Holy — Christian Dating App

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4.7 (18.5K)
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United Young
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6 months ago
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User Reviews for Holy — Christian Dating App

4.69 out of 5
18.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Bericason
Met my husband so can’t complain 😂
I did the whole “download and delete dating apps game” for about a year. Downloaded United Young in October of 2020, started talking to a guy in November 2020, officially started dating him in January 2021, engaged in April 2021, married in August 2021. We joke about this all the time because one of the first conversations I had with him I stated, “Don’t even talk to me about dating for at least a year.” …and we got married 8ish months after meeting 😂 We have been married for a year and a half now and we are both still baffled at how God worked this all out. I’m not saying your story will be the same, I’m not encouraging everyone to get married quickly (but I will say it is very apparent if God is the center, so why wait)?! My husband and I both really liked how this app was deliberate about who Jesus is to you and how your walk with the Lord is. Most other Christian dating apps are just like, “What’s your denomination?”…seriously?! Anyway, considering I met my husband through United Young I can’t NOT recommend it. I will say, just be diligent in seeking God’s will through it all. Don’t take things too seriously either and think every guy you talk to is going to be your potential husband 😂
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10 months ago, PeaceisEverything
Pleasantly Surprised!
Hi Kathleen! My name is Dan and I live in Carrollton Ohio. I just joined yesterday and wanted to say that I am very pleasantly surprised. I haven’t been on many dating sites over time because I am always in long-term relationships and in general just not that type. I have to say from the things that I have seen that your site is much different and pleasantly surprising in a lot of good ways, and I am very impressed with the set up of it all. The only thing that I’m not too fond of his the character minimization on things, but I guess I could also be a good thing. I have reached out to some people and haven’t heard anything back yet, but I’ve only been on here a day and that is not the point. I can honestly see from the people that are on here that mostly from what I’ve seen the majority of the people are here for one reason and God based in the way, they live their life. That’s truly what I’m looking for is to be surrounded by good people that are faith based and truly good hearted, sincere and moral base people. Like I said, I’ve been in a lot of long-term relationships. My entire life and I’ve never been married.. The difference is, I’ve never 100% base the relationship with focus on faith in God, and I feel now looking back that without that or not having that leaves no real chance of a true, lasting in lifelong relationship, which is why I’m here. Just wanted to say thank you and I hope you have a good day!
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2 years ago, Prodijg
Promo App?
I honestly like the app or the ease of finding friends who believe what you do and have the same goals BUT most females on here are just promoting themselves or their Bible study. Now, nothing wrong with Bible Study and I am a lover of the Word- however, I’m here to make friends- I thought that was the purpose of the app. Most of the “friends” I connected with invited me to a Bible study and then I didn’t hear from them after lol like what??And there were some bible studies I was invited to and attended and the person that invited me wasn’t even there?? And this has happened more than once. It’s Weird. I feel this is the type of stuff that turns people away from truly experiencing Christ. Not everybody is even comfortable attending group meetings and may have anxiety with being around other people. Some people aren’t even fully mature to know what Bible study is and attend. You can show the love of Christ, be a true friend, share the Gospel without even mentioning your Bible study. You can’t connect with someone by just inviting them to your Bible study. Friendship is much more than that and you’re missing a whole audience by doing that. Thanks for listening lol. Thanks for the app but I’m unsubscribing for this reason. I’m better off meeting people in person which I have no problem doing either lol all said with love ❤️ and I was strictly on here to meet friends. I did appreciate that since I’m married , it only suggested females to friend. I like that.
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4 years ago, sogriffin27
Best Christian-Dating App I've Seen
I'd never heard of this app until a few days ago when I downloaded it somewhat as a lark. I was very, very pleasantly surprised by the level of care and intentionality that clearly went into it. In terms of experience, United Young is essentially a nice combination of the best elements of Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel and that is designed specifically for Christians. I'm genuinely impressed by what Jonathan and Kathleen, the app's creators, have produced. I'm impressed by the video introductions they give, that they personally review every application to join, the type of questions they ask for your profile, the constant support and attention they offer, and even by the way they market the app. Clearly, they have an earnest commitment to their mission to create an app that fosters Christ-centered relationships and communities. I love this app and I want it to succeed. It's not perfect--there are a few features I wish it had, its user base is still relatively small, at least in my area--but I respect its creators, I think it's the best Christian dating app right now, and it has a lot of potential. If it continues to grow, I think this could easily become the top dating app for Christians like me. Jonathan and Kathleen deserve your support. Download it and give it a try.
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2 years ago, Kbell99
Married My United Young Match
I’m not one to write reviews but I joined United Young back around when covid was just beginning. There weren’t a lot of people as it was just a newer dating app, however it made things pretty authentic. I love the platform of having to send in an application with your pre-made profile, to me, this was a key factor in understanding that people who want flings wouldn’t wait for an acceptance or would rather go to another app that allows them to sign up immediately, so I felt safe using UY. Within two months of joining, I met my now husband and we hit it off pretty well. We lived an hour away from one another, but the drive was not too bad and it was worth it. This app helped me to find someone who was genuine and that shared very similar values, especially with God being the first priority. We married in April this year and are now expecting our first child, who will be here February 2023. Thank you for making this wonderful app and helping me find my soulmate. In times of uncertainty and many people who aren’t in relationships for the long run with God as their foundation, I truly recommend this app to anyone who wants a deeper connection with someone.
