Hily Dating App: Meet. Date.

Social Networking
4.2 (184.9K)
235.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hily Corp.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hily Dating App: Meet. Date.

4.23 out of 5
184.9K Ratings
4 months ago, EscYore
Great features. some bugs.
This is quickly becoming my favorite dating app! It has some solid features that are better than some of the more expensive/popular apps. The bugs are minor like when I set my search radius to 50miles or whatever, I will still get matched with people from across the country. Another bug I’ve noticed is they have a tab called “my reactions” or something like that where you can see the people you have liked, but not everyone you have liked end up on that list for some reason which is super annoying because I don’t have time to message everyone right away, so I like to go back to that list when I have more time. Also if I set my search parameters to something like exclude “fit” body types, I immediately get a message that the app has re-adjusted my parameters to help match more. So the option to pick different parameters is useless because it immediately gets changed back to default. Honestly if they fix those bugs and add the ability to match with people who have recently been online instead of always matching with dead accounts, this could be an easy 5star review.
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3 years ago, piperjosh
Skeptical at first
At first I wasn’t sure of the whole app and was definitely skeptical from the start! However as it is I’m enjoying myself, and am actually communicating with beautiful people. Honestly didn’t realize attractive people used dating sites? I have been out of the game a while. Well thanks I’m still on the fence as far as 14 $ a week plus tax goes. But the potential for a meaningful relationship that could potentially last forever is priceless. I’ll give more feedback if I choose to go premium. Suggestion: Let up on the inappropriate pic uploads I couldn’t upload a lot of shirtless pics just because my head wasn’t in perfect full view, also I had shorts on in a photo and the pic didn’t reveal that I was wearing anything, but I’m standing behind a counter. A little annoying the automated system. But then the person suppose to help online just keep asking me to upload a different well I didn’t have any good shots with my face not in perfect full view of this particular look. Not an inappropriate photo however the system said that and made me agree that it was inappropriate before I could move on! I almost canceled at this point, which was last night. Just some constructive criticism. If you want to move forward you gotta ease up on the policing. Get new licenses change the platform rang! This will be the determining factor to yalls ability to evolve and continue for well into the future! Thanks to anyone who actually reads all this chatter! Have a great day
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1 year ago, Fox Nation 18
Tooo many bugs
I’ve gotten a couple of matches to which maybe 20% actually send a freaking reply back (especially since they haven’t been active in over months). But there’s a lot a pretty chicks around me. That’s besides the point tho. I have matches that have been added to my block list that STILL keep showing up in my swipe feed. For instance not to be rude or anything but a down syndrome girl clearly downloaded the app and updated pictures of her on there. I clearly didn’t want anything to do with her so I just blocked her straight up. But she keeps showing up in my feed almost every week. And kinda annoying. And this app also doesn’t record all of my matches that I pressed heart eyes to either. It’s very buggy and I see a lot of the same faces that I’ve already answered to a million times. I uninstalled the app and redownloaded and still got the same problems. It’s a solid app just pleaseeee for the love of peace fix the bugs. I think they should add a timer to people’s accounts to keep the empty profiles out. If you’re not active for over a month your account gets deleted. Or have have a recently active sticker on their profile. There’s also a lot of fake bot profiles as well. For instance I stay in Lousiana and have my distance set to 20 miles around me. But fake model girls from Houston still somehow show up in my feed and reactions. Very questionable. This app just needs a little bit of TLC. Overall cool app to meet ppl.
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5 years ago, rytaost
Was looking for another swiping app. The user interface feels a little overly complex. I read through a lot of reviews before downloading and people were saying they HAD to use Facebook or instagram to make their accounts however this must have been changed as I used email and pics from my phone. The filter settings don’t really work although I think their algorithm does prioritize locals (despite still seeing plenty of people across the country.) the openers are interesting and it has lots of profile information you can add about yourself similar to bumble if you are familiar with that app. The “hot matches” filter that I’m sure you’ve seen it advertised for is a joke you’ll get the same people with or without it. If you are looking for a confidence booster this will match you with lots of people ( however most will not be in the filters you pick). As far as payments you have to sign up when you get the app for the 7 day free trail. If your are not familiar with this you’ll have 6 days to go to the app storage and under manage subscriptions. This is where you need to cancel to not get billed. So to summarize the app is good and worked as a confidence booster. I didn’t see many fake accounts. The filters don’t work but you will still are plenty of people. I’d say give the free trail a fair shot and make your own opinion and if you dislike it just cancel ( personally will not be continuing after the trial but think for yourself after all!)
