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4.2 (182)
37.6 MB
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Charles Watson
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GG|

4.18 out of 5
182 Ratings
1 year ago, Patrickills
Hoping this app turns into the one and only
This app is cool at face value and it’s pretty convenient. I think it has potential to be the Comic Geek of gaming. But they should add support for library collection which would include allowing gamers to choose if they own to game and if they own it for multiple different systems and how much the games were purchased for and if you beat them for each system or shelved one. I think they should look at Comic Geek and Serializd and Letterboxd and take inspiration. They have a cool road map which I didn’t finish looking over but there’s so much that could make this app one of the best to exist. Better than IGN playlist even. Also add half stars or point scales. Pleeeeease
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2 years ago, Spancer j
Most of the useful features are paid version only
I got this to make nice lists of current and upcoming titles so I could share them for Christmas ideas or to show my friends what we could play together, but the price to do so is very very high. They are charging 4.99 a month for access to wishlist tab and ad free privilege plus other benefits and that is wayyyyy to much money for the convenience in my opinion. This would be a instant buy for a one time fee or a like .99 cent monthly sub but 50 dollars for a year even is insane. I will just go and find a cheaper alternative. Otherwise the app is responsive and has easy to understand ui. You can just make lists which is nice and kind of bypass some of the premium features, but it’s not really suited really well unless you pay. I can add games to what I’m playing or my lists, but you have to refresh once after adding them if you haven’t closed the app. Not really a full app experience at the moment unless you’re comfortable paying 4.99 a month. I didn’t use the app for too long because everything unique and what it’s useful for is locked behind that subscription. I just can’t afford to use my money for something like this that I can do myself or find cheaper alternatives between other apps. Sorry :(
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4 years ago, nerp05
This is great! But it could be even better
I’m so happy to have found this, and I think it could get even better than it is. I’ve seen a lot of people say this is the “Letterboxd of games” and I couldn’t have said it better. It’s easy to use and keep track of things and the social aspect is fun. Although, there are more things I’d like to see expanded upon (I might make a lot of comparisons to Letterboxd): -One thing is to be able to like and comment on reviews, as that would create more room for conversation and just make the social aspect more fun and help people meet and follow others who they enjoy -Another thing is a better search algorithm, because I’ve seen a few people say and I agree that the title I’m looking for is below many others -One more thing that I think would be fun is to include the credits for games (such as the director, composer, artists, etc.) so you could click on there name and see what else they have worked on and in what area, like in Letterboxd. I understand I’m asking a lot but there’s no rush. This app is going to be my new obsession and I can’t wait to see it grow!
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5 years ago, Speed Racer (2008) Shill
Great App with room for improvement
Let me say that I’m really glad theres finally an app like Letterboxd for video games. It’s really nice to have such cohesive lists and stuff, but it’s easy to see this is in a very early stage. The most prominent thing to add would be the ability to rate games out of 5 or 10, as that would add a better place for discussion and review. The search function can also be improved, as the game I search for is often far down the list of results, even after I type the exact title. But apart from those and lame loading times, I really enjoy this app and I really want to see it improve over time.
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5 years ago, Carwilly26
Great app, room to grow
I want to start by saying this is probably the best app of its kind; free from the bugs of other similar apps, an attractive user interface, and useful features. However, there are a number of things that could use some improvement. First and foremost, the search results need a better algorithm. When you search for a game it usually comes far down the search results list below a bunch of less pertinent content. There needs to be an algorithm that sorts the search results by relevancy. Second, the option to rate games. I think adding the option to add a rating for games you have played would be a useful feature that many users would be interested in. Lastly, sorting of lists. There is currently no function in which you can sort your lists which I find to be frustrating because I would like to have my collection sorted alphabetically. Adding in a sorting (and possibly filtering) function would go a long way to help users organize their collection.
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5 years ago, metsman1019
Great app. Hope to see improvements in the future
I love using Letterboxd for movies, it’s an obsession of mine. I’ve been looking an app like that for games for a while. This is the closest experience to Letterboxd I could find. The design is great. I would like to see some more sorting options in the future. Being able to sort by year or console would greatly help in cataloging games. I would also like to see support for lists. I want to be able to rank console libraries or games of the year. Lastly we need a review system!
