Emoji Me Sticker Maker

Social Networking
4.7 (229.7K)
142.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Focused Apps LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Emoji Me Sticker Maker

4.7 out of 5
229.7K Ratings
1 year ago, gutchgal
New favorite APP
UPDATE: I’ve had this app for years. I still love it, and I still get tons of compliments when I use them. Better than the iPhone’s native emoji limited editing faces, hair and poses and so adaptable. My only suggestions would be a few more softer curly short hair designs, to be able to add more than two people and cats. It’s the little things that makes us smile… This makes laugh out loud when I think of some custom ones I’ve created for a particular occasion. So fun!! LOVE this App! I've been giggling for days while I'm adding to my inventory and sending them. My teenager wanted to make her own version -Now my husband has even requested one of him! So fun! Great free options with TONS of personalizing even before inApp purchases - (do not like when Apps don't offer at least a few free options to test it) but I loved it so much I broke down and bought the whole pack after 2 days of creating faces. Great customer service -Emailed a quick suggestion and they replied very fast!
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4 years ago, Myla😊😊😊
Soooooo uh it’s ok
App is ok but this was kind of already invented kind of like bitmoji and Memoji so it’s ok but I can already access this with bitmoji and Memoji plus you can do way more customizing in those two things I like it but it was already invented so if you have an iPhone it’s a bit pointless cuz you can access bitmoji and Memoji so I’d you don’t have an iPhone or you have an iPad than this would be great! But if you have a phone there is no point. Maybe more opinions on stickers instead of having to pay for it so overall it’s ehh ok I rate this a four if I didn’t have an iPhone, therefore I have a few comments 1.please make more things for free half of this this stuff costs money I would say to make everything free I get it that not everything is but it would probably be a more fun and popular game if you did 2. Everyone looks different and there should maybe be more of a selection of hair and all my hair four colors lol and it’s natural can you make it possible for the tips of your hair to be as many colors as you want, like I said not everyone looks the same so I have freckles along my nose and that’s it there so that be good please do the hair tips than you would make something new never done before 3. I’m not old enough at all to drink can you make a way to delete it? 4. (Last thought) Create something very new and different so the game can be more popular I hope you learned a lot. Thx
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2 years ago, Ladydesigner
Better & BETTER!
When I started to first get acquainted with this app it was as though it did not appreciate the color wheel, but as time has gone on it not only under Stands, it has grasped the beauty of life’s most wonderful thing God gave to us,and that turned out to be able see the color wheel, the many colors of the rainbow of people in this world! I want to thank the developers of this beautiful app for getting better and better each day in understanding the relationships so much each day and working to put this into the characters and letting the users run with it as they are and if they come through; if they do not, you will work well with that also! You are just that professional to pick up what is going down to make the character viable and on time to be a bit piece or a forever star! I love your talent! The app is on time, in place, strong, very much a winner and I do hope that I give honor to my place in time! Margaret L. A. Matthews
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12 months ago, NJNYtraveler
Always gets a great response!
I’ve been using this app for several years and am always a little surprised when I return after a month or so to find that it’s still roaring along, adding new stickers. As an app maker myself, I know the cost and effort to keep updating and am aware of many subscription apps that just peter out over time or simply vanish. It’s a fun exercise making updates to my own avatar (hilarious and alarming to add crow’s feet to make it more accurate) and many little nieces and nephews have gotten a big kick out of building their own or making goofy ones of their parents for me to share. Initially purchased a couple of packs, then bit the bullet and bought the one-time subscription, which I sincerely can recommend. There’s always an expression, outfit or prop to meet the need when the generic emojis just won’t cut it, so it’s long since paid back tgst small investment. Two thumbs up.
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5 years ago, Scall0way
Missing eye features
I looked for emoji apps after my sister had one on her newer iPhone, which I didn’t have. Some googling turned up this app. Most of the apps I’d previously seen said “free download” but as soon as you tried to use the app it immediately wanted money! This one is actually free for basic features and they are pretty good features. I generally delete an app the second it demands money, but this one doesn’t demand, the add-on features are so cute I might actually be willing to spend money. But it has one big gap that would cause me to rate it 4.5 instead of 5 if that were possible. It has lots of eye shape choices, but not one single choice offers an epicanthic fold, which all my half-Chinese grandchildren have. I thought it would be fun to make emojis of my grandkids but it’s not possible as no appropriate eye choices, not even for a fee. I gave it a try but they all just look too “Caucasian” to be a decent resemblance.
