Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.8 (1.3M)
240 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker

4.77 out of 5
1.3M Ratings
3 years ago, mallalalalalalalalala
Not a fan of new format
I used to love flo. I’ve been using the app since my junior year of high school (I’m now a senior in college). I appreciate how I’ve been able to track my period through the years, as it’s been enormously helpful to my overall health, well-being, and awareness of my body. That being said, I have really struggled with the new updates that flo has undergone. Not only has the app become significantly less user-friendly, but the constant push to “go premium” has really negatively impacted my experience. I understand why they have a premium option, and I respect that it is there, but what I don’t respect is how I’m constantly being mislead in order to be trapped into signing up for a premium subscription. I find it really irresponsible that women who don’t want to pay for this app, will be given insights about their menstrual health, only to find out that they can’t have access to the information behave they don’t have an account! I used the chat feature a few times before, and it’ll leave me responding to chats for about 5 minutes, and right before they give me an answer about my health, they say I need to subscribe! It’s honestly cruel that an app meant to help women feel more secure about their health, is constantly misleading them like this, or trying to buy their desire for basic health info! Most of which can be googled, btw. I’ve really loved using flo, but am honestly considering shifting gears if things don’t change soon.
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6 years ago, Ricecake2003
love it!
this app is super useful for tracking periods, and has given me mostly accurate predictions so far! it’s been off by a day or two a couple times when i first started using it because it wasn’t adjusted to my cycle yet, but since then i haven’t had any issues. i love the insights where it gives info about my period and the different changes that come along with a period, and i especially love that you can comment anonymously on posts and get help from and give help to the community. by far, my favorite thing about the Flo app is that you can have it give you reminders to drink water, take meds, and weigh yourself if that is something that you’re concerned about! the reminders are super helpful for me as my meds are for adhd, so i need a reminder so i actually remember to take them lol! the only thing that i would adjust is that my water bottle has metric markings, but i live in america, so i have to convert the metric to ounces to track my water because the only way to use metric for water is to switch the entire app over to metric. this isn’t a huge deal because google is a pretty good converter but it’s just something that i’ve noticed. overall, this is a great app and i’ve recommended it to friends and family, and now i’m recommending it to you!
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1 year ago, Jess brownie
Good, but bugs
I really like this app! It helped me track my cycles and ovulation when I was trying to get pregnant, and then was super easy to swap over when I was finally pregnant! And the pregnancy side of things have been so good!!! I love opening it every day to find my new tips and advice for the day. It also helps me track my water, which I love. But, the new updates it has gone through have been sort of weird. It always prompts me to input my weight to track it, but that feature is gone! There is nowhere for me to input my weight anymore. Also, the chat feature is gone! I liked the “chat” at the beginning of every week even though you can only respond with pre written responses, it was very informative and useful. One week of pregnancy was incorrect (said I was week 8 even though I moved on to week 9) and it didn’t work because it knew something was wrong, and now I haven’t seen it since. Lastly, I loved all the of “stories” that it gave me during first trimester. A week to talk about exercise, a week for nutrition, a week for working while pregnant, etc. but as soon as second trimester hit, there’s nothing! I really looked forward to reading it everyday, but now there’s just a lack of information. I begin to wonder what I’m getting by paying “premium” because it sort of stopped all of the major things it was helping me with. But I loved it, so I’m mostly writing this review to let the creators know what they need to fix and bring back!!
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7 months ago, At 12 xe
The #1 complaint you’ve had
It really is sad that the premium feature is even necessary for this type of thing. I feel the best way to make money would be by maybe adding ads, or maybe people could buy a premium where it just customizes everything. One feature I feel should not be paid for, is the thing where you can talk to a professional about your health issues, or trying to find a specific article to read for a major problem you’ve been having, and to see how everyone else has dealt with it. As a woman and tons of other woman who use flo, feel like crap about this. Flo wasn’t just about tracking, it was about relating with all the anonymous people about basic woman problems that are to uncomfortable to talk about in real life. It really saddens me you have done this, especially when the “AI message” or whatever, says something along the lines of “your period is off” or “there could be medical problems, and then let that “AI” continue the conversation, and then wait until the end to tell you to buy premium. I just feel you have many ways around “keeping the basics free”, at least give some things back to us and make more things for people to buy, that are unrelated to something that should automatically be on your app to help women. I know it’s been two years of people saying this on the reviews so this probably won’t reach far, I’m just hoping in some way it’ll be better😕
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1 year ago, likikikikikljagsvjroruhsbksduy
Great Tracking Tool
I’ve used Flo for years and have loved it! It’s always helped me with tracking, and with their updates over time I’ve come to understand my cycle and symptoms better. I occasionally appreciate the different articles etc about symptoms and ovulation and have learned quite a bit. However, this most recent update I’m not a fan of. When going to log symptoms, it’s visually messy. It’s visually overwhelming and everything is smaller. Also, they took away product logging! This is incredibly frustrating as this is how I base how heavy my flow is. I’m able to go back and see, historically, how light or heavy I think my current flow is based on this point in previous cycles etc. And now there’s just an option for clots instead of size of clots. I like this but also dislike. Before, you only got the clot option with pads logged, and then it would ask the size. Now, you can log clots without pads, but no size option. I do like that there appears to be more options so symptoms, which I’ve always wished for, but it’s just a very busy screen now. Overall, I’ll continue to use the app because there’s no better one by far. I pay I believe $50 or $60 annually for the premium and will continue to. This app is doing great things for women and providing incredible education at fractions of the price you would pay professionally, and is FAR more reliable and reputable than simply Googling something. I just hope they make some more tweaks and bring back product logging!
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4 months ago, RosetheAlto
Good app, but needs some additions
I used to use this app before I had my baby, and eventually switched over to a free one. I used this app during my pregnancy. I think the pregnancy version could use some more variety in symptoms, but was otherwise good. My main complaint is when I had my baby, the app had no information or changes for the postpartum period. It didn’t take into consideration that I’m breastfeeding or anything. I’d like to see an app that not only considers how your cycle changes during breastfeeding, but also pushes out more articles and short reads that can help a new or experienced mom with a young baby. My last complaint is the normal cycle tracking is also lacking in symptoms etc. Why can’t I put in that I’m having a heavy cycle AND clots? Why can’t I put in that my skin is more oily, but I’m not having acne? There is a notes portion, but I think these things deserve their own button too. And in the exercise portion, your options are very limited. I personally train Brazilian jiu jitsu and none of the exercise categories fit into that kind of thing. It’s otherwise a good app, and helps a lot with informing you about your reproductive health and whatnot. They also gave me an awesome deal for a year long membership, so I’m not complaining. Just a couple things that I think could really make this app stand out from the rest- mostly just adding more symptoms.
