Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat

Social Networking
4.5 (326.6K)
218.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Grindr LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.2 or later
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User Reviews for Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat

4.52 out of 5
326.6K Ratings
3 years ago, OfficialFactsnoPrinter
Does job but here’s how it can be better
The app gets the job done, although there are some modifications to make it better. Providing users more filter controls to find their person of interest would be more helpful. Giving users the accessibility to find their ideal partner based on position, ethnicity, distance, height and weight helps users devote more time to interacting with their ideal person, as opposed to blocking users for being outside these margins. Also, showing users that are local as opposed to longer distance can draw more users to engage with the app and fulfill the pursuit of finding their person of interest. Alas, the filter setting should converge with other corresponding users. For instance, if a user is looking for someone within a set age range, then anyone outside of that age range should not be able to see that user from their account, unless they are within the age range. If these modifications were made on the non-premium version of Grindr, more users (especially of the younger audience) would be inclined to used Grindr.
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1 year ago, D5cad5ca
On its way out it seems
All good things must end I suppose but Grindr didn’t *have* to end like this. The free version of this app is so limited and full of invasive ads that it is actually difficult to use it and when I have only the free version I use the app much less frequently. Well who cares I’m not paying for it the developers surely assume. Wrong, I ordinarily pay for a unlimited subscription but I am reconsidering that now because it feels like there are just less fresh faces on the app now and discrete dl people who won’t pay for a subscription because it’s so unpleasant to use. It’s just the same old people who pay for a subscription use the app 24/7 and who I’ve already met or I am not interested in. It seems like they know that their business doesn’t profit in the short term from people finding other people they like because then those two customers may not need to use the app anymore or use it less. Sounds profitable but they failed to realize that by doing the wrong thing and steering short term profits in terms of not focusing on customers getting what they want and instead being paying customers month after month, that they would ultimately destroy the who thing when the ripple effect of their greed slowly alienated the occasional or infrequent users. The same users are most sensitive to the poor user experience they thoughtlessly deliver. On top of that it’s hard to know the app is secure they don’t even have two factor authentication.
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3 years ago, jmanay18
I have been using this app for several years for what this app is used for. Then on the day I decide to purchase a one month membership to get the Xtra features I was banned without notice. I thought it to be a technical glitch so I reached out to the support for them and asked for reasons on the ban and they said all I have todo is appeal the ban. I went a week without word back, and reached out again and again. Then I received a email back that only said that I now have a lifetime ban and that I’m screwed because I purchased it, but better cancel my subscription or they will keep billing me. The only thing they said why I was banned was because of community guidelines. I asked for clarification on what I violated because I had no nudity, no foul language, no in appropriate speech, and as a person I don’t talk bad about other people. This is a horrible app, if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. And they are no help in trying to rectify the situation. The language that they used in there correspondence with me makes me feel like I am a bad person, and being punished for something that never happened. I have been warned about random people getting banned for no reason then get excommunicated for absolutely no reason. Shame on the company Grindr, Inc. same on what you do to loyal customers and I hope this prevents you from marking any money off of your next victim. The essential stole from me and now won’t tell me why. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!
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4 months ago, Gpnuser
Do not pay for this app
This app is so glitchy even if you pay for it. I am not out and live in a small city. I pay $40 a month for Unlimited so I am able to use the “Incognito” mode and not be seen. Two days ago the app stopped letting me use any of the Unlimited functions so everyone was able to see my profile when I logged on. By the time I deleted my picture it was too late. The grindr developers need to fix this, it is not only unacceptable but it’s dangerous. Grindr is outing people with these glitches. The developers need to ensure that this doesn’t happen. It’s unacceptable when they’re charging almost $500 a year to use the additional “features”. Another other thing that happens even if you pay is Grindr STILL has pop-ups. $500 a year is not enough. They keep begging you for $8 for a “boost” and your inbox is full is “sponsored” messages. GRINDR IS GREEDY. They don’t care if they out you or if you already pay $500 a year for the app. They only care about your money. No matter how much they charge for it they are still going to have pop ups and want more money for a “boost” or some other gimmick. Absolute garbage. “Ad free” is a scam. *Edit* I stopped paying for the app to see what the free version was like. The answer is… absolutely unusable. Ads every 10 seconds. If you set certain filters you can only see 4 people. Trash. I hope everyone jumps ship to something better. Sniffies from here on out. ✌🏼
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2 months ago, ashwing25
My thoughts on Grindr
I was 23 when I was first introduced to Grindr. I still keep up with him till this day, but still back then grinder was still new, but it was OK. Had issues with people, scamming and tricking people into sending pictures or asking for money and not all of the suspects were caught in innocent people end up losing their accounts like I did, and even though I was warned only once they still didn’t let me back into my account from what ever the person that falsely reported me, said even though he is the one at fault 😞 and let’s not forget about what’s happening in Egypt which grinder the police are using Grindr to arrest people that use the app basically discriminating gay people so they need to be careful😢 but nowadays the app seem to be getting better because I guess they moved on to different more popular apps. They are still people here but it’s not as bad and the only thing I have issue with is all the ads that keep popping up and having to spend so much money just to do something simple, especially with all these new features they added it’s ridiculous but times are tough now so we’re all doing our best. I just wish some people would stay humble. This app is supposed to be used to find quick or long lasting romance. You should remember that everyone.
