Fiorry: Transgender Dating

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User Reviews for Fiorry: Transgender Dating

4.33 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
4 years ago, gftii
Very basic
The advertising images in the App Store are offensive to some users - the words “men and women” with a very cis looking heteronormative couple. Doesn’t seem to be very include even with the “choose” your identity option. There are a lot of trans folx on here and the “allies” are like 75% chasers 25% queer/ queer friendly cis folx. There aren’t many people locally. A few rows of faces down and you’ll be looking at faces in other states. Definite room for improvement. Changing your advertising images to attract the users you want would be a good start.... unless you only want pretty white cis het looking couple to use it. Also, maybe have a way for users to flag someone if they are predatory or aggressive/ rude. If they get flagged more than once you remove them.
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2 years ago, jow4006
App review
This app is a joke. Theres nothing but fake profiles of woman on here. Multiple woman have tried getting my personal info. Like asking for a pic of my driver’s license a copy of my w-2 form copy of my pay-check. Its a joke. These woman must think people are stupid. Then as soon as you start talking their location changes to hundreds of miles away and the excuses start. There needs to be a better reporting process to get them kicked off. I’m staying on here just to mess with the gold diggers and fakes and weed them out. When are the people running this spp going to do something about it. You are a joke. There are multiple people faking that they are serving in the military. When are you getting on the ball to start redoing your reporting system. You have done nothing to correct anything on here. I now love to really mess with the fakes. And yes now with facial recognition i will find these fake military people and report them to the proper people since this site does nothing
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4 years ago, lady dark elf
Hot garbage app for trans people
This app has no profile authentication system like the other apps so that means it’s littered with fake profiles, catfish, and cis men who are chasers who don’t know the difference between a trans man and a cis man. So many profiles have two names like “Mike Henry” then it says they are a trans man but their profile has 1 photo of a dude who looks like a cis dude and they are always looking for trans women... Y’all need to up your profile authentication because your app is taken over by bots who want to be “a sugar daddy”. Do you even have any trans programmers working on this app or is it just cis men who all love trans women? Hire some trans people and make it so every profile is authenticated. Start having the authenticated profiles become mods just like Okc does and then the mods can handle the spam and bots. Trans people want to date other trans people and it’s so hard to look at all the spam profiles to find legit real people. This app is a mess lol.
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4 years ago, Jillian_Bytes
It’s ok
It is an ok app I feel that it could use some work. Too many of the types of people you don’t want to talk to are constantly asking for chats and there are not many people with close proximity using the app. I think that once the filter has been updated and maybe some new features added the first problem can be fixed. With some more publicity I believe a lot more people can see the app and know that it’s pretty good. It does seem to be a bit more inclusive than most dating apps.
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4 years ago, rockbridge94
Great app for Trans and other LGBTQ+
As a trans woman in the Midwest, This is such a great app and I have connect with great guys. So far nothing has gone beyond texting. Mainly because of COVID (I’m just being safe). But once it’s over, that will change. This app is better than what it out there already and I like that you can use all the features without having to pay. Some trans dating sites have recently changed it to where you have to pay and it really changed the experience and how many people actually join. So please don’t change that aspect. 🤞🏽 I did have a issue where my account sorta froze, in the sense that I couldn’t send messages or open them and the WOW’s wouldn’t send nor could I delete messages. But a little email explaining everything and I got a actual response and was fixed ASAP. 👍🏽👍🏽 I will agree that the photos used in advertisement should change to reflect the type of users you want using this app. Other than that no complaints.
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3 years ago, S Singleton
To many Scam Artists
This app seems great at first. You meet wonderful people but shortly after they are asking you for money for items that have nothing to do with you. The site seems to house many scam artists and several fake profiles. I do not know how you are expected to meet someone real on this app. The programs need to review over profile that are fake to make sure that their community users are not being scammed. Many of the images can be searched by using reverse image search through google. I have reported a few profiles and yet these individuals seem to not have any consequences as their profile remains active. I would not recommend this app if you are looking to meet real people.