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5 months ago, Kaitie…
It used to be amazing but now you have to pay for literally everything.
Ive had Flo for over two years now and it has been amazing up until now. Over a year ago, ever since they got an update you have to create a plan and upgrade to premium to do anything besides track your period which at first I didn’t care about seeing as id just go on Tiktok to figure out whatever was going on (I know Tiktoks just a social media app but it can be helpful at times) I use to be able to go on the Flo app and get help whenever I was concerned about something going on, for free, but now you have to pay for that as well. My period was supposed to come on the 8th which was the original date the app gave me, my period has been late for 8 days now but the app never logged my period as “Late” like it usually does, today it finally did but it wasn’t the right day seeing as it should have logged me 8 days late not 1 day late. I tried to get help from the Flo app to fix my period chart and log the correct days but it said I had to upgrade to premium and PAY for them to fix the mistake. Which to me in an inconvenience seeing as it was a mistake that the app made.😑 After two years I'm genuinely questioning if I want to keep the app. Its a great app if you just need a reminder for what day your period is supposed to be but anything beyond that is going to cost you money.
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5 months ago, huliejunt
Love this period tracking app - could be improved though
I’ve been using this app since Aug/Sept of 2023. I like it for the most part but I think there are some opportunities for improvement. First, I am using this app for period tracking only, I am not trying to conceive. I informed the app of this when I signed up and I assumed it would then tailor my content based on this information, but quickly realized it doesn’t and is heavily focused on users that are actively trying to conceive. I indicated that I have PCOS (which is why I need to track my period) and again, assumed it would customize my content based on this information. After completing my assessment, it indicated that I might have PCOS… I know. I told you that when I signed up? I do not recommend this app for the infertility community as I can see it triggering a lot of folks that can’t conceive naturally. Although the pregnancy notifications don’t necessarily trigger me, they annoy me because I am simply using and paying for the app to track my period. I wish the list of symptom trackers were more expansive (re: how are you feeling?). The assistant and educational content has been SO helpful. Lots of great things about this app but I wish it was more customizable to me, my goals and that I could turn off the constant pregnancy tracking content and indicators. Great start, but plenty of opportunities for improvement.
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2 years ago, kennaliz122
Too much for too little
I downloaded Flo when I was a sophomore in high school (now a sophomore in college) and I really enjoyed the app. Back then, the calendar of the app and it’s prediction capabilities were most appealing to me. All of the added perks that came along with Flo such as tracking your symptoms and the available informational articles were something that I enjoyed greatly. There were even little surveys that you could take that I enjoyed doing in my free time! Now, it seems that the creators of the app care more for those who upgrade to the premium version than those who use it for free. While it is expected to have some in app purchases that accompany programs such as these, it is very disheartening to see that you can access virtually nothing without subscribing. While I do still only use the app as a way to track the regularity of my period, I feel that I would be inclined to use it more often if I knew there were more things that I could access that were free. I also find it particularly annoying when I am using the automated messaging feature about something I am curious about with my cycle, I’m led on to believe I am going to get some answers. Instead I am given the go-around and can’t access the information without being pressured in to subscribing. I really enjoyed this app when I first downloaded it, but I am now disappointed in the fact that there is visually nothing that can be accessed unless you subscribe :/
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9 months ago, Kcnyee
Taking away free features??
I’ve used Flo for years. I’ve had no problem with it all this time, the past year or so of intrusive pop ups begging to subscribe to the subscription service offered was annoying and progressively getting worse as time went on but I was putting up with it because other apps have pushed subscriptions as well and paywalled important things while being less accurate than flo. But now out of the blue Flo has decided to take away basic features that we have been using for free for YEARS and insist we subscribe to use them again. Needing to make money is one thing but paywalling a good portion of your poor user base out of most of your app out of the blue is disgusting behavior. I’m sure there are plenty of children getting their period for the first time or are still trying to learn about it that previously benefited from your app that now aren’t or aren’t as much not to mention not even having an option to pay for the features they need unless they ask their parents. Shame on you for this. Not sure why you can’t just implement an ad system like literally everyone else. As long as it isn’t as intrusive as your SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SERVICE pop ups were every time we opened the app I'm sure no one would complain. All of the features you PREVIOUSLY charged for before having ads before or after using them would have probably been fine. An immovable pay wall however is scummy especially for an app used for reproductive health and safety. Shame on you.
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2 years ago, Kylie12366
I used to love this app way more
I got this app when I was a freshman in high school as they do not teach much about female cycles or anatomy. When I first got it, I found tons of useful information on the app and it was all free and amazing. I learned the different parts of the cycle and it helped me manage my symptoms better as well as understanding what’s going on with my body. While I understand that programs like these need funding in order to run, I find there is no need to bait people into paying for a subscription. Like the chat feature. It pops up prompting you to interact for a bit and making you think it’s going to tell you some useful information but then it tries to make you pay before you can access it. There shouldn’t be as much push for people to pay. It’s irritating especially for people who can’t afford more payments like myself. I would much rather there be a pop up when you open the app asking if you want to pay for premium rather than being tricked into thinking I’m going to be getting something useful for free. Also I am a strong believer that all the info on this app should be taught to girls in school or be free public access but google is not a reliable source and this app has loads to offer but for a price. It’s already bad enough that women don’t get taught anything about their own bodies and it’s a “luxury” to access this information.
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6 months ago, I'mYourLight
No longer user friendly
I’ve been using this app for years and years and when they updated the app they really try pushing its users to buy the premium package. Everything used to be FREE. Every single one of these apps are greedy and want to force people to pay for things that shouldn’t need to be paid for in the first place—especially when, again, EVERYTHING in the app was FREE at one point. Apps can still make money using annoying ads. Flo is persistent on trying to make their users waste their money. And the prices are ridiculous. This was my go-to app whenever I would track my cycle, and get helpful health information. This app doesn’t provide anything at all anymore. Its disappointing what this app has come to. Premium should give people the option to make customizations and what not. Not prevent its users from getting necessary information. Anyone that recommends any other app the doesn’t charge its users to track their cycles please let me know! Update: Flo is using bots to write fake reviews please don’t fall for that. This app USED TO BE AMAZING years ago. It’s no longer helpful, unless if all you want to do is track your periods and get nothing else out of it. Don’t ever waste your money on an app. The Flo Team just makes excuses for why they push premium so hard on to their users. It’s sad. Just use pop up ads on go on with your day. There is no reason at all to be charging users for information THAT USED TO BE FREE. We all miss the old app bring it back.