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4 years ago, dane_rankin
Made for the historical and “busy” gamer
I’m a lifetime gamer, and gaming is a true passion of mine. However, life is busy, and being an “adult” can sometimes get in the way of that passion. Well, this app giving me the ability to track my backlog, also allows me to track my gaming accomplishments. It’s so nice (and fluid) to have everything you want to digitally compile about your own personal gaming lists is aggregated into one place. Not to mention, the community aspect, reviews, and recommendations, are a great addition. Can’t recommend this enough for any and all gamers from all walks of life!
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2 years ago, calebpearce
Great concept, needs improvement
Would give a 3.5 instead. Kinda slow and crashes sometimes, but it’s great when it does work. I’d recommend it, I wish it worked better and had more features, but I understand why it doesn’t, there’s a lot of features letterboxd has that this doesn’t.
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2 years ago, Nrocks678
Great, but frequently crashes…
i really really like this app! it’s got a very nice interface, some helpful features and a good amount of games are accounted for. Unfortunately, the app crashes very frequently. It crashes when attempting to submit a request for a new game, it crashes occasionally when i make a new list and at various other times as well. I’ll continue to use it in the hopes this will be fixed, but eventually i’ll have to abandon it if it isn’t.
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6 years ago, nate.mckeever
Full disclosure: I’ve been involved/aware of this app for awhile. Pretty much since the beginning. I’m stoked that it’s finally out and have been enjoying a lot of the basic framework. It gives me an easy way to keep track of my games, backlogs, and my wishlists. The interface is pretty easy to understand and clean. I dig that. Keep it up man! Looking forward to seeing what else he does with this!
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4 years ago, retrozay
What I’ve been looking for, but a few suggestions
The ability to write reviews, make lists, rank games, follow people, and have a simple Played,Beat,Playing,Abandoned system is great. Only things I would suggest are adding things like displaying the stars you’ve given games directly on your list, and the ability to add games to a list from within that list instead of needing to leave the list and go to the search tab.
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5 years ago, Mattthedoof
Letterboxd for Video Games
This is what I’ve been looking for in an app and a website. Clean UI, simple and easy to use, large catalog of games and information. What I would like to be added however: - the ability to edit what games are in your list from WITHIN the list I.e. you can add games from the list rather than having to go to the game page and THEN adding it to the list of choice (both on the mobile and desktop versions). - the ability to add data to a game entry I.e. what platform you played/bought it on (PS4, XB1, Steam, GOG etc) - Profile picture that isn’t a gravatar Overall great app and can’t wait to be adding more and more content to it and using it for years!
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4 years ago, pmartin89
Great App. Solid Community. Great dev.
Been using this app for a while now and absolutely love it. It could use some polishing but overall it works great. It’s a small dev team but they’re extremely open to feedback and great at communicating. They continue to add to the app, add features, fix bugs, etc. It’s terrific. Plus there’s an awesome community on Discord. Can’t wait to see how the app continues to grow.
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5 years ago, Veggi40
Decent but crashes A LOT
On iPhone 6+ running iOS 12.1.2, can't have the app running for more than 10 minutes without it crashing. Other than that bug it's a decent app, good interface, easy to use, up to date with all games on all platforms. I needed a good app to keep track of all the games I have and want to play and this is the best one I've found and I will continue to use it, but it needs an update to fix the crashes.
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7 years ago, Sixth Roman
GG & Amen
Been highly anticipating the release of this app. Now that it’s out, it is my go-to app for keeping track of my games. I host The Reformed Gamers podcast and, as you can imagine, we play a lot of games. I’ve used other sites before GG but they just never satisfied. Not only does the GG app satisfy my gamer needs, the app looks great as well. Looking forward to future updates!
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6 years ago, silofolous
Great app with plenty of room for improvement
This app is fantastic, and is a wonderful inventory app, besides everything else it does. But there is plenty of room to grow. Thankfully, having spoken with the developer, the features I want are all on the way. But don’t wait until then to download, this app is more than enough already!
