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4.8 (5.2K)
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Fanbase Media LLC
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3 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fanbase

4.79 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
3 years ago, therickster24
It has really good potential
This app is such a refreshing change in social media. Seeing how black creators arent being suppressed or ignored for once is so nice, and the idea of using loves so creators get paid much faster than other platforms is really smart. I feel like this format of using paid for hearts is probably the way to go for short form content and I love this concept. My biggest issue with the app is the performance and the discoverability. There currently isn’t any algorithm for finding new posts/creators on your home page (it orders posts by your followers by time on your home page) and the discover page isn’t that nice to use either. The app also tends to crash more than other apps and it takes a whole minute to load the comments section for a post. Taking photos in app also feels very limited compared to other social media apps. I feel like this app is going to be one of the top platforms with time, because no other platform is doing this type of format that I think is the best way to create short form content for money. I feel like this app needs more polishing and needs more people but with time, this could be the best social media app for content creators and fans alike.
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2 years ago, CrisTenille
Needs Some Improvement
Well I know the app is fairly new but it seemed to be working better for me in the beginning than it is now. All of my notifications disappeared for some reason. Also since the carousel posting feature doesn’t yet exist (hopefully it will eventually) I’ve been posting a trio of pics at a time to get more of my content seen. Today I posted but it only allowed me to post 2 of my 3 pics/videos so I’m stuck waiting to be able to post the 3rd pic in my series before I can move forward w/ the next series of pictures. Also the app is not registering certain pics in my library, maybe it has something to do w/ the size? I’m having to take screenshots of pics already existing in my phone’s library & then I have to edit/trim them & those are the ones Fanbase is accepting for my posts. I don’t like having to do the extra work just to post. Not sure what is going on but I hope this can be fixed soon & my notifications can be restored & hopefully in the meantime I won’t have any additional issues. I’ve already tried rebooting my phone to no avail 🤷🏽‍♀️ The app has a lot of potential but definitely needs a broader user base, I guess it will take a minute for people to catch on. On the plus side, I definitely appreciate that they are not unnecessarily censoring people just because they may not agree with their point of view. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Awethinic
Interface is amazing. Familiar design. Amazing concept and “super” necessary. Empowers the users without algorithms in the background limiting the outreach of content creators. My only concern is that the content on the explore page isn’t filtered enough to be safe for the minds of young teenagers. The default algorithm for the explore page displays a quite a bit of images of women in swimsuits or videos dancing provocatively (10 seconds on the explore page displayed women riding a mechanical bull twerking). I believe that if there was a way to make the default algorithm a bit safer for the minds of young teenagers this app could easily surpass other social media platforms. Since other apps are heavily ad driven they secretly control what user see so there is a fine line between controlling users and filtering users. Maybe the content can have a rating system applied similar to movies, or tv shows? Obviously the users will eventually decide what they subscribe to no matter what system is in place. I think it would just be a case of due diligence since other social media apps have had to answer to Congress for some of the content on their own platforms. Either way this app has a ton of potential and provides an opportunity for users to benefit from subscriptions which is 🔥🔥🔥. 5 stars from me!
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3 years ago, mo cravens
Great idea, but it’s way too similar to Instagram
I downloaded this after deleting TikTok because it’s so important to participate in a platform that doesn’t silence BIPOC voices! I really love the idea behind this app and there are already some dope creators on it, but unfortunately it falls flat due to the exact likeness to Instagram. I personally liked TikTok because most my fyp was unfiltered content from artists and content creators! But from what I’ve seen so far this app seems to create a very different environment from TikTok (which isn’t necessarily a problem but the creators who are hyping this app up are typically people on TikTok trying to get people to switch over) and the vibes are just off which is unfortunate. I also think that rather than purchasing likes or follows to interact with creators, there should be some kind of subscription service for exclusive content which would draw in more broke college students like myself! Hopefully this helps the developers to keep making changes! Y’all are doing AMAZING and this is what’s needed right now 🙌🏻💕
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2 years ago, yung sexc
Huge Potential
This is a great app with huge potential. However, the app does crash more than it should, and it is pretty slow. There needs to be some type of loading animations or something, versus the app just freezing because it looks like it just is not a good app. I think the content on the explore page needs to be more diversified, but obviously that will come with more creators. Overall, I love the idea of not suppressing any voices and being able to make money on content. However, I think there should be a subscription people can pay for as well as the hearts, because not everyone wants to pay for hearts or “loves” for just some content.