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2 years ago, disappointed community member
Safety is not a commodity
I’ve downloaded and deleted this app several times over the years, my only issue: the safety. Users must PAY for SAFETY FEATURES. I understand the need to monetize, but there are other ways - host member only community events. Prioritize member profiles in the grid. Something, anything, but safety. Why can I not delete an address I accidentally sent? What if that person actually comes to my house or stalks me? It happened. Why do men who have had accounts deleted or removed for harassment have so much access to the app, the ability to create seemingly unlimited accounts? Grindr is transparent about their non liability in safety policies but I expect more for my community. Safety cannot be guaranteed, that is a given in any space online or physical. But why is dangerous behavior permitted? Why must I, a struggling college student, pay $20/month for access to basic safety features I can find in any other social media platform? Especially in the current climate of violence towards LGBTQ people, to trans people facing disproportionate amounts of violence. I come back to the app occasionally because I like to emphasize my effort to be a part of the community, connect with people I feel seen by and safe with in a world I already see as so dangerous to people like me. I want the community. But I’m disappointed time and time again to see Grindr devalue their users, violate and capitalize our right to safety.
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1 year ago, userrrrrr356
Banned for no reason
I’ve always heard of this app on one big platform just as TikTok never considered getting it cause it didn’t seem real and every video I came across seem like bait This year I’ve lost hope in finding something real but I went through many apps and I was like hey why not install this one so I did. It had me at first make account post a couple pictures boom paid features but I ain’t let that get in the way I still proceeded to use the free side of the app to find people the texts were flowing through I responded to some and others I ain’t feel as comfortable responding to cause off the rip “ let’s meet” all this big sexual gestures but no greetings such as “hey” “how are you” one day outta this week I go into the app and it’s say I’ve been banned for violating the community guidelines which I am so confused to why I did I even searched multiple videos to see what could I’ve possibly do no harassment no slander no discrimination what so ever everyone that swiped up I either responded or kept it pushing if I didn’t feel right bout how the chat started I’ve tried to make a new account day by day and it’s banning them before I could even put a picture up and I’m confused as to what could l possibly cause all of this cause at this point I’m over the whole online find a mate,friend ,lover stuff cause this experience is by far the worse and I refuse to ever experience this again
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2 years ago, Broken Bevan
Will ban your account and ability to create any other accounts
I’ve given this my utmost effort, and really did not want to give a bad review. The Grindr support team is not very helpful, and has not responded to me in almost a month after a 4-month battle to try and get my accounts back or restore my ability to create a new account and use the app. I was banned in March of 2022 and instantly reached out to support with an appeal, with my main profile being unbanned. However, was told that I needed to submit an appeal to all of the accounts I had, which was one other account through my Apple ID. After submitting a second appeal for my Apple ID account I was required to know the date of creating my account, which was unknown to me since I had not used it in a long time. I was told that there was nothing they could do since I did not know when I made the account and have since not received an email back from my email sent on June 10th, 2022. It is July 4th. This all sprung from a claim that I was underage even though I had sent pictures of my drivers license to prove it, which apparently isn’t enough. I’m still unable to use the app whatsoever or create a new account without an instant ban. I’m not the only person with this issue, and others have had this issue even after purchasing a subscription and completely losing the money. Beware.
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2 years ago, Q123cart
My account got banned for no reason and Grindr support is nonexistent
I went to a guys place 15 miles away and when I got there he had told me to “kms”, then proceeded to block me. I was obviously shocked so I decided to warn other by putting his user in my about me and warning others about him. The next day I had found out I had been blocked, I was confused and looked it up. There’s apparently no other way to get your account back unless you file an appeal, so I did. The Grindr support that reviewed my case didn’t care and told me the decision was final. So I just gave up on that account and tried to create a new account but as soon as I was down creating the account, it would say the account was banned. I’ve tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, trying different ways to create a new account, you name it I’ve tried it. All to no avail. I proceeded to reach out to Grindr support team once again but they again told me they couldn’t do anything and pretty much dismissed my problem. I had been getting tired of the app for a while but that just did it for me. What got me was how unhelpful the “support” team was, and how they literally didn’t care about what I had to say or anything. This was two weeks ago and I have not found a solution to my problem and a member of the support team even told me they will not respond to any of my further emails.
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4 weeks ago, Stuhtingray
A car crash of an app
The company must want this app to be the worst possible version of itself in the worst ways. Locking nearly every feature behind a paywall and pushing ads at every possible corner would make you think that they are trying to pay for the development of a functional app. The reality of it is is that this app is broken at its core now and the user experience is the worst I’ve seen from an app of this nature. The messaging system is broken now most of the time. Constantly getting false notifications for taps and messages only to find that there’s no new activity; my own messages being marked as “new message”; photos failing to load constantly; messages failing to send; UI elements vanishing from the home screen randomly forcing an app restart to get them back; bios are now randomly cutoff; and so much more. Aside from just the technical issues, there’s also the bots issues. So many bots that run rampant on the app. Please implement some form of verification system that doesn’t involve using just a phone number. Tinder and bumble have verified profiles that allow users to submit photos for verification. At least do that to reduce the fake profiles and catfish. So much work needs to be done to make this a usable app again, but right now it’s just absolutely broken.
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1 year ago, 951 Latin
Great app but could use improvements
The app functions well. It definitely doesn’t have as many bugs and crashes as it once used to. They have implemented changes to filters which is nice, but I also do have some suggestions I’d like to see included in the app. I do like how no one can screenshot the albums in your photo, but I think this should just be a general inclusivity for any photo that is sent out. That way we can prevent catfish from creating fake profiles. I would also like to see the race category put back into place. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a stronger preference towards a certain demographic. I understand that they are trying to be inclusive but people are attracted to what they are attracted to. Just let it be. I’m Hispanic and I’ve met plenty of people who say they aren’t interested in Latinos. They say we have to much of an attitude. It’s a generalization, but I’m okay with it because that person is clearly not meant for me, and I don’t want them apart of my life. I say allow people to select what they like and allow others to judge them for their character. After all, we are all just trying to find the perfect match.
