Hdate: STD & Herpes Dating App

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2.5 (1.3K)
27.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
GoMatch Limited
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hdate: STD & Herpes Dating App

2.52 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Yolee Polee :-D
I appreciate the gesture of this app, however, I’m not a fan of the idea of having to pay just to message someone like me. I get that money needs to be made but at the same time why prey on people who are vulnerable already? Dating has already become hard enough with knowing what we have and then having to disclose, hence comes the rejection after (if we’re a decent person enough to disclose at all), and then we come to an app that is making it slightly easier but we’re slapped in the face with restrictions and then bullied into paying if we want more features. Perhaps opt to run some ads and make the message feature free?! How about make us pay if we want to add more pictures or have the option of advanced settings?! Like I said, I get that ya’ll need to make money but it’s only fair to show some sort of compassion with little things. Like messaging. This app needs work. I’m deleting my profile as it has no use for me. We’re going through a pandemic and I couldn’t pay the high price monthly if I really wanted to. Like it’s crazy, we’re all liable to suffer from depression on so many levels and they’re wanting expensive paid membership fees for the bare minimum. Gotta do better because this isn’t it. P.S. to the developer, please don’t send me a generic response. This is a review with the exception of a suggestion; not a question for further support. Thanks and good luck.
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5 years ago, Norfnorf
Great idea but can be debugged
This app is really helpful to connecting people like ourselves, however it is a little over priced, and it has a lot of bugs right now. We can’t see all of our comments and it shows duplicates of messages and notifications are not properly updated. Please keep up with updating this app so we can use it smoothly !
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6 years ago, businessonly
In all honesty
This app review is for the creators, thank you. I can’t stress how great full I am for this app. I’ve only had it for about 6 hours now but I’m feeling so much better about life. Seeing how large this community is and how supportive might I add, really helps me put things into perspective. I have a strong hope I’m going to find someone who will understand me on here, if not atleast a good friend to talk to. I’m still new to the app but the only down fall I’d say is (I believe) when commenting on someone’s post and if someone else comments or replies, you don’t get the notification so you never know unless you look for that post again. Like I said I’m new still so I might be wrong but from what I’ve seen it looks like people don’t get a notification. Other than that this app is amazing and I’m so excited to find someone! 💕 thank you so much for creating this app for people like me, I’m eternally thankful. 🙏✨
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4 years ago, TheOfficialBlackUnicorn
I’ve been using this app as an unpaid member for quiet some time now (roughly 1.5-2 years). Before you think of charging your card read the other reviews about limited access even after you pay. This app definitely is over priced and has not had a proper update to be more user friendly since the day I downloaded it. They instead went the opposite route and removed our ability to talk with members whom we matched with. It’s clearly about the money here. The only good thing this app has going for it is the topics “group chat” where you can actually talk to other users but theres always fake profiles there too trying to scam you. Anyone and their mothers can see that the 5-star reviews have the same pretext in the title and same sort of reviews. All paid reviews! That should be enough to keep you from spending a penny on this app. Use it for the community chat. BUT DO NOT FALL VICTUM TO THE URGE. You’ll want to pay to see who liked your profiles: DONT DO IT! In the time ive used this app I have NEVER gotten a message from any user thats has liked my profile & been a paid member. Thats absurd!
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6 years ago, PlayerX2000
This community feels empty
Ive been trying this app for the past two days and am very disappointed in both the app and the community. Firstly I have had to rewrite my profile twice because the information disappears, so my profile looks blank. This makes me wonder if that is the reason that so many profiles I view are also blank. You only get to look at a handful of profile before having to wait. An actual timer pops up with count down to “the next round” like some boxing match game. Any time I try to do anything like message someone or look at who has favorited me Im asked to pay and its pretty spendy for what you get which is a lot of empty profiles with pictures of sunsets (I’ll never understand why people don’t want to show their face on the dating app, not to mention even there location!) so Im very hesitant to buy in. Update. There is no way to delete your profile!
