Emojis for iPhone

Social Networking
4.1 (2.1K)
67.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Emojis for iPhone

4.1 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Cha-nay-nay💕
Fix this so I don't have to buy something
It's really cool but how am I supposed to connect it to my keyboard without buying a stupid app that's a major turn off they should fix that ASAP
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1 year ago, Doppelganger304
App Folder Icons
I sort most of my apps into folders so everything’s nice and tidy. Plus they’re all located on one page this way. Started using Emoji Icons to label these folders. Example would be a 💰for my bank & wallet apps. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t have many options to label some of my folders so it’s great to find an app that does provide those options
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2 years ago, buddy-cat🐈
Kicks out
It kicks me out when I go in some times😡. It also needs work with the coins because we only use it for the hard ones and we need more coins to use. For the coins we should purchase new emojis. That would be 1,000 coins. It also needs a new game setting like puzzle setting or a setting where it gives us a keyboard and we import emoji that match the word and it says it is right. It should have backgrounds for the app too.
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10 months ago, Justajokegame
Haven’t even used it yet.
The app ask me to rate it right after loading it. I haven’t even used it yet. Is it a good app. Time will tell. I think this developer is a bit desperate to request a review before a person has a chance to even try it. That’s just my opinion.
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3 years ago, Sweetpea16tn
Needs work somewhat
I love the concept but it is really full of inconsistencies that make me feel like I am going to have to do something lik delete it and the company that won’t do bug fixes
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5 years ago, cjdickerson1
After downloading and installing this app and reading all of the “not so nice” reviews by many many many users I started having problems with nothing working right hitting buttons and nothing happening and I know how to download and install emoji apps but for some reason this one wasn’t working so I’m just going to cut my losses and delete now. Thank you for all the reviews that I read warning me about the $10 per month scam scam
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6 years ago, the real mccoy90
West side Emoji
Good day, It’s moments during my chats on what’s app where I need to represent and throw up my set. I am requesting you guys make a “west side emoji”. You know... four fingers up with the two twisted in the middle. Throw a little bandana around the fellas head, preferably tied to the front! Thank you very much!
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3 years ago, Lightnig bug
So much fun 😃😄😃😄❤️💛💚💙💜
Games and emojis all in one what's not to like I hope they make more of them and I just started playing it and I already love it like seriously download this game😬😬😃😃! It's so fun whoo! 😅
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6 years ago, Ridge M.
Who programmed the stuff?
So do you download an application, you open it up for the first time and I want you to rake the application before you had a chance to use it… What’s wrong with this picture? Obviously into intuition or for thought is not a strong point of the programmer of this program although he must think everybody else has a lot of it. I’ll be deleting it right away
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4 years ago, Amariah Hunter
I love this app
I love this app so much I can numerology the new types of texts and I get to any play a kind of game of riddles and I need to send the new emojis in writing different types of things to people it is very nice I love this game .
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1 month ago, dhfhrhrbr
How do I do this
How do I set this up I have no idea It is good but I don’t know how to set it up Especially I don’t know how to do the Emoji text Like make text messages with emojis?
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5 years ago, LizAnthony
I just downloaded it!! Waste of my time
I just downloaded this application and I am required to rate it before I get to use it???? Something is definitely wrong...Well I will give you 0 stars. What is wrong with you people give us chance to at least try it out for crying out loud......🤔😏 You guy discuss me really 😡garbage 🗑 application is a waste of my time. TOTALLY FAKE
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2 years ago, Sassafras 😬😑🤭
Emoji is Anti-Ginger
The fact that emoji now has many different skin & hair tone options but has not made red hair one of those options is not only ridiculous but offensive to all the gingers out there! There are like 3 red headed emoji’s but you should be able to edit each one that has the editable feature to also have red hair… Unacceptable.
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5 years ago, just fluffy
Emoji for I phone
I have been playing this game and I like it but suddenly it just stopped loading sending me back to my home screen. If it is fixed, I will continue to play but if not I will delete it
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4 years ago, Rose of Sharon 1
Emoji app
I’ve used the emoji app for years now it seems to disappear if I use the Bitmoji and have trouble getting it back. Pops up and wants me to buy it I guess new version and guess I’ll do without. Not going to buy something I’ve been using and all of a sudden you want to charge me!
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6 years ago, 😂😎🤗😊😜🤓
Fun Game
It’s a brain game, but has some problems. If your up for a challenge then this is the game for you. It does not freeze like others.
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7 years ago, !.chiqui.!
Just got this. As soon as I opened it, it asked for a review.
