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User Reviews for GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding

4.58 out of 5
24.8K Ratings
2 years ago, honeybunneycombs
Great idea
I love the idea of go fund me. The idea that people who are in need can have someplace to ask those in a better position to help out is genius. For people who are looking to donate to something not someone and doesn’t know what or where to do it this is so amazing. My only wish is that there was some way to help get your “message” or “wish” or “fund” more out there and seen than just sharing. For people who don’t have easy access to people or many contacts on social media or real life it can be really difficult to get donations. For example mines been up for a few weeks and I only have two donations. I’m running out of time and thinking I’m going to have to sell literally everything I own. Otherwise this app has really helped so many people. I only wish it was easier to help those that haven’t made much money yet. All the main screens show the “highest donated” pages where they have met or surpassed their goal. What of those that still need money? That’s all I’m saying. Based on my experience.
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2 years ago, Laura4968
Need help line!
I am very happy with my experience with GoFundMe. Honestly, the only reason I didn’t give you 5 stars is because of 1 single problem. That being the fact that there isn’t a way to call and speak to someone if you run into an issue. I had an issue with my password and got locked out for a little while. Of course there is the regular “forgot password”, but for some reason it just wouldn’t work for me causing me to become very frustrated to the point of just giving up for a week or so. Thankfully, when I went back to try again, it worked just fine. HOWEVER, at that point, we had a difficult time setting up withdrawals and never really figured out why except the specifics bank was not one to choose from. Thankfully there was a way to do it manually by just putting in the bank account info. Then at that point, we were told it would take 2-5 business days to transfer the money, which I understand. However, if we had known that a little earlier, we could have done it before the bill we needed to pay came due. Honestly, some of these problems may have been “user error”, but, if I had been able to speak to a person, they could have walked me through it and alleviate my anxiety. Other than these issues, we have been very pleased with the app and the responses received.
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9 months ago, slls9
Every week you’re gonna have to fight with them to get the money
This is a great idea, and I desperately needed it… A month ago I was nearly killed, and I am recuperating now in terrible daily pain, I can’t really move, I can’t do anything for myself due to my arm and leg being broken and nine broken ribs, plus a punctured lung, I am hugely stressed out about what my future holds because now I can’t work, and even though the accident was not my fault, there is no one for me to go after financially, because the person who caused the accident died while driving a stolen car. so I am very reliant on the kindness of the donations, given to me through go fund me, and every seven days like clockwork I get a notification that there’s a problem with the bank and all of the donations are being refunded, I spent an hour trying to get through to go fund me a finally get the thing, resolved, and then seven days later it’s the same thing all over again they are supposed to be helping us to get through a trauma, in my case At least this is adding in masa Madera stressed in my life that I don’t need stress! so be advised, while this is a great idea, be prepared to have it backfire on you horrendously all of my donations are frozen, because of some banking error on their end, on their app that they don’t seem motivated to fix..
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3 weeks ago, Roz0612
Easy and hard
I’m not going to lie about what’s going on in my life to get people to help me out. I put my story in there as truthful as possible. I did updates. I don’t know what else to do. I did not get a lot of traffic no matter how many times I shared, but I guess it’s just the circle of people around me or people that I’ve actually seen it I wish that gofundme had an automatic share button where they know where to share and automatically share for us in these platforms because right now we’re going through a lot and begging is not my thing I’m socially awkward and in need of help but I don’t know how to ask for it gofundme should make it easier to share stories because I’m not gonna lie. There should be a good amount of people that are willing to help somebody who doesn’t do drugs, who is not dead who legitimately lost their job I can’t make it. But I wish the gofundme had that opportunity that not only do you use their platform but also that they will help you share they get a fee. I wish they had a better way of sharing because right now I put my go fund me to help me save my apartment and the papers are going to be on the door very soon. And it’s so sad.
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2 years ago, WindyFaan
Shameful Embarrassment
Who are you to decide if a charity or a movement people believe in is acceptable or not? Thieves who claim they will give other people’s money to “approved” charity of their choosing? What an absolute narcissistic control move. Firstly, it is not your money, it is the money of the donors and the supporters who are wishing for good things, offering support, hope, charity and unity, all for something they believe in. Secondly, you don’t get to decide for other people what they should believe in. Not your money! And you are not the arbiters of other people’s beliefs! Shame on you for masquerading as means of connecting people and providing support access to charities and peaceful movements. A sham! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, crooks, and cronies! What kind of degenerate steals money from the donation box only to turn around and suggest giving it to someone or something else? Those donations should only be given to the intended parties, end of discussion. Just outright dishonest, and false at your very core. I think this would also count as a clear violation of the section of the consumer protection act that highlights what can be considered fraud, based on the contractual expectations between the consumer, and the service provider. If you donated money that was then redirected to a different organization without your clear consent, then there are plenty of grounds here for FRAUD CLAIMS!
