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Hootsuite Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hootsuite - Social Media Tools

4.68 out of 5
34.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Blondieymollo
Hootsuite used to be good. I’ve been using the app for a really long time and it was very easy to schedule posts to instagram and facebook. It saved me time. But after the last update, dear lord is it hard to do anything around the app. First, my notifications to instagram started to disappear. What!? If I tapped the notification and the image just didn’t want to load, the notification and the post would disappear without posting! (Thanks). So I got angry and deleted all the scheduled posts, and lo and behold! Posts that didn’t appear on the stream were still getting posted to Facebook. 2nd What!? Now that I just keep forgetting to schedule posts, I decided to give this a try again, but ohh, it’s like they don’t want to handle my content, because the newest version simply REFUSES to upload any videos. 3rd What!? The first time I tap the video, it “pretends” to upload, then it doesn’t appear as media, then when I try to re-upload, tapping the video doesn’t do anything. It’s like the app flags it as uploaded and just doesn’t bother to try again. I tried force-closing the app, and even restarting the iPad to no avail. From a developer to another, this is unacceptable to have as a prod product. Please keep track of the bugs, and actually deal with them before posting a new version!
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7 years ago, Isndb
Little buggy, otherwise fantastic.
Composition interface seems a little buggy. As in, sometimes it relocates my cursor a little off from where I place it, so positioning it correctly can be a burden. That aside, it's a great, streamlined solution to a complex gig. I manage all the social media for my band (as well as some other pages), and this app allows me to engage with audiences WAY easier than trying to schedule Facebook posts in one app, using desktop Twitter ads to schedule posts, and just flat out try to remember to post to Insta. This makes things way easier. 5/5 of the bugs get fixed.
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5 years ago, Nikki on IG
Don’t Get Tricked!!!!
Absolutely despicable!! I signed up for the 30-day free trial and immediately was not happy. It’s great that you can schedule posts but a message went up within the week saying that the app would no longer be able to support location services (meaning I can’t tag the location). Soon after, I got a notification saying hashtags would not be supported. I’m not sure that any of these things actually ceased to be supported but the doubt was enough for me to stop using the product. I tried to cancel but of course there was no clear way to cancel so I waited for the warning email that is promised on the website Q&A section, figuring there might be some instructions there. Suddenly I am charged and my bank calls to ask if it’s a fraudulent charge. Of course it is!!! But they can’t hold the money bc I didn’t know you should use a debit card for free trials. I went to customer service and they put it on me saying I’m “responsible for managing” my card. I was lead to believe I would get the email and I could manage the account from there but I never did receive that email. No responsibility was taken on their part and I have screenshots of everything to prove that they did not deliver what they promised and I should not have to pay for something that was not agreed upon. Anyway, get FOLLOW ADDER instead. It’s much more reasonably priced and does more work for you. It supports hashtags. Oh and they don’t lie!
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2 years ago, Phentys
Looking for a Postybirb alternative that can post to Insta? Don’t waste your time here.
I almost never write app reviews. But I just have to for this one. I cannot even begin to describe the hullabaloo of wasted time I just experienced. All I want is an app that lets me post directly to instagram and twitter at the same time with the same content. I am not joking or exaggerating when I say this thing took over half an hour to set up. It made me connect my instagram to my dead Facebook account. It had me jump through flaming hoops at every turn. I thought, whatever, yknow, maybe this will be worth it if it does what I want it to. It posts directly to twitter no problem, like every other app that does this. To post to instagram, it…just makes you open the instagram app and MAKE AN INSTAGRAM POST LIKE NORMAL. literally the only functionality this app offers you is to add your caption to the clipboard. The amount of time this stupid thing wasted to get to this point, I’ll just spend the extra five minutes doing it myself. This app promised automation and delivered in the same way that my dad promised to help with my education and then made me shoulder the entire cost in student loans. Don’t waste your money on an art degree, and don’t waste your time with this app.
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1 year ago, Jason Aaron pro
Crashes when editing a draft and scrambles the text
I like to pre-compose posts on my home computer for the various social media platforms and then save it to draft so that I can arrive at a certain location take a selfie in front of that location and then add that new picture to the saved draft, but the draft either crashes when I try to pull it up on the phone as soon as I hit edit or if it doesn’t crash when first opening it up, it seems to scramble some of my paragraph with a bunch of duplicate words all in a row and doesn’t seemed to have preserved the individual tweaks to the different social media platforms, such as certain tags and reduced characters for the different platforms. So in that regard, the mobile app is somewhat useless to me, because other than wanting to do that I do everything else from the web page on my home computer.