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9 months ago, Korean Gigolo
Got stuck at the account verify
After installing and uploading a picture and taking their questionnaire for matching compatibility via their Artificial Intelligence software, but when it got to the point where it asked you to verify your account, everything froze and would not proceed any further! After waiting and waiting still nothing! Exited the app and turned off the phone and restarted it and tried accessing the app again but still stuck on the verification screen with the busy screen! Now there’s going to be my picture plastered on this app and no way for me to access or delete my photos! This app is garbage!
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9 months ago, ilyavahhav
I decided to try out this trans dating app out of curiosity, as I have friends in the transgender community, and I wanted to learn more about their dating experiences. I was pleasantly surprised by the app's welcoming atmosphere. It's not just for transgender individuals; it's a place for everyone to connect and learn. This is important for me since I am not transgender myself, but am a part of the community. I am thankful that this app allows me to stay connected to the trans community.
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1 year ago, Ronaldi Wersayf
I’ve been using this app for a few months now and I’m thoroughly impressed. It’s been a breath of fresh air to find a dating app that not only accepts but celebrates transgender people. The compatibility features are fantastic for finding matches who align with my life goals and habits. And the app itself is easy to navigate and well-designed. I’ve made some great connections and would definitely recommend it to other trans individuals looking for love.
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3 years ago, NadirBashir
Personally, a waste of time
When I first saw this app on Instagram, I was excited to see an app aimed at transgender individuals. But I’ve experienced more negative then positive. First off, the fakes and chasers are prevalent on this app. Constantly getting messages from “sugar daddies or mommies” or guys just looking to get off. Then limits were added to Wows and chats. Before I could actually use them, they would be at zero. And lastly, I couldn’t rely on team support, as I’ve only ever had one response from them about a week later and others they never responded back. It’s disheartening, annoying and upsetting. I’ve tried to give it chances, but I’m fed up and will never use this app ever again.
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2 weeks ago, Mikey9924
It’s been a while since I’ve used it but I found my forever friend on here!
Ever since using this platform, I found my overall time with the app short and easy. But if I had to mention anything about the platform, it’s been fun using it to connect and meet different women on here. Thanks for everything, Fiorry Team. This platform’s better than any other one I’ve used!
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4 years ago, 4lw4ys M4ving
Lots of chasers n transphobes
It’s hit n miss for me. I get constantly harassed by chasers n cis men. I say I don’t want a cis man n that’s all that harasses me. Meanwhile i can have a respectful conversation with other Transgender folk without drama. Wish there was a way to make my profile not seen by cis men. But it’s not perfect cuz they can just lie. Also very important, most of the profiles are fake n people don’t live near you. Be nice if they kept track of this. Lots of these guys are transphobic n are just there to try n hurt us. Be careful out there. This app is not worth the drama. Grindr is a mess but it’s safer than this one.
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6 months ago, jakey_cakey
So.. many.. bots…
It took me about 5 ish swipes after just creating an account to finally find someone real, then that was followed by a 5:1 bot to real account ratio after that… by far some of the most bots I’ve seen on a dating app, definitely don’t think it’s worth your time. To top it off, the free version you only get like 5-10 right swipes at most. I don’t think I even swiped right on anyone before i saw I only had 5 “wow’s” left to give. So I used them on whatever 5 accounts popped up first (only 1 was real of the 5 right swiped on), and it told me I need to upgrade for more likes… please don’t waste your time on this app.
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2 years ago, Patato goo
Verification issue.
The app was great when I began using it. I stopped using it for a period because stuff had happened in my life. I came back recently and can log in but it get stuck on a screen saying to that my information is under review and there is a button at the bottoms saying “update” but it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, VeritasSeek
Full of bots and scammers. DO NOT USE!
