GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates!

Social Networking
4.6 (6.9K)
78.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
GamerLink Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates!

4.61 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
2 years ago, 18638947166293
I’m a 22 year old college student and most of my friends have moved on from the games we used to have in common, as well as life has just left me with less time for gaming, but this app has made it pretty easy for me to get back on the social side of the gaming community. The breakdown of this app is simple, you find a game you like to play and essentially join a group of people (much like a subreddit) that are all posting about the game or something related to a group of people playing. The spam seems well monitored and the instant messaging system makes it easy to reach out to players and send them a private message instead of posting your discord on a public forum for every random to see. I would love to see more recent games in the library such as the new animal crossing or battlefield 2042, but I know that’s me being picky. Most of the triple A titles are there. (COD, destiny, etc) There are also some less popular games such as dark souls 3 that have a relatively inactive community on this app but you can’t really fault the developers of the app for that, hence why I think that this app still deserves a five star rating. Everything seems to work as it should, chats work and refresh quickly, communities are pretty easy to navigate and even without premium this app is still pretty smooth. Just wish more people knew about the app so that more people could help the community get bigger!
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6 years ago, BrandonK2305
I know right. Usually it's more like good idea terrible execution. Not with this app! This is so amazing. Ive only had it for a day, and I've already found so many people to play with. Grinding through missions is easy with all these great players. The hashtags really help to find the right players. One suggestion is that in settings you should have the option to put your discord so if you put it in, anytime that you talk to someone they can see your discord (or just friends or beacon group members. That would be an option in settings) I have no complaints about this app, and is a really good idea. I would try to get more YouTubers to advertise you. Amazing idea, amazing execution. Keep going developers, because you are only getting more popular. -Brandon
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4 years ago, FalseYT
Great But I have a Suggestion.
The overall app is great! I love the design and how everything is so smooth. An example of what I am talking about is When You create a post and press “post” the bar is green with the loading icon. It gives off a smooth satisfying look. The users for this app aren’t that great when it come to activity but I suppose their isn’t anything you can do about that. One suggestion I have is in order to make it look a little more smooth, Animate the app logo. If upon launching the app there was animated logo I think a lot more please would be satisfied. Just think about it? Picking Up your nice phone and opening it whether if it’s with A Password, Passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. You want to play a game but you are feeling a bit lonely. You come across the app GamerLink and you think wow! It looks great. You download the app and open it to the logo being animatedly drawn right in front of your eyes. That would be pretty cool if you ask me.
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4 years ago, 20pajolly20
New update feedback
Im gonna try not to be harsh because plenty of other people are already doing that. But i think the most recent update ruined the app, the removal of the lobby where people shared their clips and chatted was a big factor. But the main factor of why the app isn't good anymore is the new lfg system, it seems like you guys went for a moot style ui instead of the ui you guys had which was much more preferred. Another issue is I'm linking up with peoples 30+ day old posts even though they say they were just refreshed minutes ago which leads to some pretty awkward conversations and the fact that you guys got rid of group lfg’s also really hurt your app, they were a way that made sure you could find someone even if the original lfg creator wasn't on. I also want to point out that before this update you guys got so many 5 star reviews, i had trouble even finding a four star review but now the highest i cant find is three stars. It would help the app so much if you guys just rolled back the version to the original ui, otherwise this app is gonna completely die off
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5 months ago, whatajashole
Easy to use, needs updates for smoothness?
I previously left a 4 star review that said how simple and easy this app is to use with my only complaint being when you make an LFG post and someone messages you privately instead of in the group for the post, you don’t get a notification for the pending private message. After using the app much more over the last year, I’m adjusting it to 2 stars because there’s so many $exual advertisements EVERYWHERE no matter what you click on. The ads are for p0rn apps for messaging and even $ex bots, it’s just kind of cringe to see everywhere on the app. Also the app hasn’t been running smoothly in terms of clicking to different screens. I have the most recent iPhone and it is caught up on updates. Yet when I click on my post to bump it or make a new one or even click the text box to respond to messages, sometimes I have to tap my screen several times and the app will respond with other things or click out of what I’m trying to do so it is a bit glitchy / finnicky.