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6 years ago, Bedtime listener
I signed up and downloaded Hootsuite and never could figure out how to use it. Whatever, that’s fine, but I’ve tried on my own to cancel through the app and thought I’d cancelled. Looked at my bank account today and it seems I’ve been being billed for a while. I contacted them by email asking twice to have my account cancelled. Both times was told I have to do it online. I go to the mobile version of the site, can’t cancel. I changed it to desktop mode and it’s so buggy I still couldn’t find a way to cancel. Called their service number, sat on hold for 10 min and then left a message. They say they’ll call back “in order of your call” and it’s been 2 hours during their business time. I’ve spent most of my day just trying not to be charged again and I’m still apparently signed up :/
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6 years ago, Thedrunkencraftsman
My Instagram app hasn't been letting me login but the account is alive and well. I downloaded Hootsuite so I could continue posting in the meantime. I successfully logged in and set up my account. The app incessantly asked me at every move to allow notifications, which I really didn't want. I thought as long as I kept declining, it would go away. I finally made my first post but before it would let me post it, it actually forced me to enable push notifications. Finally, I got my post scheduled. I checked the account after the time it was supposed to post, and nothing. I checked my "scheduled posts" and it was no longer in there. So I did all of this again, and nothing. After 4 attempts, I have gotten nothing out of the app, just wasted a bunch of time recreating the same post several times. If this is user error somehow, happy to remove this review, but I received a "scheduled post confirmation" and nothing ever posted.
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6 years ago, Tori516
Good But Not Straight Forward
Downloaded because it can schedule and post to IG automatically for you. However there are caveats: you MUST have a business profile, and Facebook Page linked. I switched, then was forced to create a brand new page because for some reason the one I already made couldn’t be found (the new one is only with my name and nothing else, which seems useless). After trying to schedule a photo the first time I discover it can only post SQUARE images, so I had to crop before I could upload. IG doesn’t restrict you to square only images anymore, HootSuite needs to get with the times on that. The most annoying part is there were not troubleshooting pages on their site, I just had to keep fiddling with the app and my accounts to resolve the issues.
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3 years ago, MeIYouThey
More of a headache than useful
It’s just difficult to set up connecting Instagram to a Facebook page just to be able to directly publish to Instagram. Change to a business account? Check. Did it connect? No, it still says that for some reason, it’s not been converted. Try manually connecting from Facebook to Instagram in the settings? I get an error, and I was made “admin” or given permission over controls to post content and edit the page. Try from vice-versa? Nope, it did not work either. The instructions are useless and very clunky and unfriendly. I hate that every time clicking the link to set up direct publish always lead to that. I followed step-by-step. The errors aren’t telling me what I did wrong or need to do. The video tutorials are no help either. It only just show the features of the thing. It does not visually show how to troubleshoot the darn thing. It’s just stupid that I need the connection to jump through many hoops just to post the things I can do on other social media. The mobile notification feature is useless to me because i cannot be around at the set-up time it notifies I needed to post it. I can’t with my schedule and it drives me mad. Just please remove the middleman or something and I’ll change my review.