I get it, dating is hard and emotionally exhausting sometimes. It’s even harder and more dangerous for trans people. So when I heard about this app I thought it’d be a great idea for all involved. WRONG! I paid for membership to show that I was serious about dating, and was immediately bombarded by bots and scammers. Spoke to one person who said she was deployed to Guantanamo and couldn’t talk on the phone because and I quote “there are spy everywhere”. Not a good first and last week for me. Still waiting to hear back from the support team and from what I hear, I may never hear from them unless I give a bad review, which to be honest wasn’t that hard.
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2 years ago, Hawktime12
Everyone is FAKE
Unfortunately, over the course of one week, every single person I met on this app ended up being fake. I am not exaggerating the least bit and I tell you this to protect you and save you time. This type of behavior from a developer is NOT acceptable and as consumers we should reject these scams. These fake people try to acquire your information. I work in a position that deals with fraud explicitly and I recognize it when I see it; I am paid to do so. Please, do not download. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts regarding this sad app and developer.
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4 months ago, NonEofUrsAfE
Don’t use this app!
Most of the profiles are fake. I can’t tell you how many profiles used photos of the same person. If there is anybody real on this app, they are nowhere to found in my area and if they are they haven’t been on in years. I get message from someone with no location information but is just conveniently the next town over. Shady people who don’t want to meet in public but will want to set up a hotel hookup, of just escorts asking for money. I advise all of you interested in this app to be aware and look for the red flags.
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1 year ago, elie siag
Over charged , Bot members
I joined the app for a trial - and i wanted to decline and delete it because there is absolutely not enough members on here. I got more messages from bots , scammers and unverified users than people ! Then i was charged an entire year for this app when i didn’t even want to join it ! But if i was going to stay i would have done it monthly but had no choice in the matter. When e-mailed customer service i got no response ! Do not join this app - and I’ll probably delete to since it’s mot gotten better keep getting messages from BotS
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1 year ago, Zherebyuk
This dating app has been a game-changer for me. As a trans woman, it's difficult to find accepting and open-minded people, but this app has made it so much easier! I've had some great dates and met some lovely people. I did come across a few fake profiles, but they were easy to spot, and none of them were verified.
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4 years ago, MarcelWellstad
Convenient app to find nice people
It was nice to meet women who aren't 1 sided and deceptive. There were those that take the time to make effort snd understanding challenges. They care about how feel and accept u whether your a millionaire or in the daily grind at 2, 3 different jobs, or building your resources as fast as possible and responsibly. key rule is to find a woman that believes in you and vice versa.
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3 weeks ago, MMay2024
only about 20~30% of the people there are real and looking to meet people
Very few profiles are actually real most are fake or people using their profiles to promote OF and other websites to make money. If you’re going to use this app make sure you have a premium account so you can filter the unverified fake profiles out of your search because only about 20~30% of the people there are real and looking to meet people. So just keep that in mind !
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7 months ago, Кsuu
The messaging and video call features on Fiorry are designed to encourage genuine interactions. I found myself connecting with potential partners in a deep and authentic way, allowing us to get to know each other on a profound level even before meeting in person. This focus on authentic communication sets Fiorry apart from other dating apps.
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4 years ago, Angelfreakinnova
Mostly scammers
I got excited for this app, but almost every interaction has been with someone first pretending to offer to be my sugar mama, then telling me I first need to take a “test” by sending them money. The report function does nothing, they are very understaffed, they don’t care, or this app was SPECIFICALLY made to con people. I suggest extreme caution. Don’t send anyone money and don’t give out personal information. Luckily I wasn’t born yesterday so I didn’t give them anything, instead I spend time messaging with them as long as possible to waist their time haha what the hell else am I going to do?!! It’s quarantine!!!
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4 years ago, TaylorZerbachger
Loving it! Meeting great people!