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7 months ago, TheDriscollKid712
Giving/Receiving Heals
This is the first time today that I’ve had to cry for help. So on behalf of myself I’d like to say the following to the creators of GoFundMe. Dear, Go Fund Me Creators I want to take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your generous contribution to help me with my financial situation and everyone else’s hardships and crisis. The kindness and support mean the world to me, and I cannot thank you enough. I want you to know that your platform to allow these donations has not gone unnoticed, and I am truly humbled by the outpouring of support from people, friends, and complete strangers you’ve opened to help me in this difficult situation. In the past, I have been hesitant to ask for help due to my pride and ego, but my journey of recovery has taught me the importance of being honest about my circumstances. I am already overwhelmed by the support I have received, and it is a great comfort to know that there are people out there like you (GoFundMe) in this world who are willing to help those in need. Your kindness has made a significant impact on my life, and I am deeply grateful for it. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and support as an application that truly helps those in need of financial assistance. I hope that someday I can repay your kindness in some way, but until then, please know that I will always be grateful for what you have done for me. Sincerely, Chris Driscoll
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2 years ago, 00MavyWavy00
Amazing way to be of help
I’m currently raising money for my cancer sick grandma, and let me just say how thankful to God I am for this app. It’s truly a humbling experience, especially when you want to help but can’t do it alone! *Update* I fully raised enough money to send to my grandma and they have closed my account because I’m trying to help someone in a different country…I’m sorry but America was built on immigrants, some were not as fortunate to make it here. That is my grandma, alone with no one to help I thought I could do something but I guess the goodness of it all was an illusion. A hope crushing illusion. I just don’t understand why it’s not supported by the app to help others out of country. My friends and family donated and wanted to support my grandmother, all you had to do was provide a platform. How do you fail to do that? I thought this was an application that would help me and my grandmother but all it did was disappoint. Literally you aren’t doing anything to help the people outside the country, and you’re preventing others who want to do so. That my friends is a false supremacy, caused by a delusion of the little power you gain from a platform. P.S. your “non-supported” countries are the ones that need the most support.
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2 years ago, hedgehogloverr
I wish I could give 0 stars
I held a fund raiser and raised $320 for an Animal shelter that saved my dogs life. This fund raiser took me months and months just to earn that much money. It was all for nothing. I tried to take out the money and the app kept glitching. It was trying to tell me I already made an account of go fund me when I tried to withdraw the money to donate it. It told me I already had an account under that email that’s impossible. I’ve never used GoFundMe before this and made the email a few months ago. Then I tried doing a different email to withdraw the money and it told me it emailed the sign in thing to the email. I checked and it never did no matter how many times I retried. So not only after working so hard to raise the money and trying to get the app to work. They refunded everything and all the money is gone. I lost everything and now I can’t help the animal shelter after telling them I was gonna donate. I could have saved lives. This made me want to cry my heart sank when I saw. This is so unfair there app wouldn’t work I shouldn’t have to have this happen to me. I would never ever use this app again this is the worst app. I think I have ever used. This just makes me so sad. :(
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4 years ago, t4home
Life saver for Baby Fay’s heart surgery
If it wasn’t for GoFund me , I’m not sure what our family would be going thru right now. Medical Bills were just piling up in spite of medical insurance we were all at a loss of options. Feeling hopeless. It’s hard enough seeing my baby granddaughter just deteriorating in front of our eyes and her parents struggling. All doors quickly closing until a friend said I should do a GoFundMe account for them. I remember thinking, I don’t know anything about that or how to even go about it. She offered to help and said it was not hard to set up. I then started looking into it and it was a God send. Since that day the skies opened up now the family can focus on getting the help they need. We’re still a long way from the goal but working our way through it. It helps emotionally to have some sort of lifeline Within this difficult situation. Setting it up wasn’t hard and you are guided with step by step instructions. Thank you GoFundMe.
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2 years ago, 22gmoney
Posting limitations
Communities page is a joke, you can’t post there but you never see any pages until you search them directly. Should be better organized and show how you can help someone close to you in your city, state, even country. Personally see that other pages are displayed on the community page and not based on relativity or demographics. I get links to pages that aren’t even in this country. I see post for dogs from TikTok at the top of those lists more than I do people. Sad to see that people are directed to pages that have less impact than others may have helping someone in need. Seems like your contending with social existence and popularity than asking to be seen by people who may have seen or heard the story behind your post. Just poorly thought through, I seen a dog raise more money than a death of a loved one or even someone in need of support for medical or housing. Sad to see that people can’t find you unless you post the posts yourself, as well as verified donation pages, so many think it’s a scam and you can’t show truth in your post like media pertaining to your page.