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3 years ago, Jleon40
Really great app👍👍👍
Highly recommend if you want a place to track your video game collection, would love to see some additional features such as changing the cover art of your playlists, linking gaming accounts from game center, psn, xbox, steam, etc etc. and maybe even dates/timestamps. Other than that amazing app for anything gaming related :)
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2 years ago, William_W33
Needs Major Improvements
Major features such as adding items to a wishlist or backlog are locked behind a way too expensive paywall. Searching functionality does not work correctly; items need to be sorted by relevancy. As compared to Letterboxd, adding items to a wishlist is free and their paid subscription service is much cheaper and provides better functionality. However, I do like the play status distinction between just beating the story vs 100% completing the game.
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3 years ago, The Potion Shop
The definitive way to track your games
This app is so fun to use an definitely deserves more love. I completed my first full year with it and felt so accomplished looking over everything I beat and completed. The tracking is already top notch and everything else is an added bonus.
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2 years ago, Azemmra
Very needed app
I was super excited to hear about this because I’m an avid listmaker and have a huge collection, but the app glitched every time I try to create a list. I totally understand needed to have a payment option but theres way too many features that really should be free (profile backgrounds, wishlist and backlog features). I would totally try this and probably love it after some changes though!
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2 years ago, PoorAlaska
Should be more popular
Not gonna lie this app is pretty dang good and it’s a shame it’s not more popular. Doesn’t seem to get much love on google or reddit but it deserves it. Certainly a work in progress but it’s got the bones for being the perfect game logging app. Hopefully letterboxd doesn’t send a cease and desist…
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2 years ago, BigKurz
What happened?
What has happened to this app? This used to be a 5/5 perfect experience for gamers like me. Now things just don’t function for no reason. Cover art doesn’t load. Searches fail. “Add to a list” doesn’t show any of my lists. It’s borderline unusable right now for me which is a shame. I’ll add the second star because I’ve loved this so much for years. Really hope it gets turned around. Thanks Covid.
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2 years ago, ap_36
I want so badly to love this app
GG is a beautiful app and on paper it is just what I was looking for to keep track of the games I am playing and want to play. However, it feels like an overwhelming proportion of its features are behind the Elite paywall, which is prohibitively expensive given how I use this app. I can’t even sort my buckets of games by title - it’s a shame that the free version of such a pretty app lacks basic functionality.
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5 years ago, HunterHopewell
Terrific app, room for improvement
-It’s just what I was looking -Would like a rating system like Letterboxd -Would like the ability to review games -Wish the year of the game was more apparent -When searching for a game like Half-Life 2, all of the expansions or side games come up first. Wish the main game showed up first.
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3 years ago, LRodon
For Gamers, By Gamers
My friend was asking if there was a Letterboxd for video games, and wouldn’t you know - this app delivered just what we wanted. I am in love with all the features and mechanics! The only thing missing is a large user base to get aggregate ratings on games more refined.
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3 years ago, Breckenridge
Letterboxd for Games
As someone who collects games, I’ve come to the point where I go, “wait, do I have this already?” Love the easy list functions here and ability to review/follow people with similar gaming interests. Works very well, give it a try!
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5 years ago, Blackbird907
Just what I was looking for!
I’ve been looking for an app like this for years and am happy to say the search is over! It’s a beautifully laid out UI, with all the pertinent data, and organizational functions I had wanted. Two thumbs up - would recommend 👍🏻👍🏻
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4 years ago, Stekmin
My favorite of the trackers I have used.
For a while I had tried a few different apps for tracking my backlog. None of them had all the features that I had wanted. After finding GG it is the only tracking app I have used.
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5 years ago, Breezywarhead2
This app is useful
This app is useful but the problem is I don‘ get why “I want to play” is either own and unown games. I would like separate category like owning the games and wishlist games on this app. I would rate it to 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Trcrane63
Finally a great backlog tracker!
I can create my backlog on here and decide on the go which game to play, b4 I get home. The dev is also promising cool achievement tracking abilities which will be awesome!! I love being able to see what games I’ve played, completed, want to buy, etc. Best gaming tracker app out there.
