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User Reviews for FollowMeter for Instagram

4.01 out of 5
18.1K Ratings
6 years ago, AlexIs12💜💛💚💙❤️
I think this is a cool app. If you’re in a stalkerish mood you can see all of your secret admirers and stuff and unfollow people who haven’t followed you back if you’re feeling more petty. But I think that it’s preeeetty stupid that you have to PAY to see your secret admirers, ghost followers, etc. also, if you’re really sensitive just don’t get this app. It basically tells you how popular you are and if you can’t handle the truth then I suggest you stay away. I’m okay with the percentage that it gave me, (since I already knew I wasn’t that popular lol), but for those of you who don’t have thick skin; don’t let this app define you. It’s not a huge deal if you’re not that popular according to the app’s standards. I just got this because I wanted to see what it was like. Overall, I think it’s great. But not for those who don’t know how to take criticism.
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2 weeks ago, Keenonkeane
It worked for maybe a week-then a waste of money
So I was excited to try this out for tracking activity on my account and yes curiosity on who’s lurking about. I’d say the app worked properly for maybe a week before I ran into problems. Like other reviewers when I’d try to log in (and it started making me have to log in every single time I wanted to use the app) it began to say either “suspicious phishing activity” or “too many refresh requests from Instagram at one time try again later”-it would say this despite me opening the app for the first time that day. To make it worse, EVERY time I’d log in to this app, it would log me out of my actual account on instagram. If that’s how the app is designed to work than that’s very inconvenient. I would log back in on the actual app then if I can back to Instagram later in the day, not using follow meter between Instagram uses, I’d be logged out again! (I’d say if I decided to use Followmeter, I would subsequently be logged out of Instagram itself around 4 times that day) Just today I opened my instagram account to see a notification telling me “automated activity has been sensed on this account and will be suspended soon of activity persists” which is why I decided despite PAYING a yearly subscription, I’m deleting the app, waste of my money :/
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5 years ago, -.- seriously
Takes your money and doesn’t work, support tells you it’s your fault
I don’t even want to rate this one star. This app hardly ever works, even after paying for premium access the app doesn’t update properly, it locks you out after only following 10 people, forces you to wait half an hour to refresh the app after not even using it for 12 plus hours, and to make matters even better, if you contact app support to try and find out why their app is locking you out of actions you are still able to do through the actual Instagram app or through your browser on instagram, they simply tell you it’s your fault and they can’t help you because “Instagram limits all accounts differently”. Instagram is not limiting anything, as I stated I am able to follow/unfollow and like pictures through the Instagram app and my browser with no issues. The problems are with the app. The response I received from the developers was very rude and unprofessional, they refused to help me because the app “works perfectly for other users”. I don’t know how many times I can contact them to tell them the same thing, that instagram is not limiting my actions, it’s their app. I am able to do everything I want or need to do through Instagram, through my browser, and even through a different tracking app I downloaded, just not with this app.
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2 years ago, Hdskdakagskddndudksudnsiznd
This is a honest review!
So I usually don’t do reviews but I feel like this is needed. The app is good when it’s good but when it’s bad.. ITS BAD. I did read up on a few other reviews of people saying this app locked them out of their instagram or it would get stuck when it loads after you use it for a while & they are not lying. If I didn’t have my 2-step authentication login, I wouldn’t have been able to get back into my instagram because this app kept logging me out. Secondly, I’ve only used the app about 2 or 3 times and now it won’t load past 67% or takes forever to load in general. I downloaded it just to see if I would have a better experiences than some of the other reviewers, you know not everyone has the same experience so I wanted to test it but I’m experiencing the same trouble. Hopefully the bug can be fixed because overall it is a good app to use to keep track of your followers/following+more, but it’s no use if it’s going to keep causing you trouble. I hope this helps the creator & those who plan to download it.
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2 months ago, Kiara 🩷
I’m never using this app again.
This app can help you find out who unfollows you and who doesn’t follow you back all the time. I started using this app to check who unfollows me and who doesn’t. Lately it’s been saying my password is incorrect but my password is correct. If it ever starts working, it takes at least 15 minutes to load into the page and that’s so annoying. I never wanted to rate this app less than 5 stars because I’ve been using it for quite some time and I’ve even recommended my friends this app but lately this app has been having some bugs. I understand Instagram has took some new regulations to help people not get hacked but it also keeps logging me out and that’s another frustrating thing. I loved this app dearly and would use it again if it ever works correctly. You don’t have to pay for anything except for 3 things you most likely wouldn’t want. I would appreciate greatly if you guys would fix this bug and would get the app working how it used to, thank you.