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9 months ago, sassy circus
Pete’s ascension
I’m beyond satisfied with this platform I send blessing to the creators of go fund me . I couldn’t have done this without this platform no way😊! it’s the best thing I’ve every experienced in getting support with funds in my entire life!! I loved the professional way it allows you to share your dilemma It offers the full support needed in collecting the funds . I love how it helped me in acknowledging all the donors personally or the option to use self created templates that’s excellent ! I love that they had thank you notes that was such a nice feature. I appreciated how they calculated all the funds and gave me up to date alerts with full explanation . I love that I had space to share images ,updates and photos Go find thought of every way to share gratitude Go fund me is simply the Best !!!!! thank you for all of your help to send my husband off properly . I could NOT have done this without Go fund me at all ☺️ Giving thanks to my administrator Lb for suggesting and setting it up for me . I knew I wanted to try Go fund me my emotions were overwhelming me once I asked Lb to assist me she set it all up for me . I was nervous at first to navigate it on my own but this easy clear platform made it so easy . So thank you Go Fund Me for helping me give my family a sweet beautiful memory of love , support,community and trust . You take so little and give so much your service truly is priceless .
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3 months ago, Treys Callie
Can’t believe they supplied a family with parachutes in a plane crash
That’s how I feel about this organization. My family and I were flailing and they helped us land in a soft safe place and get some relief. I won’t even go into why I’m on the site in detail. I will say that I have had professional treatment from this group - and that includes a lot of patience with me being very emotional some days and not being very professional myself. They are kind, and explain why policies are what they are, and answer any questions you have, big or small. When they say they have expert help and will help you with your page they mean it. I encourage you to read the daily tips, and take advantage of all the written resources that are available. It will truly help you with your fundraising, and you won’t feel as though you are David against Goliath. You’ll feel as though you have a champion. Carol
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2 years ago, Marie Brown's Review
Would not use again
I lost my Mother unexpectedly and I set up a GoFundMe account to cover the expenses. I received a confirmation email stating that my information was correct and deposits would be made only for the day of deposit to happen to receive another email stating the the withdrawal is unsuccessful. I emailed Customer Service and was told that it was only the first withdrawal was unsuccessful but the other withdrawals are fine. I received another email stating that the second withdrawal was unsuccessful as well. I also received another email stating that I would receive another withdrawal amount that totals the amount of the first 2 unsuccessful withdrawals. Meanwhile, the funeral home is on my back about money that I have to wait 2 to 5 business days to receive only to receive an email the day before the deposit stating that the withdrawal is unsuccessful. This has been a terrible experience. GoFundMe charges fees to the donor and to the receiver. However, I’m sure that they have collected their fees while I continue to wait the standard “2-5 business days “ that gets reset every 2-5 business days when it’s time to receive the money
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8 months ago, Feinberg's
My Saving Grace
Honestly, it was hard for me to start a campaign on GoFundMe because I felt inadequate having to ask friends and family for money. But once I committed and started my campaign my circle of friends and family thanked me for giving them a way to help. Everyone also supported me emotionally and several people gave effective pep talks. GoFundMe has a place where friends can write a note to me after they contribute which is nice. Several friends wrote supportive messages there. I had a major neck surgery and the next day major spine surgery. The recovery time is 3 months. I met about 70% of my GoFundMe goal and the donations were invaluable. They paid for petsitter’s, IV antibiotic infusion programs and caregivers that came to my home to make meals, help with light housework, do laundry snd double-check my medication schedule. I was able to concentrate on healing. The GoFundMe app is easy to use. I highly recommend GoFundMe!
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2 years ago, Popp tart
It’s never easy to ask for help, thank God for GoFundMe
Due to the pandemic, I lost my job in April 2020. At 61 years old, I’m struggling to find a similar job, since I was the major breadwinner for our family. I took up bike riding to keep in shape. When my 32 year old daughter, Heather, asked to go with me, it broke my heart that I couldn’t grant that request. You see, Heather has Down Syndrome and struggled with riding independently. I started to research tagalong bikes, but when we tried one out, Heather wasn’t able to balance. Next I found a Special Needs Bike Trailer that accommodates an adult. But it was close to a thousand dollars. I looked for funding, and not finding any, someone suggested GoFundMe. It took me over a week to finally set it up, because I’m not used to asking for help. I am brought to tears with every donation. Thank you Go Fund Me and all donors for making a difference in people’s lives.
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1 month ago, Newtm2
Go Find Me is a God send.