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2 years ago, christomapher
Please fix your quality control, Grindr devs
The following is not a helpdesk/end-user problem; it is a long-running QC issue that should not have the buck passed on to us consumers to solve. Pros: The only thing this app has going for it in terms of positive user experience is that there are so many people using it. 1 star for the ubiquity. Cons: Unfortunately, for me, with my iPhone 12, my phone constantly freezes any time I download and use this app. Further, my phone gets extremely hot to the touch, and my battery drains so drastically that I have to charge it any time I’m using this app. These behaviors occur only when I have Grindr running. If I kill the app, my phone is fine. When I delete the app, my phone is fine. I’ve yet to do an iOS restore as a last-stitch effort, but in this nearly Web 3 era and decades of smart phones, how can this one app crash my phone so badly? I’ll tell you: sometimes I can’t even kill the app for minutes; the entire phone becomes unresponsive. Have you read their version update logs? It’s a generic description each time. What are the developers actually fixing with the plethora of versions being released? How about focusing on RAM and CPU usage? Very limited recommendation and I would never pay for it at this point. Minus 4 stars for nearly melting my phone’s internals—I’m guessing it’s the CPU overheating.
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3 months ago, Ju388303
Please stop pushing “boost” down our throats
If we pay for a membership one of the “benefits” is no ads. So why is Grindr hitting us with popups, chat messages, and even ads in the grid view of people online? Its spam. You’re spamming your own customers! And dont get me started on “taps” which is not working correctly and hasnt for some time. Someone taps you and you get a notification yet when you go the “tapa” tab there is nothing there so you don’t know who tapped you. Sometimes it will show up days later. So grindr can work on creating new ways to spam us with “boost” messages but cannot fix issues with their app. One makes money, one costs money. I’m all done when my membership expire. Update: Today, after an update, I tried s to open grindr and the grindr icon appears and a yellow stripe spins around it. Finally it says “please reinstall the grindr app from the app store”. Are u kidding me? So lose all my favorites, chats, blocks, and i dont even remember my email and password because its been years since ive had to put all that in. This app should be banned for how criminally broken and useless it is. I have to laugh because the update notes for grindr said the update was to fix bugs and more connections”. They cant even write a proper sentence and this update has TOTALLY broken the app!! Its unusable!
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2 years ago, CatalinaOhara
Not inclusive of trans women
For a dating app that states they cater to the LGBTQ community, they don’t really care for transgender women. I used Grindr a lot prior to my transition and never had an issue. Fast forward 5 years later and now a post-op trans woman I decided to try it out again and my account was banned after a few weeks on the app. When I reached out to appeal my ban, Nathan from “Grindr Support” stated that the decision was final, there’s nothing that can be done, and that they would not be responding to any further inquiries about my account. Even though I express to them that I didn’t care to know “who” reported me, I more so wanted to know the reason of my ban for example what exact term or condition did I “violate” to get banned? Being that I didn’t lie about who I was, I never offended/disrespected anyone, nor used fake info, my profile was the cleanest profile on that app. There are some that have their bare bottoms as their profile pics, sending endless inappropriate pictures/messages, and even some literally offering money for sexual favors…..yet, I was the one that got banned. It felt like they didn’t even bother to look into it or actually try to help. At this point I’m getting BIG transphobic vibes. Tinder was a lot more helpful about this issue, I just wish Grindr was the same, but anyways Happy Holidays everyone!
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1 month ago, totawy
Do not subscribe
May 10: these IDIOTS just released an “update” that cut off everybody’s bio. They have given up. They don’t even test anything they release! Would love to work for Grindr so I can get paid to do nothing. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS WILDLY EXPENSIVE APP. The band of incompetents that runs this garbage should be ashamed of itself. FIFTEEN YEARS later and they still can’t get it right! It is truly stupefying! So you fixed some of the recent notification bugs in the last update—congratulations? It only took you several updates over several months to fix what every other app in the universe gets right in version 1.0. Many of my messages STILL get stuck in Sent status and never delivered, blocking STILL does not work, I STILL can’t see taps until I force quit the app, and the app STILL often can’t find my location even when every other location based app on my phone has no issues at. I pre-paid for a year’s subscription for a service that just gets worse, while still showing me ads. Once my subscription is over I will never pay for this app again because THESE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE. Listen to their recent earnings call. Unsurprisingly since they are now public, they only care about monetization at every opportunity, while offering robotic empty words about providing value to customers.
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3 days ago, Santa Cruz Joe
More and more wobbly and now broken
This is pretty much a must-have app but they seem determined to drive it into the ground. Taking away free features one by one is their prerogative but they’re breaking the app. Ads pop up while you’re writing a chat response and you have to start over. I frequently review and delete old chats and taps; instead of keeping my place in the list it now jumps up or down and I have to find the same item to delete it. In a conversation, a response I type often doesn’t appear in the chat window until I exit the conversation and reenter. Rinde That’s all annoying. I always hope an update will make things better but the opposite seems to be true. Today's update broke it altogether: now the app doesn’t open at all. On one try I got a message to get the latest version from the App Store but that was the version that got the message. I’ve tried opening it from my list of completed updates, from the App Store, and from my phone screen and their mask icon just spins without opening. Congratulations, Grindr—you’ve killed your app! Last update: I can no longer see profiles in Messages. Can’t see who I talked to before, can’t see who’s messaging me today. Can’t block or report problem accts.
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1 year ago, Josh-in-Denver
Much Improved
I really like the tags feature because it helps solve a problem I had complained about in a previous review- the 255 character limit on profile descriptions is too short. I still think that is a problem, but at least now I don’t have to waste precious space trying to cram in as much as possible about my interests in such a short description. If ever Grindr makes longer profile descriptions available, then I’ll give the app a well-deserved 5 stars. Another potential improvement I’d like to suggest is making profiles clickable after running a search. Currently, a long-press only opens a small menu with 3 options (chat, tap, and favorite), but this is an altogether different user experience than elsewhere in the app. I often find myself favoriting profiles just so I can find them in a view that allows me to see the whole profile. That really needs fixing. Beyond that, I do wish there were some extra perks that come with Grindr Unlimited. Boost is a great feature, but it’s also pretty expensive. It would be nice if at least one boost per month came with the subscription.