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2 years ago, egc31200
USED to be helpful
I used this for my personal account a few months ago just out of curiosity — it was nice then and helpful to see who wasn’t following me back, but I found it annoying that I paid for the subscription for a month see if anyone had blocked me and it couldn’t tell me because any activity before you’ve signed into the FollowMeter app can’t be tracked. So not super helpful for me after all — I guess helpful if you sign up first thing upon making an ig account???? BUT I’m extremely disappointed with this app now — I was going to begin using it for my business account to see if I could utilize the tracker to boost my engagement, but every time I try to log into the app Instagram suspends my account for engaging in “suspicious phishing-related login activity”. Regardless of whether it’s Instagram or the FollowMeter app, I’m more than a little irritated and mildly suspicious so I’m deleting this waste-of-storage-space from my phone.
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4 years ago, bpetruzzo
Nice design, but broken indefinitely
The app is pretty simple, and nicely designed. But, the unfollow feature is broken, which they confirmed via email a few weeks ago promising a fix, but still nothing. If you unfollow more than about 10 people IG will pause your ability to do so for a little while. That’s fine. The app says that the feature will work again once it works in the native app, but that never happens. The app won’t let you unfollow again once you hit that limit. What’s crazy is that I was only unfollowing about 5 accounts per day, still got dinged for it, and then the app never let me use the feature again. It’s also hella slow. For an app that cost like 7$ or something, it’s just bad. Whatever, still useful to see who isn’t following back, then you can unfollow in the native app. Anyway, they should fix this before you give them any money. It doesn’t look like they’re going to though. Seems dead in the water.
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2 years ago, BambiCapone
Slow and ad deception
It’s ability to show me who left my account is valuable, however time is money. I don’t mind ads but for them to pop up when the analysis wheel has reached 99% is an affront to my intelligence, and aggravating. Some of the ads you can't turn off some of the X symbols redirect you to the Internet to see their product / and/ or even direct you instantaneously to the AppStore to force you away from Followmeter- that to me is nearly criminal- and I absolutely don’t appreciate it. It should be enough that I’m looking at the ad for the ( mostly) games that pop up in the advertising- but not the WAY it does - it’s like spyware... I should be able to click off the ad without being forced away from Followmeter-it’s bad, and I might look around for a better alternative to it at this point.// After leaving this review many months ago- there has been no improvement
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2 years ago, CrisTenille
So far so good 😎
So I’ve been using this app for a few months now & I must say that it has been very helpful in keeping track w/ my followers. I like being able to see who’s rocking w/ me & who jumped ship. At first I thought all the features weren’t working because I was using the drag down method to refresh but you must actually hit the refresh arrow at the top right. Unfortunately when doing that however, ads pop up & freeze up the app 😕. This is annoying…I have to keep rebooting to clear the screen & free up the app. Of course I wish all of the features were free but I’m getting what I need out this app for the most part :) Be careful when unfollowing users via the app—Instagram will flag & restrict your account for too much activity in a short time frame.
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4 years ago, S3283
Actually works!
Of all the apps I’ve tried, this one works as advertised. Recommended!! Interface is fairly straightforward and I like that unfollowers gets its own category. There are some additional categories you can pay for if you want, but you get plenty of data without them. Get it, you won’t be disappointed. Two main requests to the devs: 1) I can’t unfollow/follow from within the app. I get the “your account has been blocked from following” modal, but when I pop over to IG that’s not the case and I can use it as normal. This seems to be a bug on your end and it’s a little annoying to have to switch back and forth when making batch updates to followers. I’d actually be willing to pay if this got fixed. 2) Totally understand that you need to use ads. But the x to close the modal doesn’t work or isn’t accessible on most of them, forcing me to exit the app and come back in. Would love a patch to that interface issue. If I had one last request, it would be that the refresh rate is slow. But I understand that might be how the app “talks” to IG and out of your control. Would be great as a “nice to have” on your roadmap though!
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2 years ago, 103738626726636
Liked the app, until I made a in-app purchase.