Recently I had a friend that was battling a life ending disease call Renal Amyladosis. Not being able to work, bills piling up and hospital visits made life even worse than just having the disease itself. Go fund me has allowed me to reach many more people to help my friend than I would have been able to by myself. Unfortunately my friend passed away, but the fundraiser has helped his family pay for expenses that goes along with death. It’s really nice to see that people still care for others. Some people say that they don’t want to donate money to a company that takes a percentage of the money, but I understand that the amount is very minimal for the service provided by Go Fund Me. Honestly, a lot of people use that as an excuse to not donate. I’m very thankful to have a platform that helps people. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Piperpax
Easy but
My daughter and I use this for operation food search fundraiser that she does every year. I have use the fundraising tool through operation food search before howeverI can’t see who makes donations real time since they don’t give me access. So I like the control of being able to see how quickly donations are coming in and thank people right away. Plus they make an automatic deposit to operation food search so I don’t have to withdraw any money later and take it to them. Which is also a win for me :-) however I do not like how go fund me asks for money from the people that are donating. Older people don’t understand that you can skip that part and therefore they just want to give me a check. Which is a huge hassle. Go fund me is already taking a portion of my donations so I’m not sure why they need to ask for additional pay. That is why I’m taking off the one star.
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10 months ago, Brianstyle
A Platform That Matters Greatly
After having supported a number of campaigns friends family and just others that I’ve come across I was always impressed with gofundme as a tool for those who had a cause and wanted to bring that cause to their community whether near or far. Two weeks ago I was shocked to discover that there is a cancer and a battle that lies ahead of me. As a serial entrepreneur and a professor and mentor who is also used crowdfunding to kickstart ventures I stepped back and looked at my situation with cancer and realized there could be no better way to create a community of support and gain support for the battle that lives ahead. I cannot say enough positive things about this platform other than to say thank God it’s here and to thank from the bottom of my heart those who create sustain and grow it.
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9 months ago, Prince of Sneks
Tragically necessary
Most Gofundme funds I see are for people’s medical expenses. Then come basic needs, such as rent, food, safety from abuse, childcare. Third most common is why I used it recently: pet health expenses. This worked well - while sure I could have used PayPal, Venmo, or other direct payment solutions, this helps coordinate the efforts, show progress, and give context. I even received a few donations from people I don’t know, and it may have been from the social features. I was able to raise enough to fund most of my cat’s cancer radiation treatment without going broke. That’s great! The tragic part is that conditions are that people need to turn to such a tool for simple survival, since the US doesn’t have much of a social safety net nor universal healthcare. UX works pretty well, though it may help if the user only has one fund, they can default to that. Otherwise, pretty good as an app overall.
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1 year ago, JaneDoe4971
Great concept, terrible platform
The app and platform are complete trash despite my love for the concept of crowdfunding. First encountered issues even just trying to set up the fundraiser. Ended up having to use a completely different email address, which is fine, but I learned that through trial and error, not by actually getting an error message. The app constantly displays a total different than the total seen through the shareable link even before the beneficiary withdrew anything. When the beneficiary tried to set up withdrawals she too had to use a different email address, but again she didn’t get an error message telling her to do so—I had to do my own research online, across websites other than GoFundMe. I keep getting emails telling me to set up withdrawals even though I already have, yet when I try to access the withdrawal page of my fundraiser to check into it the app redirects me to a general or starting page where it asks me to start a fundraiser. This is my first and last time using GoFundMe for this purpose.
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10 months ago, Fitfun4life
Im so thankful for “GoFundMe” I have donated on this site an was happy I could help someone in time of need . I felt it was safe an easy to sign up .But never did I need to do a fundraiser myself my Son moved to New York New York from California. he’s apartment building caught fire an he was devastated so I remembered GoFundMe yes I can help raise money for him to rebuild.I did have to link my bank account because I needed to deposit the funds to an account. It was great it took a few days before before I received the funds so I can transfer to my Son. It was easy to thank people who where kind to donate an show my son how much they cared . The only thing I didn’t like is there’s no person to talk to live . Yes you can chat with people but I prefer old school a real live person to talk to. Im so thankful to GoFundMe
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3 years ago, Theyoungs2218
Worst experience- Death of my Sons Father
Gofundme is a horrible resource to use . They made the death of my husband and sons father even more painful. I asked for their help to raise $5k to lay my son’s father to rest and purchase his headstone. ( Long story short, his family tried to embezzle me out of thousands of dollars plus the gofundme donations for their personal gain- when I refused, they reported the account). I have provided every single document to show I am the one paying for everything and I am the one who is responsible for e expenses but they are making this process more h*ll. They have not tried to wrk with me at all....only threatening me. It only raise less than $3k and they are freezing the funds and threatened to take them back. In addition they charge 2.9% in fees plus .30cent per dollar raised. I do not recommend using them to raise money. Try creating your own fundraising with direct pay so you’ll avoid the fees and headaches. You can’t call no one and they only work thru email so their is no compassion or empathy. Be careful using this place.