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6 months ago, hawaiigirl2020
My thoughts
Aloha! I have been on this when it was called “ UNITED YOUNG since September 30th, 2019 ( right before Covid 19) 😅 it’s been 4 years love this app very much and I feel that it’s pretty well monitored., CLEAN, SAFE, you have to get APPROVED FIRST! Which I luv! Some people might night like it , but that’s good cuz this ain’t your “ Normal SWIPE CHRISTIAN DATING/ dating app) I will say tho, When I did match with a Man, MOST ( not all) don’t send a message or they just wave or they make things awkward ( that’s only happened a few times ( not a lot ) over the last 4 years! I became friends with some good ppl I will say :) Overall I love the app 🌸 , I think it’s the most safest ones out there, & you can message the creators/ founders if the app. I give it 💯 % … P.s I did decide to pay for a month , but that was long ago and I went back to the free version for a long while and then this week I paid for a week $9.99and let’s just say Gods good 😊 … Overall, all I can say is, Always Be yourself 💜 , Trust the lord in all areas, have decrement, you never know who you will become friends with and how it’ll turn out :) Mahalo nui loa! Blessings from Hawai’i 💜
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1 year ago, 224bell
Deleted right away
First of all too many unnecessary steps. I verified my phone number then I also have to verify my email ? Most dating sites it’s just your number. Ok moving on. I’m a Christian I love God but the questions were just way too predictable and CRINGE. “What do you do on Sunday “ Okay we all get it everyone is obviously going to answer the same thing -Go to church . How does this allow someone to express themself and make their profile unique? Do we only worship God on Sunday ? Lol Does just going to church on Sunday determine if you are a true Christian or Luke warm? I thought it was ridiculous I’m sorry. Oh and it was also mandatory to answer what church I’m going to. That’s weird to me. Not to mention it wouldn’t let you answer simply , I gave my answer but still wouldn’t let me move on to the next step , not enough words. So I feel forced to write something out it’s not really me it’s just trying to complete my profile . So it’s less authentic and genuine I wanted to join a dating site finding people who share my morals and values . Yes But this app just gave me strict Sunday school vibes and Again too manyUnnecessary questions and steps. I deleted Immediately .I said it once I’ll say it again. I don’t like dating apps that are too controlling on how I fill it out. And I don’t like questions that’s just going to make everyone seem the same . Do better .
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2 years ago, Shine4evr
Best Christian Dating App
I’ve tried several different online Christian dating services, and this one is by far my favorite. Intentional, is the best word to describe it. The questions they have you answer really help you reveal what’s important and see what’s important to others. I also really appreciate different reminders and verses they have scattered throughout the app. Kathleen and Jonathan have done a great job designing it to promote an atmosphere of building people up in Christ. I always hated online dating because I felt like I was shopping. With us app, I feel like I’m constantly being reminded that there is a person who Jesus loves, a brother or sister in Christ at the other end, and my interactions with them should be to encourage them and build them up regardless of whether the Lord brings us together as a couple. To go along with that, I appreciate the fact that they only give you so many matches a day, again it helps get you out of the mindset of shopping, and more inside mindset of taking time to be intentional, and prayerful. One more thing, I like how the free version still allows you to chat.
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2 years ago, bollywood movie lover
It’s a real Christian dating app
And perhaps that’s why there’s so much criticism regarding the application process and how many questions/people there are. I have never thought it was possible for a dating app to come this close to being Christ-like, but this one just did. I just submitted my application and I don’t know when or even if it would be approved. But I know this, this app is different because just like Jesus protects His sheep, the developers make sure to manually review each application. If you’re looking for just a hookup, you’re not a Christian, please go somewhere else. But for the real believers who have Christ in them, please don’t listen to the critics and give this app a chance. Developers - God has give you such a unique mission. I pray that He guides all your ways and gives you strength to stand by His word despite the criticism. I have one suggestion - you may want to recruit your fellow church members to help you filter through applications - just like Moses’s father in law told him to get help adjudicating over people’s issues in the Old Testament.
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1 year ago, Wannalearn01!
Okay but not worth $25 a month
So I have been on this app for almost a year now and I have made a couple of really good friends on there. Whenever I felt like I wasn’t really getting anywhere with this app friend or otherwise I would mute my account and try again later. Be prepared when you first get on to be bombarded with matches. You can’t see their messages unless you want to pay money weekly/monthly. (It was cheaper to pay for a month so that’s the option I went with.) But the matches were…. how can I say this.. disappointing. From sex jokes to creepy proposals. 😬 After you are bombarded with matches for the first few days also be prepared the next week after that to only receive 1 maybe 2 waves from other people. The whole week. It’s like my profile was no longer being shown in the algorithm. It was so weird. So I don’t think I’ll pay for another month. I was more successful at finding friends with other women than I was at finding a match with the men. 😔 One thing that was disappointing was that they limit your answers to ~250 letters. That’s 2-3 short sentences. It would have been nice to see future partners story/opinions without them being limited to such a short reply.
