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User Reviews for GroupMe

4.73 out of 5
1.6M Ratings
5 years ago, haley alexandra
Great app! Missing ONE thing 🤞
I LOVE GroupMe. I use it for groups at school, at work, and for one-on-one conversations as well. All around, it’s great. It has a clean user interface, it’s fast, in real time. I love being able to add gifs, polls, videos, pictures, etc to our chats. My only irks as far as videos and pictures go is the quality is LOW. I recommend taking videos or picture outside of the app on your normal camera and uploading, versus using the in app GroupMe camera. I’ve also found that pictures uploaded still lose quality, so if there’s any small text then zooming in on it is just not worth it since it will end up blurry. Outside of that, I have no complaints for the media, etc. The ONLY thing I wish this app would offer is PINNED messages. I run multiple chats for work, and being able to pin/star/etc important messages for everyone to access and refer back to would be AMAZING. I think this would be a great feature to offer to admins of groups. You can search most popular messages, but this is not always useful if the messages that need to be seen by new members, etc, are too far back in the chat to be relevant in the popular messages anymore. If this feature was added, GroupMe would take the cake for, in my opinion, the best group messaging app. Outside of this, the app is great, it does what it’s supposed to, and it’s reliable!
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7 years ago, jsmit5635
Great App, but could be even better
This is a great app that I use every single day for a bunch of different group messages, but I feel like there are a few ways it could be improved to make it even more useful/ easier to use: Being able to view a picture from a notification without having to go into the app. It is very annoying to have to pull out my phone and go into the app to see the picture especially when I have an Apple Watch. It would be great to have an Apple Watch app to accommodate the iOS app. Along with being able to view a picture right from the notification this would be extremely useful with the new Apple Watch with cellular connectivity. Imagine if you are out going for a walk or run with just your Apple Watch Series 3 and someone sends you a picture. With the current system you would have to wait until you got home to view the picture. Another nice feature for the Apple Watch app would be the ability to see past messages instead of just the ones from notifications that go away when you tap on them. This would be just like how the messages app works on my Apple Watch.
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1 year ago, yoink0487
Great idea, bad execution
I’ve been using group me for several years now, and it’s honestly been more annoying than helpful as the years go on. I am aware that these are pretty minor things, but it’s the little stuff that makes the whole experience way smoother. First off, you can’t delete any groups once they’ve gone past their usefulness (ie. the event it was created for has happened). As someone who can’t stand clutter because it makes it hard to find what I need, that’s really irritating. The old group chat just sits there, uselessly, and very much in the way. Second, if you get a notification for a group me message and click on it to read the message (cause it’s faster and that’s what everyone does), then the notification badge never goes away until you get another message, go to the home screen, and click on the app itself. Thirdly, adding people is a hassle because you can’t tell what will add them to the group. Sometimes it’s an email, sometimes it’s a phone number, sometimes I wanna tear something apart because of how frustrating it can get. Again, I know these are really small things, but honestly making the app even just a bit more user friendly will go a long way. I really don’t enjoy feeling like I have told hold a seance and commune with the group me ghosts just so I can figure out how to work the app.
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4 years ago, Harumph99
Great messaging app!
Use this a LOT and it’s great and surprisingly full featured for as simple to use as it it feels. I have two things I’d wish would be bug-fixed and 2 easy features: 1- a few revs back the blue dot that indicates new messages appears in the top left corner when you’re in one group, even if the new message is only in that same group you’re already inside, even if you’ve read everything new in that group! It used to only show that if there was a new message in another group. Many times a day now I have to click up a level only to find there are not any new messages. Or make that dot go away once I read the mssgs in the grouo I’m in! 2- there’s a crash that has been around for a year! If you click on a notification and go to that group message it almost always will not let you type a response, just hangs... and if you click the + it finally crashes and then launch again and it’s fine. Easy to reproduce! iOS12.x iPhone7 Features: setting for a group to supress the “abcd guy is [not] going to ”. This clogs up the chat for even a medium sized group. Large groups it’s ridiculous. And for covid world can you let people check in to an event so the admin can use to know who was there for some municipality tracing requirements.
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6 years ago, Sweet Skye
GET THIS APP ASAP Read this if you are interested in getting this app!
I loveeee group me! I love everything about it. The gifs, polls, calendar, GroupMe emojis, the ability to send videos and pictures, but there is one thing that I have been trying to change in settings for a while. Saving images taken on GroupMe. It’s soooo annoying to go back to my camera roll and delete the photos and videos that I don’t want saved on my camera roll, but I want sent to a group or DM in GroupMe. Please change this ASAP. I love practically everything except that one feature I mentioned. Also be aware that you can only DM or have a group chat with people that have GroupMe. That doesn’t seem to bother me much. If you are looking for a good group messaging and DM app, then you HAVE to get this app. I communicate with my family (and created a family chat), my friends, and it’s quick and easy! It’s hard to swoop by this app without getting it. Defiantly recommended!
