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User Reviews for FaceTime

4.22 out of 5
19K Ratings
2 years ago, jhuhckuhdjndbchj
Great, Great, Great! … But
Face time is great! Its even better than Zoom because all you have to do is open the app… and press a contact and bam! your ringing them! But 2 things First of all When your on ft with someone, you can use your Memoji stickers and, well…. stick them on your face! But with newer versions of iPad’s, the stickers are animated so if you move your face and make facial expressions, the stick moves! But you can’t do that with the iPad 4 gen, and that’s not fair If you guys don’t make it where you can do that on iPad 4th gen and a little older, your sales are gonna go downhill real fast. Also when someone screen shares, its super laggy to the point where the whole call freezes, and in order to stop it you have to hang up and call the person back Please fix theeze
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3 weeks ago, Josielovesbunnies
I need help
- Screen Sharing: when I try to screen share it works but then it stops after like one min. Then I have to do it over and over and it becomes really annoying! - Filters: there are filters you can put on, like watercolor, ink, and comic there are also temperature filters like vivid warm, vivid cold, and mono. It lets me use the temperature ones but the other ones don’t show up there. The thing is they show up in Messages but only when I edit photos. - Special Effects: so there are special effects like when you make a thumbs up in front of the camera, a white thumbs up with a gray thought bubble appears on the screen. The same happens with a thumbs down. Or when you make a heart, tiny hearts appear inside it. When I try to use these Special Effects they don’t work. - Connection: ok the Connection is usually very glitchy and not very good. This might just be a home problem but you might be able to help! My friends seem to have no problem with these things. Please try to fix all of these problems! Thank You so much! ✌🏼💟😎
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9 months ago, MrBoss2695
My honest opinion
Honestly I haven’t realized it, until this week, that I love Apple. FaceTime is a great way to contact your friends and family, and to be honest, I prefer FaceTime over google meet and EVEN a regular phone call. FaceTime adds it’s portion to the Apple platter, and it might be my favorite app made by Apple. The developers did a fantastic job designing this app. The feel/style is just so minimalistic and gives you relaxed feel. I don’t know if I’m on my own with this, but I prefer rounded corners/edges rather than squared ones. And FaceTime has everything rounded and beautiful. The quality of video and audio is just excellent, I’ve never had a problem with cracking audio or a low quality camera, and neither has anyone I know complained about low quality image and audio. FaceTime has even added little tricks of its own (iOS 17 only). Great app, great company, great developers and great people.
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2 years ago, funand stay cool
I do like it but….
So like I really like using FaceTime but I have to put phone numbers instead of putting their name. Like that happened like a 2 months ago, when I try to delete the name so it doesn’t really take to much of the space it said something like this “ once you delete it you not see names just number” something like that because that was 2 months ago. I ask my friends if that happen to them but no it is just normal not really putting phone number. I did try to delete it and re-downloaded, it’s still doing the same thing. But over all I do like this sometimes if your like no Wi-Fi place it’ll still work a bit. But I hope that whoever can fix my problem , so I don’t have to memorize the phone numbers and all that.