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2 years ago, Jacki n Joe
Fantastic App! Love it!
I downloaded this app geez, about probably two years ago? It’s been awhile. Never once have I had any problems with it, and I have honestly been enjoying the heck out of it. I have made emojis of not only me, but all of my family. They are so realistic, it is hysterical. And now with the dog emoji app add on, whole new level of fun! I love that you get new stickers for the changing seasons/holidays, and how much they can be modified to fit the person. Even masks have been added in. The only drawback I have had, and this would be seriously nitpicking, is I constantly wear a ponytail, and there isn’t a hairdo that looks exactly like mine. And I have cats and a dog and they haven’t made an add on cat app yet. See? Not even any major drawback. None! I love love love Emoji Me and can’t wait to see what all they come up with in the future! (Please let it be Kitty Me!?! ❤️🐈) Keep up the awesome work!!!
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6 years ago, sisters for every
App is soooooooooo amassing because I can send expression, not any expression like u can design what u look like and u can send you emojis. There r a lot thatWho ever came up with is app is a (genius), and maybe one day I can see u in real life. Thanks for the app and I bet that u have buy but that’s ok because there r ones that r new and all u have to dis click on it and hit the button on the right hand corner and it saves it saves it at the bottom, and when u saves all the one u saves their is a box that keeps all your saves ones at and the box is at the bottom and their is feed back thing that u can send your favorite emojis and other people will like it or heart it with the people who has the app as well, but is kinda like instagram a little. So people around the world get this app because it is amazing🥳🥳😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 😇😇😇😇😇🤯🤯🤯💕💕💕💕💕🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
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7 months ago, WG in SW
What happened?
Bitmoji used to be terrific. And they added a feature where you can do custom bitmojis—totally fun! But in recent months, lots of bitmojis have disappeared. You go look for a favorite you use regularly and it’s nowhere to be found. Now one thing with Bitmoji is their keyword search can be dicey, so at first I thought I just wasn’t using the right words. But nope, more and more of my favorite bitmojis are gone. Sometimes I’ve used it recently enough to find it in recents, but all too often it’s seemingly gone forever. So the selection for different categories is getting to be fewer. It’s very disappointing and I’ve sent it feedback about it but it keeps happening. Just today three specific ones that I looked for were not there anymore. I still have Hope’s that they’ll surprise me one day and bring everything back bigger and better than before, or at least better, I do like the smaller bitmojis in messages. That would be great, if it all came back.
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5 years ago, Jeano5150
Fun app, but....
Don't get me wrong, I think this app is a lot of fun. It's simple to use and offers a lot of options. But, and this is a big but for me, it takes up far too much space on our devices. I have written several times to the developers to ask that they give us the option to delete individual, pre-made stickers. Sure, we can delete the stickers that we make ourselves, but those made by the developers cannot be deleted. Personally, there are at least half of them that I will never use and I DO NOT WANT! My app is currently taking up 2.2 gigs of my precious storage space, and I have only 20 stickers which I customized. All the rest are those made by the developers, and they make more quite often. So, I will ask here too. Developers, please give us the option to delete your stickers! I will never ride a motorcycle. I don't even know what "bae" is. I don't go to Mass. I don't need those stickers, but I do need space on my device. Thanks!!
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6 years ago, AzVegeGrl
Great, Fun and Free!
This is a fun app to play with and it's very well designed. The individual design selections and accessory options (glasses, hats, hair highlights, etc.) should allow almost anyone to make themself into an emoji (wrinkles and all). You can make a few friends into emojis too. (I've made 3, but I don't know what the limit is for the free version.) A great plus is that the emojis are easily accessible within the iMessage app if you add the Emoji Me app to the app bar under the text box. There are several variety packs to buy, but you're also able to buy them all together in one package and receive all of their future accessory packs for free once you've purchased the "all-in-one" bundle. I haven't upgraded to the bundle package yet because it's a bit pricy for me, but if it ever goes on sale, I'll be adding it on. Lots of fun!