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1 year ago, dvhfjug
Great Platform for…
This is a great platform for facilitating Christian relationships. This is very much desired and needed in today’s day and age. However, while forming individual friendships are great, I’ve also been yearning for an online community to confide in as well. It would be a nice feature to add community posts for interaction between more than two individuals, but of course, this is more work, more screening is required, and the creators of the app may not have had a community-app in mind. This is completely okay. What would be really useful is the addition of a search bar in case you accidentally swipe on someone you’d like to talk to. I use the free version of this app so I’m not sure if this is a feature for those who are paying for more features (and to support the creators). It would just be really nice to make the app a little more interesting as well, not just waiting for people to respond or wave at you all the time. Maybe even having a convo topic or game cards that people can utilize to get to know each other will be useful at encouraging people to make full use of the app’s purpose. Overall, great idea and great job on the app!
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11 months ago, Andy Art Legacy
Christian Ghosted Land
I love the way this Christian Dating App verifies that each member is a valid individual. I also love that if you have a question, the developers reach out to answer your questions ASAP. However, I do agree with several reviews that there are unanswered messages and waves. And in a Christian Dating App environment, this can leave you feeling inadequate and hopeless. Some suggestions to counteract the Christian Ghosting: 1. For ALL members to be able to see the waves and messages YOU have sent. Then if someone decides not to wave or return a message and they disappear, you can get the drift that person is not interested. Otherwise, you’re just waiting in limbo hoping and praying that someday you get a response. 2. Prewritten responses with scriptures for those who can’t be respectful enough themselves to answer a message. At least this would be a response which is better than nothing at all. I really want to be able to give this Christian Dating App 5 stars, but with only one potential match in my area and age range, and still waiting in Christian Ghosted Land, hoping and praying I’ll finally one day receive a response, I can’t at this time. Maybe that can change in the future.
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10 months ago, FollowerOfTheLord1
Extremely grateful for this app and the team that God led to design it. 1. They individually review and approve each profile, so there’s effectively zero spam accounts and they also screen out anyone who doesn’t take their walk seriously. 2. Relatedly, the quality of the women on here is better than any of the other big Christian dating apps. Much more likely to find people who are obsessed with Christ and how He’s absolutely transformed their lives than someone who says they have faith but their lives don’t line up. 3. No thirst traps. No unnecessary temptations. Unsure if they just do a phenomenal job of identifying and removing such pictures or people on here are just that modest, though either way- incredibly helpful in maintaining purity. 4. The design and layout of the app is very well thought out. Asks very insightful questions, such as “What in the Bible has been speaking to you recently?” Recommendation would be to build a feature for people to record short videos to answer such bio questions. Helps see someone’s personality, but also the passion with which they talk about Jesus. Only disadvantage, if any, this app has compared to Upward (or any other big Christian dating app) is less people on it. HOWEVER, would still say you are far more likely to find a Christ-centered match through this app largely due to how much more devoted to Jesus the average user on here is compared to the other big apps. Like, the difference is really that crazy.
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2 months ago, KingFerocity
If you’re a man please read!
I usually stay away from dating apps since I don’t have a good experience with them. My friends told me that this app was the best way to meet “Christian” women. My profile looked really good according to friends. I had photos professionally done and I also showed some of my hobbies in my photos. The first month was pretty dry didn’t get much matches and when I did the girls would just randomly end the chat. The 2nd month I got no matches at all so that was pretty brutal. But what I’ve noticed throughout the time I was on this app is the amount of single moms and non church goers I would run into. I even got some rude responses due to my height 😂😂 I’m a pretty short guy so I knew going in that I wasn’t gonna be the type for most women even in the Christian community. But back to the matter at hand it was very appalling seeing the same type of females in secular dating apps for this Christian dating app. If you like single moms then go for it this app is for you. Finally, when I would match and chat with some of the ladies a lot of them would end up just ghosting me or wouldn’t want to go on a first date. So to me all dating apps are the same and there’s no “good dating app” for guys like me. If the Lord wills it He’ll find the one for me.
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12 months ago, Big H reviews
Better than Upward
One of the most underrated Christian dating apps ever! Just my first week alone, I got a wave and a direct massage. If I were to describe the layout of holy it reminds me of a plenty of fish but SO many less bots. it honestly has a very nice layout, it feels like a legit Christian site with many was too show like “what is Jesus to you” or “reach out” etc, there are so many ways to express your faith. One hit-or-miss for some the wait time it is before you can use it, it is manually reviewed, so the waiting time can vary, it took mine about 6 hours before I could use, but that’s fine with me because waiting doesn’t bother me, and at least it sorts out the fake accounts better. it does have the typical “pay to see your waves” but it is A LOT less demanding then Upward. Overall, it as more ways of communicating, a better, a better way of communicating, more expressive about your faith, a better filter system, and a better verification system. I would highly recommend for anyone that wants a Christian relationship/friendship. You just have to wait.
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1 year ago, KelsyC
Met my husband on this app!
