emoji 2 emoticon art

Social Networking
4.7 (97)
18.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
John Murray
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for emoji 2 emoticon art

4.74 out of 5
97 Ratings
7 years ago, Xyg12345
Cute app
I enjoy the app. Like to put my own words into the pictures & post them to my online friends at holidays. Thank you for all of the time spent & ingenious pictures that it provides
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6 years ago, Hugo sami
such a cool app
enjoy texting to the full
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6 years ago, hummingbirdjedi
When it works
Its s nice app but features dont work even when you pay for them. It will say you earned a bonus, but no bonus. A little disappointing. Not sure ill keep it.
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5 years ago, amjr
Easy to use with pleasant text generated images in text & email messages
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7 years ago, Amberly639
Love this app!
Love the art!!!
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11 years ago, UniquelySuperBeth
Groovy groovy
A very fantastic variety of emotional messages, wide selection rather, cool that it includes many cultures across the world. You probably won't pick one not in your language, but it reflects a bright harmony that different nationalities also share in the joy of spreading thoughts, humor, and love. Love heals ALL :)
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13 years ago, ILuv2TakePixs
Love the app
But since I have bought the special for .99 cents where I can download updates. The new one don't paste right and the image is all messed up. I Tried to copy and paste and send to contact. And why have ads when I bought the .99¢. In the app itself. And what is the difference now between the the newer app? I would hope its the same. After buying this one
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13 years ago, mynicknamewasstolen!!!
It works for iPhone 4, but keeps blinking off on my iPod 3G. I doubt it's compatible with the iPod 3G, even though they won't tell you that. But I still have questions: | |_ _ | _  | | |_| | |_|  | | |_ | |  ~ _  |ー|ー| |_|  | | | |_    I was under the impression that the art as the one above was going to be included with the emoji keyboard extension. It's just like any other keyboard. So now I have to ask if we're supposed to open the emijo app, copy the art and paste it into a text field like I did with the upward? If we are, that's fine. But it should be explained in the app if it is supposed to be copy and pasted. Answers? Anyone?
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13 years ago, worm01
Cool App!!
One of the best apps i have installed!! Glad i got it...makes texting really phone wish i could send the art to other carriers and phones...only i-phone users can see the cool art other than that its great!!!!!
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11 years ago, DA MUFFIN MANgggg
I love this app to use for texting my friends. Works perfectly, no glitches, just perfect. But one idea: could use some words as art like "yes" and "no". In the next update try to include these: Search bar and Words as art.
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11 years ago, Cojack6
Love the big art characters spelling out words, this is much faster than having to spend several minutes yourself creating your own art character from scratch!!! Perfect n Love it...
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13 years ago, morgan_catalanotto
Really cool
This app is really cool, but there are 2 things that could be better *i think i should be able to copy and paste the icons to notes *i also think that some of them dont make sense Other than that i love this app
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12 years ago, Ray_Slydog63
Emoji Art
I like the app but when create a art and save it. It doesn't look like it when you save it to favorite. Why does that happen and what am I doing wrong.
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11 years ago, Missonil
I really like this app
It really works well unlike some others were you have to correct it before sending
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13 years ago, Whatever .. Don't get this!
This app is very fun,but the unfortunate thing ,is that the other recipient has to have an iPhone or an iPad to see the icons,everyone else sees is blocks .. Too bad,that's why it only gets four out of five stars from me... It's still an awesome app!
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13 years ago, monkey63021
This awesome app
This app is the best I use it all the time when I am texting friends and family my BFF is always wanting me to send pics to her from it
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13 years ago, CAITLINSAVAGE
So it doesn't show up on folks phones that dont have the app and doesn't show up on Facebook
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9 years ago, Cleflorida
Fun! I'm enjoying sending these in my texts. Friends & family have inquired about the app after receiving the greetings. Easy and fun to use. Try it...I think you'll like it.
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11 years ago, Minhatz
Love this app!
Our family loves experimenting with the art and sending fun messages. We would love to have more pictures to use!
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11 years ago, SaxonMaz
Very nice
Remember the good old days when you would get those pictures made out of dots and slashes. Well not they're a but more high tech.
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11 years ago, Gothictany & Gang
Love, Love it!🎀
🙋My friend told me about this App cuz she would put these cute Kawaii pics on my board and they were amazing! So I wanted some too!💖💕I love that the more I use em the more extras you unlock!👍💗I love that!😍great job!