I liked the app at first, very little ads and annoyances so I bought a month of premium for 4.99. The blocking feature lures you into thinking that once you pay you will see every person who has ever blocked you, but the blocker “tracking” doesn’t even begin until after the purchase. Thus, someone can block you before you purchase, then after you purchase it wouldn’t show up, proved by having one of my friends block me then unblocking me just to see 😂 Second issue: going back to normal after canceling my premium, I was immediately bombarded by x10 times the ads from the amount before and every touch on the screen would take me to a 40 second unskippable video ad. + They would Start essentially begging me to back to premium after every ad, almost as of the increase in ads was on purpose. Honestly a good app if you don’t make a purchase, learn from my mistakes. 🫥🫥🫥
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3 years ago, raindrops!!!
A lot of glitches
This app has multiple technical issues. The features often don’t work. For example, the amount of people that unfollowed is incorrect, the number that shows people that don’t follow is false. The worse part that you can’t open the app often. The main screen is is constantly glitching and does not show images, fields, links and etc. ... just little red dots across the whole screen . Sometime you can’t open the app for a few days in row. I tried writing and asking questions. No response. And it is not free, I pay monthly fees . Oh, one more thing : if you want to unfollow some accounts, it has limits. You can’t control your own account even if you pay for it!
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4 years ago, genevieve_b
Previously, I have tried out several Instagram follow trackers but none of them were quite like Followmeter. I started out using the follow meter that is free and I absolutely loved it. It gives you the basics (New followers, Unfollowers, people you unfollowed, people you are not following back, and people who are not following you back)The basics are usually what most people need so if you want an app to do just that and I definitely recommend this app. I upgraded to premium because I had several accounts that I wanted to monitor and because the premium features (ghost followers, people who blocked you, top Likers, top commenters, secret admirers.) seemed really dope.🤣This app is so helpful even if you do not get premium. I definitely recommend it. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, bike race super pro player
Messed up my Instagram
I downloaded this app the night before for the intentions of viewing who’s unfollowing my account and once I logged in with my Instagram through this app and I unfollowed a bunch of people, estimated atleast more than 10 in less than 30 minutes. The next morning, I’m unable to access my Instagram, nothing loads and I have a feeling it’s because of the amount of requests of Instagram data from this app was excessive to where everything shows an error. (Meaning there’s a lot of Cache) and I don’t know what to do, I hope the developers reply as soon as they can because I’m clueless to how to fix this. Now everytime I log in, it’s constant errors. Help me
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2 years ago, ModernGlitch
Somehow Still Works, But Seems Abandoned
I’ve been using this app since 2018, and it’s actually worked pretty well, one of the more solid choices since it actually tells you who unfollowed you and blocked you, without the app maliciously taking over your account. I’ve seen too many reviews like that of different apps, but this app hasn’t let me down, other than some weird times where it’ll say I lost a follower in IG, but won’t show in the app. Still, works well and has been very helpful over the past 4 years, just wish they’d update it like they promised they would a long, long time ago. Still no data privacy cards either.
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2 years ago, Nevalocz
2 stars due to being shadow banned when using App
Please beware: since this app uses 3rd party access to Instagram it causes your page to be banned for several days due to fraudulent activity and it happens constantly. It is great for seeing who unfollows you so you can unfollow them back, which is the main purpose I used this app for. I do not use the secret admirers or who blocked you option because you have to pay for it and realistically that is not important to me. Over all the app is okay, the ad experience is pretty frustrating but they have made fixes here and there to make the app more user friendly. I ended up deleting the app because I got sick of always being shadow banned thinking someone hacked my account, I finally figured out the app is the reason this kept happening.
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6 years ago, Shardae_
I DL’d this to see who wasn’t following back. This app was super useful for that. But this is the 3rd day I’ve used it. At midnight, I guess it’s supposed to update your stats taking into consideration anyone you’ve followed that hasn’t followed back but it doesn’t take into consideration those who you unfollowed directly in the IG app so it’ll allow you to use one of your like 15 daily unfollow limits to Unfollow someone you’ve already unfollowed! And even after 24 hours it doesn’t update to reflect those ppl were unfollowed unless you unfollowed them in this app. I’ve got my days worth of use out of it so thanks for that but it’s not something I’ll keep since it doesn’t remain accurate, apparently as far as ppl who don’t follow you back go. The number of followers you have and those you follow will update immediately tho.
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2 years ago, V Tori D....