I spent about two years on an off different dating apps. I was starting to get disappointed with how frustrating online dating can be. I was about to delete all the apps I had tried, but woke up one day to a message from this guy who seemed so authentic, fun, and like someone I could genuinely connect with. We started dating three weeks later, got engaged after six months, and married just three months later. He had downloaded Holy and saw my profile on his third day on the app. I am so grateful for this app and how it brought my husband and I together! We were both very skeptical about online dating before we tried it, but with Holy, we realized that it’s possible to meet great people who are truly living a life for the Lord. I’m not saying that everyone will meet their future spouse online - it’s difficult and not for everyone - but we are very happy with how it turned out for us and would recommend trying it to anyone :)
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4 months ago, She wrote to be…
There’s just something different…
I’ve joined since Sunday and so far the app is very encouraging. Normally I would feel like this isn’t for me with dating apps even other Christian ones but there’s definitely something different about Holy. The scripture throughout slides and messages are awesome to read and keeps me focused on the true meaning of marriage, God the author of it. I’ve met a couple of guys nothing come of it yet but I’m hopeful. The creators are very attentive as well and are available when you need them. It’s so cool how they always give a sense of security at a touch of a button if need be while you’re messaging a person. They even care about how each person treats one another within the app. I can tell that they really thought their work through and allowed a dating space for people to really share their faith and get to know a like minded individual. Give Holy a try, if nothing else you will definitely receive the word of God. 🕊️😉
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4 years ago, IronAvengerofMiddleEarth
Best quality Christian dating app
I have nothing but good things to say about this app! 😊 If you are looking for someone who is serious about their relationship with the Lord, this is the app for you. I love that the app developers have you answer thoughtful questions about your beliefs and how those beliefs affect your life, and how they read through each profile to help ensure that each is a real person. I am now dating someone from this app and he is such a great guy—I don’t feel like I deserve him. 😊 This app is better for Christians than some of your more popular apps (Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge) because you don’t have to spend as much time weeding people out. I only used the free version of this app, and it worked great for me, but the guy I’m dating used the paid version. Very thankful this app is around, because even if this relationship doesn’t end in marriage, it gives me more hope that there are still awesome, godly guys out there and that technology can be used to connect like-minded people. 😊
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1 year ago, noimgizmo
Met the Love of my Life!
Trust me when I say that I’ve been waiting for this woman since God spoke to me through an evangelist when I was 13. He told me “In my time, not your time, you will find your wife.” I found my soulmate at 24 years old and I couldn’t be happier, 11 years of waiting was SO difficult but SO worth it. She is literally everything I prayed for, I don’t need any more signs to let me know that she’s the one but I’m so glad God keeps sending them. I almost gave up my search because I’ve been downloading and deleting dating apps for years and there’s no one in my life that I had a real connection with. Then she came along.🥰 We started talking July 17th 2022, we met September 2, 2022 and I made her my girlfriend the next day. I asked her to marry me February 25th 2023❤️ if God gives you reassurance then why wait? I can’t wait to marry this woman and I’m so glad God did it the way that he did, through United Young/ Holy. Thank you! To God be the glory!🙌🏻
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8 months ago, dave301-156
God bless
Just wanted to say is thank you for excepting my application and I’m looking forward to where god puts me and the beautiful god fearing Christian young lady he puts in my path , it feels great knowing that theirs an app that was created to meeting my soul mate and it feels great knowing the fact that who ever god puts in my path that person is going to be amazing, reason why it’s because it’s coming from Jesus Christ himself and also that women that enters my life I’ll know it’s all about love and putting god first and it’s going to be genuine and I won’t have no worries at all , in the sense of oh she has a boyfriend or she’s married but is going through so much that she needs a toy , but not here cause everything is coming from god and love and respect is coming from god himself so that being said it means so much to me that this APP IS real so god bless much love and now to wait on gods fearing Christian young beautiful lady 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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2 years ago, kristine catherine
So thankful for this app!
In a world of shallow dating apps, this gem stands above the rest. It’s Jesus centered. It feels genuine, not like a cheesy Christian dating app. I have met mature believers here! I recommend this to my Christian friends all the time. I hope it grows in popularity more and more so people can find other believers close to them. Only change I would make is that Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist be removed as denominations as I believe they are not grace based faiths or in alignment biblically with mainstream Protestant theology, as it relates to salvation by faith alone. I also recommend the app to allow people to set their own location. When I inquired about this to the app I was made aware that it’s actively based on true location as to avoid fraud. I would also change the name of the app. I have yet to recommend it to a friend in their 30s who is dating and not receive a negative response about the name. United Young is not a fair reflection of the entire Christian dating pool. Either way, Im so thankful to the creators for their work.
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12 months ago, macaronifriend
This is Christian Dating done right.
The creators of this app actually care about your safety and experience using the app. As a woman who has felt unsafe using platforms like this in the past I do feel it’s important to give credit where it is due. This app is faith based and centered around the person, not around superficial stuff. The prompts and questions are well thought out by them and the whole experience feels more genuine. There are BIBLE VERSES throughout the app on loading screens, which is the best feature I’ve ever seen in an app like this. It makes me feel closer to the Lord and that He’s in control of the outcome. If you’re looking for friends or dating but are skeptical, try this app before any other one. Thank you Kathleen the creator of this app for doing it right finally, this is a service to the kingdom of God and I see that y’all take it very seriously. May God Bless you All!