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2 years ago, Rozie21
Love it!
It may be too soon to rated a five but so far so cute! I have a major illness and I am very disabled so it’s really hard to do anything. I cannot socialize and getting out is impossible. So interacting with loved ones or a friends outside and out of my house is a no unfortunately. Communication has come down to dictating texts to keep in touch so now it’s a way I can express myself and a of communicating a little bit more creatively by sending a bit more love and me through a text message by yours truly because this really looks like me rather than Bitmoji. I don’t know if anyone else agrees with that but I feel like these features brings it a little bit more to life and the animation is great .It’s so cute cute and it actually really looks like me Hahahaha adorable I love it!
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4 years ago, youtueb lover
Awesome app
I really love this app so much . I keep making emoji s and send the emoji to my friends and family and they really like the emoji s. And also I been always dreaming about this that the people make the app , I really want a app like this but with a animal version of it , I really want the app to be free and everything unlock, I want literary all the animals in the world and then in the app you can make your own animal and name it. And you could scan your animal and then what it looks like as a emoji. And also you can get your emoji and then scan it and you can let it say whatever you want it to say but you can record it. In my dreams I want this app called animal emoji maker. So can you please make my dreams come true please. If you do make this app I'll be very happy . So can you please, please, please make the app in my dreams. Thanks
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4 years ago, JenaVev
Omg so cool app 😊. By Julianna 💁🏻‍♀️
I love this app it is so amazing I really love this app right when I made myself it looked actually like me! I’m just really happy I got to make my family and friends and it turned out pretty good everyone should get this app to have some emoji you kind of style actually I am very impressed how they make this app well my name is Julianna and I think that everybody should get a chance to get this app wether people don’t want you to have but if your mom and dad says you cannot have it then oh well I’m sorry! Also I really would like it if you guys can try to make each other and your fam ( fam is like a word for saying family ) so I like how you like this game if u do ( u is you ) and if u don’t change it! Ok I hope this is good info bye everyone 😊
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2 weeks ago, Nmhhy
Update from JL:
I found out there’s an emoji meat dog and an emoji me kids so I see that this creator is creating new things and that’s great creator if you created Emoji Me dogs and Emoji Me unlimited kids you are great you keep on creating girl or boy I don’t know you, but I do enjoy your creativeness and you guys enjoy your creativeness by downloading Emoji Me, Emoji Me dogs, and Emoji Me unlimited kids and you guys will enjoy all of those. I’ll keep you updated and creator. You might want to create a Emoji Me bunny because my sister loves that and she will be happy. “ why are you talking about me?” *My sister* “me” i’m just telling the creator to create a 🐰 me!” Well still don’t talk about me!” anyway keep on creating you guys and keep on discovering five star rating
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2 years ago, AhntTeeTee
More subtlety than most others
This is a pretty good app for getting the details to reflect more accurately than many of the other apps do. Plus you can make more than one face as well as linking to the dogmoji by the same developer and have poses with your pup, and your other faces. Love that you can customize the text easily. My only complaint, is that it takes a lot of back and forth, to fine tune all the facial details because they have you start the customizing steps on what I would consider, the middle of the process. Why not start with face shape, then to facial characteristics like eye lines and wrinkles? It’s so much harder to fit the right shape eyes nose or mouth on a wrong shaped head! Overall though I really enjoy using this and the stickers are great and try to keep up on current trends!
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5 years ago, YuriReviews
Honest Review: Read before downloading
It’s a decent app, yes. However, there are a couple of certain things that ruin this from a five star rating. One, you pay for practically everything. You receive a couple of the basics, but other than that you pay for everything else. Two, you don’t have many options for character design. The way you customize your character is limited, and difficult to get it to look like you. I admit, yes they can’t get it to look exactly like you, but at least get it close. The app works fine the few months I’ve used it, no crashes or bugs, I might add. Overall the app isn’t the worst to use, it just frustrates me at times. The app however, does what it does. Minor problems, but is still worth downloading. I hope you have learned something from this review. Thank you.