Great app to show analytics but too many bugs currently
This app has helped me clean my Instagram a lot. However, there is always a “connection error” still when trying tho check who to unfollow who doesn’t follow you. I had to delete the app at least 3 times just to resolve the issue. It’s kind of stressful. The app says that the bugs on the app are happening in general, and that they are working to fix it. But my main concern is that it may have been an old update. The last update was 3 months ago, so I pray and hope the next update for the app is very soon. Thank you for everyone’s understanding!
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3 years ago, erk423xx
Don’t get me wrong, the app itself is great and has a lot of excellent features, even without the paid content. I used it for a few months with no issues and then suddenly my instagram account was locked and I was unable to get back into it because instagram said I had “authorized outside apps to access my account.” I am now unable to get back into it, and when I made a new account and explained it to my followers, one of them mentioned this app by name without me bringing it up first and asked if I had used it. In short: don’t let outside apps use your account. I’m sure the developers will reply something like “we’re sorry you experienced difficulties with your instagram account, but we are not responsible for that nor behind that.” Haha. Sure, bud. Save the trouble, don’t download this app.
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4 years ago, PeroPosro
Yikes. Avoid.
I’m the type that likes to try things out for myself even if I see a bad review. Well, that was a mistake. I paid for the PRO features of this app and it literally does not offer anything different that free version does. Load times are the same (they claim that refresh time speeds up with Pro), and all the features (Admirers, Top Likers/Commenters, and most importantly Ghost Followers) do NOT work. I repeat, they do not work. I cannot stress this enough. This is the deciding factor for the upgrade and the features don’t work? It’s a scam. They don’t offer refunds, and their “Ask a Question (customer service column)” conveniently doesn’t let you enter your email or question (it opens up keyboard and lets you type, but conveniently enough, nothing happens on the screen). I wish we could report this app for scam, because that’s exactly what it is. Shame on you.
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2 months ago, 🐚🐝shell bee
I realized I was following a lot of people that were not following me back. I did not want to go through manually to figure out who was not following me back and I saw how many great reviews and recommendations there were for Followmeter, so I figured I would give it a try. I was nervous they would make you pay to simply figure out who wasn’t following me, but it was free and simple to do! You can pay extra to see things such as who is looking at your profile and stuff, but I didn’t need that. 10/10 for unfollowing/figuring out people who are not following you!
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3 years ago, N2deepJae
High Potential
I’ve used this app and it gives a lot of free options for reason you likely downloaded it for. Can basically be fully used for free but if you want personal stats of WHO is doing what on your page then you have to pay and honestly I’d pay for that if I cared enough or once my page is big enough only thing stopping this from being a 5 out of 5 is that it doesn’t show you what you’d be paying for to the full detail extent so i can’t say with certainty that it will have all personal details you looking for but I’d pay for full service if my money was right 💵💵💵
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2 years ago, bisd0w
V nice app
It’s hard to find an app that doesn’t either hack your account or make you pay for the basic unfollow feature. When I find one I swear by it till they make a stupid update or start charging. This one is ofc my go to for the moment. The only possible suggesting I could make is “mass unfollowing” is really nice. This is still very accessible and not complaining by anymeans but being to unfollow the hundreds of accounts who think they are Beyoncé and followed to unfollow all in a matter of seconds feels really nice 😎 but other then that, super great app!!
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3 years ago, Happyhiker61
Best App For Instagram, Hands Down.
I’ve tried various apps for my Instagram account, but I’ve found Followmeter to be the most trustworthy and reliable app out there. Sure, you encounter glitches from time to time, but I assure you, that’s coming from the Instagram side. They have an algorithm that I think would confound Albert Einstein; I know that it is meant to protect IG users, but often times it’s a frustrating mess. Followmeter does a great job navigating those waters, and I have found it indispensable in monitoring follower/unfollower activity. To the developers of Followmeter: great job on this five star app, and many thanks to you!
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2 years ago, Allocai
Review on this App
When this app works properly, it’s probably the best and most reliable app to track your Instagram analytics. But recently, every time I try to log in to the app with my Instagram log in, Instagram always restricts my account and I can’t use it for like 24 hours. Usually, I have to change my Instagram password to have access my Instagram account. Used to work, but unfortunately, not anymore. Just be careful for those that try to use this.