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2 years ago, kushdesignllc
Excellent 1 stop shop!!
Awesome app that combines Clubhouse Instagram and Facebook by allowing you to have your own personal page as well as the opportunity to be able to talk with other people through their virtual conversation feature. Similar to Clubhouse where you are able to create your own rooms and carry the conversation that you choose without restriction and censoring. You can also upload all of your contacts onto your page without being censored as well. If you are a contact creator you can also monetize your contact and have folks subscribe exclusively to some of your most exclusive content. I love this place!
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2 years ago, lalalambo602
I know it’ll keep improving!
I just want this app to become the next big thing, as big as tiktok and Instagram! There is so much potential with this, it’s a bit buggy but I’m sure the dev will work it out. Also please promote this more and sponsor YouTubers! You need to get the word of this app out there so we have more users! I look forward to everyone migrating over :) I’m excited for the future of this app. Good first experience so far and I love how the feed is in chronological order instead of ridiculous algorithm like Instagram. I love how it reminds me of Instagram back in the good ol days.
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2 years ago, Jeff_the_nerd23
Needs a Maintenance Developer
The app works just fine, in my opinion, and I like that the interface is similar to that of Instagram and easy to use. The problem right now is it does not reload pages at all. I had to delete the app and re-download it just to see my updated number of followers. It just needs a coder for constant maintenance to keep things smoothly functional at this point. Tons of people log on to chat in groups, network with each other, and send each other follows. It feels very business casual between like-minded individuals which I like. Fanbase please find a fixer upper coder and you guys will be fine!
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3 years ago, Big daddi cane
This App is what we have waited for!
I believe this app has the potential to dominate other social media platforms. Unlike other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Fanbase is listening to what their users want. Facebook and Instagram could have listened to their users but they choose not to, so now we must go somewhere where we are valued. The app does have some improvements, but what doesn’t in the beginning? As long as they consistently improve and keep updating their UI design to create a seamless user experience, they will be dominate. Keep going Fanbase.
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3 years ago, DayWalkerDANI
Has potential
The concept is wonderful, but the app itself has some fundamental flaws. Uploading long form videos takes quite a while and has errors when it does finally upload. This is, of course, a thing many social platforms have to work out, though. The categories don’t really weed out the posts that aren’t related to the dedicated category, though, and I find that a little frustrating. For instance: trying to find other musicians to connect with so I look in the music tab, but instead see posts not related to music at all. I am excited to see where this platform goes, all in all.
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10 months ago, ReachighUp
It Worked.
Not sure what happened. I was able to finally send a comment on the guys page. I was trying to leave a comment under a video he posted but whenever the video played I had to wait the millisecond in between to write ONE letter. It happened every single time the video played. I have an iphone13 and also an investor. Oh and how do I receive my check on Fanbase? I was told about a beta version to test for investors but not sure how I’m supposed to do that. I’m happy to be on the journey with y’all. I will be fair with my reviews.
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3 years ago, Bakarei
i don't even know how this app has 5 star ratings? i just signed up after having it downloaded for a few days. heard about it on tiktok so i thought i'd give it a try. after signing up i can see the interface is hideous. it's extremely bland and it's difficult to even get a feel of the app. i don't even see the point in it? i do where to find creators, does the app even have lives? why is there no "For You Page" so I have to just find people on my own. But that isn't even the worst part of it... I cant even watch videos! It's extremely laggy. I've tried watching 5 videos and none of them played. Hands down the worst app EVER. I'd rather use BIGO & a tiktok to keep up with my black creators. At least BIGO actually works and is just a LITTLE aesthetically pleasing.