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3 years ago, ch4r_95
It’s great, but...
Hi! So I rated this 4 stars because It doesn’t have the features I want. Yes, it may sound picky, but it’s really hard to get my face correct. Also, I can’t find the freckles. Because I have freckles, and because I can’t add them, it became unrealistic. But apart from that, this is a highly recommended sticker app. If it added the freckles and some new poses/animations, I would give it 5 stars. But since I can’t find a good pose for going to the airport, I can’t make the sticker I want to. Alright. Bye! P.S it would be HIGHLY recommended to turn off your notifications for this app, because if you’re posting, and someone likes your post, the notification would come. If you have your ringer REALLY high, and you’re at a meeting, it would come out of nowhere and you have to check in private. If it happens at a real meeting, you would meet with your boss. This would be a problem with your career. I also can’t find the background I want for Summer. Can you update the backgrounds? I need a beach, or somewhere in China like those cherry blossoms on trees for Spring. Sincerely, Me (I am a fan of Dear Evan Hansen and by me I mean Eevee.) (And I would like a response to this. I haven’t gotten responses to any of my reviews and I would appreciate a reply from the developer.)
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7 years ago, TXJeepGal
I LOVE this app!!!
Out of all the personal emoji apps I have tried, this one is by far the best at customization. The number of choices for customizing hair and facial features has made it so that my emoji looks just like a cartoon me! The only issues that I have are: 1) I wish I could login to save them, so that they show up on multiple devices. I have made a few different “me” emojis using the app on my iPhone, but they wouldn’t transfer when I downloaded the app on my iPod Touch, so I had to start over. I’m upgrading to a new phone tonight, and I pray they transfer over 🙏🏻 *It is altogether possible that I just can’t figure out how to create an account on Emoji me, but I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, and haven’t found any way to do it. 2) It would be nice if you had background templates available for things like special occasions or special situations. I’ve tried a few other apps out there like yours specifically for this feature, but their personalized “me” emoji did not resemble me as well as yours does. I’m still giving you 5 ⭐️s, because you definitely deserve it!!! I would just like to see these features available in the future. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Camanasnr
The only app I ever need
I could get hit with a truck and I would make an emoji me about it. This app is perfect- it’s versatile, funny, and incredibly cursed in the best way. Ever face sits right in uncanny valley- you know there’s something wrong with it, but you can’t help but feel inclined to make more. The ability to write anything on your emojis truly allows me to express myself in the best way. There’s nothing quite like a bald man shaking his head with the caption “ph@tc00ch.” The social media aspect (emoji feed)??? Perfect. No captions, no algorithm, just pure post and like. My high score is 21 likes. This app is godly and I for one will never use another app again. Get this app for the love of god. Terrorize your friends, make your relatives confused, and have a wonderful time doing it.
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3 years ago, Ckbdert
I love these clever and fun animated emojis!
Ever since I discovered the Emoji Me website, and saw how many options the artists are giving me - along with the fact that each one is animated which adds a whole different layer of fun and meaning - I have been using it every day. I have sent out the emojis, using my own face of course, over email, text, And on WhatsApp. Everyone enjoys them! They even have a sister website where you can create emojis of your beloved dog or cat,And send those out to your friends and their pets. I take my hat off to the people who created and who illustrate this wonderful site and I hope they get many many new customers. They will not be disappointed.
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1 year ago, maricarbo
Emoji Me
Great app! If you are artistically inclined you will love this app. Of course it could use a few additions, but what it has is really nice detail...enough so that you can basically create anyone you know. I think it could use a curly mid length poofy hair choice, as I have that kind of hair but I could't find myself! It needs more lip varieties, a variety of separated teeth, as I have seen people with large spaces in between their teeth. It also needs a way to color in the eye socket, especially towards the nose...more variations for eyes, (some people have really close-together eyes) and a way to bring the ears down. But you can definitely work with what is there, already. Nicely done!