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5 years ago, Naughty nixon
It’s nice but...
So I used this app for my period And it was great up until my period change and I came on a week early which was perfect for my weekend away because we were planning to get pregnant and my ovulation date was set for a specific day. Well I was on my period a day or two longer so I figured it would probably change my ovulation date. Well my trip was set to be at least about 2 to 3 weeks away and I kept checking the app to make sure and to see if my ovulation date was going to change well it didn’t change it stay the same and make sure that I refresh my app just in case and it stayed the same. Now the day I get to my destinations for my trip is my ovulation day that was on the app that’s what we were depending on. Three days later I go on the app to mark the fact that we made love and the ovulation date changed to the day before I arrived on my trip. Immediately I was upset because it seems as though we may have missed the ovulation day due to the fact that the app didn’t update until after my ovulation date that was set originally. So I deleted the app because of that. It’s very upsetting when you’re trying to get pregnant and your ovulation date just seems to change along with your fertile days changes I just think that that is something that they need to look into I no longer want to use this app.
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4 months ago, Asialopez
Woman’s health needs to be improved
It’s already a struggle to get women’s reproductive health information nowadays especially with all the protesting at the planet, parenthood or mothers, who just don’t want to take you, but on top of this, you have to pay for information like this. If you need help there should at least be some free stuff in here but I’ve been using this for about a month and there really wasn’t much it tracks. My period really pretty OK, so I’m not complaining about that i’m complaining about how I can’t really get help because I don’t have money and I get it. This is sort of an app for older woman or women who have money in their 20s but teenagers also need help too and I want to learn about why I’m spotting and why I’m feeling this way and why am I hormones acting this way but I can’t because I need money, I just feel like even with the doctors that they are paying to help women is of course wonderful, but what about people who don’t have money we also need help especially teenagers since they’re barely starting to figure this stuff out and some of us may not have parents to tell us stuff like this, and I speak from the stand of someone who doesn’t have a parent who can tell me about this I just feel like there needs to be more help for women who can’t afford it that are older and for teenagers who just want to learn about this without having to be constantly bombarded by this $40 year plan.
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2 years ago, LithiumBarbie
Good For Keeping Track of Period Dates Only
I’ve been using the Flo app since 2017 to track my period and of all the apps of its kind it’s always been mainly reliable and accurate. I also enjoy the option of tracking and recording my period symptoms. Years ago Flo was very educational and would offer quick articles or chats related to the symptoms you’d log so that if you wanted to know more about how to combat those symptoms or what causes them you could find out. Now it seems as if the only way to do anything beyond tracking the dates of your period and logging symptoms you have to subscribe to the premium membership. This would be fine if the app didn’t have articles (“You logged bloating, this simple tip may help”) that told you after the first slide “Unlock Premium to continue reading.” Like others have mentioned even the “chat” with the AI misleads you into thinking you will get information by having you answer questions for two minutes before telling you to unlock premium for this “benefit.” Aside from needing premium to do basically anything on the app I wish there was an option to check off that you skipped a period or two by skipping your placebo week of birth control pills. For a few months I used my birth control to skip my period all together but there was mo way to notate that on the app so Flo to this day thinks I had an irregular cycle where I was “late” for 94 days 🤦🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, kathynicole
Extra features only available with premium
I originally downloaded this app to track my period and my symptoms. I do still like it for that, but I also really loved when more features were added such as giving helpful bits of info about the whole cycle. This info wasn’t always that helpful for me because most of it I knew already, but I do think it’s helpful for younger people. I didn’t learn much about the menstruation cycle in school, and I just can’t imagine much has changed. It was also helpful that they gave you tips seemingly based on the symptoms you plugged in. However today I went to log my symptoms and noticed they added in stories on why we get cramps, etc., but they are all only available to premium users. And when I went to the screen that used to have helpful articles, mostly all of the information is locked for premium users. This is all information that should be provided for free. Now kids are still going to have to wade through inaccurate information on the internet because apps like this are charging for the most basic information. I understand that you need money to survive, but information menstruation shouldn’t only be available to people with money. Also you would think they could get a moderator for the chat rooms or a professional to help answer questions, but no. So the chat rooms and answers are inaccurate and overrun with teens who don’t know anything because apparently female anatomy is only available to people with money. It’s such a shame.
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4 years ago, Fairysparkles6
Definitely the best period app.
After I got my first period I used the same app for years to track it. It never predicted my period right. For the longest time I just figured I was super irregular as many girls are when they start there period, but eventually I realized It said I was consistently late by approximately the same number of days every cycle. I just dealt with it for awhile. When I finally decided to check for a better period tracking app I found Flo. This app is SO MUCH BETTER!! It usually predicts my period pretty accurately, sometimes spot on. When my cycle shifts it always makes adjustments and often becomes more accurate. I also love that it doesn’t mark your period late until A certain number of days after your cycle was supposed to start (I think 5, which is the “official” number of days that make a period considered late. It doesn’t just mark it late when your period doesn’t start the day it was predicted to. I was especially impressed when I missed a period after my wisdom tooth surgery and when I logged my next period the predictions continued to be accurate immediately after. It seems like the developers did a great job on the actual software as well as put lots of thought, research, and expertise into it. It’s a great app!!
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4 years ago, Milia G
Currently On a Free Trial
I’ve had Flo in the past and loved it. I didn’t have a phone for a year so I just recently got the app again and noticed a lot of changes, including that some features are only available through a payment. The payment is only around 14$ for the entire year. I don’t think that’s so bad but if it’s out of budget I understand. The features on the free trial are pretty awesome so far, it’s like having access to a gynecologist because the information you give about your period has so much feedback. It’s really surprising what the app tracks and the amount of feedback you get about symptoms, tips / tools, workout ideas, food recommendations, yoga, meditation, and self- assurance. I wanted to take the time to write a review because I was really hesitant to redownload the app with the reviews talking about payments but I’m glad I did and it appreciating the free trial so far. If you’re unsure try the 1 month free trial and see how you like it. Bonus for the awesome private community conversations that are available to everyone, so that you’re able to anonymously speak with other women/ girls on the app and freely ask questions or help respond to others. It’s just really awesome. I appreciate the app
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2 years ago, Cierra Reeves
Mostly good & helpful, but too much monetization
I love this app for tracking my period. As many other people said and I agree, the app is pretty accurate when predicting period start dates, ovulation dates, etc. It has been super helpful for me to track my period on this app because I can recognize consistent and non consistent patterns in my period. Whenever there are changes with my period, the app calculates that in and new predictions are still just as accurate. However, the only problem with this app is the constant push for the “premium subscription.” I get that many apps have that and it’s a part of making money, and I have no problem with the features that are specifically for premium members only. I personally am fine with just the core period tracking aspect of the app and that’s it. But everyday it offers the premium subscription when I open the app which can be annoying. I also hate getting a notification on my phone telling me “you may have tender breasts today, see why.” Especially since I’ve never had that symptom. But they push that notification to push an article that is for premium subscribers only. Other than the annoying monetization techniques they use, the app is really good and it has been super helpful to me.