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11 months ago, Big H reviews
The most unlikely competition for Tinder
This is, on my opinion, the best dating app out there, there is a reason why it’s one of the fastest growing, there is a reason why the close to 15 million people, on here, and that being there free version is really good, you can basically send unlimited likes, it is an app-based platform so you don’t like that well there it is. it’s layout style and match feature is very similar to Tinder and Hinge. you can either swipe right/left on a person or you can send them a message (via when someone their hobbies on their bio ) for free. The only few downsides it is that a lot of the people are just simply looking to chat and not interested in a relationship unlike most dating apps, nothing wrong with that but the app feels more casual then a lot of others. and another downside is this app will hound you for money more than any other dating platform. and some of the real dating features are blocked by a pay wall. but the free version is just so good where you can easily find what you’re looking for just by casually talking to others. overall, it is the best dating app whether it is a chatting with new people, looking for something casual, or looking for a serious relationship, this app has it all. you could say I hily recommend. :/
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4 years ago, a you hi
Bad app
Yo I have to say I was reading the reviews and I don’t disagree with any of the other one star people it’s absolutely true. Are usually don’t give a review at all. but I was banned for know particular reason and didn’t get no explanation of exactly why I was banned, I was expecting a review of my profile in a follow-up to tell me exactly what I did wrong to get banned. their customer support or y’all because I know they see this is a**. I would have understood if they was to put my profile on hold and reviewed it and then give me a follow up on exactly what I had did to get banned pacifically but instead I did not get that. I’m not here for the bull I don’t want to hear any of that bull because at the end of the day y’all made the app, I would expect y’all to at least give a proper review of mines or any one of y’all other customers are account, and give them a good explanation and at least tell them exactly what they did exactly to get banned, end at least make it where you can’t get banned for saying something as simple as hey, lol because that’s what it look like I got banned for. Hopefully y’all are having a good day and that y’all might be able to enjoy the app in the future, because I won’t, because I was banned for no particular reason but besides the point hopefully they take what I said to consideration. But for now I would not advise this app to anybody it kind of just whine up being a waste of time for me and I really don’t like wasting my time
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3 years ago, IMSAVINGYOU444
I’d say around January 2021 to around the end of February was the best time. If your a man this app is not going to be in your favor. Most of the people that you want that are attractive are for the most part long distance. If the women are attractive then they are either not on the app (barely using) most of the women that are close aren’t even attractive. The live talks was was interesting before but you have a lot of younger girls on here (18 years) that are just doing all type’s of nonsense on it. The lives are mainly dominated for women to just get gifted the diamonds, and a lot of the gifters (are mainly men) spending money on these women inflating their egos. Now the only women that are coming to this app, that go live are mainly looking to be gifted diamonds for the most part. The app was good before but Hily messed it up by making this app solely for the purpose of these guys spending diamonds. I know for a fact it’s about 80% of men spending money on this app than women. If you are a guy and want any attention you have to spend $10 to boost your account. This is even if your an attractive guy as well. (And you know if someone account was boosted is if they are at the top of the live with a large number) if you aren’t boosted you’ll show up anywhere on the live stream. Don’t waste your time on here now, nobody really even use this app anymore. The ones that do use it, have nothing better to do with their time besides to be on on here.
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9 months ago, AlyssuminWonderland
Scam!! Steer clear!!
To start, this app doesn’t offer a lot of safety features. Your active/online status is constantly on and there’s no way to turn it off, this causes people to feel entitled to get answers. On top of that, anyone can message you, not only people who you like back, meaning the active status makes those not matches feel they should be replied to. They don’t make it clear that your profile will be shown internationally, which I think is an issue. A lot of people don’t have the money to travel internationally, so it doesn’t make sense to be shown that way. You have to pay in order to have a preference on the distance to yourself, meaning you have to go premium in order to see people 30 miles or under away. Hily just wasn’t an app for me. They don’t filter out to match your preferences, they claim by liking or not liking, you help them know, yet they don’t actually show people on your preference. They also send notifications that you “swipe no” too often but if I was shown people I prefer, I wouldn’t have to swipe no. To end, I tried to delete/deactivate this app, they didn’t delete my account!! They “paused” it. I definitely clicked “deactivate account” not pause. I hated this app and wanted to be off it completely. I felt unsafe and feel very unsafe it’s still “paused”. Thankfully, I did delete all the pictures of myself and added filtered ones that don’t look anything like me.
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9 months ago, Critic-101
Good Matching But...
Tinder is bad at matching, and requires a lot more effort to be in the top 20% plus the majority of the people who are active really are there for clout. Tinder has a better messaging system. Hily on the other hand is very good at showing the spectrum of people but its still a 60:40 ratio which is underwhelming, again dating apps keep forgetting the main purpose of what people are actually looking for and that is to establish a good connection, and this app fails on how you actually are able to communicate with people especially when it comes to the messaging system, its pay to see who likes you, then if the other person doesnt have it they cant respond, again getting ones attention is very very hard on this app, and most of the people who return the favor of replying usually reply one time and then leave you on read, which is a downfall. So again paying to see who you want to chat with, then failing to actually respond and or see the response kills the chances of matching... So yeah they need to improve the messaging system and make it so that priority users get the attention first especially since they bought the fact to see them in the first place... also gifting is absolutely useless from what i can tell...
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4 years ago, Tierdrop99
I Was Hacked and Nothing Was Done About It
I’ve had Hily on my phone for probably a year or so. The app never got me anywhere so there was a period of about 2 weeks where I stopped using the app. When I went back on it, there were dozens of matches and messages that had appeared to be made within a few hours to profiles that I had never seen. These messages were asking the men to go to these Snapchat accounts that I have no affiliation with. These messages were made during a time period where I was at work and not on the app and I had my phone in my pocket the entire time these messages were made. I responded to a few of the profiles to explain to them that I wasn’t the one that messaged them and then my account got disabled. I messaged the in-app support team and I was told that an investigation would be conducted and I would be contacted later. After about 2 weeks I hadn’t heard anything and I emailed the support team. I was asked to verify my photo and after I verified it, it seemed like that was the only issue. However, when I emailed the support team to ask why I was hacked, the response was “I advise you to change the passwords but I don’t see any problems with the app”. However, since no one had access to my phone, I don’t see how the hacking and the messages could’ve come from my end. In conclusion, I can no longer trust this app and I don’t recommend it to anyone else.