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4 years ago, Saxysue28
I love it it is the best game ever you can make any thing you want or anybody but you have to pay for some things but they are really cheap they never go over twenty bucks they are always cheap and they have the best deals I love this game and you will too try it and you will love it I swear I got it for Christmas and I think it is the best app that I have ever had and ever will have because there is no better game then this to me because I love creating people with me mojo and my parents said that I cannot use the Memoji because it is connected to Facebook and then they found this and said that I can use this app and I did and then I fell in love with it automatically so now I cannot stop using it you will love it I swear
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6 years ago, Freshheather
This is the bomb!
First I want to say I never bother writing reviews, but there are always exceptions. This app is one of those exceptions! Make emoji me, (meaning you), or emoji a friend, enemy, idol, anyone u want! Offering several choices for face and hair details to complete the emoji. After that is created you have many more choices to add expression, called stickers, to personalize emoji even more. Don't like the one u created, no problem, build a better one. Check it out, you will have a lot of fun designing different faces and stickers! I'm constantly making one of my friends into expressive emojis. Still not downloading? You can add text to each face with a limited number of font and color choices. Want more, that's cool, but it's gonna cost ya.
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5 years ago, RobbSharks
Emoji Me is the Best
Emoji Me is great and a safe app. We can not read each others message or we can’t comment on people’s emojis. If you are a kid looking for social media to keep your joy up ask a parent to download. I use this app every day and when I hear the Tri-tone sound it’s a notification from emoji me. And if you try to email them that will answer and they will reply friendly and you can tell them what you want to do for the app and they answer 4- 24 HRS later. You can sent people your emojis and write a message on a Emoji. You can change your clothes, you can post them on the Emoji Feed. Although you need to pay for Emojis. Every upcoming Holiday they will make an Emoji that has to do with that Holiday. Download Emoji Me now😍🤤❤️
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2 years ago, Fox0919
Sooo Much Fun!!!
I have the best time adding these emojis (that I’ve personalized to look exactly like me) to my texts!! Everyone comments on how awesome they are and how much it really does look like me! I’ve instantly hooked a few family and friends that had to try it when they saw how NOT generic looking it was & how customizable it is. I got the full access using a gift card I received...worth every penny to me for the laughs and fun!! I love how they always update and add new designs for current holidays and often send a couple new freebies for everyone too!! Changing text, clothes, animated emotions, glasses, hats, jewelry....AWESOME!! This really is a lot of fun and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!😁
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3 years ago, dddddddddddggggggg
I love this app!!
I love this app because you can express your feelings. Emojis can do that too, but this app you can send texts sharing your expressions and feelings when it actually looks like you. That is what I like best about this app. I have a few complaints though I wish that there were more features that I could use because then I could send more than just what is limited for me. So maybe you can have more be free for more than just a week or take some special ones and make them not in the money pack. So far except for the thing I just said I love this app and that’s why I’m giving it a five star rating. 😃
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3 months ago, IMIcebox
Definitely FUN
This app rates high on my fun meter. Have had a blast with it for two days. I exhausted the options in free version within five minutes, and then after an evening of making faces and stickers for everyone I know, felt disappointed there wasn't more. More options within the face features as well as the stickers. For $15 I was expecting a whole lot more. But...it is a great app, nicely done and I look forward to future upgrades. Just hope they don't gouge my eyes out with $$$$ for more options. If you don't mind spending the $15 for a little entertainment, I highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Livin' & Lovin' Life
Love, Love, Love everything about 'Emoji Me Face Maker'!!
My girlfriends and I love this app‼️💜‼️💜‼️💜 ❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁❤️👁 We love to go on 'at least' once a week and switch it up depending on how we are feeling on that particular day!! There are so many choices of colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Even though my hair color is actually brown, I love changing it up to a bright pink or a gorgeous hue of purple ;-} We would definitely give this app 10⭐️⭐️'s if that was a choice‼️‼️‼️‼️ The reason we love this app so much is because you can't go wrong. Your choices are endless! So get on the band wagon and do yourself up depending on your mood of the day‼️💋‼️💋‼️💋‼️💋‼️💋‼️💋‼️💋‼️💋
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6 years ago, ChiYumYum
Best Game Ever!