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3 years ago, Froggy Kristi
Great app, just minor problems
The GoFundMe app is super convenient to have a or use with a fundraiser and or campaign that your hosting or providing funds for. The only issues that I have come across is that sometimes the supporters have left comments with their donations and it doesn’t allow you to read them. Other than that I haven’t had any problems at all. I’m very thankful for the Go Fund Me company as it has helped my family to be able to raise enough money to help cover a portion of the costs for a pancreatic transplant surgery I have to get done in order to help save my life. If it wasn’t for this company I have no idea how I would have been able to get an organized fundraiser like this together and to be able to share it with hundreds of people. I’m more than happy to have them take a portion of my donations to help support their business for helping me and my family.
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9 months ago, reshrake
I didn’t even get my money for my kids Christmas. They had the wrong routing number and sent it to the wrong bank, it was almost impossible to get a message to them to tell them then they wanted proof I didn’t get it. I gave them that then they said unless I get paperwork from the bank that it was sent to that they can’t help me. Now tell me how I get paperwork from a bank that I can’t even get to?? I call the bank and they say they need a paper from GoFundMe before they can help me. I can’t even figure out how to even tell go fund me that because their customer service is crap you have limited things you can say to a robot then you gotta email a request to talk to the hem and then you get no where at all they don’t help you at all and didn’t care if I got my kid’s Christmas money or not! So I never even got my money that was donated to me by my friends. Don’t use them use cash app atleast they have a customer service phone number geez! And you can easily request money.
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2 years ago, CuteWolfy12321
Make It Easier To Fund Creative Talented People
Hi. I rated 5 stars because I love the app and I’m so happy for the ones whose lives are terrible because they are getting millions now even if it is pics from the internet or trending politics or photoshopped. Google pixel phones definitely help the fake. Anyways, can you please make it easier for the fun and talented people to be funded and not just the sad stuff? We are people to and we also struggle. Maybe not as bad but a little help would be nice as much attention as we give God praying. I don’t mean to sound mean or rude. It’s just, I see a lot of politics and fake sad things. People using kids to get rich. We need fun and creativity to be funded. Maybe you could make an app just for the creative side to be funded and have this app for the sad tragedies.
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9 months ago, Mamabelle68
Gofundme saving my dogs life
Gofundme has actually helped me 2 tragic incident. The first time was in July 2021 my daughter was tragically murdered in San Diego. I’m a disabled lady on SSI . I needed to take care of her final expenses and they helped me You the public helped me Know my dog Japanese chin was being watched by a friend while I was in the hospital. Somehow she escaped and was hit by a car who left her to die! She was taken to emergency vet where I told she needs orthopedic surgeon on her broken femur!! Because of Gofundme and you the public I was able to afford her pain medication, her X rays and a brace & we are very close to being able to schedule the surgery we still have to raise a little more but we are closer and closer and it will happen!! Thank you god bless there are kind caring people in the world still!!
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3 years ago, loppy
Horrible customer service
We opened an account for fellow employees who were let go due to Covid. We reached our goal in just 5 days and we were ready to get them some $ in time for the holidays. But NO. GoFundMe held our funds. They said update your “story”. Include more about the distribution. We did. No change to our account. They emailed and asked for a form to be filled out. It was (immediately) and sent back same day..... no release. So we tried to call. NO phone number. Anywhere! We tried to live chat. But the link is only available when you can see it..... we’ve never seen it. Just the email option. Which they say they will answer in 1-4 business days. No weekends for you customers. And 4 business days? That’s a week. So here we sit. Waiting. No response. I now email them every day. Nothing. So I’m not sorry I took on this project for others less fortunate but I’m sorry we chose GFM. Maybe they’ll allow us to get the money out in time for Valentine’s Day. They’ve ruined our original plan.
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2 years ago, kim 831
I’m so grateful.
I’ve never used this platform before but life has been crazy. My litters of kittens all passed around an eye infection and currently half of them have colds. Back to the vet. My vet is really helping, so with Go Fund Me I am optimistic that I can raise enough to get my fur babies healthy. My brother who had everything, recently committed suicide so I’m not working as I go through recovery from my grief. Your gifts have really helped. My brother, Scott was my best friend who incidentally loved my cat family. I had offered him a kitten to help with his depression but was not given the opportunity to put one in his hands. Animals are so therapeutic! Thanks again Go Fund Me Family. BTW, I only to raise about $1,000 not $5,000. I’m trying to change the amount on the app. Blessings to all of you!!
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1 year ago, Caroline Harrod
This has given us the opportunity like no other!