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1 year ago, fatimfatimfatim
Good app,But…
Okay so facetime is really good for communicating and memojis and chatting with people across the world,but the only problem is Apple keeps hanging up my FaceTime calls when I’m not even pressing a button,so me and my best friends always get confused,and we always have muting problems,sometimes we’re not even muted and we can’t hear eachother,even if we have our camera on we can’t see eachother!!You guys need to fix this ASAP ty queens love u 🫶🏽🫶🏽🤭🤭xoxo gossip gal 😙👍UMM UPDATE:so basically we were on FaceTime and then everything started happening like hanging up and muting and lots,it was rlly bad and my friend started crying and having a panic attack,it’s not right!!PLS FIX.😡😡hi y’all it’s me again Hii so basically ft is being good but we just having a little bit of problems!!ty for fixing it but u guys r still not behaving well 🤫 BYE 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽💋💋💋💋
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2 years ago, IvyRages^^
It’s okay, I’m just hoping screenshare gets updated. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Okay this app is really really fun and classy 🤩💕. Although when screensharing, it’s really really laggy. I share my screen since my friend wants to see me play and literally, screenshare is just so laggy. You might say it’s maybe just because internet.. NOPE! It’s literally all the way up. I had my hopes up for it to be really really cool and everything wouldn’t lag. Maybe just fix the problem and that’s it. (You might also think it’s because of storage, maybe.) Just saying, this apps okay I guess. Overall, rated it a 4/5. It’s not that nice just so you know. Needs some improvements and also when taking a screenshot, the people won’t see the screenshot. Like, I wanna show my friend a message and I don’t want her/him to see my contact list and she/he sees all my contact list? That’s just kinda stalker mode not gonna lie. I think the app is one of a kind but just some problems you need to fix. The screensharing is my main problem about this app. But yes this app is over the moon, I cannot get over how screenshare got added but bug needs to be fixed. Closing off ig(I guess)
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2 years ago, Mytro96
Awesome app!
I have been using FaceTime to chat with friends for a while now and the controls are easy to learn and it would be the perfect thing for kids Who just got a phone for the first time and would like to call friends and family but still see their face, but I’ve noticed that it is an only apple feature so they can’t face time people You know who have a different phone. I think this app could use better face filters as well, for example ones that don’t just filter the camera but give you accessory‘s, big eyes, and stuff like that for kids. So overall I’d say good app could be more filters and compatibility with people who use other device but overall good app.
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1 year ago, trynoah
I have been using FaceTime to chat with friends for a while now and the controls are easy to learn and it would be the perfect thing for kids Who just got a phone for the first time and would like to call friends and family but still see their face, but l've noticed that it is an only apple feature so they can't face time people You know who have a different phone. I think this app could use better face filters as well, for example ones that don't just filter the camera but give you accessory's, big eyes, and stuff like that for kids. So overall I'd say good app could be more filters and compatibility with people who use other device but overall good app.
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3 years ago, gsshjsgsh💜🤍💜
On the IOS 15 update when I FaceTime all my friends in a group chat I can’t hear them but I hope apple can resolve this problem soonAlso on FaceTime audio I cannot hear anyone as well when I call people on FaceTime audio they either can’t hear me or I can’t hear them and I do not like that it is getting very frustrating for me because I want to talk to people but I can’t but Apple please fix this problem people want to FaceTime others but they can’t because they either can’t hear them or they can hear you but all I want to say use Apple you have been a great company so far but this new update needs to be resolved as soon as possible so please resolve the problem bye 😘
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3 years ago, tiktoklover100
Love the app, hate the update
I’ve always used FaceTime and love it but the most recent update really ruined things. I love that you can have a bubble of the screen if you exit FaceTime to use other apps at the same time, but the thing that I absolutely hate the most is that the end call button got switched to the top of the screen instead of the bottom. The button is half the size, I almost always miss it and it has made it 2x more difficult to end a call. Literally there is always an awkward silence at the end of every single phone call because neither of us can reach or tap the button quickly enough. Please change it back
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2 years ago, Cherri12
Add permanent picture button
If the person that wrote the review about the picture button and missing his/her child’s goals happens time read this… may I try to suggest a screen shot? Not sure if it’s as quick as the process you’re used to but it might help? Also with the menu disappearing now this might work well for screenshots as it won’t block any part of the screen :) keep your fingers on the trigger (home button and sleep/wake button) and quickly press both buttons at the same time to capture whatever you see on the screen at the moment you press. Hopefully it helps / Apple fixes this issue. Good luck!
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3 months ago, GirlGamer1230
Great app!!!😀but some problems…
This app if very good for talking with your friends or family from the phone or iPad or whatever your using! I love how you can share your screen. But sometimes SharePlay can get annoying. I have no idea why. And also, (another problem), if you and your friend (or whoever) are too close, it will make a weird noise that’s really loud and annoying. And if you and whoever are far away, it glitches and it’s hard to hear depending on what you are doing. The noise isn’t the best in general, but it’s mild. I would honestly recommend this app because I think it’s useful. I use it a lot and I think it’s a great app.