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5 years ago, Anastasia Elena
Don’t waste your $ or time
This app barely works. It’s NOT user friendly. Posts don’t upload like they should, there’s a ton of empty profiles, and anytime you try to do any sort of interaction, you’re asked to pay for premium which is $25/month. Whenever you link any type of social media on your profile or post, the entire thing is censored or immediately taken down which is pretty pathetic. And that happens to both free and “premium” accounts. Basically, if you don’t pay you can only swipe on about 10 profiles a day, majority of which are empty. You can’t message anyone, or see their profile again after you swipe either. You can’t connect with anyone outside of the app since you can’t link social media. Oh and god forbid you say anything negative about the app in a post because they WILL suspend your account :)
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5 years ago, nick ssssssss
They pretend to care, they just want $
The App says there’s two levels. Free and premium. Free you’re supposed to be able to quick match, leave topics, and message upon mutual likes. VIP is supposed to be unlimited messages to whomever wherever regardless of likes or matches. But guess what, you can’t send a single message to ANYONE regardless of likes, roses, faves or matches unless you pay for premium ($25 a month)! Hahaha these guys are LIARS! What’s the point of making free/premium distinction when free is WORTHLESS. Create a profile and match with people but you can’t interact with anyone or search or even RESPOND. Unless you’ve paid. Big money grab. It’s a shame, they said they cared about helping people find love but they just wanna find their way into your wallet then they auto renew until your broke.
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6 years ago, Jerimiah Cuevas
Don’t waste your time if you are serious about meeting someone
The majority of the female profiles don’t even have a face picture. It will be a picture of a cupcake or something stupid. Then if there is a picture there is only 1. Next half the profiles don’t even say what they are living with. You are on a site for STD’s why wouldn’t you just put it on your profile so you can have better luck meeting someone. Then your quick match only lets you look at about 20 profiles before you have to wait 11 hrs to view more.. of unless you want to pay.. lol who would pay for to view more bad profiles.
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5 years ago, Kimbo(:
False Hope
Pretty misleading to say the least. Not user friendly and if you mutually like someone you still can’t message? What’s the point in the roses and favorites if you can’t do anything about it but wait? It will show you who likes you but you can’t do anything until you upgrade for $25/mo! You just get to hope you swipe on them after and fingers crossed that you didn’t use all your swipes because you have to wait 16+ hours to try again. Makes no sense and makes the situation all the more frustrating. Try Positive Singles, at least that’s a more open forum for talking to people.
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5 years ago, jonVRS
Waste of time and money!
I signed up for this app a few weeks ago and upgraded to the VIP or whatever there next level was, and ever since then I’ve had no real interaction with anyone. Some of the messages that I would receive would be all formatted wearied and days late. Then there was a period of time that The app was not working when I was trying to look at the quickmatche section no matter how I would rearrange my preferences. In addition I have tried sending a feed back to support and have yet to hear from them. Plus seems like just algorithms and computers talking to you.
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5 years ago, 11279404
Doesn’t add up?
Not sure if profiles are real sometimes?Reviews are one star or five stars? Someone likes you but won’t come up on quick match? I can understand not sending message without membership. But you can’t look at profile of someone who likes you without paying, really lame. I would pay if there was some attainable value given by having membership. But they hold up a carrot that may or may not be real? All memberships are auto renewal. No preference filter except age/ male or female. Who wants to be hit on by someone of the opposite or same sex if your not interested?
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5 years ago, sichobobsone
First I would like. To say that we as a group are already limited on who is out there to build a life with, why should i 1, have to pay for a membership and 2, have to wait on a timer for me to swipe on a potential person. This is ridiculous. This just adds on top of the already hoops we have to jump through for self confidence and love at some point. There has got to be a better way?!? Why can't we just have an app like tinder and call it a day. Free messages and unlimited swipes.
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6 years ago, M1randa_r
I understand that people need to make money, but not even tinder is that expensive! I’ve got type one herpes and I have been nothing but rejected! I honestly feel like this app is taking advantage of people who are already struggling with love, by making them pay an arm and a leg just to match with someone. All I want is to meet someone and this app obviously isn’t it! So I’m deleting it again because they are taking advantage! There is no way to find people in my city if you keep giving me people that won’t put a location or are like 90 miles away from me!
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6 years ago, idontusualkywritereviews
Little options and little support
Updating (or correcting) your preferences is not an option. And the support team takes long to respond and the issue is still not fixed. Deleting my profile also is not an option. The app just doesn’t provide the options that a user can use, like updating preferences other than ‘body type’ for example. Or viewing all available matches other than what the app thinks is a good match. Maybe I haven’t used it long enough, but so far, I don’t like it and I don’t receive good support.