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6 years ago, iOSpowerUser305
Absolute, steaming TRASH
So I made a new hootsuite account because I started managing social media from another account. I added the Instagram account I needed to manage like I normally would, and it said the account needed to be transferred over from my old hootsuite account. Simple. I logged in and did the transfer. Now, this instagram account recently had its handle changed, but the hootsuite app is reading it by it’s old handle. Weird. I scheduled a post anyway and low and behold the thing spazzes out and doesn’t post, sending me an error email. I decide to remove the IG account and try to add it again, start fresh. When I try to re-add it, IT SAYS I ALREADY OWN THE ACCOUNT. LIKE WHAT? IS THERE NO COMPETENT PROGRAMMER ON YOUR TEAM HOOTSUITE? YOUR APP CAN’T READ A SIMPLE NAME CHANGE ON AN INSTAGRAM PROFILE LET ALONE LET ME DELETE AND RE-ADD SAID PROFILE? I MEAN COME ON, MAN. If I could give a score worse than 1 stars I totally would. Going to Sprout Social from here. Deuces ✌🏼
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6 years ago, JrzJen
Every month you lose more features and functionality. They’ve yet to recover from the 8/1 FB API change. As they’re tied to API’s they are limited by what platforms do. But the worst part... they mute you on Twitter when you have complaints, issues, they shut off chat functionality during the api change. In the middle of the disaster they stopped offering phone support, and that was AFTER someone from support went in to my account, tried to fix things, said he couldn’t and he’d call back, my posts started CROSS POSTING after that and I got fired by a client. (He never called back.) They REFUSED to acknowledge any of this was going on despite TRADE PUBLICATIONS reporting on it. 17 Senior staff members jumped ship. And they kept selling their product and taking OUR money as though nothing was wrong. If you can afford an alternative smm software... DO IT... there is nothing about Hootsuite that is good.
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7 years ago, tracirasta
I could accept the fact that Instagram doesn't allow 3rd party posters, it still saves time to create posts in advance and it's easy enough to follow through with the reminders if you have time. The Facebook posting however completely blows up in your face if you include more than one image. It creates one post per image you include, which I did not expect. I combed through their help forum and essentially, from a phone you're SOL. Their excuses don't sit well with me. Tell me why buffer can post up to 4 images on Facebook no problem but they can't seem to arrange with Facebook a means to create one post with multiple images. It really makes you look foolish, especially if you trusted the app and didn't follow up until hours later. Thanks for spamming all my followers!
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4 years ago, Pastor's tunes
No stars!
I used to use hootsuite. It was a pretty sweet system for posting my things. After the laws changed I had to open a whole stupid fan page which does what hootsuite does. But that’s not why I am posting this review. I haven’t used hootsuite in over a year or two. I removed my card info then and canceled my subscription. The other day I am charged 117 out of no where from my account! I called and waited for over an hour to speak to someone. I called a second time and waiting about 30 minutes and finally left a voice mail only to get a service ticket telling me that if I don’t respond my request will be closed. I am so furious that they have done this. I have now resorted to called my bank and filing a FRAUD charge for taking a credit without authorization. I have waited for a response so now comes the review! Hootsuite you are crooks!
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2 years ago, chinafly
Every day a new problem.
But too late I guess because they already have my money for the year. Push notifications disappearing was the first issue and now I am one whole month of emails going back and forth with support because they don’t seem to understand the issue even after I explain it 50 gazillion times and send screen videos and everything. Today, messages failed and I can’t find any resolution to get them posted. I also don’t like that there is no in app solution for a failed post or a post that says it is posted but didn’t. I should be able to click on the image and the text and then just manually post but no. I have to start from scratch. I am really getting tired of paying for apps that don’t work and this is becoming a problem for me.
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3 years ago, The Karps Revenge
Suddenly forced to upgrade for a ridiculous price
I’ve been using Hootsuite for over a year to schedule my work’s social media posts. It never connected to Instagram but I could forgive that for the time I saved scheduling for Twitter and Facebook. I had no problem scheduling two weeks out, occasionally posts would go missing but still it was worth if for the overall time saved. Then all of a sudden a pay wall pops up telling me I can’t schedule more than 5 posts at a time without paying $79 a month or $600 a year. This is laughable. I’m not paying for that much for an app that doesn’t even work to its full potential, it’s almost offensive to ask people to pay that much for this confusing and faulty product. I’ll be looking elsewhere for social media scheduling.
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6 years ago, Bmonty21
Returning customer
Initially had Hootsuite but due to my own social media inabilities, it had not been an effective tool from my perspective. Returning to the product with clear cut objectives for my own growth goals has now made Hootsuite a much needed tool. With a better understanding of the audience I am trying to capture, Hootsuite makes perfect sense for any social media growth objective. Hoping I will have to buy the upgraded version sooner rather than later, of course, due to their help😉. A “Can’t miss” product in my professional opinion.