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3 years ago, grungie<3-
lovely horse prince…! 😻🥰🥰😘😘😍❤️
before, i was bald, and missing 1 leg and 1 arm. i was depressed, and bullied. i would be called caillou, and baldy. while at home with my russian hooker mom, (who stole my bf), was making me eat peach tomato skittle potato soup… and then i saw him. his silky hair, and his hot hot cheekbones… and his giant horse c- anyways, it was my horse prince. he took me to his ranch and we had a feast and then we made 2 children. it was a steamy, exciting experience. then, i had a realization. i should kill him for his powers. so i did, and (i treasured the giant part😺😍🥰) and i grew hair, and my limbs regrew. i will always love my horse prince who’s organs are laying on my couch that i will soon turn in to furniture. HES MINE RaWr baRK MEAOW GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 😻😾😾😾😾😻😻🙀😸😸🙀🙀🙀🙀😻😻😻
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1 year ago, Proper.Lov3
AMAZING 💖 Let me tell you why!
The reason its so good because you actually get to see each other and I been using it for years! And sometimes I get kicked out of calls and stuff but it was because of my internet connection I think, Or theirs. But! I don’t have a problem and sometimes it kicks ppl out and I think y’all need to like turn off phone with that red button and it works and FaceTime is all good again! Ok now screen-share or what name it is, Its good and all until your internet connection. Because idk why but I guess its like that so idk why- But FaceTime is helpful for social and stuff and yea. So that’s why I put a 5 stars rate.
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2 years ago, kimoraarthurs
FaceTime not working with one person.
This issue has been happening since last year with me and my girlfriend. We can face time everyone else perfectly fine but when we face time each other it only works for certain period of time, and then magically stops working. An example is during January up until February 28th we can face time fine, and then the next day March 1st up until now we can't face time each other. I live in New York & she lives in California, I was starting to think that was the issue but that doesn't make any sense. I would really like a response or at least a fix to this, because I am starting to get irritated. ***UPDATE ITS BEEN 6 MONTHS 🙄 and i still cant facetime my girlfriend. i even spoke to people from apple but no one really helped. APPLE FIX YOUR STUFF 😐.
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2 months ago, BB8800
Please fix-phone gets super hot
Love this app to connect with others who have Apple devices. Never had any problems until a few months ago when I noticed some times when I use it, my phone gets super hot. A couple of times, I had to exit a group call just to let my phone cool down and then rejoin the call. Not sure why this is the case. This happens when I exit all apps except FaceTime so I don’t think it’s because I have too many apps open. I’ve also tried shutting down and restarting but it does fix the problem. This (phone gets hot) used to happen when I used the Sam’s Club app as well. Would appreciate a solution or fix pls. Thanks.
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6 months ago, ur awesome and so am i
flash on facetime
I love facetime so much it is great for me to be able to get in touch with my friends, i spend hours on here talking with them but this is not y i am writing this review the reason for this is because i think that when you are on facetime you should be able to have the ability to have flash on in case you are in the dark and your friend(s) can not see you. i recently was on facetime with a friend and the lights were off and she could not see me so then we were both thinking how great and awesome it would be if u could do that on facetime. In conclusion i believe facetime should add the feature as to were you can use flash!
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3 months ago, Rhamilton6615
You are so in trouble😡
I tried to call Gavin and this weird voice just keeps interrupting me when I’m trying to call my friend Gavin can I just call him😡😡😡😡 it’s not fair I wanted to play with him and you little voice just keeps interrupting me can you just let me call without the little stupid voice interrupting me for at least one time this is so so bad if this is an update, you have to immediately delete the update it’s like so hard to call my friend now😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 he’s not your friend he’s my friend, so you won’t have permission to interrupt me and him trying to call each other OK do not understand this is not me just being dramatic this is actually bad. Can I just play with my friend and all this app says no you can’t call your friend you’re supposed to call your friend on this app😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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4 months ago, ISHHEIDIJDJE
thats all...