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6 years ago, I have a nicknick
Perfect app, meh users
The app is perfect it is put together so well and the premise of the app is even better. There are no limits to how this can help you as a player. The only reason I don’t give it five stars is because of other users not because of the app itself. Most of the time people are generally exactly what they say and they’re committed. There is the times that the group member will be a little annoying, but that’s fine. The problem I run into a lot is people backing out without warning and in the middle of doing something. I have more people than ever that join the beacon and then I go through the trouble to get them into my game and party and then they leave as soon as something starts to actually happen. It is very frustrating coming across this and I want to warn people thinking about downloading. It is an amazing app that can help in so many ways, however there is trolls like almost everything else so be prepared.
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6 years ago, KYBDPilot
Great until it wasn’t
I used this app for about two months, works great and I connected with quite a few gamers. Then I put out a beacon saying I was looking for other teams to scrim against. I was banned in the same day. I wasn’t told why, no warnings were given, all of my beacons were taken down, and it was for 24 hours. I had posted another beacon with the same filters recently, so thinking I had been banned for spam, I consolidated to avoid getting flagged for that. I was banned again in the same fashion expect for 48 hours, again with no explanation. I could not log in to read the terms I was breaking, and the rules aren’t on the website. I had to email support to get answer. Their response was prompt (props to them for that) but vague, “you are not allowed to promote outside communities”. Not only are there multiple clan beacons that survive every single day, what gamerlink defines as an “outside community” is unclear, and frankly ridiculous. Are users limited to posting beacons that they are alone and need others to play with? Are the interactions on the app supposed to be strictly individual? Regardless of their own rules, I’m extremely dissatisfied with the instant ban and no explanation. If you take the time to ban me or have a bot do it, you should take the time as the app developer to explain why. The app works fantastic and is very useful otherwise
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4 years ago, @Danny_Galdamez
The app feels smooth better then some professional apps you can tell they put time into but it is so annoying I swear if I get one more notification telling me that someone joined another persons LFG chat I am going to delete the app when I started out I told the app the games that I like rocket league r6 call of duty but I have not got one notification for those games I have only been getting constant notifications about fortnite (a game I do not want to hear notification about because I don’t like it) yet they continue to send me them at this point I have turned all notifications off in the app setting(I don’t completely disable notifications because I like to see friend request and comments on my post) but this does change the fact that I have turned off notifications for a game I don’t want to hear about and I still get them and I get notifications for someone playing on pc or PlayStation when I clearly stated the fact that I play on Xbox
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5 months ago, Señor big Peen
Needs Major Bug Resolve
While the messages, 90% of the accounts, and friendships you make are real, the developers attention and excitement for a massive opportunity to make this huge does not feel real. Legit, the messaging system is horrid, you have to refresh/close the app multiple times to see others messages… Also, on your end when you go to send a message it lags for a while, then at times will send your own message multiple times to others for no reason. Very annoying, but the app has active and cool users. Just needs a lot of touch up work, and legit a push for excellence. This app could be huge if they implemented a social meet/acquire friends system similar to yubo or something, while also adding a streaming/live system, brighter more inviting colors / options for theme, and better flow and chat system. It is easy to complain, but it’s because i love this app, I hope i see change.
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2 years ago, Weeplings
A great app
This is one of those apps you kinda gotta go searchin for to find it, but it’s the dream for me. Not only did it help me find friends to game with, but it did it quickly. It’s yearly premium is a very affordable $34 bucks, that’s worth it in my eyes. With a clean UI, a chill user base, and hundreds of games to choose from, it’s hard to see why this app doesn’t have more people utilizing it. The only down side I can think of is that the app isn’t advertised enough, so you end up running into the same people from time to time when advertising your posts. Otherwise, amazing app, and will continue to use it!
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6 years ago, treefiddytwoo
Almost a perfect app..
I’ve been requesting games along with others on my friends list since October 2017 to no avail. Game selection is pretty limited. You guys need to constantly expand the library especially for the games with communities that don’t have forum sites or anything to meet people with the same games. I loved this app when it first came out but now the bump time limit is extremely annoying especially when you’re trying to post for multiple games, it can be quite an inconvenience and time-killer for those who don’t have a lot of time to be online. I understand wanting to reduce spam but you guys are already great at removing spam whenever I’ve reported it and the 5 minutes is excessive. Maybe 3 would be more user-friendly. If you work on this and start adding a ton more games I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.