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2 years ago, aziemin
App crashes
Whenever I’m uploading a video and go to the thumbnail settings, the app crashes. I have the latest version of the app and it’s just annoying that I have to upload and even out the captions all over again. Also, I hope you guys can find a way to upload multiple photos when using a computer. Although I don’t mind getting notified on my mobile phone when scheduling posts, I just don’t like it when I need to click the notification. And if I miss it, I won’t have any other options to copy and have everything ready for uploading on Instagram using my phone, instead I would have to redo them again.
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3 years ago, Christofer Williams
Used to be great
After nine years with this service, we are out. We’re deleting our company account and moving to something better — which, at this point, isn’t a very high bar. It’s unfortunate that Hootsuite wrecked a wonderful app, but we’re not going to waste labor hours going back and forth with incompetent and apathetic support people. You’d think $600/year would get you a functional app. Nope. After the latest update, posts can’t be scheduled anymore. When we try, it says “Scheduling limit reached. You have 0 scheduled posts. You can schedule a new one as soon as one of your scheduled posts gets published.” Then it does a hard sell to get us to upgrade… even with a Pro account. Without post scheduling, there’s zero point to this app. It also won’t allow us to add any social media accounts, even though we have space in our quota. Mine currently says I have “6 of 0 accounts added.” When I try to add one, it says I need to pay to upgrade. If I delete one, it can’t be added back. On top of all that, everything is now hidden three menus deep beneath a bunch of sales pitches to upgrade. Good luck finding your drafts.
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4 years ago, Elian Gonzales
Can Be Better than the Website, But...
This is preferable to use than the website, but the app suffers from memory problems that cause it to crash. You cannot have it in split view and then switch to another window and go back: the app will crash. You cannot also be working on a draft (in either fullscreen or split view) and then switch to something you might want to look up and resume: you will lose your work. The app has problem keeping its state, and as such with bad memory management, cannot function properly so it crashes. It is not robust, which is a shame because as mentioned, it's preferable to the web version.
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12 months ago, MackOX
A once great app felled by greed and incompetence
Hootsuite used to be a great tool to help manage your small ecosystem of social media. You’d be able to post quick updates to up to three accounts at once, helping small niche websites like the one I and a few friends run for comic news get on the cutting edge of breaking news and previews. Over time, features started to either disappear behind a paywall or break entirely. Then the mail in the coffin for this app, you can no longer use the app without a paid account. So for small websites like mine, that don’t earn money, and we do this just for fun, this app is no longer a viable option and has been deleted off our phones. Oh well, at least there are better alternatives out there still.
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3 years ago, 4q3d
Why would you add barriers to customers giving you money?
I've used Hootsuite for years on the free version. I did the free trial in the beginning but found I really didn't need the paid one, so I didn't buy the paid version when it expired. Here we are years later, and I need a paid membership. I've gone into the screen that should be showing upgrade options, but instead, there is a banner in the middle of the screen: "It looks like you've already had a 30-day free trial. Make changes on the same device you used to sign up for the trial." I don't have that phone anymore. I used it for an upgrade trade. Are you guys serious with this? Some advice from the peanut gallery: never, ever put an arbitrary barrier between your customers and you receiving money from them. You aren't the only ones in this market, and it would be easy, for those so inclined, to delete and create new accounts with you just to get a second 30-day trial.
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5 years ago, lsndjsvdk
Took a bit to figure out.
If you’re serious about growing your brand and you’re broke, I’d suggest using it. Took a bit for me to figure out but after I did, it’s cool. Would love for them to re-evaluate the calendar feature that shows the post schedule. It’s impossible to navigate. Sometimes it shows your posts in small boxes, other times it only shows your most recent one in its entirety, with no way to switch between the two. No rhyme or reason. But for a free app it’s straightforward enough.
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6 years ago, Lost without the
Life Saver!
Love this app! I used to just save all my photos for Instagram in drafts, but my posting time was all over the board and I'd half the time forget to share to Facebook. At first, I didn't love that Hootsuite made you go into the Instagram app to post, but you can size it, filter, and tag so it works out perfect. This has been a huge time saver and I'm able to free up space in my photos since I can upload so many to the app. I use it for work and I'd recommend it to everyone!
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3 years ago, cmsm10
So many tech issues
I have been using this service for a week now and it is already giving me an enormous headache. First of all loading my payment took forever to figure out. I didn’t load on Safari or any other browser except Google Chrome. Next it wants me to connect my Instagram accounts to Facebook pages which they are but it doesn’t recognize them and I’ve been wasting time on this issue for a while. So far I definitely most absolutely want to cancel my subscription before it starts charging because I do not want to pay for this if it’s gonna make social media management take longer rather than shorter which is what this is supposed to do in the first place.