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3 years ago, Jamieeeeeee21
Too many ads
I only want notifications that tell me when to anticipate my menses start date or ovulation, but I constantly get notifications like “Feeling frisky today? Your hormone levels are up!” “Set up a workout today” “It’s normal to feel down when your hormones drop” and other inappropriate statements that are embarrassing to receive when I am showing a work colleague something on my phone. I reported the issue to Flo and they said I had to turn off notifications altogether! It’s ridiculous how we cannot filter what we want to be notified of. Also, at the doctor’s I was asked the first date of my LMP. That’s what Flo is for. It took a full minute to open the app and click out of the annoying in-app pop ups that try to get me to use their features when all I wanted to do was go to my calendar. I don’t want to speak to your health advisor or whatever else you want me to do. I want a simple, unmessy, easy app to track my period. Lastly, I’ve been having issues opening the app and all I see is a huge ad saying “87% off Flo premium. Click next” and there is NO X at the corners to get away from the page. The only thing to click is “next” but I don’t want your premium. I have to close the entire app and reopen it to get the ad to disappear. Your app has a lot of people using it but it seems to be devolving into something sloppy and profit-hungry. I miss the days where it was a no-hassle, modest period tracker.
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5 years ago, lauritaGarcia
Great for period tracking only
I downloaded this app to track my periods, was great for that and plenty of little helpful insights/articles on the feed.. I used it to help conceive as well. Once I actually became pregnant and switched to “pregnancy mode” the little helpful insights diminished to almost none, maybe one every few weeks.. what would frustrate me also would be when I would click on the “For You” and it would show an insight article but then disappear before I got the chance to click on it. (Happened about a 100 of times on different occasions.) also the app doesn’t really have any symptoms tracker differentiations for the pregnancy mode... which seems kind of bizarre. Another thing is that in pregnancy mode it doesn’t say anything about the development of the baby at however many weeks you are. Not even a brief little description of what’s going on in your body at this time or a brief description of the development changes your baby is experiencing.. nothing at all.. I’m a first time mom so I use (5) different pregnancy apps to kind of bring all the information together, given that not all say the same thing or some say things others don’t and/or are more informative. I find myself using this app less and less as it isn’t very helpful in the pregnancy mode. I am currently 27 weeks so I’ve used it from the very beginning and nothing is getting better about it.. hopefully this review is helpful
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3 months ago, Lllww999
Only some features are useful, predictions poor quality
Flo is a decent way for me to track basal temperature and symptoms throughout my cycle, but I’ve found its cycle predictions to be inaccurate. I appreciate that it collects and graphs patterns of my body in a way I can see over time. However, the app consistently thinks my fertile days are at the end of my cycle, and predicts my period many days before it should start. I’ve logged 5 months of data, including period start dates and ovulation time, but this has not yet affected the predictions. Luckily I’m 33 and have had a consistent 27-29 day cycle for years (and three pregnancies), so I know these predictions are inaccurate and can make my own calculations. It is frustrating though to have to look at the calendar Flo provides and know that it’s all wrong, and have to do the math in my head every time. Isn’t that what the app is supposed to do, at the most basic level? It is also frustrating to be fed articles about why my period is “late,” when it isn’t late at all. It’s unnerving, even though I know better. The somewhat condescending tone of the articles in the app, along with the poor timing of their appearance, is the most bothersome part of the user interface. It would be helpful if there was a way to override the algorithm to make your own cycle calendar if needed.
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7 years ago, simply0413
Amazing but needs a touch.
Don't get me wrong, Flo is amazing and you'll never use another app after you download this but it could use a few touches. The one idea I have isn't really important but if you want to have more fun with the app you should also have the choice of using your own photo for a background picture. Doing this would make it a little more fun along with being able to choose the color of the circles or bubbles. Also, it would be cool if people could make their own articles for everyone to read but make a separate column you can click on, incase viewers don't want to read other people's. And lastly, the articles usually talk about tampons. Not everyone wears them including me. It would be great if you could tell everyone how they work and if it hurts. I personally am really sensitive about "down there" and it would be great to know what it's like. Or even talk more about pads. Right now I read things I can on the internet and see how to insert them and everything. But I rly think sticking something up there is really nasty. Again just my opinion. But overall this game is really good. If it was just a little more fun and fit for everyone I would be giving it 5 stars. But hopefully something I said can come true. To Whom Ever It Regards, - Unknown☺️
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4 months ago, MJ3002
Messed up
Money hungry. Every time you tap on the app it will pop up with an screen forcing you to either choose a plan that requires money, or they have a small and faint "x" in the corner. Now this is often used by a ton of companies as it is a marketing strategy. Older people may not see the "x" and might click on something else which would lead them to a purchase if they are not careful. Additionally, the big screen provides several options for plans all of which you need to pay for. This is the "illusion of choice" and pressures the user to want to read about these plans. Unfortunately, you would hope that human beings who say they want to help women with their health would actually want to do so but alas this is not that app. Making a profit is indeed a choice and not a necessity but in this day and age people choose to not believe that. In addition, it is not trans-masc friendly. At all. Oh well. Just be weary and if you do download, be mindful of the tactics they will use (as every app will eventually use) to make a profit. There is no reason for them to ask for this much money this many times in order to keep running their app. That is a lie and that is a common excuse companies will make. Don't fall for it. Proceed with caution and if you do make the choice to use this app just only use it for tracking and nothing else because that is basically all you are able to do without being pressured.