Just got this. As soon as I opened it, it asked for a review. Therefore I’m giving it 3 out of 5. After play, I will update my review after I’ve used it a few rimes
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7 years ago, Some S***
So far so good
This is a pretty useful app if you’re looking to type outside the norm. Some minor adjustments/fixes I can point out, but overall a pretty neat app.
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7 years ago, cramm123
Have not had a chance
Ok let you know later
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6 years ago, QueenBeella
Don’t recommend
I just paid $.99 and I had to delete this app. because the only way to use the new emojis to allow access to view any information you type, private or otherwise, including anything you have typed previously.
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7 years ago, Rxck X
The first thing when I started this app you wanted to sell me something. Then, before I even started you wanted a review. This is my review. I will now try to use your app.
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6 years ago, Kymmba1
Hard to connect and attach like regular emoji‘s
Have to copy and paste, only works on a couple sites, and what he said above needs to be fixed! Not too happy with it, definitely would not upgrade even for $.99!
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6 years ago, suekie123
Can’t find how to change font. Other than that it’s cool.
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7 years ago, T25boston
Good but a2 step process
Lots of extra work , would be better if it was already in the emojis. Maybe you can link them together?
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4 years ago, I will see....
This is not so worth it...
So, I downloaded this app, and it’s not sooo fun. Has anyone known about boringness? But... it’s okay, just needs improvement. The improvements could be that it leaves a impact on messages? Yasss
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7 years ago, Nateand1
Does not give you the keyboard
This app does not give you the keyboard as advertised.
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7 years ago, Glitter Fart 💨🔮
It is very frustrating to figure out the questions but it is fun anyway
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7 years ago, SWEETSUGAR54
Love it
Really enjoy playing it just love it,helps you express yourself
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6 years ago, Syhyronica
Could be better could be worse
It's decent but I don't understand the need to pay for this...
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5 years ago, GN2PCB
I thought this was the Emojis that disappeared off of my phone so I installed it by accident and I was charged 9.99 before I could say no. I feel like I was tricked and immediately canceled within a minute of installing. I want to be refunded my money.
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6 years ago, hjg74
It’s a game
I thought I was downloading an app to add new emojis on my iPhone but instead it’s a freakin game. As soon as you download it, it takes you back to the App Store to pay .99 to get the keyboard emojis. Not happy I was tricked 🤬
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6 years ago, Pjj 22
Fonts need to be upgraded
This app needs to install classic fonts instead of their silly ones!
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2 years ago, Allison Allie Liu
It is a good app but it always randomly kick you out when you try to play it.
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6 years ago, yt_eryndavis
I love the app
You can get free emoji send you can play games too
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2 years ago, kkimmer23
$9.99 a month for Emoji app????
I love the little cute emoji’s that are available. Not for $9.99 a month! This app was free for so long and suddenly it hits the lovely PAY WALL that equals $9.99 a month if you want any and all New emojis ????
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3 years ago, supermom0414#1
So sad
It’s so sad that you wait till you get the whole thing downloaded into your phone and on the last screen you pop up and say “3 days free then $9.99 a month”. That’s just not right!! :(
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6 years ago, vickiemend
Pop ups
While waiting I want emojis to pop up and they don’t!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Lonnie Letsplays
Great but...
It has fun games but I had trouble getting the emojis on my keyboard and I had to download another app for my keyboard, otherwise great games.
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4 years ago, MJMJ Is Matthew
I want to be able to have it in my emoji keyboard so I can post it anywhere instead of just stickers
Too much advertisement and money so you basically can’t do anything unless you spend momey
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4 years ago, P blue eyes
Just writing a review for new emojis I love the app recommend it to all no problems
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6 years ago, drtdf
Good app
I like to get ideas from the art this app is so cool but whaat is so special about it
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6 years ago, Miguel truck driver
Thank you for making this app for free
Really good app
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7 years ago, abrjdbndd
𗀇𗀐the best emoji app
This is THE best emoji app because there is so many new emojis and it takes only 10 mins
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4 years ago, TenaciousTexan
Could have been a cool app, but...
You have to allow them to keep track of EVERYTHING you type on your keyboard to utilize it... not giving you losers my bank password.
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7 years ago, Champgirl
Game got stuck on one Apple TV, and is stuck won't go to the next one even though I have answered it correctly.
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7 years ago, knitmona
Don't appreciate being charged without being given the option of whether or not I wanted to spend my money on the game which is something I never do. Very upset!!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, RocknRon6
Just got it.
Let me see a butterfly and I'll give it 5 stars
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6 years ago, Kaikai_05
I love this app and recommend it for everyone!
Show more
6 years ago, Kylellg
An okay app
I got asked like is many questions but I'm sure this app will be very useful
Show more
5 years ago, Tim Mayette
Basically the only difference is that you can change fonts, other than that it’s all the I phone emojis
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