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2 years ago, $peedy23
This app is a money pit not worth it at all
Ok so I downloaded it set up an account just to see what’s up it’s all over Snapchat so must be popular well there are a lot of people on it but this app is a money pit constantly throwing up stuff in front of the screen saying get premium 5 dollars to see who sent you a reaction this and that buy a boost pay for this pay for that buy these dumb little gift token things for girls on live stream idk tinder is simple you can buy premium or gold or whatever and you unlock all the features same thing with bumble tinder is expensive for no reason I don’t get it bumble isn’t as expensive and is alot better in my opinion this app just wants you to spend money there is so many buttons and so many features it drowns out the one reason people are on the app for to either find a partner or to get laid there’s so many things just thrown up on the screen and when I’m tapping threw the photos it just likes someone like I’m tapping to quickly it’s not simple enough for something that is supposed to be simple it’ll drain your money and I got so many reactions and likes so quickly it seems like a scam I don’t think I’m that hot so I wouldn’t buy it it’s got major scam vibes and It seems like whoever made this app is trying way to hard
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1 year ago, Tomtomtnt
It has more paywalls than any other dating app
And paying for it is not worth it. At first it seemed to be a decent app; it’s organized, has a lot of people using it, and has a 24/7 help line. But it turns out those pros for the app are pointless. Because from my experience, I realized that the app doesn’t give you a chance to match with the people who liked you. Because those peoples profiles don’t pull up when you're swiping. And I know this because the app tells you name of the person who liked you and those names never came up in swiping. So I messaged the help line thinking there was just a problem with the network of finding people. Which the helpline basically confirmed their was a problem and that it stemmed from preferences, even if your preferences were slightly different. But their solution they gave me was that there was nothing to do besides paying to see who liked you by unblurring their profile, even if you are already paying for premium. So basically they confirmed there was a problem but the only way to fix it was to pay more money. Which it’s honestly weird that they have so many paywalls because they seemed to just get in the popular dating app market. So even tho there going up against big names like bumble, hinge, and tinder, they still have more paywalls than any of those.
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5 months ago, AsokaM
Being honest I haven’t had a bad time on this app so far. Found it because of TikTok and gave it a try payed for premium because yes I’m impatient and curious who liked me plus you get “Major Crushes” every day so you can send a first message for a first impression before the match and all that jazz. I am sick and tired of the distance settings tho. Normally I don’t care about distance I like to drive however I set my max distance to 60mi and made sure that the app does NOT extend the range to find more people however I see people in NY which is fine but not to the point that someone is 260mi or more away when I have my settings set to 60mi max… Being honest don’t really get much matches in general don’t really care about that part but then I’m getting likes from all these people that are not showing up in my feed but I’m showing up in there’s and they end up being 6-9 hours away😑 That is all again not a bad app just annoying how it seems like the set distance doesn’t really work
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2 years ago, droopyheart
Rigged and confusing
I’m not sure on how I was once able to at least watch ads to at least see who visit my profile or sent me a message but now it’s limited? Not even daily, just a certain amount so now I can’t even see who likes my profile or views it. I can understand if someone wants to get a message to someone through major crush even if they might not respond, but to make someone pay to see who visit their profile is a major downside to this app. You can’t block certain people from viewing your profile either so if someone is stalking someone the other person can’t even see. I’m not asking for every feature to be available to those who don’t pay, but for the people who come here to meet someone then realize you have to invest in an app just as other way terrible apps, makes you reconsider using this app because it’ll fall in the same category. I’d love this app more if that feature wasn’t so dull because many people want to meet someone and get off the app, not spend their lives investing in it. I’d give this 5 stars if that was available and would claim this app to be better than the rest but until then 3 will be the highest possible
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2 months ago, Mnmad 1
Not worth one cent.
First I would like to say that you should prepare yourself for frustration with this concept. Advertised as thousands of local singles. Try about 70 tops and 80 percent being 18-20. Not the worst part of the app. Second you will buy a package believing that if you do get likes or people to visit your profile you will think you would get to see and chat with them. Not the case. In there advertised package you receive 5 unblurs. Meaning everyone you could potentially be trying to communicate with is a mystery. And those 5 unblurs, well that’s for a week. Not to mention that if your straight and put straight as you preference. That if I man pops up from not knowing who is hiding, well that’s gonna cost you one unblur. Also distance isn’t included until oh, your someone I’d be interested in but your 600miles away. You can buy more unblurs, but what for? To maybe get someone you’d actually pursue, who’s actually close, and who’d actually message back. But they have many compatibility, rewinds and a bunch of other worthless tools you might think about using after you’d match and chat. All in all not worth it. Totally disappointing and just a terribly thought out concept. If you looking to meet someone, well I’ve met more women at a gas station in a year. So I’ll stick to buying gas.
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6 months ago, Brandons100
Definitely a Scam
Saw an ad for this app on TikTok. Figured I’d try it out real quick to see what it’s about. Had it for a few days now. Pretty sure 90% of the accounts are completely fake. If you get any likes you will never be able to match with them since they never pop up on the feed. Only way you’ll ever be able to see them is if you pay, and like I said I’m pretty sure the accounts are fake so you’d literally be paying to match with fake accounts. I’ve also received a message which is similar to getting a like, but once again you have to pay to see it. I can tell from the picture of the account that messaged me that the girl is clearly attractive, which makes you want to pay even more so you can match with them. I can also tell from my likes that they’re all attractive even though they’re blurred. So they use fake accounts with attractive girls to make you want to pay to match with them. Only way I’ve gotten matches is if I like first, then the girl matches, but every match I got either doesn’t reply, unmatches or the account gets deleted. There’s also annoying ads that’s constantly pop up when using the app. Lastly there’s a live streaming section where girls just promote their onlyfans. This app is complete trash. Just another scam. Will be deleting.
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3 months ago, Jjjjjjjjjj7074780
Just to give you a back story I don’t take dating apps seriously but instead see how fair and honest the app is. Hily is an incredible app for women but I will say for men you will most likely not get a match as you have to pay for everything. I have had hily for two weeks now and have 8 like none of them I have seen or matched with. You have a much better chance at using bumble, hinge, or even tinder if your trying to find a match. I understand business and I understand how marketing to women is how dating apps work but completely forgetting about the guy and having them have to pay 15 dollars a month just to match with someone is insane. A lot of men I have spoken with have said that Hily is biased towards men I didn’t believe them, I know all apps like these are biased but I really couldn’t have guessed how much Hily really makes it hard for men to find love. Hily I think you and your team need to figure out a way to use your marketing for men as well. As your competitors already are marketing to men and women allowing men to match and find love. I think if you don’t fix this issue fast word of mouth will get around and you will lose a massive amount of the male audience which will in essence break your business.
