Farmers Match - Country Dating

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4.2 (502)
49.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Abdul Zhou
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Farmers Match - Country Dating

4.24 out of 5
502 Ratings
6 years ago, Barbara.Jr
Good app
Good app to meet people according to what you are looking for. It provides important information about each user. It has helped me to meet people with my same goals and focus, I have made good friends until now. As for things to improve, there are times when it gets a little slow. In general, it seems a good application, and I reccomend it. 
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4 years ago, Randelll mIAO
I like it's purpose to find new friends and have some fun. Keep it up!
I like this app you meet a lot of new people, This is what you make of it. I found the man of my dreams, but because of all the baggage and non-healing I chased him away. It took a while in the midst of the high percentage of ignorance but it’s possible if you keep trying. I’m back on obviously, please don’t end up like me burned out. When you do find that person make sure your ready. The interface is really nice and I like how the profiles are set up. And love the seamless scroll down to view the bios. Love the app It's very easy to use and navigate. Can't be any more simple.
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4 years ago, Millennium Harrowell
Best dating app, have some suggestions
I like how you can see basic information, like political leanings, the neighborhood they’re in, drinking habits, etc. The prompts are also pretty good and helpful in telling me on a surface level of I’d get along with the person. I have one bug in the app— I can’t set my location to my neighborhood, even when I put my pin on it. It labels it as the wrong neighborhood. I know they HAVE my neighborhood because sometimes I see people who are marked as being in my neighborhood, so I would like them to fix that or at least let me type it in instead of making me use a pin. Second, I wish that there were more optional questions to answer, like on okcupid. Those allow me to see and show answers to questions that are important to me, so I don’t get an unpleasant and easily avoidable surprise midway through a date, example “actually I don’t consider myself a feminist” that’s an automatic no for me, and could be something I see in advance, should they choose to answer.
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5 years ago, Albani_tai
I met my current girlfriend
Farmer dating app is the best app to meet new awesome people. I have tried many different dating apps but none can be compared to this one. I have found genuine people and I'm connected to lots of friends. This app is easy to use and there are a lot of friendly people on this app. I'm enjoying using this dating app as I have meet new friendly people. This app gives you a chance to see that there might be more out there something you have never imagined. This is exactly what i was looking for.
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5 years ago, untra_truvu
I loved it.
I’ve been in a relationship since before dating apps were a thing, so I’ve always been intrigued with these things. I downloaded this last night after watching my friend using it for dating and finding out that you can use it to make friends too...I’ve met three people so far who seem like we share a lot in common with. To summarize, this app will help you find what you’re looking for and pretty quickly. I’m grateful there are other aspects to the app besides dating. 
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5 years ago, Philll$$Lam
Very interested with simple page. It offers me a sense of belonging. This app gives me a chance to know more people of mutual interests and goals, and because of that , I get to know the one I might have missed. Also, it recommends someone nearby, so that I can get familiar with the one who is close to me. That's excellent. I have sent my feedback, and I was surprised that they responsed to my feedback quite quickly! In this app, I saw less scam-info than other apps. And as a woman, I don't get hassles in this app for its strict management.
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4 years ago, Ilany Westmacott
You can do more for free
I really like this app above Match and Plenty of Fish. It allows for a great browsing experience and even the ability to chat with a potential match without having to pay. Kudos to the app makers for that. The quality of women here are also generally a lot better than on the other apps. At least they put effort into their photos and likes/dislikes. I would rate this one of the best dating apps you need not pay for — and I have used just about all of them.
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5 years ago, SirMinh.#$% many amazing people!!
If you're someone who enjoys having hangouts in nature and having a romantic date in a refreshing setting then this app is for you. I was searching through apps and this one caught my attention because it is really unique and caters to your specific needs which is what i wanted. haha. It is also really easy to use so if you'd to spot out the kinky farmer living nearby and fullfill your fantasy go ahead and give this app a real shot.. I know I did and I didn't regret it!!!! Good luckk to you!!
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5 years ago, Frostedhuh
Simply the best
I actually just downloaded this farmers match app, and as usual I thought it was going to be like all the other ones with scams and fake profiles but actually I have then in contacts what's a couple great women we were out there searching the same thing as me when it comes to relationships and love especially our connection. So far it has been a great experience and highly recommend that other people download this app and see for themselves.
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5 years ago, Kiu.JsungKK
Now this is exactly what I was looking for. It took me a long time but here we are, I was trying out different apps, websites, but not like this. The difference, the free zone to express what kind of person you are, and what do you want out of you like, with whom and with what you want is amazing. It's definitely the best app to meet new awesome cool people that you will have some fun with. I already connected with few great friends, and I'm looking forward to meeting up with them.
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6 years ago, JacquelynMyers
Can’t open
I can’t open the app. I would click on it and it would shut me out once on there. At first it was my phone acting up. Went and got it checked out. Now my phones working but the app isn’t. All my other apps open fine but this app comes on then flickers off. I have turned my phone on and off to see if it was that. I erased all the windows open on my phone. I even charged my phone all the way up to 100% to see if that worked. But nothing has happen. I thought it would open back up if I just left it alone for a day but it still refuses to open up. Now it’s been a week since and I’m getting even more mad at this app.