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6 years ago, Kwame Family
Group name in notifications
Could y’all make it so that we can see which group a person belongs to in the notifications area? Specially the lock screen? Currently, if a GroupMe notification alerts your device, you only see the person’s name and not which group the person is from. It would be SOOO helpful, if I was able to see which group a person was chatting from without opening the app. For users involved in several groups with similar people, it’s critical to know which group the notification came from ASAP. iMessage has this feature and it is a lifesaver when you need to respond quickly. It’s like knowing it’s a friend from ‘hot yoga group’ asking about the last minute location change and not someone in your ‘biology study group’ asking were class is. Imagine being in different groups with people who have the same name! It’s so confusing when you read a message from John thinking it’s John your work supervisor when it’s really your best friend John sending you a picture of the roach he found in the bathtub. (Bc you cannot see pictures in the notifications which is another comment altogether). I still love this app! Best group messaging there is!
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5 years ago, omihek
It’s not getting any better
Make it more like Discord. And before you tell me to just go use Discord, I already do, but literally no one else in my family or community does, so I’m stuck on GroupMe for all the family and friend stuff like outings and parties and whatnot. Let us edit a message, or even delete a message we sent. What good is it to just hide the message on only my device? Another thing I want is to be able to delete a one-on-one chat with someone. That’s all. I don’t want to “hide” it. I don’t want to “clear” it. I want to straight up delete it. It obviously wouldn’t delete it from their device, just mine. And then what would happen if they messaged me again? Oh it would behave like every other messaging app ever made and just create a new chat with the person on my device. And then when we were done chatting, I could delete it again, just like that. I don’t feel like I’m asking too much, but then again I’m no developer, so maybe I am. Maybe deleting stuff is near impossible. Apple somehow figured it out. I can delete any conversation I want from iMessage. But then they are known for their “it just works” way of doing things. You guys should ask them how they do it. Send them a kind, humble email asking them how in the world they figured out how to delete a one-on-one chat in iMessage. Please, do it for me.
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3 years ago, cindyreedscott
Accessibility issues
I don’t know if I simply have a glitchy download or what but this app is driving me crazy with trying to use voiceover which is a screen reader. I am blind and this app has been very difficult to navigate. What’s worse than an app that is completely inaccessible? An app that appears to be accessible but after you have spent much time setting it up, it proves to be almost impossible to function as it should. I hardly get any notifications and when I follow a notification to the app the app immediately shuts down. I have not been able to add people to the group of volunteers I am setting up for ride requests. I had to figure out how to share a link through text message and many of the people I have invited are also having difficulty with the app. This app was suggested by several friends as a great platform for my needs and I really want it to work. I hope the team who created this app will take a look at these issues. When I open a calendar event, voiceover reads the top and then skips to the bottom and all of the information in between is not accessible. Therefore I cannot find out who has excepted my ride request.
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4 years ago, Mya 💜
Why is there so many scams on this app?
I am not sure if someone's account got hijacked or not, but one morning I received a message from GroupMe Support that said "Hello! We sent you a FREE iPhone 11 Pro; Congratulations! Claim now." I've read up online that this is clearly a scam much like the other I received a few months back from a random person. This could be someone impersonating GroupMe's support by going under their name and using their profile picture, but something needs to be done about it. This scam has costed some people their personal and bank information because there is no way of them knowing if this is official or not when a scam disguises itself to make it look more official, but I recommend that you all increase the security and single out any bots or impersonators. I even got a random message from a bot account that wanted to share me "inappropriate photos" on a link, seriously? I am not sure how these people even opening conversations with me as I haven't shared my profile and I don't have them added on my social media profile. It's a bit annoying to know that you don't have actual privacy from these circumstances other than to block the user. I hope the app's security is majorly enforced to prevent scams like this from going around on it.
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5 years ago, annaw2002
Messages Not Showing. Edit. Edit again
I haven’t had a problem with this until today, but today I got message notifications for a group and could see the messages. But after a while, I was getting notifications but not seeing them when I opened the app. The time stamp shows the time of the most recent message (that I can’t see) in the group. Other than this, I have had no problems and enjoy the app. Edit: I deleted then re-logged into the app, and now I cannot see any of the messages in that group. However, I can still click on the group info and see the images, group members, etc. Also, other group messages and individual chats are unaffected by this. I would really appreciate it if this issue could be resolved soon. Thank you! Edit again: after this update, nothing happened. I still cannot see any messages in the one group (still other groups/messages seem to be unaffected). I get notifications for the group and can click on them, but it brings me to the “group chat” where it says no one has sent anything yet, even though I have gotten notifications. There have been some images sent and I can see those if I click on the button that lets you see all the images others have sent. Please fix!!!