I’ve been using Emoji Me for almost 2 years now! I’ve made every single thing or person I have wanted to in this amazing, creative app. I have made people to my family, to celebrities, to even ugly and beautiful people. It has sooo many options when creating your person. For Example, earnings to tie dye hair to even the smallest details like wrinkles double chins and more! You can even take a picture of what your trying to create and copy it exactly while your creating. One of my personal favorite things is you can name your people! I love this app so much. It can be for anyone from child to an elderly person. I definitely recommend this app. Best Game Ever!
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2 years ago, stjfhfhdhjhwjdkd
This game is AMAZING! If your looking at this before you get the game there are absolutely no not one ad…it’s the game that everyone dreams about. (at least I dream about) The game is also really fun you get to make your own little emoji…it’s kind of like bringing an emoji to life so it’s really fun to do when you need to chill after a loooooooooooong day. And you can post your Memoji creations and stickers, if you go to emoji feed you can make your own posts or like on other peoples stickers. Now I hope you got to the end of this because those are ALL my reasons why this game deserves a 10/10.(sorry this sounds like a persuading letter)
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1 year ago, StuffyGirlYeah
I love emoji me because it’s so fun to use emoji feet to see what other people think of my emoji’s and get feedback!!!! but there’s just one thing that I don’t like about it is that I ‘ve made like a bunch of emoji’s and I’m trying to send them to people and it’s not working and I think it’s like a storage full thing so I just don’t think it guys should make it so the storage does an overload so I can send emoji’s to people !!! but thank you for making emerging me and reading this and I absolutely love the game just that one thing that sort of storage overload and thanks a lot for reading and not just going to the next review !!😻😻😻😻 Byyyyye😺😺😺😺😺!
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2 years ago, ugotabkidnme
Better than iMessage
I was initially misled into thinking this App would convert a selfie into an emoji that could then be modified. But the selfie is just a tool to have on your canvas to match facial traits to your emoji. It’s alright. There are plenty of options…for free. Way more than the iPhone. Emojis were animated and could modify sample text. Came up with a pretty good avatar of myself according to my own family. Because of that, I decided to purchase the extras. It could use a few more options. Maybe available through purchase or updates. Anated avatars look a little too much like a puppet. But, I suppose that’s part of the charm.
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1 year ago, D33R3LIMATOR
Fun emoji app
This is a fun emoji app that lets you create an image side by side with a picture. I found this very helpful when trying to figure out face shape, eye shape, eye and nose position on face, nose shape and a bunch of other options this app lets you customize on your emoji. There aren’t many options for clothing and once the emoji was made I found that some of the emoji cons made it look like I had no teeth or made my emoji look REALLY OLD… so I will just not use those. Serious though…. Some are cute and some are just not very flattering. I am just trying this out trying to see if I want to buy premium and so far I kind of like it!
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6 years ago, Pia Pia dance
My 3 star review
I gave this app three stars because I love making faces but I don't like that you have to pay to get more things. I wanted to make a version of myself on Halloween and I was a princess. I was not able to do this because I have to pay to get a crown. I also don't like the skin tone options. I don't have the right tone for any of my friends. I try but it just doesn't look right. I think that there should be more free hair accessory Options. I think it would be great if you could zoom in on the selfie of of the person you are marking so you can see freckles and eye colors. It would also help if by looking at the picture the app could recommend skin tones eye colors and hair colors to try and match your picture. Well that's all I have to say. Bye
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4 years ago, TheDisneyGirl🏀❤️
It’s ok..
So I downloaded this app because I have an iPod so it does not have Animoji on it. It’s all fun and stuff ok, but like, after awhile the avatars are kinda creepy and in order to use it on your keyboard in messages and all that junk, it says that it can access your messages...ya, creepy right? Like why in the world does it need to access that? And so after reading that in settings, I decided I would not turn on that feature. I also don’t want to be one of THOSE people but still I honestly don’t like how this kinda falls into the category of just another one of those games that ask you for money. I mean in the long run it’s cool and stuff but please try to at least maybe tweak these things please.