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6 years ago, justinhayes44
Honestly love this app I always find a lot of players to play with fast and everyone is very nice that I have met it’s very friendly and easy to use. But I have some suggestions that might make this app even more popular or more useful. What if there was a way to send a beacon out with multiple games attached to it? Maybe you don’t care what game you play you just wanna attach the games you have and send a beacon out and see who wants to play any of the games you have. Another thing that would be pretty helpful is make a global chat or something so people can just talk to each other about anything and everything.
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1 year ago, MICHLMATT
Grate app strongly recommend (read this now)
The app is overall amazing but people are people and some of them are rude and inappropriate for a gaming app. Like for example this 1 time I joined a Roblox server and this woman said in the chat that she was a sauger mommy and that she was looking for a slave and that same woman’s profile pic was her but half naked. So…ya it’s really just the people. And also the adds are kinda inappropriate. Like one of them was a picture of a lady’s but with a peach emoji, and dating app adds. So just saying I strongly recommend and people like this are hard to come by so just stay safe!🙂
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6 years ago, HenryHag
Gamerlink is overall pretty good really helps trading and finding other players to play with i really feel though rocket is the only community on there so they should try to expand to other games. Also there is a ton of bugs the friends list is basically useless and if i really want to stay in contact with someone i have to just text them cause most of the communication is unreliable. When a beacon is answered i shouldn’t have to refresh the page like 30 times to see what the people are saying its just illogical and im sure there is a way to fix that. overall still pretty good though i recommended it to all my friends and they like it.
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4 years ago, SalClifford6499
Where has this app been my entire life?!
This app is truly 100% amazing! I have had Xbox since 2009, starting out with the Xbox 360, and over the years, I’ve met pretty cool people that I now consider lifelong friends of mine. But that has changed entirely ever since I got my Xbox One back in 2015, and my interactions with friends has dwindled down a lot. I don’t talk to much of my friends anymore that I met when I was first starting out on Xbox, this app is amazing looking for people and seeing what people you can find that play the same games and consoles that you do! It’s just an amazing idea brought to life!
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6 years ago, Destroyer201520
Amazing app
This is an awesome app to talk to people who enjoy playing the same games that you do, to make possible friendships, and to maybe find people to hang out with or play a couple games on a regular basis. I have also been experiencing a bug where discover or history shows as messages or clans but messages and clans stay the same. So temporarily there is no history or discover. It goes away after a period of time, but there seems to be no way of fixing it, so I would really like if you fixed it in a update soon! Otherwise it’s an amazing app!😁
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4 years ago, CoOlPEROSN
Has Gone Downhill Over Time
I've had this app for well over two and a half years. In early 2018 this app was great, very easy to use. Maybe a year or so after that they updated GamerLink which made it entirely worse. It was more of a pain to use, it didn't look good. And it took off features that people enjoyed. This new update just added pointless features and took away features that have been on the app for years. It's like the team tries to make their app worse every update. I can confidently say that I used to love using this app in early to mid 2018 when it was easy and fun to use. Now it's a pain to do so with all the unnecessary changes, before all these garbage updates, this app was a 5, now it's a 2. Used to be a great app that was ruined
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6 years ago, ISNS
Hard to use
I find the app to be nearly unusable. I get notifications of people sending me their gamer tags and what not but when I go to the app I have no way of pulling up what was sent to me. People reply to me and instead of it taking me directly to the message it takes me to the default screen. I then click on every tab and try any combination of actions possible to find messages that were directed towards me or replies and can’t find a single thing. At one point a notification popped up while I was using my phone and I tapped it as it popped up. It took me straight to the message. I saw a list of messages that I otherwise will not have access to unless I happen to be on my phone when the notification pops up and I have to immediately stop what I’m doing to access it again.
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7 months ago, Uke Dood
Idk why people only write a one star review with no explanation and it just says “trash” and that’s it. This app is great perfect even they don’t shove premium in your face you don’t need no stupid so called free trial unless it’s premium they have everything free it’s never been easier to connect to my kind of gamers without matchmaking for HOURS. It’s so easy make a game post and it DOESN'T EXPIRE this app is overall amazing and I hope the developers read this because personally this app is perfect for me and my experiences.