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3 years ago, Lilmymyz
Do it.
Never wrote a review before, but HAD TO for this. I honestly LOVED this app. I have never been a person who would’ve looked to an app for any type of relationship. I only went on it out of pure curiosity, it was during the beginning of the COVID outbreak and everyone was indoors, and I simply wanted to see if I can make a friend. Welp I’ll tell ya now I met more than a friend. I met my now HUSBAND. Funny thing is, his brother beforehand met his WIFE on this very same app and was the one who recommended him to go it. He was on the app for months, I was only on it for a week. And we just immediately clicked. He even lived 5 minutes away from me literally!! I’m telling you, I read somewhere that meeting someone on an app is just an introduction, what happens after that, is your story. I truly believe God works in mysterious ways, and He definitely allows this app to be a blessing on people’s lives. God bless, hope you love it!!
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6 months ago, creoleclo708
Used to Love; Taken Over By Cult Members
I loved this app when it was United Young. I met many real and true Christian friends… However, it rebranded as Holy and now no one in my area uses it for miles and states away. It’s pretty much dead now. I was also recruited into a Christian cult through this app (not the app’s fault), and the people from this particular church group seem to pretty much dominate this app, both on the dating and friendship side. The only people available now are those from this church asking if people want “church community” or to do “personal Bible study.” It’s as if all the genuine Christians with no agenda were driven out and all that’s left are these members from the cult trying to recruit people. I do appreciate the creators of the app taking the time to warn people about these groups… but at least in my area, the rebranding hurt this platform severely as well as the total takeover by people in Christian cults. I can no longer use this app, it’s honestly pretty sad. When it was United Young I LOVED it
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1 year ago, Coolkid880
My account messed up
I made an account but didn’t realize if you delete your account you have to wait 30 days I didn’t realize that until I read the comments on here my account on the app said “ Thanks for waiting while we reviewed your application. Unfortunately we're unable to provide you with a quality experience, offering suitable connections, at this time. While we regret that our app is unable to assist you, our prayer remains that you may connect with fellow Christians and find encouragement.” Idk if I could get back in or what would I have to do I tried sending an email to y’all email account and I also tried reaching out to y’all on the app as well but no response back will I have to wait or what would I have to do so that I could use the app again the app is really good and I love it and miss being on it but my account isn’t going through and i was hoping y’all could help me out
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3 weeks ago, Krissyface212
From Holy to Matrimony
My now husband and I met on this app when it was originally named “United Young” in 2022. Its core values and policies made it easy for us to connect on a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual level. Making the introduction of dating through the faith-based, Christ-centered lens helped us to navigate through our own past relational traumas, experiences, and triumphs from a point of Grace, forgiveness, hope, and love. This app was the connecting piece to completing my puzzle of finding love, being love, and sharing this Love to many others. 🥹🙏🏽❤️ There’s no perfect app or a perfect person, but I know that there is a perfect God who can perfect the timing for two imperfect people to come together and perfect the greater works within the Earth! Kingdom marriages exist, and it starts HERE! ✝️ 📖 📲 Met through the app in 2022 👩🏾‍❤️‍👨🏾 Engaged in 2023 💍 Happily Married in 2024👰🏽‍♀️🤵🏾‍♂️
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2 years ago, Bandgirl97
Worth it!
I was honestly skeptical of this app (or any dating app for that matter) but it’s so much better than one might think! Yes there are a few bugs and hiccups. Yes, it’s up to the user’s discretion to be cautious and intuitive in their search, but I’ve already talked with some really great authentic people who love Jesus Christ! I do wish you could search people and repost or post more comments after submitting before the profile disappears. I also wish you didn’t have to pay to see your dating history after the profiles disappear. (Although they need the support, though since it’s a new app! So I don’t mind paying and will encourage you to pay if you can and are willing!) But otherwise, it’s really great! Even if people don’t get back to you, it’s inspiring to see so many people’s stories and passions and faith in Christ/testimonies!! Get out there and share what God is doing in your life!! 👏👏☺️
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5 months ago, Hayeonah
Best App for God's children
Ngl this app is too cute! I love that it is solely centered around our faith in Jesus Christ and the prompts are really nice too. I love that people on here are very thoughtful about what they write and it really gives you a brief overview of who they are as a person and how they view Christ. I also like that the developers have Bible verses here and there when stuff is loading up on the screen! Everyone is pretty nice on here and I couldn't have asked for a better app. The only "con" (I'm using this word very loosely) is that you have to pay to see all the people that waved at you. However, i think it's a small price to pay for the quality the developers offer through this app. I just look at it as a way of supporting a sort of ministry that brings people together whether if it's for dating or just making friends! <3
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2 years ago, BigBryan_01
Simply amazing
Can’t even begin to express how much I love the app the founders definitely care about the people they don’t charge unless you want a better plan but it worth it with all honesty if you get this great a service even without the paying plans. I recommend this app to those who like me are looking to make new friends and who knows eventually dating someone. With people who believe in God and want to maintain that faith, strengthen them in that that faith for Him. This really helped me so I can walk right instead of just getting involved with all kinds of people who I can’t really say for sure were making good use of my time but taking from it. I’m sure there lots of other young people who also feel this way and it’s hard believe me I know and that why I’m so thankful so try it and give honest reviews
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3 years ago, yennica555
Great app, met lots of great cute Christian guys
I met great people on this app! I was a little skeptical at first but it turned out good. It’s not like other apps where you just swipe based on appearances, but you actually have to read their profiles and know more about the person’s life and personality. Some of the guys I was more attracted to lived further away, but this app is very Christ focused so you can chat until you meet in person or video call. Many of the guys are respectful and either want to be married or just God fellowship. These guys are intentional and not playing games like other apps. I don’t like that you have to wait a day before you can find more matches, I think you only get 15 a day and if you don’t like any of the guys you have to wait until the next day to see what else is out there.