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1 year ago, Krook303
This is the only app i’ve ever used that has taken away nearly all of its redeeming features over time. I’ve been ising the app for years and It used to be unlimited likes then 100 likes per day then it became 50 likes and now its 30 likes per day. Absolutely everything is hidden by an outrageously priced $15/week yeah $15 A WEEK just to get some of the features that were free a couple years ago. It also recycles old accounts that havent been used in years into the swiping pool, even if you’ve matched with them before. It even included one of my old friends that had passed away 3 years ago. Not to mention all the bot accounts and unskippable 30-40 second ads. This app used to be cool but has went to absolute garbage with obvious desperation to take my money. I suggest you save yourself some time Update: the developer has not acknowledged anything mentioned in my review, except that the app is free. Nothing mentioned about how features that were free are now $60 a month. No mention of recycling matches. No mention of the bot accounts. No mention of why it costs so much even though the absurd amount of ads are supposed to “help fund the app”. If the developers response isnt obvious enough to steer clear of this money trap, i dont know what to tell you.
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10 months ago, DatBoiYouKnow
The one dating app that’s really worked
3 Reasons why this app is simply superior to the others on the market: 1. I got lifetime access to all the premium features for $70. This means I’ve ended up paying way way less than I have payed or would have payed for access to other apps over time. 2. They seem to advertise to a lot of people, especially young women. I have actually found what I was looking for. The money that people spend on here actually seems to go towards helping them get more potential matches to join the app. I’m sure they still profit but they don’t seem as greedy as other apps. 3. This app hasn’t wasted my time by making me swipe through inactive or fake profiles to find people nearly as much as other apps. I went through all the profiles in my area and about 5 new people who match my personal criteria join every day. All I have to do is go through those daily, and they often reply. I get about 1 match every 2 days, which is way better than hinge or bumble. Less time sink, more girls. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s blown its competition out of the water. It works. If you have money to spend, i’d recommend paying for this app, I’d recommend for everyone to use bumble and hinge without paying for them, and i’d recommend you avoid paying for any other apps because they are ripoffs, especially tinder. I wrote this positive review in hopes that people won’t spend their money on all the garbage out there. I’m still upset that I did. LOL
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5 years ago, Someguy2211
It falsely reports you.
I got this app yesterday because I’ve seen too many ads for it so I decided to finally get it. Within that 24 hours I matched with 6 people and I used the same message on them all. “Hey (name)! How are you on this lovely day?” I did that in the morning and then I was with my business team at a Labor Day fun day and I got on my account this morning and it said it was disabled, and I cannot make another one. Reason the support team said my account was disabled. “I have checked why your account was blocked and found out it was suspended due to multiple complaints about your behavior and unacceptable offers. Unfortunately, your profile could not be restored.” What? Asking about someone’s day and not even getting a response for the people I matched with was me acting unacceptable or making unacceptable offers? I explained the situation to the support team and all I got in return was. “Unfortunately, your profile could not be restored.” I could make another email to try and cheat the system but I’m not going todo that to be “Unacceptable and make unacceptable offers.” again. This app tries to be good with the way it verifies people are real and that’s the only plus I have from it. It’s buggy and hard to use. I’ll be moving on to other apps.
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4 months ago, Llllllok
Disgrace to dating Apps
This doesn’t even feel like a dating app. The whole concept of paying to see who finds your profile appealing is ridiculous. I have so many reactions and account views but have not been able to even find a match I’m interested in as I have to pay to reveal a majority of my options. I get that this is a business but you really cannot even call this a dating app. It’s feels more like as if I’m on some dystopian match making platform that operates based on how much money I’m willing to cough up. Instead of asking customers to spend hundreds of dollars a year for “companionship”, how about you guys actually provide people a platform where they can comfortably match with someone based off true mutual attraction and not based off payments. So overall I am not only disappointed in you guys but just disappointed in dating apps in general. I really wished they would be managed by people who are actually interested in improving online dating for the betterment of society. Unfortunately it turns out Hily is just like the rest of the dating apps, a platform solely looking to capitalize of the loneliness of young people.
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4 years ago, JLH the III
0 Stars - Huge Scam - $400+ lost
This app is about the 4th dating app I’ve tried to use. I had high hopes for it based upon what they “promised” but within the first few days I matched with countless bots/fake accounts and the app crashed/glitches all the time. I went in and deleted my account first and then the app before my free trial ended. Little did I know that was only the beginning. For the next 6 months I was charged $15 every 7 days for their premium service when I did not even have an account with them anymore. Essentially I was charged for close to $400 now, and I had the app for 3 days. Since I failed to recognize it sooner and follow their shady practice of cancelling my subscription in the App Store separately, I was billed 4 times a month for an app/account that did not exist anymore. I contacted their support explaining my situation and they simply said sorry it’s in our policy statement that you agreed to and you should have cancelled the subscription in the App Store. Contact them for any refund opportunities. Needless to say I’m livid right now and can see why they have so many terrible reviews. Please avoid ever using this app as they have no interest in helping you find someone, unless that someone is Benjamin’s for their pockets.