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2 years ago, Mntharp22
Was good, but ran into a major problem
I used to love GroupMe and I would use it for all my group activities that required lots of mass-communication. But recently, it started doing this thing where it doesn’t load all of the most recent messages until I send one. As you can imagine this is very inconvenient and makes me look like I’m not paying attention to the conversation, or I make a comment on something when ppl are talking about something completely different. One time someone sent a very sentimental and heartfelt message, but it never loaded on my end, so I sent a meme and it was very awkward. I don’t think this is just an internet issue though, because it happens to a lot of other people in various group chats. It’s a big deal to me because it kind of defeats the whole purpose of GroupMe if we can’t all communicate and receive messages effectively. It’s gotten to the point where I just don’t send messages anymore because I’m worried that I’ll have another incident like the one I mentioned. Please fix this and I’ll give you guys 5 stars, because otherwise it’s a really good app!
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2 years ago, Noahfox12
I use it because I have to
It’s almost like this app is used by so many people because.. it’s used by so many people. So many groups use it as a main form of communication that it does become a necessity app. However, it’s built like a cheap scaffolding or paper house. I’ve arrived at numerous glitches: messages not loading, the app not loading, password reset issues, it not remembering my email for a few days (how does that happen?) notifications not coming through until I click on the app, profile pictures and names not updating in real time (not even after weeks of people changing them) not being able to add people to groups despite them having the app & a verified phone number after numerous attempts, and an overall ugly UI. Those are my complaints. Although managing so many threads and accounts and messages has to be a challenge in and of itself, I just feel like it can’t be that hard to put a little money into making it work better and more smoothly. It is free though and it works 80% of the time as intended, and everyone is on it so as of now it’s probably one of the best group chat mediums.
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2 years ago, LzzFzz
I’ve been using GroupMe for years, only because I have no other choice. This app is non-functional. It is incompetently designed and frustrating to use. Up until recently you could not delete messages, and even now you can’t even edit them to fix typos. It’s ability to connect to a device is pathetic, regardless of how strong your wifi or cellular data is. You can’t share videos that are more than 15 seconds long, and gifs only work half the time. It regularly glitches out. When you post a photo set, it shuffles the order of your photos. And, when you try to look through photo sets, when you get to the end of one, if you keep scrolling it will take you through the previous set in BACKWARDS. ORDER. When you try to scroll FORWARD. How asinine is that?! And almost always, if you post a large photo set, and you’ve spent 20 minutes trying to comb through to find the perfect ones to fit within the post limit (10), after you hit send, they will simply not show up in the app, and you have to try again multiple times. These are only a sampling of the problems with this app. This app is BROKEN. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE.
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2 years ago, OliviaRaex
Could use some tweaks, but overall I’d recommend
First, I would like to lead with PLEASE create a setting that allows me to disable people just adding me to group chats. Or at least have to request I join before adding me. I am overwhelmed by the number of chats I am added to on a pretty constant basis. But beyond that, the app is pretty user friendly and easy to navigate. I do wish you could pin messages so important ones aren’t missed, but you can search for a message within a group so you can easily find a message you’re looking for. There’s different chat themes which is cute, chats can be made private and require admin approval to add new people, and being able to determine how long you’d like to mute notifications is nice as well. It can get harder to navigate with larger groups especially if you have some chatty folks. A slow mode feature could be great, and improve experiences for larger groups (as far as I know it doesn’t yet exist right now). But overall, solid app.
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6 years ago, douglasallison12
Great, would love more admin privileges
I work with students, teachers and other types of groups with leaders and so have several groups going. The app has helped with organization, collaboration and of course communication. I get more done because of GroupMe. It is so much more effective than email. My plea/suggestion is this: please allow chat admins to configure a chat so that only they can post messages and the rest of the group can “like” or participate in polls and such. With students, it’s easy to get chatter going that puts the number of messages into the hundreds and thousands and they’re just messing around. Then the substantive messages get lost so that the people who persevere have a terrible time sorting out the fluff from the real stuff while other people understandably set notifications to “do not disturb” or leave the chat altogether. I’d like to be able to set a chat with several dozen people for one-way communication and have another group where everyone can chatter and ask/answer questions. That would help my job a ton!
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3 years ago, meaghandoherty
Where is the contact Support?!?
I’ve used this app for the past 7 years of my life. I throughly enjoyed using it to connect with all different groups of friends regarding meet-ups, vacations, and other assortment of plans. It’s a great communicator in that sense to keep you informed with your various groups within your own life. However, the past three years of my life, I’ve been constantly harassed by a friend who has gone a bit psychotic in the past couple of years and has been diagnosed schizophrenic and bi-polar. He will constantly create new accounts every day literally telling me “to kill myself” or “that my life has no meaning and I should just end it.” I wake up every morning to a new account sending me that same old message. I’ve tried countlessly to report the accounts or block them but the next day happens the exact same. It feels like a horrific groundhogs day effect. GroupMe support has never once responded to my feedback request or contact support requests. It’s frustrating because I love using this app, but had to delete because I need to stop hearing hate messages from an ex-friend who won’t stop harassing me on your app.