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1 year ago, Teddysangel77
I had used this app for years until I got the Mirena and stopped having a period, then I took it out and got pregnant some time after. After about a year and half I tried to use this app again. I hate logging in, because it forces me to click on the “log my symptoms” as soon as I log in. Well, what if I don’t want to log any symptoms today?! After they force me to do that, they force me to click on their go premium button. I DON’T WANT A PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION! So stop trying to force it down my throat. I’m about to look for a different option for a period tracking app or I’m about to track my period on my own personal calendar. My cycle is regular so it wouldn’t be hard. I don’t mind that you’ve moved the informational part of your app to paid. I get you guys are trying to run a business and make some money. However, the only real thing I want from a period tracker is, wait for it….. TO TRACK MY PERIOD! I delete “fun” gaming apps if I have to put up with ads constantly. Look, if you had a one time payment that I don’t have to deal with your ads anymore that was say 99¢-$2 I’d probably buy it or if your subscription was cheaper I might consider subscribing. I really don’t think I would use your paid services enough to justify $9.99 a month, especially when I can do quick google searches or read a freaking book about my body.
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1 year ago, BusyBizBiz602
Too much
I started using Flo years ago because of its design and simplicity. I just wanted to track my cycle for dates because I hate trying to remember when to buy supples and for tracking symptoms against some other health issues I have to see if there was any correlation. It was great. I could tap it in and done. Now, in addition to the premium subscription there are so many options on the screen, articles constantly popping up, the help center chat, promotions, it’s just annoying. I see the value for many users for this content, but it’s like walking through a gauntlet of ads to get to where you need to go. Busy, distracting. I miss the simple, clean interface, and the symptoms logging page with the picture icons that was fast and easy to use. I’ve started looking for another option, but then my data will be lost. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. Also, I have been reading through the reviews and it looks like the price point is affecting the ability for many young people who have their periods under 18 to access valuable information that they may not otherwise have. Perhaps there’s an age gate where some basic health content is free to users under 18 that might currently fall under the premium plan. Something to consider. Same for some of the chat stuff.
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3 years ago, marianne6699
Close to great, but missing the mark for me
I was very excited about downloading Flo to take more ownership over my cycle & gain resources / insights regarding my intimate health. However as soon as I tapped over into the “secret chat” feature, I found an overwhelming presence of ideological (predominantly Christian) conversations. I know that spirituality and sex lives can be tightly connected, however as someone who doesn’t identify with organized religion, it felt like I’d just arrived to the wrong brunch party. This also immediately made me skeptical of the information being shared within the app. I’m a VERY strong believer in comprehensive sex education, which is commonly seen as being at odds with Christianity in this country—is this app actually balancing science and religion? After looking at their extensive board of medical professionals, I’d like to believe so but I’m still highly skeptical. This is where I also learned that the app was founded by two men (tech entrepreneurs), who (let’s face itttt) probably only care about women’s health in so far as $$$. All in all I wish I hadn’t paid for this app and had opted for a free alternative, as I don’t think the secret chat feature will be useful to me and I have skepticism issues regarding their approach to science / commitment to women’s well-being. The UI is beautiful, I’ll give it that.
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3 years ago, 3457811946
Disappointment as the app “grows”
I understand that Flo is run by A LOT of people that need to be paid so while I understand that premium is needed in order to make their ends meet to pay everyone on board. I think there are a few select things they could do to for people who can’t afford premium. Firstly, go back to letting us see more than just two months predictions of our menstrual cycle. I don’t understand why that had to be limited if it doesn’t really seem like a “premium feature”. Cycle predictions, at this point, and along with period tracking, seem to be the only TRUE free features of this app up until this update. I feel like next, “My daily insights” are also going to be a Premium Feature and I feel like that would be overly selfish of a “free” app. Another thing y’all could do is provide SOME free content of the Insights we currently have to pay to see. Like a preview if you will. This would have been a great app had it stayed accessible to teens barely getting their cycle. Women’s health is hardly talked about and a lot of girls end up feeling insecure about themselves because they see changes and feel things no one wants to talk about and a lot of that is seen here in this app. While it is a shame that Flo had to start charging, it is understandable but work on making important information accessible, please!
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2 years ago, Giavanna Steiner
Developers- please read
The concept of the app is great actually! But what makes me upset and I feel a lot of other women is how you have to pay for simple tips to help you. If you are a teen or younger girl who is new to menstrual cycles, and you download this app to actually help you, you have to pay a pretty decent amount after adding all the money you’ve given to this app. Not to mention some people don’t have that extra money. You literally have to pay to learn on tampons, menstrual cups, and other basic things a young woman should know about herself. Also, if you started your period younger than most like me, you’re not going to want to tell your mom, or guardian “hey can you please pay for this app to help me track my cycle and teach me?” Its humiliating to MOST kids. Especially when a lot of parents don’t have “ the period talk” as they find it “inappropriate/ disgusting “ or it’s to akward to talk about. I understand “you have to make money” but maybe adds at least? Yes, there are many people that teach about this on social media platforms, but some kids aren’t allowed to have access to those types of apps. Overall, great concept of an app, but if you see this, please try to reconsider the fees and other requirements to have the app and actually be able to learn and get help. Thank you- a 12 yr old girl who started at 9/10.
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2 years ago, Via Lin Coredor
So Incredibly helpful, but not enough
I have been using Flo since I was 11 years old in 7th grade. As a middle school girl who, like every other girl who got their first period, i didn’t know what to expect. Flo was incredibly helpful with mapping my cycle and figuring out my symptoms and it made it super comforting knowing that there were so many other girls going through the same thing. I loved reading the stories and the daily insights because they helped me understand more about my cycle and flow and what to expect. Unfortunately, and very disappointingly, there is now a Premium Plan where you have to pay to access most of the more helpful features of the app. I understand that it might be some women's choice to pay for this app, however, there a millions of 10+ year old girls who are not willing to pay for the app and therefore, they don’t have access to the stories that help them realize they are not alone, or to the Flo Help Assistant and Daily Insights because it always cuts off right as they are about to explain why they are feeling one of their symptoms and how to possibly help with it. I adore this app immensely, but i feel it isn’t fair to the girls who are figuring out their cycle and could use the help- that this app used to provide for free- that they are not getting.
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5 years ago, darion smith
2+ Year User and still Loving it !