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6 months ago, Precious Whit
Met my husband
After almost two years of off and on downloading and deleting dating apps. When helping someone else enter the dating app world I stumbled across HOLY , I was on the fence about trying another app but having to scan my face and await approval to get a profile caught my attention. This app has various Bible verses built it to feed your spirit as you go through what can be a dreadful process of dating. After being on the app for about 1 week or so I met now husband in March 2023, we dated for about a month before becoming a official couple in April 2023 and married December 2023. I’ve read other success stories from this app which helps me believe that Godly connections are being made on this app. Have faith & it will happen! God bless you all. Wishing you the best .
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1 year ago, AxelCPUman2358
This app would be perfect if it had this one feature
Hello everyone first of all I want to say this app is an awesome app to meet fellow Christians around the globe and in people’s local area unfortunately there is one feature this app is missing that would make this app the best I think it could be other than having a larger user base which this app is certainly improving in that regard. And that feature is to have the ability to voice or video call your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to pray together, do Bible study and to just talk to each other and ask questions about life and about The Bible we want to learn about and help and encourage each other to live to the wonderful lives God wants us to live. If this app gets an audio call or video call feature then I will make an updated review and will give this app a five star review no problem.
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5 years ago, OleNatetheGreat
An Awesome CHRISTIAN Dating app
I have to say using this app has been nothing but a pleasant experience for me. I really appreciate the simplicity of this app. To me it is true to it’s purpose — To be a platform for Christ-centered people to meet and form relationships with one another. No silly fees or gimmicks to pay for this feature or that feature. I also respect how the profile questions themselves are center around Christ, which as Christians we all should appreciate. So far I have made a few connections on here and while nothing has turned into anything super serious I remain hopeful and trusting in God. This app has been another great resource and a grace to meet other Christian women who deserve to be in a God-honoring relationship. Thank you United Young creators, Kathleen and Jonathan, for making this app!! May you be encouraged in and through Christ Jesus!
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2 years ago, Malnae
This update AIN’T it… please fix it!
I LOVE this app, please hear me out, I love it. I LOVE how it’s so biblically centered… it’s SO solid. I’ve made a good friend or two off of here. It’s the greatest Christian dating app in the WORLD in my opinion. Until this recent update came out. You can no longer access your likes AT ALL (versus the older version where you could see likes one by one). It’s SO restricting, and it now frustrates me to use this app. It’s so. much. harder. to get in touch with people who like your profile. I understand having to wait in several hours between liking x amount of profiles or likes, but cmon. I am financially unable to pay for the subscription to allow for all the features, but I really wished the like feature would go back to how it was originally was. You cannot do anything on the app anymore. I was recommending all this app to all my friends, but I feel like it’s time for me to stop. I loved this app, but now it’s so much harder to use. Please please please revert the like function to how it was!!!!!!
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10 months ago, TripleSRank
Very Impressive
I’ve never seen a dating app with such high quality profiles and potential connections. I think a lot of this stems from their tailored questions for Christians and their manual profile approval process. For what it’s worth, there’s also a surprisingly high number of local profiles in my area, which I didn’t expect given the kind of app it is and my previous experiences with apps that look similar from the outside. I live small metropolitan area. It’s not a big city by any means, but it’s not out in the middle of nowhere either. Whether or not I end up finding someone through HOLY, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. If more dating apps took this kind of approach, online dating might not have the stigma it currently does.