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5 years ago, p.leah
This app makes it impossible to get a match. You can’t do anything without needing to pay an arm and a leg for it. Most profiles seem like scams as well. It’s kind of awful to make such a bad app, our lives are already difficult to live with HSV, and now they give us hope to be able to find someone who understands only to have that hope viciously ripped from our hands. I’d have better luck finding someone who accepts me on Tinder or elsewhere, and those chances are low to begin with! Don’t waste your time on this scam!
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3 years ago, robbybob1250
Not impressed
It’s really expensive to become a VIP $24 a month or $100 for 6 months. Even after you buy a membership it doesn’t let you do unlimited swipes. There’s also not very many different criteria to filter your search and there’s no list profiles, you just have to swipe through everyone. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it feels like there’s also a lot of fake profiles on here. If this was completely free it wouldn’t be that bad but paying $24 a month for this is a waste of money.
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5 years ago, MO2926
Deleted account
This app is a joke. You can’t do much of anything unless you pay for an account. I got views and likes right away, but couldn’t see who unless I upgraded to a paid account. The quick match feature allowed me to swipe on 3 pictures at a time only twice (which mainly showed me matches were in the US - woo hoo!), before setting me on a timer for 15 HOURS before I could see matches again. I deleted my account after less than 24 hours. Not worth the hassle.
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5 years ago, Elyssa5866
What about being interested in men & women?
I have enjoyed the app so far, really easy to use, but I don't think there is a way to switch from looking for men to looking for women or an option to look for both (other than couples), and I would really appreciate being able to do so!
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5 years ago, FrustratedLesbian
Not for the Gays
The matching for which profiles you get to swipe on is definitely broken. As a woman who likes women, it simply shows me ALL the women’s profiles, regardless if they are gay or not. AND it shows my profile to anyone (MAN OR WOMAN) who is looking for women. Which basically means, I saw a bunch of straight women’s profiles and I kept getting likes from straight dudes, which is both pointless for me (because I’ll never match with a straight chick) and creepy (because I don’t want men swiping me).
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6 years ago, MacBobblestein
I hate it
I’ve only used this app for a few days, but so far I hate it. It’s glitchy and keeps losing certain profile information. The unpaid access is limited to where you can’t even look at the profile of someone who visited you. There is no support or community element at all. Feels... weak. The paid access is very expensive. I’ve had good experiences with positive singles in the past, so I think that’s what I’d continue to recommend.
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5 years ago, happilyusing
HDate is just as disappointing as PSingles. You guys overcharge for a product that is barely decent. The location settings are terrible so it’s hard to find people nearby and the layout of the screens stink. If I knew how to set up apps I would because both of these options are basically taking advantage of a group of people who already feel like their chances at love are Lower than someone who may not have herpes.
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6 years ago, Marsh Baconu
Highly recommend it to all herpes people
I have used this app for a couple of day and I have found there are many people with herpes meeting each other. No matter your are positive singles or couples, it is the best for you.
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6 years ago, ESPN W-_ Li Settings
Settings not Set.
Go to my settings & tap location H app says. So I do exactly that. & guess what? I continue to get the same women of choices. Not twice, but several times, the same pics after I have already submitted a yes or no. And everyone lives far away. I would like to give more stars, But I have to call it as I see it.
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6 years ago, Antonia Whitmann
Life is hard for us
Life is hard for us but with the help from this std dating app, all the things seem go on smoothly and all of us are much more uptimism to our life even we are people with herpes.
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5 years ago, Erie.specشرف محاب
Cost money for features that should be free.
This app and just about any other app I’ve used that is for singles with a std not only costs money but costs way to much money. It’s already hard enough to find some one willing to accept the person you are with an std. adding what these apps in general makes it that much harder. You want more customers make the app more accessible and free.
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6 years ago, Sboykin1
Too expensive.
This app is good for meeting people like you,BUT ITS TOO EXPENSIVE. It’s ridiculous that tinder has more access to certain functions in their app but people with stds suffer and have to pay an EXTREME amount of money in order to talk to or match with more than like 10 people a day.. you limit us and make us feel less about ourselves by making us pay a ridiculous price to find love.
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6 years ago, Irene Alicku
It is easy to use
Hdate is a simple app for us to learn how to use it since we didn’t use a similar herpes dating app before. This app helps us find like-minded people in an efficient way.
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6 years ago, Martin Wrightu
Easy app for HSV singles
Have been on a few herpes dating app and Hdate is by far the easiest for HSV singles to handle. I don’t need to spend much time while I have the right to speak out what I want being a HSV single person.