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1 year ago, theexploringyeti
Paid for Plus two years ago until now
I started using this app about two years ago. I paid for their Plus access. Everything worked okay until a few months ago. Now I can’t login, and when I am able to login my info doesn’t refresh. The app crashes most of the time if I get a chance to login. Also, and this is a HUGE deal, when you pull your analytics or refresh your profile, Instagram thinks your profile is being hacked Instagram will lock your account and force you to change your password. So now if I use the app I am expected to change my password every time I use the app?!? No thanks… cancelling my Plus subscription and trying a more trustworthy app. I’ll happily give my dollars to someone who’s app works.
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2 years ago, Sruix99
Inaccurate Stats
As a paid subscriber, I was expecting better results than what I’ve been getting lately. For example: The follower stats given are inaccurate. Each time I refresh my profile page, it displays random Followers and labels them as Unfollowers. Making my daily Instagram page management difficult, I’m constantly double checking between Followmeter and my actual Instagram page. Each time the “Unfollower” is still actively following my page. That is the whole point of the app and it’s not fully functioning in that manner. Unfortunately, I don’t plan to renew my subscription, unless the app improves.
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4 years ago, MonikCarls
It’s an okay app for small accounts.
This app is VERY expensive for what it is. It just gives you some basic data like: followers, unfollowers, ghost followers, blocked accounts etc. When I had less than 1000 followers everything worked fine (occasional hiccups). Once I gained over 1000 followers the app has been quite useless to be honest. It crashes all the time, doesn’t want to refresh, sometimes I have to wait a day or even longer to refresh all the data. Follow/ unfollow option is constantly blocked for me even when I do not follow/unfollow any accounts on Instagram. I only have 1600 followers, can’t imagine using this app with 3000+ followers. All in all - very limited, broken app for a very high cost.
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2 years ago, Alana Cruz
Instagram Deleted my Account because of Follow Meter!
I logged in to my IG account using Follow Meter and Instagram DELETED MY ACCOUNT. It said that this was done because of not following the IG user guidelines. This was very confusing because I have never violated any guidelines before. It only happened immediately after logging in using the Follow Meter app. I requested a review to object this action. But as of now I cannot access my Instagram account and I am worried that it may be permanently deleted. I hope this was a mistake. Either way, it is a really big inconvenience. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there something about using the Follow Meter app that goes against the IG guidelines? This app should not be downloaded or used if this is what happens to its users.
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3 years ago, SUNWORKS x GARRAN
Pass on this one if you can
I purchased a 12-month subscription to this app and have used this almost for the duration of the subscription but I’m giving this a hard pass. It gets 1 star for doing the basic, tracking who follows and unfollows you BUT it’s seem buggy and a little sketch. When there’s a paywall to have your profile featured within their app that’s sketch to me. When this app consistently reports that all of your followers have unfollowed you, then immediately reports the same amount of them have refollowed you, that feels sketch. Like it’s refreshing a cache or something behind the scenes where it doesn’t feel that would be necessary. The constant “cosmetic freezing” of the screen, as their support tram calls it, is annoying and has yet to be resolved, requiring constant force closes to use their app that you pay a subscription for. For these reasons I give this a hard pass, especially when this is behind a paid subscription. This is not worth your money unless you have a NEED to track your followers and activity.
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4 years ago, Indjina Jean
Love This!!!
This app is amazing. It allowed me to grow my Instagram around my brand. I had a lot of fake accounts following me which I was able to get rid of. No one likes fake accounts because everyone trying to grow a brand wants real followers who will engage. I was able to grow my Instagram by about 100 followers a month. I had an Instagram for 5 years now at 600 followers and my gran grew by 600 more in just half a year. The free plan allowed me to get so much done which with most apps you can’t say that.
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4 years ago, AmberLTM
Doesn’t work as intended. Many ads.
First off be warned that many features of this app are locked behind a pay wall. Features that other reviewers mention are not available for the free version. I don’t know how well those features work but the ones available for free would not work. My IG kept losing followers but the app would not update to show that, so I was unable to see who was unfollowing. It would also list accounts as “not following back” when I could see that we were mutually following each other. What ultimately did it for me were the pop up ads with the x button off-screen so I was unable to close them at all and would have to completely quite the app.