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5 years ago, Queen🔥🔥🥳🥳💋💋👑👑
Yas Queen🥳👑🔥
Group me is one of the best apps I have been using to contact people. This app lets me contact people, it has its own emojis, and it’s perfect for people who don’t have apple. However, this app deletes messages that you are not really active in. It does help if your inbox is filled but if you want to save something it’s not really good. But on the other hand it makes sure that you are actively talking to people so that’s great! I recommend this app seriously unless you not into that “deleting” thing. I don’t even know if that is true but when I first tried it that is what people told me to be careful about so.... Also, GroupMe lets you see the messages that happened before you got into the chat. That’s great so you can catch up on what’s been going on. It also lets you change what people see your name as so your name can change depending on you not other people unless they are the ones putting you in a chat. But overall, GroupMe is a great app. I totally recommend. Bye! 👑👑👑🥳🥳🥳🔥🔥🔥😏😏😏💋💋💋💋💋
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5 years ago, Myke.M
I just wanted to say that I love your app first of all. It’s a great way to communicate with people. I just started using it matter fact it’s the only one that I signed up for I don’t use the computer that much anymore matter fact not at all during thing I use it for is to look up stuff I need for work and I’ve always was against Facebook and all the other stuff I thought it was too much but now I have your app and I use it to be connected with families for church and it lets me communicate with those people when I’m not at church and I love it for that. awesome company give up the good work I know people complain about certain apps they have where it they fail they are down they don’t work right well since I’ve been using this app never had a problem with anything nothing but five stars for me and two thumbs up...
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3 years ago, bubblegum lifestyle
Needs some updates.
I have been using group me for over 2 years and it is pretty good, except when you try to watch a video it glitches then takes a long tome then it finally lets you. Also i will see that i get a new group me message and it won’t let me view it. The main reason i am writing this review is because of how group me logs you out. i have been logged out multiple times and it is very hard to get back into your account. It logged you out and you can’t get back in. it won’t let me try to type in my email or password. I have been trying for almost and hour and can’t get back in. i am very disappointed because there is some very important information i need to see and i can’t get to. GroupMe please fix this problem. My group me is hacked and i need to get in please group me fixed this problem!!!! i am very mad and i need to get in my group me and stop sending me ads that i won something! please group me stop doing this and fix my account!!
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4 months ago, Mercedy mom
Unfortunately, everyone uses GroupMe instead of Telegram or the Band App for school and church (large groups of ppl). So, I have a bunch of groups and one thing I absolutely hate is: 1. I can’t post more than 3 pics at a time (I have the iPhone 14 Pro). If I do 5 it freezes and crashes. The photos keep spinning and never post and I can’t delete it or stop it or retry. It just spins. I can’t even post video clips into the chat. 2. The calendars can’t repeat so if you’re group meets weekly or does something monthly, you have to create a new calendar each time. 3. Admin should be able to adjust RSVP in calendars. For example, if I sent a calendar event to 35 people and I know one person is in the ER and can’t RSVP I should be able to change her rsvp to No. It’s easier to visually see and manage events. I have provided feedback several times and no changes. The Band app you could do this. Overall, group me has so many things it could improve on. On the positive, I do like the topics that they launch where you can categorize the conversation.
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2 weeks ago, ConorO14
Make Classic View an option
The new update is a UX & UI Masterclass on Failure. The new update misses on all fronts. Let’s start with UI. The new look is bulky and way too spaced out - I used to be able to read lists of messages at once and now I need to scroll years just to catch up on missed messages. Wanna know what makes things even worse? Inserting an additional space below the message whenever someone reacts…what a perfect way to be able to read even less than I previously could! While we’re on the topic - the UX is also terrible! Double click to heart, great if you have 5-10 seconds to wait for the message to actually update with your heart. You want to see who hearted/reacted to your message? Goodluck trying to get the icon hold perfect before it slowly loads with who’s reacted. Oh so sad how the greats have fallen - GroupMe I’m sure the people in charge think this is a great new update - (can’t wait to never use the copilot feature) please please please make an option to revert back to classic view. PLEASE. My GroupChat and how we communicate with eachother lies in your hands.
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3 years ago, Cakelady1960
Hacked?? No longer trusting the app
Hey GroupMe - what’s up with the pop-ups I’m getting asking for my date of birth or I can no longer use the app? I checked it out on the web and found that it was required for security to make sure I was 18 or older so I entered it. Then I received a “GroupMe Support” message and pop up saying I was selected for being a loyal user to receive an iPad. I was curious and tapped the link because it was within an app I trusted and wanted to see if it was legit. It said I won and asked for name and address and then to check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions which were not given in a link there. I had to scroll way down to find a tiny link. When you read the terms and conditions, they plan to charge you $19 immediately and then after 7 days, another $87 for 30 days and that they have full access to use your account information. I think I need to close my GroupMe account and take our group elsewhere.
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3 years ago, etrouty
Glitch Control to Major Tom!