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5 years ago, Thegreenhattedhero
2 Major Things for Improvement
1.The messaging system needs to be able to send videos 2. When viewing other’s profiles there needs to be a TIMELINE with that gamer’s past posts and uploads. (Like you can do for yourself) I hate when I see someone make a great play and I want to see more of them and it’s just impossible. Gamers like me would have a ton of fun with that. Better yet, the community would be able to check out people who comment and react to their posts. That person who said “That Goal was terrible.” Well Mr. Bigshot let’s check out your timeline and see how great you are. You only got 1 Fire🔥 from MrGoose? Oh, well maybe he has a couple cool shots to view and I’ll consider him as someone I’d like to team up with. Shoot him a message and BAM mission accomplished. I mean it’s pretty common sense to integrate that type of interaction when so many other apps do. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a few examples. Then and only then will this App be great instead of just decent. And I’ll definitely change my review to 5/5
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6 years ago, Fruit Waffle Xbox
LOVE it...but found a problem
Really good way to get a group FAST I really love that it’s easy to use and so simple. But I ran into an issue were I created a clan but it lagged so I kept pressing create and I loaded the app back up and it created multiple clans and deleted all but one and so I go to change the clan tag and I can’t because it says it was taken cause of the duplicated clans and I thought I could fix it making a new one but no....I’m stuck without a clan forever and there needs to be a solution to this if anyone else comes across it.
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2 years ago, Braking rec0rds
Gamer who has a life
Don’t have much people interaction with my job and the fact that this app targets the game you play and interest that you’re looking for narrows down the waiting time for players who actually laugh and interact. I love the bump post feature, able to bring up an old post if needing the same requirements. Not consider on membership as I felt it wasn’t much of a difference than guest access. Overall experience with the app is very pleasing.
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5 months ago, Deaddrow
Great app, long due maintenance.
This app is nice but easily one of the biggest battery drainers while actively using it. I seriously don’t see how you can buy premium on here to get more efficiency if sitting on the app hits my processing like google chrome on my old computer. Overall this app is finally usable after the most recent update 6 days ago but to have spam bots just impede upon your interactions is burdensome. So while you are managing your post your phone suddenly gets hot…. The only other games I see this happening on my phone is MOBA’s to provide that same burden on my phone. Happy to resubmit review once this app gets the love it needs! Been using this thing for years and it’s getting old given the gimmicks.
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4 years ago, triskits
Popular platform
GamerLink is a solid media platform for all players to show off their content. Being able to promote yourself and look for talent is valuable in our gaming community. My only issue is the integration with other applications such as Discord and Instagram. I want to be able to share content with all platforms without having to redo every post. I’m sure it’s in the works and if it’s already there then I’d love to be corrected and shown. Overall, brilliant user friendly interface, encouraged participation on posts and the Looking For Group section is quite handy.
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6 years ago, kutch48
It’s great except one thing
I love this app it is very helpful to find people to play with when there is no one to play with but my only probably is I’m not exactly getting the people that I want to play with all the time so I think they should add a system we’re only certain people And see things like if you search up experienced it should come up as only experienced but I still find other categories like pro or beginner while I only wanted experienced
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2 years ago, manders1829
Switch platforms
I got this app for apex legends, since I don’t know anyone who plays it, and I play on switch. There wasn’t a switch option, so I chose every platform but I would like for you to add switch options on games that do have that cross platform capability. Overwatch did have that option, and I’m not aware of any other titles on the app that don’t have a certain platforms option, but it would help so much. The app layout looks good, lots of games to choose from, and I’d all around a great app.
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6 years ago, n-switch underated
Good idea poor execution
The app is cool and a great idea for people trying to game but trying to play on the Nintendo Switch is difficult because of how rarely people put out beacons and if you do respond to them 40 min. after the beacons been put up your request to join is useless because they will never respond. In conclusion great app poor communication. Ok one suggestion would be that turning notifications on wouldn’t blast you with your clans chat. I’ve deleted the app because of the notifications I know I can turn them off but how will I know if someone answers my beacons or beacon requests please fix
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4 years ago, pr3ttyvacant03
Great idea, 9/10 execution
The app has its fair amount of glitches and when you have problems with other people on the app they don’t do much of anything about it in my experience. Other then that, it’s amazing and definitely worth the download! I’ve met friends i’ve become close and long time friends with that I talk to regularly. It has its bumps in the road, but the overall destination is totally worth it. I haven’t found a better lfg app!
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5 years ago, Sir Bartolome The Third
Love it
The app offers any type of personal help you need in variations of trading posts looking for group posts discussion posts, it’s great and what tops it off to 5 stars is you can say and do whatever you want and there’s no repercussions. I’ve used rocket league trading apps and if I say one thing to someone you get a cheesy “congratulations you’ve been banned” so I hit them with “congratulations your app has been replaced” seriously though if you need a teammate this is your app.