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1 month ago, Mr Kuztum
Best audio app
I’ve been apart of the family for two years going on three I love the app all the verticals that it offers great for Contant creating great for learning grateful expressing yourself. There’s a lot of intelligent people on Fanbase some off the rocker but for the most part they all wear around it and salute everybody that taking the time to tune into Fanbase download the app invest in the app, this is your chance to be something that Brown breaking for our culture respect everybody is on Fanbase from the CEO all the way down to little old me much respect Mr Kuztum
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3 years ago, 1Gorec1
The future of social media
This app give an opportunity for anyone to monetize on their content. No other app is as versatile as Fanbase. It’s constantly improving. I’ve been inviting others to use it. I just started using it a few days and made $20. It’s not a lot of money but the platform is new and a number of users constantly growing. I’ve been on other social media for many years and did not make any money. Here I made money but I also enjoy giving Loves ($) to others to show appreciation for their creative content. Love for love ❤️.
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2 years ago, KH2290
Great app, just needs refining
I’m super excited about this app and respect the potential of it. I just wish I could search for a topic, click on a relevant picture, and scroll down to see other relevant pictures beneath it. Right now when I scroll, it just shows my following’s posts, and that doesn’t make sense. Also a big thing, I don’t like the “Don’t Be Lazy” phrase on an empty Fanbase account. It’s negative and discouraging, and puts a bad taste in my mouth. Something more gentle, positive and encouraging would be nice to see. Overall, I’m excited to see how the app progresses.
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1 year ago, Tessie1205
Give credit where credit is due
They’ve achieved a lot in a short period of time. I love the community you’ll find and the best in class user experience we’ve grown to expect and love. There are still kinks to work out and new innovation to test and implement but they are def in the right path. Their audio room topics are bomb. I’m still figuring out the content creator monetization model but I appreciate the straight forward approach to get coins. No more on-the-fly algorithm hoops and rules for ccoc’s to jump thru.
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1 year ago, DK Drifter
The Fanbase app
Hi there! Ur app is very unique and very cool! I never knew u can earn money on here period. I discovered it for myself and now I’m recommending it to my friends right now about it And I hope they join this platform too! Also another cool feature is that I didn’t know they had verification on here for the check mark similar to instagram. But I must say. I’m very amazed by this app and I’m very impressed by it too! I’ll continue to use it forever! Thank you for building this app!
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3 years ago, Hdkdurbej
Great platform
I figured I’ll give this black owned platform a try. I know other social media platforms work against my people so this was a great opportunity to switch over. Gives us a voice and opportunities to expand. I would highly suggest people to use this platform to grow and build a community. If we make that conscious decision to switch we can make this bigger than other platforms. Hope this review pushes you to do so.
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3 years ago, LightLilly01
Categories aren’t all that purposeful
I learned about the app on TikTok, and really wanted to support it and the people on it, but when going to go find cool content from creators through the category sections. I found none, if not a huge majority, of the content posted under those categories have nothing to do with them. It’s mostly women showing their in suggestive/provocative/sexual positions, clothing, scenarios etc Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind photography if it has that if it’s meant to be in a tasteful manner. However most of the photos are not done in tasteful manners and are meant to cause a reaction out of people for sexual arousal. A lot of posts made are also way off topic from the categories they’re posted under. Which makes it difficult to even find content from creators under those specific categories that you want you explore and support. Otherwise this app could be so much more and even better if these issues were figured out too
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3 years ago, Comedian Ty Davis
I love it here!