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3 months ago, Aloy the Machine Hunter
I’ve been on Grindr for a long time now, probably for 8 years now, and I’ve seen the fluctuations with the user interface and the development of it being a subscription app. With said development, I can understand the desire for the company to make a profit, however the current state of the app is the worst it’s ever been. Messages won’t load, and even if they do load, there would be three notifications letting me know “DTFDOMDADDY tapped you”. (I made sure to double check all settings to see if I made an error for this too but no). It’s hard for an app to rely on conversations and it’s the most tedious aspect of it. But even before you message, the free version of the app keeps getting limiting and limiting with how many people you can see on the grid. Then when you see someone on the limited grid to message them, an advertisement (for me it’s those stupid mobile game ads) that completely distracts me from that conversation I wanted to have. One might argue that hey, maybe you just need to buy premium! Or I think in terms of this app, XTRA. But I’m sorry, I’m not paying money to be able to hold a conversation, I can just go to any social media for that. It’s just really sad to see the state of such an iconic gay dating app not be elevated to the status it should be.
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7 months ago, Valley TS Kelly
Best App to Meet Transgender Women
And fir Transgender's women to meet men. I have been using Grindr for several years now and i love it. i have trued many other apps that say they are better but it's all lies. Nothing is better or even come close enough to even be considered as comparable. There's really no competition because Grindr has all the bases covered: U can video chat verify to prevent Cat-Fishing, which is is a huge time saver. U can see who's close by and try to start a conversation. Exchange pics and send your location. I like how grindr really takes measures to prevent harassment and allows you to report and block people that may be bullying or if you simply just don't want to talk to them. You cant go wrong with grindr. there are so many options if u get the Extra or Unlimited subscription you can go beyond what's around your immediate area and it allows you to see the typing status of someone youre chatting with and even unsend messages and become invisible online.
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1 year ago, Fabulous Freddie
Please help
I went on my account today and saw that I was banned. I couldn’t believe it and then I came into the App Store to write a review on this and saw other people are having the same problems. I did send a form for you to review my account and I hope you will do so, and do so quickly. Believe me, I am a paying member, I’ve been with Grindr for many years, and I can’t believe I have been banned for no reason whatsoever, and I checked off all of the guidelines after reading them thoroughly. I don’t know if there is a glitch in your system at this point in time, but I also just recently renewed my membership like one of the other members who commented that they were banned After doing so. I like Grindr, I hope that I can get you to understand that I did nothing wrong and get my account back. I am not interested in writing a bad review on your company as of yet because I think this is an error. Thank you so I hope you will look at my feedback in a positive way. Frederick. Clear cache. Update... thank you for reinstating my subscription, and I will look forward to many fun times on your site.
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3 years ago, Looking 2
To be honest
App works well to network. Except glitches can really kill an opportunity. Lost messages sometimes make the other person believe you are not interested- and vice versa. When a regular text comes in on iPhone- the app gets weird. I decline the text- but the app goes offline- and photos and msgs I have sent prior to message notification are lost. Sometimes when I block soneone/ the app gets frozen- I have to turn iPhone off to restart after a long wait- usually 5 minutes. If guys are going to rely on this app- it needs to work correctly. Pics and messages need to be sent and received. Otherwise- someone may become offended that you have not responded to their message- and block you. When I send error reports- when I get a notification- what happens? Do you use this ? Or is it a waste of my time.? Until grinder gets kinks worked out- guys will use several apps at once- and not trust this app. Also- location goes haywire on occasion. Someone who it says is close by- can be in reality be a thousand miles away. I use the app a lot. And wish you had customer service reps available when problems arise. Jg Un
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2 years ago, Nobamallama
It’s really not too bad
I don’t think Grindr deserves ALL the hate it gets. Sure, there are a ton of bots and scams, but if your IQ is higher than room temperature, they’re so easy to spot. The ads definitely get annoying so I wish they had a bottom (lol) tier price to strictly remove ads for us poverty gays. I’d pay $5 a month for that alone. Really for an app like this, you get what you put into it. If your profile is trashy, don’t complain if your DMs are full of trash. I’ve had a lot of success using the app and made some genuine connections with some awesome guys! All that being said, guys claiming to be 18, 19, 20 scare me sometimes since there is NO age verification on the app. I have started to avoid this age group. This is dangerous for both underage young men who are no doubt using the app and for everyone else using the app. All it takes is proof of picture ID to end this phenomenon which countless other apps already implement. I’m certain that if Grindr’s parent company doesn’t implement some sort of age verification, we will be seeing a huge lawsuit come from either a government or as a class action.
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2 months ago, Cody.Cakes
Grindr!? - OOOOONF! - Do better!!