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13 years ago, PSMoose
Makes the recipients smile.
Everyone I send a message to loves the pictures and asks how they can get this too. Lots of fun to share.
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13 years ago, 1TanLeo
Not Just For Apple
Not everyone has an iPhone, not sure why? Lol It's great that other systems can receive and read. Most Emoji Apps only show up on iPhones.
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11 years ago, Mrs.G.G
I really like this app it has awesome photos you can creat your own You should buy this app because it is free and free things are better
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13 years ago, Carissa loves dogs
Excellent emoji
I love this app. It has soooo many options to chose and learn from and fun to share with your friends and family. /) /) (=) this is one thing I learned. A BUNNY
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12 years ago, Plakseboi
Love it.
I love it as it was easy to use, especially with automatically made smiley faces, instead of making faces with using parenthesis n semicolon at the end of the sentence.
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13 years ago, Helenalindner
Love it love it love it
Best app! I have an emoji app but this ones cooler. You can copy their art and put it in your notes and you can make your own art. That's the beauty of emoji art .  Helena NJ 
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12 years ago, niteeye
It doesn't cost 💵 and it works! 😄
That says it all, really. Plenty of emoji to choose from, I love the latest update with iOS 6. Easy to use, too.
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13 years ago, elvensong
Cool app but.....
This is a very nice app but when I attempted to use the design function, a popup asked if I wanted lifetime updates in game purchase for .99 , I clicked ok and it confirmed.. But now it comes up over and over. I had to reboot and close the app manually.... Help
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11 years ago, LOgirl693
Love this app!
Only thing is a wish the recent category would show recent submissions!
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13 years ago, Monkey91
Fun but not the best game in history but it is still fun i do highly recommend this game it is free so you cam always delete it if you don't like it give it a try
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12 years ago, Shawn Robertson
Fun app
This is such a great addition to the I-Phone. Why didn't apple think of this as standard issue?
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11 years ago, OveRHauling
Awesome App
This app is greats ! Its got all the emojiart that i needed , its make my gf laugh all day .. 5 stars for this app.. Is there any way i can remove add ? And please update regularly lol ! Thanks
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13 years ago, Miss Blackie
Great app
I enjoy throwing these on pages for big smiles. Not able to do much on Facebook
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13 years ago, Dbp1234
Good program!
I hope they keep the updates coming, though 😃
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13 years ago, CraftyMiner1971
I love the colors you have in this program. Keep the great pics coming
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13 years ago, allpriorities
Fun makes great cards
What fun. Just too we cant share with our poor non I Phone friends
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12 years ago, vietnamdude
AWESOME!! But...
Love the work, love how I get new ones everyday, BUT!- I can't make my own art. I get creative and start doing emoji art, but when I save it. It gets messed up. It takes an hour or so to make it right. plz fix this and I'll give u 5 stars. =)
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12 years ago, nickname52909
Love this app
Had this app for awhile but just starting using it alot in the last few day!! Great great!! Love it!!
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13 years ago, Dedadoida
Works perfectly!
Good variety, never had issues
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12 years ago, Skyfuu
Awesome and creative!
This is a must have!! The art is really cool and works with iMessage, Facebook messenger and other free texting apps too like pinger and textplus!!! Download now!!!!
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13 years ago, Jenshir
Easy and fun
Easy to use. Friends and family enjoy receiving these messages!
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13 years ago, DEIDRA C
I really like this App! Can create or use what's already there! It makes people smile when they receive a picture message!! Thanks EMOJI!!! ✌
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12 years ago, Gabby Nabby
Love this app !
More fun than you will believe!! Try it, you'll love what you can do with it !!
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13 years ago, Hopie420
This app is fun!!
Been having so much fun with this app.. Only I can't get it to appear on my FB.. My husband has same app and he has no trouble with it.. Guess I need to play with it more..
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13 years ago, Joycever1
I love sending creative text--- this let's me be a bit playful and keep the text simple-- yeah:)
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13 years ago, Gootsie22
Great fun
I love these type of apps make my day more fun, I make friends smile and some family annoyed which makes me have a great day 
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12 years ago, VmgIdaho
Great app
I love it, and it works as longs as the other person also has this app !!
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13 years ago, Princess_Hopeful
Emoji Art
This is one of the nicest apps I've found to incorporate into texts. Easy, fun. Doesn't get any better.
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11 years ago, Mr.shabalabadingdong
I really like it!!! Wish there was more for some categories but im totally using this app often!!
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