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1 year ago, lizzybusy1
I really like how they approve each account prior to letting them start matching. And I can honestly say this is the first app of its kind I’m actually reading what each profile says vs judging the picture a dude liked of himself the best. I’ve rated it 4 as I’ve only been on here a couple of days. So far I’ve had a couple of good conversations and genuine guys who are INTENTIONALLY dating (HUGE plus) the downside is that there doesn’t seem to be a huge user amount at this time so I’ve been getting matches from all over the states. No big deal, and I’m sure it’ll get better the more it grows. Downside is their denominations filter is for paid subscribers which honestly is a genius move on their part because that’s the one filter I’d probably pay for lol. I’m excited to keep using this app and see where things go
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2 years ago, The frank cinatra of apps
Don’t waste your time
I’m very disappointed in this app. After reading all the good reviews I was super excited to finally maybe find something worth my time. The only thing I like about the app is how they take their time to verify the account - it only took hours- so this way you feel more protected when using it. I’m not sure I was too crazy about all the questions when opening a profile. I understand this is a Christian app, and everyone here has a connection with Jesus, and they might be at different stages of their journey with Him, but I’d like to see some more questions related to the individual’s character other than what is Jesus to you etc, which again, there’s nothing wrong with those, but you do want to know more about the other person’s traits as well. The big issue for me was the fact that I didn’t get one single person in my area, not talking about not matching with someone, but it couldn’t even find one single person that lived within 250 miles within my location. And I live in Fort Worth, Texas. HUGE city!!!! Unless you use the premium version, your free one doesn’t even allow you to see who’s liked you. You can’t even click on any profile because you have to pay. Very disappointed. I hope y’all fix at least this part. For future users. It’s one thing not finding matches in your area, but not being able to even see who’s likes you? I expected more!
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9 months ago, Sebikillshot26
More local selection
Is great app if your looking for authentic Christian relationship this app perfect full on genuine people you can talk the only grip I wish the more filter for more people in my local area 21 or 27 minutes area from me there need to be more option not everybody had that gas to drive or meet someone 51 or 57 minutes area just app is great all in all just more selection in your local area and we should be able see wave at us for free those are the only grip I have the app is good overall and promote it more have more ads on social media there a lot of people in my area don’t know this exists more promotion on social media and more ads that way there options of local people like 15 or 27 minutes way instead of 68 or 55.
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1 year ago, jsweat12
Best Christian Dating App
This is just an outstanding app! Period. Unlike most faith oriented apps which require some sort of “it’s good for a Christian app” caveat, this app in form and function is truly just as good as the main stream apps. From profile creation to uploading pictures and messaging, everything just works the way it’s supposed to. Other Things I love: - the intentionality behind the faith oriented profile questions (although it might be nice to have a couple option for some more fun questions like “would you rather?, etc. - the brief loading screens with Scripture provide a nice 5s refresher - the reminders that the people you are viewing are created in God’s image is super reorienting in the midst of a dating style that is so consumeristic. 4hrs is kind of a long pause on free profiles. I’d love to see it reduced to an hour or scale based on the time it took you to view the 40 profiles, but the reminder is so good I’d love to still get a 15min pause on paid profiles. If you’re looking for a spouse to pursue Christ with, Holy is the place to be. They just need a bit more attention and marketing so more believers find the app before getting discouraged by the others.
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1 year ago, Cedez101
Picky with applications
I want to like the app, but I don’t like how the app makes it difficult for some people to gain access. I have had an account before, but deleted it because I wanted to take a break from dating, and planned on trying again a month or two later. Suddenly, it’s taking longer than usual to get approved, meanwhile my friends got in with no problem. I’m starting to think the comments about race is true because I am Black, and I feel like the app prioritizes white users. I get that this app wants to have quality people by doing the application process, but I feel like this hurts the app at the same time. There’s already barely any people in certain areas so many users go inactive and you’re wasting time swiping and waving to inactive users due to lack of users that are on the app cause the founders want to be picky with whose application gets approved. I won’t support this app any further nor try making another account because this is ridiculous.
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2 weeks ago, Kait1207
Top Tier
I just recently got this app on my phone on pure whim. I was thinking about how I wanted to find people to connect with and talk to. This app is top tier because it feels very welcoming and doesn’t make me feel unsafe. Everyone I’ve talked to or matched with has been very kind. Also you can find people to date AND friends who are like minded in loving God and wanting to grow their relationship with him. It’s been nice so far. I would definitely recommend this app over others for sure!! Especially if you are looking for friends that are keeping God at the center of their life or someone special to grow with and connect with through Christ centered values! I hope you consider Holy because so far it’s been great!
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9 months ago, KimberlyMagloire
Terrible App - Great concept
Once my 1 month subscription is done, I am deleting this app. 1. They give you a filter to use for your preferences but only show you options outside your preference. 2. There is no customer support. If you are asking any questions outside of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) they will completely ignore you. 3. They have a stupid option to “End Chat” that ultimately has you lose connection with whomever you are converting with. Not only on your side but the other person’s side as well. Never to be connected again. That “End Chat” button needs to be removed. It is causing a lot of confusion and can have you lose connection with someone who could have possibly been the one. There’s already a “Report and Block” button so I don’t understand why the “End Button” (that can be easily mistaken as a button to simply delete a conversation) is even there ANDDD why is it blue and not red like the “Report and Block” option?!
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2 months ago, GazingStarrs
They say you don’t know anything or anyone until given time. I reached out to Kathleen about a safety concern I had for the community regarding something I had encountered. After explaining the situation I encountered, she permanently closed my account with the reason of me violating the apps’ community policy and guidelines and or for being out of the country. All of which were not true. I asked her for clarification and proof for these claims for closing my account and she never responded. There was NO proof. I take it that this was very disrespectful and poor on Kathleen’s part. This behavior goes to show me that there is no good regard to safety after being on this site. I take it that God was looking out for me and that He was only closing doors because the devil is wearing sheep’s skin in their app and going around prowling for anyone he can devour. Stay safe people if you are on this app-and I mean it. Stay safe cause the developer chose to remove me for speaking up for safety of the innocent ones.