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5 years ago, Cody W929
Hello, if the people who designed this app are reading this, it would mean a lot for a response. For 3 weeks I’ve been trying to set up direct media publishing, and I’m following all of the steps to do so. I have an Instagram business account, which is linked to Hootsuite and Facebook. But whenever I try to enable direct media publishing, it will take me to Facebook and say that I need to try again later. Everything is correct. The password, phone number, email, and everything. If you can please help me out, that would be splendid.
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6 years ago, Spinderella95
Makes my social marketing So much easier!
I am a social media noob. I normal social media consumer who happens to own a business which needs a social media presence. That means I have had to learn how to produce social media ads. I was going crazy trying to not only come up with the ads, but also getting them published to multiple social media sites. Hootsuite has made this job so much less time consuming & also gives me analytics to judge how my messages go over. Love it!!!
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6 years ago, Govib2
I absolutely love Hootsuite. The platform is easy to use and the scheduling option is phenomenal. You can schedule your post for the Entire week, month, etc., and let Hootsuite do the rest. Wait!! Now that IG has been added, it’s even better!! Oh, don’t forget - the App is just as good as the desktop version. Great job Hootsuite, I’m happy to have discovered such a great service. Lastly, customer service is great and was helpful in the beginning when I first started.
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6 years ago, KRKapple
Money grubbers
1) I sent a msg to Hootsuite support. It took OVER A MONTH to get a reply! Not acceptable - PERIOD. Especially when I got newsletters in my email from your company during that same period of time with sales offers. 🤨 2) The service has become too expensive for the general small business or in my case, nonprofit. You go from a free acct to $29 month?! And even with the 1/2 off for nonprofits the annual cost for Hootsuite is MORE than the total cost for competition with NO discount applied (Hootsuite: 29x12=348/2=174 Buffer: 145 before discount) When pennies matter to a nonprofit Hootsuite gets eliminated from consideration. 👎🏻
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6 years ago, Owner Albums Remembered
We Just Love This Software
As a small business owner I couldn’t be happier with this software. So many of us are afraid to mange our own posts. Yet we know our business better than anyone. Stop wasting money on a freelancer and mange this yourself. Use that freelancer for larger campaigns or strategy discussions. That’s what they’re ultimately really great at. Let them be your sounding board for idea and let them help you on the execution of those big ideas.
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4 years ago, indy360
Great Post Scheduler, Horrible Developers
Hootsuite has helped make my posting easier for my fan page for over a year. However, it seems like every other month, Hootsuite continues to break their app and in doing so, makes it sometimes unbearable and more of a headache than to just post it my content on each separate social media app. The support is great, but it takes them way too long to fix the reported errors. I am considering moving to Buffer where I hope there developers are better at not publishing app updates that are broken.
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3 years ago, annoyedwith hoopsnglitches
Wanted to make social media easier. Wrong way to do so
I got this app to help me organize all of my necessary social media posts but using this app had the opposite effect. I primarily use Instagram but to link it to this app I had to jump through 100 hoops and still wouldn’t didn’t work.I found it easier just to link other pages to my Instagram when I make posts. And then on top of that they (Hootsucks) want money to do the same thing. I just put all my social media in the same folder and it may take a few minutes more but oh well, at least I don’t have to deal with this garbage app
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5 years ago, The Duke in Austin TX
My favorite social media app
Easy to use for managing multiple social media accounts. I can use from laptop or phone. This tool allows me to be able to post to several sights for my business all at once. And I can do this immediately or schedule posts in the future. I like this feature bc when I’m in the posting mood, I can create material that shows up later. 5 stars!
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6 years ago, Corcor42
Great app
I get tired of having to post separate social media post and thanks to Hootsuite I can update them all at once. Would’ve given 5 stars if it would let you do more than 3 accounts without having to pay extra and if you could post to Instagram without having to have an Instagram business account. Other than that I would tell everyone to get the app and they do a great job of keeping it updated to keep up with the social media apps.