You know what made me not want to pay for premium on this app? It was the fact that when I had it, still I would get the “boost” notifications for no actual benefit other than just a pat on the back for the CEOs who own this app 🙄. I used to love this app and it sometimes still has its benefits, but I just don’t understand why it ever would cost as much as they are charging when the cons far outweigh the pros of this app 💸. The CEOs aren’t even a part of the community, 🤡 they just claim they hire people from the LGBT community, suresure 💅🏼. Let’s see them bump that money they are charging for subscriptions down to a reasonable amount and Grindr will finally be seen as a useful app for the LGBT community, instead of a leech on it. But the CEOs don’t actually care. I can see this application go way of the dodo 🦤 very soon if good changes aren’t made in full-jest. People will pay only for so long before they question the true value of what it is they are paying for, once that happens everyone will realize they are overpaying for something that should essentially be free with how many ads play on a near per-second basis. If you ask me it is relentless price gouging and isn’t that technically illegal and exploitative? Hmmm 🤔
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7 months ago, Linkkid185
Compassion for good people
That is what is needed on this wide and broad app. You can meet a lot of different people, but someone like me who just wants to share love and have the experience I want needs an app that is going to serve them. I deleted my profile multiple times, trying to restart with a clean slate, and now I have this one and I’m charging through with my little strong engine, fighting for my right to match with like minded people. We are all beautiful in our own ways, and this app needs to facilitate the same love its users give it. Cheaper options to upgrade and boost, allowing the option to not so easily block someone just because they sent you love (lol, it does happen on this app), allowing a better explore feature, allowing others to post sexy pics, not being choosy just because someone pays into the app and they have a rigid body standard not everyone wants to live by, allowing kindness to flourish. These good tips would make the app better, and I know you guys have it within you to foster a good experience that people have outside the app. Thank you.
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3 months ago, CFlinn92
Underhanded Advertising Practices
I hate this app for numerous reasons. Chief amongst them, however, are their nefarious advertising practices. Open the free version and you, theoretically can click around the grid immediately, right? Instead of opening to an ad, which you can expect, if you immediately start clicking on the grid there’s a few seconds lag in which you are already touching the screen/talking someone when all of a sudden an ad appears and you misclick it by accident. Grindr knows you hate these ads and are just waiting for the “skip ad” button to appear (barely legible though it may be). In order to make it look like there’s higher traffic to their advertisers’ frankly laughably bad sites/games/whatever, they make it appear at a point they know you’re already clicking on the screen and are more likely to tap the ad which suddenly opens up 3 new windows prompting you to download (and sometimes even pay for) whatever the latest candy crush rip off is. At first I thought oh this app is so glitchy, but they’ve had ample opportunity to resolve this clearly unfair and likely illegal tactic and simply have not. I would like to see Apple/FTC or whoever take action on these predatory advertising practices.
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2 months ago, Zero X Sigma
But why though
Seriously grindr how dare you take away even more from the free Version now I can only explore one profile a day, I can't look at my taps from more than three hours ago, on top of that I can't even look at my Messages through the message tab I have to go through an extensive amount of effort and favorite anyone who sends me a message because the app crashes as soon as I go to my messages this has been getting progressively worse and worse ever since you started the chat back up overhaul I understand the need to make money but with $260 million in revenue for the full year of 2023, with an operating income of 55 million I think you guys make more than enough money that perhaps you could lower the prices to something actually affordable you say it costs less than it daily cup of coffee I don't believe that to be true I make my own coffee at home and pay roughly $.17 a cup if that if the goal was to did your loyal customers into using a different Apps trying other websites Great job hopefully you can manage to fix this problem before I really do get rid of the app Warmest regards, Your soon to not be loyal customer.
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2 months ago, Luke Bryan 2023
Do not subscribe to this app
I have been using this as a unlimited PAYING MEMBER for about 6 months now and in the past 6 months I have been suspended or banned for absolutely no reason because on this app if someone does not like you all they have to do is click a button to report you that’s all it takes for you to get suspended or banned then you as the paying member has to go back-and-forth through email forever to get answers. They have banned me and suspended my account four or five times each time I wait and wait until they finally respond and fix my account, this time I’ve gotten no response they will not give a response or any feedback of what happened two or three days into the month after they got their $40 and now I’m stuck with nothing so please pass this around social media as I am going to so people are aware of this and if you read other reviews you will see others saying the same thing
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3 years ago, Kenny E.
App was good until this recent update
The app was pretty good before the new changes to the XTRA and Unlimited subscriptions. The major reason why I purchased XTRA was so I can find people of interest who fit my filter searches and be able to look for people a little more outside my area. Now it seems that I am unable to communicate with people of interests if they exceeds the radius I am searching for (either that or the number of profiles XTRA members can view and interact with). It seems silly that this feature was removed from a mid-tier subscription and bumped to a more expensive subscription. I was perfectly content with purchasing XTRA for the price point with that feature but now it seems that we are paying the same amount while losing features. Unfortunately, since this was the primary reason why I purchased XTRA in the first place, I may have to drop this subscription and look for alternative apps.
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1 month ago, Mikael_M
An IT disaster
What a joke this app is. It’s been a technical mess for over 15 years now. It was so bad that at one point they had to make everyone download an entirely new app and delete the old one. They have the nerve to charge $20-$100 for premium membership when they can’t even keep messages from deleting themselves. Every other message is from a bot despite human verification?? Now albums aren’t even loading and my messages delete 10 minutes after sending them. What are these people doing with the money their customers are spending??? It’s definitely not being spent on making their app better!! You’d think things would’ve improved since they went public but it’s actually getting worse!! The ads are ridiculous and crash the app almost anytime you log on. THEY ALSO ALLOW LITERAL SCAMS TO ADVERTISE ON THEIR APP. They also have these pop ups for purchasing premium in spots you frequently touch on screen so that you accidentally purchase premium.. especially if you have face/Touch ID for App Store purchases.. this feels very scammy. This is the worst app in the history of apps and frankly should be investigated by the appropriate government agencies for deception and fraud.
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3 years ago, BromoSLC
They finally have fixed the problems
This app keeps getting more and more and more and more expensive. They change the price every six months it seems. I had been an off and o. Paid subscriber for years. They just have gotten too expensive. Their pic moderation seems extremely biased and is not consistent. If you aren’t a twink or muscle guy any pic seems to get moderated. I have screen shot over 280 pics where the pic wasn’t moderated and mine was. Either it’s racial or body specific. I talking to an attorney to see what type of class action lawsuit can be filed for it to either have them consistently moderate or shut the site down. Also seems like an abnormal amount of bots are allowed now and an overwhelming amount of underage guys are on the site another filing I’m working on with an attorney. Chances are that Grindr won’t even respond to this review, but I’d steer away from this site.