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12 months ago, Limit your success
If you want to feel smart
This app creates fake profiles to try and get you to purchase subscriptions. I take comfort when knowing that everyday they add more and more profiles to try and get you to give them money, and there’s legitimate businesses who make WAY more money because they have SMARTER business practices. I’m currently at 45+ crushes and every time i swipe until i can’t anymore i don’t a anyone, EVERYDAY. It’s funny to think someone thought this would be a good idea, and that they would not limit their success. I’m here to add to the 1 star reviews who are not stupid to the stupid business practices that they try to implement. Also to let other people see what excuses they use to this honest feedback. In almost every response they apologize for how hundreds of people “could feel this way” about Hily. xD They have rigged the conditions on both sides so you have to pay to match, that’s why they won’t give you the show hidden likes or whatever because you they want you to buy them and then a subscription limit runs out meanwhile the algorithm doesn’t show you any matches because then you wouldn’t buy the show hidden likes. Like I said way to limit your success
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5 years ago, big_mango
It’s not bad but it needs work
Ok so I’m going to start off by saying that it’s not a great app and it’s very very expensive. I’m 22(M) and I’m ok looking and i got a lot of matches. Only one was a fake profile but it was a catfish not a bot. This app is great at finding new people but I guess it’s kind of weird for women because anyone can text them. I kind of like that but I can see how that can be off putting. Anyway the real feature that’s broken and that makes this app not worth it is its location sensor. It doesn’t give you people within your specified range and even though you say what your ethnicity is the ethnicity filter is also broken. If those 2 very simple to fix things are fixed this would blow ANY dating app out of the water. As a computer science major I can say that they’re easy fixes of the developers ever got around to it. If anyone from the development team is reading this, fix it and you’ll have a lot more people on the app!!
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1 year ago, alisonkristina
This app is literally garbage. I was on it for a couple of days and everything was completely fine. They didn’t warn me that my account was odd or was going to be disabled for whatever reason. My account was perfectly fine without any issues. All of a sudden my account is disabled/banned and it’s gone “forever”. They said they can’t get my account back. I get irritated and I ask multiple times what i did wrong for my account to get banned and where I can’t even get it back and they don’t tell me at all. They just send me a list of rules and regulations instead of specifically telling me exactly what I did wrong. It’s like they just banned my account just to do it. So i tried asking my question again and again and telling them how it’s unfair to ban my account without any warning so I could fix it. They don’t even listen to me. So i email them directly and they STILL do not help me. So don’t even bother with this garbage app and just stick with tinder or bumble or something. Because Hinge will just randomly ban your account for no reason and won’t explain what you did wrong and then say “it’s out of their hands”. Hinge, you’re a garbage app.
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4 years ago, Asihlyn
Made a new account and was blocked immediately.
I literally JUST created a new Hily account using my Facebook and while checking my e-mail to verify my account, I got a notification that my account had been blocked. Immediately. I contacted the live chat for help because obviously this was a mistake and I had not done anything wrong or broken any rules. When I informed the live chat worker of my predicament, they told me my account had been blocked due to “suspicious activity”. However, when I asked about what suspicious activities they were referring to, they simply replied, “I am sorry but your account won’t be restored”. I did absolutely nothing except attempt to verify my e-mail. Seems like kind of a cop-out answer to a problem I’m having, especially since I didn’t do anything to deserve being blocked in the first place. I was really interested in trying Hily since I had seen so many ads about it on my social media and became intrigued, but it looks like I won’t get a chance to. Oh well. Back to Tinder. Also, most of the positive, 5 star reviews for this app look VERY fake and say the same generic, positive things. I find it off-putting that you’re asked to pay money as soon as you download Hily.
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5 years ago, Kelsey Rohrer
Absolutely horrible app. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! I only downloaded because of the ridiculous amount of times I was spammed with its ads and I just wanted to see what it was about. I was extremely disappointed with the glitching of this app. I nearly had a stroke trying to set up my profile bc of the amount of glitching. Once I got it all figured out it I realized that I was seeing people in my feed from all around and I couldn’t find a filter for the location so that was pretty useless. Then after a day of being on the app still trying to figure it out and see how I felt about it I was blocked from my profile until I took a verification photo which is totally normal and expected so ofc I had no problem with doing so. I took the picture and then it said that I was blocked from Hily for violation of rules. I contacted the help line to see what the problem was for I was definitely not a catfish and had no filters or anything in my profile photos and the person who was talking back with me was extremely rude and did nothing to try to help me figure out the situation. So again I 100% do not recommend this app for it is complete garbage and the developers behind it don’t really care about their customers.
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5 days ago, LonePainter1
Good but need fixes to premium
I’ll start this off by saying that this is a very good app in comparison to many other dating apps. They don’t punish you for swiping to much and they are super restrictive with how many likes you can have along with being generous with giving out things like crushes which is the equivalent of a super like on bumble. They also don’t push you down and your able to be seen in the algorithm and the customer support is actually willing to help. For the casual user this app is great but I have one big problem. Iv paid for there premium and none of the premium filters work which honestly repeats most of the purpose of having premium. Iv reported this to customer service repeatedly as it’s a coding issue and asked them to pass it on to developers but about a year later no changes have been made and still none of the premium filters work at least on iOS. Besides this they are generous with premium benefits I have contacted support 3 times in a attempt to resolve the issue and have sent them videos of the issue with no way of resolving the issue
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5 years ago, Jtknutti
100% bots
You may be thinking to yourself, wow I’ve seen so many ads for this app, I may as well give it a shot. DONT. This app literally ADVERTISES ITSELF as being heavily moderated, with only real people, and yet in 30 minutes of swiping I encountered more fake accounts telling me to send them an email or add them on kik or with the same picture and copy pasted bio than I’ve ever seen on tinder and bumble combined. There’s also a huge number of profiles that solely exist to sell you nudes on snapchat, which they explicitly state in their bio. When you encounter a profile that isn’t a fake account, chances are it’s somebody in some state thousands of miles from you. To put it bluntly, there are almost zero attractive girls on the app, which I suppose isn’t something that the app itself can control, but if you do see an attractive girl, check the profile because chances are it’s the same bio copied and pasted from the other 1,000 spam accounts you’ve already swiped past The broken English that the support team replies in implies to me that this app is a quick cash grab looking for people to get on and start the free trial, forget they had it, and get charged. Do not download this app, it is literal garbage.