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2 years ago, shaww93
Great app
Very accessible and easy to use. There are definitely some issues which can and should be improved on but it is always in development so
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1 year ago, rbishop07
Used to be great….
I was with this app from very early on. But once the subscription service was added, at $5 a month no less, it just wasn’t worth it. Like some have mentioned an initial purchase would be OK but that’s outrageous for a game catalog app. Sad, because I’ve checked out other apps, and this is my favorite, but just not worth paying that much
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4 years ago, alif003249
Amazing Video games tracker
GG app for games track is amazing but need to more features like:- 1- widget for iPhone to see what game date release in a daily basis and countdown games release. 2- notifications for games, When users added games to (want to play) section to then notify when games released. 3- more information for games genre. 4- numbers for how many games played games and (want to play) and other sections . This feature from GG Website.
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7 years ago, Teh Phri4r
Much need much potential
This is a must have so for any gamer who has a large collection that needs to be cataloged. Now I know how large my backlog is and can keep that in mine when discussing finances and future purchases.
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2 years ago, ovidijusrr
Love it
I really love this app, the only part that could be better is onboarding. I have a tons of games that i already beaten but from the app it takes time to go one by one and add it
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6 years ago, Kydo26
Great app
This app is easy to use and very helpful. It would be awesome if in a future update play hours was added so you can see how much you’ve played each games and total hours you’ve played games
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6 years ago, anddd514
Fantastic way to categorize my backlog
I jump around from game to game often and often forget to finish them. I love the way GG categorizes and lets me track my progress. It also reminds me to go back and finish games I forgot about. Great app!
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2 years ago, CurvyHonkGlove
Not what I’m looking for
The biggest features for me from Letterboxd is to see info at-a-glance about who made movies and the Diary to keep a good accurate record of when I watched things. I’m sure this app is fine at what it does, but until it really has all the features of Letterboxd, I just can’t see myself using it.
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6 years ago, Chrischin
What every gamer needs
GG| helps you kill that backlog, keep track of what to play next and connect with other gamer friends. I’m stoked to see the upcoming features.
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1 year ago, Eucerin.7085
very good, could be better
itd be really cool if we could comment on other people’s reviews. and, in my experience, ive noticed you cant use the app on mobile data. you have to be connected to wifi. fix those two things and its a 10/10 from me. i love seeing what everyone is playing and organizing my games by years and all that jazz. its very satisfying
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5 years ago, G1V4N
Fantastic Application
The developer understands gamers need for a tool to make wish lists, backlogs and a way to keep track of all those wonderful games.
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4 years ago, braunt222
Good but can improve
I really like this. I just wish results would show up quicker when I searched for games. It takes way too long.
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3 years ago, zackstark
Beat game tracker
Visually, this is the best game tracker. I wish sorting games alphabetically was an option and also a tab for backlog. Want to play is different to me in that I do not own it; whereas, backlog is owned but haven’t played.
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5 years ago, HankMichels
This app is awesome. I just want a way to order the items on my lists, and then I’ll have no complaints.
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4 years ago, peng727
What I’ve been looking for
This is exactly what I’ve wanted on my phone and I’m glad to see it here and done so well
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10 months ago, ZachyBe
Definitely a bit messy atm but bright future!
The UI could be streamlined, specifically on game pages. This app has a very promising roadmap and I’m really hoping this become the Letterboxd of video games
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2 years ago, JVSQUAD77
Can’t create Account
Really looked forward to checking this out but alas it won’t allow me to create a new account. Or more specifically I fill in my info, hit submit, and nothing happens. Tried reinstalling. Same issue. Doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, shadowadamkoki
GG| is one of the best game tracker i ever used
It is simple and light and the community is still growing day by day
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5 years ago, Wiggyboard
Needs rating system
Seems cool but needs a rating system. 1-5 stars with half stars a la Letterboxd would be fantastic.
Show more
5 years ago, iRiche$ Umali
No reviews tell you it is $5 a month to use!
I am better off using GameStop app to keep track of what games I have. Everyone these apps want money after 20 games you spend the time putting games into your inventory of what games you have.
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