I have been using this app for awhile now and have been very dedicated to tracking my body's cycle. With this app I avoided pregnancy successfully for 2 years without hormonal birth control by working around my fertility rhythm using the information Flo provided. The longer you use it, the more accurate it it becomes. I think it is essential to track our menstruation. Apps like these can be life changing for women; Reproductive knowledge is empowerment for women. I always enjoy the updates and community sections. Tried other period trackers but I always just come back to Flo because I enjoy the aesthetically pleasing interface and ease of use. This is an app that gets better with time. Only until recently have I desired more; after giving birth I'm breastfeeding of course, and that can often cause you to go a while without a period. I wish there was a way to log this information as I await to have my cycle again, in a similar manner to flipping a switch for the pregnancy mode. When you look at past data, pregnancy shows up as yellow days in your year calendar. Just a thought. Could continue to aid in accurate predictions if this info was considered.
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5 years ago, mimi.w_1013
I use it everyday
I just got this app yesterday and already love it. It’s so easy to use and very informative. Setting up your period (or pregnancy) might be a little confusing at first but once that’s done, you’re fine. I love how precise they try to be and get to know you with surveys (they’re optional). I also love how they give you all different articles to read about (romance, hygiene, body, clothing, exercise, etc.). You also get to chat anonymously with other women and girls - we really help each other out. I could write so much more but don’t want to take up too much time😂. I tried other apps and like this one the best - I would definitely recommend it!! I just finished my period so I don’t know how accurate this will be but based on my calendar at home, it’s right on track. This is the app to use! No app will be perfect, but this is the way to go - i can’t even say how much I love it (weird to be saying about a period app haha!) I’ll update my review once I’ve gotten my next period to see how accurate they are. One thing I don’t like is that they limit how many words/how long your comment can be which gets very annoying so if they can change that, it’d make the app even better.
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2 weeks ago, yunghotmilf
Free access is great but subscription is lacking..
I love this app and all of what it includes, especially the secret chats! I’ve been tempted for awhile to get the subscription and use the personalized health assistant, however now that I have it I’m unfortunately pretty disappointed. Multiple times now when I’ve spent time going through all of the questions, it hasn’t given me the personalized feedback. This time for instance, at the end of answering all the questions when I hit finalized it said it needed to recalculate, that my logs were updated, and this information is no longer relevant… without ever giving me any of the information I wanted. Now I can’t find or access this chat either, and since this isn’t the first time this has happened it feels like quite a waste of time. I was looking forward to the personalized insight on things related to my cycle and health but so far I don’t feel like I’ve gotten that. For now I don’t think the subscription is worth it for me, but would revisit if there is better access to chat history, and if the health assistant starts working as it should before my subscription ends next year. I do also have a screenshot of this issue when it happened because I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to re-visit the chat.
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4 years ago, GeekyGirl007
New update ruined it..
There should really be a way to turn off virtual assist and my daily insights. Some of us came to this app because it was clean and simple, all these new updates and features are ruining that. It’s getting more and more intrusive and cluttered with every update. I don’t need or want all this crap on my screen. If I could toggle it off it’d be great but they give you no options, just shove all this stuff in your face. Why can’t anything be simple? Why do we need advanced AI and health stories on the front page? We don’t! Just a simple app that tracks and predicts our cycles and does it well. Please get rid off all this extra junk or at least give those of us who don’t want it a way to toggle it off. I hate this app now and will be finding a new one. To the developers- please don’t ask me to contact you for a solution. It seems to be your canned answer to every negative review and I will not be contacting you. If there is a solution to this issue or you have future plans to fix this issue, please just let me know here so the whole community can see it too. Nothing is going to be fixed in this situation by me contacting you. You used to have amazing customer service and really care about your users needs. Not anymore, there hasn’t been a genuine reply to any users feedback in a long time. This use to be a great app with caring devs behind it, but I can’t say that is true anymore sadly. Zero stars.
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4 years ago, Sammi578
Absolutely love, but am a broke college student :/
I’ve had this app for a few years now and can honestly say I love it. It’s helped me with so much, including with figuring out how my medications affected me, where before I was so confused with what was going on. Watching this app evolve has been so cool, and I used to have a subscription in the earlier days, which was super handy. I also just tried the free trial of the newest premium version, which is absolutely amazing, and provided me with so much information that I actually feel somewhat educated on my body and how it works. I am a newfound broke college student and am bummed I don’t have the funds to pay for it right now (which I believe is an essential part to keeping this app running, because though we should have the right to free access about the health of our own bodies, I know I can trust this app based on the knowledge that hundreds of hours of work have been put into this by real doctors, instead of finding less trustworthy and sometimes misleading information floating around the internet). I will continue to be loyal to this app and will also hopefully soon be able to take advantage of the healthcare advice again!
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1 year ago, Havip123
Based on my satisfaction I gave 1 star .
I’ve used this app since i was in highschool , around when it was first developed .. I was actually soo excited ! Bc there was an app specifically for me , that informed me of the different things my body was going through during puberty nd , EVERYTHING was free .. I used this app to track my first pregnancy , everything was free ! Fast forward to my third pregnancy … everything is available for premium users only . I can’t even look at the second trimester warning signs , can’t view any information about baby , and I can’t view any information about the changes my body is going through without upgrading ..! As a woman I’m upset that we are continually seen as a marketing experience … Like , this should be free ! We already have to buy menstrual material and some of us have to buy more than most . Along with the cost of children , some of us are single parents… and even when there’s a 2 parent household , people are still barely getting by … I think this is honestly outrageous . Like , when does it end ? 😂 I’ll be deleting the app , and hopefully I find a better alternative , but probs not bc this is like the Midas of the tracking apps … smh … it was a vibe while it lasted flo ! But , I’m gonna have to let you go … the app is literally serving 0 purpose in my life other than telling me my baby has now reached the size of a mango ! Lols .
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1 year ago, llllllllljjjjjjjjllllllljjjjjj
Latest Update HORRIBLE
I have been a lover of the Flo app for years now (nearly a decade!) and I’m really VERY disappointed in the latest app update. Flo used to be a straightforward, simple way to track my health. Now it’s GO TO PREMIUM, ads, banners, DID YOU SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM??? bizarre articles, chats I guess??, 87% off premium!!, every time I open it, multiple times. It’s frustrating to suddenly be unable to see basic information due to all the clutter. I’m now asking myself how I could possibly migrate this much data into a more straightforward, simplified, calmer app. BECAUSE SERIOUSLY, on my period, I don’t want to be harassed. I don’t want to be confused. I don’t want to be sold. Even the idea of an ongoing subscription instead of a single-time purchase feels like a low-key way to continually ratchet the price & pull more money from me. Apparently I have to pay an even bigger price for my female health. When states are working to ban things like the pink tax, this feels like bad form. I’d even be willing to pay a single purchase price *IF* Flo promised that classic, simplified interface… even if I hate the idea on principal. I understand the need to support the developers. But here’s an idea—maybe your app didn’t need all of the bells & whistles you thought were necessary. MAYBE simple, aesthetic information was your sweet spot. I suspect the new business model isn’t geared for that. Total shame.