Facetime is a popular and widely used application used by billions of people around the world. It provides users access to real-time video calling, allowing them to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues without being physically present in the same space. However, it is lacking in some aspects and could be improved. For instance, the application lacks the ability to record calls, which is a limitation that could be overcome. By introducing the screen recording feature, Apple could enhance the experience for its users and make facetiming more engaging and productive.
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5 months ago, Can I come
A great app and I recommend it for children because I’m nine
This is also going to be a quick review. This app is very nice because I like seeing people and I like talking to them and if you made messages too then look over there and look at the reviews because one of them is mine and other people are reading this review. Yes I would recommend this for children. Do you think it’s surprising that I’m only nine years old and I’m writing this review? The app is great, and I like communicating with people and looking at their face and talking to them. I hope you have a great morning/afternoon/evening
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2 years ago, Fairy Godmother20
Hey!! I LOVE calling on this app! it’s so easy and goes smoothly. One thing I wish you would add is the time you have been calling. Me and my friends wonder how long we’ve called sometimes and there is no way to tell. Unless you texted before the chat or remember what time. Again, amazing app!!! One more request… a permanent camera button. I know someone mentioned that recently, but i want to put it out there. When I am trying to get a funny picture of my friends on facetime, I can’t capture that moment because it takes me so long to get it up there. Thank you!!
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2 years ago, gahahaham
Facetime is absolutely wonderful
FaceTime is really amazing. I use it to contact my family or friends when they're not around, the quality isn't the best but I can still hear them. Now on the the topic, I really think the program should have a sharing screen option. Me and my friend have to exit the app just to text each other our designs or drawings. It's starting to get annoying and I would be pleasured to not have to exit the app. This is just my opinion. The app is indeed good but just that one option would make things less hard.
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1 year ago, SophiaLynneBear
I love this app you can call your mom dad whatever you want and it’s like really fun to use. I had this app for like when I was like 3 so one time my mom show me was babysitting OK it was my best friend and I was like 3 that day and at the end of the day, my mom had like a little thing in her chess and I saw it was like an iPad. I was like so shock and then add FaceTime messages all that jazz and I was like so happy and I was like happy tears I think, you should buy iPad even you don’t even have one you should and I suggest you should have a iPad. I hope I see you next time bye-bye✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
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2 years ago, GerryJunPyo2019
Hiii PLEASE ADD a MIRROR IMAGE FEATURE for ppl w asymmetric faces :/
Hiii please add a mirror image feature for ppl w asymmetric faces :/. People with asymmetric faces need this feature on FaceTime and also on zoom. So please add it. We see a lot of iOS updates every year and this feature hasn’t been added. I don’t get why. I can’t use FaceTime bc of that issue . My face appears with the inverted image in other people’s phones when I call through them FaceTime . They don’t see my mirror image in their screen, with is the image I see in my screen. PLEASE ADD IT ALREADY. It would make a lot of people w this problem so happy. :)
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1 year ago, 𝟙𝟚𝟛𝟜𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕚
Good app read this
This is a good app like one of the best apps I have because if was hard for me and my friends to call because some of my friends had a iPhone but no FaceTime and they could not find it but I saw that I can send them the app and they could get this app and now my friends and I can talk forever we do so many thing in this app it’s just the best the BEST app to use to talk with friends family or someone that dose not live in the same state as you you can talk to them and my and my friends and family are so thankful for this app.❤️
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12 months ago, tremhiya
There is absolutely nothing wrong with face time.. except for maybe 2 things. I will now state those 2 things. The FaceTime call ends out of nowhere, doesn’t say call failed or anything? It just straight up ends whenever it wants. I am always in the middle of a conversation, next thing you know the person I was talking to is no longer on my phone? very strange don’t you think. secondly .. when screen sharing it goes black? I don’t know why & or how but these are the only issues. I hope you do everything on your part to fix these issues. If y’all actually read this.