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3 years ago, jalynmesser
This app is terrible and sketchy
I had just downloaded it and then random guys texted me, I personally wasn’t “into” the guys so I naturally deleted the messages. At least I thought I did. They texted me again but it was like they hadn’t texted me the first time. Then I realized you can “unmatch” with someone. So I unmatched with these guys and when you click that feature it says that they can’t text you anymore. BUT, they did!! I actually confronted one guy and said why do you keep bugging me? He was truly confused. He said “what do you mean? I texted you once?!” And I said no, you’ve texted me repeatedly different things and I’ve deleted the messages and unmatched with you and he goes “well that’s weird because the messages are empty on my side, and I’ve only texted you once” I said huh, well I’m sorry but I think the app is texting for you!! I said this is happening with a few other guys in my messages as well. I told him I’m deleting the app because it feels really sketchy and glitchy and I don’t trust it. He said yeah I’m doing the same! I wouldn’t download this app by any means. It’s premature, sketchy, glitchy and I don’t trust it!!
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5 years ago, : ()::
Why did you charge me?
I kept the app for under two weeks. The first week is free and I had no intention of paying for the second week. I forgot and I was billed. The app was garbage and everyone I met had the personality of a tree. After I canceled further payments I found that they billed me again for the third week which I had already deleted the app and denied further subscription. At the fourth week they bill me again except my card had been shut down due to other fraudulent purchases out of my control. Side note I did not know at this time I had continued to be billed after the second week. Once the card was declined and they couldn’t bill me my App Store basically had a stroke and now I cannot download any apps on my phone. Even after fully deleting the card from my phone. And trying other tricks online. Thanks Hily you’re more like the needy girlfriend I never needed more than anyone I found on your app. 1 star for obvious reasons. And besides. Why the heck is this app so expensive it’s useless and I swear half the woman I matched with were bots or Snapchat porn filmers. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. VERY DISSATISFIED AND WILL BE TELLING EVERYONE OF THIS TERRIBLE APP.
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4 months ago, Italiano813
Big waste of money!!!
I do not write reviews, but in this case, I’m gonna start writing reviews because I feel like there’s so many apps out here that scam and cheap people out of money. Before you buy this app, this is what you need to understand that you are going to pay a $20 fee to just see what is on the app to talk or to see who looked at your profile you pay another $7.99 and that’s only for 5 looks So just 5 interactions that you might not even get a hi or anything… So you spent $30 for what because the app solicit on TikTok that you can fine beautiful people on here so I did a trick. If you’re a girl it’s free if it’s a guy you pay. This is a discriminating site. For dating people especially for guys so if you wanna waste your money by all means waste your money, I promise you you’ll look at this and say I was right Apple will not refund your money nor will the site refund your money they use AI technology. Go and look up POF, hinge, blk, Tender, bumble all these sites charge of one time fee. That’s how dating website should be not a scamming money, hungry rich person who made a site and tried to scam money.
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7 months ago, leopolanco845
I’ll give it a solid “meh”
before I elaborate on my explanation on why I put two stars, let me just state, this is a no way to developers fault and it has nothing to do with them. Just an overall experience with the app is what I wanted to review. from my personal experience literally no one matched with me and if I did, I would get left on seen or delivered without a trace. and it seems like if you don’t pay money, then no one will match with you… and unfortunately it made me delete the app and my account due to that discrepancy. not to mention, even if (for my case, women) you’re swiping and you see a woman who “liked you” they won’t message you back. it could just be a me thing, but I don’t understand the point of downloading a dating app if you’re not not willing to reciprocate to the idea of texting people. that’s a problem with dating apps nowadays they’re not how they should be. I’ve tried out other dating apps, such as hinge, HUD, Tinder. all the same idea so in my opinion, it’s just not worth it based on my observations.
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5 years ago, booooooooboo
Worst app ever created
I’ve literally never left a review on an app before but I’m doing it for this one because it was literally so bad. It’s nothing like tinder or any other dating app where you have to match to be able to talk, anyone can message you and i was basically spammed with notifications. Before i could even personalize my profile i had already gotten 20+ likes and the app would glitch because i was getting multiple notifications at once. Once i opened a message it wouldn’t mark it as read. And i didn’t have any filters or anything set for who i could see or who could see me other than a 30 mile radius filter and it was giving me people from everywhere like one was Georgia and i live in Louisiana. I was on the app maybe a few hours and it aggravated me so much that i just had to get off. And i tried to give it a few more chances but i just kept getting spammed with an unreal amount of people, like i couldn’t even go through them bc there was so many and my phone was going off constantly to the point that i deactivated my account. The app is very glitchy and horrible. Do not waste your time.
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2 years ago, Torimadisyn
Some of the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered
I was temporarily banned and when I reached out to customer service for an explanation, I was give two different answers, passed around to three different agents, and was dismissed repeatedly when I asked for more specific clarification to their vague answers that made absolutely no sense. Come to find out I was banned because of sending “spam messages” which apparently was from users reporting me for asking them to message my Instagram straight off the bat and them assuming I was a “fake” or “catfish” account because of this. Even after I explained that this particular app is glitchy and that’s the reason I reach out with that message, and that I was unaware that even qualified as “spam”, they still would not acknowledge or apologize for not just initially TELLING ME THAT and being straight forward with me so I could just be mindful in the future to chat with people more before suggesting they reach out to my Instagram. This was a horrible experience and I honestly never want to use this app again, nor do I suggest it to anyone else.