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6 years ago, fishly
Once Gold, Now Old
I used to love Hootsuite, but the latest version is complete garbage. My scheduled instagram feed won’t load (I keep getting an error) and I no longer get reminders to copy/paste my scheduled posts to Instagram anymore, even though I have all the permissions/settings correctly in place. Also, hootsuite changed the rules so that if you don’t pay for a monthly subscription, you can’t schedule more than 30 posts in advance, which counts for each platform—so, in other words, if you’re posting to your insta+FB+Twitter once per day, you can only plan for 10 days without upgrading. Booo. I’m switching to Planoly instead.
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5 years ago, 16BlackPoodle
Amazing helper, room for improvement
The ability to post to multiple social media pages is absolutely amazing and I love that they have a truly free unpaid plan. That being said, improvements I would like to see: 1. The ability to post hashtags. The purpose of Auto posting and forget it, is kinda defeated if I have to go into the app to post the hashtags. 2. Make posting videos easier and give a better explanation of why the video can’t post. Ideally be able To edit to the ideal format within HS. It’s a hassle trying to edit and convert videos when I don’t know what I’m suppose to be editing the too. I don’t know what a 4:2 format is. 3. When posting across fb and IG, post the same caption. The caption I type up for IG never shows up on my FB page, so it’s just a picture that’s posted. I have to go in and paste the caption, which again, defeats the purpose.
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5 years ago, SamLane23
I tried a free trial version and cancelled my free trial within one week of use. Hootsuite's platform was not as user friendly and had a few glitches. The worst part about Hootsuite was although I had cancelled my free trial, I was still charged the yearly rate. I spent days trying to get customer service on the phone and to respond to my emails with only ONE response that was far from helpful. They have NO record of me being charged, though my bank statement says otherwise. Scam? Customer Service is ATROCIOUS. I will never use this platform again. I am still waiting for Customer Service to respond to my refund request......
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6 years ago, soccergurl44
I use this app for my business and my personal accounts. I’ve updated it every time and it still does not alert me to post my personal account-only my business and it will delete my scheduled posts once the time passes to post-y’all about infuriating. It won’t allow me to edit my email on there either so i have no way of fixing that. I also can’t post more than one pic at a time on instagram. So every time i have a post scheduled that has two pics i need to go search back in my photos for what needs to be with it (hoping i still have it somewhere) so beyond disappointed with this app. Looking for a new app atm.
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3 years ago, brscwms
Great app, great paywall.
Hootsuite was a phenomenal app and for free was very generous with the auto posts per week with one account. Then I thought, how much do their services cost? Man, talk about thinning the herd. If you’re not running a successful brand or business and wanted to pay for this app, you’d be in debt. Lol $80 a month or $600 a year for unlimited posts and up to 10 accounts. I’ll need something that’s gentle on the non business person/consumers pocket. Looking for some alternatives, but I hope Hootsuite creates a more affordable solution.
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6 years ago, Alexander Hendrickson
Needs Two Things for IG
1) No ability to save draft, which is needed BECAUSE 2) No way to have IG post followed up by comment with the hashtags in it. Anyone who uses IG knows that if you post your hashtags in the first comment, it’s crucial to do it as soon as possible after posting the image with caption. Schedugram does this, but they are so antiquated that they still use physical devices to post things instead of using business API... The problem is that if you schedule your posts (which is the whole point of using Hootsuite), you have to remember to log on when it auto posts so you can hurry and post your hashtag comment manually. Come on guys! Your program has got to display some thought and relevance to how people are using IG!
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4 years ago, nadelew
Multi-image posts
I honestly do not really have a huge issue with hootsuite other than the fact that I cannot schedule a post with multiple images on Instagram. I do not understand how I am able to schedule multiple photos to be posted on FB and I can only post ONE on Instagram when Instagram supports multi-image posts. It is very inconvenient and annoying when I try to schedule one of those posts and I have to delete it and re-upload because it is not supported. PLEASE FIX!!!!
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6 years ago, prodbyczr
Missing something important
I’ve been using this app for a couple of months now and it is awesome when it comes to saving g time with scheduled posts. I have an audio community account where I post recording studios every hour. It work amazing and saves me time but it’s unfortunate that I can’t add the location of posts. If I repost a studio that’s based in Berlin, Hootsuite should be able to mark that location.