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4 years ago, C_Turtles
Good, but having issues (now MORE issues?)
UPDATED CORRECTION: My ovulation week (which happened weeks ago) jumped up an entire week too for. So now my period and ovulation dates are changing for seemingly no reason. This has never happened before. I understand the developer’s response, but I’m still not sure if you’re understanding the issue or if I’m failing to see something. Like I said, I’ve never had issues with this EVER, so why is every single thing changing. My period date. Changed over 6 times in the last few days, and so did my ovulation too. This makes no sense. I never had issues with this before, but this month, the day on when my period is going to start keeps changing. Every day it gets bumped up to the next day. First it said the 18, then 19, and now it’s up to the 21st. I don’t know if there’s an error occurring in the calendar or what, but it’s really annoying and confusing. I can’t tell what day is the correct day for my period to start, and now I’m worried everything else is wrong or the dates are offset (like for ovulation, as an example). Note: this has nothing to do with periods being late, as this is many days prior to when my period should even start.
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5 months ago, Ericaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Not what it used to be
I used to use this app for years to simply track my cycle. I don’t use this app for fertility predictions or anything other than simply tracking my cycle and obtaining cycle predictions. It used to be a great, simple tool but now that they have a premium paid tier, it seems as if the only thing they care about is gaining subscribers unfortunately. Every time I open the app just to simply log a date or check my cycle, I’m greeted with a full page ad for their premium tier. Sometimes TWO full page premium ads back to back! Why do I have to see this full page ad EVERY time I open the app? If I have declined it in the past you should stop showing me the ad. I’m not interested. Im really disappointed that the developers have gone down the path of profits as their only goal. I think the app provides some good educational resources for very young people, but again everything besides cycle and symptom tracking is locked behind a paywall that many young school age children wouldn’t have access to. And in reality there’s no information this app provides that can’t be found through a simple google search. I have since switched to the cycle tracker in the Health app for iOS. There’s no premium tier, no ads and it is just as accurate and has the same basic functionality as Flo.
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5 years ago, OtakuCat_14
Not Alone
Before, I would always keep the details of my sex life, menstrual cycle, and other feminine problems to myself. After Flo, I feel so much more secure and content with all of the aforementioned issues. The app is well-designed and visually pleasing, as well as easy to use and practical in those uses. Not only can you track your period with Flo, you can also access a community page to share stories, take surveys, and read articles. The period tracker itself is very accurate for me and is usually always on point. The period tracker also gives you the details on your ovulation cycle and such, which gives me a sense of security and preparedness. While I don’t use this feature of the app, there is also a pregnancy mode which can track your pregnancy’s phases and tell you about said phases. I’ve come to love the app and it quite honestly bests all of the other period tracker apps I’ve tried. Flo is great for any woman who loves planning and organization, or any girl looking for advice on her first experiences. The community is accepting and welcoming, and all shared stories are anonymous for those who want to vent. Overall, a wholesome app with a feel-good vibe. Definitely a keeper for me.
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5 years ago, lexbee302
Love this app.
So I paid $2 for another app cuz it said it could tell me what phase of my cycle I was in and also send updates to my husband when I was in a new phase and give him heads up for ideas to support me, which is so awesome in theory, but the app is pretty dry, I don’t like the layout, and the insights about the phases weren’t as helpful as I would have liked. AND I could only track certain symptoms at certain times of the month, which is just plain stupid. So I came back to this free app because I like the design and the tracking features because I have random symptoms all month that I will never remember and need to reference at appts. That said, the ideas behind that other app are great. I would love to have insights about each of the phases and the opportunity to sign my husband up for emails that help him understand my cycle as it happens, too. I would even pay for that. (Not a lot, lol don’t gouge me.) I never understood much about my period and lady bits until I was older, so this has been very helpful overall. And it is usually pretty accurate at estimating dates (within a few days), even though my period can be really wonky and frequently comes early.
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2 years ago, Marbeebz
Great app with a minor-but annoying-issue
I’ve been using Flo for years to track my period cycles, and I’ve subscribed to Flo premium for two or three years. Thanks to the fertile/ovulation predictions on the calendar, I got pregnant the second month of trying. I switched the app to pregnancy mode. The app turns into one of the best pregnancy apps I use. BUT there’s one problem that’s pretty annoying. I went to my first ultrasound toward the end of what I thought was my 8th week of pregnancy, and the OB estimated that I was really almost a week ahead of what Flo predicted (based on my last period and average cycle length). I tried to change how far along I really was on the app, but it wouldn’t let me! There’s an option to change how far I was, but it would let me select an option that was ahead of the app prediction. I even tried to change the due date in hopes of changing the week I am in, but that didn’t work either. This is annoying because the “daily insights” aren’t synced up with my biological timeline, so I don’t have much use for the app anymore. I cancelled my premium subscription and I’ll be using a couple other pregnancy tracking apps that have let me change my progression time.
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4 years ago, Alizzard98
Starting to deteriorate
The app was great a few years ago because all the information that I received from my stats were really useful. However, recently there has been a premium version added to the app (a little pricey for me) and you can’t get away from their ads. Now, when you open the app you have to wait 3 seconds to close their own ads, not ads from other companies, Flo ads. It’s starting to feel like a cookie clicker game where you have to watch their ads to use the app. Also, now when I receive my stats, I have to go through this virtual assistant where I punch in pre-made answers and it seems a bit redundant to me (and at the end they suggest you pay for premium). I have recently switched to the Apple version of Flo in the health app because it has a lot of the same features but you don’t have to be bombarded by their suggestion to pay for a premium version. Really disappointed that the app got to this point because I used to always suggest that my friends use the app, but not anymore. I might be more interested in getting premium but $50 a year or $10 for a month seems a little pricey for something I only really spend about 5 minutes a day on every few days and I worry the premium version might not get me away from more ads to come from Flo.
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2 years ago, TrUely-uNiQue
LOVE but read before downloading.