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4 years ago, Trooper Werrilow
Really good app
I like the idea when having people who's interested on you to send you only 2 messages So if if you are not interested they can’t keep messaging you or sending any pics until your respond also compare to other apps This one has less fake people very much most of them real which I like it, I really suggested to anyone who’s looking for any relationship Very cool app, thanks FarmersMatch.
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4 years ago, Jyrine Langston
Works As Advertised
It didn’t take long for Mr. Wonderful to find me on Seeking Dates. Actually wait—I think I made the first move? If we hadn’t met through the app it is very unlikely I would ever have met him otherwise. But there he was, all amazing and kind and smart and beautiful and willing to tolerate my taco/karaoke obsession. The app feels natural and lets you interact with a potential date’s profile in a very cool way. I love the way I was able to see a range of pics and the connection to instagram was really nice. I met a total of three really nice men, and found a very special person—so deleted the app after I met him. I believe that’s what Seeking Dates markets itself on so—works as advertised! Thanks Seeking Dates!
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4 years ago, Merecedes Bellon
Very good.
One profile at a time is a good pace for me. The paid feature of seeing who has already liked you is also helpful. The best parts about this app are 1) The profiles are waaaay more curated than what you will see elsewhere and 2) As a woman, I don't have to deal with 5,000 unwanted messages in my message box.
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4 years ago, Doi''Voi`i`i
Only this site added real friends in my life..all others online dating apps look only for money…
Nice app. Met interesting people, On my old phone I could download it, it was an amazing app. It really was anonymous. I've been using for awhile and nothing sketchy has happened. Would recommend this app to everyone.
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5 years ago, AK42.Lucasss
This is actually a really cool app for dating with singles. Downloaded last month from an ad that got me intrigued. Been using it quite a lot, haven't had a match yet as it's early days but I like how it works. A great site for not really forming relationships. Highly good if you're interested in curvy singles like me. Meaningless relationships are great starting right here.
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5 years ago, MariaHahn
Its fun and exciting
#1 Farmers Match 4 Dating App is the best dating app out there, super easy to use and many active users with true photos. So people feel safe to date on it. In my eyes it can compete with big apps like Tinder, OKC and Badoo. Whether you’re looking for casual dating, a fling or hoping to find a lover, soulmate, life partner..., seems this app has it all. 
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4 years ago, Bailey matthias
Honestly the fine people on this app helped get me through one of the worst time's of my life and helped restore my self-worth & self-esteem after it being destroyed a couple years ago, It has reminded me that not all men are jerk's and there are alot of great one's still out there even if just as friend's =) So Thanks!
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5 years ago, _кишмиш
So far so good
Through this app, I have been able to meet some really friendly people, though nothing in terms of social intimacy has been able to be established which is my main goal. I know it's just a matter of time and I will get to meet that special someone.
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5 years ago, Валерия Ростова
Real people, real conversations, real connections.
Giving it a fair chance, still to early to tell all but so far, it's ok. There are lots of women in my area and beyond. Its easy to set up your profil, start searching for nice people and communicate with them. Look forward to more success on this app. The best farmer dating site.
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5 years ago, EdinZezoko
New experience, just installed but so far it's interesting.
I just joined this farmers dating app. So far, it seems like there are a good number of people to choose from. It took me a little while to get used to the app but I’m finding it easier to use. the dating app supports themselves no any advertisements.
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4 years ago, Toniette Pattie
Made some good friends here but despite the fact I put an age limit still get those not wanted texting will appreciate if this can be looked into once one has an age limit then others shouldn’t be allowed to see one thanks
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5 years ago, SchwarzPaul
One of the better sites out there.
Pretty easy to use. Surprised by how quickly I started getting responses from people. Not everyone is great, but have some new friends. Definitely recommend if you are looking for new people to start chatting with.
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5 years ago, Austra_sydney
This app is the promised land 😍
More to love, no limits. It’s definitely one of the best apps for single dating where you can contact to many people and on my opinion they are excellent and very respectful always nice... Found someone within an hour! I’m impressed Woo you got your A game going. Thank you. 
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5 years ago, Tim D. Crouch
Crush on you <3
At the same time, the app also offers free messaging services for us to stay in touch with each other and also free to send messenger. I highly appreciate this app and hope it will be upgraded further!
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5 years ago, MaxKTh
Good for me
I've been using thus app for a few days now it's simple to use and there are plenty of people to just talk too. Overall it's a great dating app. I've gotten more matches with this dating app than many others that I've tried so far.
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5 years ago, Sil1111111111111
It is very good app were the real people can meet and chat i tried many dating app but it is the best app no need of paying money and you chat with every one thank you so much but is seem to slow will we will be keep on using it.
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6 years ago, TomKra321
I forgot my password and almost lost my account, which means that I can hardly chat with my online sweetie anymore. After little efforts contacting the support team, I receive my account feel grateful for their kind support.