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6 years ago, PhysicalTrash
This app is wonderful, one of my problems as a gamer is trying to find players to play with and befriend. And this app lets me do just that I can find players who play the same games are the same age as me. This is the app that has the potential to change the online gaming world forever and bringing everyone together. And it has almost accomplished that from what I can see. Clans are forming people are making friends this is amazing
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3 years ago, OGboi98
Used to be an amazing app
I loved gamerlink when you were able to see people amazing clips or pictures in games we all to play it was it’s on thing where you could find people to play with at the same time grow a following and share your content that’s what really made this app unique and different and I just now noticed it’s been gone this whole time bring it back a lot more people we connect and play together people barely join Lfgs anymore it’s almost dead a year ago u would post so many people would join no matter where your from so I don’t get why got rid of the whole thing keeping the app alive
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4 years ago, Tknippa5
Expand on Games
I love this app only for having it for a few hours, but I feel like the game search should expand more on what games it should have. I love playing SWTOR and it’s not even on the search list when I went and searched for it. Yeah it’s a little old, but millions of people still play the game. I’m only giving it 3 stars because of this. But please expand more on the searches, there are probably some other games that aren’t on here that are popular and it could irritate some users. Just keep that in mind for the next update please. Thank you!
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5 years ago, AyyitzHasan
Best gaming app.
It’s a great app for gamers, I honestly don’t think any other app can compare. Great layout, great community. I play rocket league and the trading feature is amazing. Honestly it’s pretty underrated. Also the feature to find teammates to play with is awesome. Only feature it’s missing is a search one. For example if you are trading in rocket league and want a White Zomba then you should be able to search for trades that are open that involve white Zombas. 10/10 app
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5 years ago, SleepyTheDon
SleepyTheDon’s Review
I have used this app from the beginning and I have watched it grow into what it is now. Wow WHOA and upward because it just keeps getting better. The devs really listen to the feedback and work hard to add features and enhancements. I look forward to more privacy features and clan flexibility. This app needs to be the #1 LFG app in every app market. I am a fan and no this is not paid or sponsored but my sincerest opinions. Share this app with your friends.
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6 years ago, Super 789
Best app! Have an idea!
This app is truly amazing! At first, I wasn’t sure about it, but after 3 days, I love it! However, I have an idea. There should be a way to talk to someone through the app. I was playing with someone today and their microphone broke. If there was a way to talk to them through the app, we could of communicated better! Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is a great app and anyone on the fence of getting it should give it a try!
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4 months ago, lord🤢
App won’t work now
Great while I used it! Today I opened the app and nothing was loading. Tried me data and Wi-Fi and still didn’t work so I deleted the app to redownload. When I downloaded it again, it now doesn’t let me sign in. Says “failed to authenticate with third-party” when trying to use apple sign in. I thought oh well I’ll just make a new accounts..NOPE. Now says my email is wrong ?? How can my email be wrong if I’ve never used it to sign up before ? Tried using multiple emails, and forget password doesn’t work either. What’s wrong with the app
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2 years ago, slimelove12345
App is very slow, buggy, doesn’t let you log in consistently
I don’t usually review an app, but this app is so bad and buggy i had to leave a review. there’s no options to contact support within the app so that’s useless, even then, when you try and create an account you’re just hit with a slew of error messages. it got the job done before i decided to update the app, but even with the insane wait time to load into the app and less than quality interactions, i wholeheartedly encourage you to look elsewhere for an app that has less problems with the interface and QoL updates. cheers! and happy gaming!
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4 months ago, krugboi88
Weird bugs
When I first started using this app a few years ago and it worked great but as of recently it really just doesn’t work. Every time I open it it starts working but then when I exit the app and reopen it because I got a message. It just doesn’t load at all. No matter what I try it doesn’t load. And now I am having the problem of it not letting me log into my account no matter what I try.
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8 months ago, Ash_on_lol
Good but has issues
I use to use it all the time made sure I didn’t do anything wrong yes it was a great app it still could be the thing is people are getting kicked and some are getting flag wrong I got flagged for doing nothing wrong. Can you people fix this? But the set up of this app love it love how you can look for specific things get great things find great people.