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4 months ago, Organ Juice
Race preference
This is a really good app. Much better than the rest. I don’t feel scammed when I get on here. But there is one feature that I think ALL people would really appreciate. That would be race preferences. Not all caucasians want to date African Americans and vice versa, not all his Hispanics want to date caucasians, African Americans, Cubans… my point is that MOST people prefer to date their own race. That’s not being racist, that’s just a straight fact. Yes a big percentage of the population wouldn’t mind dating a different race. But the percentage of people wanting to date their own race is much much higher. You cannnot deny that. This is a really good dating app not gonna lie. The only thing that is kind of annoying is that you have to keep liking profiles in order for your profile to get seen on others feed. I feel that if your swiping past profiles that you do not like, that should count as pretty much being active. Anyways That’s my two cents to throw out there.
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4 months ago, Shrek 89
Reskin of all other scam/paywall dating apps.
I set it to 5 stars so hopefully it goes up top. These apps are all scams don’t give these people money they make no value in the world. They dedicate all their time and resources to research on how to exploit your dopamine receptors. If you think about it, getting a match is the last thing they’d want because they can’t live without your monthly payment, so if you find someone you stop paying them. Nobody is actually on this app. If you try to delete your account they do everything they can to get you to “deactivate it” instead so they can keep showing you on the app to make it seem like there is people on it. My only dream is one day we realize that making something of value and quality is impossible when the goal is to profit.
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4 years ago, Mer-Shay
Okay app but I had a weird experience
Of course there are a handful of weirdos on this app and very few nice guys. I didn’t keep this app very long because it’s costly on a weekly basis and there was one guy I enjoyed talking to but I had to be the one to reach out to him more than once to get him to talk to me (and he was the one who sent me a message first). It got pretty old and I decided to move on. However, ladies—be wary of one guy who has abs, a lot of tattoos (Seaworld theme), and a pretty face. I thought he was nice but he’s a “sexual” person (probably a pervert) and started asking me to send him pictures of me in my panties when we began texting. I told him no and that I don’t do that type of thing with strangers via phone and he was upset and that was the end of the conversation. What made it worse was that he had the balls to ask me if it’s true black women are good in bed. Not only was I offended but annoyed he would ask me if I was some expert on the sexual activities of black women. How the heck am I supposed to know that?? Anyways, be wary of this individual. His name is “Cris”.
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8 months ago, geonomer
Good app but you have to pay for everything
This app really has the potential to be the best dating app. Really, it has everything it needs and doesn’t strike me as extremely superficial like tinder. The glaring problem is that you have to pay for every single thing on this app. With the free version, you can’t see who has liked you, messages sent to you, or even popular users. I understand that you have to paywall some things but at least let me see everyone on the app! And, if you get the premium subscription, there are still some features you have to pay for when you run out of “unblurs” and other things. I think this dating app could become really popular if there were less paywalls, because it would encourage more people to use it. Besides, money can also be made through advertisements so I think people would much prefer getting spammed with ads than having to pay for every single thing.
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2 years ago, Xylti
Pay to play trash
App used to be decent when you could actually match with real people and occasionally get free unblurs. Now the app is chock full of bots, accounts that haven't been active in years and if you even dare to skip ads by closing app and re-opening you'll eventually get blocked from using Hily. If you aren't subscribed to their service you won't run into any matches and when you do after swiping on thousands of accounts from other states, you'll receive a nice little message saying the user is popular and can only be seen by premium users. I also don't doubt they have a assortment of their own bots that are there strictly to like your profile and nothing else, because if you do end up getting premium after receiving some reactions you'll come to find out the users that liked you are either out of state, in a different country or fake. You make a new account and those same exact people like you, but if you send them a message it'll never get opened or replied to. Trash app don't recommend.
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5 years ago, oXlaughinggodXo
Tinder or bumble are still juggernauts. This app does not allow you to filter by location so yes, many of the reviews state you’ll get more matches- true; BUT 75-80% will be out of your area. They have so many spam accounts they haven’t combed through that are escorts, girls looking to get you to pay for their Snapchat nudes, or girls looking to get you on their cams. This app needs ALOT of work. Specially since you guys advertise as a non “hook up” app. Huge market for it but you have to tailor it to that demographic. Update response- I hope you do because I’m not spending money on your premium features. percentage of ROI would be minimum. Most users don’t have the means to hop on a plane and fly across the world to meet someone for one date. Most users seem to be looking for long term relationships. There is a HUGE market for people who are looking to seriously date that would jump on an app with the simplicity of tinder. I don’t even use tinder because it’s created a toxic dating culture. I’ll keep the app- but I’m not going to use it until I know of any changes. (Someone who has used dating apps for 5+ years)
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4 years ago, Anonymouss24
It’s gives you a free trial that only last 3 days
First I would like to say, this app isn’t free. You get a 3 DAY TRIAL and then you have to pay. That should be mentioned in the description. Also, with the trial you don’t have lots of control of who messages you and from what location they message you from. You can only put the mileage up to 30 miles away from you and every person on the swipe list and the people who liked me where over 30 miles away.. So basically the mileage setting is a joke. Also, you can’t report people who message inappropriate things to you. A lot of the profiles are clearly fake. A lot of those people I saw on Pinterest. This is app is supposed to be for adults. But it looks like it’s made for children. The design isn’t the best. I wish they would have done a better job with the design, gave more days for the trial, and actual gave you more control of who you talk to. Especially if you want someone to purchase this app after 3 days of usage. I don’t know how this app has such good reviews views, maybe the reviews are fake. But, it’s a no for me.
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6 years ago, cman2486
Not what it’s cracked up to be
So I kept seeing ads for this app on Snapchat so I figured I would give it a go. Going into it, I figured it was just going to be a budget version of Tinder and boy was I right. This app’s filtering system is a joke. I set it to filter girls 25 miles from me and it was giving me girls from completely different states. I then tested it for the ethnicity filter by trying each ethnicity individually and it still gave me random girls of different ethnicities each time. Although the customer service chat function is a good idea, it was terrible with giving accurate answers to my problem. I asked the rep how to cancel the auto renewal service and she sent me a link to nothing and then spammed me with promotional stuff for their app. I called them out on it and they continued to be of no help. This app is not designed well at all for actually trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. It is instead nothing but a used car lot full of 1990s vehicles with over 200,000 miles on them that no body wants. I deleted my account and uninstalled the app within an hour because it was so poorly designed.