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2 years ago, Xavier_The_Xman
Warning about Grindr
What I want to say about this app that I really love Al lathe great people love have met and spoken to in it, the problem is that way too many people flake on the app or do not respond to you quickly so there’s a tendency to be somewhat upset and stressed out when you are on the app due to people playing games and making what you want to happen whether it’s a date, an interesting chat talk, hookup, and so on not happen and it leads to unhappiness and just stress. So if you download Grindr, know that you will have to have tough skin dealing with people like that cause it will have an effect on you 9 times out of 10. The stress and anxiety might come indirectly, but somehow, flakers have a way of affecting people by not meeting the need you are looking for on the app. Some people want to be in a relationship, want to hookup, go on a date. It’s hard to do all those things if I people are flaking and are leaving you with no response to the chat that is started. It’s so upsetting and stressful man!!!!
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1 year ago, Mega40
Great gay social networking app!
I love your app and have been using it since the first day you launched your product. It has great features and I have made a lot friends using it. Mostly hook ups but some of them turned into long life friends! Your recent update made your app less desirable to use. Limiting only to 9 profile on the grid instead of maybe were 30 profiles or so. Also limiting the view me features as in undiscoverable, or can’t find your location when I am found, and also the favorites cannot be viewed now. Which makes it useless if I add more favorite profiles to my free account. Use red who have been using this app since the beginning what made your app successful, and now we are rejects… very limited. Also you make it impossible to subscribe, it’s very expensive. When I subscribed for a year I thought I was getting all those great features you advertise, but when paying I got limited features and not full features unless I pay double the price for your subscription. It’s very disappointing.
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2 years ago, a.neallyo
May as well rebrand your name to “Greedy”
With each update, you get less and less options for free users, and soon it will be unusable, unless you pay. While I don’t mind paying, these prices are far too steep for what you get. Not to mention you might drop $80-$100 only to find you’ve been banned shortly after with no explanation as to why. (Yes developers, I’ve seen your responses to other reviews on this matter, but I know too many men in my own circles that are evidence to the contrary. Bottom line is your moderation system is terrible.) Speaking of my own circles, no one ever has anything good to say about this app. They just treat it like a necessary evil they have to put up with. I’m beginning to seek alternatives, and encourage others to do so as well. I would rather pay for a platform that provides me with some kind of benefit to do so, not because I feel like I’m being squeezed in a vice and have no other choice. Just keep in mind, it’s a slippery slope. The more unusable you make it, the less users you’ll have in your base, the less likely users will see value in paying for anything no matter what the price is at that point.
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11 months ago, Kaleb LePage
Too many Catfish
Grindr is great for meeting new people and making friends with queer people in your proximity, but it’s also an excellent environment for people to catfish each other. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you’re having a conversation with someone only for them to suspiciously ask for your number or email, or “WhatsApp” so they can scam you too. These people are very quick to block you if you show any sign of suspicion, so I’ve learned to gather enough information, and report them before confronting them. These kinds of people make me feel disgusting for engaging with them. I now must reverse image every new person just to trust who I’m talking to. This is a bad sign in my opinion. I want to have normal conversations with real people - not scammers, and not people looking for lewd photos for a quick “fix”. I have reported a dozen catfish in the last two months, and I have complained directly to grindr in my reports about this. I want Grindr to be aware of this problem, because it’s a counterproductive and toxic to a healthy queer community. Thank you for reading this.
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4 weeks ago, Mikeinlatoo
Endless software glitches.
The app appears to collect new software glitches as time goes on rather than correct the old ones. Every update adds new glitches. Currently, you can do a search selecting “online now“ and you get people who have signed off 16 hours ago. A year ago I told the app representatives about this problem and they acknowledged it. The problem is they never do anything to fix it. That’s just one of the endless number of glitches. The new problem is that already read messages keep appearing in the unread messages column. Also, I bought an upgraded subscription but still don’t get all of the functions because they have so many different tiers of subscription that simply paying for an upgrade doesn’t guarantee you all the functions. Finally, when you the app representative of the problem you normally get 1000 different questions and directions on what you should do to fix them none of which ever work but all of which are designed as stall tactics by the company. Too bad so many people use this app, it’s a miserable experience.
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2 months ago, SuddenGlass
Not what it used be
I would give this app zero stars if I could. Had been using Grindr for 8 years. The app went way downhill after it was sold to greedy American investors. Instead of improving the user experience the new owners have put all of their resources into nickel and diming users for basic features. They have made the app almost impossible to use without one of the expensive paid membership tiers. The app only shows you a couple profiles in your immediate neighborhood and hides all the rest unless you subscribe for twenty bucks a month. This makes for a worse experience for everyone because most people don’t have a paid subscription, so even if you do, the ones who don’t almost certainly cannot not see you. It’s also full of bugs. The block button doesn’t work, the individuals you try to block still show up in your taps and messages. When someone taps or messages you just once, you get three or for notification alerts simultaneously. I am seeing fewer and fewer new users instead of the same faces. I guess gays are finding alternatives that are less scammy than what Grindr has become.
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2 years ago, clownfest
Catering to the hot ones
I can’t blame the app for this but I can blame the developers for allowing every white male to break the conditions and rules of Grindr. How many times do you see a white male in his underwear with the lining of his penis? (All the time) or any other “attractive” male. If any other race or person does that their picture is immediately removed. The culture that Grindr calls “inclusive” is the exact opposite. Grindr has been the worst experience when it comes to advertising of sexiness in races and culture. The LGBT community and the rest of the world as a whole is also to blame for this lack of consideration. Downloading this app was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life. Grindr and its developers are out to take our money and that’s it. The subscription prices are out of hand, and the amount of ads you see are insane. Scruff doesn’t force you to watch an ad to satisfy their ad experience. There are also more features and more people to see on Scruff. Grindr has been around longer yet fails to evolve into a more developed platform. The amount of times the app crashes or slows a device down is immeasurable. Fix it!