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11 months ago, hguhvvghvg
It’s great for apple fans, but has some glitches.
My friends I love using this FaceTime app to call each other. But there is a weird glitch where we are muted and our camera is off automatically, and we could not control it. These glitches can happen anytime, but they get really annoying. In this app you can screen share meaning you can show other people your device screen. But whenever one of my friends screenshare, the quality is kind of poor. I give it four stars because these glitches can happen on any communication app. I totally recommend this app!
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3 years ago, RiponGIS
No call received notification and no audio call option
This one of great app of Apple. After updating to ios15 the new FaceTime time audiobook only call is not possible from the app directly. After making a audio call you will not see any notification after receiving the call (call time). You have to hold the phone on ear. People don’t always hold the phone on ear alway before receiving the call. I do a lots of audio FaceTime call but after update to iOS15 I am heavily struggling doing a audio call on FaceTime. I hope Apple will resolve the issue on next update.
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1 year ago, awesome Alexa app
Communicating better days
Awesome very brave girl. but I would recommend more communicating names like no one ones such as messenger kids. Snapchat. and dad are communicating lamps overall dad I love this song, my name is Keith and my whole family has been using it since it has been made. and that’s great but you can’t talk to people all around the world because it would get bad signal:. such as a few states away, would cause bad connection through each signal… no the fire that over lol it’s great. thank you for such a great communicator now
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1 year ago, highlyxquinn
Constantly Crashes and Kicks people
When in Group FaceTime’s someone is always getting dropped/kicked from the call, or someone else will wind up getting dropped/kicked when someone else leaves the call. We are constantly having issues with not being able to hear or see someone. Once someone is dropped the FaceTime app won’t allow us to re join the call because the call will no longer show as active. I literally switched to Apple JUST to use FaceTime with my friends because I can no longer leave my house due to health issues, and need I some kind of human interaction. It’s very frustrating that the entire reason I switched to Apple has so many issues.
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2 years ago, 😘🧐🥰
Who doesn’t love it?
FaceTime is overall great I just have one problem idk how to solve. There’s this one group of ppl who created multiple Group FaceTime’s and keep ringing me like 15 times a minute and there’s no way for me to block just the FaceTime call. I tried blocking everyone on the call but the notifications were still coming. Either way I don’t wanna block them because some of my friends are also added on these FaceTime calls. Is there anyway to mute a Group FaceTime call? Btw I’m obsessed and addicted to FaceTime it’s the best thing ever TYSM!
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3 months ago, MaciekS
Bad Activation Idea For New Facetime
First of all since when we assume that every person has smart phone? This not inclusive to elderly people who frequently use traditional mobile phones with big buttons. Perhaps Apple should hire more mature designers. Unfotunattly when I suggested changes to make Apple products more inclusive a gang of Apple pindits called me troll and disable my account on public forums. Seriously I soked for Wells Fargo where all joining IT memebers must go through proper accessibility training to avoid pitfalls like that. Even AOL gives options for activations using codes even on landline phone (spoken). Other than that Facetime is usable to those prior users who have access and can manage smart devices.