I have used GMe extensively for several years for many applications, especially small, social group scheduling. I ceased use for the last 8 months since the pandemic. Just started using it again and finding numerous glitches in the schedule forum. For example, when typing the location, there are dots in the left corner, but when typing text, you can’t see the letters unless typing a very long name. When dropping down from the location line to enter a physical address, it will not allow the ability to enter a street address. Then when entering a description, if you type out a longer description, but then make a mistake, you have to delete any text filling your typo by using backspace. You cannot just move the cursor to the mistake and edit. Like I said, these are all new issues. I’ve never experienced this before. It seems that GMe has gone the way of the neglect of a larger parent organization buying out a great platform and then ruining it by assuming it can run on auto-pilot, leaving behind the hard work that the startup company invested to make it great.
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5 years ago, Holden14
I’ve always used group me and am happy with it, however, I have had a lot of trouble adding people to the groups. In big group chats that have been around a long time, people do not want to leave the group me or create a new one usually because there are good memories in the group. On multiple occasions I have been unable to add someone back to a group, either because they have left in the past or because they were removed. I have experienced this issue as an admin and a normal user in a group, and if it happens to one person, nobody in the group has the ability to add that person back. If that person is a vital member of the group, the entire group chat gallery and messages are lost because we have to create a new one. This has happened enough times for me to write a review about it. I am unhappy that our previous groups’ memories have been lost and become inactive and wish I was able to start the old chats again by adding the previous members back.
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3 years ago, sim13227
direct message fail
direct messages are not showing up!!! i’m the leader of an organizational I get a lot of direct messages,Until now I hadn’t been receiving them. I tried to figure out what the problem was, but this morning I woke up with a notification. It was a direct message, and when I clicked on it and I went into group me, it didn’t take me to the direct message. I refreshed group me went out of the app came back in restarted my phone, tried everything, and I couldn’t get to that message. Thankfully I remembered who sent it, and I went into a group and found their profile and clicked direct message, and when I clicked direct message-their message finally came up. so I did that with some other groups, and some other people in those groups, and realized I had a bunch of unread direct messages that groupme wasn’t showing me. and I can possibly do that with all the groups, because there’s just too many people, and I know that I have unread messages and it’s really really frustrating and there seems to be no way to fix it
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7 years ago, Mymy7
Solid App
I wish there were some additional features to make this more customizable. For instance a “like” option or “thumbs up” option for different comments that people leave or a way to customize the background or appearance of the message board itself. Otherwise this is a great way to communicate with a group of people. I use this for my baseball team and it’s a great way to know who is commenting on what without having to put all their information into my phone and everyone else’s phone. It clearly shows who is commenting or asking questions. It even allows me to send a direct message to one or two of the people inside the entire group without having to say certain things to everyone on the group chat. I also use this separately for my coaches so we can discuss things we need to work on in practice or cover before games. Overall I like the app and recommend it to other people.
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6 years ago, vivianspits
Navigating Help is Terrible
I received an email that my account was changed over to another email, which was not done by me. I clicked on the link provided to indicate that this is an issue, and their “help page” does not have any link specific to the issue. Still trying to solve the problem, I emailed their support email with a quick little blurb about what’s going on and a screenshot of the email I received from them. My email got sent back for being too large, although it had less than a paragraph and one normal sized screenshot image. This experience has been excessively complicated and my problem is not resolved. I am now sitting with concern about having some random person accessing my account. Upon redownloading the app, it is only allowing me to create a new account rather than having any option to log in with a previously made account. I’ve had to spend way more time and energy than is necessary, and still have not been able to get through the process. I’m a 22 year old college student, so I’m fairly competent with technology, but this is ridiculous.
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3 weeks ago, ANT5712
Getting worse to the point of being unusable
I’ve used GroupMe for 10+ years but in the past month or so, and now in the last week even more so, it’s gotten worse and worse to the point that I don’t know if I’ll continue to use the app unless it’s quickly fixed. I can’t send pictures anymore on a consistent basis, as it just spins out forever and fails to send at least 50% of the time, and bc it keeps spinning out trying to send forever, it’s also background refreshing and killing my battery too. My family group is having the same problem. Then often I’m getting notifications of someone saying something, but when I open the app there is no text and I have to close and open it multiple times to see the message. My groups need an app like this bc we travel a lot and need WiFi-based service to share news and photos but at this point I’m so frustrated that I’m considering trying to move all my groups to another service.
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5 years ago, Dsanforhim
Setting group photos & cloning a group
I’ve enjoyed most of the new features that have been recently rolled out with a few exceptions... Setting group photos, please revert the change - I recently noticed that you cannot do a search to set the group photo anymore which is very annoying and now I have several groups without photos because it is more difficult to set the photo now. Please revert this setting back so that you can search for a photo Cloning, restrict to admin and group owners - cloning is a great idea so that creating new similar groups is much easier, BUT I would recommend restricting this privilege to group owners and admins. I have been in several groups where a group member thinks it would be funny to create a duplicate group and causes more problems than they need to. If this privilege was restricted to admin and group owners, the useful tool would be used by the correct people.
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6 years ago, Asit2
Great, but one suggestion!