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5 years ago, Fainrnal
Great app full of single beautiful women to get married to
Through this site I met the most amazing guy, who is now my boyfriend. I am very much in love. In fact, I think I met the love of my life (as cheesy as that may sound). Still baffled that I met him off of an app! I'm a lucky gal.
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4 years ago, oooooppsss
Highly recommended
A fun and effective app! I like the options it offers and the high quality singles I've met through this app. I would recommend this app to any single person looking for a relationship.
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12 months ago, Rev river
No cowboys to be found - 99% of profiles are fake
Don't waste your time. No farmers, ranchers, cowboys on here at all! But LOTS of men from Nigeria (which immediately makes one assume it's a SCAM) and other far away places. Most profiles are men from big cities, who are basically the polar opposite of who you'd expect to find there. Site uses of the same photos recycled to other profiles with different names... which again screams SCAM!
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5 years ago, Dale fischerc
Great so far
Very handy app that shows you people you have crossed paths with during the last week. If you like another person and this person likes you back, you can chat together.
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4 years ago, Aileen Laste
Good pinyin app
The app is easy to use and works well. I've met wonderful people to share memorable life experiences with. Even when matches didn't work out, I've had the privilege to make new friends with genuinely kind people.
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4 years ago, lski93
Flawed app
Update: I’ve tried again to sign up and the picture issue seems to be fixed, but now when I click “register” it says “registration failed”. 😂😭 I wasn’t even able to register with this app because when I went to upload a initial profile picture it kept saying “upload a picture of your face”.....but that’s what I was doing lol. I tried 6 different pictures and poses before giving up.
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4 years ago, OntORot12
I like the fact that the free app
I've been on this dating app a short time and I have no problems. The app is very quick about finding you what your looking for and has some very very beautiful women here.
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4 years ago, Siniah Tinson
Best dating app
If I was able to change the distance to locally ppl only that make it number one. But I sometimes get matched with girls from another country. But it’s still the beat one you can use.
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6 years ago, NR.Dieter
5 stars
The most unique app on the appstore I've ever known. No matter whether you are rich or poor, rural or city, just you are looking for a special person to date, you can use it easily. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, Cy Flanagan
Good fun!
It's really a great app! I have found my girlfriend using the app! My life is so much better - she is pretty, cute and fits most of my requirements! Could not imagine how my life will be if both of us didn't use it! Highly recommended!!
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4 years ago, Tahnesha Beddon
Spot on!
After dabbling in a few free apps and getting frustrated with slow performance and multiple server issues, I invested in this. The app is great, fast and reliable, and the matching criteria are way beyond its competitors. Bravo.
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4 years ago, Avantay Haisell
Service in place
I absolutely love this app compared to Tinder and some of the other dating apps. The simplicity behind this service is beautiful, and I’m definitely going to continue using it as it grows.
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5 years ago, _varyaa
Love this app!
Thank you for this good app I have met alot of very nice real people here in this app and the service is great and there are no fakes. There is no bad thing about this app. Its good and you just got to know how to chat to people with a bit of faith in a awesome farmer man.
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5 years ago, ziad.medouakh
Super cool app
Basically Farmers dating is extremely secure, there will not be any other way that you will be able to read my info. So I always feel safe and confident when using
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6 years ago, Ferdinand_vidic
How efficient and friendly they were as well!
I have better opportunity to meet some cowgirls that is more compatible to you all your lifestyle. Two thumbs up for you !!
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4 years ago, Quanishia Moorcraft
There is a very little dating apps
There is a very little dating apps like this farmers dating app. This is the cuttest farmers I have ever used. Love it so much. Highly recommend this dating app to farmers singles. So many pretty farmers here looking for the same.
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2 years ago, XGOODFELLA
Don’t waste your money or time.
This app has no followers in the United States. Nothing but catfishing bots. The app hasn’t been updated in quite some time there’s no way to save on the descriptions page. It took me five tries to make sure the person I’m looking for is female because it defaults to male. This thing is just not worth any of the money and I can’t get a refund.
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5 years ago, satterfield24
My go-to app
Initially, I thought it was as normal as any other app. But the system gave me more chances to search for my love, luckily I found many people successful. I wish I can date with one of them.
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5 years ago, drop anywhere :)
Very impressed
Have met a lot of people and know more about their life. There will not be a perfect apps without disadvantage, but I will also recommend this app to you and consider it as my favorite app.
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5 years ago, Hailee.99
It's a best dating site
Surprised at how this works so easy and results right away. not a date yet, but looking hopeful seeing some possibility, excited , been trying different places and nothing.
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4 years ago, magazaDavid_=_
Here to recommend to everyone. Best Farmers dating app ever!
I like this app, it is my first time on it, and I found it 💯% better but i just hope it doesn't bring something else in future
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1 year ago, Scharley!
Why can’t I look at profiles?
The Farnersmatch tab won’t let me look at more pictures or people’s profiles. Is there a trick to this?
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