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3 years ago, La Flo Real
Grindr and Jack’d are ANALOGOUS for what?Might as well be one app. Only thing different is the target audience (Grindr: privilege/ Jack’d: Minority), allowing screenshots within chat (Grindr: Yes/ Jack’d: No) though in my opinion i think screenshots should be disabled within the whole app itself, but if not at least the profile search page to see who’s nearby out of respect of others’ privacy that they claim they want, sending pics and videos (Jack’d: yes/ Grindr: only pics but videos gotta be sent live) and i get the live video from Grindr but wen i wanna feel lazy i just wanna send the video i already got that’s been working just fine to confirm that I’m legit because this black don’t crack, navigational location dropping (Jack’d: yes/ Grindr: No) and Grindr drops the location but you would have to type it out unless you have the world map memorized, and maybe the subscription but that’s sad in itself should jus be one price in my opinion, but we got profit feens. Other than that everything is cool i mean there’s probably other things i haven’t covered but there are other issues not pertaining to the apps but individuals themselves that may need time to look at a reflection of themselves to reevaluate and I'm still learning this myself. Just gotta take it a day at a time and use your time wisely.
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2 years ago, NDX
App is garbage, iCloud backup not working
Beyond all the issues with bots, trolls and data theft by the company. I am unable to restore my iCloud chat backup. For the longest time I was actually unable to even load the app it just kept crashing. So I got an idea that eh what would I lose if I uninstall it? I got my iCloud backup. Well apparently something changed with the app that my iCloud doesn’t recognize it as the same app I made a backup from. It instead thinks its a different app entirely. When I check my app history it does indeed show I have downloaded 2 different apps from the app store. My guess is the people at Grindr were tired of trying to fix the bugs that prevented it from working with iOS 14.x and just rebuilt the app in iOS 14.x. But then Apple issued it a different ID that doesn’t match the previous one. Fix it!! I got hundreds of chats and photos in that backup that I want back! Update: App ever since iOS 16.1 has been worse. Now it just constantly says “Unable to refresh” and my friends tiles show them as offline thousands of miles away when I know they aren’t. I hope this gets fixed!
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1 month ago, lpierich
App has bogged down processor from ads.
The app use to work great for me but over the last year there has be multiple bugs in the updates that make the app no longer user friendly. The refreshing location does not work. Chats don’t send properly. Right now I can’t open profiles of people and an error comes up when I send taps. I tried clearing the catch and redownloading the app and problems still exist. Also all of my other apps work fine when this one is not, and when I’m on Wi-Fi it also has bugs but they are less. I have been on line and it seams everyone is having trouble and there keep saying it just our cellphone service is weak. It’s is more likely that their system is overloaded with the bombardment of ads and is slowing down the processor. None of these problems happened before the increase in adds ever 5 minutes that you have to click through 3-4 screens to close. I most like will be deleting this app soon because of the bugs. And from the comments online from Grindr it seems they have no plans on fixing it and just blame the cell phone service.
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7 months ago, ChilledMochi
This App Is Unfair
I appealed my ban over and over again because somebody keeps reporting that I’m swearing when I did nothing at all. I finally got banned again but i justifying myself when someone else started calling me names for no reason just coming out of nowhere and texted me and threatening me so I had to protect myself and push them back from swearing at me constantly. So grinder I don’t know I’m still banned for life when I was trying to protect myself from a hostile user I never met. Even when I blocked them they still kept coming back by making a new account and kept swearing at me what am I supposed to do just stand there and block them again. I honestly apologized for all my bad actions even though I did nothing wrong and people keep accusing me of nudity when alot of people post there whole body or they’re half naked bodies on this app. Grinder please fix this problem and please fix my account from being banned.
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3 years ago, factcheck.
Trash app
Got suspended for no reason, no email and no text to my phone number telling me what I was in violation of. It appears that if a certain number of profiles who don’t like you or are jealous of your profile, the ones you want nothing to with because your 18 and there in their 40s they can report it for no reason and Grindr blocks that account including your cellular number. It makes it so you can’t make a new account which is odd on why they need our number it’s not like it’s uses it for two step verification I think it’s a violation of privacy. I wanted to continue to talk to decent people that aren’t Grindr Karen’s or lurking pedophiles, which seems to be an important issue on this platform that Grindr fails to fix. This will be my last time using Grindr and if this review doesn’t get through to you all you have to ask yourself what is Grindr hiding that they don’t want others to see or know. I was bullied to the point others reported my profile for no reason because I wasn’t interested in them. An got victimized by them and Grindr. I’m waiting for a generic developers response!
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3 months ago, ShanoMac87
Works when it works
I’ve got the paid version and I backup chats regularly to my cloud, I’ve never had chats disappear like others have. For many many months now, I’ll get a notification that I’ve got a new message or tap and when I go to open the app, the taps or messages never appear. I have to force close and restart the app and only then do I see what’s new. Sometimes I won’t see anything until I check it the next day. After the most recent update, now the app won’t even load at all, it just sits on the load screen forever. I tried offloading the app, restarting my iPhone, redownloading the app and there is no change. I’m really not understanding why these issues are cropping up, makes me think they’ve got software engineering or cloud issues, I don’t see how this could be a user device issue since it’s so widespread. I dont know what else to do but just hope they roll out another update tomorrow that will fix the loading issue at the very least.