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6 months ago, Idk_777777
Fix these problems
FaceTime is a great app to call on but there are some flaws in the system sometimes while screen sharing the screen turns black. Secondly, sometimes the call ends for no reason. Lastly I’d like to address how some of the calls don’t go through to the other person. But for me I have a personal problem for the app I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but when I try to join a call it make another group call because a specific person is in the call but I don’t have them blocked or anything it just does that!? But yeah please fix these problems in the next update
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2 years ago, Laylaja2010gmail.com
I like this app it’s pretty good
I love this app so I can see my friends on call. I moved from one of my bffs so I’m glad that FaceTime is invented. But I wish FaceTime would work on every phone not just an iPhone. I have a iPhone SE 2020. I mean would it be cool if it would work for EVERY kind of phone brand!? Anyways, I’m glad you can do it on group chats also. It’s amazing. Mine never had problems unless a internet connection but I barely get it so I’m fine. And it’s cool when you can FaceTime Audio. Like that’s so bussin! Have a great day people! Sincerely, Layla <3
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2 years ago, jennicafromtheil
Bug Report
Ever since iOS 15, facetime is almost ALWAYS buggy. There is not one single day where I can go on without getting facetime bugs - ranging from not being able to get out of shareplay, only staying on the connecting screen once the other person has answered, to facetime calls breaking usability on my phone and having to force a restart. Also how annoying is it for shareplay, and I even disabled it in settings and it still gives me the prompt, to keep asking me if I want to shareplay my screen each time I switch over different streams on Twitch. I’ve resorted to Discord video calling my friends, please give me a software update that fixes these bugs.
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8 months ago, tolieit
Like whenever I get a few calls, I hit the button and then.. I FaceTime a friend as usual and then whenever my friend never answered my calls like on a different day or something it says in the right hand corner record voicemail video and it says that I can’t FaceTime voice message, my friend or whoever I am trying to voicemail to and it’s just so annoying that I can’t do anything right like that’s just ridiculous and then my FaceTime is like glitch sometimes and I understand that part, but like very glitchy very very glitchy
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5 months ago, uvtjacob
FaceTime picture
I love face time, absolutely amazing idea . Hats off to whoever came up with it. But, the fact that my face time picture gets bigger for absolutely no reason taking up a 4th of my screen is quite annoying. The fact that if the person I’m on the phone with is laying a certain way, I have to move it in order to even see half of their body. It’s so small and insignificant, but so annoying when it gets in the way, please fix this.
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9 months ago, ujmsgremj
It would be a good app, but it has some problem
So I love talking to my family members sometimes when I video call them sometimes it glitches out and hangs up and sometimes my family thinks I hang up on them not only that it’s really annoying when I’m in meetings with my boss and sometimes it hangs up more doing really important stuff and I have to call her a few times sometimes it does work but sometimes it internets really bad and just doesn’t work. Otherwise it’s a great app for calling and stuff.😃
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9 months ago, Desmond Dennis fan
I like FaceTime, but one fix
I am at a boarding school and sometimes I use FaceTime, but it doesn’t work that great when I’m here. It’s always bad connection. Why do you have to use FaceTime with the Wi-Fi connection. My cellular data is even on, and it still isn’t doing its job right. like I said, why do you need a Internet connection to do FaceTime. oh yeah, and why do you have to unlock to share your screen. And when I share my screen, why can’t people hear my voice over so that I so that they know where I’m going?
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1 year ago, Destiny Marie Sims
Good! But needs more updates.. and problems
I would love a new update to where, if you make a call with multiple people and only you MADE it.. we should be able to remove that person from the call. It would be so much better !! thanks❤️ also I’ve been having problems! Sometimes it keeps saying “call failed” “randomly kicks me out of call” “says someone left but didn’t” “can’t hear others even when their talking” everything else is pretty much fine. If you can fix these problems that would help everyone out! And not just me.
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12 months ago, Elaine is fed up
Something needs to be done and fast!
There should be no reason why my phone is 100 degrees after being of face time for 5 minutes. Why must face time make your phone so hot??? So hot to the point where if I try to do other things on my phone while being on face time such as scroll on social media, my phone will start to lag, slow down ,freeze and eventually drop the call. When this happens my phone becomes unusable for a good 5 minutes. i’m tired of having to pop my phone in the freezer every time this happens. It doesn’t matter if I’m using Wi-Fi or cellular data my phone becomes hotter than the Sahara desert.
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2 years ago, loveme2345
Improvement Idea?