I had lots of luck here, not only with making friends, but also with general networking. there's a lot of good people on here. like anything else you must be careful, but the team runs a very tight shift. they do not allow predators to stay long, as a result it is one of the safest platforms for dating and making friends.
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2 years ago, Flash The fastest chaser.
Let me start by saying that I’m so glad that there is a place for my beautiful trans women to feel safe and respected. But every single person I talked to on this app turned out to not be real. And or asks for “gas money” minutes into a conversation. If you reverse google search them, the vast majority of pictures on here they are of Cis women, pornstars, or just people who have no idea there photos are being used in the first place.
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7 months ago, Zernichev Andrei
I’ve always been a bit wary of dating apps, but Fiorry changed the game. The emphasis on stories, especially from the LGBTQ community, feels so authentic. Connected with Taylor, a trans athlete, and we’ve been workout buddies ever since! 💪 Did face a bug with the event calendar once, but a quick reinstall fixed it.
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7 months ago, that one ftm person
Should have read through the reviews first. A review from a year ago said that every account on this app is fake or a bot, and the developer responded that with the next release they’d force every account to authenticate themselves. Well it’s been a year and they still have yet to do it. Every account that interacted with me, copy and pasted the EXACT same thing. If not that then they were really trying to get me to add to them to an outside app. This app is a joke and probably will continue to be one. Look else
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4 years ago, RogerMorrisonani
Good times! XD
I really enjoy this app. I meet a lot of guys. even some of them just for fun only but I know there's someone out there who wants a serious relationship.. anyway I'm not here for being desperate.. I am just looking to have honest conversations with people...this app helped me....���� hope people have a good experience on it too, god bless����
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4 years ago, YvonneGuerrahen
Took time but I found the right match
As with any other dating site you'll always get some people who are inappropriate or just plain weird. But it was well worth the effort and the time! I'm now engaged! Who would've thought! Never give up, no matter how many disappointments there are.
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3 years ago, IrynaFultonliu
Thanks a lot! Awesome tool!
I met my current partner using Fiorry a few months back, and the two of us are meeting wonderful people around the world. We've built a great support group for queer folk (esp if you're trans & feeling isolated in a small town) bc you can filter the heck out of your algorithm & also meet people in other places
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2 years ago, Brjr4401
Mostly scammers
I’ve been on this app for less than a week and mostly scammers wanting you to move to a different app to chat and ask for a google play card. They are giving people who truly are looking for a relationship and the trans community a bad name. Don’t waist your money! I ended my subscription after 4 days! 1 star! The scammers must be voting 5 stars. It’s a pretty cool app if you want to weed people out and don’t share too much info about yourself right away! I’m moving to a different app. No love here!
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9 months ago, Angela 1306
The ability to hide my age or location from other users is a fantastic feature. It gives me an added sense of security and control over who can see my profile.
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9 months ago, alba4ka
I can't express how grateful I am for this dating app. As a trans woman, finding meaningful connections has often felt like an uphill battle. This app has changed the game for me. It's not just about dating; it's about feeling understood and respected. It's a must-try for anyone in the transgender community! 🌈
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1 year ago, Psih12345
This dating app has changed my life! I've met some wonderful people who accept me for who I am. The WOWs feature adds a fun twist to the experience. I've seen a few fake accounts, but they're easy to spot, and it doesn't affect the overall experience.
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1 year ago, 123456naika
This app has made it so much easier to meet people who are open and accepting of all gender identities. It's helped me to feel less alone and more connected to a community of people who are going through similar experiences.
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1 year ago, john Seeno
Got scammed three time.
I got scammed three times on this app and almost lost all of my money, some the trans women that I meet on this app said they charge for there services and when I gave a amount of money and then showed up were they where at I called and text and still now reply and the app even said not to give money or anything else yet I feel into my desire and almost end up broke. Don’t download this app at all there are a bunch of scammers on this app.