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7 years ago, corn stalk🌽
Amazing app
I love this app because you can see everyone that unfollowed you and everyone who is not following you. You can also see your top likers, top commenters, and your most popular posts. Unfortunately, you have to pay for things like seeing your secret admirers, seeing who blocked you, your top likers and ghost followers. This is not really a problem for me, but I with the app did reward you with some of the things that you normally have to pay for if you have used the app for a long time, or maybe around the holidays.
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2 years ago, notoriousPHAT
inaccurate “someone blocked you” notifs
two of my friends deactivated their accounts. Followmeter notified me that my "someone blocked you" rather than the normal "someone deactivated." it seemed suspicious, these are two close friends and one of them is also my cousin. I did what a reasonable person would do, I asked both of my friends if they blocked me before deactivating and they both said the same thing "lol no. why would I block you?" I feel like this is a ploy to get folks to join their monthly subscription. So at this point if I subscribed, would y'all lie and tell me my friends blocked me, or would it be like an oopsie, they deactivated? I hope this gets pinned to the reviews because I can’t be the only one experiencing this issue.
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2 years ago, Dinosaur wacko
Good, until...
This app was great until this most recent update. Now I find myself trying to find another app. Previously Followmeter allowed me to see which accounts I follow deactivated their accounts, which was an important thing for me to be able to track. Now that option is only available via a paid subscription, something I cannot afford. So while I can still see who follows or unfollows me, I can't see deactivated/reactivated accounts. So now I find myself looking for a new app where I can see that for free. But if they were to fix this issue by removing that feature from the paywall, I would be happy to continue using solely Followmeter.
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2 years ago, Anon 😜
This used to be good, what happened??
I loved this app and used it often. I just had to be careful when using it too regularly because one time I got locked out of my account and had to reset my password. This used to be such a good app. I could see who unfollowed and who isn’t following me back. Now when I use it, it stays at 1%. This app is trash now. What happened? It doesn’t load and work like it used to. Also, it used to never have a ridiculous amount of ads. This isn’t the high quality performing app is used to be. Avoid this app at all costs. There’s other better apps out there than this. I hope this can one day return back to working like it use to but now I’m going elsewhere 👋🏼
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4 years ago, YoungSlimere
Community Guidelines Strike
Hi, I am the owner of a Instagram community page and I would advise you not to use this app. After using this for a few days I get logged out of my Instagram account. I am still able to log in but I got a message from Instagram saying that I’ve been blocked and limited from following, and posting for a week. The only app I have for social media management is this one on my phone. I don’t use any bots or anything all of my followers are genuine. The Instagram message said I was blocked for using a third party application which is against the guidelines. They classify this application as a third party application and now I’m banned for a week. I might have to cancel my subscription and uninstall when I get access to my account again.
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3 years ago, MsDebbieK
Love this app!! Perfect!
I only have the free version and it really does what I was looking for it to do. I knew there were people who “unfollowed” me and when you do a lot of “follow for follow backs” it’s pretty annoying when they unfollow you... or even worse, never really followed back. With this app I see who is not following back and every couple of days I check for who unfollowed me. It gives me stats that I’m looking for. Extremely happy with this- even at the free version.
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3 years ago, PopFairy
It’s Okay
This App is ok for my mediocre use of social media. However, there’s plenty of room for growth. I’ve had the app just not work 2 different times for a couple of days in the short period I’ve been using it (almost 3 month of usage). I’ve had to remove it and re-downloaded again to get back to work. The App will block you from unfollowing people for many days in the row. Most of the time I have to go into profile to unfollow someone. The App seems to struggle keep up with my followers and have to keep refreshing to display accuracy.
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3 years ago, Wfvjetevbskisbwb
Surprisingly works really well!
I’m honestly shocked that it actually worked and wasn’t a scam given how so many apps that are supposed to function the same either don’t work, are scams, or have fake reviews. It allows you to unfollow those who don’t follow you back within the app itself which is super simple. If you want to see who blocks you, ghost follows you, and other similar stats, you’ll have to pay. However, a great smooth functioning app even if you don’t pay.