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4 years ago, 6ixty4our5ins
It’s an ok app to find people to hop into games with. It’ll ask what console you have or what you play on, what games you play and then it puts you into a worldwide link that connects you and your choices with others. The thing is, there are so many children asking for gamer girls to date or play with, join some immature clan and a bunch of nonsense like scammers. The notifications are bugging me since I have them off, it tells me about posts that are “doing good” which is not something i care about. Overall it’s ok but the audience is young.
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6 years ago, Attachiiii
For anyone who has doubts about this app... don’t! It’s great and I believe it does help you find teammates!!! The staff is great as well! They even responded to an email I wrote back to them. They considered my PERSONAL situation and told me not to give up and give the app another shot... then I realized I wanted to support them. I value having a company/leader that appreciates their community and wants to give back to them... thank you Gamerlink for being such a great app!
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6 years ago, LaNextNotch
Awesome app but...
It is great for finding people for multiplayer games, but it could use a feature where you can just find people to just talk to while playing non-multiplayer games. Not everybody wants to just play multiplayer games to talk to people, some just want to find people who plays the same game as them, but doesn't have to play with them. Other than that, it is an LFG for most multiplayer games.
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10 months ago, Psn: Edgar_4207
Definitely recommend the app it’s pretty good when u don’t have anyone to play with. You can meet a lot of cool people who play multiple games. Sometimes it’s hard to find people for certain games but if u consistently check you’ll see people make new post that are interested in playing.
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2 years ago, Itech Void
Come on guys
You were doing so well! Now you’re a pay for subscription service. I went to upload a post and I got and error message, I said ok and tried again, I got a messaging saying I had to wait 0min or pay for premium to post more!!! Are you kidding me?! I waited a minute and went to post it again; it again did not post it and now I have to wait 15 minutes now! Or dive into my oh so deep pockets (in this economy) and pay just to post something on a wall. Even twitter is free people, and no pay per post.
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6 years ago, The Viper183
The Best LFG App Ever
The Fact that this app is still in Beta -I think- is unbelievable it is such a good concept for an app. I have met so many people through this app and my experience has actually been perfect so far. Only I would change is the beacon search I think you guys could make it so instead of search for 1 game at a time in the beacon search you could do multiple.
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4 years ago, BirthdayChallenge
A very annoying glitch
This is a very good app and one of my favorite to use, but there is a glitch that is basically stopping me from using it. Every time I try to edit my LFG bio it doesn’t let me see what I am typing, the keyboard covers it all up. I don’t know why or how it’s happening but I literally can’t change my bio.(rating it 5 stars so people can see)
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6 years ago, Rainrunner2233
I was expecting something like discord when I saw it at first but it was completely different. This app had on thing in mind FINDING GAMERS. It helped me get wins on fortnite on rainbow six siege EVEN PALADINS. However I do want one thing added which is like discord. On the switch there’s almost no microphone usage AT ALL so to combat this maybe it could have a mic room to talk to each other. It make things much easier for all of us. Compared to discord I’d say this is much better
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1 year ago, smooter_47
I can’t even use this app without getting an ad. I used to be able to be on this app for hours without getting a single ad without the premium but now I can’t escape the ads. I seen that I had to update the app and I thought it would help but nothing changed. And on top of not getting a break from the ads, there isn’t even the option to exit the ad! I have to close the app out and open it again just to get all of a minutes worth of usage before I get slammed with an ad. I hope this gets fixed
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2 years ago, ckruer
Needs so many improvements
Been using GamerLink for 2 years. I can’t believe in two years they haven’t improved, fixed or upgraded this app. Constantly being asked to turn on notifications without being able to turn off the prompt. Terrible. Not being able to properly delete or get rid of archived messages. Terrible. The only redeemable quality about this app is the fact that a game I play has a lot of similar users on here.
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6 years ago, ZomBeeSiren
It says gamer link but you get completely ignored by other gamers
I ask for help with the Beacon I asked for help from my clan I get ignored Vail 217 other players in my clan no response no nothing and install this app and I hate it now because nobody wants to help me I asked my clan mates rope I ask the are used to begin for nobody wants to help you I I joined it overwatch plan and they discriminate people because they don't have a PS because they don't have a PS4 or a PC so they only let PS4 BC players into their clan it's a public clan I mean I joined it but I left it because they were playing with Xbox players were letting them into their clan
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