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2 years ago, Elena9625
Very good
Maybe a few free messages I can send per day for my new trans friends? For me, this is a good transgender application that I have tried. I'm sure the developers will make it even better, as it's nice to have a separate dialogue to communicate with the Fiorry team!!
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1 year ago, Dengi09
Fiorry's ability to search for users in other regions is a standout feature. It has allowed me to expand my social circle within the trans community and meet amazing individuals from different parts of the world.
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1 year ago, Still deadxdffff
This app is so refreshing! I've met some truly amazing people here, and I love that it's not just limited to one type of person. It's also very affordable, which is a huge plus. Highly recommended for anyone looking for love or friendship.
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1 year ago, Siska992
I love this dating app! It's very inclusive and welcoming, and the interface is easy to navigate. The WOWs are a cute touch, and I've had some fantastic dates so far. There are some fake profiles, but they're easy to identify, so it doesn't bother me too much.
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2 years ago, jackyldo
Needs work
I was a member for 2 or 3 weeks. Constantly got WOW from people not interested in but made a couple of friends. Several times was reminded to verify the account. Sent pictures asked to try 3 times, after the 3rd time got a message saying they were checking and would get back to me. 3 days later, crickets. Paying member wasting time. Deleted and reinstalled twice.
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3 years ago, BD12800067
Horrible experience
This app is full of people that are asking for money to help them out when they don’t even know you they just met you and they’re asking you for money I’ve had someone ask me for $30 in gas and they’ll come see me not at all what I was asking for by the way be wary with this website be very weary everyone wants to get you off of this website to talk privately and then they try to hit you up for money
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6 months ago, Alex_dips
Empty lobbies
Look as a gamer I know a thing or two about dead servers and empty lobbies. I live in a pretty populated major city, and I counted 9 users that were within 30 miles of me. Dating sites and apps don’t work if you don’t have options for people. 9 people can’t all compete for the same 9 people. That doesn’t make much sense.
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4 years ago, fernando2021
Better than the rest
I’m really enjoying this app, never seen so many beautiful transgender females in my life and the fact that is free at this time in hour lives is awesome. Thank you developers we appreciate a you!
Show more
4 years ago, BrynheldHallnei
So successful on this!
I met my match real fast—he was on the other side of the country but we knew we were right for each other. I'd highly recommend the app because it does a great job customizing what you're looking for.
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2 years ago, Nandez2494
Anyone there?
Got the app and they automatically want you to spend for it. I thought okay fine I really want to meet someone but once I got through all the verification process and tried to connect with some one the closest person was 100 miles away. I sent a message to see if they could at least not charge me the entire subscription but no one answered. Don’t use this app if your in Dallas there’s no one around.
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10 months ago, Hondaboy90
Too many bots/Fake profiles
Gave it a go for two weeks, found so many profiles trying to redirect you off of the app to buy their”content”. Bought the plus subscription for a week to see if it would be any better, it was not…. If the person isn’t verified, high chance they are a scam. Deleted account, requested refund and uninstalled.
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2 years ago, Lukasha
This app is horrible.
I purchased one month’s subscription to be a le to message and such. And literally 95% of all the conversations I’ve had the other person ended up being a sex worker trying to sell services. I don’t mind dating a sex worker (I date one now) but this is supposed to be a dating app, not a hire sex worker app. And the other 5% have all been scammers trying to get money. When my subscription expires I’ll be deleting my account.
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3 years ago, VincentHyinklin
My favorite
I like this app because it doesn't place so many limits when it comes to actually talking to others. It makes that meeting someone wiht similar ideas as you a bit easier.
Show more
5 months ago, Iyprr82
3 hrs a member 12 scams
Literraly an online pimp for the whores who want to scam you for personal data. Nothing makes me feel less safe on a dating site then the phishers and scammers in my inbox. As soon as i set up my account i had three messages from "new" members. The site looked clean and authentic so i idiotically paid them. I wonder if the department of justice can look into sites like this for facilitating identity theft, or worse? just a thought
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