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6 years ago, panther2243
Not working
I had this app a looonnnggg time ago and it worked great! But they had some issues with Instagram and the developers shut it down for quite awhile so I deleted it. I just recently decided to re download it and I can’t even get passed the “hello*insert insta name here* please wait while we...” it’s stuck on loading the amount of followers I have. It’s at the right amount so I don’t know why it’s stuck? It’s been like this for days now, I’ve tried deleting it and downloading it again, I’ve kept the app open for 3 hours!! And that didn’t work either. It’s stuck.. if by a miracle it gets fixed, and is no longer bugging out, I will fix my review
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2 years ago, jaebepimpin
Kinda terrible
I when I first Got this app I really liked it because it immediately let me see who unfollows me and I was really all I really cared about but after a little while I wanted to do VIP so I paid for it I actually paid for it and I restarted my phone and switch the tabs out that way he can reset it never gave me my VIP so after that I just carry done with my regular account and now it’s saying how all my account is restricted and it’s not letting me see who unfollows me anymore I don’t even do anything on that account really bad so now it’s just not letting me even see who’s on following me in and out the app app
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5 years ago, vero💛
Really good app
This app is really good (hence the title) you add your account and it shows u who doesn’t follow you back and who u don’t follow back with amazing accuracy I never had a problem with it and I checked every time before unfollowing and it works my only problem is that you don’t get notifications when I pressed to get them but I’ll see that someone unfollowed me then I’ll have to refresh that takes a little while but overall amazing app I do recommend
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5 years ago, MrsM22
Free Version
I use the free version and it works great so far in regards to keeping track of followers, new followers as well as who has unfollowed you. There's also a nifty little feature that shows who you follow that doesn't follow you back and also who follows you that you don't follow back. Seriously debating getting the paid version for more than one account, top likes, top commenters, secret admirers, ghost followers; and blockers. It might be worth it for a $7.99 one time cost. Thank you FollowMeter.
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2 years ago, tnbl17355
App is fine, advertisers being sketchy
Your app is fine. However, you advertisers (I.e. Discover) are forcing us to click on ads. They have very creatively designed their ads where the X to close out of the ad is in the top corner behind the battery icon so there is no possibility of closing out the ad once it has been viewed. I’ll close out the app, try to refresh, and then get the exact same ad. So I’ll never get to actually fully refresh. Will probably delete app as this type of deceptive advertising has rendered the app useless for me.
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11 months ago, araceli lucas
Great FREE app!
I get a lot of unfollowers and I’m too lazy to actually search and see who all unfollowed me. I have trouble finding apps that are free and tell me who unfollowed me. BUT THIS APP TELLS YOU EVERYTHING FOR FREE! Obviously except like secret admirers and who blocked you but that’s like a monthly or weekly fee of like $2 I think. Idk but I’m broke lol. I really like this app. All the other apps ended up starting to charge you or they have to many bugs to fix. But this one works great!! Love 🫶
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6 years ago, JohnnyMac19
“You have been logged out.”
When it works, it’s good. But recent it won’t even stay logged in for me longer than an afternoon. Every time I go to check the app, it tells me that I have been logged out and I have to go through the process of logging back in and refreshing. How is this going to work in the background or use push notifications if it can’t stay logged into my account? To make it worse, I paid for the engagements pack, so I’ve spent money on this app. Buyer beware. I’ve tried logging out myself and back in, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I’m running the latest update. Problem won’t go away.
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1 year ago, cbioski
You can loose your IG account be careful !
It will continuously log you out of your actual Instagram account and ask you on the app to login and you can actually lose your entire account and any accounts and any other accounts attached . So yeah, basically kicked me out of my own Instagram page and remove the entire account from my Instagram app four times and then on Instagram and gave me a red alert that my Instagram account might be lost forever so definitely don’t use this app. I had it last year and it never did this to me with the new updates. It actually seems to be working worse. I’m not sure what happened.
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4 years ago, Cam.Dely
Doesn’t Always Work
The app is very well designed, and the new interface (not necessarily new, but for long time users it is) is easy to navigate. However, there have been several times where I would refresh the page and it would show me that there was an alteration to the account information, and when I went to look for what it was it didn’t show me. So it’s acknowledging something changed, but won’t tell me what it is. Not the end of the world but from an app where the main purpose is this task, you’d think it should be more consistent.
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3 years ago, jlh70
Save your $$
It’s worked great at the beginning when I downloaded the free version. Based on that experience, I decided to pay for the full app. It worked wonderfully at first but shortly thereafter it quit showing correct numbers. Specifically, it shows that people unfollowed me that haven’t, and the number of people not following me back is outrageously inflated and includes the majority of my followers. 🤦🏻‍♀️ App developers said there was a bug and asked that users be patient, but that was months ago. If you’re smart enough to design the app, you should be smart enough to fix it.
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