I heard about Fanbase after I made several rants about how my content and other black content creators are treated on other social media platforms. I love the convenience Fanbase offers to put followers and subscribers in the same place. I didn’t set up a Patreon account in the past because of my unwillingness to have to split my following and keep up with another platform. It is my hope that Fanbase will allow me to eliminate several apps and have all the things I need as a content creator here. Download it today!
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2 years ago, Sw3etz789
Needs a better set up
I’m loving that this app is empowering but I am not a fan of the set up. I would like it to be more like TikTok where I can choose a few interests and it sends me videos that are related and that I can simply scroll the videos of any other categories instead of the page where you click them individually. This was being compared to TikTok and that’s why I came over but I deleted it because the set up wasn’t the same or similar. Can’t wait to see it evolve!
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1 year ago, Adult in xxx
Review of what I think of Fanbase after a week of using
Going live, and all the presentations are very easy to use that’s nice navigating the site itself is extremely difficult. Trying to find people that can follow and support a very difficult. I’d like to support others as well as have them support my thing and I have a hard time finding where any of them are located right even see what they’re doing. Customer service is unheard of here. I’ve written several times, asking for help and very rarely. Do I get an answer back that’s not automated and saying something that I don’t need the answer to.
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3 years ago, KelzzyJewels
Lags A Lot
I downloaded this app, due to hearing about it. It’s just an Instagram 2.0 but different I guess. When I started to signup it took forever. Then said, I didn’t meet the age requirement, but I was born in 1999. It ended up creating the account anyways, but this app definitely lags. It took so long to access my settings for a profile picture. Just when I was about to add my photo, it logged me out. Then it took forever to log in. This app is very slow, it took a long to find the people and follow, because for some reason the search bar won’t adjust. As far as first impressions, not the best app.
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1 year ago, Money me man
Better than IG, Twitter, and Facebook no cap!
Without the shadow banning without the fake profiles without the horrible administration of tech people that banned your account for felonious and fraudulent reasons. This is the app where you want to be at socialize streaming, going, live and able to talk the way the culture talks. This is a very cultural defining app that has made, all other social media apps, copy it. don’t believe me check out the guy who made it page.
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3 years ago, QuieroLibros123
Great Way To Network
You have different ways to get paid on this app! It doesn’t matter which field that you’re in, as long as you have content you’ll have the opportunity to earn. You can also take advantage of going live on this app which is another way to get paid. There’s a DM feature and also there’s a cool audio chat! Enjoy Fanbase and create there.
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2 years ago, Muhammad1984!!
Blocking and messages
I use Fanbase on a regular basis it’s a great app and I enjoy the content. My problem is the messaging and blocking features are not updated. You block people on the app but they can still see your page and they can still message you and vice versa. Also, you can’t delete message threads. When you go to delete messages in your inbox the message thread deletes but the conversation still shows in your inbox. These are the only issues I have with the app thus far… aside from that its a good social site
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3 years ago, Cococabinda
Pay for Likes? Pay to Follow?
Hey I really wanted to like this app but you literally have to purchase likes and pay to follow multiple people. I think that’s a bit outrageous. Why not get sponsored ads on there and generate income to pay creators from ads? It really limits how much exposure you’ll get to new users who would rather be on a free social media app (every other one). Most videos on there have barely any views and zero to 10 likes for this reason obviously. Rework the business model to generate income from ads/companies not users so that you can build your network. Black users need this!
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2 years ago, Tjackskon0494
Could be better
I looks too similar to Instagram, wish the format could look a little different. I don’t like how on my feed I can not find new content, and have to actively search for it. There should be a thing where based on your likes, it will provide similar content from different creators. The app also freezes up too much, the videos will just stop and play every second. There is potential for this to be great and a safe heaven for black creators but needs a lot more work.