Thank you for being available for us! You have given us an easy to use platform to connect with folks all over the country to help make this project happen and make repairs to an old historical cemetery. We had no real way to connect and discover who is out there and interested in the restoration. It is because of this platform folks are joining our project! Friendship are being made and discovering old friends have become possible! In these trying times our project supporters are becoming united over our common project to rebuild a restore a piece of our history and our family’s history. Generations are uniting, love and doing good deeds to help others a reality because of you!
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8 months ago, HelpMocha
Hope when everything seems hopeless
I started a GoFundme campaign to help with the huge financial burden of my dog’s cancer surgery and possibly upcoming chemotherapy. I had a freak accident last year, so am still paying off medical bills, so when my boy was diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks ago, my world crumbled. The emotional toll was extreme, but when I started getting quotes for the surgery and chemo, I melted down. I didn’t know how to manage it all financially. Until I remembered this site. It took the financial burden off the table. So easy to set up, manage, deposits started coming within days and I was able to pay for the surgery. We have a long road ahead, but that God for GoFundme, that provided help and hope when everything seemed hopeless! 🙏🙏
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2 years ago, RTCR10
Terrible Service/ 0 support
I created a fundraiser to help raise money for a family coming to the United states. They are in a really bad situation and legally have the green light to seek refugee status, but need money to do so. GoFundMe did the proper review to ensure the funds I was raising were going to the appropriate place I stated they were for. They questioned some of the costs and had me sign an attestation form. All good and totally understand the need for this. This all took about 2 weeks of going back and forth and ensuring they had all the information they required. I signed an attestation form and they blessed off on the fundraiser. This was 2 weeks ago, and they still will not release the money. I cannot get any response from their “support” link. The gofundme employee I was dealing with just does not respond. I hate to complain, but honestly do not really know what next steps to take. I WOULD NOT recommend using this platform to anyone who was raising money for any cause. Extremely frustrating
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3 years ago, Lucky 10382
I am blind and using voice over mode on my phone to try and donate to a cause. So far I’ve spent about 20 minutes and I’ve gotten nowhere. It appears to be due to an accessibility issue. I went on the website and filled out my name and card information and as soon as I got to the end where it asked for my donation amount I click on the text box and nothing happens. I am unable to include an amount. I clicked on the text box for the amount multiple times, but nothing ever happens. I even downloaded the app and it takes me to the website again to try and donate. I’m not gonna fill out my information multiple times when the website still doesn’t work so unfortunately I am unable to donate. Also, many buttons are unlabeled on the app. So while scrolling through I hear lots of information on the screen that just says the word button. If these accessibility issues could be corrected, that would be great. Thanks
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5 years ago, persnickety post
An easy platform for fundraising
This app is user-friendly with details that enhance the experience. For instance, updates with photos help to communicate to your audience. It is a little challenging at first to figure out the differences between sharing tools and it doesn’t manage to whom you have or haven’t sent the link. I received messages that I hadn’t shared on Facebook for days, when updates actually go to Facebook. Also, videos are challenging because you can’t link a previously shot one. The fee is reasonable at 3% with a 30 cent charge per transaction. The withdrawal process is very simple and once established, continues without updating. And there is a thank you template that once written can be used and adapted again and again. So while there are a few kinks, the overall system is brilliant and helpful toward the intended purpose.
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2 years ago, herman felisha george
Herman Felisha george
I first thank God. I’m a First timer with using the go fund me.I don’t know all of the inns and outs but I know just the basics that has gotten us by. It has truly been extremely helpful for me and my family. I was really afraid of being let down in my time of need. Was hesitant that it was a scam or they want to charge A large percentage or take most of what you receive. Unfortunately I just don’t have any who was fortunate to be able to help us so my last option was to reach out to this page and it has been very helpful. I’m one who is not use to getting help. I’m use to it and I’m ok with it. I’m the one that always help others and not expecting anything in return. If it wasn’t for this go fund me I would be lost. I would not have had this much help at all guaranteed.
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2 years ago, Beautie_Cutie
Life Changing Experience
This was my first experience using GoFundMe as an organizer. I’ll speak first to the process of fundraising. GoFundMe has made it very easy to fundraise by providing great informational tools to help you along the way. Though I found it to be quite overwhelming, GoFundMe had a resource available to answer all my questions; so I simply followed their instructions which made the process seamless. Now onto the experience. GoFundMe created a very humbling environment for our family during this very difficult time in our lives. The amount of support, encouragement, and love from those we didn’t even know was such a blessing to have. The GoFundMe community was pleasant to have. I would recommend using GoFundMe for your fundraising needs.
