then you can call or text as you need to. An incoming call may be missed due to the app needing to load, and there are times when the server is overloaded, but by and large this is a good cheap way to call and text. Using the app requires points/credits but you can reload by doing a daily check in and by devoting some downtime to watching ads. If you get low in credits you can get 500 for about $10. I think I have done this once. For occasional calling, Dingtone is fine. If you yap constantly on the phone you will need a real data plan. Texting often is no problem. I am very happy with the Dingtone service - call quality is good! I know use my Dingtone number (yes, you get your own viable phone number!) as my contact. Hasn’t failed me yet.
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2 years ago, Mrs.Washington27
Frustrated with this app as a small business owner
I’ve had this app for about 2 years now. I just finished my website and sent a client some videos. To my surprise and theirs, Dingtone had an entire promotion frame and was asking them to join. The client said they could not open as they had something similar happen before where they clinked a link and it gave their phone a virus. Needless to say, I was extremely embarrassed. I just purchased the “ad removal” as well as already having purchased my number as well as the monthly fee. Upon doing a text trial, they are still promoting on all SMS messages. That defeats the purpose of subscribing and using this app as a business phone alternative. I’d love a refund!
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5 years ago, zommbe
Fantastic Service 2nd Line
Works great for second number forwarding it to my existing phone I can text messages and everything with no problem at all I've been using for quite a while. So many ways to earn credits to get numbers & minutes I love playing the lottery that they offer also downloading and playing games I’ve discovered quite a few new apps they have a daily free point button and also a I’m feeling lucky button I have discovered so much.
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3 years ago, None9876
Terrible service when something goes wrong
These fellows also have Talku app…I’ve lost a number last year, because they were denied numbers by their provider…. And never got rectified. Compensation nil…Sometimes the ways to get points (to earn keep number doesn’t work).like .no videos. Or impossible other ways…Or you fill out profile and it does nothing. Today I had enough points to extend number..but if you push the wrong button (instructions don’t exists), then you lose it all…you write support and they are not existent..the whol3 service is like a scam..you would have to spend your whole day on it to keep up points..I’ll change to another app soon.. .
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2 years ago, derrick9568
Thieves and liars. I keep paying for everything but won’t get anything
This is the worst app ever. I paid to lock my number tor a year not knowing I’ll still have to be paying extra $9:99 every month for unlimited texting. Ok I have also paid for that one now but whenever I get a message, it always tell me why I’ll need to have a credit to view my messages and also to reply them. I’m still wondering why I was asked to pay $9:99 for unlimited texting but still be asked later to pay extra money to purchase credits for texting 😡😡😡 this is really frustrating. I’ll never use this app or let anyone I know to use this app as long as I live. I’m tired of this
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6 years ago, starw4lker
Sent messages
Issue 1: I’m testing the application after purchasing credit and a phone number. Sent a message to my husband, which he did not receive and it used my credit without delivering the message. Can’t contact help desk/ customer service because it says email can’t be received. So far it’s looking like a total rip off. I hope they see this message and resolve my issues! Issue 2: I purchased a lottery ticket and could not open the link they sent me, then I get a message saying I won but I still can’t open the link. I try to send feedback through app and it says cannot send by email on this device. I own an IPhone 8. This now seems like a scam. I’m going to give them some time to fix this issue.
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5 years ago, Shineluvkiki
Living abroad
Living abroad for a few months, but didn’t want to pay $60/month for an additional international subscription with my phone plan since I use WiFi for almost everything. Only problem arose when I needed to call my bank in the US. Found Dingtone and was able to make a clear call that was also free with the 25 free credits they gave with signing up. I now use them whenever I need to call the US to deal with various things. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, roycegabby
Please kindly help me to get my number back
I changed my Apple ID which I tried to login my Dingtone from the one but ever since I have unable to login because I keep get wrong password and whenever I tried to reset it the same error keep coming up and I couldn’t go back to the old Apple ID on my phone because i lost some information about it so I couldn’t log back in! And now I need my Dingtone number back please kindly render assistance
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5 years ago, QTLissa
I got this app to be able to use a different phone number for calls. Speaker phone is a joke on this app (it sounds just like a regular call) and even with the volume turned ALL THE WAY UP, I still cannot hear the other person very well on the regular ear speaker. I have no issues with my phone without the app, so I know it’s the app. The app will also not connect to my car’s Bluetooth so I can’t use it while I drive. I paid $20 for a year with no ads and 1000 minutes and guess what... I still get ads every single time I use it. Horrible app. If they fixed the sound issue, the blue tooth issue and the spam/ad issue (especially when paid for), then perhaps it would be a decent app.
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5 years ago, Beckybecca7
I absolutely love this app because when you don’t want to use your actual number for anyone or you can give it out for as your main number for everyone that way when you need or if the time comes and you feel like you need to change it go right ahead or you can have more than one line which I have two separate numbers on here now which is very convenient and it’s just wonderful to have thank you for such a great app
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2 years ago, Goofy_one
To say that this has been the most useless phone apps I have used is putting it mildly. The app is riddled with a plethora of problems it’s either texts get sent to the wrong recipient, messages fail to deliver when I send them, I do not receive texts from the same contact that I sent a text to or calls drop without notice. To think that I paid a subscription, bought extra for the ad free package and even was buying credits on this app is appalling and leave me to wonder what people who can’t afford a subscription go through. If there was any rating less than 1 star I would have given them that. Download and use at your own peril!
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6 years ago, FloraFamily13
I wish this service was as good as it’s chalked up to be...
Nothing is free and you have proven that to me. I in fact I have wasted way too much time on your stupid advertisements that DINGTONE promised rewards from and they were not delivered. It’s possible that I was not able to finish what was required for my credits, but it was NEVER at my own fault! It’s some BS. Your service actually is not good! I constantly get text messages without spacing, and I always have to double check that MY text is going to the right person, because I have now sent about 10 texts to the wrong person! It’s very embarrassing and I’m not happy about it. I’m seriously thinking about blowing you up on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc.
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2 years ago, 呜诺233
Free credit options are scam
Do not download if you just want to make one call. It’s impossible to do anything unless you pay $5.99 to purchase way too much credit than needed. The free credit option was just a joke. When I got 2 credit, it told me “when you have 2.75 credits, you can make the call”. So I watched a video and got 3. Then it told me to make at least 3.75 credits to call. So I got 4. Then it told me 4.75 is needed. So it just keeps baiting you to watch ads (which already earned them money) and wouldn’t let you make the call at all. I did not want to pay bc I was only making one call to check if the number still works, didn’t even need to connect. I understand that the company needs revenue to run the app - But the method they use, i.e. kept lying and baiting you until you’re so bothered that you’d rather overpay them, was just despicable and gross. I would give it 0 star if I could. Also remember to cancel subscription from your 3-day free trial, a very common bait as well.
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6 years ago, mrs.shecandothat
Five Stars!
Dingtone is great. All I have to do is watch a few adds and I choose to check in daily for free the credits and I can make all the calls I need to. I use my partners phone number to have a call back number and then just return calls the next day. It sounds like a hassle but once you get it down it is very convenient. The only thing I have ran into is that you cannot use it for 911 calls. Other than that it’s a very useful app! Thank you
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