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4 years ago, J Nolan F&L
Great App, but Profile Info Keeps Resetting
Every time I close the app & log back in my name & bio information is reset back to being blank. All my content is still there, profile photo & cover are just as I left it but the information goes blank. I keep going in my settings to edit and no matter what, once I log back in, my bio is reset. I will keep using the app, I believe it has great potential and would like to grow with this platform so if anyone is reading this, please fix that.
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2 years ago, Mofareelz
Every Creator Needs This App!
If "work smarter not harder" was an app. I've made more on fanbase in 2 weeks with 20 followers that I have on Instagram and FB combined over 10 years! No exaggeration. You need 10k followers to monetize on IG. On fanbase all you need is an account (and a bank account to collect your coins). It's a no brainer. Download this and support creators. There are some bugs but I don't doubt these will be addressed over time. And if they never fix them, I'd still use it.
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1 year ago, getonfanbasenow
I love Fanbase but…
We need a dark mode option. We don’t have one and it hurts my eyes day and night. Can you please release a dark mode in the next update? I know this can’t be hard to do since every other social media app has this feature. Overall Fanbase is the best platform I have used. One more thing, please get more users to join, this platform cannot grow even bigger or get the tech media to talk about it even more
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8 months ago, ThankMeLaterOk
This app is literally marketed as being an inclusive app but it’s not. The founders social media posts are about racism 90% of the time. So it seems he’s consistently consumed by the matter yet racism exists within his own app. I personally know a white male creative whom the app owners were prejudiced against. He is an author, musician, and blogger for Forbes and Rolling Stone magazine, etc. He’s verified on every other social media platform yet fanbase wouldn’t verify his account so he left the platform. While at the same time the app has verified other so called influencers that have a small following and aren’t verified on any other social platform.
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3 years ago, jademoyer
Innovation & Black-owned
i love their basis for this app!! the ability to make money off of content is something that should've existed a long time ago and this app created it! Also enjoy the audio conversations, this is a great app for creatives of any kind to network and build. Only con i would say is the design of the app (background colors, accessibility etc) could be alittle more engaging. Great app, definitely would recommend!
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1 year ago, bythecreedbme
Need Help From Issac urgently! Please help
I have a GPS App I've been working on for some time now and its going to replace waze, ios maps, and google maps its the next best GPS app. It will show you where all the gang territory's are throughout first the states then country! I have a prototype and i need funding and direction to get it off the ground. Rather its just a conversation or something bigger I NEED HELP! 🙏🏾
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5 months ago, Jv On The Run
Creator hub social + monetization
This is a black founded, majority black invested in, social media creator economy app. They are super responsive and accessible to their community feedback for upgrades. I use this as a hub and post teasers on other networks to point back to my Fanbase profile and content for monetization. Regular updates and upgrades. Quality stable build. They pay out every month.
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4 years ago, UltmtKaos
Getting paid for your content.
Tired of the other social media platforms, 6 months, original content making them money.. but only getting paid cents for months of work? This is your chance to start a real fan based revenue generating page. Their idea is to pay you, they keeps cents on the dollar. You have tons of followers, might as well get funded for your effort. Great idea that will probably take off fast. FYI it’s going to ask for personal info, because you’re getting a paid to you account. That being said.. it’s not a scam. I’d get in early and explore the platform. Be one of the originals that helps set the foundation when everyone else migrates over. Good luck to you all, hope your successful.
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1 year ago, WynningBrands
A Must Have App For Creators
FanBase is my ultimate favorite. It's a blessing that I get compensated for MY CONTENT. I have profited from FanBase. On FanBase, I made new acquaintances from the UK and Africa. From all across the world, I've attracted new customers and supporters. I've made contact with famous people and acquired a number of new business partners. If you're a creator and you aren't on FanBase, you are seriously failing to do yourself justice.