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5 years ago, Awesomecoollamo
Not worth the headache
Don’t waste your time with this app. It’s nothing like any other dating app...and not in a good way. There’s no way to customize the distance, so you’ll be getting likes from people who are all around the country. I’m from Nevada and I was seeing people from New Jersey. Why would I want to see someone in New Jersey?! Anyone can send you a message or “like” your profile which really resulted in my having 50+ likes spamming my phone while I was trying to set up my profile. This app is also more like a social media than anything else. You can see “stories” but one again, from random people throughout the country. The only good thing this app could have going for it that sets it apart from other apps I’ve seen is how specific it is. It asks you what kind of a relationship you’re looking for, types of pets you like or don’t like, career interests, etc. one thing I think they should really consider fixing is making an option to select more than one race. I’m multicultural but I could only select one race which is a big turnoff. Please for the life of this app, FIX IT
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1 year ago, spiritjoyz
I did uninstall the app, BUT because of a amazing reason 😁!!! I’ve met someone and we been together for the longest time actually even trying for kids, I wasted my time on so many people but let me tell you if you are reading this I promise this app was well worth it! I’ve even found some people to play call of duty with me! So not just dating you can also find friends to play video games instead of playing by yourself lol, also the man I met off there he is next to me he really says thank you to this app for meeting me, if anything if your looking for a relationship, really really look into their personality it did take make a bit to actually meet a guy who doesn’t want … yk.. but seriously thank you so much for this app I really recommend anyone reading download it! ;)
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4 years ago, tay7882
Not the best out there but...
I had tried multiple dating apps and thought I’d try this one too. It was a bit more complicated than other apps but it was manageable. So I started swiping and got a couple matches. I talked with them and then I realized something totally off. Even though I had set my distance limit to 35 miles, I was getting matches with people in different states! I live in Oregon and I got a match from Arizona! I politely declined all my matches except one who I had really connected with and he lived in California. I ended up deleting the app after I had been randomly matched with a guy TWICE MY AGE and moving my one match to Snapchat. We continued talking for a bit and then stopped due to my own personal issues. We started up talking again this April, he came up and we met for the first time a month and a half later, and now we’re dating and I couldn’t be happier! So, even though it was a total mess up on Hily’s part, I still have to say thank you!
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5 years ago, Worst app I've ever used.
Poor design
This app is awful. I’ve never written a review before but that’s how bad this is. Just setting up my profile was so frustrating I wanted to throw my phone across the room. It wouldn’t let me select multiple photos to upload so I had to go and keep individually selecting and uploading them, sometimes the app would just glitch out and not even upload the ONE photo it let me select. They are trying to do too much with it and know where is safe on your screen. The setup is poor I kept going places I didn’t want to or ending up on a screen I didn’t know because I grazed the side of my phone. It’s overwhelming, unorganized, glitchy, it’s like the wanted everything the other apps have so they through it all in one app and it’s too much, plus with all the random stuff on it, it didn’t even give me the options I actually wanted. I could narrow down height or anything like that. I’ve deleted this app and will never attempt to use it again. It’s a choke that they expect you to pay for a frustrating experience too. I recommend hinge way better and free
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5 years ago, Nikki_nikz
This app is a joke. I downloaded it because I kept seeing advertisements on Facebook and Snapchat so I thought, why not. DO NOT DO IT. Like in the many other reviews, it’s matches you with people within minutes of you even making the account. Second, I didn’t like the fact that when it made me choose my race I had to settle on one, I’m a multiracial person and that is really annoying. Third, the app was giving me people that were not only out of my 25 mile range, but WAY out of my age range too. Why on earth would a 24 year old female want to try and “find love” with an 18 year old male. For some people, maybe, but that’s not what I had put in my age range. And I also didn’t like the fact that ANYONE could match.. That just causes the app to blow up when you’re trying to swipe through you “potential candidates” and it’s annoying. All and all this app is a joke. Not to mention I deleted it within about an hour of me having it, totally deactivating my account, and they STILL charged me for it. If you’re ganna scam people, at least put effort into your work.
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5 years ago, Kayla697
The app is okay
I gave this a 3-star rating because while I like that you match with people super quick, and the pre-written ice breakers are cute, no one that is bisexual(or anything not confined to liking one gender) is able to put into the filter “Females and Males”, you are forced to choose. I’d also like to see more than “I am..male, female, or non-binary” because as you know, times are changing and so are people. It would be nice if they could distinguish themselves a bit better and feel valid. It would be really great to see if more LGBT friendly, as I’m sure that wasn’t your intention to leave them out, but you’d get a lot more people on it if you changed that! I hope to see it in the next update. Also the chat feature on it is a little unorganized, messages are switched around so it’s a little confusing to me and it would be great if you could put the matches in a separate area than the messages just because it fills up and it gets too messy. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Paigeypoo & Gageypoo
Found the love of my life
I would have never guessed that being on this app I would have found the love of my life! We met and exchanged contact information, but like every relationship there are minor bumps along the way. We separated for a few months, but found our way to each other again for a brief moment. We never stopped loving one another, just life happened and ended up separating again. Months went by until we finally connected again and finally decided that we were going to be stable enough to become something again. We are at our happiest now. We weren’t fully prepared before, but now it’s like we are inseparable. We are married and couldn’t be happier! Dating apps really do work dont they ? Thanks Hily for giving me the love of my life 🥰😭
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