This is an amazing app, on the first day of high school I bleed through my jeans and said never again, and decided to get a tracking app so that I could better see when that day would come, and this app helped TREMENDOUSLY. I love it, it’s pretty accurate, it gives you a lot of cool information and ideas when it comes to your own body and what’s happening to us during this time period. And often, little chats will pop up where the robot will “talk” to you and tell you more about what’s going on with YOUR body. And I feel like this app is very personal and that’s why I love it. With that being said, I don’t pay for premium and I don’t think I ever will but I can see that paying for premium has a lot of benefits! Like better tips, articles you can read, all kinds of things. And I also think the app does ask me to upgrade a lot but a simple click of the X button and it’s gone, no big deal to me. Long story short, great app, recommend getting, especially if you’re going to pay for premium, but I can see myself shopping around for a different, better tracker soon.
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2 months ago, AraceliPPBBAA
Here is my honest review
I really like this app when it comes to keeping track of my period. I do have irregular periods because of my PCOS. I like that it has Q&A's and also other ladies talking about their daily struggles; it makes me feel like I'm not alone. I understand that PCOS isn't something that you can simply predict for your periods or even tell if you are ovulating or not. My problem is that you can check off that you have taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative, but I don't understand why this app keeps sending messages that it looks like it's time for a pregnancy test, even after I have checked off negative for an entire week. I know I can easily turn off my notifications, but I can't turn it off in the app, unless you can and I just don't know how to! Also, I really wish there was an option where you can click that you do have PCOS, and the app would understand that irregular periods may happen, but it doesn't even give me that option when we have our "conversations with the app." Like I said, I know that it's not everyone's problem and this app works superbly well with ladies that don't have this problem, but this is my honest review.
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2 years ago, ToBlame
Love this app
I actually love this app. I rarely buy apps or subscriptions to anything. I, like many others, really think long and hard before downloading an app and especially if I have to pay for it. I originally downloaded the app for ovulation tracking while trying to get pregnant. I found the tracking and inputting of info to be really easy. It took a few months to get enough info for an accurate reading, but the app mentioned this was necessary several times so I understood it took time. I’m also a healthcare professional so I have an understanding of how the body works. I also really liked the interactive health assistant feature. I found it to be really informative and liked clicking on the related articles to learn more. I love how all the articles are written or reviewed by licensed OBGYNs. The info/education is vetted by actual experts as opposed to info you get from just googling. Overall it’s really eased anxiety around the ovulation and conceiving process. It can be a stressful process, especially when things do go as planned. The educational info is really what keeps me coming back. Would highly recommend.
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2 years ago, january q
some suggestions
first let me say I really like the app and the period predictions have been pretty accurate, or at least they were! i’ve been having a lot of stress and my cycle has been all messed up so it’s not the app’s fault. however, I do have a suggestion: there are options in the symptoms menu under “other”. u can mark travel, stress, disease/injury, and alcohol intake. all of these can affect your cycle. my proposal is to add an option that’s “on new medication”. it would be helpful if you could come up with a MEDICALLY ACCURATE list of possible interaction these medications might have in reference to menstrual cycles. i’ve recently been on a new journey trying to find some medication that works, and I’m pretty sure it effects my cycle, but my doctor is a man when I asked about it he didn’t know. I know a solution could be to get a new doctor but you don’t know how slim the pickings are around me! another idea: maybe y’all can collaborate with costar or the pattern and have a fun section where u can read your horoscope. definitely make it optional but i can see a huge market for this! could be kind of fun!
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3 years ago, jsssqwerty
Cannot view without being bothered with the upgrade
Great app. It’s a shame they just won’t let you be. I understand asking for an upgrade but to be baited when I have a question is wrong. The auto assistant answers just enough of your questions only to shut you out before you get to the actual answer needed. I don’t believe stringing people along falls in line with their entire “we’ve got you!” “Women are awesome” “Women are great” “We are your friends” “We are here to help” mantras. An actual friend would do that. Now they’ve decided to hold my valuable time hostage and made me answer several questions before I could even view my cycle schedule. I’m a busy person and mom just like to rest of the moms out there and I had about 7 seconds (at that moment) to view my cycle calendar before my toddler got in to something. I wasn’t able to view my cycle calendar because of their making me jump through hoops. I ran out of time. I made time to write this review (I never write reviews and I especially don’t bother if it’s a bad one.) to tell other women to find another app. These people border on rude. Pretty shameful for software to come across as rude. But they irritated mo over and over again - no less than 100 times so I had to write my FIRST BAD REVIEW OF ANYTHING EVER. That’s how disappointed I am. It’s a shame. The function of the app is phenomenal.
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1 year ago, Kebaum2
New update was a bad move
I really enjoyed Flo and have used it for years. My main reason for keeping it was because I could remove most mentions of pregnancy that are found in most period tracking apps. For those of us who aren’t looking to get pregnant, can’t get pregnant, or have difficulty looking at pregnancy related content - this update was NOT IT. Now I have to scroll through a long list of verbiage and track pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, contraceptives - regardless of if they apply to me. The other version allowed you to customize your experience so you’re not wasting time scrolling through options that don’t apply for you. Btw, the horizontal symptom scrolling with icons was way better UX/UI than having all the symptoms written out in a cluttered block. Don’t know how this passed accessibility testing! At this point, I will probably have to remove myself from Flo. I am honestly unable to look at the pregnancy tracking features every day and I don’t even have the option to hide or skip. This feature change does not keep non-pregnant people in mind. As a premium user, I also wish I had the option to disable the pop ups. They are NEVER ENDING. I’ll pay extra to never see Flo Assistant again.
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7 months ago, punkytiki
Hypocrites Who Don’t Follow Their Own Guidelines
Do not use this app if your religion is anything but christian. You will be targeted by Flo’s moderators in the Secret Chats, and your concerns will be dismissed. I have never proselytized in Secret Chats, and I never will because I don’t believe in proselytizing (this is a rule in Secret Chats). My issue is when hundreds of christians in the Secret Chats start saying that anyone who isn’t christian “doesn’t belong here” and Flo moderators see no issue with that. Yet when a non-christian tries to bring attention to the fact that the moderators aren’t following Flo’s own guidelines, their concerns aren’t taken seriously. Christians get to keep posting and proselytizing, and anything a non-christian says is labeled as “hate speech” and removed from the Secret Chats. I wouldn’t have such an issue with this if Flo actually did something about hate speech coming from christians, but it seems they want to encourage it. Update: I had to leave a negative review to get any type of response from the Flo app developers, despite reaching out to Flo help on separate occasions. I decided to cancel my subscription. There are so many other period tracking apps out there that do the same things Flo does, but without the toxicity and holier than thou attitude. Flo- stop responding to my review. It’s borderline harassment. Just acknowledge that you screwed up or leave me alone.
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