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3 years ago, sweetcheeks savannah
I can’t believe I just learned about this app this is like Instagram clubhouse and only fans combined !! ( exclusives NOT explicit!!) except you get revenue from every feature!!! my revenue is constantly going up, not only is this the best social media up in the world their team is amazing with feedback on glitches and improvements , growing and improving everyday...this app is for everybody!!!!! 🤯🤯💜💜💜
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3 years ago, Reh Dogg
Useful service
I am very skeptical to putting my debit or credit card in the billing information if the billing information is for me to get paid I do not want to do that PayPal option is needed I would feel more comfortable doing so until then I will not add my info there. Other than that I am enjoying the service. As an artist is very helpful.
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3 years ago, EmoKid1102
Good app but a small issue
For some reason the app is only showing the unedited versions of videos and photos from my camera roll and it’s sort of annoying since I edit my media to fit the aesthetic of my page. Other than that I’m glad to see an app similar to tiktok that doesn’t suppress creators and is black owned.
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4 years ago, Olori swank
Awesome way to monetize your content.
Getting real revenue via your content is so much easier on this platform than many others. I also like the fact that it’s easy for me to understand exactly how I generate earnings. Makes me more eager to set revenue goals and smash them. Plus it’s an added incentive for my fans because they can feel like part of a more exclusive community. I love Fanbase!
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1 year ago, Aston Jnr
Fan Base Praise from Social Proof Podcast
I saw the social proof episode with Fanbase founder Isaac Hayes III. I love the content and definitely inspired by this app. I think it’s the new wave and I am going to use it for a few initiatives I have upcoming. As a Data Scientist, I can see the value from multiple domains and it sis going to definitely change the way we view and treat social media.
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1 year ago, BossLady News
That New New 🤗
I have been very excited to be on the Fanbase platform as well as very impressed with the quick updates and upgrades to the social media. It’s super fun and although I haven’t started making income from the platform yet, I’m excited to continue being on it, and being a part of its rise.
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3 years ago, mellwood fandom
Account issues
So I can’t get back into my first account and yes I tried to reset my password I tried 2 of my emails but it didn’t work. So I made another one but then I deleted it then I made a third and I see that It’s not deleted. I need help I’m trying to get back into my first account and get rid of the others
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3 years ago, MegzMuzik143
Great app with an incredible future
Although, as of recently I have engaged more with this app, from the moment I learned of it months ago, I have been raving about the concept! This app is a game changer. I am looking forward to watching it evolve and excited to get in on the ground floor, minor glitches and all! Congrats to Isaac Hayes III & the fanbase team!
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4 years ago, Ricky Felixx
Like it!
I like the platform, but not love, there’s obviously work to be done but it overall feels good and easy to use. The concept of the app is very solid, as far as being able to monetize off your own platform. My only complaint would be to make the app feel more like its own instead of it feeling like its competitors, because that’s what draws a consumer like me to dive more into it. Overall I like it, more updates in the future will take this to a new level.
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1 year ago, chstim
Easy to Use
There is so much on the app that you can do and very functional plus all the extra features that allow you earn and even video longer then 5 and 10 minutes definitely ahead of its time
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3 years ago, roshawnw
What If I Gave it 5 Stars?
I would give five stars however the 5th star would not allow the app to improve. Truth is... this app is amazing. The app is constantly improving as request are received. I see this app as great place for artists to monetize their creations and those others who just wanna share and still be monetize. Check it out and show some love <3
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3 years ago, Forsallen
Best of both worlds!
Sill in beta…so a little glitchy here and there (hence 4-stars) BUT totally loving the audio-only space here. The ability to showcase content as well makes this app the “Best of Both Worlds” in the social media realm. App could eventually replace a few others (for me) one day very soon! Monetization here is key and easy to learn and start.
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3 years ago, Vjwms
Great app, but I’m having trouble!
I love the app and it’s purpose.. However, I cannot accept nor can I deny invites to the stage in the audio rooms.. Definitely makes the app less interesting for me when I can’t engage with others.. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, powered my phone off and back on, I’ve tried everything.. If I can get that fixed, this would easily be a 5 star app..
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