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2 years ago, musiCAL306
I’ve had it for years…
…and still LOVE it! So many diverse options for skin tones, facial features, clothing/accessories/makeup, cultures, beliefs and holidays. It’s both classic and on-trend, reflecting current and changing needs eg masks, hijabs etc. The activities are fun and witty. The customization just can’t be beat… Everyone’s amazed at how my Emoji Me’s actually look like ME, not a caricature of me. I’ve yet to find one that does it better. The only thing I’d ask for is more variety in backgrounds, eg not just 1 or 2 for holidays, seasons, home interiors and outdoors. Get this app, use a photo of yourself and friends for reference, and get to creating.
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3 years ago, LK in NC
Great personalize-able app!
I downloaded this app to play with and ended up really liking it. I created faces for me, my husband, my mom, several friends, and all of them look like their person. They have so many options for face shape, eye shape and color, hairstyles, lips and accessories like hats and earrings. I especially like the options of using two faces for “fist bump” or “hug”. The only thing I wish it had a search option. Maybe I just haven’t found it, but I’d like to be able to quickly find “I love you” or “angry” without scrolling through the options. Try this app, you’ll enjoy it!
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2 years ago, Destinywriter94
Coolest Animated Emojis ever!
I absolutely love this app! I love that you can customize the Emoji to look similar to you and if you get the other app for pets then you can have your pet in your emoji as well!! I recommend buying the full emoji packs because it’s a One Time Purchase and so worth it! I use every emoji from the pack and you can even customize the words so the emojis can say whatever you want! I recommend this to anyone who loves emojis but especially anyone who enjoys Animated Emojis. The only thing is I wish they had a wider spectrum of Colors for the hair(such as Deep/Rich Purple, Violet, etc.) and more Hairstyles for Medium/short length hair.
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4 weeks ago, 2boyz777
Emojis of me
I really like making the emojis of me. I like the fact that I can put text and change text and that they have movement. I especially like the fact that you can put more than 1️⃣ together. The only thing I wish is that there were a few more choices for clothing, details and few other things that are just extra details other than that it’s great. Four stars because even purchasing the advanced pack doesn’t give me access to extra accessories, clothing, make up etc. the ability to put some of the accessories that the regular 🆓 has that’s the reason it’s four stars and not five.
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4 months ago, Sweet sunshine doll
I ❤️ emoji me
I am very picky with emoji makers. I wouldn’t use the ones I’d sampled in the past because they always looked so awkward and not like the person they’re supposed to portray. However, this app is different - Emoji me is hands down the BEST emoji maker. With Emoji me , the emoji really comes out looking like the person. Like you know who the person is right away. It’s spot on , the options are very accurate- for the eye shape, the hairline - not just hairstyle, but also the hairline is in there !! - the nose shapes, chin, everything is excellent, and makes the emoji of the person very recognizable. Very fun and easy to use too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Anonymuos :]
Review Story :]
First off I love this app and I’m gonna tell u a story.. so I was using the app and posting some emojis to see how many people liked it and my friend saw me using the app she asked me what it was and after explaining she got the app for herself a few days later she showed me a post from a a guy putting out his number saying to call him if anyone saw it and she did and he turned out to be a nice guy the were talking and wanted to meet up then when they did he was a kidnapper and took her for an offer her for 10k$ the moral of this story is to be careful online and that I wasted ur time all of this is fake and no one reads reviews just get the app. :]
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6 years ago, PoolBlueGirl
Just So So
I was really looking Ford to this and I thought you could make your own face/emoji I mean you can but there’s not very many options. You have to buy everything! I thought you could creat you own face and then just free style it but no there’s like clothes you can put on it and the only free clothes are a jacket t shirt and a tank top ( which aren’t the best) and then there’s 10 different faces sad face, happy face, angry face, etc but it wasn’t very many and you can edit the text tho the you can only pick the font that’s in the app and there aren’t many of those either. Not only that but the text HAS to be where it is so you can’t move the text or add stickers or make as many faces as you want and all that fun stuff.