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2 years ago, Dovah-kiin
Decent app, lack of people in my area
Good app that has a pretty nice UI. The manual review process makes it harder for people to make fake scam accounts compared to some of the other apps. My main issue with the app is the lack of users. It only took me one day to get through the users in my area that are within a manageable distance to date seriously. Now it just cycles through the people I said no to every day, but I’ll keep checking in case someone new pops up. I really dislike the “further away” feature in the dating portion. The only likes I’ve gotten on here so far are from people that are literally 750+ miles away and are usually way older than me for some reason. This should be done away with in the dating part of the app, I’m not into super long distance relationships.
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1 year ago, asdke e
Good, But Lacking Personal Aspect
I think this app does really well at highlighting someone’s personal walk with the Lord, however, there’s not much information on peoples personalities. There is a section for “Passions”, which gives you a little idea of what they like/pursue, but it doesn’t tell you how they go about living that out (for example, are they outgoing vs quieter). I think integrating a more comprehensive approach to understanding someone - not just their Christian walk - would be really helpful. Yes, they need to have a relationship with Lord, but I would also like to know that there at least in the ballpark of what I’m looking for personality-wise. Unless someone goes out of their way to mention that stuff, it more than likely won’t be in their profile because there’s no section for it.
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1 year ago, RealJazzist
The (almost) Ideal Design
Every app out there says the same darn thing: "Stop the swiping, and start dating, because we're not like other apps"😎 I say, baloney. Theres only one app that has catered effectively to that swipe-tired audience, and it's this one. Not only is the UI easy and clean (Improved drastically now too) but also the concept of carefully filtering out Why Jesus matters to someone, getting to the point by demonstrating how you answer those questions, says a ton more for someone wanting to cautiously and effectively date! And although I've certainly not found mine, I still am witness to this as I've seen my brother find a serious match- long distance too- and the transparency has been proven since. I wont say this app is the answer to your singleness wait. But, I simply want to acknowledge how well crafted this concept is, and how it keeps improving in small yet important nuances (waving is the new like👌) and still looking even cleaner. Great Job to you Kathleen, Jonathan, and any other folks contributing to the development of this app! I dont have any improvements id ask so far but yeah! Lord Jesus bless you guys.
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9 months ago, AJAJBMM
My review
Well I had two options of either clicking on needs work or loving it. Well, actually, I just got on it yesterday, so I really haven’t had enough time on here to judge. Rather it needs work or I really love it or not but I do really like the idea that you have this app for Christians that are looking for their mates that love Jesus, it’s hard to find a good relationship today in this secular world. I was married to a God-fearing man that loved Jesus and we were together for years. We had that love of Christ in the middle of our marriage, and I miss not having that person that I can pray with go to church with and live a happy an Blessed life with. BTW my husband is now in the arms of Jesus. But I will know more of how I could rate after I’m on for a while. I hope the rest of you all enjoy your search for love an friendship God bless you all. 🤗 Rhonda
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4 years ago, Maegen F
My Favorite Dating App For Sure!
I’ve been on SO many dating apps that have forced me to pay all this money just to talk to people, and in the end, there’s no one that genuinely wants to connect on those other dating apps. But United Young is cool! I love that this app narrows it down to Christian people to connect with because as a Christian woman myself, it’s hard to find a person who truly loves Jesus on a dating app, but not this one! I love that you can like and comment on someone’s profile to show interest, for other apps it’s like “sure, you can do that for $50” lol😂 I love how profile questions are Christ-centered because that’s super important. I truly believe that with prayer and time, us Christians can use this app as a tool to possibly find true love if it’s God’s plan.
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4 years ago, Ostyn Roland
My experience
So I’ve been on this app for about 5, 6 weeks now, maybe more, I feel like I created it right when it went up, via a ad on my Instagram. So far I’ve really liked the experience it has to offer looking for a Christian spouse. It only gives you 30 profiles a day so you can’t be wasting time looking through profiles all day, it also lets you set some preferences for who you want to see. Biggest thing for me, is modesty and the quality of people on here, I’m thankful for this app, and it’s rates aren’t bad in my opinion. 50 bucks gets you 3 months right now. However I haven’t spent a penny and I’m still really enjoying this. Definitely recommend this to people trying to find their spouse in the Lord 👍🏽
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2 years ago, ZacharyA.M
Finally! This is the real deal.
This is the Christian dating app you’ve been looking for. So far I’ve encountered no fakes. This app goes to great lengths not only to verify photos but also an individual’s faith. Everyone on this app seems authentic and devoted to Christ. You don’t even need a subscription to see your likes! (After you’ve swiped through suggested matches) It’s clear that the developers behind this app are genuine Christians and know what they’re doing. They manually photo verify new members and their bios. It feels intrusive at first, but it’s well worth it to get better matches and conversations. I hope this app becomes more popular over time. Don’t waste your time on others.
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