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1 year ago, Ridtm
This app belongs in the garbage
Much like my profile no one will probably read this review. The app has somehow become even more terrible. Ads that can no longer be skipped, hiding ALL features behind paid subscription. It won’t be long before the “free” version of the app isn’t free anymore, I’m already paying you with my time spent viewing ads and being force fed them in between chats. This most recent update reduced the number of profiles you can view with tags to 3! It used to be 9 which was, barely, tolerable, but now they limited it to force you to sub for xtra (added bonus if you block those 3 profiles, it doesn’t load additional profiles anymore). I already use scruff primarily since at least it’s free version isn’t hot dumpster fodder like Grindr, but come on, you guys innovated this, your app was novel for so long, but you caved to greed and are trying to monetize every square pixel. Your business model is trash, and isn’t helping the community like you may think it is, you’re just taking advantage of an already marginalized group, the last thing we need is our own kind fleecing us.
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1 month ago, AaronBeck
Exceptionally buggy on notifications
Notifications don't show up timely It'll show that I have an unread message if I am the one doing the sending to my own message Messages don't show as read unless I view on them long time I regularly get notifications for messages that are very old and already read and even for vanishing pictures that have been seen Moment ago, I got a message saying I had 145 unread messages when I didn't have actually any Then a few minutes later, I get another message saying that I have eight unread messages and I don't have any Back to back garbage notifications consistently. This added! Just got notification of a message I read 33 minutes ago. Wifi good so not a signal thing since I read it. On and before that more random count alerts of unread messages. This are tech issues ongoing but dont get me started on the features, lack if valuation, number of phonies who can fake location and try to get personal info from you. There is no evidence that Grindr wants to do anything to stop it. Ad revenue from policy violators is still revenue!
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1 year ago, Thepersonwholeftareview
Give us new features
The app use to be better they took away some features . We use to be able to select the exact age we were looking for . But now there’s like a 4 year gap in between ages for example I can’t just be looking for 25 year old to make my search easier I can only do 25-29 , and there’s also no race filter feature and no it’s not racist to be looking for a specific race , that’s just someone’s preference , but there’s a weight filter, height filter, body type filter , lowkey the unnecessary filters I feel like race is someone biggest preference more then someone’s height lol. I can’t even have multiple albums anymore Atleast not for free for my 🍆 pics and one for my 🍑 pics and one for my face pics they use to have this option free . The app literally downgraded it self by taking away some features and making you pay for some and the fact that bottoms can show their whole nude 🍑 on their profile pics but tops can’t even use photos of their print in their shorts is very bias . Please do better lol .
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1 month ago, im_voxel
This app is terrible and predatory against the LGBT community
I get messaged by a scam bot every single day I use this app. The app is always buggy and messages fail to send constantly, requiring you to restart the app every single time you open it to begin with. Most useful features are locked behind absurd paywalls as if anyone would willingly give this company $40/month to gawk at men further away from them. The culture of the app is insanely dangerous and predatory towards younger gays, with very little restrictions/precautions on interactions with alarmingly large age gaps. The moderation is terrible - people catfish you all the time and there's nothing stopping anyone from sending you unsolicited nudes if you explicitly don't want them to. This app only exists to profit off of the queer community and the struggles we have with finding sexual/romantic partners in the real world due to underrepresentation. What's worse is that the CEO refuses to take responsibility for this app's nature and would rather attempt to start a new one for straight people less focused on sex. Unbelievable. Please stay away from Grindr if you can.
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2 years ago, The ReaIest
They are FORCING you to update. With every update there are less and less guys on your feed and access to les and less features. They constantly limit your feed and create blocks with the explore feature. Its bad enough you have to watch the ADS after every message, they do everything to inconvenience you, waste your TIME, just to corral you into buying premium when you are simply trying to connect with a few people on the grid. If I cant see all the guys in my small town within a 5 mile radius, theres something WRONG with that! Its ALSO discrimination against low income individuals, people of color, and minority communities. especially when they REMOVED the feature that let me find my own people, you cant search by “race” anymore, so if you want to connect with your own people, GOOD LUCK! I shouldn't have to use the EXPLORE feature just to find my own people, and even with that they limit you to 3 “free” searches per day. They basically gentrifying the digital space, so if you poor and cant afford premium, guess what, you miss out!!!!! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
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3 years ago, Bluefaux
I’ve had someone use my photos for about a year and each time I reported them and reached out to support the profile would take days to be taken down. That profile also unknowingly harassed some of my direct reports from work which made for a very awkward conversation - something I never thought I’d have to deal with as a manager. Additionally, they actually offer zero support in terms of preventing this type of behavior. I ended up hopping off the app hoping they’d get bored but they persisted. There is no verified status (tinder has), and no internal system that tracks similar photos being uploaded by other users. It’s actually quite funny that when you post a photo you have a period of waiting where it needs to be approved. Why aren’t people caught at this stage for using someone else’s photos? At a bare minimum if you’re charging that much for ultimate - you need to include some safety features. Ideally, incorporate safety for all users. App works as intended, but is extremely unsafe to use. There is nothing stopping someone from creating a fake profile using your photos and ruining your reputation.
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3 years ago, Kossl2000
Grindr does not protect its community. They DO NOT uphold their own community guidelines and the photo moderators are a joke. A profile has been reported over ten times for a prominently displayed unobstructed view of an erect penis as its public profile photo. It is clearly pornographic in nature and explicitly banned in the community guidelines. And yet the photo moderators keep letting the user post it. In app reports result in zero action. Emails to the grindr help desk get stock responses claiming the issue has been rectified without addressing the fact they keep letting this happen. They take the photo down then let the user post it up right away. Complaints to grindr go unanswered. What is the point in allowing users to indicate they do not want to receive unsolicited nude photos while simultaneously subjecting them to the same images?!? DO YOUR JOB AND PROTECT THE COMMUNITY. Now cue a stock response from the app developers not actually addressing the complaint…. UPDATE: Developer Response…. Did you even read the complaint? If you will not address the actual complaint why even pretend to respond?
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