This app is by far the best when it comes to large group communication. Not overbearing with excessive notifications due to the mute options but still fun enough to form a sense of unity within the group. However, as somebody who primarily uses this app for a mixture of business and fun, important messages can easily get lost in the daily jokes and conversation. I wish there was a way to have an announcements board where only admins or group leaders can post. Everyone, even those who have the group muted, will be notified immediately (or have this as a separate option “mute all except announcements”). Or a way to pin the announcement at the top of everyone’s messages until the leader/admin sees it fit to remove. This would greatly enhance my group’s communication without having to resort to numerous emails or a separate app.
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3 months ago, 14all41mom
No safeguards to protect kids from predators
Be aware that there is a button on the bottom of group me that allows you to browse and join public groups. There are all kinds of groups including groups with inappropriate content for kids. Also be aware that if you, or a child/teenager joins one of these groups, you/they are visible to everyone in that group and you can now be direct messaged by members of that group. This happened to my son and he was direct messaged by complete strangers (supposedly women) who started asking him for personal info, like what he likes to do and where he lived. I contacted Group Me to see if there were any parental controls to control what groups children can join and they said there are none. It does not matter what protective/content settings you have on the phone. The Group Me App is not subject to those settings. It is backdoor access straight to your kid. It is unconscionable that Group Me has no way to protect kids from viewing inappropriate content and to protect them from predators.
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1 year ago, Gopher4567
Support is apparently unreliable
Problem solved. No notification was given until asked. Here it is: “ The path to the feature in the UI has changed. To use Clear chat history, please follow these steps: 1) Tap the the header of a DM or group to navigate to the Chat details screen 2) Tap the "..." (or more button) in the top right 3) You should find Clear chat history there.” I notified Support a month ago saying that the “clear text” option in Support was not working. They told me it would get fixed. For one day, it was fix. The next day that option of deleting prior messages was completely removed, no longer listed anywhere on the app. I believe the clear prior messages is essential. Without it I find no longer useful reason to keep it.
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3 years ago, hgfddcjj
I love this app! The only problem is the that it asked me how old I was and then said it was suspending me because I was under age! The app is rated 4+! I am 12!!!!!!!! But other than that it is alright. The only thing I would recommend adding how to send a request to invite someone to join. Some of my friends don’t have text but can get app similar to this. How am I suppose to invite them? Maybe there is a simpler way tan sending an invite through text. But I haven’t found that! One bother thing- every now and then it turns my group on silent and then I don’t look to see if I got any messages. These two problems make me frustrated! But I love how there are no adds and that no one can just suddenly start a group with you unless you are in a group with them already. So that makes it safe. I would rate this game a 3.7 star review.
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6 years ago, Cjf_15
Launching via lock screen
When I receive a message and tap on it to pull up the app, it needs to switch to the chat feed to which the message I’m replying to belongs. It does no good to be able to switch to the app by tapping on a message I get from a person/group if the active thread is going to remain on whichever person/group I was using last. Very frustrating to have to remember to double check which thread I’m in when I just tapped on a message from a particular person/group. It would stand to reason that if I tap on a lock screen message from, say, my wife, that it would switch to my chat feed with her when the app comes up and not remain in, say, the group chat feed I have with colleagues if that’s the group to which I last sent a message. Please fix this
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3 years ago, Shunshine21
Good for groups if people reply
We use GroupMe for a neighborhood chat to keep people informed. When people like or reply to messages everything works great. One really annoying feature of the app is if people stop replying or liking other people’s messages, it stops sending the group messages to the individual. They are still shown in the members of the group but they are no longer receiving messages or notifications. It would be awesome if people could continue receiving messages even if they didn’t reply or like others comments. Another annoying thing about the app is you’ll get messages that say they are from GroupMe support saying you’ve won an iPhone or whatever. They are total spam. I wish GroupMe would prevent those types of messages being sent to people inside their app. Overall the app is good. These are just my frustrations with the app.
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6 years ago, nerd in more ways than one
This app is full of crap.
Okay. I use groupme for one reason: it doesn’t require every member in a group chat to have group chat abilities on their device. That being said, it’s a load of crap. I hate it. If someone hasn’t responded, for one, they may not be getting the messages. Second, if *I* set up this group chat, and put these people on it, that means I have their contact information, so if they don’t want to be on it anymore, LET US TAKE CARE OF IT. IT IS NOT FOR THE APP TO DECIDE WHETHER THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO BE A PART OF THE GROUP. Some people are also content to receive the messages and not reply. It’s a thing, believe it or not. Let the members of the group chat deal in their own affairs, and stop making assumptions, especially TWO SECONDS after I just deleted someone and put them back on FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ALLOWING THEM TO SEE THE NOTIFICATIONS AGAIN!!! Honestly! Either cut that out or at least make it easier for someone to discontinue the discontinuation of notifications. This is an awful app and y’all whoever designed this piece of crap needs to get it fixed.