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6 years ago, Carol Claret
HDate is worth downloading
I have invited my friends who are also looking for some serious herpes dating. And when you see this review, hope you can join HDate as well.
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6 years ago, Fabian Huntingtonl
Start a new relationship
This herpes dating app provides me with an easy and quick way to communicate and meet new friends from all over the world.
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5 years ago, 份證用有效進家使身
helped me find other herpes singles
Convenient herpes dating app for herpes singles to meet HSV singles and positive singles from all over the world,I like it so much. if you have the same trouble. don’t worry about it.
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5 years ago, idontwantabickbamewtf
Normally I don’t pay for apps especially dating apps. I don’t understand why if I paid to be a vip or what ever it is that everything is still really restricted. Like quick match is still super limited... still get a timer for 10 hours after using it once? I’m confused...
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6 years ago, Jerome Lyttonl
Make your dream come true
Dating is impossible for us positive singles. We never say to someone we are HSV patient but never dare to date some one neither. Hdate helps us to make our dream come true.
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2 years ago, lookingforchemistry
In Utah
I’m not a paying member, with that, this app gives me (0 )Communication options with other members , so I’m guessing as a paying member it gives other non-paying members zero communication with you, And no members within reasonable dating distance of me to make it worth signing up for. All in all! it seems this is a complete waste of time and emotion
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6 years ago, Joan Harrison9
Better than Positive Singles
This app is better than Positive Singles because I find herpes singles are more likely to join Hdate than Positive Singles. So I would like to hope you can join us.
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3 years ago, Vegas Lawyer
Can’t change main profile picture.
changed it three times from an old picture where I was heavier to a new picture where I’m in better shape and they keep putting up the old picture even though I’m trying to delete it and I put the new picture over it.
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5 years ago, aluck1990
Using the free version you can only see what’s out there and make no contact with someone at all unless you put your personal info in you profile. With apps like tinder and bumble this one fails in comparison. You should make it easier for people to at least be able to communicate. Limited messages or something unless you’re VIP
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5 years ago, frgfhjj91
not like other herpes dating app
It is not like other casual dating app. This app is only for positive singles. It is private and no other people would know it unless she/he also have herpes.
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6 years ago, Andre Beckc
Positive singles
So many positive singles are using this app and it is the best place for all of to know each other. I will never feel alone any more in the future.
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6 years ago, Blithe Raglan0
A good experience on Hdate
I am new to this STD dating app only for a couple of days, but I really have a good time here. It is one of the best herpes dating apps to find positive singles, and in fact, I have found my partner here.
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6 years ago, Regan Adams0
Have a try
I decided to keep use it after trying this HIV dating app for few days. Its really what I want, and I hope to find the right one here.
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6 years ago, Newman Michaelf
Date people of your same kind
Dating once was never a chance for us herpes singles. Hdate provides a way for us to date and prevent more infection.
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6 years ago, Channing HoodvJl
Herpes singles on this app
A lot of herpes singles on this app is the right place I am looking for a long time and finally I find it before I give up my dream since I got herpes a year ago.
Show more
6 years ago, Mignon Geoffreyl
Recommend this std dating app for you
I found this herpes dating by accident. When I created my account to join this app, I found so many positive singles are gathered here.
Show more
6 years ago, Dempsey Smedley4
So many HSV singles
HSV people always are treated as a special group and we like to gather here to share our stories and encourage each other. Love to spend my time on this herpes dating app!
Show more
6 years ago, Hilary Zephaniah2
My friends are here
I joined a group for people with herpes last year and they invited me to use this app as they said all of the people using this app are HSV singles or positive singles for all over the world.
Show more
6 years ago, Burnell Hertyj
I was so alone before since I got HVS. I feel like that Im abandoned by the whole world. So it is so refreshing to know there are so many of my same kind.
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6 years ago, Bard Norrisf
Looking forward my herpes life
I am new to this herpes dating app and I am a herpes single. I am looking forward my life on this app because I was told this is the best std dating app in the market.
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6 years ago, Duncan Hugginsd
You wont regret.
You will be amazed that there are so much people of your kind here. Like a big family. You can date and mpwh.
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6 years ago, Byron Austinr
Share my beautiful photos
I like to put on my new photos and make people know more about my life through this herpes dating app.
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