Hopefully one day, Apple creates an option to leave a video voicemail. That would be amazing. Imagine just waking up to a FT video - voice - mail from a loved one on your birthday. I feel it would be more meaningful when one actually tries to call and somehow it doesn’t get through because they’re busy—just leave them a video mail. In all honest, we need that face to face contact without being face to face. Plus, who really listens to voicemails nowadays??
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9 months ago, gdjsjjdjdjjdjdjjsjdndnd
I gotta say this is one of the best things I’ve used because I get to call my dad FaceTime I get to show him things that I built and get to talk to my brother Mom sister Grandma it’s good you could’ve talk to anyone you want to see their face and that’s the best part seeing your face is the thing that you love the most because it reminds you of them even though they’re far away, you can still talk to them that’s why I love FaceTime I get to talk to my family and friends
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1 year ago, Aga1nEp1k
I love FaceTime a lot, I can chat with my friends while playing games, that’s mainly why, there are some issues to it, but there’s only one main issue, sometimes when I try to call a friend it will sometimes say after I pick up “FaceTime not available” or whatever it says, this happens like around 5-6 times when I try to call them it’s very annoying, although I have gotten used to it. I’m guessing a lot of others have the problem and are also annoyed by it. But, I love the app! 👍✨
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4 months ago, michaela mae williams
SharePlay on Tik Tok
I get the idea of sharing your screen on Tik Tok, but there seriously needs to be a feature that lets you control the volume. It’s always way too loud, and turning the volume on your actual phone down doesn’t help. Also, if I want to go on Tik Tok while the other person is also sharing, I can’t ever hear my own Tik Toks—can’t turn it up either because then it’s way too loud. It just gets a little annoying especially when it’s a group call, and someone is screen sharing their Tik Toks that I’m not interested in seeing, but it’s ALL I can hear.
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3 years ago, TB28718
FaceTime is good but…
FaceTime has been a app I’ve been using since iOS 14 and it has worked for the past year. I can easily communicate with my friends and family through FaceTime and iMessege, but a couple months ago, I couidn’t hear anyone if I was in a call if I had my Bluetooth headphones on and if I use my speaker, it would work but then 30 second later it would cut out. But if I use my old iPad 4th gen, it works perfectly so hope you fix that and I’m excited for the SharePlay thing to come out soon.
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7 months ago, krysss000
I just wanna fall asleep on FaceTime 🥹
Okay sooo, I am always on FaceTime with my friends. There have been many times where I end up falling asleep or one of them does & we have to yell each others names so that they can exit the group call. Because if we leave the Group FaceTime while the person is asleep, they would still be in the FaceTime even though no one else is there. It would be nice to have the option to be able to hang up the call for someone in Group FaceTime’s. Pleasseeee
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1 year ago, teddylovwr
FaceTime Problems
I like FaceTime and all I mean most of us do but there is 3 problems for me sometimes when someone shares their screen it’s sometimes black and it is SO ANNOYING then they have to unshare but it still doesn’t work my second is when it just randomly just kicks u out of the call for no reason third is when ur in a call with someone it puts duplicates of people in the call that’s very annoying thank u for hearing me out
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3 years ago, SG NY
Freezes so often that it is unusable
I’ve tried so many times to give FaceTime a chance because my contacts all have iPhones. Yet, it is so consistently unreliable, and not even on particularly slow connections. It will just freeze, and be a constant source of frustration. I end up asking to switch to Skype each time, with no issue at all. Even the audio only is so unintuitive. I’ve tried to place an audio FaceTime call with the little telephone next to the camera of the contact, under FaceTime, and I still get forwarded to a dial call instead. Once you turn on the camera for audio calls, good luck figuring it how to turn it off again. Just terrible.
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2 years ago, lowkey a ghost
Amazing app!
I absolutely love FaceTime!! The quality is astonishing! It rarely lags and and the video is always great!! I use this app all the time to call my friends and sometimes I need to screen share. Every time I try to though my friends always say that they don’t see anything even though it says that I’m screen-sharing. They say that my camera is off. Can you please fix this bug so I can screen share? Thank you and amazing app!! 👍🏽
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