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4 weeks ago, CharbFilmsProductions
Could be amazing, but it’s not…
I have used GroupMe for YEARS now and keep getting aggravated at the lack of intuition in the notification preferences. I am an officer in multiple clubs on my college campus and we use GroupMe to communicate with our members. Many of the clubs have 80+ members and that means there is a LOT of activity. I absolutely HATE the fact that you can’t filter what notifications get sent to everybody, so every time someone gets added or leaves the chat or any small detail is changed, EVERYONE gets the notification. The only solution so far has been to mute the whole chat, which doesn’t allow important information to get to the user. PLEASE add a feature to filter what messages/updates the admin wants everybody to see. Because the “____ has left the group” is not something that every single member has to know. And it needlessly multiplies the amount of notifications everyone receives, resulting in a drop in membership.
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4 years ago, try number 9 for nickname
App quality
Had the app freeze on me a number of times but last week it was stuck on the loading screen and I couldn’t used my phone for hours. I couldn’t even hard reset my iPhone. I was trying everything and accidentally hit my lock button 5 times, which calls the police. The call went thru but since I could not leave the loading screen and use my phone I couldn’t hang up and had to explain to them what happened. They sent people over to my house at midnight to check on us and my parents had no idea what was going on and I had to calm them down and get us back to sleep before we woke up at 4am the next day to catch a flight for vacation. Didn’t have a phone for some of the vacation until I was finally able to hard reset. I love talking to my friends on this application but I have had multiple problems with the quality. This past time was the worst it’s ever gotten and I just got a brand new phone so it can’t be that.
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3 years ago, grpmf
GroupMe in School
We’ve been doing our classes completely online these last few terms. I personally love it, and I like having the flexibility of getting my work done when it’s right for me. However one huge hurdle with online courses has been the complete lack of socializing. I noticed early into these online courses that I talk to my classmates more than I thought. Having to send out emails to ask a simple question was frustrating and lengthy. This app changed everything! I have one for just about each one of my classes. It’s a great way to be able to communicate instantly with a classmate. Since it’s a group message, my question can go out to everyone. So it seems I’ll most likely get an answer to my question sooner at times too. Fantastic app highly recommend!
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1 year ago, I_just_want_the_news
Useful but frustrating
I’ve used this app for years. It can be a great way to chat and connect with groups. I primarily use it with my kids sports teams. Scrolling through the chat to find the calendar or shared images is frustrating. I know you can find those things in the details of a group. However, they rarely load on that menu for me. The changes I wish they would make is an actual calendar tab. If there were a tab where all the active chats calendars were easily accessible it would be the most useful app ever. Currently, I have 4 active sports team chats and finding the calendar for each team and then putting each practice and game on a separate calendar is extremely time consuming and frustrating. Would be convenient to have a tab for all shared images, as well.
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7 years ago, kwagnes
Love the app, but would love more grouping options
I use this app daily for work.. it is a great tool to keep connected and not loose touch. I like that it doesn’t consume a great deal of my storage on my phone. It is also nice to have a long running record of the conversations that have been had. It allows for me to add and remove people as needed and not miss a beat in the conversation. The only thing I would LOVE to see is to be able to make master groups. I have over 30 chats going, and that is just for work... It would be great to make a group and then have subgroups. I have groups with each manager that I work with and then they also have groups with the shops that they work with (team chat groups) I always have to be very cautious to not send the message to the manager in the group for the team. It would just organize things every better.
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2 weeks ago, Jmick001
Works when it wants too
I have been using this app since 2018 and it was really good back then. Not to many problems, it was simple. Through the years I had to use this app for multiple different reasons such as: work, school, group work, etc. But lately the app has been very laggy and glitchy. I have to wait a couple of minutes after clicking a group message for it to open up. I always check to see if the app needs and update or even if my phone needs an update but that’s never the case. I even resort to uninstalling the app and redownloading it. Once I do that it works for a couple of days and then goes right back to being laggy and glitchy. Especially now with all the new “AI” that’s been added. All my coworkers have the same complaint too, it’s so laggy and glitchy most of the time. It’s great when it wants to work though.
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4 years ago, HelenaSagaille
An “All” feature
I love using this app to stay in contact with multiple groups that I take part in. The only feature that I think would make this app perfect and want to inquire about is an “all” button or feature. When I have to get an urgent message out to certains groups of people I find it incredibly time consuming to tag everyone in the message and sometimes certain individuals get left out, therefore they do not see the message. Is there any possible way you guys would be able to include this feature or is already coming in the future in an update? I really appreciate you guys taking this into consideration and I along with many colleagues agree that this would really improve our experience with this app and make it perfect.