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2 years ago, Michleyc
Love the emoji-me!
It’s a great way to tell someone in a text that they are special (like giving a hug from me because it looks like me) or to convey how you are feeling in the moment. Plus you can make the emoji more personal by hairstyles, eye color, hair color, earrings etc. and change the outfit (like patriotic for July 4th) to your mood. I’ve been using these emoji’s for several years now and a few weeks ago I received one in a group thread that was “me” (apparently the person had saved it and was reusing it words and all!!) so I called her on it. She said, “sorry, busted!” We had a good laugh.
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2 years ago, Deecal77
The Best and Easiest App
Terrific! I have Used Emoji Me for 4+ years and love it! I have tried others, but this app, because of its ease and variety, is perfect for me. After some fine-tuning, my emoji looks exactly like me. The app even allows you to add and save more than one face; I've added my whole family. It's loaded with double emojis so that I can send images of both my husband and me together. It also includes a message feature with different fonts in a rainbow of colors. You get a large closet with wardrobe changes and backgrounds. All in all the best emoji app I've come across!
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6 months ago, Knitty Piggy
This is still a really terrific app! Really fun to use.
I really like this app! So neat to be able to send a little representation of oneself through your messages! Being able to place a photo within the designing part of the app is so helpful. I have been able to match up facial traits pretty well. Very impressed with it! One thing this needs, though, is an option for shoulder width. All the men I know have broad shoulders, they look a bit comical with narrow shoulders. Otherwise a great app! Oh, and it could use more options for people going grey haired! Thankyou so much!
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4 years ago, jcjdiod,e,
This game is amazing! But....
Let’s start out with the pros and cons theThe pros are when you play this game I really like how you can send to peopleI owe is that another pro is that I like the designs that you can do and I like how you can make a new one in post itWell here comes the bad the car horns are that I don’t think that there should be a membership I think you should get all for free and that it should not like cost money and another thing that I think is not right is when you post something to make people look at you can only do it like if you post to you have to wait like 10 minutes for it to work and then I don’t think it’s fair try and fix this ASAP
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4 years ago, The twillins
This is the app for me
Great. App. I love how you can make like little GIFs. And make your own emoji and everything. It's just the best. This is literally the one out of two (I have messenger kids) apps that I use every day and now I get to send gifs to my friends on messenger kids and this app is like, so useful. Try this app. So first, you make yourself or a sibling or a friend as an emoji. Next, you choose what you want. I usually do a black lives matter post or something. Next, you go and share your gif. Other people can like it and yeah. So right now I'm getting like a hundred likes right now so I'll go check on them. Bye!
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2 years ago, EPG rock baby
This app is very funny you can make whole different faces you can make it look like you it’s so funny all the things you can do but there’s one problem the cool stuff you have to buy so I would change that but it’s a pretty fine game. There’s lots of things you can do but if you want to pay this is the game for you. The reason I gave it four stars is because it’s not that fun like other apps but it’s fine we might have different opinions but my opinion is you should maybe not buy this app some of the emoji words you were looking for and you accidentally make one you do not like.
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9 months ago, Smittyroonie
Beyond fun maker
Absolutely love this app, I sure did pay for everything, no regrets, except why I’m not using it more. My adult children showed me this app YEARS AGO, and I thought it could be fun, yeah, yeah yeah, it sure is… and I bet if I look hard enough I’ll find an emoji me, with a pet duck. It has more fun options than I have found uses for, and I sure do have my favorites. My mom loves when I send her an emoji me, she’s 82, and I’m days away from turning 60. Thank you app developer for adding to my family and friends fun messages! I have only good experiences using your app.
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2 years ago, egogarty
So much more detailed than other similar apps
I LOVE this app... you can totally customize your face/or faces in a way that totally surpasses any other apps I’ve seen... far more detailed with features and despite maybe not having as many stickers as the other apps offer.. quality is far better.. so much so, that most of my friends have switched over into it too.. Can be a little glitchy at times but mostly operates just fine.. overall a well made free app that I feel is WAY better than anything else out there!
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