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5 years ago, Chartergirl650
I never was one to believe that the plight of others could be relieved by an app. When my dad asked for the help of family to support my sister who had a pre-term birth with triplets, I saw the need for help. Unfortunately I couldn’t commit to financial contribution as I had just lost my job. I decided to take action as a substitute and created an account on GoFundMe. The support we have received is unbelievable. I have been reading stories of other people who need help and my heart wants to help but I can’t right now. This app is not just about money, it is about restoring faith in the “kindness of strangers”. (Thanks, Blanche Dubois) It is more about the stories we share, the light inside all of us, and the comfort in believing it will all be alright. I’ve never written an app review. GoFundMe is a game-changer!
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5 years ago, maria forbes clayaveta
Charles Steff Powell
This is out standing site when I saw it over a year ago it looked appealing however I thought I would never have to use it actually I was going to use it for my tenant Association and then my emergency disaster team but to see how outstanding this site really is I highly recommend it to anyone weather is for medical personal assistance with their own finances of losing a job that this site is a asset when properly used I hope no one never takes a vantage of it that the site would have to be shut down I believe that this site will assist many people from around the world who are in need of assistance Thank you go fund me for your assistance in helping with the funeral arrangements for Charles Steff Powell On the behalf of the family Maria Forbes thank you as well
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3 years ago, Rolling with John
It changed my life.
I have been a quadriplegic ever since I broke my neck when I was 17. That was 33 years ago. It has always been my dream that one day I would walk again and I knew that I would, I just didn't know when. Finally my dreams were answered when I found a fitness facility that is solely devoted for people with spinal cord injuries. It's called CORE. It stands for Center of Recovery and Exercise. It is an incredible Center that has done some incredible things for people such as myself. However, it's not exactly cheap. Thankfully, there's a wonderful thing out there called GoFundMe!!! It is such a blessing that it's possible for dreams to be able to come true because of them. I see so many people being blessed and lives being changed because they exist. Thank you GoFundMe.❤️
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3 years ago, ckcckckckckckckckckkckmc
Thank you GoFundMe
I am so grateful for this app, it has brought awareness to my fiancé’s fight against stage four colon cancer. My fiancé should not have to worry about all the costs associated with fighting cancer and he shouldn’t have to worry about the details of what insurance does and doesn’t cover. I don’t know what I would do without a platform like this to help us raise awareness and to help us fund the fight. It’s heartbreaking to have a loved one be diagnosed with cancer and it’s horrible not be able to afford paying for all the life saving treatments to fight cancer. Thank God for GoFundMe! I do not know what I would do without it. I know we desperately need it to help us pay for cancer treatments and other cost living with cancer creates. -thank you GoFundMe for everything!
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2 years ago, Juli3Bug
Beyond My Expectations
My son had a horrible accident - a chainsaw to his face. He was facing insurmountable medical bills, loss of income, special dietary needs, etc. I received a suggestion to set up a GoFundMe for him, and after reading all the information provided on how to set it up, service fees, and tax liability, I decided this was what I absolutely needed to do. Everything, from starting, to sharing, to thanking donors, to updating my son's condition, to withdrawing the donation funds, is incredibly easy. That has been nice - I've been able to concentrate on my son and his recuperation. I sincerely hope you are never placed in a situation like ours, but if it happens, GoFundMe is the very best option for getting the word out and receiving help.
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12 months ago, Monkeyfacecamper
Appreciate You
I have completed 2 GoFundMe and I’m in the middle of a third. This gives me the opportunity to help someone across the ocean! I’m an American and poor by our government standards. Do I struggle for the bare necessities; like electricity, shelter, indoor bathroom, transportation, food and medical? Not in comparison to my overseas brothers and sisters. I have all that and maybe not fully satisfied with rising prices but to consider being aged and not having Social Security like so many other countries, I’m okay. I’m very grateful to the GoFundMe people for their easy to work App and reasonable prices and I had a little problem recently and was able to call them and talk to a real live professional person that made it work for me.
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5 years ago, C-C-Connor
Accessibility for Laurie
Our campaign was very successful. We have not received our withdrawals yet but we are ready to start our project. (I completed my thank-you notes regularly but worried that they were not received, how would I know?) It was relatively easy to set up and we had an awesome response. I did not know that our donors would be asked to tip but I may have missed that. My skills were a little shaky and I needed help a number of times. That said, we were just thrilled with the results. I hope I did everything right, the funds will be mailed, and we will have my sister all set soon. I have a framed list of all of our donors to hang during the project so we can remember why we were able to do this! It was awesome 💕
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4 years ago, Gina L P
My GoFundMe Campaign
My campaign was set up For me, by my sister. At first I was ambivalent and did not want to do it. But as the days pass by and the bills keep coming in, I knew it had to be a good option. Actually, my only option. I will say that it has humbled me so much to see my family, my friends and my clients help me out through this difficult time. I have been disabled and unable to work for 104 days. I am self-employed. If I don’t work I don’t get paid. I just found out I need to have a second surgery. This will put me out for another 6 to 8 weeks. Without this GoFundMe account, I would not have been able to pay my rent, my credit card bills, and all of the incoming medical bills. I am so grateful. Sincerely, Gina Hanusa
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6 years ago, Trex1134
Amazing app
I am a veteran of the US Air Force looking to open my own archery shop. Currently I work for Gander Mountain as a firearms supervisor and archery tech. Unfortunately my store will be closing soon and we will all be out of jobs. The local area does not have much in the way of Archery techs or shops. I have decided to take a big leap and open a shop to fill that need with the full support of my wife and 3 kids. With the liquidation of our store I was able to secure much need archery equipment at a good price. Now I need to secure a location for this business. I have a few buildings picked out, but need to come up with the funding to acquire one of them. I am looking to provide a full service shop with a indoor archery range. This app is helping me do that.