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9 months ago, Tom_ATC
Love it but needs features
This would be the superior product for high school class, club, & team communications except for two elements: 1) the recently changed / added ability to delete posts 2) the inability for supervisory permissions School districts have a legal responsibility to be able to investigate allegations of impropriety, hazing, intimidation, & bullying. However school classes on field trips, clubs, & teams need ways to communicate both at event and for planning. It must allow 2-way communication that can be shared/viewed by all. It must permit student leaders to lead, meaning permit them to initiate/direct conversations. The main competition seems to be Remind, and it completely fails at both of those. As currently deployed GroupMe is great for adults & probably colleges. I’m not advocating to change that; however the core of this great platform could be deployed as another product with the ability for an administrator to monitor it, and could be done as a paid product for educational systems. I love being able to communicate in real time, using the tools the students are carrying with them daily, without needing their phone numbers nor exposing mine to them. You can make money from this supplemental release/expansion.
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4 years ago, Sahrif
Use a different group app
This app is buggy and most importantly completely void of any security. You can’t delete chats or block people who you don’t know the phone number to like stalkers, creepy strangers, and mostly scam bots. People who aren’t in you contacts or groups can still direct message you with no way to block, only can ‘hide’ messages. Fat lot of good that does. Bots will contact you for sure, advertising porn and free iphones but GroupMe lets them do it because they don’t care about user security. You will get spammed. Even in normal use it’s a bad app when compared even to email. You can’t send audio, high quality images, video over 30 seconds. You can’t delete posts or search through a group chat. Sometimes you won’t get notifications for no reason. The app loads for a million years. You’ll even get issues logging in and creating an account ‘unknown error’. It’s just a bad app and completely ridiculous they have 4.7 stars. They must be buying reviews is all I can think of
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1 year ago, the girl in the back booth
New messages aren’t obvious
I really want to love this app for all the topics within a group but I cannot get over how tricky it is to figure out where to find the new messages! So I get a ding and a badge on the app when a new message comes in but then… I go to the app and open the group it came from and…. None of the topics are bolded or tagged in any way to show where the new message is located. So I end up tapping on several topic conversations and scrolling around to find it. Sometimes when I’m in a conversation the new message loads a few seconds after opening that conversation, sometimes the conversation says couldn’t load new messages, retry? I’ve tried all the steps in the support section- adjusting notification settings in app and in Iphone Settings, logging out, deleting and redownloading the app, updating the app…Please fix this ASAP!
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1 year ago, GageyBoi8486
Just a few bugs
GroupMe has always been a great place for my friends, coworkers, and acquaintances to talk, chat, and laugh. Never ever disliked anything about it, other than the fact that every so often the app won’t open for days. It’s happening currently, and I haven’t been able to use the app since about 4 days ago. I’ll receive notifications from it, but every time I try and check them or respond the app sits at the initial opening then will force itself closed. Somehow this makes my phone freeze for multiple seconds and slows down all the functions for more seconds after it unfreezes. Hopefully it will resolve itself. 🤷‍♂️ Other than this slight detriment, I love the app and the ability to be able to communicate about so many events, topics, or even memes.
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5 years ago, SilvermistReshiram
Glitch with Notifications :\
Personally, I think this app is pretty good. However, the thing that has been driving me absolutely NUTS is that when I open the app to read the newest messages, it doesn’t update afterwards that I read them, so when I exit the app it still shows that I have those same number of unread messages. I’ve tried clicking on each message on the thread and scrolling all the way up through every message to see if either of those things would fix it, but unfortunately it hasn’t done a thing to fix it. Been SO tempted to just delete the app to get rid of the notifications showing up as unread after I have for sure read them. Please find a way to fix this glitch soon! It is driving me absolutely INSANE!! I really want to enjoy this app, but it’s been so hard to with that glaring glitch constantly showing up. 😞 Please fix this!
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3 years ago, Jojo17*
This app sticks no matter what platform I use it on it does not work there are about 35 of us that use this app in various forms over a 24 hour. Seven days a week sometimes we get a message sometimes we don’t get a message sometimes it goes through 10 minutes later sometimes we don’t ever see the message it’s not any particular platform it’s not the iPad it’s not the iPhone it’s not the messaging app it’s something and I don’t know what it is and it’s very frustrating that I’ve contacted Microsoft 15,000 times and gone on Twitter for GroupMe to ask what the problem is and they keep on telling me delete the app that it’s not just me it’s 40 other people that are having the problem. I don’t know I’m done I’m aggravated I wouldn’t download this app if I was you because they don’t respond back to you I put a Microsoft thing in you can contact GroupMe you got a put a ticket in and wait like five days for a response absolute ridiculous fix the app
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11 months ago, Checha15
Good, but always glitchy
I’ve been using this app for 6 or 7 years now. Mainly started because we could never share videos and pics with groups that had iPhones and androids. Then I started using it because you can’t have more than 10 people on a group text so this was a way to stay connected to my much larger family without having to post on social media. I’ve loved it for that purpose. Fast forward and now every time I go in it it takes forever to load, sometimes it crashes before I get to see anything and definitely it’s hit or miss when trying to post something. It’s not like I have a super old phone either. I have an iPhone 13 Pro and completely updated. Sometimes this slowness and crashing effects me, sometimes it effects others in my groups. I just wish it was smoother all around.
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