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7 years ago, Ryan Williford
Crashing! (Updated)
This app was fine until the new update when it just keeps crashing! I can’t even get to the feedback under settings before it crashes so I will update this review once the issue is fixed to better reflect the app as a whole. Update: The crashing has stopped thus I’ve changed the score of my review!
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7 years ago, Qwertygirl35
Hootsuite withheld info
I just saw in a recent update that Hootsuite stated they saw users of the free app never used the “unlimited” feature for scheduling messages. While it’s probably my fault I did not know about that feature which I totally WOULD HAVE USED, the app NEVER EVER let you see scheduled messages beyond a certain number so it was UNCLEAR and acted as a limit. For example, I could schedule a certain number of messages and when that unknown limit was reached, only the first X number were visible. Thus, it appeared one could only schedule a finite number. So, I personally feel somewhat cheated.
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2 years ago, chrisables
Not worth using
Since the update, Hootsuite has become clunky, non-intuitive, hard to navigate and what’s worse, it simply doesn’t work half the time. I took the time and hassle to compose a post and schedule it for a specific time. That time came and went, it didn’t get listed and the app wouldn’t allow me to go back into the post, edit and reschedule the post. It wouldn’t even allow me to select and copy the the content so I could at least paste and post from within Instagram. I had to re-type out the whole thing. A complete waste of time.
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7 years ago, Chavezthegreat
Exactly what I want expect...
Everything in this app is intuitive and easy. The adding of account and the creation of content are all very simple tasks. The one thing that I wish it could do is actually automatically post the content to Instagram on the scheduled date and time rather than pushing a notification that allows me to copy the whole post into IG and post it like normal. If I could schedule posts and they would actually be posted without my intervention of any sort would be perfect.
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5 years ago, Abibatou3
Terrible! Don’t use!!
Haven’t been able to post anything in weeks, and there is zero customer service support, no contact number, and no accountability from the company. I paid a year to get the discount offer, but have not been able to use the service I paid for. Hootsuite has not helped me at all, and I can’t talk to any human there, they just push you off to the side and make you run circles with some terrible email customer system they have. Don’t use this company, it’s basically a scam, they take your money, it’s works a few weeks, then it stops working and there’s no one there to help you.
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6 years ago, Gwennie333
They took my money and won’t respond to request for refund.
Like a lot of people, probably, I have two Google accounts that I use regularly and often for signing into things. I signed up for the 90 day Pro trial. A couple of months later, when I had hardly used this ap (and knew it wasn’t for me) I logged in to make sure my account wasn’t set to auto-renew. It said I was already downgraded to the free account, so I thought I was good to go. A month later, I get a surprise $250 charge. I go and login and I’m still on a free account. Hm, that’s weird. Finally figured out it was auto-logging me in with my other gmail. Now TRY to get any kind of customer service from this company—you can’t! They don’t even have an email address posted. Just a form. Which they have not even auto-responded to, so I have no proof my message even went through. Horrible. It feels like a scam to trick people out of their money and give them no recourse.
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2 years ago, Missfortune007
Change isn’t always good.
Hootsuite used to be super useful for social media management, but every time they update or make changes, it gets less efficient. The social media accounts are frequently disconnected, which is a pain that seems unnecessary. The link shortening used to be a quick click but they’ve now made it to where you have to click through an extra step to shorten links, which seems so minuscule but it’s a time waster. Please revert it back to a one click action.
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4 years ago, JoshCormier
It didn’t work more often than it worked. Got overcharged $250 at one point. They definitely reversed the charge and didn’t fight me on it, which I appreciated. But it was a glitch that caused the overpayment to begin with, and it took three days to get a hold of them. This service did NOT save time. When I finally got it all dialed in, the feed between Instagram stopped working and by that point in time I was over it. I would say, keep shopping — because if this app is meant to save you time, it won’t.
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4 years ago, ChelseNS
Would not recommend. You can’t delete your account and will continue to be charged.
Awful. There is no customer service number. I deleted my account two months ago (according to a how to delete account I found online) and I’m still being charged. I never used the app and after the free trial I tried to delete it and it wouldn’t let me, said my account was passed due. Now two months later (of no use) I am still being charged $50. All I want to do is delete this app and stop paying for it. I would not recommend this to anyone. Tailwind is a much better alternative.
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