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2 years ago, KrystalandKids
This program is making life right now possible! My 2 children and I are so grateful! Life gave us a 180 from normal consistent life to a what’s next life. My mom had a stroke and was put on hospice in another state 11 hours away from home. We dropped everything and came. We are homeless but We are staying in a motel, eating fast food, and driving back and forth to the nursing home everyday that is 2 towns away, therefore, we are running out of money. I have no sitter for my kids so I cannot get a job. I offered to help clean rooms at night and wash and fold laundry but it is not allowed. Like I said, this GoFundMe program is making life possible for us right now. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Awesome knat
This site is a Godsend for me!!!
My mother originally set this fund up when she was sitting there watching the Chemo Therapy Doctor explain the process. I know that she truly wanted to set a higher goal but I believe she was afraid that if nobody donated anything to help me that would make me so upset. So she set a relatively small goal and amazingly enough it has been receiving more than I thought possible. I’m sure that once the doctor bills start coming in that I am probably going to be in a panicked state of mind, however I believe that Jesus is going to help to make everything okay. I’m giving everything that I can to fight to not only survive but to be able to use this as My Testimony of Life and I will be a survivor of life???)
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2 years ago, Hector035
Please do one for Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Help it’s always needed everywhere and sadly I seen lately a lot of things happening in Mexico and lots of people asking for help and with money the things is that whenever they’re trying to do a fundraiser there no app in order to help them, my cousin from mexico needs a surgery but over there fundraisers are pretty hard to do because they dont have an app such as this one that facilites the person that needs the help and the one that’s trying to help, and I seen this app before and it’s such an excellent app, having this app working in mexico would be a big impact for the community that is struggling right now, please help:((
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5 years ago, EBR1966
Customer Service seems to be non-existent
I set up a campaign for my best friend, I am in Mexico at the hospital with his sisters, brothers, parents. GoFundMe community contacted me and asked for more information about me in order to release the funds designated for my friend. I gave it, my friend us in desperate need of these funds in order to continue getting care. He is in a coma. The GoFundMe community have not responded to my emails. There is no phone number to call. This is ludicrous, I am very very dissatisfied and disappointed in the process. I understand the need to be sure of the intentions of the organizers, I do not understand that if the requirements are met why the GoFundMe community do not respond. If someone of importance in this organization can be of assistance I would greatly appreciate it, as well as the family of my friend and the persons that donated, in good faith, believing that their donations were going to reach my best friend as soon as possible. My Polo needs these funds, ASAP!!!!!
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6 months ago, Gam53
GoFundMe is a great tool
I was so impressed with the ease with which I set up a GFM account for my sister-in-law. The problems arose when I chose her as beneficiary and then could not see her information in order to set up fund transfers. She is not tech savvy and had some difficulty. I met with her and we navigated through online chat. However, when more issues arose, I needed to actually speak to a person over the phone. This is nearly impossible, especially for when I am not the beneficiary. Yet, she didn’t understand many of the steps and on top of that, she is I’ll and should not have to navigate this alone! It would be much better if you streamline your process for getting help over the phone.
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4 years ago, QwertyFam89
Insensitive and Lackadaisical
GFM is a sham. My dad has stage 4 cancer and a facility is trying to help him but it is very costly. When we went to cash out the funds we had raised so far to put in a down payment to begin treatment, we were informed that it would take a minimum of 2 weeks to hit our account. We have 2 DAYS before he has to leave. We explained to them that his condition is critical and in order to begin any kind of treatment we NEED a small sum of the funds we had raised for the down payment. The rep we were talking to had the nerve to tell us my dad’s critical condition doesn’t make his situation anymore of a priority than anyone else. Let’s not even talk about how much of a cut they have been taking out of what we have raised. Do not use GoFundMe for anything critical or time sensitive bc they really don’t prioritize or empathize with your situation at all, even if a life is on the line, unless it’s some big publicity thing.
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